Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

The wedding gift~ chapter 28 & epilogue ~ page no -44~ (Page 15)

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Before posting this chapter I REPEAT that ITS NOT MY STORY.. All credit goes to @lazyblues:)

Chapter 11
Arohi's POV

I sat on the deck, smiling to myself as I enjoined the feel of water against my feet, a glass of wine in my hand. The dinner had been embarrassing but my drunkn self had let it loose and I hadn't given a jack about anything and still danced till my feet were sore.

3 hours of dancing, eating and drinking with Arjun had been fun to my drunken self and now that I had sobered up after coming back to my suite I was sitting here basking the moonlight in my embarrassment. I looked across the infinity pool where my feet were burrowed in, to the ocean and saw something beautiful swimming there.

My eyes winded as I realized it was a whale swimming there just outside a few feet away. Excited I got up with the glass still in my hand I ran outsied, grabbing my keys and phone in the process before locking the door behind me. I walked on a wooden path that connected the villas and ended up at Arjun's villa.

I didn't know why I ended up here, or the fact that I even came here I knocked impatiently on Arjun's door. We had just been back for half and hour, surely he couldn't have fallen asleep just yet.

"what's wrong?" Arjun asked as he opened the door. I pushed him aside and walked to the deck "Come here" I said excitedly and switched on the flood lights. Thankfully his villa had the same facing view as mine or this would have been awkward.

"Are you okay?" he asked once again when I pulled him close to the edge "Look" I said pointing to the whale, "It's so pretty" I said in awww of the nature. The thing that was one of biggest dangers to mankind was also one of the most beautiful sights in the world. "Wow, you know? that's an orcas or the killer whale" Arjun exclaimed. I turned to looked at him with surprise. "You got that just form a look?" I asked him. "Yes, I love water life and I'm a certified scuba diver" Arjun told me as he shuffled and then walked out before returning with a camera. "Hey, I didn't think of this" I told him as I sipped the wine. "Because only wise minds work fast" he winked at me.

I took two calming breaths before I stomped on his foot once again in the same day. "Aha, what's wrong with you? Why do you have to try to amputate me all the time?" Arjun glared at me and I glared back at him.

"What's wrong with you? Why do you have to insult me always?" I crossed my hands over my chest. "I was kidding" he justified ad I saw him wince and I shrugged. Yeah I knew that but somehow Arjun's words had a way of touching my nerves and hitting the right spot.

"Arohi look" his voice was full of surprise and I turned to look at where he was pointing. "That's beautiful" I looked at the ocean with aww. There was a herd of whales that was jumping and swimming right there. "Here, give me the camera!" I exclaimed and took it from his hands and started snapping photos.

"Nature is so beautiful Arjun" I sat down at the edge of the deck with my feet in the pool, this time Arjun's pool. "Yes it is" I had a feeling that when he said that we weren't talking about the same thing.

"I'll be right back" Arjun said and I shrugged not caring as I looked at the mammals having fun, and out.of the water and whistling out the water they inhaled. I took a couple more pictures while Arjun returned form whereever he was.

I didn't want to ponder on any feeling or questions. I didn't know what this was, holy shit I didn't even know if it was a thing. I was just wanted ignor every feeling in the book because anything would only complicate things. Plus we just met a week ago, surely a week wasn't enough to get to know somebody!

Rolling eyes at myself I checked my phone and saw it was around 1 am. Damn time files fast. "So. Since you bought your half full wine glass with you, I thought I'd join you. Something different form our regular drinking routine" Arjun laughed and I cracked a smile, it was true though. "Yeah, we've developed a habbit haven't we?" I looked at him to find him staring back at me.

"We certainly have and I can't say it hasn't been fun" he was staring at me intently and I could sense something was about the happen. I knew it and subconsciously I wanted to let it happen, so I did one thing I could. I stared back at him and his eyes had turned into the draker shade of blue, I could see the desire burning in them and I bit my lip to stop the whimper that threatened to escape.

"Oh, you shouldn't have done that" his voice was deep and sexy that made me shiver in anticipation. He took both our glasses and set them aside and in next instant his lips were on mine.

I knew I should've pulled away, I knew I should've stopped it but I couldn't. I felt him grab my waist and pull me flush against him and I threaded my fingers in his hair trying to grasp as much as possible. I felt fireworks exploded on my body as his mouth moved against mine. A small whimper escaped and that had him groaning and pulling me even closer, if possible. I hadn't every felt like that with just one kiss and what was happening was scaring me.

The last drop of sanity that was left in me had me pulling away. "That shouldn't have happened." I whispered and got up before grabbing my phone keys and practically running away. I could hear Arjun calling me but I didn't stop till I reached my villa and locked the door.

Even though I like it, it was wrong on so many levels. I heard my phone ring when I was cursing that moment I decided to go to his villa. At first I ignored the phone thinking it may be Arjun but when I didn't stop ringing it had me reaching for it. "Hi mom, everything okay?" I asked when I saw it was my mom calling me and that's when I heard her sob. I knew it would have been important when mom called me at this time of the night. "You have to come here right away. It's not okay. I don't think it's gona be okay. We don't have much time left" as said sobbing, I felt a sob wreck through me as I panicked. "I'll be there next flight out mom. Stay strong. It's going to be okay" I repeated as I moved around the room to pack. I assured my mom I would be there as soon as possible before I hung up.

Taking deep breaths I called Rosie and quickly explained her everything. She booked a ticket form Maldives to London while I packed and got dressed. The best part about that was the flight was in 2 hours. I called the reception book a transport for island airport in 20 minutes and even though they told me nothing could happen I got them to take me to the airport in the owner's private helicopter. The manager agreed when I explained to him how important it was.

I wrote a note for Kruti saying that something very important had come up and I would be back by Wednesday. I told her to keep in touch with Rosie because everything would be done by her in my absence and asked for an apology to ditch them like that and the travel form island to the international airport was also arranged for them after breakfast.

Rushing outside with my bag, phones and the letter I arrived at the front desk where I left the letter and the manager helped me to the private helipad. I must have thanked him a million times before we took off.

Praying was the only way I saw and I did just that. I walked through the customs and provided them with my passport and boarding pass. Tears threatened to fall as I walked to the business class lounge to wait till the flight took of. I called my mom form the airport telling her I would be there in 7 hours and assuring her that I would make everything right.

Trying to calm myself I tried not to think of Ria, Maya and my mom. I hoped everything was okay. I couldn't loose her, I couldn't loose my niece after everything she had been through the past 2 years.

I wiped the silent tears that had fallen as they called for boarding. I smiled at the elderly lady that sat beside me.

"Are you okay dear?" an elderly lady asked "Yes, yes. I'm going to be okay" I murmured and she patted my hand. I tried to smile at her as much and possible and the held my hadbefore whispering "Staying strong always doesn't help. Sometimes it's crying that helps better" and that's when I cried. I hugged her close as the pilot said we were allowed to take off our seatbelts and the take off was successful.

I Cried because life wasn't fair and God wasn't fair. I cried because I didn't know what would happen after I went there and I cried because I felt guilty of leaving Maldives without talking it out with Arjun.

I wiped my face with a tissue and she kissed the top of my head "Its going to be okay, love, in the end everything is always okay." I nodded my head at her and rested my head back on the head rest

I felt guilty because, Even though we fought, bickered and insulted each other, I felt like I had found a friend in these 7 days and somehow I felt safe with him. The moment my mom called me was the moment I realized that my heart clenched because I was leaving without talking and I knew I was going to regret it but if he couldn't understand then I didn't want him at all and the end I sat through the flight thinking of Arjun and me to keep my mind off Ria and I was clear on the fact that even though I liked him nothing could happen between us and if he listened to me I would tell him just that. I hope he didn't jump to any conceited conclusions.and I prayed to give me strength to face everything that was to come my way because it wasn't going to be easy!

I some where internally knew it was a rash decisions to tell him we had to stay friends but I was working for him and even if I liked him nothing could happen.

Eventually I gave up on thinking about anything as I dozed off to sleep hoping that when I wake up this all should just be a nightmare and that I hadn't kissed Arjun and left without an explanation and thay my niece was on her death bed and there wasn't much I could do.

So what do you think? Wink

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Oyee hoyee... m first...

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I went all smiles to frowning reading this..
It started on such a cute note..
Arohi wanting to share her momenta with was very sweet that she ran to Arjun's Villa..
And finally they kissed...! Haayeee.. 
But what just happened...
Shit yaar Arohi shouldn't have ran like this...
N now as she have to leave everything due to her niece..things are just gonna mess up..
Whats gonna happen next???  What Arjun is going to think of her sudden leaving...m damn sure he will think she escaped due to kiss...
Arohi's last thoughts are very disturbing...can't really blame her due to Arjun's image..
Fingers crossed eagerly waiting for next 

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As promised Snehu here is update :)

Chapter 12

I switched on my phone as I waited for my luggage at the baggage claim. Tapping my foot in urgency I decided to set my watch and phone to the local time. Just when my phone started I saw 4 msgs and 7 missed calls.

Looking at the time in the watch I saw it was 7 am in London that meant it would be around 10:30-11:00 in Maldives which meant Arjun and Kruti must have left for Mumbai, there was no point in calling now.

I opened the message form Rosie and it said everything was right on track and another one said that the decorator wanted to talk to me. And in the third messes there was the number to the same.

I felt my hands shake as I saw the 4th msg was form Arjun.
"Run away, that's exactly how I imagined you would be"
I felt my heart break at his harsh words but I didn't have time because I as my luggage on the conveyor belt.

Picking it up and returning callsform work and private phones I hailed a cab straight to the hospital.

Arjun didn't know what had happened but he shouldn't have judged so fast, without talking. I know it was my fault too, but I wasn't thinking and he couldn't have been a little thoughtful before saying those mean words I didn't want to clarify with him.

I payed the cab driver and dragged my luggage in the hospital. Stopping at the reception I asked "I'm looking for Ria Gupta, age 6. I'm the aunt." mom had informed me that only families were allowed at all times. "Sure" she smiled and me and then said "She is on the 5th floor. Take a left from the elevator and there is a room with pink blanket on the door." she crackeldwith a soft laughter as she informed me.

That sounded like Ria, always cheery and happy. Even when she found out she had cancer she was more positive than any of us.
I dragged my luggage with me as I looked around to find a pink blanket laden door. Just when I found the door I rushed in to find mom, Ria and Maya my younger sister sitting there and watching SpongeBob squarepants. "Well, its good to me welcomed" I left my luggage by the door after shutting it close and when to hug Ria and other's.

"Masi" Ria shouted in excitement and I laughed as I hugged her, kissing her forehead. "Hi baby. How are you?" I asked kissing her forehead and then moving on to hugging my mom and Maya. "I've missed you Di" she hugged me tight and I whispered a me too in husky voice.

This was all so overwhelming. I hadn't have a chance to visit them since 6 months. I had missed them so much. "So, what are we having for breakfast? Cheat breakfast?" I asked looking at Ria and she nodded excitedly. "Okay then, I'll go with mom and get something while Ria will be a good girl for Maya Masi, wont she?" I asked her and nodded eagerly.

I walked out with mom while Maya and Ria settled back to watching spongebob.
After locking the door behind me I had one look at mom and I knew she was about to break down. I pulled her into a hug and walked back so we were a bit away form the room and there were benchs nearby so we could sit there.

Once mom had cried her heart out I pulled away and asked. "So what is the prognosis? What did doctor tell?"

"Well, Ria had been okay for 4 months now, but 2 weeks prior she started complaining of sudden body aches. Thankfully I got her here the same day and Dr. Higgins got her to do the tests once again. When the reports came yesterday, she had relapsed and this time only chemo won't work. We need bone marrow transplant and since her parents have passed away, they can't give her the marrow and the chances of her body accepting the marrow reduced with stranger giving it to her. I and her were the same blood type but we don't match and you and Maya don't have a same blood type as her" my mom explained me and I felt my head was about to explode. What was going on in the world, was this world so cruel that it would take away a 6 year old baby?

Taking deep breaths I questioned my mom further "So what's the plan now?"
"Well, Dr.Higgins has put Ria on the donor list and she had been prioritized because she is a child and the chances of her accepting the marrow increase and till then we give her chemo and wait. Dr. Huggins say that the cancer had spread to much and the time limit we have is about 6 months. We need a marrow till then!" silent tears escaped her eyes and I felt my eyes start to get wet. "Is Dr. Higgins here yet?" I asked her as I wiped the tears form her eyes and then mine. "He will come to Ria room as soon as he comes in. That little girl had captured everyone's hearts here. Each and every nursing staff and doctors all have become her friends" she laughed as if she was remembering Ria's stunts.

"I have absolutely no doubt about that. You go back in there. Tell them the line was long so Arohi Masi is getting the food. While I talk to nurse and ask her what she can eat and bring us breakfast and coffees" I hugged and kissed my mother's cheek once again as we stood up. "It's going to be okay mom. I'll make it Okay" and with that I walked to one of the nurses and asked her about Ria's diet and what she could have.

Getting the clear chit that she could eat whatever she liked I walked down to the cafeteria and stood in the line waiting form my number to come.

I thought of the past as I stood there wondering how everything turned upside down in a such little time. It was 2009 when Ria was born and I had just started my business with the help of my father's savings. Almost a year later I had done 4 weddings and I was growing famous. A little later that time, one day when my brother in law, sister and father were returning form some event they were met in a car crash, my brother in law and dad passed away on the spot and my sister, when she was bought to the hospital leaving us with a kid who was just a little over a year.

My mom had been devastated but little Ria had helped her cope, not only her, but me and Maya. Since then I started working hard because I was the sole income earner in the house. My father had a business that we wound up and put all the proceedings in the name of Ria and Maya. We were okay once again; my mom started taking care of Ria while I worked. 4 years, into my business in 2013 I started my first big scale wedding and was successful and just when I thought everything would be okay form there a year later Ria was diagnosed with leukaemia and my mom, Ria and Maya moved to London to get her treated while I worked.

I was pulled out of my thoughts as the cashier called me to take my order. Ordering a big breakfast and three coffees and milk I waited for it to be ready. Even the people in cafeteria recognized Ria. I cursed internally. How could God be so cruel and give a small child something that was life threatening.

I had clearly, understood the day my family was in a car crash that bad things always happened to good people and Ria was one of the most kind hearted person and she was stuck in the mess that even some elders couldn't deal with.

Messaging my temple I grabbed the food tray in both the hands and started to walk out of the cafeteria. Ria was nothing but a huge inspiration to me. She inspired me with every breath of her life because if she was stubborn enough to face cancer and shove it back to hell I was going to be stubborn enough to find her the marrow because nothing could happen to my little princess, I wouldn't let anything happen to her.

With new found determination I marched in back to the room where my only family was sitting engrossed in my laptop. "What's going on here?" I asked them suspiciously and they all looked back at me like I had caught them red handed. Setting down the food on table I moved to see what was open when they suddenly shut the laptop. "What were you guys looking?" I placed my hand on my waist and narrowed my eyes at them.
"Nothing. We were just playing a game. Now that the food is here, let's eat. We are so hungry. Right girls?" mom asked Ria and Maya and they nodded quickly.
Letting it go for now we sat down to eat, all together.

Suddenly while Ria was eating her eggs she started singing. "Arohi and Arjun sitting on a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G" as soon as she sang that, I spat the coffee form my mouth; spilling it on the floor while the other three burst out laughing. They were so going to get for that.

Waiting for feedback:)

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M fir se first aayiii
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Madhu Angry

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Originally posted by Sneha_kmh

Apun first 


Av aap bchche ho... LOL
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totally loving where this story is going
poor ria hope she gets better soon
need Arjun to come to London and be arohi's hero
awesome cannot wait

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