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ISHRA FF ~~TB ---- PART 8 on Page 40!!.... 15th January!! (Page 29)

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Posted: 01 January 2016 at 1:01pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by prachi_vrushan

nice update

Thanks dear Embarrassed

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Posted: 01 January 2016 at 1:01pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by shinseen

Amazing update 

Thanks dear Embarrassed
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Originally posted by sush_rddt

update karooo

Will update soon dear Wink

Sorry for taking long time to update the next part Confused
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Originally posted by anisha960

nice track
brilliant updates
continue soon

Thanks dear Embarrassed
Will update soon dear Wink
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Posted: 01 January 2016 at 1:05pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by kimty1230

cont soon

Will update soon dear Wink
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Posted: 04 January 2016 at 12:08pm | IP Logged
Hey Friends!!! 

AMBREEN'S AGENT (GURI)  is back with the next part!!

Hope you all remember me... I am again here to post an OS written by my dear friend AMBREEN... I am posting it as she doesn't uses IF... 


I have tried to do some editing... As some the readers have asked me to translate the dialogues in English.. 

As she writes with mix language dialogues... So the translation and some editing is done by me.. And rest actual story is written by AMBREEN...

Part 7----

After their hug ...Raman asks Ishu to sleep...

Ishita- no Raman

Raman- kya nahi?

[What no?]

Ishu- I don't wanna sleep this early

Raman- early??

Ishita- mein aaj sona nahi chati...

[I don't wanna sleep today...]

Raman- kyon theka liya hai kya?

[Have taken some ownership or what?]

Ishita- nahi aaj ki raat bahut special hai...i don't wanna sleep.

[No today's night is special... I don't wanna sleep.]

Raman- toh kya karna chahti ho??

[So what do you want to do?]

Ishita- I don't know...lekin sona nahi chahti...

[... But I don't want to sleep...]

Raman drags her out of the house...

Raman- chalo mere saath..

[Come with me...]

Ishita- kahan??


Raman- tum hi ne kaha na ki aaj ki raat special hai toh isse aur khaas banate hai!!...

[You only said na that today's night is special so we should make it more special!!...]

Ishu has no idea what he means but it sounds really good to her so she agrees
Raman takes her to the car...they start driving...Ishu opens the window and sticks her head out... the wind blowing into her cheeks...Raman ons the radio-meherbaan hua plays...both are smiling...the night was so romantic!!...

Ishita suddenly- Raman roko-roko!!

[Raman stop-stop!!]

Raman immediately presses the brakes... He was really worried...

Raman- kya hua?..

[What happened?...]

Ishita- Raman woh dekho ice-cream cart... mujhe ice cream khana hai!!

[Raman see there ice-cream cart... I want to eat ice-cream!!]

Raman- tum pagal ho kya??!!!...itna dara diya...

[Have you gone mad??!!!... You scared me...]

Ishita- I am sorry ab laa do ice cream please...

[I am sorry now please bring a ice-cream...]

Raman- It's bad for you!!

Ishita- Ramaaan...please na...please...

Raman- nahi... bilkul nahi!!

[No... Not any cost!!]

Ishita- pleeesssee!!!

Raman- acha chilla na band karo...

[Stop shouting first...]

Ishita- ab pata chala ki jab aap chillate ho toh kaisa lagta hai?

[Now you got to know when you shout how does it feel?]

She smirks... Raman goes out to buy an ice cream...he buys only one... And gives it to Ishu in the car...he dims the light in the car... the lighting was quite romantic!!

Ishita feeds Raman some ice cream...

Ishita- mujhe ice creams bahut pasand hai...bachpan se!!

[I am very much fond of ice-creams... Since childhood!!]

Raman is not hearing anything but looking at her innocent eyes... And her lips...they suddenly comes really close... Ishita backs out and says to start driving they drive... after half an hour the car stops...

Ishita- kya hua Raman?

[What happened Raman?]

Raman- I don't know!

They both get out of the car and  Raman opens the bonnet of the car...  Some smoke comes outside making his face black...Ishita starts laughing really loudly...

Raman- ab kya hua?phir se daura pad gaya kya??

[Now what happened? Again you got some fits??]

Ishita- aap apna chehra dekho!!

[See your face!!]

She continues laughing while he goes inside the car and sees his face black Raman gets really annoyed with her laughing...he catches her waist from back... she stops laughing...he gives her his handkerchief and asks her to wipe his face she turns to him and wipes his face his hand still on her waist... (Ishu is still wearing the lehenga but Raman is wearing the night clothes... Both were looking nice)

Raman- ab kaise dikh raha hoon?

[Now how am I looking?]

Ishita- aap bilkul..(Raman waiting for her to compliment)... bilkul prem chopra lag rahe ho...!!

[You are... (Raman_compliment) You are totally looking like Prem Chopra...!!]

She frees herself and starts laughing again... He comes really close to her and kisses really near to her lips but not lips...her eyes are wide open!!

Raman- aur haso gi toh next time gaal pe nahi karoonga...(He wanted to say that next time he will kiss her lips... He was teasing!!)

[And if you will laugh more then next time I will not kiss on your cheeks... (He_teasing!!)

She stops laughing she is soo quiet and shy...the car needs to be repaired so they didn't have any choice but to walk... Raman doesn't want to walk because of Ishu's health...Ishita feels really weird thinking about the kiss... and his words...

After walking about a mile... She becomes really tired, she stops at some place to take some rest... But Raman keeps on going till he realizes that Ishita has stood behind to take rest...he goes back to Ishita...

Ishita- woh Raman mein bas aise hi khadi ho gayi...

[Raman I just stood like that...]

(She didn't want to tell Raman about her tiredness else he would think because of him she is feeling tired...)

Raman picks her up and starts walking...

Ishita- Raman chodo mujhe!! kya kar rahe ho?

[Raman leave me!! What are you doing?]

Raman- tumhe chalna nahi chahiye...aur meine tumhe itna dur chala diya...

[You shouldn't walk... And I made you walk so much...]

(he feels guilty)

Ishita- Raman aisa nahi hai...I am fine...mein chal sakti hoon I'm not tired...

[Raman it's not that... I am fine... I can walk I'm not tired...]

Raman- no Ishita you should not walk...

Ishita- Raman trust me please let me go will feel pain...please Raman...

Raman- doesn't listen, he keeps on walking carrying his wife...Ishu's heart sinks... tears comes out of her eyes
after walking for a long time they get a lift...

They go back home...Ishita feels so bad that Raman carried for about more than 100 meters...She thought because of her Raman had to bear the pain...

Raman was in the bed with his eyes closed... Ishu sits next to him and starts pressing his legs...Raman notices and immediately gets up...

Raman- yeh kya kar rahi ho tum?

[What are you doing this?]

Ishita- Raman aapne itna door mujhe utha kar chale...

[Raman you carried me and walked so long...]

Raman- Ishita tum meri biwi ho... mera farz tha tumhe comfortable feel karwana!!

[Ishita you are my wife... It's my duty to make you feel comfortable!!]

Ishita- khud ko hurt kar ke?

[By hurting yourself?]

Raman- I am not hurt...I'm perfectly ok... aur khabardar mere pair chue toh!!...

[I_ok...  And don't dare to touch my legs!!...]

Ishita- but Raman...

Raman- lekin wekin kuch nahi, jaa kar so jao...

[No if's no but's, go and sleep...]

She doesn't move and he understands that she is not gonna listen so he says to rub balm on his back...he lies in her lap...she applies balm...(ek nadi ke dono..plays)...Raman and Ishu's eyes are in love...he suddenly turns...
Ishita can't look into in his eyes...

Ishita- Raman turn karo, mein balm kaise lagaungi?

[Raman turn please, how will I apply balm?]

He plays with her hair...he pulls her front by her head... kisses her head...then her cheeks and almost to her lips...

Suddenly Ishu gets back to her senses and asks him to go to sleep...she feels uncomfortable... Because it is hard for her to resist Raman...she sleeps in the bed facing the other side...

Raman sits in his side and later leans over to kiss her cheeks and says good night!!

Ishita remembers all the kisses from morning which was like more than 10...

Ishita was talking to herself in her mind- Raman aapko kaise samjhao ki paas aana chahte huye bhi mein nahi aa sakti...yeh bimari mujhe woh khushi naseeb nahi karne deti...but I Love You  Raman...agar mujhe yeh bimari nahi hoti toh mein bhi peeche nahin hat ti...because mein bhi humara relationship next level tak le jana chahti hoon...lekin yeh sab meri naseeb par depend karta hai...

[Raman how do I make you understand  that I want to be near to you then I can't be near to you... This disease is not letting me gain that happiness... but I Love You Raman... If I wouldn't have this disease then I wouldn't have back out... Because I also want to take our relationship to next level... But all is dependent on my luck...]

Raman was also talking to himself in his mind- mein jaanta hoon Ishita ki tum peeche kyon gayi...tumhari aankhon ne saara sach bata diya ki tum bhi wahi chahti main chahta hoon...I know ki tumhari bimari tumhe rok rahi hai...yeh bhi jaanta hoon ki tum guilty feel kar rahi ho...aur mere baare mein soch rahi mein kya soch raha hoon...Ishita jahan tak main isse dekhta hoon...mujhe lagta hai ki sirf 10 din ke baad hum ek dusre ke pas aa skte hai, jo hum chahte hai...tum guilty math feel karo ...mujhe poora bharosa hai ki tum bilkul theek ho're strong Ishita...aakhir meri Jhansi Ki Rani jo will be ok... I'm sure...

[I know Ishita why have you stepped back... Your eyes have told me all the truth that you also want that... That I want... I know your disease is stopping you... I also know that you are feeling guilty... And you are thinking of me... Ishita till where I can se... I feel  that it's only for 10 days and after that we can express our love, what we want... Don't feel guilty... I have full faith that you'll be perfectly fine... You are strong Ishita... In fact you are my Jhansi Ki Rani... You'll be okay... I'm sure...]


Sorry for the errors and mistakes... I have tried to edit as much as I could... Still there might be some errors...

Hope you all will read it... 

Do like and give your valuable comments.. 





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Lovely update
thnks for PM

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Superb Update Guri..
IshRa r happy now..
Raman & his surprise is good..
Ishu still trying to hide her fear..
Hope everything comes back to normal..
Cont soon..

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