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ISHRA FF ~~TB ---- PART 8 on Page 40!!.... 15th January!! (Page 25)

sulochana90 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 September 2015 at 2:07pm | IP Logged
very nice update please update the next part

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TamannaSethi Senior Member

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Posted: 15 September 2015 at 10:55pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sulochana90

very nice update please update the next part

Thanks dear SulochanaEmbarrassed

Will mostly update by this week... 

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TamannaSethi Senior Member

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Posted: 06 October 2015 at 12:31pm | IP Logged
Hello to all... 

I am back with the Part 6 of TB... 

As you all know its written by AMBREEN... I am just posting it on her behalf... 

So.. Its all my mistake that I couldn't update soon... 

Sorry ji... For that... 

Friends... Some of you were asking for SIABW updates... 

I will be updated after next two weeks... Mostly by next month... 

Till... Then keep waiting... 

Still in between ... I am planning to post an OS ... 

Keep waiting... Have patience... And keep reminding me that I have to update... Hehhe... 

So... Here goes... PART_6_TB on Page 28...

Love you all... :-* :-D 



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TamannaSethi Senior Member

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Posted: 06 October 2015 at 12:33pm | IP Logged

Hey Friends!!

Hope you all remember me... I am again here to post a part written by my dearest friend AMBREEN... I am posting it as she doesn't uses IF... 


I have tried to do some editing... As some the readers have asked me to translate the dialogues in English.. 

As she writes with mix language dialogues... So the translation and some editing is done me.. And rest actual story is written by AMBREEN... 

PART 6...

Next day was Amma's birthday...

Ishita wakes up finding Raman was not there in the room. She thinks that he must have left to office and she woke up quite late..she goes to take a shower when she comes back she finds Raman in the room, she is in her bathrobe... Raman's back is faced towards the door he doesn't see her.

Ishu- aap office nahi gaye?..(Raman turns and sees his wife and checks her out from head to toe)

[Why haven't you gone to office?...]

Raman- kya?


Ishita- aap yahan kya kar rahe ho?

[What are you doing here?]

Raman- mein apni biwi ke liye ruka hua jo itni sexy lag rhi hai toh main bhala kaise office mein reh sakta hoon?...

[I have stayed here for my wife who is looking so sexy so how can I stay in the office?...]

He goes near her and kisses her cheek-good morning he says and goes down... Ishita is shocked with Raman's kiss her hand on her cheeks...blushing...

Raman sees her standing near the door and says- aur dekho aaj ka din kitna special rehta hai...(the sexiest smile of Raman) he says this to himself...

[And you will see today's day will be the special day...]

Ishita goes to the cupboard and picks out the perfect saree for her an amazing day that had just started...

As she walks down the stairs looking at the house which was beautifully decorated her mouth was wide open with the decorations...Whereas raman is down looking at his wife in that saree...he still has the same smile...

Ishita- yeh sab kisne?

[Who did all this?]

Simmi- yeh sab Raman bhai ne kiya hai...tum chahti thi na ki Amma ka birthday special ho? liye Raman bhai ne khud har cheez select ki...warna hamesha bhai toh sirf cheque deta hai lekin iss baar saari mehnat kri hai...

[Raman bro has done all this... You wanted na that Amma's birthday should be special?... That's why Raman bro has selected everything by him... Else every time bro used to only give cheques but this time he did all the work...]

Ishu looks at her husband with proudness and a lots of love...

Raman- mujhe ghoor kya rahi ho?...batao kaisa hai?...kuch kami nahi hai na?

[Why are you staring at me?... Tell how is it?... Is anything left?]

Ishita has water in her eyes- it's ...perfect...koi kami nahi hai... (the most heart warming smile on her face)

[... Nothing is left...]

Mihika comes in -akka-akka yahan aao mere saath!!

[Akka-Akka come here with me!!]

She drags her to Amma's house...Ishu is shocked to see even Amma's house looks damn good it's just like heaven.

Ishu whispers- iss ghar ko bhi...?

[This home also...?]

Raman comes from back- haan yahan bhi decorate kar diya. ye amma ki aur Mihika ki choice hai.

[Yes, decorated this also. This is Amma's and Mihika's choice.]

Ishita eyes have no limits she just can't stop staring at Raman...after a few min Raman starts feeling weird as his wife is just looking at him he drags her to his room...

Raman- kaho...


Ishu- kya kahoon?

[What should I say?]

Raman- wahi jo tumhare aankhen kehna chahti hai...

[That your eyes what to say...]

Ishita- Raman...apne Amma ke liye itna kuch...(she has no more words)

[... You have done a lot for Amma...]

Raman- haan toh free mein thodi na kar raha hoon...mujhe mera commission milega na?

[Yes but I am not doing it for free... I will get my commission na?]

Ishu- what commission?

Raman- itna kaam kiya hai subah-subah uth kar toh meri biwi se ek hug toh milna chahiye..(he asks in the most cute way)

[I have a lot of work since morning so I can get a hug from my dear wife...]

Without giving it a second thought she hugs him really tightly...Raman gives a big grin..

Raman-aur ek surprise hai shaam ko tumhaare liye...well actually amma ke liye.

[And there is one more surprise in the evening for you... Well actually it's for Amma.]

Ishu- kya surprise?

[What surprise?]

Raman- it's a surprise Ishita mein nahi bol sakta khud dekh lena...lekin haan mein itna keh sakta hoon ki you are gonna love me for it ...(he leaves the room saying this)

[It's surprise Ishita I can't say it you will see it... But yes I can say that you are gonna love me for it...]

Ishita says to herself- aur kitna pyaar? isse zyaada koi kisi ko nahi pyaar kar sakta hai...

[How much more love? No one can love more than this...]

Raman just wants to make Ishu happy that's his aim... And Amma's birthday was just an excuse...

Mihir- bhai aapne iss birthday mein kitne paise lagae hai?(he is very surprised as he just walked in the hall)

[Bro how much money have you spent on this birthday?]

Raman- tumhe pata nahi ki mujhe iss ke liye kya mila hai...profits bahut zyaada hai...

[You don't know what have I got for this... Profits are much more...]

Mihir confused- bhai birthday party mein konsa profit?

[Bro what profit in the birthday party?]

Raman to himself- meri Ishita ki khushi se badhkar kuch nahi aur woh aaj sabse zyaada khush hai...

[Nothing is important than the happiness of my Ishita and today she is the happiest person...]

Mihir- bhai bolona?

[Bro say na?]

Raman- kuch nahi...chal tu jaa aur dekh ki sab kuch teekh hai...aur bata ki kahin decorations ki koi kami toh nahi..?

[Nothing... You go and see is everything fine... And tell me if there is any decoration left...?]

Mihir- iss ghar mein sirf logon par decorations chadana baaki reh gaya hai...

[In this house only people are left to be decorated...]

Raman smiles...

Mihir- bhai sab teekh hai na?aap mujhe dekh kar aise smile kyon de rahe ho?

[Bro is everything fine na? Why are you smiling like this by seeing me?]

Raman doesn't reply so Mihir turns and sees that Raman is smiling at Ruhi and Ishita cuddling near the kitchen.

Mihir doesn't want to disturb him so he goes to search Mihika...

Ishita- Ruhi are just having the best time ...Ishu feels like she is in heaven but she does not know that there is a lot more to come...

It's evening all the guests arrive Raman is waiting down for his Ishu to come...

Ishita in the room looking at Raman's pic-aapne mere liye itna kuch kiya hai... Iss liye aaj mein bhi aapke liye thoda toh kar sakti hoon...

[You have done so much for me... That's why today I can also do something for you...]

She comes down finally wearing the sexiest lehenga...Raman's eyes are checking her out, people around him are noticing but he isn't bothered ...when Ishu comes down the last step, Raman offers his hand...Ishita gives her hand in his both are may be Amma's birthday but this is probably the most special day of their lives...

Mani comes in and says- it doesn't look like it's Amma's birthday but looks like it's yours Ishu and you are looking gorgeous with Raman on your side and the smile he has put on your face...(Ishita and Raman both feel very shy)...I have been with you so many years but not once I have seen this smile...

[Above paragraph is translated by me as it was written by Ambreen in Hindi dialogues]

Ishu can't take it anymore she makes excuse and leaves both Mani and Raman... They watch her go...

Mani- wow Raman!!! kabhi isko itna khush nahi dekha... iss khushi ki saaf wajah ho guys love each other so much...bahut mushkil hai aise amazing love birds ko dekhna...

[Wow Raman!!! I haven't seen her so happy ever... You are the main reason for her happiness... You guys love each other so much... It is not easy to see Amazing love birds like you both...]

Raman blushes and looks down
there is an announcement...-ladies and gentlemen...(Raman's voice so Ishu's eyes start looking for her beloved hubby)...aaj ke shaam Amma ke naam ...aaj aap dekhenge ki love never has no age...(Raman comes out...looking at Ishu)...(then he looks at the crowd but Ishu's eyes attached to him)...Amma!!, Appa aap ko kuch khaas kehna chahte hai...

[ladies_gentlemen... ()... Today's evening is in the name of Amma... Today you all will see that love never ends... Love has no age... ()... ()... Amma!!, Appa wants to say something very important to you...]

Raman goes and stands next to Ishu...Appa comes and proposes Amma everyone is shocked...

Raman whispers-lagta hai hum bhi uss umar ke ho jayenge tab hum kahenge...

[I think we will also say it when we will be of that age...]

Ishu hears this and smirks...Raman looks at her after the proposal everyone starts clapping Amma is cutting the cake she goes to feed everyone ...Raman takes a lil piece of cake and feeds Ishu...Mihika makes fun of her jiju's romance...But they both don't care who's watching them... They are on the toppest mountain with their hearts full of love...their eyes doing their conversation...

Raman says now dance ...couples dance and they start dancing really close all were dancing their eyes are just telling that they want to kiss...they stand too close to each other ...the romance was in the air ...after the dance everyone claps Ishu feels really turned on so she goes to the room without anyone noticing...

She stands with her hands on the chair...starts talking to herself- yeh tujhe kya hua Ishu!!! apne aap ko rok nahi paayi...kya soch rahi thi...tera dhyan kaise bhatka ...pata nahi ki teri saanse kab tak chalenge aur tu...nahi Ishu yeh galat hai...Raman ko agar chod kar jaana pad gaya toh ...nahi ...i have to control myself...

[What happened to you Ishu!!! Couldn't you stop yourself... What were you thinking... How could you get affected because of it... You don't know till when you will breath and you... No Ishu this is wrong... What if you have you leave Raman and then die... No... I have to control myself...]

Raman is near the door even he had felt the urge to kiss her he does not know what to tell so he leaves ... He didn't listen anything...

Ruhi comes- Ishima, Mihika chitti aap ko bula rahi hai...

[Ishima, Mihika chitti is calling you...]

Ishu wipes the little tear in her eye and says- let's go come on...

There is another announcement- Amma we love you so much and this is for you...(Ishu's voice)

The Iyer sisters- Vandu, Ishu, and Mihika... All dance Raman is really worried about her health he didn't know that she was going to dance on such a fast beat song- Abhi toh party shuru hui the song completes half all are invited to dance everyone in the party was dancing... the Iyer sisters were not on the stage but among the crowd dancing ...Raman tries to control Ishu as she shouldn't dance because of her health but Ishu is really out of her mind dancing like crazy...

She suddenly stops, everything looks blur...she feels suffocating she starts coughing Raman takes her immediately to their room without anyone noticing them...

Raman- yeh lo yeh dawai kha lo... coughing stop ho jaegi,...kisne kaha ki itna dance karo...maine kaha na ki tumhe aaram karna chahiye toh phir...mein dinner lekar aata hoon kha kar so jana...

[Take this medicine and have it... Coughing will stop... Who asked you to dance this much... I told you to take rest then what is this... I will bring dinner, eat it and then sleep...]

Ishu doesn't say anything because being alone with him only reminds her of the dance earlier, they did...

Ishu- Raman mein Amma ke saath khaungi...

[Raman I will eat with Amma...]

Raman- Ishita... lekin...

[Ishita... But...]

Ishu- Raman mein har saal Amma ke saath khati hoon unke birthday par so please...

[Raman every year I eat it with Amma on her birthday so please...]

Raman understands he says wait and goes down and asks Amma to have a dinner early and somehow convinces..he comes back

Raman- go Amma is waiting ...I will help you...

Ishita smiles and goes to Amma's room they both sit and have their lunch... Amma keeps on appreciating Raman for everything to Ishita...

Ishita says- yes Amma I am very lucky to have him...

Raman is sneaking from the door he sees Ishu as a daughter ...a really loving one... he smiles and takes a pic of Amma and Ishu without making them notice...

Later that night all the guests go home Raman finds Ishu in Ruhi's room laughing and playing he just looks on...he wants to capture his wife in his eyes ...he then walks inside the room.

Ruhi- papa dekho Ishima kitna blush kar rahi thi aaj...

[See papa Ishima was blushing so much today...]

She tickles Ishita...

Raman- haan beta main ne bhi dekha tha...

[Yes dear I also saw it...]

He goes to her and starts tickling her then after few min they stop(their position is like that when they fight for the remote)they both stop realizing what was happening... Raman asks Ishu to go to sleep...

Ishita- Raman aap jao main Ruhi ko sula kar aati hoon...

[Raman, you go I will come after making Ruhi sleep...]

Raman- jaldi aana aur Ruhi go to sleep... Ishima ko tang mat karna...good night beta...

[Come soon and Ruhi go to sleep... Don't disturb your Ishima a lot... Good night dear...]

Ruhi- good night papa...lekin papa mein Ishima ko nahin jaane doongi..(Ishita feels like Ruhi knows about her TB)...aaj Ishima bahut pretty lag rahi hai na toh woh mere saath soyengi...

[... But papa I won't let her go anywhere..(Ishita_TB)... Today Ishima is looking so pretty na so she will sleep with me...]

Raman- beta iss liye toh mein Ishima ko bula raha hoon...(he winks at Ishu...she blushes seeing him)

[That's why dear I am telling your Ishima to come...]

After some time.. Ishita comes to the room where Raman is not there.. he goes to change Ishu waits near the window...Raman comes in..

(This story written according to the old Bhalla house... So washroom is outside the room as it was shown in the serial...)

Ishita- Raman thanks...aaj ke liye...aise lagta hai ki maine sirf ek din mein apni saari zindagi jee li..(Raman goes near her and stands next to her)...mujhe har khushi mil gayi aaj...jab mein Amma ke sath dinner kar rahi toh I felt like a daughter...itne din se Ruhi ki maa ban kar reh rahi thi toh bhool gayi ki beti kaise rehti hai...aur Ruhi ke saath ek maa ki tarah feeling hui...(she saves the best for last)...aur aapke saath...ek biwi ki tarah...Mrs Raman Kumar Bhalla ban kar dance kar rahi thi...aj I feel like I am complete...yeh sab aapki wajah se...bimar hote hue bhi aapne iss din ko meri zindagi ka best day bana diya... thank you soo much...

[Ramam thanks... for today... I am feeling like in one day I have lived my whole life... ()... I have got all happiness today... When I having dinner with Amma I felt like a daughter... Since so many days I was living as Ruhi's mother so I forgot how a daughter lived... And with Ruhi I felt like a mother... ()... And with you... Like a wife... I was dancing as Mrs Raman Kumar Bhalla... Today I feel like I am complete... This also because of you... Although I am weak you have made this day the best day of my life... Thank you so much...]

She hugs him- mujhe zindagi se kuch nahi chahiye Raman...I am happy ...I am complete...Thanks...

[Now I don't want anything from my life Raman... I_Thanks...]

Raman's mind- yehi toh chahta tha main Ishita ki tum iss bimari ko bhool jaao ...main bahut khush hoon ki tumne aaj itna enjoy kiya...lekin ab bhi baaki hai mein tumhe hamesha itna khush dekhna chahta hoon ...i will do anything for this smile...and jab tak yeh TB chala na jaaye main chaehen se nahi baitunga... I promise...

[This is only what I wanted Ishita that you forget this disease... I am very happy that you enjoyed a lot today... Still it is left I want to see you smiling every time... I will do anything for this smile... And till the time this TB is cured I will not sit back and relax... I promise... 


Sorry for the errors and mistakes... I have tried to edit as much as I could... Still there might be some errors...

Hope you all will read it... 

Do like and give your valuable comments.. 




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Yeh cheating hai boss Angry
Update kha hai Dead

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Originally posted by TamannaSethi

Originally posted by 12Singmeenu

Yeh lo first comment ke bad last comment i know i am super late but sari galthi na net ki hai Embarrassed time pe khabhi nahi miltha Cry
Anyways back to story Wink

AngryAngry ek tho we get a update once a blue moon day and that also sooo chotu Angry
Yar app ko koi aur time nahi mila rukne ka Cry
My dil mange more LOL

Its okay dear... Vaise net ko blame dena band kro... I know you forgot about it... Unhappy

Haww... Shocked Miss Greedy... You are too much... 
Ek toh phle itna late comment... Fir you are asking for big update... Not fair... 

I have choosen a perfect name for you dear... GREEDYWink... Day 
by day you are being greedy for updates!!...LOL Tongue

You can't call it a blue moon day... Its when I am free... Aur voh m hoti hi nhi hu... Truly saying jb mjhe lagta h ab bas bhot hogya, bhot time ho gya,ab update kr dena chahiye tab m update kr deti hu.. Big smile

Aap apne dil ko bolo iss week tak wait kr le... Kyunki I will mostly update by this week... Smile

Hwww ulta chor kotwal ko dathay Confused
Sachi mai net slow tha so i dint want to use if that time Confused
App ka dil naaaSleepy us ko samjavo ki wada na tode Confused update kal rath ko ana tha abhi tak nahi aya Cry

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Res for comment Wink
Unres LOL
Dheko kumbkaran ji app kil late latifi ki adat muj ko bhi lag gaye LOL
Anyways back to the update Party

Bhai yaha tho 
Gol mal hai bhai sab golmal hai Silly
Raman yaha us ko us ki bimari bhulana chatha hai aur yaha ishu madum ko un ke marne ka gum satha raha hai Disapprove
Ooo sexy ghagra Wink
Forum pe braking news hai ishu ka ghagra Silly
Abhi patha nahi next update kitne mahino ke bad milega ROFL
Madum jaldi update do varna sachi mai atma ban ke app ke sar par mandrana padega Evil Smile
Akele akele app update kyu padrahi ho sharing is caring bhena jaldi update karo Wink

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Originally posted by 12Singmeenu

Yeh cheating hai boss Angry
Update kha hai Dead


Cheating nhi ki mne... Kl raat ko jb update krne vali rhi that time nr khtm ho gya yr... 

TWISTER... I tried to do... But... Unfortunately.. Tumhri kismat khrb h babe!!! LOLWinkTongue

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