Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

The wedding gift~ chapter 28 & epilogue ~ page no -44~ (Page 13)

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Posted: 11 August 2015 at 3:51am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Madhu-n-kaddu

Such a awsm update Big smile
ittu sa comment? Ab next update next month Angry

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Ohhh...this Arjun..!!! M so fangirling him...
He is just too good...teasing flirting caring loving...haayeee!!! 
Mujhe ye munda chahiye...
Poor Nadia...
Arjun is so funny...
I can go on n on doing Arjun Arjun Arjun...
Their moment was lovely...
My just loving their chemistry... 
And finally Arjun told her about their first meet...
It was a great update...waiting for next

Last few lines from Arohi's POV kinda disturbs me 

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Posted: 11 August 2015 at 8:32am | IP Logged
its getting better & better day by Day *_*
I'm getting addicted to this Heart

after so much awkwardness finally they r gelling well LOL

arjun is So charming Day Dreaming

Love how they r getting comfortable with each other Embarrassed
can't wait to see how they fall for v each other Day Dreaming


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Madhu-n-kaddu IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 August 2015 at 5:07am | IP Logged
ohhh dis Arjun...
I am loving him ...  Hug
but he s scaring me too...   Disapprove

I mean Aru insulted him in so many occasion widout his fault...
 But he s still acting sweet wid her... Ermm
He s not dat kind of guy who easily takes insult...
Kruti's happiness cant b d only reason behind it...
Its scary... Approve

Aru's gesture towards Kruti is genuine widout any doubt...

Nadia... LOL
She s too awestruck by Arjun like us...
Poor Soul... not her fault... Tongue 

This Arjun is sooo funny... n till now Harmless   Wink

Around each other dey are just themselves...
Carefree n open n kiddo  ... Hug

dere first meeting is out to Arohi... LOL

She was so happy dat he insulted Arjun... Ermm
OK... just hoping she wont pay for dis later...
Coz Singhu will b Singhu... Confused

Updt soon re 

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Posted: 19 August 2015 at 10:47am | IP Logged
Anyone ready for updates? I mean "updates" if anyone noticed it ;) yup giving double treats today :D
Arjuhi_dreamer IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 August 2015 at 10:59am | IP Logged
Happy Singh update kar 

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Chapter 9(part2)

After flying for 3 hours, I couldn't take the sea plane, thank god they didn't operate after 6pm and we had to take a speed boat. Once we got of the jet, we were greeted by a rep form the hotel that transported our luggage to the boat and guided us up there.

Arjun insisted he took care of the things at reception because apparently it a thing "Men" did.

After we called truce on the jet, things between me and Arjun were still pretty uptight. Though we didn't fight at all, we didn't speak too much either. I could feel a different aura off him, but I guess it took some time to become friends.

"So, we have the 3 retreat water villas that are side by side." Arjun said as he came out with the keys looking every bit of an arrogant man. "I only got 2 suites" I frowned at him. "I'm Arjun Singhania. I make things happen sweetie" he winked at me and walked away shrugging.

The feeling to stomp my foot on his leg came rushing back as I tried to control it. We called truce, I remedied myself. "I'm sorry, he is being arrogant again. But this is his nature. He gets what he wants. He had this streek since childhood" Kruti flinched.

As soon as I stepped inside the villa, u was thankful Arjun got us individual ones because they provide absolutely privacy and I wouldn't have to face him in unodly hours of night. Signing I looked at the watch it was 8.45 Maldives time. Since there wasn't much time difference between India and here I shrugged and let go to the task of resetting my watch.

I was slipping into my slipons when there was a knock on the door. The travel outfit wasn't "appropriate" for the beach and hence I thought I'd Change before dinner. Opening the door I found Kruti standing wearing something similar to me, a shorts, see through shirt and a bikini. "Dada is ordering dinner in tonight wanna join us?" she questioned bouncing form one feet to another. "Sure, I'll be right behind you!" I told her and she nodded at me before walking to Arjun's villa.

Knocking on the door I heard a sound saying it was open, looking around I walked in to find the desk set up with a laptop that was already on charge along with the phone. It was weird seeing, this past week he hung around us like bad smell and now he was going to work?

Shrugging my shoulders I walked onto the deck where the 4 seater dining table was set up right next to an infinity pool and set of steps that let into the ocean over which the villa was set. The villa was exactly same as mine.

Sitting down next to kruti who was busy texting I looked around for Arjun who wasn't present in the living room or the way over to the deck. "Dada is taking a shower" kruti said without looking up. "" I asked her and she laughed without a reply. "Can you get that?" she asked me as we heard a knock on the door. She was still curious typing so I sighed and walked away. Thinking of that cursed moment when I decide to leave my phone in my room.

Kicking myself mentally, I didnt look where I was walking when I literally walked into something 2nd time today, a wall of hardness hit me and this time I knew who it was because I could recognize the musky smell anywhere.

"I, um, I uhh. I'm sorry" I stammered as I looked at a very naked form the top half Arjun standing smashed against me, his arms around me to prevent my fall and my arms clutched around his arms tightly. "Any minute now you can leave me so I can get the door" he smirked down at me. I didn't comprehend what he was saying as droplets of water ran down on his chest and all I could think was of licking them clean, as soon as that thought entered my mind I pulled away so fast one may have thought I was holding something that caught on fire.

I heard his rich laugh before he walked towards the door. I took my staring ass back at the table when kruti was staring at me expectantly. "Where is the food?" she looked behind me to find no one there "Arjun is letting him in" I tried to be as calm as possible as I answerd her. "Then what took you so long?" she frowned at me. I looked any where but her and as soon as I heard the deck door open and Arjun entered with the housekeeping right behind. I felt blush red as he smiled at me. Yeah, I was so dead. Embarrassing things have to happen with me, always.

Throughout the dinner I listened Kruti and Aayan talk while I nodded at stuff I was needed to. I could feel Arjun's eyes on me when ever Kruti was to distracted to talk. Once the dinner was over, I muttered a quick good bye making a lame excuse about being tired and walked away to my suite after telling them to meet tomorrow at 10 for breakfast and the a tour of this island and then other 2.

I laid on bed thinking about everything that was happening. In about 8 day's, something had changed. I never behaved like this in a presence of a man. Either Arjun was making me angry or smile. Either I was thinking if I was going to ravage him or kick the Shit out of him. He was handsomely infuriating and somehow that was a huge turn on. I was so confused with what this was because, It was all about the extremes with the man. Either North or south pole, nothing in the middle existed. And in a twisted way I was liking it.

The day after I shouted at him in the office, I didn't have contact with him for 3 days, then I wouldn't confess it but now it occurred to me, I missed him.

I screamed into my pillow, rolling around as sleep evaded me. A certain Arjun Singhania was now even keeping me awake and I couldn't do anything about it.

Giving up on sleep at 6 am after tossing and turning all night, I decide to go for a swim in the ocean. Pressing a button on the bedside, I.opened the curtains to to see if the sun was out and well enough it was. Changing into a black and white bikini I walked onto the deck and looked down to find the thatthe ocean wasn't any more deeper then 10 ft.

Deciding to jump in I made a leap for it stretching out my arms on top of me, I jumped. All the thoughts and worries disappears as soon as my body hit the water. Beautiful little fishes swam right beside me.

An hour later, I hauled myself out to get ready for the day. Deciding to take a long bath I filled in the water and stepped in. Not knowing when I fell asleep, I woke up to cold water against my body. "Shit" I murmured to myself as I got a look on the clock directly across the bathroom. It was 9.30.

Rushing out, I got dressed in a alter neck black bikini and a yellow tube sun dress. I heard a knock when I was stepping in my black strappy sandals, I called out for them to come in. Grabbing my bag, sun glasses, I went to the living room to find aayan and Kruti standing.

"So, I have booked us a yacht to go island jumping between the other two resorts you wana see. We will be getting a tour for this place once the breakfast is done. We need to decide today and give them applications and lists by tomorrow. Because we are very late and they have booking a year in advance, still they are ready to move things along and I'll see to it nothing goes wrong." I explained as we moved to the breakfast bar ti grab some food before moving on for a long day.

Arjun walked ahead of me and Kruti. He hadn't once spoken or even looked at me and the nagging feeling that had harassed me all night was back.

Today was going to be so long and I didn't even know what I had in store for me! I sighed.

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Chapter 10
(This starts as soon as they land in Maldives. So you can skip the first few paragraphs, it's going to be same as Arohi's POV)

Arjun's POV

My eye's fell on Arohi as she smiled while talking to the pilot, thanking them. I perched my wayfarers on and climbed out of the jet. My eyes still on Arohi, her beautiful laugh rang in my ears.

There was something that sparked whenever I saw her, maybe it was the feeling that I didn't get her that night at the club or that feeling was completely gone, and replaced by something brand new that I couldn't recognize. In a short span of 7 days, Arohi Gupta had done something to me and I couldn't point out as to what.

"So, where are we going form here?" I asked her as a young boy came and took away our stuff to load in one of the cars. "Tonight, we have dinner at the resort and sleep, because we have a huge day tomorrow" she gave me a huge smile and I instantly felt like fighting on a silly reason or I'd end up doing something stupid. Clearing my throat I walked ahead of Arohi and Kruti and helped them onto the speed boat.

"I'm going for a shower, the room service will be here in 20 minutes." I told Kruti as she entered after she called Arohi to join us for dinner. I guess she wanted to be alone, since I couldn't see her behind Kruti. "umm humm" Kruti replied absent mindedly, not looking up form her phone. I sighed, my baby sister was busy with her finance then.

Trying to relax the jumpy nerves, I took a long hot shower, just when I pulled on a pair of broad shorts I heard someone knock 2 times, Kruti hadn't heard it then. Leaving the shirt for later I went to get the door and just when I stepped into the living room I literally ran into someone. My arms instinctively went around her tiny waist. So she came here afterall. I smirked at her and she tried to hide the blush that was rushing to her cheeks. I could see the inner conflict in her eyes. I was myself debating on what to do when the person knocked again. Audibly sighing in exaggeration I steadied Arohi and winking at her I turned around to get the door.

To say dinner was an uncomfortable affair was an understatement. I could feel that Arohi was ignoring me and everytime she as much as looked at me a blush appeared on her face. I was finding it very hard to not tease her in front of kruti. I don't know what was happening between me and Arohi, if at all, I didn't want Kruti involving in this.

I laid on the bed after dinner thinking about the beautiful smile and fell asleep picturing her smiling at me with such affection. Yeah, something definitely sparked and I wanted to venture it. It was too soon to say even if it was there but I wanted to give it a go.

Saturday had been too long to handle. Even with 2 hours of workout everyday and playing Polo my entire life had not prepared me for this. Resort jumping to find the perfect venue had ended up with Kruti selecting the one we were currently staying in. The girls had walked to every corner of every resort we had stopped in and taken into account every single corner before they concluded the final result. I think I even saw the manager of one of the resorts counting minutes as to when we would leave.

Ofcourse with Arohi working and me planing a suicide if I had to bear that for another hour we didn't have a single chance to talk. I felt like throwing a tantrum at dinner when the girls were still enthusiastically talking about the wedding. Yeah, I was never getting married, EVER. Or I'd elope.

"So, what about tomorrow?" I asked Mayra tomorrows plans, I didn't need to be in them if they were just talking colors! "Well, we have the meeting with the management. We decide everything tomorrow. A-Z, since we come back only 3 days before the wedding. And that should be done before dinner. So.we can have a relaxed dinner and sleep in since we only leave at 10am on Monday because that's when the sea plane transportation starts." she explained and I winced. I wouldn't be able to get out of this one, I had to be there because we would need powerful negotiators to deal with them because we needed a lot of rooms in short span of time.

I couldn't wait to get out of the chair we were currently sitting in. It had been 6 hours of discussions and making all the arrangements. What was through this was the midnight swim I was going to take in the infinity pool in the villa. I sat through meetings that lasted 10 hours and I wouldn't crib one bit, I got what I wanted; but 3 hours of discussing colors was not my cup of tea.

Finally when the clock struck 5, everything was done and decided. Kruti and Arohi were all smiles as they left for the suite. "I'm going to skip the dinner out and order in. Raj is going to video call me" Kruti smiled in glee. I gave her a one arm hug and kissed the top of her head. "Bye Dada, bye Arohi" Kruti smiled at us and walked to the path leading. "So, where do you wana have dinner? My treat, since the awfully long meeting ended." I asked Mayra who stopped in her tracks and looked at me intently. "There is a open dance floor with a open barbecue tonight." her eyes winded in happiness and that made me smile. "Sure, let's go then" I said about to grab her hand when she looked at me like I had 3 heads.

"What?" I frowned at her. "I need to change" she said in a tone that said "Obviously you don't know anything."

"But you look pretty!" I counterd and she gave me the biggest stink eye I had ever seen. "Okay, meet you in 30 minutes?" I said automatically. "45" she said and walked away with a smirk on her face.

She was one feisty lady, and she was killing me. Deciding to get redress to look good with her, I headed to the villa and got changed.

I called my manager to check if everything was in order. Making a few more calls before heading out to meet Arohi, I locked my room before leaving.

"It's time you got here" she exclaimed standing on the path that connected all the villas at a distance. "You take more time to get ready then a girl!" she laughed at me teasing. "Hey now, don't tease the person who is providing food. Plus, I was working since I was here discussing colors I need to make sure the company paying for those colors is still standing" I teased her right back and tugged her in the direction the open dance floor was being held.

I had called the front desk and made us a reservation to get good table. "So what would you like to drink?" I asked her. "Well, I'd like something light. Don't wana be hungover for a flight. That could be disastrous" she laughed and then continued "Vodka and cran for me" she nodded her head.

"Okay, I'll be back with the drinks then" I smiled at her. The music was starting to pick up and people were getting up to dance. I looked around and waited for the drinks when I saw a guy approach the table. I urged the bar tender to get faster. I couldn't let that pervert talk to her. Grabbing the drinks and telling him to enter it to my suite I walked as fast as I could.

"You need something?" I asked form behind the guy in an icy cold voice. I saw Arohi look at me with a frown and got up "Arjun" she stressed on my name as she got up "This is Rishi, I was their wedding planner last year and they are here celebrating their 1st anniversary" she glared at me in a way that was telling me to behave. "Hi Rishi. Where is the mrs then?" I glared at him giving him a tight liped smile. I didn't know why I was jealous but thinking about that was the last thing on my mind now.

"Oh, she wanted to Change her footwear or something." he laughed and Arohi laughed with him. "So you to here to celebrate something special?" he asked eyeing Arohi. "Well,..." she started but I cut her off by placing an arm around her and smiled sweetly at Rishi. "Yes we are. You know how it is? First anniversary together and everything!" I took a leap forward and kissed the top of Arohi's head just when I felt a foot stamp my foot and I winced. I looked at Arohi to see her glaring at me. "You okay buddy?" Rishi asked me and I nodded at him assuring him. "So, I'll leave then. Leave you both to it" he said and I muttered "Finally" thankfully he didn't hear but I sensed Arohi did and she wasn't happy.

"What was that?" Arohi pulled away as soon as Rishi walked away. "What?" I tried playing the innocent card but I knew it wouldn't work! "Don't try that. Mr. Singhania, that ain't working with me!" she narrowed her eyes at me and I shrugged. "I just didn't want any guy to spoil our evening" I told her, hoping she would buy the lie. "You know what? I don't care anymore. I'm getting drunk tonight" and with that Arohi gulped down her vodka and reached for my bourbon gulping down that as well she glared at me before walking off to the dance floor.

She held my eyes with hers as she danced to an upbeat song. Moving her hips to the rhythm.

She had been serious when she said she was getting drunk. Drink after another, she was laughing and dancing and people were loving it to much to. I could feel my heart churn every time a guy approached her. Mostly people that came here were couples but there were some stray guys present. The only good thing was that she was turning them all down left and right. I stood there motionless with an empty glass of drink in my hand staring at her as she danced seductively.

3 songs,5 drinks later; She suddenly smiled at herself as the song changed. She winked at me and motioned me to come to her and just like a refelx my legs moved on their accord, walking towards her. I set the empty glass on one of the table and wound my arms around her waist.

"Do you know what you are doing to me?" I whispered in her ear and I felt her shiver. I smiled, she was just as affected as me. "No" she slurred and then continued "No...but you't know what you do to me!" she stabbed a finger on my chest as we swayed to the song.

"You are the reason I got drunk and I came for dinner and didn't have any food till now. Do you know how important food is?" she looked at me with wide eyes, making it look like she had just discovered that there were people on mars and I couldn't help burst out laughing. "You are mean" she pouted and then pulled away before crossing her hands over her chest. She then walked away with all the grace. Seriously she was drunk but it didn't effect her walk one bit. Biting my lip I followed her.

Drunk Arohi was cute. Regular one was just umm...uptight. "I'm sorry?" I questioned her trying to hide my laughter. "Well you should be. Even after me telling you, there is no food here" she gestured to our table she was currently sitting on "I'll get right on it mam" I bowed down and went to the barbecue stand that was serving food.

When I came back with food I found Mayra looking at a glass with deep intent. "You okay?" I asked as I placed two trays full off freshly barbecued food on the table. She looked up and me and then at the food and licked her lips. "I love barbecue" she exclaimed and then grabbed some kebabs form there. I laughed and joined her in.

Looking around, I saw the ambiance was pretty good. The shack was set up on the beach, the tables were placed directly in view to the ocean and the dance floor was directly across. Being here for 45 minutes I hadn't had a single look around because all I could do was think of the pretty lady sitting right in front of me

She didn't even have to dress up all to grab my attention all these little things she did, the way she cared, the way she stood up to me, the why she was right now, not caring about the world and begin herself was enough to make me go nuts for her.

I smiled on the outside as she told some story of some wedding but inside I was panicking. This was all happening so fast, just one week and I was staring ti like her, I didn't do dating but I knew Mayra wasn't the kind you go casual with, it was either exclusive or nothing. I took deep breaths and looked at the face that was causing a havoc inside me and my nerves calmed immediately.

Yeah, I had just figured out that something that was going on between us, I like Arohi Gupta and I didn't know what to do about it!

As promised double treat :D I want comment for Both chapters separately! Drunk Arohi is quite fun don't you think? Wink

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