Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

The wedding gift~ chapter 28 & epilogue ~ page no -44~ (Page 16)

Arjuhi_dreamer IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 September 2015 at 12:03pm | IP Logged
I swear this story always leave me craving for more..
I missed my Arjun in this...

Coming to update...
Arohi is so strong no brave girl...I admire her such a young age she handled everything maturely..
Poor heart goes for the girl...hope Arohi manages to save her..she is a sweet girl...n very very strong too...

Arjun's message broke my heart...he should have at least tried to know the reason before jumping to conclusion...I hope he doesn't end up doing something stupid..*fingers crossed* I  really scared..don't know why but many negative thoughts are coming...

Oh God. They all saw her kissing!! That was a fun moment  :p

Waiting eagerly for next part Anjii...
@lazyblues awesome work!!!  

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--Anjali-- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 September 2015 at 1:59am | IP Logged
Chapter 13

I sat down with the doctor as soon as he came in, what mom told was infact all he told me. He also told me not to worry and he is doing everything in his power to get the transplant happen as soon as possible. I massaged my throbbing temples.

"So we wait?" I asked as I opened the door, tears rolled down my eyes as I thought of the worst. "Don't think of that Arohi. We are going to make it okay" he patted my shoulder and I sniffed and wiped my nose with a tissue paper. I nodded at him and left. I couldn't be here anymore. Where all I was doing was relying on hope.

I felt my phone vibrates and without seeing who it was I picked it up, since the call was on work phone. "Hello?" I answered not caring that it was unprofessional behaviour. "This is Rosie boss. Caught you at bad time?" she was always able to tell when my mood was off. "It's okay. Emergency or something?" I walked to the waiting room so that others won't get disturbed.
"Aha, yes. Well. You know Arjun Singhania" I could hear the hesitation in her voice and I didn't know how to react to the name. "Yes. I know him. I was with him in Maldives for the past 3 days!" I exclaimed. "Yes, well. He was here today. He looked tired and worn out. Well he came her barging in asking for you. When I said you weren't here and I didn't know where you were, he slammed the door shut and left." I could picture her frowning as she said that. I could feel my blood boiling. He had no right to barge into my office. "Oh, okay. I'll see to it" I said in a tone that she would let it go, and she did. "So how's everything there?" she asked me, the girls loved Ria as much as me, if not more. "Well, it's not looking good. But I'll fill you guys in when I come home on Wednesday morning." I sighed. No point in telling them now and getting them depressed. "Do you need me to book the flight?" she questioned and I nodded then mentally slapping myself I spoke "That would be great. The flight had to be on Tuesday night London time that lands in Mumbai morning, India time. Like usual" I explained her, even though I knew she knew it. "Okay Arohi. It's going to be okay" and when she said it I didn't hear pitty or sympathy in her voice it was confidence and it gave me confidence. During time like these, the support of loved once in more important than anything.
I walked to the room where Maya was studying and mom and Ria were playing some sort of game. "Nice to fell welcomed you know? And to a person who is going home soon, at least talk to her" I sighed dramatically anf Ria hid her laugh behind her tiny hands and Maya shrugged. Yeah, I felt so welcomed here.

"So, when are you going?" mom asked me. "Well, tomorrow night. So I still have one whole day with you guys. That reminds me. Why aren't you at school?" I stared at Maya. "Some sort of cultural festival is going on. I wanted ti study so I didn't participate" I answered and got back to studying. "You got into any colleges you applied for?" I asked her. "Well how about all of them?" Ria said this time excited. "You know what a college is?" I sat on her bed scooping her up in my arms, being careful of the IV that was interested in her hand. "That's were big people go. Maya Masi told me" she said it like she had just discovered gold, with a huge smile on her face. "Thats my intelligent Ria" I kissed the top of her head and pulled her closer to me. If you thought your struggles were difficult then you hadn't met a child who was facing life and death situation and living it better the you !

I saw little tears in Maya's and Ria's eyes as I said goodbye. "I'll be back soon. I promise" I said, my voice heavy and I saw them nod looking sad. Waiting would make leaving harder and with once last hug and kiss I left with my mom behind me. She closed the door behind her and hugged me tight. "I love you" and she kissed my cheek. Living afar, now, had become a habit. But meeting them and then leaving was difficult.

With one last goodbye I walked out. I met Dr. Higgins on the way and thanked him for all he was doing. Ria was also going home in 2 days and would be back for her next chemo session when prescribed. Till now she was responding well to the first one given to her.

India, nothing like coming back to the land where you were born and raised even though it had been 4 day's, I had missed India. As soon as I went home, I powered up my laptop and emaild a few people. I had thought a lot about how to deal with Arjun once I was back but nothing had occurred other than talking straight out front. That was going to be difficult.

Calling Rosie I confirmed that the designer Kruti was meeting for the 1st fitting was ready and I would be going with her. Later I called her and told her I'd pick her up to go to designers and then meet Lily for deciding the locations for pre wedding photos and then some for ceremonies.

Having a relaxing bath, I freshened up and dressing in comfortable navy blue shift dress that had a thin white belt at the waist with a white cardigan and some nice flats. I didn't feel like dressing up today and this seemed like a safe option. It wasn't either completely casual or completely professional and supremely comfortable.

"Hi, love. How are you?" I asked as I clicked open the door to my car and Kruti slipped in. "I'm good. So excited for the fittings." she gushed and I smiled. I pulled into the drive once she was comfortable. "Kruti. Im so sorry. I had to ditch you guys like that. I know it was completely unprofessional..." I wasn't allowed to complete it when she interrupted me. "It's okay. You've already apologized 3 times and tje roses you.sentwere enough. And it wasn't like anything was paused because you left. I never doubt you or your teams ability to work in and around a situation so hush" she assured me and I smiled at her.

"So, if I can ask. What happened?" she was biting her lip as if hesitant. "I'll tell you, just not today because it's depressing and we are going to see some beautiful lenghas today!" I nodded excitedly. I was genuinely excited for her, somehow I felt this was a lot more then a client relationship.

"I know. Plus. When we go to the place we have given my wedding lengha. I need to buy one for my best friend, kind of like a surprise for her. Since she is hoping to get one once she comes here. She has all the main outfits other than the one for reception" she told me and I made a mental note to add it in the to do list once I got time.

"So, Lily is going to be there. Since this is the start of the journey for you. We shall be documenting each and every moment with you. Form now. Lily will be with us every where we go for wedding stuff so that you have all the memories." I told her. We did this with all the special clients and they usually loved it.

"Oh, my god. That's beautiful. You are the best" she squealdabd squirmed like a little girl and that made me laugh.

"So" I started as I drove to the destination. "Was Arjun angry when I left without telling you guys?" I asked her aa subtly as I could without spilling out anything or making her suspicious.

"Well, to tell you the truth, I was kind off scared what dada would do, he isn't a angry person or something but. Anyways, he wasn't, he was a grumpy but that was because he lost a deal or something. But that was it. And that's why he isnt with us today!" she was shaking her head as if disappointed.

"Oh, okay. Anyways we are here and so I Lily" I said as I pulled off into the parking and walked out the same time krutidid. Clicking the car shut with the remote on the keys, the three of us entered the boutique. Saskiya was sitting there texting when we entered. She looked behind us as soon as we entered and sighed, disappointment clear on her face. Well, Arjun wasn't coming, you suck up. I wanted to shout on the face. Why'd she have to be love sick about Arjun! I thought in disgust. Clearing my mind I fake smiled at her and asked if we could get to work immediately. She barely nodded before shooting off to get the cut pieces that were ready with the embroidery just like Kruti wanted!

When I reached home after a long and successful day, I changed and grabbed my phone deciding whether to call Arjun or not. It had been on my mind all day and I wanted to do just that but I didn't know how he would react. Just when I was deciding that, my phone vibrated. Rolling my eyes, I picked up the phone. "Hi" I spoke into the phone. "Hi, this is kruti" she said on the phone on other line. "Hi. What's up? Something wrong?" I questioned her. "Well, I completelyforgot to tell you this today. My family is having aengagement dinner at our farm house. You have to come. I invited all of your team but they are busy. You have to come. Arjun dada will pick you up on Saturday morning. No arguments" she told me and I laughed. "Okay. Then. I'll see you tomorrow for going to look for return gifts" I realised I had just agreed to go on a drive that would be more than 4 hours with Aayan. And I had just hung up, now I couldn't say no. It would seem like, I was affected.

I want comments otherwise next update next month Angry

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Madhu-n-kaddu IF-Rockerz

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Fir se first aayi kya main ???????????

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Madhu-n-kaddu IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 September 2015 at 2:04am | IP Logged
Oh haan... aa gyi... Meee firsttt   Big smile

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Arjuhi_kk IF-Rockerz

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Heartbeat always high ho jaati h whenever I read this >_<

I m super excited for arjuhi meet after all the latest happenings !! kinda scared too Confused

Loved all the cute Lil moments before the KISS Embarrassed
their Chemistry is so Sizzling *aag*

Poor Arohi ... hope marrow transplant jaldi ho jaaye & sab theek ho jaaye ...poor Baby Cry

Arjun shouldn't have been quick to assume things :/

hope he understands her. ...Unhappy
Gusse m bhi bada sexy lagta h *_*

OMG!!! Four hour journey coming up !!!
Day Dreaming I'm ready for this. ..bas heartbreak nhi chahiye Broken Heart

Maafi for not commenting...:*

Cont soon Heart

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Arjuhi_dreamer IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 September 2015 at 2:38am | IP Logged
Arjunnn...isme bhi he was missing...not fair!!  I miss him damn so much..
Arjun went to look for her...the way Rossie described his state...I just cant wait for Arjuhi meet...
Fireworks r gonna happen for sure...

But why he didn't call her...Mr Egoistic..
N Arohi should have also called him at least after returning to India..
Ye dono ka ego... *hitsmyhead*

Kruti is always a sweetheart... 
The way Arohi inquired about Arjun..hehe.. 
N the designer's disappointment on not seeing Arjun.. hehe..stay away from him..he only belongs to Arohi...

The last line...*_*
4 hours journey...Arjun Arohi tanha tanha...
I hope they talk it out all...  

Thnx Anji for a quick update  :*
Waiting for next...n that too soon!   :)

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Arjuhi_dreamer IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 September 2015 at 2:39am | IP Logged
Originally posted by --Anjali--

Is OK Anji... is Madhu ka luck kuch zyada acha h Ouch

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Jerryberry IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 September 2015 at 4:48am | IP Logged
I read all the chapters in a stress today.. It was jst amazing.. I am reading smethng in IF aftr almost 1 yr.. U write really well.. Pls kindly inbox me nxt updates..

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