Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

The wedding gift~ chapter 28 & epilogue ~ page no -44~ (Page 25)

Ankita__S IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 September 2015 at 9:24pm | IP Logged
Part 9 (1)
Lolzz i can literally imagine that Nadia. Arjun took full advantage and declared arohi as his GF. 
For the very first time they were talking like human beings. 
I loved their conversation. 
But i still remember ur warning. I don't want to hate this arjun :(
Anyway lovely update. 

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Ankita__S IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 September 2015 at 10:20pm | IP Logged
Part 9(2) 
I wish arjun could read her thoughts. Hehe that collision and her thoughts made me happy. She also feels the same. 
Well arjun is being a little arrogant but i loved all his qualities. 
She missed hin woahh but what about him?? 
I m hell hooked to this story now. 
Muaaahh love u for bringing this up in our forum :*

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Ankita__S IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 September 2015 at 10:26pm | IP Logged
Part 10
I loved drunk arohi. 
She spilled each and everything. 
Jealous arjun is a treat to watch. 
Hahaha arohi stomped his leg. I m glad something is there in his heart for her. 
He likes her..even her dance affects him. Both are affected by each other but not ready to accept this. Ufff ziddi log.

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--Anjali-- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 September 2015 at 1:20pm | IP Logged
Chapter 19
Arohi's POV

Waking up with an headache was not a good day to start a day, a day that had an pool party with DJ at night. I needed to be around loud music and headache wasn't something I needed.

Groaning and popping 2 pills I got dressed for the day. I met with the girls and the interns for an early meeting. "So, are we right on schedule?" I took the iPad and saw through the preps needed to be done on the day of particular festivity. "Well Everything is done for the night. Except for the flowers that are to be arranged." Bobby, one of the interns said. "Okay, so by what time is that going to be done?" I asked, my voice raised a little in irritation but I knew I shouldn't be shouting at them for whatever happened between me and Arjun. "I'm sorry. I get it. the flowers go on, on the day of that festivity. But it should be done by 5. The party start at 7.30. The DJ here?" I looked at Rosie expectantly and she nodded "Yes. Arrived and settled in." we went over the programs once more, today was pool side party just for the young people, tomorrow was a formal cocktail party, the next was sangeetfollowed by mehndi and haldi and lastly the wedding.

"So, let's unrush the guest and make sure everyone is settled" Lily said as we finished going over every single detail and then set out. "Anu, look at the arrangements for the elders before going to the kitchen to help Riddhi" she nodded at me before walking away. We were all color coded so we could recognize each other if any emergency.
Riddhi was the food person so she was in the kitchen helping the chefs in the resort.

At around 4, I sat down with Riddhi who had just come out of the kitchen. With guests arriving all day, it had been a hectic start. Now that finally everyone was here, we were free to go back to management of the wedding. "So, why the off mood today? And I haven't seen Mr. Arjun loitering around you today!" she handed me a glass of champagne and grabbed one for herself. These girls could catch a single minute detail also. "Aha, it's nothing" I started but just then Kruti, Raj, Arjun and Tanisha entered the dome where evening snacks were being served. Tanisha was hanging off Arjun's arm like a hook. "Woh, what is that bitch doing with him?" Riddhi frownedat me.

Yesterday night had been difficult, I couldn't get the picture of the both of them out of my mind and hadn't been able to sleep and I had been greatful for the work, that was keeping me occupied. I shook my head and muttered "You will not cry." to myself repeatedly. "What?" Riddhi was getting confused by the minute. I was about to tell her not to call them on the table when she waved them here. "it's okay right?" she bit her lip and I tried hard not to snap at her. She didn't know it and I hadn't told anyone and didn't plan on doing it.

"Of Course it's okay. Wait a minute I'll grab some coffee" I was about to get up when Kruti and Raj strolled toward me. "Where are you going Arohi? Sit, have some food with us. You've been running all day! Call others too" Kruti directed the last line to Riddhi who nodded and talked into the mouth piece telling Tanya, Rosie and Lily to join us.

I fake smiled at everyone and when my eyes met Arjun's he turned his attention to Tanisha. It felt like someone had just plunged a knife through my heart and was plunging it again and again and again. I gulped a lump of sadness before nodding at something people were saying.

I zoned out throughout the half and hour of sitting there, I had to be asked 3 times by the serve if I wanted something, to which I ofcourse denied. My eyes had been trained on Arjun and Tanisha as she fed him fruits and trailed her hand up and down his arm. I could see Arjun was trying hard not to push it away, but It could just have been my imagination.

The girls had been throwing inquisitive looks at me to know what was going on, they were rooting for Arjuhi and you were about to tell them that I had just f**kd up the last chance to make this happen.

The stream of tears feel as soon as I entered my suite to get ready for the pool party. Arjun and Tanisha's PDA hadn't been restricted to just the snack table, it had been on at poolside where I was helping arrange the flowes and deck the place with fairy lights.

There was a knock and then suddenly the door flew open. There stood, all the 4 girls with their clothes and make up in hand. One of them locked the door and one said, "Now, you are going to tell us what happened while we get ready and then if Arjun had hurt you like we think we are going to go over there and kick his ass" it was the second time I broke down because I felt loved.

We sat down by the deck as I launched into telling them the story. They were shocked to know that Arjun was going to perform with me "So what now? How will you do it?" Tanya asked, concerned. "I'm not going to you guys. There is no time to make up a new routine and plus I'll just tell the MC not to announce my act" and for the first time they agreed with me. "But why don't you want to be with him honey" this time it was lily who questioned and I frowed looking at the watch. It was 5.45 already. We needed to get ready and go.

"Guys, we need to get ready and go" I exclaimed getting up. "Don't try and get out of this, we can talk while applying make up. Now say!" Riddhi urged me and I sighed. Yes I couldn't get out of this.

"I don't trust him not to break my heart. Guys. I can't live with a broken with all that's going on" we were running around the room getting ready. Suddenly all of them stopped. "And what are you basing this on? How do you know he isn't going to hurt you?" Rosie glared at me "Well given his reputation..." I started but was cut short by Lily. "That's what you are basing this on? Previous history? So you can reform the billionaire Playboy like the romantic novels" she said and then Riddhi continued. "And with all whats happening? I get about Ria, we all love Ria just as much, but it's wrong to put your life on hold for that. Would she want that?" she held my hand squeezing it firmly. "Don't use the "would she want that card! You guys!" I cribbed.

"No, you are wrong here. And if I were Arjun's friend I'd be kicking your ass right now. So Arohi Sanjay Gupta, you better suck it up and make up or we are going to.meddle and then it's not going to be good!" she shook her head at me.

"Sweety, it's okay to take chances. It's fun, you don't know what's going to happen next and that mystery is fun. You remember when you first started this business you had taken a huge leap of faith. Look how it's turned out? You are marrying the sister of 4th richest person in the world. That's something!" Rosie tried to put some sense in me.

By now all our make up and hair were done. All we needed was to dress and we needed to do it fast because we had to be at the pool side in 10.

"So, I take a leap of faith?" I chewed on my inner cheeks. And they nodded. "We realize it's going to be difficult and scary but you'll find the happiness. Trust us!" they huddled up in a group and hugged me. A few seconds later I spoke "Not to spoil the party or something, but we need to get going if we want to reach there before the guests." and then we lept with the dresses to different room to change and get dressed as fast as possible.

10 minutes later we were running to the venue, good thing was that it was a beach resort and we all could ditch heels and wear flats and look sophisticated.

Just as the party started in full swing about an hour later, Arjun and Tanisha walked in. I had rehearsed and re-rehearsed the speech a couple times in my head and just when I saw them laughing together I couldn't do it. "I can't do it. They look happy" I said to Rosie my eyes not leaving Arjun and when his met with mine I saw concern before he quickly masked it with a stoney face. "Oh, come on, they are all but happy. Can't you see it?" she waved a hand at them. "I can't do it now. Lets see if something is needed" and with that I walked away.

A few minutes later I went to the bar to see if anything was short or needed when I saw Arjun and Tanisha standing so close that air couldn't pass between them. She was whispering something in his ears. Her eyes met with mine and she smirked, I couldn't see Arjun's expression but I was sure he was happy. I couldn't be here anymore, the party was in full swing and there was nothing needed, I could leave. I walked to Rosie and told her that I needed to leave.

It was suffocating there. I walked to the empty part of the beach away form the pool and elder party. Trying to calm my self I didn't realize someone had come there. "So I got scolded!" I jumped and lifted the flip flops I was carrying to hit the person only realizing it was Arjun. "You scared me!" I snapped at him and he cracked a smile.

"So" he stared and I stoped him. "You don't have to explain anything. I said no. You have the right to be with anyone you want. Don't listen to the girls. They are protective of me!" I laughed it off when his hands clutched around my arms and pulled me closer.

"No. I'm sorry for behaving that way yesterday. I was having a hard time making Tanisha leave. I didn't want her there and all the anger I felt for her poured out on you! I was ready to give you as much time as you required but yesterday I snapped in the heat of the moment. And today when I looked around to just see you, I couldn't find you so I asked Rosie and she scolded me. But it's not like I didn't deserve it. Yesterday when I saw you were jealous of Tanisha I just used her today to make you jealous even more so you could come to me. I know I'm wrong but please forgive me!" he cupped my face looking at me with so much emotions in the eye that tears fell and this time they were happy tears.

I jumped and hugged him hard. "I'm sorry too, I shouldn't have let my insecurities come in the middle. I shouldn't have doubted you before giving you a chance. I'm sorry!" I pulled back form the hug and looked at him to find him staring at me.

"Well, then only one thing remains. Actually two!" he picked me up and spun me around and I laughed out loud, and then he set me down kissed my forehead and said. "I'm pretty bad at this, I have never had a real relationship before and I don't know how to do this stuff so I'm just going to straight out ask and hope you don't brake my heart. Arohi Gupta, I'm a dofus for what I did but at this moment I.don't regret it because it bought us here. I love you and want you to be my girlfriend, will you?" he looked at me expectantly and with nervousness and I laughed. The mighty Arjun Singhania was nervous and it was because of me.

"And she laughs. Hello, waiting for an answer here" he waved his hands in the air and I nodded. "Yes. I'll be your girlfriend" I said and his face split in a earth splitting grin. "But, only if you kiss me" I completed shyly. "You don't have to ask twice Aru" and with that he proceeded to give me the best, the most amazing kiss I every had.

I too was glad everything worked out the way it did, because I got the best and the most sweetest person in the world and I was happy.

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Madhu-n-kaddu IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 September 2015 at 1:25pm | IP Logged
Me firsttt...
kl saare pending cmmnt done honge Anji :*

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Madhu-n-kaddu IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 September 2015 at 1:39pm | IP Logged
D bestest update till date...  Hug

But its kinda scaring mee...   Ermm

Hoping to get proved wrong...

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pinky.padda IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 September 2015 at 3:39pm | IP Logged
arjuhi back together
totally happy
cannot wait to see what happens next

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Zannat. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 September 2015 at 4:27pm | IP Logged
Loved this so much Embarrassed
So happy that arjuhi are together Smile
Can't wait for the next chapter Smile

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