Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

The wedding gift~ chapter 28 & epilogue ~ page no -44~ (Page 3)

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"I want you there by 7.45 sharp" I clicked my phone off, before I walked around the room collecting my bad, other phone, laptop bag and finally my blazer coat. With one last look in the mirror, I switched off the A/C and walked out locking the door behind me. 


Looking at the time on dashboard, I realized I had time to take the scenic route. Connecting my phone to Bluetooth in the car, I called Rosie my PA .

"Hi Rosie" 

"Evening boss" I heard the soft voice of my PA on the other line. 

"All set for the meeting?" I asked cutting to my left before speeding forward. 

"Yes. The table for 6 is booked. I confirmed with Kruti, they are on schedule and will be meeting us at Aer, Four Seasons. I've boked the usual table" she went through with the plan as we had decided 

"Okay. So you know about our client?" I asked her sighing as I passed the beautiful beach where children played, dogs ran and elders sat supervising everything. I missed coming here. "The beach boss?" Rosie asked, she might have heard me sigh. "Yes. Anyway, back to the Singhania's"

I changed the topic, not wanting to relive the past. Rosie briefed me once again as we discussed their portfolio before I reached the venue. "Hold on. I'm there." I spoke into the phone collecting all my stuff before straightening my jacket and stepping out. I disconnected the bluetooth and stuck the phone to my ear. "Im there too boss" Rosie said through the other line and hung up before meeting me at the front where we both gave our keys to the valet before continuing to the rooftop restaurant. 


Precisely 15 minutes later we saw a lovely couple walk our way.and introduce themselves. "Hi I'm Kruti and this is Raj" a pretty burnett outstretched her hand as a greeting. "I'm Arohi and this is Rosie my P.A." I introduced us, as I shook her hand. "It's lovely to meet you" I greeted as we sat down on opposite sides of the table. "I hope you don't mind. I ordered wine, since it's dinner." I hesitated, sometimes people liked the effort, sometimes they dismissed it. 


This was one the constant up and down in this business with the rich and they famous. They would or would not appreciate you effort and you wouldn't know which way it was going to go.


"That's perfect" Kruti replied getting comfortable on the sofa chair. "But I think Raj and Dada would like something strong" I could see the love shining in raj's eyes as he looked at her lovingly 

"I'm not sure of your Dada, but I'd like some whiskey" Raj signals for the waiter to come by, "You guys need anything else? Or should we wait till Arjun comes and then order?" he politely asked as the waiter appeared. "Let's wait?" I almost questioned looking at Kruti and she nodded her head in agreement. 


"So let's start off?" I questioned them as Rosie logged onto the laptop pulling out notepad to take notes. "Yes. I will brief Dada once he is here" Kruti's excitement was showing on her face.

"Relax love" Raj laughed kissing the top of her head. "I'm so excited. We are getting married" a smile so wide and love in its purest form radiated form them. This was the favorite part of my job. Marrying couples that loved each other, making their day special.


"Okay, so let's start with how many events you want and where?" I pulled out all the picture of previous weddings to show them samples.  


"We want destination wedding, Maldives to be precise. The events should be cocktail party, mehndi, sangeet, wedding followed by a reception in Mumbai for those who didn't attend the wedding" Kruti ranted out in excitement, I looked at Raj discreetly and caught him nodding back at me. Most of the times brides decided on everything themselves but with this one I was sure she had discussed it. Sometimes when they meet me, they decide stuff, wasting time. 


"Okay, so you guys have a date fixed?" I asked and Rosie noted everything down and I made sure to ask as many questions as I could to draw up an appropriate plan for the next meeting.

"Yes, our parents agreed on 24th December. It is exactly on the date we go engaged. 24th October." 

I took a double look at the date, it was 26th today. They got engaged just 2 days ago then? A shocked expression 

"I guess congratulations are in order then?" I was shocked to the boot. Kruti had called me in the morning yesterday, so I think that was the first thing she did. 

I look at Rosie and she understood me. Working with a person for 6 years, could do that to you! She excused herself before returning with a bouquet of White and pink roses 10 minutes later. 

"This wasn't necessary" Kruti blushed as she accepted the roses. "Oh, it's quiet alright. So let's continue" I asked, without probing further on there very recent engagement.


"Yes, I'm so excited" Kruti gushed making Raj throw his head back and laugh once again. "Easy love. We aren't teenagers anymore" he kissed her cheek, making my heart melt at the sheer amount of love they shared. A frown crossed Kruti'sface before she said "This is my wedding and I can be as excited as I want to be. So back of bugger" I looked at Rosie,  who looked like she was holding back her laughter as well as was in awee of their relationship. 


"So, do you want themes or dress codes for any of the events?" I asked, wanting to get a clear view on how this should go so that it could be perfect for them. "Well, I guess dress code for the cocktail party, other then that, my side of family is going to be color coordinated with me and his side is going to be with him, that's what was decided." I nodded before looking at Raj, "Your opinion?" I raised my eyebrows as he shook his head, "Im just here because I was summoned, other then that, I was told all I have to do is show up" he said, shaking his head. "Did you just shake your head at me?" Kruti gave him a stink eye before Raj kissed her hand that he was holding, making her melt into a putty with just a look, a look that had me feel like I was invading their personal space. 


A clearing of throat form an unknown person had me stare at the person standing directly behind Kruti. They both blushed, like they teenagers that had just been caught fooling around. 

A man, dress in perfect tailored navy blue suit and a light blue dress shirt stood there looking like a male model that stepped out of vogue. "I'm sorry I'm late." I felt goosebumps rise, as I heard the husky voice speak, his voice was just as perfect as his face and body. My mouth opened and closed without a word coming out. I was rendered speechless with just the view. 

I cleared my throat and shook my head, to clear all the wayward thoughts occurring in my mind, before standing up and extending my hand "Hi, im Arohi, the wedding planner." he nodded his head at me and left to grab the empty seat beside Kruti, without shaking my extended hand. 


I felt anger rise upon me, but I saw Kruti's pleading look, asking me to excuse it, so I shook my head clean and started talking with Kruti and Raj once again, ignoring him altogether. "So, I'm showing you some sample photos of 3 weddings in Maldives ive done. None of it will be repeated but if you like something in particular, we can mend it for your  taste to use it and ive come up with come sketches just keeping you in mind and the mandatory application you filled. " I turned my laptop to show them some photos, I had asked my clients to use in my portfolios. 

I swapped through 3 different mandaps at first, when I came through the 3rd one, Kruti shrieked, "That's so pretty" she then proceeded to tell me about how she wanted something like that and I made a rough sketch on my drawing pad. Going through some more of the photos we discussed some more about the themes roughly. 


In 6 year's of my career, I've have done around about 40 marriages, the first 4 years I did 

at-least 8 weddings in a year and next 2 I did only 2, concentrating on big weddings. I had built a name for myself in the market and I was proud of.  I still did weddings in any budget and I guess that's what made me approachable. 


A while later, when dinner was done, some details already discussed, I showed them the sketches I had made keeping her suggestion in mind, that I mentioned earlier. Just as I passed them the drawing pad Arjun said "So, without meeting us, you made sketches for a wedding we are paying for? What kind of method is that?"  I had ignored him since he arrived, because he didn't approve of my "Methods" but this was crossing the line. I frowned when I saw Kruti glaring at him. "Dada, what's wrong with you. Arohi has been nothing but sweet to you, inspite of your rude behavior and you continue to take jabs at her. That's not how we were raised." she crossed her arms and turned away. Yeah, she was clearly the princes of the house who got away with anything. "Oh, common fruit loops, she is just your wedding planner!" he talked about me like I didn't exists, insulting me on my face, like I was a piece of rubble.


I had enough, a screeching sound form my chair drew Kruti's attention, I had collected all my belongings and with Rosie, I was ready to go! 

"I'm sorry Kruti, it was nice to meet you. I hope you have a happily married life, but I won't be able to be your planner" and with one last glance I saw Raj comforting Kruti while tears wrecked her eyes. I felt bad for punishing her for her brother's misbehavior but there was nothing I could do about it. 

"Don't over think it Arohi. He was just another one of those rich spoilt brats." She comforted me as I felt anger slowly leave my body. "Yeah, he was the worst one till date" I whispered frowning, he was trying to make me feel cheep, but I wouldn't let anybody bring me down, I have worked very hard to reach where I was and no one could make me question it! 


That small statement shouldn't have affected me but it did and all night all I could think of the last insult thrown my way as tears spilled form my eyes.



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Yipeee me first..
Now coming back to the update. 
It was awesome. Arjun is so sadu and arrogant..
Kruti and raj are super cute. 
Arohi is a wedding planner wow..and arjun is mood spoiler..
Lovely update and loved the way arohi replied..huhhh ab akal aaegi arjun ko..
Waiting for d next updateBig smile

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Thnk God... Its Arjuhi... Wink
Arjuhi_kk IF-Rockerz

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hailaaa...Inna sadu Arjun LOL

Loved Arohi's reply to him...acha kiya Big smile

So ...arohi is a wedding planner n is supposed to b Arjun's sister wedding planner ...hmmm ...

Wanna know how they fall for each other ..Day Dreaming

Kruti n Raj r cute Embarrassed

update chahiye Ben :* :*

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baap re...itna khadus Arjun..!! but he is till hot n m already in love with him...
Arohi *claps*  go girl..
Arjun is truly a mood can he insult Arohi like this..? he was insulting her like koi purani dushmani nikal rha ho...
Kruti and Raj are cute...
me waiting to see how in between plans of Kruti and Raj wedding..Arjun and Arohi's wedding get planned ?

update soon Anji..dont be a devil

and thanks for keeping the story in Arjuhi :* :* :*

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wow what a concept
totally brilliant
loving rude and arrogant Arjun
cannot wait to see what happens next

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Next part is edited and ready to post.. I will post it after Pooja,Madhu and Mysha's comments!!

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