Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

The wedding gift~ chapter 28 & epilogue ~ page no -44~ (Page 37)

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Chapter 27

"Maya Gupta" I called her out as soon as I strode in Ria's hospital room. I found her nose deep in book. She looked up at me startled. "What?" she frowned. "Out now. We need to talk!" I opened the door and kept it that way so she could come out with me.

"Tell me everything about you talk with Arjun about Dr. Rogers!" I told her as soon as we reached in the vacant waiting room. "Oh, that? I knew Arjun to be jijs could be the only person to pull it off!" she was totally impressed. "Excuse me?" I glared at her. "Di, chill. It was 24th January when jij to be, called me. He said you talked about Dr.Rogers. He took all the information how he could help Ria understood it and then called some Dr. Rohit? I think. Yes that was his name. Then he arranged a con call to Dr. Rogers. That's all I know. But he got Dr.Rogers to come here in 12 days later. Can't say I'm not impressed. He is on resourceful man. You should marry him!" she joked and just like that the dam burst.

"What's wrong?" she panicked. I slid to the floor while heavy sobs wrecked me. She sat down next to me holding me tight. "He...kissed...someone. him. ... but... I'm... not ...sure ...we ...are okay!" I sobbed. All of this was taking toll on me. I took off work to calm myself but work would be welcomed now. I didn't know what I was going to do. If I picked one pieces of the puzzle the other's falling apart and if I manage to get them together, somehow, there was no glue to hold them together!

"You are saying now not to be jijs, cheated on you and you were hiding this and being strong?" she was accusing me. "Well? You know you don't have to be strong for everyone always. Sometimes you need to share!" she lightly swatted my shoulder and then hugged me back. "You've grown up!" I leaned into her. She was acting like the big sister this time and for once I liked it.

"You bet your behind I have. I got into Harvard medical school!" she announced it casually like it was no big deal. "I'm sorry what?" I stared at her wide eye. "I actually didn't apply there, you know!" she winced but continued no matter what. "Well, when now not to be jijs came I told him that and he urged me to do it. The only set back is I get to join spring and not fall!" she bit her lip and I shrieked. When she told me she got into every school she applied before she had specified she didn't get into Harvard but I didn't know she didn't apply.

"Wait a second, why didn't you apply in first place?" I scolded. "Well you know, it's the most costliest one and if I couldn't get the scholarship you'd insist I go and I didn't want to put that pressure on you!" she chewed her lips and u slapped her shoulder. "Are you crazy? I've set aside double the money you'd need for Harvard for your education." I didn't know what to do, to be angry for at her stupidity or appreciate her for being thoughtful. "It was your hard earned money!" she exclaimed. "So you are saying that tomorrow when you become a doctor and I need money you will have to think about it?" I questioned her. "What? No, I'd give my everything to you if you asked Di!" she looked hurt. "Then how dare you say my money? It's for you! I don't need that kind of money. Now when do you have to pay the uni fees?" I dismissed her doubts. "Well there is one more thing. Arjun pulled a few strings to get to know who was getting a scholarship and we go to know it was a benefactors son but he wasn't so good so Arjun somehow managed to put my file on top for reconsideration and I got a half scholarship on my merits!" she specified the last part.

It was late that after noon that doctors
came in. Dr.Rogers and Huggins both. "Miss Gupta, can I speak to you outside?" they gestured to me. "Sure" I said following them out. "There had been a change in the schedule!" they announced and I panicked. "Relax, its a good change. We got a match, a 90% so Ria will get the surgery tomorrow with an actual marrow!" Dr Rogers explained. U couldn't express how happy I felt that moment. "Who is the donner? I'd like to meet the person if possible to thank them!" I said, unsure. "Sure. He is right there!" he pointed to a perfectly suited man, standing at the reception desk.
I nodded at the doctors and walked away.

I tapped on the guy's shoulder. "Hi I'm Arohi Gupta. Ria's aunt!" I introduced myself extending an hand out. "Hi, I'm Rishi chaube, Anita's brother!" he shook my hand while I stared shocked. Anita's family wanted nothing to do with her once she married my brother. Even though they lived in London, they were pretty orthodox when it came to marriage. They couldn't accept she married a Punjabi and cut ties with her.

"Wow, this is a surprise but, thank you for the help!" I told him, Not know what else to say! "I'd like to meet my niece if that's possible. I would just donate the marrow and leave right up if you say no, but it would mean a lot more if I could see her, talk to her!" his eyes reflected the pleads his mouth was sending out. "Okay, but once you appear in her life there is no way you can walk away. I'll hunt you down if I have to, if you hurt my niece. Now if that's clear lets go!" I told him and he nodded.

We walked to the hospital room in comparative silence. Rishi was a highly respected lawyer in one of the top firms in London. I could see he was nervous. He wiped his hands on the 2000 suit pant and I almost laughed. If Arjun was here, he would had put Rishi at ease. I saw red as soon as I thought of it. "Is everything okay?" he askd nervously, I realized I had stopped right out side the door. "Yes, its fine. Come lets go in." I gestured for him to follow me.

"Ria, there is someone that would love to meet you!" I gently announced. "Is Arjun here?" she was trying to look behind me. "There is someone else!" I cleared my throat. "Hi Ria!" Rishi whispered and Ria blush. Mom and Maya looked at me inquisitively and I nodded at them, telling I would explain later.

"Ria you remember how Masi has a mamu? Like that Ria also has one. Rishi mamu, is your mommy's brother Ria" I smoothed her hair down. "Okay!" she beamed at me and then extend a hand for Rishi.

I walked into my room smiling. Tomorrow was the operation and everything was going perfect till now. Rishi hadn't known of Anita's death till when he started looking for her, he found she was already passed but Ria was there and she needed his help more then anything and that's how he had come here.

I picked up my phone when it vibrated without looking while I was changing. "Hi" a whisper came form the other side and I stopped. With the phone wedged between my shoulder and face and the camisole stuck at the end. "Hi" I breathed. "What's wrong?" I was certain he was frowning. "Nothing" I said and then suddenly dropped the phone and somehow trying to pick up the phone I fell myself. Taking two deep breaths I pulled the camisole out and slipped on a shirt as quickly as I can and then picked up the phone.

"Aru,Aru,Aru!" I could hear him call out. "I'm okay. I was changing and I fell!" I told him sheepishly and I heard him laugh. "So!" I started cutting of the silence that followed the laughter. "Hi!" he repeated. "I'm sorry Aru! I'm sorry for all I did!" he told ne but I couldn't have this conversation like that. "I know but I'm need to the face to face with you when we have this conversation Arjun. It only works that way!" I gulped. "Well, that's why I called you! I'm right outside and I want to spend the night with you. I have to go back tomorrow but first I want to go to see Ria if it's possible?" he spoke and I walked to the balcony trying to spot him. Slapping myself mentally I walked back in, my room faced the other side. "come in, I'll be right down!" I changed back into a jean and top while I called out the house help to open the door.

I couldn't forgive him but I could start some where. I didn't like being without him. I didn't feel complete without him. I felt hollow and I didn't like it.

I calmed my heart with every step I took. I was seeing him after a huge fight. "Aru!" he was standing at the bottom of stairs. "Arjun!" a whisper came out. "Let's go?" he held out his hand. I side stepped and walked ahead. I looked at his guilty face but there was nothing I could do. "We can make it to Ria's till visiting hours finish. Where are we going then?" I looked at him while he beeped opened his car. I nodded at him with a small smile and got in.

Visiting Ria was brief and sweet. Now we were on our way to his house in London.
"I miss you!" he murmured while pulling in the drive. He had been saying stuff like this at every few minutes. He opened the door for me and kept it open till I stepped inside and closed it behind me. I took a look at clock and saw it was, indeed late. "You want a glass?" he asked holding out a wine. "should I make some coffee?" I countered and he smiled before putting the wine away. "Yes." I had been to his house here and was quiet familiar with the surroundings. He trailed behind me as a tried to find the kitchen myself. Getting in the direction 1 time before I found myself in the destination.

There was a huge elephant in the room waiting to be pointed out on. It was so obvious that I could practically feel the tension in air. He sat down in the bar stool while I started the cappuccino machine. Trust him to have it in the house he rarely used. I rolled my eyes and he caught the gesture. "What?" his eyebrows raised and a small smirk present on his face. "Nothing" I pulled out cups and filled it with coffee and just by mere habit I made a design with the cream. I always did it when we were at his place in Mumbai. "Where do you want to sit Arjun?" it was awkward between us. I didn't like that it was awkward between us. I could hear the clock ticking as I took him in. There was a silence as if he wad trying to figure me out. He was looking at me up and down, like I him. He looked terrible but handsome. His beard had grown more then the 5 o'clock shadow means he hadn't shaved. His shirt was crumpled, he would have Grace's head if it ever happened before. I knew he was just a miserable as me while we were apart. "Why do you act this way Aru?" he questioned silently. His words held pain in them.

"What do you want me to do Arjun? Forget that kiss? Forget that it happened and move on? Well that's not going to happen, okay? That's not how relationships work, I know you have never been in one but that doesn't mean you get to have a test run with ours. I know, you didn't kiss her on purpose, I know she came onto you, but that didn't matter to me, I wanted you to push her away, I saw you kiss her back, even if it was for 4 seconds and then you pulled back. I saw the guilt in your eyes. But you know how it felt when Tanisha smirked at me when she was leaving? You know how hard it is to make up my mind that my boyfriend cheated on me? My boyfriend who said he loves me kissed another girl? You know how many scenarios I have made up in my mind that I came in 2 minutes before and none of this happened? Arjun, all of this is nothing like I expected us to be." tears were gushing down and I saw Arjun's hand twitch to wipe them away.

"I don't know what to say Aru. I know it was my mistake, I know it. But tell me what you'd like me to do. Tell me how to make it right because I desperately want to. I can't live without you. I love you Arohi and I'll do anything to make it right!" he said with so much passion and truth so I couldn't hold myself back.

"You have a long way to go Arjun. I don't want to act snobbish, but you made a mistake and I'm not forgiving you just yet but I love you!" and with that I hugged him. Don't get me wrong, but I loved him no matter what, this was a small glitch and I was ready to work on it if he was and I was sure I'd do anything make it right but I wanted him to make the first step and I was sure he would do that.

"I'll make it right Aru, I'll do anything." and right there he had taken the first step.

How's it?

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Originally posted by Madhu-n-kaddu

Originally posted by fiza1995

Originally posted by Madhu-n-kaddu

Judge Sahaab... Mera Arjun ALMOST bekasoor hai...  Cry
He kissed her back so shut upAngry

For a fraction of second   Ouch

I guess its HORMONAL LOCHA ... Ermm
I mean HORMONES ... Confused
even fraction of second is not tolerable when u are in a relationship. Tu to chup hi kr arjun ki lawyerAngry
Jab dekho usko defend krne aa jati h

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Originally posted by Madhu-n-kaddu

Me first...
ji haan Tongue Congo Party
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Originally posted by --Anjali--

Originally posted by Madhu-n-kaddu

Judge Sahaab... Mera Arjun ALMOST bekasoor hai... Cry
ji nahi

Ohhk... adding one more point to my verdict...



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Part  25 :

Awww... these two r sooo suppa cute...
Ekdam mushy mushy guchipoo    Blushing 

Arjun's fruit loops is back... Sooo happy for him    Hug

 "I just want to kiss you!"  ---  LOL  Besharam ko sharam hai k nahi  

What was dat ??????  Broken Heart
Arjun...  Broken Heart  Angry  Cry  

Ewww,,,,, yuck... 

Wont blame Tanisha  Angry
She s a b***h by birth... Censored
Phut daalna is her job...
only Arjun is dere to b blamed...
He should hv pushed her hard while she entered his room... Angry

Arohi   Broken Heart

But y d hell he kissed her back ??????????  Angry
Hormonal locha kya ????????  Censored

Dat means while Arohi was in London b4 new year he used to do dat ...  Ermm
Once a Casanova always a Casanova 

Aise karmo ko bss hormonal locha hi bol sakte hai   Dead

I m 100% agreed wid Arohi...
But den Arjun's guilt filled moisten eyes forced me to think something else... Confused

I cant even think straight wat to do ... 

I m sooo gone   Wacko

Anji... Pls clear kar... Y D HELL HE KISSED HER BACK  Nuke ????
Dimaag phatt raha h mera... Angry

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Part  26 :

So Arohi is in London n Arjun is going mad...
Good Progress  Stern Smile

Truth to b tell i seriously dont know wat to say ???????
May b Arohi's cold behavior towards Arjun is affecting my judgement...

If she has lashed out in him for his momentarily infidelity den it would have been nice n fair...
But she s too cold n confused i guess...
n so m I...  Disapprove

I f Arohi has nothing to do with AROHI KA ARJUN... den who d hell m i Ouch 

Its good to know dat Ria will get well soon...
Poor sweet girl...

Arjun is getting back to her via Ra's doc n treatment procedure  Shocked  
Well not expected from him...

Hitting a person when he/she s d weakest is a very much coward ... Angry

Watever condition n dilemma he is now in all r self invited...

Intensity of feeling bad for Arohi is much more higher dan feeling bad for Arjun...

I love dis Arjun so much dat it makes difficult to hate him...

Watever d reason was for kissing dat b***h back...  Angry if it was genuine i m ready to forgive him... Angry

Just clarify it soon 

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awesome update
so glad they hugged
hope arohi forgives Arjun soon
hate it when they are apart
cannot wait

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Ohhh poor Maya...
Now she has to face d wrath of Arohi Disapprove

Thank god everything happened b4 thing turned bad between Arjuhi...
Otherwise Maya ko toh bhaggu v nhi bacha skta tha  Ouch

I love Maya's transformation from to be jijs  to now not to be jijs  ...   LOL n dat too so soon   
Its kinda funny   ROFL

I can understand Arohi n her dilemma ...
n i m on full support...

Awww... Maya is suppa cute...
Love deir sister bond  Hug

D way Arjun helped Maya is kinda adorable but right now his wrong deed overpowering it   Unhappy

Riya's Mama... oohhh family bonding...
I love dis cute lil girl  Hug

She was exxpecting Arjun  ... awww... cute  LOL

OMG... d ever strong Arohi fell down due to Arjun's call  Shocked
Clumsy  LOL

Even after all dis he still has d same effect on her  Stern Smile

Arjun ki entry... fulltoo Romeo style...
But somehow I m not finding it cute  Thumbs Down

 I couldn't forgive him but I could start some where. I didn't like being without him. I didn't feel complete without him.   --- uh ohh  Ouch

I know Arjun is miserable right now but still he hasn't done anything which can make Arohi to forgive him  

 I don't want to act snobbish, but you made a mistake and I'm not forgiving you just yet but I love you!"  --- Well dats matured    Stern Smile

I dont want to comment further until it gets clear to me  WHY DID FU***NG HELL HE KISS TANISHA BACK ?????  Censored

Pls clear it to mee Angry

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