Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

The wedding gift~ chapter 28 & epilogue ~ page no -44~ (Page 10)

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Originally posted by lazyblues

Im not finding it that interesting! I think the write could've done a LOT more with this stuff hai na @anji?? i mean a lot can be addedWink
I found it very interesting.. Trust me that writer has done an amazing job ;)

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Chapter 7

"Rosie, can you wait back? I need a ride to the office" I asked Rosie. "Sorry, love got to pick up Neil form the day care. My sister is working late to even pick up her son" she rolled her eye but continued "I can come back for you though" she offered and I shook my head. "Nonsense. Don't worry! I'll call a cab once I'm done here" I told her hugging her a good bye.

"Who's gona call a cab" Arjun interjectd the conversation. "Arohi, her car is still at the office. I don't know how though" Rosie wondered. "You don't?" Arjun had a teasing glint in his voice and before he got bold enough to say why I cleared my throat.

"Rosie you need to pick up Neil. You'll be late" I rushed her out and turned to glare at Arjun.

All throughout the dinner and the meeting later with the family, Arjun had been passing comments and trying to get me to talk about the dinner. I didn't know why I was obsessing so bad about this but I knew he had an hidden ultramotive. "I'll drop you home, on my way home" aayan offered. "No, I'll call a cab. Now if you'll excuse me. I need to get back to finalizing stuff with the families" with that I stalked away to where Kruti and Raj's parents and Kruti were seated.

"Sorry after the phone call I was talking with Rosie" I explained them why it took me long to come back. "Oh, it's quite alright love" Krutis mom comforted and I smiled at them.
They were a bunch of loving people and they had been treating me like one of their own since I stepped a foot in the house. "So, uncle, aunty. These are 3 out of 5 sites Kruti and Raj have choose. Now 1 of them, ive had a wedding before, the rest will need site visit. But even if we decide on a place where the wedding has been done, I recommend a personal visit with the bride and the groom with me. To foresee the set up" it was important to make the parents understand the importance of taking the daughters to the site visit, unless they wouldn't let .

"Oh, that's fine. Kruti can go. She doesn't need permission. But I doubt Raj will be able to make it" Raj's mom chimed in while others nodded.

Just then a voice magically spoke, "I'll come too. But where are we going?"
"Maldives" Kruti smiled and that put an even bigger one on Arjun's face. "I'm definitely coming then" he agreed, now smirking. I wanted to argue, I knew he could see it in my eyes as soon as he saw it because his smirk became bigger.

"So, this Friday night we will leave and come back by Monday morning" I said through a tight liped smile. "Okay, I'll get my PA to book the tickets then" Arjun completed the sentence. "No, Mr. Singhania. I'm fully capable of doing so" I told him as nicely as possible without looking like in idiot in front of the families. "But, we will take the company jet." he frowned.

"You just said that my PA will book the tickets" I caught my self before I shouted at him and then smiled at everyone.

"Whatever you want Mr. Singhania." I glared at him and I could see he was trying to control his laugh where as I wanted tipunch him. Seeing him everyday wasn't enough that he had to tag along with us for a trip where I'd have to endure the mental torture 24x7. I wanted to punch something!

"Now, everything is finalised I shall take your leave. If any problem, addition or subtraction to the wedding plans or any little detail you remember even at 3 in the night call me. I'll be there" I hugged Kruti, her mother and Raj's mother while shook hands with the both dad's.

"You are doing such a wonderful job love. Thank you for making this easy for us" I could see tears forming in Kruti's mother's eyes and before that could happen I stepped ahead and hugged her. "That's what I'm here for aunty. So that you can spend as much time with your daughter tension free" you couldn't tell they were families of multi-billionaires. They looked just like normal people to me. "Thank you love" she kissed my cheek before Kruti hugged me.

I had never had such a warm greeting with my clients and I knew whatever happened Kruti would get the wedding she deserved and with that I turned to leave. "Bye, take care. Kruti I'll see you day after tomorrow. My caterer is getting samples for wines. See you too Mr. Singhania" I snapped at Arjun and stepped out.

Just when I reached the main gate, a car honked behind me. "Get in" Arjun said as he drove his car at the pace I continued to walk. "I told you I'd get a cab. Why did you leave?" I stopped and glared at him, he must not have realized that but he suddenly slammed on the breaks and the car almost jumped forward. He then reversed the car before, he to stand right next to me. "But I said I'd drop you. I'm going home anyways" I could see him starting to get irritated and was I liking it!

"But I remember I declined" I countered. "Would you just get in? I'm tired and I had an overly girly day. I'm tired and in no mood for this." he finally snapped. Closing my eyes and taking a deep breath, I opened the car door and slid in.

I could see he was itching to say something, so before he could, I spoke. "Not a word Mr. Singhania. I'm just as tired" and with that I rested my head on the window.

This was all so wrong. Generally whenever I decide how things would go in ny life, I made it a point to stick to them but with Arjun in picture I was doing the things I didn't want to.

Like riding home with him, or going to Maldives with him. There was this energy that drew me towards him. Something that forced me to go against my will and I wasn't liking it.

I discreetly saw him tapping on the steering wheel and he looked like he was deep in thought. He was handsome for sure. Irritating, but handsome I thought, as I looked at him some more.

"I can see you stare" he turned to look at me as we stopped. "I wasn't staring" I glared at him which only made him laugh. "Okay, you were discreetly looking. I get it" he shrugged nonchalantly, making it seem like it was nothing. "Would you just drop me home. Please?" I begged him. If I had to argue with him once more today, I was going to bang my head through the window.

"Fine, but just so you know. We are already there." his face was split into two with the wide smile as I looked around to see, indeed we were in my building.

"I knew that" I snapped at him while getting out of the door and banging it shut.

"Ofcourse you knew" he said and I looked back at him to see him laughing. "Your car will be here tomorrow. I'll have my driver pick it up" and before I could reply and telling him not to do so, he was reversing and pulling out!

I banged my house door as loudly as I could as I threw all my stuff on the table beside the door.

While Preparing a bath I tried to relax as I went over the day. Since we had done all the things planned, everything was in order. I sat my laptop on a table that was made to use in the bath and taking off my robe I slid in and made a list of things that needed to be done tomorrow.

With only 50 days for the ceremonies to start everything was going to be cramped. I sent Tanya, Rosie, Lily and Riddi an email, debriefing them about today and then informing them about tomorrows staff meeting to discuss how to go forward.

I then emaild the Resorts in Maldives and informed them about the situation and told them I'd give them a call tomorrow.

Once the work was done, I relaxed and once again my mind wondered back to Arjun Singhania. Lately, he was always on my mind. With a deep sigh I rested my head on the headrest of the bathtub as the warm water gently un-knitted all the knots in my body and I slowly closed my eyes.

I opened my heavy eye lids as I heard distinctive sound of phone going off. Looking around, disoriented I saw my laptop still running and me still in the bath where the water had turned cold. Just when the feeling set upon me, I shivered.Grabbing the robe I lept out and slipped into it. Drying myself quickly before picking up the laptop and walking in the sound of ringing phone.

"Hi mom" I Said into the phone, worried. I knew, mum knew the time difference between India and London, so if she was calling at this hour it had to be important. "Is everything okay?" I panicked. "Yes, everythings alright. I'm sorry to call you so late love, but I couldn't help it. Tomorrow I'll take Ria there again and we don't know what's going to be the case. Arohi, I feel helpless at this point." I could her her sob quietly. "Mom, it's going to be okay. If you need anything else, tell me. I mean it even at 3 in the night. But right now you need to relax. It's going to be okay. I promise. We've done all we could mom." I assured her trying to be calm.

"Yes. We have and I pray that its going to be okay. You go to sleep love. I'll call you tomorrow once I know" she said but I couldn't bring myself to hang up. "I love you mom" I finally said after a few minutes of silence and after hearing the reply, I hung up.

For first time in months, I cried myself to sleep. This wasn't how I envisioned being successful. Sure, I was successful, but it didn't mean anything without family.

So here it is.. Waiting for feedback:)

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Me first..  :D

I so love this Arjun...he has some magic in him...
Loved his whole interaction with Arohi...the way he irritates her..tease her...n above all care for her...
He is so cute..dropping her home..
Arohi finally accepted her attraction to him...
There is a mysterious aura around them both...
Whereas I feel Arjun is up to something n about Arohi she has family issues as we m know..
Who's Ria...what's the problem?? 

Eagerly waiting for story to unfold...
Update soon Smile

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U updated... Shocked

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:O UPDATED , Raat ke andherey main ??

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Arjun Day Dreaming


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Sorry for being late. Will comment on all the pending parts today :)

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"Tera rasta main chodu naa ..." this song suits this arjun...Always bhatkofying near arohi LOLLOL
he is so charming Embarrassed

car scene was too good EmbarrassedWink

Omg!! they are going to maldives Day Dreaming
arohi bechari LOL

Omg!! she has a sad past ShockedOuch
want to know more about it ...

Cont soon Big smile

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