Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

The wedding gift~ chapter 28 & epilogue ~ page no -44~ (Page 35)

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Ohh hoo... 6 weeks already... Big smile
n dey r going strong... Dancing

Valentine's Day  Day Dreaming

Arjun is a perrrfecttt Boy Friend... Hug
I am in Love with deir love  Day Dreaming

Arjun n Arohi's outfit  Heart

I love Arjun's bond with Arohi's family  Hug

A boat after Aru's name...
chalo gift na sahi... naam hi sahi  LOL

But I love d way he respects her n her self -respect   
Perfect gentleman  Embarrassed

They never leave a siiingle chance to kiss each other  LOL
Such besharam lovers  Blushing

Arjun's V Day arrangements  Day Dreaming
He s treating her like a queen... 

Again a new family trip n new celebration together  Dancing

Smarty Arjun with his smart plans  Wink

I just dont know after this all lovey dovey moments of dem together how i will digest all those coming twist n turns  Cry

Pls pls pls somehow avoid those  Broken Heart

n update soon  

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Cry  not fair  
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Chapter 25

The ride to farm house was fun. Arjun even burst out laughing when we spotted the place where we fought last time we were here and then he proceeded to kiss me soundly. Thankfully there was no paparazzi like the last time.

On more then one occasions the paparazzi had caught us and our pictures had flashed on Page3, but his PR team had always taken care of it, saying we were friends and that always justified because we were always spotted laughing or holding hands and nothing intimate.

"Hi Kruti. Honeymoon had tanned you well, even after 2 weeks of returning you look good!" I hugged Kruti, I was happy seeing her again. Raj and Kruti had gone to a month long honeymoon in Australia all through January after the initial days in Tahiti.

"I know right? I can't get over the the honeymoon zone. It's so difficult to be back in normal life!" she sighed dramatically and I laughed. "It's so difficult to work in an A/c room where you have 100 people at your beck and call!" a voice behind me said. Arjun had separated to talk with people while I came to greet Kruti. "Hi dada" she almost threw herself in his arms and he wrapped her in them laughing. "Hi fruit loops!" he teased her and surprisingly she didn't say a word to retaliate. I frowned and I think Arjun thought the same because he pulled back and looked at her with concern. "What's wrong?" he asked her. "I miss you!" she pouted and I smiled. Arjun ruffled her hair . "Me too, love!" he kissed the side of her head.

A while later everyone was in the rooms. Only immediate family was here but even them, it was a family of 40 altogether.
I was about to go to my room, I was pulled in the room opposite to mine! Arjun, I rolled my eyes. "What?" I frowned at him, "I just want to kiss you!" he said like it was nothing. "Okay, then do it!" I winked at him. And he did just that.

I was dressed in a floor length dress that Arjun had bought me, I felt a blush settle in as I thought of his reaction. I slipped into my nude heels that were in contrast of the dark blue dress. I accessoriesd it with a simple gold earrings and a watch. I wanted Arjun to see me first, so I looked left and right before I walked out.

Opening the door to the opposite room I stepped in. That's when my world came crashing down. I saw Arjun and Tanisha standing not even a breath apart. Her hands were on his naked chest and lips planted on his. Arjun kissed her back for a fraction of second and then pulled back. His eyes then fell on me and he looked at me apologetic.

I held the tears back as Arjun shouted at Tanisha. I didn't hear one thing, I couldn't, it was heart wrenching sight which I couldn't help but remember over and over again. I saw Tanisha cry and leave and Arjun shout at her for the last time. "I'm so.." he stood before me and started. "Its okay. Save it Mr. Singhania. I knew it, It was all too good to be true. I know it's not how it looks, but you did kiss her back for one second and that hurts Arjun. It physically hurts. I'm not going to spoil the party, so I'll leave tomorrow morning. But right now, I don't want to see you. I'm not ready for that Arjun. I can't even look at you!" and with that I turned back and stormed out of the room.

I found myself getting physically sick so I opened the balcony and tried to breath in the fresh air. I heard Arjun banging the door but I ignored it. I only got out when the party downstairs was in full swing. I found Arjun standing right there. "I'm sorry Arohi. I..." I walked away. I couldn't hear it.

I knew it was Tanisha who came onto him, but he kissed her back and even it was for one second it hurt, maybe I would find it in myself to forgive him, but I wasn't ready now.

"Dance with Arjun, he is looking at you all lovey dovey" Arjun's grandmother who was standing besides me mused. "No, no. I'm okay. Actually..." I said. "Oh, don't be shy. I met Arjun's grandpa in a party you know? I asked him for a dance and he loved my forthcomingness and then we got married!" she winked at me swaying side to side in the most elegant manner I had ever see. She had one to many drinks and I was sure I couldn't upset the birthday girl. "Yes. Sure" I muttered finding an inner strength to face him. I had felt his eyes on me the entire evening as I did my best to avoid him.

"I was forced to dance with you Arjun. You must know I'm not ready to talk yet, please don't try!" I don't know why but he agreed and I felt my heart lurch when his arms wrapped around me. I slipped mine around his neck and he held my gaze with his steady one and I could see his eyes moisten like he was saying something. I didn't want to know what because if I heard it I would fall weak and I didn't want to fall weak.

The next day morning I booked a flight to London and left after apologizing to his family. They knew about Ria and as much as I felt bad about pinning it on Ria I couldn't think clear and that was only reason I could think if.

Arjun had texted me 100 times through the night and even knocked a couple time but I wasn't ready to see him and he had finally agreed to give me my space till I was ready to talk.

I had not dropped a tear and I promised myself I wouldn't, because I wasn't going to cry over a guy, I couldn't do it ever!

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chapter 26

I heard a knock on the door and before I could tell the person not to come in, they already were. I saw Maya carrying a batch of cookies with milk in a tray while she kicked the door shut with her foot.

"Personal delivery for Miss Arohi Gupta" she sang. Setting down the tray in the middle of the bed before getting in the blanket with me.

It had been 4 days since I arrived at London. Almost 5 since I saw Arjun and there wasn't one day I didn't miss him. I wished we hadn't taken a break so I could immerse myself in the work but now that I sat idly all I could think about was that fraction of second for a kiss.

Arjun had been texting me everyday a :good morning and one :good night: msg with a :I love you: and :sorry:. I always read them but generally never replied. I occasionally got flowers and gifts too. He told me he'd give me space and he was doing just that by not reaching out to me or calling. He was simply making me aware of his presence and I was frankly okay with it otherwise I'd worry about him being not okay.

Ria had been taken to the hospital because she was now weakening and now was back full time there till we found a donner. It was a chaos in my head and it was driving me crazy. Ria and Arjun two most precious things in my life and I was about to loose them both at the same time. I couldn't let it happen. I didn't know what was going to happen between me and Arjun but I needed him when all this was going on with Ria but now that wasn't possible.

I had to be strong for everyone, once again I'd have to become the person who takes care of everyone and everything.

I was calling every possible sources to find out one donner. She had a month before we could absolutely do nothing about the situation. "So, how are the cookies?" Maya asked as I dunked one and it melted in my mouth. "Is there something you can't do?" I asked her. I hadn't once cried over Arjun like I promised myself. As much as it was killing me inside I was sure crying would do nothing good either, just increase the amount of subjects to worry about for Mom and Maya.

Just when I sat my phone down, it rang, and I frowned. It was an unknown number. "Hi, this Dr. Brandon Rogers. Can I speak to Miss Arohi Gupta?" the voice on other line said. "This is she." I replied. "Oh, okay. Miss Gupta. I'm at the children's hospital for cancer in London. I was appointed this case can you come in right now?" to say I was shocked was understatement. I was overwhelmed. I was trying to get Mr. Rogers to come here and deal with Ria's case. It was proving very difficult because he was books solid for 3 months in advance. "Yes, I'll be there in 10" I leaped out to get dressed. "What's wrong?" Maya asked me. "Dr. Rogers is here for Ria!" I Said in all happiness. "Okay. Let me get ready. I'll be at front door in 5" and with that she disappeared.

"Hi Dr. This is Arohi and she is Maya!" I gestured to Maya while introducing her. "Please have a seat!" I and Maya sat down. "I went over Ria's files with Dr. Huggins and the bone marrow transplant is necessary now. The good part is we can make it happene. I am a cancer doctor and I have done successful surgeries of the type I'm going to suggest now." he pause and looked at us and waited for a nod or a indication to go on. "Well, we have 3D printed bone marrow to match the patient. We use the printer to do it and we make it function like the normal on in a case where no match is not found within the time span given. The success rate is 5% but I've never had a failure in this surgery. And I'm having my best doctors to come here if you agree!" he then went on explaining how this worked, Maya asked various questions, she was studying to become a doctor she knew this stuff. Once satisfied with the answers we discussed the pros and cons and then decided it was better to take a chance. "Okay, so I'll have the papers ready by this evening" we got up and shook hands with the good doctor.

"Thank you so much for this Dr. Rogers. You don't know how much this means!" I said over my shoulders. "Don't thank me miss Gupta. Thank Mr. Singhania he convinced me to come here!" he nodded at me. I felt my blood boil. "The fees will be transferred to the hospital" I said as sweetly as I could. It was Arjun who was trying to buy the "Love" he couldn't win me over this. Attacking me when down, and hitting bulls eye. "It's Already been taken care of!" he smiled at me. As huge as the fire was inside me I tired to be polite.

Mr. Arjun Singhania was going to get hell for me, right now. Not caring what time it might be back in India I dialed Arjun's number. I stalked to the waiting room making sure it was empty I stepped in.

On 4th ring he picked up. "Hi" his voice was warm almost making me melt but then I remembered why I called him in the first place. "what do you think you are doing Mr. Singhania?" I was fuming . "Arohi can we talk later? I'm in an important meeting here!" he said his voice held a hint of heart break.
"I don't care Mr. Singhania. I mean business when I called you. This means you talk now!" I knew I sounded like a maniac but I didn't give 2 f**ks. "Okay. Give me 15 minutes to wind up the meeting I'll call you myself" I pondered on the thought for a minute before replying. "I sware to God Mr. Singhania if you don't call" and with that I hung up.

I paced the room for the next 15 minutes trying to come up with an argument and a speech for him not calling in 15 minutes but just as the clock ticked the mark of 15 my phone vibrated. After cursing him for being so punctual I picked up. "Hi Aru!" him calling me that practically hurt but my anger had calmed just by hearing him say it. I sat myself down on the seats at the side. "You shouldn't have done it. I could pay myself. This isn't a way to win me back!" I whispered. The tears I held back form Saturday through Tuesday i.e today, the fell in silent stream. "What did I do Arohi? He was playing the victim card. "You got Dr. Rogers here. I have been mentioning him and you thought this would be the right time to swoop in? Let me tell you, I'll not be someone's charity here. I'm going to transfer the money back to the account we used for wedding. You take it or leave it I don't care. I am capable to do this on my own Arjun. You don't have to be my knight in the shinning armour. And you certainly can't play the Ria card to get me back." I shouted at him. The anger that had subsided had just resurfaced and it was worse then every.

"That's not how it was meant to be babe!" his voice held a pled, I wanted to believe but the facts were against him. "Then how do you explain the exact moment of Dr. Rogers arriving and us being in this very situation?" I choked back on a sob.

"How did we get here Aru?" his voice was husky, I knew his eyes would have moistened up and somehow that made me feel queasy. "You know what happened Arjun!" I whispered back. "How do I make it right? Because I'm pathetic without you. I've fired 2 employees, I've been shouting on everyone and I can't sleep. I can't think about anything other than you. Arohi, tell me how to do that!" he was begging me. "That you have to figure out but the doctor thing wasn't very good!" I told him. "That's not how it is Aru. Ask Maya, she will tell you the truth. But this weekend I'll be there and we will talk. I'll do whatever it takes to get you back Aru. I have found true love. I'm not just sitting back and loosing it!" he promised me. "Okay!" I couldn't think of anything else. "I love you!" he said and somehow I couldn't bring myself to say it back. "You don't love me anymore?" he asked me,he sounded frightened. "That could never happen. You know I do, but I cant say it back. I'm sorry!" I gulped the lump in my throat and shook my head. "I'll hold you onto that Aru. I'll hold onto you!" he promised once more before he hung up .

"I hope you do to" I said to myself, hoping he would do it. Because I was breaking and this time after dad and bhai, I don't think I'd survive. I hope for both our sakes he found a way!

As promised updated both chapters together! Waiting for feedback!!

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Originally posted by Madhu-n-kaddu

Me firsttt
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I hate u @Lazyblue n I hate u Anji  Broken Heart  Cry

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Judge Sahaab... Mera Arjun ALMOST bekasoor hai...  Cry

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Why do ppl make us cry? Itni mushkil se saath aaye ab fir panga:'(
will cmmnt later in detail

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