Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

The wedding gift~ chapter 28 & epilogue ~ page no -44~ (Page 27)

Ankita__S IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 September 2015 at 5:14am | IP Logged
Part 19
Jealous arohi..i love i love jealous arohi and arjun. 
Hehehe tanisha and arjun did a splendid job. 
Finally arohi is ready to give him a chance. 
And now we are going to witness arjuhi as a couple. I m so excited. Arjun proposed her..uff so cute. 
And arohi's condition about kiss..Blushing besharm ladki. But i loved the way she opened up and demands a kiss straight away. 
Waiting for next update eagerly.

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Arjuhi_kk IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 September 2015 at 8:47am | IP Logged
Patch up ho gaya !! *Dancing*

I guess I was more jealous than arohi seeing Arjun & Tanisha's PDA Angry

Big hug arohi's gang girls Hug

Finally they Confessed !Day Dreaming

Arjun's proposal ...hayeee Dil aa gaya Heart

waiting eagerly for d next update Day Dreaming

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Madhu-n-kaddu IF-Rockerz

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Part  18 :

Haailaaa... Wedding aa v gyi... Shocked
Ab toh gifatt milega   Clap

Awww... I love Kruti- Arohi bonding... Hug
n I m sure about one thing k agar Arjun ne kuchh v utpataang ki Arohi k against toh Kruti n Raj n deir family will b with Arohi... Big smile
Den Arjun will have to move back  Dancing

Arjuhi dancing n saath mein main v  Dancing

Prospective Groom ?????? ROFL
Arre... yeh toh apne hi bahu ki vidaai pe tule huye hai ... LOL
Does Arjun know about this ?????  Ermm

Tanisha... eww... somehow I HATE THIS NAME   Angry

How dare she called Aru AFTER DINNER...
Ewww... so yucky term   Censored

I can understand out of what fear Aru is rejecting Arjun over n over ...
But at least after seeing Arjun's disgust n distaste over Tanisha she could act decent  Ouch

Or I can say her outburst has ruined everything... Ouch 

For now Arjun is heart broken... Broken Heart

n for one thing Arohi is hurting Arjun's ego over n over again... Geek
Outburst of Arjun might get worse than we ever thought...

Pls save Arohi from his wrath... 

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Madhu-n-kaddu IF-Rockerz

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Chapter  19 :

Hooyeee... Aru in miserable condition...  Disapprove
Aur mat suno dil ki ... D'oh

I love her Professional avatar...
Kinda hot n sexy...  Wink
The way she handle each n everything... in mind blowing  Clap

But still she cant help it... her inner state... d storm she is feeling inside...   Disapprove

Tanishaaa   Censored
I have no words for her...
She is just   Angry

n in her presence Aru is confused n Arjun acts crazy... dts all... Wacko 

I just love her team... Hug
Understanding, loving, caring, supportive... bestest buddies dey r...
Dey will surely kick his butt  LOL

I m happy dat girls made Aru understand dat apart from serious commitment she needs to loosen up a bit n to take risk...
Dats all she needs right now...
U never know where it may lead   Wink

Again Tanisha... Censored
Arjuuunnn... I will kill u... Nuke

OMGGG... n sh confessed   Hug
damn age old jealousy factor...  it always works   LOL 

 " I love you and want you to be my girlfriend, will you?" ----  Awww  Day Dreaming  Waiting for this one   

Stunning dat kiss n hug were    Day Dreaming

Pls no negative twist... my poor heart wont b able to handle it    Ouch

Update Soon...  Big smile

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Madhu-n-kaddu IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 September 2015 at 10:10am | IP Logged
Idhar ek update ho jaaye ?????  Big smile  Wink

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--Anjali-- IF-Dazzler

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Happy Birthday Ankita Party Hug

Chapter 20

4 days passed at blink of an eye, the wedding parties had been successful, so much so that I had as many as 6 inquiries. I was still to take up anything because I wanted to talk to my team before taking any decision.

I and Arjun had scrapped the sangeet dance even though we were together for 4 days now. It also had been 4 days since I had a decent conversation with him. All the preparations had kept me busy and the rituals had kept him. I sighed as I woke up at 8 am. The wedding was that evening and Kruti, her best friend and some others wanted to go to spa before starting to get ready.

I got dressed in an red anarkali suit with green chudidhar. The suit had golden work on the border and three quarter sheer selves. Everyone was wearing Indian since the sangeet night, it was a dress code, pre decided.

I slipped on my strappy sandal and walked out to Kruti's room to give her a wake up call.

Aria, her best friend had stayed with her for the night. I knocked and I heard some shuffling. "Come on girls, wake up. It's spa time" the resort had over the water spa and guests had been using it all week, today it was closed just for the bridal party.

As soon as the door opened I saw Kruti looking fresh and dressed. "Happy wedding day to you! You look so pretty. You actually glow!" I moved in and she hugged me. "Thank you! I'm so excited." she glowed back at me. "So you ready for some pampering before getting ready?" I asked her. "I'm so ready. Infact everyone should be here now. I called everyone at 6 in the morning to wake them up." she danced around the doom and I laughed. "Boy are there going to be some grumpy people today!" by now, Riddhi, Tanya, Lily and Rosie were here with Raj's and Kruti's mother. Aria was ready to get pampered too. "Rosie will show you all to the spa. While we look at other stuff." I hugged both the mothers and moved out of their way. "My baby looks so radiant" Raj's mother kissed Kruti's cheek and I smiled. "Lets go, we need time to get the bride ready before the big ceremony" I unrushed all of the out of the suite and was walking back to the kitchen when someone tapped on my shoulder. I turned around to find no one there. I started walking again when there was a tap and this time I put my had on the tappers hand and caught it before spinning around. "Mr. Singhania you think you are funny?" I fixed him with a faux glare and he smiled at me making me melt.

Yes, Arjun Singhania's all star boyish grin was enough to make me a putty in his arms. "Come on!" he tugged my hand pulling me along, ignoring my protests about having work to do. He pulled me in a room, what looked like his room and closed the door shut. Pushing me against it, he crashed his lips on my, kissing me throughly, leaving my head spinning by the time he pulled away.

We both had collectively agree to keep this as a secret at least Still the wedding was done because, we didn't want to steal Kruti's thunder and We were still testing our relationship, we didn't need the paparazzi pressure to surround us. The only person who knew was Rohit, Arjun's best friend and only because he had walked In on me and Arjun sharing a kiss, to say it was awkward was understatement. But in the past 3 days, that I got to know him, he was a funny guy and since Arjun and Rohit went way back, I'm talking diapers buddies, I ought to be friends with him, which was fairly easy.

"Arjun What's wrong with you?" I put my hands on my hips and glared at him. "Oh. You can't be angry at me for kissing my girlfriend" he smirked at me. "OH, I'm blazing mad right now!" I couldn't help the smile that spilled as he pulled me closer, he unwound my hands from the hips and caught them in one hand behind my back. His other hand snaked around my waist, "I love you" he kissed my forehead, then cheeks, trailing his little kisses along my face. "Arjun" I groaned. "I need to go!" I told myself as much as I told him. "I don't think you actually want to leave" he smirked as he nipped at the joint between my shoulder and neck making me moan. "Arjun. Please let go. I'm getting late." my breath caught in my throat as he bit my lip when his lips settled against mine for a quick peck.

"Please don't be making babies, friend in the room" Rohit entered, one of his hand covered his eye, other one outstretched to stop him form running into anything, he was a goofball. "Daram queen." Arjun mused as he rested his chin on top of my head and wound himself around me like a blanket and I snaked my arms around his waist, resting my head against his chest.

"We need to get the doli Arjun. The yacht is getting it any minute. No one else can pick it other then brothers" Rohit reminded. "You need to go and let me go to! It's your sister's wedding I need to prepare for. And don't dare sneak other private minute with me till the wedding is over!" I moved out of his hold and quickly walked to the door. "Is that a challenge Ms. Gupta?" a mischievous glint in his eyes as he moved to get me. "Quick Rohit catch him" I muttered and last thing I saw was Rohit holding Arjun while I ran away.

It was only at 4:30 I got a breather when I went back to Kruti's to see if she was ready. "You all ready?" I asked walking in her suite. All the guestbook had arrived near the wedding mandap. "I'm" she whispered. Lily had been with Kruti and Raj all week but today she was here while her assistant was with Raj. "I've got some great pictures. Once the garland ceremony is done, we will click dual pictures." she kissed her cheek and walked out saying her goodbye. "You look beautiful. And trust me I've never seen a more beautiful looking bride. And I've seen my fair share" I joked trying to subside the tears that pricked my eyes.

"You look beautiful too" she already had tears in her eyes. "Don't cry" I carefully wiped them away. "Oh, Nisha is going to be so mad. Earlier dad and mom were here and I cried buckets, she had to redo my make up" she laughed. "oh, in that case lets see Arjun before she gives final touches. He is the one you are going to cry the most with!" Aria appeared through thin air. "Will you call him for me?" she looked at me expectantly and I nodded.

"Exactly the person I was looking for" Arjun whispered as soon as he opened the door to his suite. "Arjun not now" I told him in all seriousness and stepped back. He sensed the tone but groaned anyway. "But you look hot" he pouted childishly and I laughed muttering a shy thank you. "Arjun" I warned as he tried to pull me close. "Kruti is ready for you and she looks beautiful!" I told him and he stiffened. "I don't want to go!" he almost stomped his foot. "What?" I asked him surprised. Why was he acting this way. "What's wrong Arjun?" I walked into his suite and closed the door. He walked to the french Windows and stood facing the water below the villa.

"Talk to me Arjun." I urged him. "Well, she is. I mean Kruti is" he fumbled through his speech. I had never seem him this restless, it was surreal. "What's wrong baby?" I tucked my hand around his waist to comfort him. "She is going to go away now. She isn't going to be just my fruitloops anymore!" he struggled to say it but say it, he did. I awee internally for a minute before I spoke up. "You realized you planned this wedding for last 3 months, you danced with her yesterday and you didn't realize this until now?" I tried to lighten up the mood but it didn't work. "You know, the moment I picked up the doli, it hit me. She isn't going to be living with me anymore. I didn't have to worry about her anymore. There is someone else to do it!" I could see his eyes moisten up.

"Arjun, she wasn't living with you for 3 months now!" "I know. But now all her things are going to be gone and everything" he muttered sulkyly. "Arjun Singhania. I love you and everything but Kruti is waiting for you. You know what? I'll stay there with you. But you have to come. She is the one starting a new life. She is changing houses. Do you realize that Dad gives the daughter away, in English weddings, here we do the "kanyadan" like that and she has asked you to do that? She is going to miss you. But right now you need to get your butt there because you little sister is waiting and she is the most beautiful bride I've ever seen!" I kissed his cheek and he cupped my face. "Yoh know how hot you look in this sari? I'd like to show just just how much, but I've got a more pressing business to attend too. Thank you Arohi. I don't think I would've been able to do this without you. Now let's go" with that he tugged me out of his suite to Kruti's.

We found Rohit in the suite hugging Kruti as silent tears streamed her eyes. Rohit was close to her too, like a elder brother. I had recently learnt that I didn't meet Rohit before was because he was a doctor in the states, a well renowned too. He was a neurosurgeon though, I had.thought about talking to him about Ria's case but it wasn't worth the worry I'd put him in when he couldn't do anything about it.

"Dada" Kruti choked and Rohit looked our way. "Arohi You remember that thing you asked me? I found it. Come on, I'll give it to you" Rohit rushed to me patting Arjun on the back but not before giving Kruti a quick hug. "That's why I was here. Finding you" I played along. It had been my plan all along to leave the alone and Rohit had just made it easier. Arjun glared at me as we turned our back to them and left.

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M first aayiii... again... 

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Arjuhi_kk IF-Rockerz

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I so love this Heart

I was desperately waiting to read something n I can say that this made my Night Day Dreaming

in love with "Dating" Arjun Heart
I'll Repeat myself ...their chemistry is sizzling *aag*

Rohit ...emmm ... why do I feel he is going to play a crucial role here ?? Confused

Arjun talking about Kruti ..aweee ..such a cutiee bro :* :*

Are they going to disclose about their rship to his. family ???

Excited to read further !!!!

Thanks again anjiii :* Heart

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