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Akya FF ~Chupke se sun iss pal ki dhoon~ Last chapter page 22 (Page 14)

Anzum505 Goldie

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Posted: 14 June 2015 at 3:23am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Gauri_21

Lovely update.
Love the Akya confession.
Natasha is too sweet.
Update soon.

thank you. .:)

Anzum505 Goldie

Joined: 22 February 2009
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Posted: 14 June 2015 at 3:23am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Princessnidhii

thank u for such a lovely update apuni
loved it
akya confession rocked
loved it totally
enjoyed the updates so much
keep it up
U r a superb writer apuni
God bless u

thank you nidhi. . it means a lot. .

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Anzum505 Goldie

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Posted: 14 June 2015 at 3:24am | IP Logged
Originally posted by akanksha1319

Awww!! Such a beautiful chapters sweetheart!! Nats ne toh bada hi dhansu idea nikala! Loved it! And get well soon!! Smile

thank you akka. . :)
Anzum505 Goldie

Joined: 22 February 2009
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Posted: 14 June 2015 at 9:23am | IP Logged

Hey friends... I'll go a little first as I'm ending the past part today...  Sorry for all the mistakes...

Chapter 7:


Life changed after that for Aakash Ananya... After some months they talk to their Family and they Happily agreed for their marriage.. Aakash's parents died in an accident when he was small.. He has his grand mom and a little sister in his family... Both Rawat and Saluja Family were happily preparing for their marriage...


It was the night before wedding...

Ananya was in her room watching all the matching jewelries.. At that moment she got a call from aakash..

Ananya: Haan Aakash...

Aakash: Kya kar rehi ho??

Ananya: Kuch nehi.. aise hi...

Aakash: Btw u are looking pretty in this suit... (She was wearing a white salwar kamiz)

Ananya: Kya matlab???

Aakash: Zara window pe aana..

Ananya went towards the window.. Aakash was standing outside of their home..

Ananya: Aakash!!! Kya kar rehe ho???

Aakash: Apne jaan ko dekh raha hoon..

Ananya: Aakash.. plzz.. jao yaha se.. koi dekh liya to??

Aakash: To yahi kahega ke Aakash Ananya se kitna pyar karta hai..

Ananya: Wo sab ko aise hi pata hai.. abhi tum jaao yaha se..

Aakash: nehi.. pehle tum niche aao..

Ananya: Mai nehi aa sakti Aakash..

Aakash: to thik hai mai bhi nehi jaata..

Ananya: accha thik hai.. aa rehi hoon...

Ananya cut the call and went out side...

Ananya: Kya hua???

Aakash: Kal to tum Mrs. Saluja baan jaogi.. to socha kiu na miss rawat se ek bar mill lu!!

Ananya smiled...

Aakash: Come with me...

Saying this he pulled her towards car, made her seat and start... They stop on a bridge...


Keh rahaa hai dil deewana jaane jaa khaake kasam
Hum ishq mein mar jaayenge
Kuch bhi sanam kar jaayenge
Chhodenge na daaman yaar ka
Wada raha wada raha wada raha pyar ka


Aakash offered Ananya hand to dance.. Ananya accept happily... They danced happily...


Keh rahaa hai dil deewana jaane jaa khaake kasam

Ananya hugged him with happiness...

Dooriyan na ab zara ho jaana
Saanson ke darmiyaan
Chhedti hai dhadkano ko pal pal
Mausam ki narmiyaan


Ananya Tried to run away but Aakash caught her hand and pulled again into his arms... and kissed on her forehead...


To aaja chaahaton ki shabnam pi le
Lamhon mein sadiyon ko ji le

Ananya was walking happily on the bridge holding his hand.. She stopped looked towards him with happy teary eyes and rested her head on his shoulder...

Keh raha hai pal suhaana jaane jaa khaake sanam

Tu khayaalon ke hansi saaye mein rehta hai raat din
Kuch nahi hai zindagaani meri, ab tanhaa tere bin


They both had a dream that they were sitting in a tulip garden... Then Ananya hugged with the fear that she can't live without him..


To aaja janmo ka bandhan jode
Thaam ke baahen na chhode


Aakash broke the hug.. He cupped her face and kissed on her forehead..


Keh rahaa hai har fasaana jaane jaa khaake kasam

Keh rahaa hai dil deewana jaane jaa khaake kasam

Hum ishq mein mar jaayenge

Kuch bhi sanam kar jaayenge

Chhodenge na daaman yaar ka


Again they had a dream that they were walking in a beach.. Suddenly Aakash stopped, kneeled down and proposed her with a ring for marriage and Ananya happily accepted the ring and they slowly hugged each other..


With that they came out from their dream world and realized that they are sitting on a bench on the bridge, Ananya was resting her head on aakash's shoulder.. They both smiled..


Wada raha

Wada raha

Wada raha pyaar ka

Wada raha

Wada raha

Wada raha pyaar ka...


They both walked holding hands towards ananya's house...  


It's the wedding day...

Aakash was sitting in the mandap waiting for her... Here she came in red lehnga.. she was looking like a royal bride...

After the marriage they took blessing from all and went to aakash's home.. Dadi and Kreetika welcomed them..

They start the new journey of their life.. The journey where they have to face both happiness and sadness... But the thing which matters is being together.. Being together at every situation of their.. Things will be tough for them as Aakash is a DIB agent.. But Ananya, she is a strong and understanding girl.. she's always there for Aakash as his strength.. There were many times when Aakash has stay away from her for his mission and country.. But Ananya is a support system for her.. It didn't matter if they were together or far away from each other.. Their heart were always together...


Days passed.. By this time aakash's mission was almost fulfilled... One day they came to know that Ananya is pregnant.. Happiness came with no bounds in their life.. Aakash  tried to give her more time.. Ananya's delivery date came near.. By this time DIB was succeed to in their mission.. Now there are no problem in their life.. After some days Ananya gave a birth of a cute baby child.. "Avni".. Aakash selected this name for her.. and of course there are reason... Both Rawat and Saluja family were happy having this new member in their family...


BUT... As we know Life is not a bed of roses.. It's full with thorns... At that time they didn't know what was waiting for them...!!!!  



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Anzum505 Goldie

Joined: 22 February 2009
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Posted: 14 June 2015 at 9:26am | IP Logged

Chapter 8:


Ananya went to her parent's home as her Chacha chichi came to meet them.. Aakash had a flight so he couldn't go that day...


In the morning Aakash woke up with a phone call...Aakash took the phone...

Caller: Aakash Saluja.. Kaise ho tum??

Aakash: Kaun??

Caller: Mai kaun hoon yeh important nehi hai.. Importan yeh hai ke tumhare biwi bacche iss waqt mere kabje mein hai...

Aakash: What?? (Shocked)

Caller: Choukh gaye na?? Yaaken nehi ho raha?? Yeh lo baat karo...

From the other side of the phone...

Ananya: Aa.. Aakash..plzz save us Aakash.. plz hume bachao.. Ouch...(She screamed with pain as someone hit her)

Aakash: Ananya...

Caller: Kiu?? Ab yakken ho gaya??

Aakash: Kya chate ho tum??

Caller: Mai chahta hoon ke tum mere bhai ko chor do...

Aakash understood that he is talking about the terrorist DIB caught a month ago...

Aakash: Agar aisa nehi kia to??

Calller: To mai yahi samjhunga ke tum tumhare biwi, bacche aur apne sasural walo se pyar nehi karte...

Saying this the caller cut the call...

Aakash immediately called DIB office and inform them about this... The only thing Aakash knew at that time that he has to save them, he has to save Avni, He has to save his Ananya...


With very difficulties finally they found out the location...  They took all preparation... They went to the location... after lots of fights and gun shot Finally Aakash saved Ananya, avni and Mr. Rawat... But Ananya's mom and chacha, chichi were inside...

Mr. Rawat: Aakash plzz beta unhe bachalo...

Aakash: Don't worry papa.. kuch nehi hoga.. I promise u mai unhe kuch nehi hone dunga..

Aakash came near Ananya and hugged her... "I promise u Ananya.. Mai unhe kuch nehi hone dunga.."

Ananya: I trust u Aakash..

Mr. Rawat: Mai bhi tumhare sath chalta hoon..

Aakash: NEhi papa.. Mai ap ke jaan jhoke mein nehi dal sakta...

Mr. Rawat: Meri Jaan (Mrs. Rawat) to andhar atki hui hai beta.. Plz mujhe jaane de...

Aakash had no other option left...

Both Aakash, Mr, Rawat with some DIB agent went inside to rescue them.. It took Hours... Ananya was sitting out side with Avni.. Dadi came there after hearing all this...


They succeed to rescue MRs. Rawat.. Aakash told Them to go out while he was going to another building to rescue Chacha chachi...  They were coming out with lots of diificulties as the building got fire and Mrs. Rawat had a fractured leg.. By this time Aakash succeed to rescue Chacha Chachi... Mr. and Mrs. Rawat and Aakash with chacha chichi were coming out from two different buildings.. Annaya saw them... She was very happy.. She gave Avni to Dadi and about to run towards her parents when there was a huge sound, it was a bomb blast...

Ananya shouted "Maa..."

Everything became blur in front of her... She fainted because of the shock of the sudden incident...



NOTE:: Ananya's Parents Died in that... I'm avoiding all the moments after that.. Because I don't have that courage to write down the scenes of the family after someone's death...


1 week Later:

In this one week Ananya didn't talk to anyone.. She used to sit alone, avoiding her food... She only used to feed Avni... All tried a lot but couldn't do anything... Aakash decieded to do something...

Ananya was sitting alone in her room... When she heard that avni is crying... She came avni's room but she was no where.. Suddenly the sound of crying stooped.. She started panicking... She went to hall room and found the light off... She switched on the light... Then she saw that the whole room was filled with her, aakash's and avni's photograph...  she looked al the photos... She found a painting made by Aakash.. it was her, aakash's and avni's photo.. In a side of the painting there was written


"Chupke se sun

Iss pal ki dhoon...

Iss pal mein jivan sara..

Sapno ki hai duniya yahi..

Meri akhon se Dekho zara..."


Aakash came from behind reciting the same lines.. Ananya looked towards him with teary eyes... Aakash came near to her.. He wiped away her tears and kissed on cheek...

Aakash: Zindegi yahi hai Ananya.. Sapna bhi yahi hai.. Khushiya bhi yahi hai.. Bas unn khushio mein jaan nehi hai.. Janti ho kiu?? (He cupped her face) Kiu meri jaan mein jaan nehi hai.. Wo zinda to hai par zindegi jeena chhor diya hai (Both had tears).. Iss ghar mein khushiya to hai par khushiya bhi khush nehi hai... Mai janta hoon Annaya Bohot kuch ho gaya hai.. Zindegi ne ek ajeeb sa morh le liya hai.. Par aise zindegi to rukh nehi jaati na?? (Ananya was only staring at him) Tumhari muskan jinki zindegi hua karti thi kya wo upar se yeh sab dek ke khush honge?? Nehi Ananya.. Maa Papa bilkul bhi khush nehi hai... Koi bhi tumhe iss haal mein nehi dekh sakte... Ananya Mai janta hoon boht mushkil hai.. Par kya hum sath rehkar iss mushkil ka samna nehi kar sakte?? Mai kuch nehi chahta Ananya.. Kuch bhi nehi.. Mai bas apni Ananya wapas chahta hoon... Meri Ananya wapas chahta hoon.. Please Ananya mujhe meri Ananya lauta do.. (With this he broke down)

Ananya immediately hugged him.. And for the first time after that incident she cried her out..


Days passed.. Ananya backed to her normal life... One day Aakash came to know that he has to go to find out those culprits who had done this to his family... After hearing this Ananya was not agree to let him go...

Ananya: Aakash.. plz mat jao mujhe chorke.. mai nehi reh paungi.. agar tumhe kuch ho gaya?? Kaise jiungi mai??

Aakash: Kuch nehi hoga Ananya.. Jab tak tumhara pyar mere sath hai mujhe kuch nehi hoga.. Aur mujhe bhi unn logo ko saza dilani hai jinke waje se hum ne maa papa ko kho diya...

Ananya: Par Aakash... Mai nehi reh akti tumhare bina... (Saying this she hugged him broke down)

It was very difficult for Aakash to make Ananya understand and finally she agreed... It was the night before  Aakash was to leave...


Ananya was standing near the window.. Aakash came near her and hugged her from back.. "I'm sorry. . ananya"

Ananya: I love you Aakash...

She turned towards him and hugged him tightly...

Aakash: Apna khayal rakhna.. aur  avni ka bhi.. Sath dadi aur kreetika bhi khayal tumhe hi rakhna hai..

Ananya: Please promise me Aakash tum wapas aaogey...

Aakash: I promise u Anaya I'll be back.. For u, for avni... Mai nehi janta kab.. par mai aunga.. tumhare paas, tumhare liye..

Jab Dua-e maine rab se mangi..

Tab jaake tu mila..

Baantlenge mill ke dono sathi..

Shikhwa ho yaa gila..



Wada raha, wada raha..

Wada raha pyar ka..

Wada raha, wada raha..

Wada raha pyar ka...

He broke the hug.. he kissed her.. it was a passionate kiss with all love and fear of losing each other... They broke only when they were unable to take breath.. After that Aakash took her in his arms and carried her to the bed...

Next day he left...

It was  very difficult for Ananya but she had to be stong... And of course she is strong.. Their love made her strong... It was the love of Aakash because of which she had the faith that he will be back... And with the strength of this love 5 years have passed... 

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zubiya92 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 04 August 2013
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Posted: 14 June 2015 at 9:38am | IP Logged
Awesome update
Love it
Cont soon
merry786 Senior Member

Joined: 16 March 2015
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Posted: 14 June 2015 at 10:08am | IP Logged
Superb finally past scenes came to an end...last scene of past was quite a sad one...
Both the chaptrz r soo beautifully written...loved them .,...
Dying to read next updates
-AnnieQueen- Goldie

Joined: 11 January 2015
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Posted: 14 June 2015 at 10:40am | IP Logged
Amazing chapters Apuni
by god fabulously written
loved both the chapters
AkYa's marriage wowwwEmbarrassed
their wonderful love
Anu giving birth to Avni
happy momentsEmbarrassed
the next chapter was surely a sad one
Anu's pain is immeasurable for sure
but her love is always there for her
hope Aakash comes back to his Anu soonEmbarrassed

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