Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

The wedding gift~ chapter 28 & epilogue ~ page no -44~ (Page 23)

Arjuhi_dreamer IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 September 2015 at 12:37pm | IP Logged
Isi baat pe update de de 

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--Anjali-- IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by Sneha_kmh

Isi baat pe update de de
update Madhu ke comment ke baad
Madhu-n-kaddu IF-Rockerz

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Part  16 :

Professional is sooo damn sexy... Big smile 
D way she solved d issue swiftly is amazing n mind blowing...

Seems d whole Singhania clan is smitten by Arohi...
Raasta almost saaf... LOL

ooohhh ... eyelock... Embarrassed

 "Oh, I'll elope. Don't worry!" he winked at her and looked directly at me.   ---  LOL
Why did he look at her ...  ????  Confused
He s not dat kind of a guy who transforms attraction into marriage ... Ermm

Aaahh... Arjun ne mara mauke pe chauka... LOL
He will accompany her coz he wants to provide her his family opinion  LOL
Yaa right !!!  n we r gonna belv dat  Tongue

Its gonna b tough to maintain dis FRIENDSHIP thing  LOL 
We already know dat...
just these two r pretending something else... Embarrassed

 "Friends, Mr. Singhania, friends"   ---  D'oh

Whats wrong with Arohi ??????
Always in useless attitude n grumpy ... Ermm
n above all PRETENTIOUS   Geek 

She needs to check it coz dis FRIENDSHIP  thing is all her idea...
Arjun too is egoistic but around Arohi he  s all fun loving... Big smile

Arohi has hurt his ego too many time without any proper reason...
 Truth to b tell Arjun can hurt her back any time...
So she needs to b soft...

Above all... Arjun is her client...
So for d sake of business she should behave decent with him... Approve

Dis Arohi is getting a bit Irritating to me... Pinch

Professional Arjun in business talk   Day Dreaming

Yeh lo... D'oh
Dey had one full day for dem n Aru has spoil it already  Confused

Arjuuunnn  Wacko

Aru... tere bahot bude din aane waale hai beta...
bachke rahiyo... Thumbs Down

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Chapter 17

Everything looked crazy around me as I sat with Kruti, Rosie, Lily, Tanya and Riddhi, packing the return gifts. Making sure each bag had same amount of things. Indian relatives no matter how high profile they were always took it to heart if they got anything less then others!

It was 7 days left for the functions to start and it had been a mayhem. After that short trip to Maldives Arjun and me had actually become friends. Not pretending or any of the truce stuff. We had just snapped and fallen comfortable with each other and it had made my life helluva easier.

The biggest tension right now was the marrow transplant. There had been no matching donner that had turned up even for the amount of money we offered. She still had around a month and half before anything could happen but I didn't want to wait till last minute.

I had been going crazy with all the stuff that was going around me and I was thankful Arjun hadn't made a move on me since then.

Tomorrow, me, the girls we are going off to the destination for final preps. The island was to be closed form 15th December so we could do the arrangements but since we had to take a team with us that were mere interns, they were to be familiarize we were heading there 2 days earlier then required.

I sighed and looked at the door, waiting for Arjun to come. He had promised he would come by at 2 with lunch and it was 2.30 and I was hungry.

"I thought you'd never come!" I rolled my eyes at him as soon as he came in. The people around us had gotten used to the friendly banter and ignored us most of the times. "like I'd let you starve. I know what a crazy monster you turn into when that happens" he teased me while winking. "You find that funny don't you Mr. Arjun Singhania? Let me tell you, it's not!" I snapped at him and realized what he said about the crazy person was true, I didn't want to show that I had come to the realization that what he said was true but somehow he saw through me.

"I told you so!" he sang and I thew a pillow at him. "don'tmess with people who bring you food!" he dangles the bags of Chinese food in front of me.

"Yeah yeah! You are being so helpful!" I exclaimed in exasperation.

"Cut it out you two. I'm hungry!" Kruti got up and snatched the bags from his hands and laid it out of the coffee table while passing plates around for us. Arjun grabbed one too and I gave him a fake dirty look while all he did was laugh at me. The feeling of wanting ti stomp his foot and injure him was back so while I was about to do that, Lilly interrupted me with some question.

I looked at Arjun and gave him a "This is not over look" and turned to talk to Lily.

"So when are you jumping him?" she whispered in my ear, eying him with predator eyes, I spit out my juice on her with her sudden question. "What is wrong with you?" I widened my eyes at her and she laughed while cleaning the juice with the tissue.

"So, I didn't get my answer!" Lily probed further, with Tanya joined us. "What answer?" she stuck her head between us. "I was just asking her when will she jump him!" Lily informed Tanya and she nodded. "If that's not happened already!" she added her precious opinion and my skin turned scarlet. "Whats wrong with you guys! I'm not a fling kind of person. You know that. And nothing is happening between us!" I hissed at them.

"What's not happening between who?" Arjun, Kruti and Riddhi joined in. "We were asking Arohi when she was going to jump you! But she won't answer!" I looked shocked between Lily and Tanya who had just completed half and half sentences to make a full one. "I'm ready, whenever she wants to!" Arjun teased them right back and I threw my hands up and walked out of that huddle.

The blush didn't go down as I walked out to the poolside at the Singhania house. The parents had gone for their last minute shopping and stuff, and we were just about done with the return or thank you gifts.

I felt him, before I saw him enter. "It was just a joke Aru!" it was a nickname he had come to use, he had tried 100 different ones that made me want to put his hair through the wall before I reluctantly agreed to this one.
"I know that, but it's embarrassing!" I smiled sheepishly at him and he laughed. "come on, we need to get the stuff right. Then you need to help me pack before you go. Oresle, I'll forget one of the wedding outfits. And bring everything else!" he rolled his eyes at himself and I cracked a smile at him.

Yesterday he had called me up and asked me if I could help him pack. He was an efficient packer for business trips but didn't remember all the stuff his mother had given him to pack with him.

I wasn't getting out of that one. In the past 2 months I had come to terms with the fact that if Arjun wants something, he shall get it so I had stopped refusing and started agreeing with him. It had made out lives a lot easier.

"Yes, I remember that since you've been reminding me every half an hour, I couldn't forget even if I wanted to!" sarcasm laced my words. "Yeah, I'm such a coll friend ain't I?" he walked behind me inside the double door leading to the room everyone was seated in.

"Arohi. The gifts have been packed. And everything here is organized." Tanya stated just as we entered. "We need to feed the iPad with the list of people coming and on what time!" I reminded looking around for the gadget. "That's been done and double checked!" this time Lily answered. "Then our work here Is done?" I asked them looking around for a last inspection. "Yes, officially. Now we need to go to Maldives and get stuff ready there!"

"Okay, the Tanya, Riddhi, Lily and Rosie, I'll see you guys tomorrow at the airport at 10, the interns as informed correctly aren't they?" I double checkd, I didn't want any open thread hanging. "Yes they have been informed. And all 10 of them have replied they are going to be there!" Rosie replied this time.

Between us 5 girls and the Astoria staff at our beck and call no one else was needed but it was safe to have people who knew how we functioned, these interns were some of our regular helpers at various weddings. We just divided 2 of them between the 5 of us.

"So if you are done here, should we get going?" Arjun stepped beside me and I nodded at him. "You go ahead, I follow you in my car in 10" I agreed with him. He said his goodbyes before leaving.

"So, Kruti. You have all your lenghas and outfits packed up to send with us?" I went over with last minutes checks.

15 minutes later, I found myself driving to Arjun's house. It wasn't far away but the bush streets of Mumbai seemed to make the communication difficult. The elevator shaft opened as soon as I pressed the button. He had an exclusive elevator that opened directly into his house. I punched the code and it went all the way up.

"Lets start packing Arjun. I have 20 different things to do for tomorrow!" I announced as soon as I entered. "Ma'am, sir is in his room!" His housekeeper told me, thanking her I went straight to his room. "In the closet" he said and I rolled my eyes. I knew that, we were going to pack for god sakes, it couldn't be.done in the bathroom, a comment I kept to myself.

"Come on, get 2 luggages out and put all the necessities out, I'll grab all you clothes and match them before we keep them inside!" I told him and he muttered a yes. I removed my heels, and set my belongings aside before moving on to work.

2 hours, 3 fights later we were all done. "See dofus, that's wedding packing. You can't pack you suits in there when Only One is needed!" I smacked him around the back of his head and he glared at me. "It's not like I do that everyday!" he argued with me, it was true. He was the last person I expected to know whatever was needed.

"So I'll leave then?" I asked, we were now sitting in the den sipping on wine. "I'm going to miss my flight buddy when I fly there!" he put an arm around me and I raised my eyebrow at him. "Oh, okay. Whatever you say then big guy." I leaned in and kissed his cheek before I got up to leave. He followed me to the elevator to see me off. "Ill see you in 7 days!" he waved at me as the doors close and I waved back.

It was true I was going to miss him. I hadn't said it out loud but I like him and that inner confession also was making things difficult for me. Every time we went to a bar or dinner and I saw him with some girl, jealousy spiked. It had been the same form his side, I had seen him whenever a guy approached me, he would try hard not to brush him off with an insult.

We had made this seem casual but there was something. My "lets be friends" dialogue had created an imaginary line and frankly I was happy. I was sure Arjun was a great friend but he was also a player and after everything that had happened with me, I wasn't ready to take chances with him. I couldn't handle a broken heart. I had heard form his own mouth that he was all be in only for one night stands and I wasn't that type of a girl. It's difficult now, but it's better like that. I reminded myself as I drove back to my house.

I hoped It was for the better!

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Me First Big smile

Ohhh best buddies Arjun n Arohi...
Love their friendly banter..but how I wish it was couple wali chik chik Day Dreaming

Lily n Tanya ROFL they are so coolLOL
Arjun's reply was so bang on..Tongue he is still trying to get her into more than friendship thing but Arohi being not moving past it..

Aru Blushing Arjun ka nickname nhi rkha Arohi ne. 
Haaye... they are behaving like a married couple...
Oh they are so perfect with each other..

Their last convo was so cute...
Arjun gonna miss his flight buddy Embarrassed 
Awww that kiss on his cheek EmbarrassedDay Dreaming 

I wish Arohi had said that aloud that she will miss him too...I understand her fears...she is insecure due to lifestyle / past record of Arjun...but she can talk it out with him...maybe he has all answers...
Jealous Arjun Arohi... sochke hi acha sa lgta h...
Hope Arjun flew away Arohi's fear soon... 

I am getting feeling ki Ria ka marrow Arjun se match hoga Tongue

Anyway thanks Anji for the update..n do tell @lazyblues how much we are loving her twisty Arjuhi  Big smile

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still no romance
common yaar
awesome update
absolutely loving it
but still need romance

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Posted: 15 September 2015 at 5:39am | IP Logged
They are such a cool "Friends"LOL
love their comfort level with each other Embarrassed

Tanya ne sixer maara ROFL poor 
poor arohi LOLLOLLOL

Dooriyaan bhi hai zaroori..Wink both are gonna miss each other Embarrassed

Arohi is protecting her poor heart against falling for him...Ouch
Arjun has a image of being a casanova ...hope he changes that & becomes serious for her Confused

Continue soon Anjiii Hug

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Posted: 15 September 2015 at 12:17pm | IP Logged
Seems like no one is interested in this story! Hardly 3-4 people comment here

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