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Akya FF ~Chupke se sun iss pal ki dhoon~ Last chapter page 22 (Page 12)

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Apuni don't worry
update when u feel good onlyEmbarrassed

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I'm Sorry Everyone for late update... I'm feeling better now.. thank you all for ur good wishes... Smile Smile Smile 

Recap:: Misunderstanding cleared between Akya... (Past)

Chapter 5:


Days passed like this.. By this time Aakash and Ananya became good friends..


One day  During the flight Ananya faced lots of difficulties.. And the captain of that flight was not a good person. He was selfish type.. After the landing the captain put all the blame on Ananya..  Ananya tried a lot but she was failed.. A committee  meeting was called.. And all the proves went against Ananya.. Though she was innocent but that captain made lots of artificial proves against her, even he deleted all the voice record of cockpit..

NOTE:: I'm copying this part from that Rathore Ananya  case epi, where the old man died and Rathore put all blame on Ananya..

She was shattered.. She had nothing to do.. All her dreams were going to die that day as they decided to suspend her.. But they say na that there are angels who were always their to help us when we are innocent.. and here he comes with all the proves which will prove her innocence.. Even he recollect the voice records also.. He didn't know why he did it... but he knew that this girl can't do anything wrong..  After seeing all the proves it was proved that Ananya didn't do anything and the captain was the actual culprit.. He was suspended for 1yr..

Aakash came out from he committee room followed by Ananya..

Ananya: Capt.. Wait..

Aakash: (Turned towards her smilling) yess first officer..

Ananya: I don't know what to say but thank u.. Thanks a ton..

Aakash: (Smiled) U r welcome first officer..

Ananya: Par capt.. Aap ko yeh sab kaise pata chala ?? I mean...

Aakash: 1st officer... jitna kuch mahino mein maine aap ko jana hai itna to samajh mein aa gaya hai k aap galat kuch nehi kar sakti.. To bass... I tried to find out nd agar aap ne galat kuch kiya nehi that means k wo proves wrong the.. to bass maine wahi suljhane ki koushish ki...

Ananya: I'm really grateful to u captain..

Aakash: It's okay 1st officer.. don't worry...

And at the time aakash's flight was announced...

Aakash: well first officer I'll take ur leave.. Flight ka time ho raha hai..

Ananya: sure captain..

Aakash:  Kal sham to milte hai..

Ananya: (Confused) kal sham ko??

Aakash: Arey aap bhul gayi??? Kal INDE ki 6th anniversary party hai.. remember??

Ananya: Ohh yeah capt.  Totally forgot..

Aakash: can understand.. Anyways see u.. bye..

Ananya: Bye..

After Aakash left Ananya stared for sometimes to the    way Aakash left and smiled...

It's the party night..

Unknowingly both were waiting for each other to meet... They didn't what is this but it's true that both were eagerly waiting for each other..

Aakash was in a black suit, looking devilishly handsome.. He was talking to other pilots but continuously staring to the door.. All were there but still he was feeling alone.. he didn't know why but yes he was waiting for her...

Suddenly he felt a clod wind.. He felt the emptiness is fulled... He looked towards the door.. there she came wearing a purple& black gown... She was looking breath taking beauty...

She walked towards him.. He was still staring her without blinking eyes... He came out from his dream world when she called him..

Ananya: Capt..

Aakash: ohh.. hi.. 1st officer...

Ananya: Hello capt..

Then she greeted other pilots also.. Natasha saw her and came towards her..

Nats: Hey Ananya..

Ananya: Hi Natasha..

Nats: Looking Fab yaar...

Ananya: Thanks..

Nats: I must say aaj tumhe dekh kar kuch logo ke to hosh hi urh gaye honge.. (Blinked at aakash)

Ananya: (Blussed) kya tum bhi...

Nats: Hahaha.. anyways.. come with me..

Saying this she took Ananya away from there...

The whole part time Aakash was just stealing glance of her.. She was doing the same...


"Ek din kabhi jo khud ko taraashe
Meri nazar se tu zara, haaye re 
Aankhon se teri kya kya chhupa hai
Tujhko dikhaaun main zara, haaye re
Ik ankahi si daastaan daastaan
Kehne lagega aaina Subhanallah..."


He was stealing glances of her while she was talking to others and smiling...  She noticed it and was having butterflies in her stomach...


Jo ho raha haim pehli dafaa hai wallah
Aisa hua, Subhanallah..
Jo ho raha hai pehli dafaa hai wallah
Aisa hua

He was smiling thinking what was happening to him... nd nodded his head in his stupidity...


Meri khamoshi se baatein chun lena
Unki dori se taarifein bun lena 

She noticed that he is following her everywhere.. She asked him through her eyes "What happen??" And he just nodded saying nothing.. both smiled...


Meri khamoshi se baatein chun lena
Unki dori se taarifein bun lena

He came close to her and whispered "Looking beautiful"  .. Her heart skip a bit.. he left...


Kal nahi thi jo aaj lagti hoon
Taareef meri hai khaamakha
Tohfa hai tera meri adaa

"She looked towards the way he left and blushed.."


Ek din kabhi jo khud ko pukaare
Meri zubaan se tu zara, haaye re
Tujh mein chhupi si jo shayari hai
Tujhko sunaaun main zara, haay re
Ye do dilon ka waasta waasta
Khul ke bataaya jaaye naa 

Jo ho raha hai, pehli dafaa hai Wallah
Aisa hua.. Subhanallah

He was day dreaming that he was dancing with her... He was about to kiss her when he came out from the dream hearing his name called by someone... He realized that he was having dream nd she standing away with other people...

Jo ho raha hai, pehli dafaa hai Wallah
Aisa hua..

He nodded with disappointment and left...



It was like "Do dill mill rahe hai.. magar chup ke chup ke..." Both were known to the fact that lots of thing have changed between them.. But they didn't realized that it's nothing but love... Both started becoming more close to each other.. they loved to spent time together.. BUT... Time is not always in our favor... Life is not a bed of roses..  That day both had plan for dinner.. Ananya got ready thinking about him...

It was unknown to all that Aakash was actually a DIB agent.. who was here to find out something in INDE.. He was about to left when he got a call from his boss and he was informed that Mahima, another DIB was dead and he has to go to border area right at that moment to meet someone... He had no other option..

She was already in the restaurant waiting for him.. Almost 1hr  had passed bt he was no where.. She called him but he didn't take the call... She was heart broken... Tears were about to come out bt she controlled her self saying he must be having some problem... She waited another hour.. Then suddenly she got a msg from him "I'm sorry.. I can't come".. She called back immediately... but the phone was switched off.. Her heart broke down into million of pieces.. She left immideately crying.. Decided not to talk to him... Reaching home she cried her out.. She didn't know why but yes she was hurt.. she was hurt worstly... If it was some one else she could understand but it was like she can't digest that it's Aakash.. She knew that he must be having some problem but heart was not ready to accept... After crying whole night thousand of questions came into her mind.. and finally she realized that she loves him.. yes Ananya rawat is in love... In love with Aakash Saluja...


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Chapter 6:


Next day after reaching airport she came to know that he was in leave for 15 days.. He had family emergency.. She was tensed thinking what must happened.. 

A new pilot Mr. Rohit Mafatlal joined INDE.. He was also a charming personality.. The very 1st moment he saw Ananya he fall for her.. Though they became good friends but all thought that they were seeing for each other.. 

Days passed.. Finally it's the day when he will join.. She was eagerly waiting.. she knew that they have a flight together.. She went to airport early.. He was already there hurt, heart broken hearing the rumors from others.. How can she do this to him?? Yes he didn't confess his feelings but doesn't she understand?? Thousands of questions came into his mind!!

She came to know that he's already in the cockpit.. She done the formalities in hurry and run to cockpit.. She entered, looked at him as she was watching him after light years.. "Aakash..." She called him..

Aakash: "Capt."

Ananya: sorry??

Aakash: We are in cockpit 1st officer.. You are supposed to call me "Capt" (Replied in cold tone without looking towards her)

Ananya: Sorry... (Paused) Capt..

Aakash: Will u plz have ur seat?? it's time to take off...

She was shocked and hurt at this behavior but somehow controlled her self and took her seat..

During the whole flight she tried to make conversation with him but she was failed.. After landing he left cockpit without saying anything... This thing continued for more than one week and it was enough for her.. She decided to talk to him...

She was him standing in the corridor..

Ananya: Capt. Aakash..

Aakash: Yes 1st officer..

Ananya: Mujhe aap se kuch baat karni hai..

Aakash: plz go ahead..

Ananya: What's wrong with you Aakash?? Kiu kar rehe ho aisa??

Aakash: Maine kya kia?? Phir se koi ladki cherha hai maine kya?? (Taunted)

Ananya: Stop it Aakash!! U know very well what I'm talking about..

Aakash: No Ananya.. I don't know...

She took a deep breath...

Ananya: Why the hell are u ignoring me??

Aakash: Ignoring you?? What rubbish??!!

Ananya: Aakash please.. stop it.. (She had tears) U hurting me..

Aakash: I'm hurting you?? Ohh.. really Ananya??!! Huh.. (He was about to leave)

Ananya: Aakash.. (Grabbed his hand)

Aakash: Listen mere paas tumhare yeh sab bakwas sunne ka time nehi hai.. I've lots of things to do.. 

Rohit was standing a little far but they can see them...

Aakash: (Looked at rohit) I'm sure u have lots of friends jo tumhare yeh bakwas sunna chahega.. But I'm not like them.. (Looked towards her)

She was really shocked.. never expected this behavior from him...

Aakash: Go and spend time with them.. I'm sure mere baat karne yaa karne se tumhe koi fark nehi padhne wala!!

Saying this he left... She couldn't take it anymore she ran to female washroom.. Natasha saw her running.. She followed her..

Nats: Ananya... kya hua?? Aise ro ku rehe ho??

Ananya hugged her crying and told her everything.. Nats understood that botha were madly in love with each other but they were way much stupid. So she decided to do something...


After somedays..

Ananya was sitting alone in her room... Then she got a  call from Natasha..

Ananya: Hi nats..

Nats: hello ananya.. kaisi ho?

Annaya: mai theek hoon.. tum batao..

Nats: Kya tum mujhse mill sakti ho?? Abhi...

Ananya: Nats Abhi?? But it's already 9pm..

Nats: I know Ananya.. but.. It's really  urgent..

Ananya: Okay fine..

Nats: Mai tumhe address msg karti hoon...

 It took almost 1hr for Ananya reach that place.. it was more than 10 of night.. The road was very dark, not a single life could be seen there.. Ananya came out from her car..

She thought in her mind "Pata nehi Natasha ne yaha kiu bulaya??!! I hope she is fine.." She tried calling her but her phone was switched off.. Ananya Then noticed that there was  a car standing in a little far.. She walked towards the car.. "Natasha are u there??" No one answered.. She went a little more close but no one was there.. suddenly she felt someone's hand on her shoulder.. she thought it to be Natasha..

She turned "Nata..." She got afraid seeing five goons..

She walked back.. "K.. k.. kaun hai aap log??"

They laughed..

"Kya chahte hai??"

One of then replied "Jawab khud hi sawal puch raha hai?? HAhaha.. ab itni khubsurat ladki samne ho to aur kuck zarurat hoti hai kya??"

"Hatiye yaha se.." she tried to leave but they one of them caught her hand "Kaha ja rehe ho jaaneman??"

"Leave my hand" she took her han out of their grip difficultly.. She started to run followed by the goons..

While running she bumped into someone.. She was to scared that she pushed him without watching the face.. and about to run when a hand caught her and brought her into his arms.. The 1st time she looked at him "Chhorho mujhe..."  She was shocked seeing the person and relieved.. She immediately hugged that person as tight as she can crying "Aakash..." HE also hugged her back... Then he looked towards the goons who were watching these... He broke the hug and moved her aside.. he went towards them black and blue.. The goons some how manage to run away...


He turned towards her... She was still crying... Both stared at each other for sometimes.. Then she ran to him and hugged him.. He too hide her in his protective embrace..

Ananya: Aakash... I was so scared.. (Sobbing) woh log...

Aakash: Ssshhh... Kuch nehi hua hai.. mai hoon na?? (Rubbed her hair)

Ananya: Don't leave me Aakash.. please.. Please Don't leave me...

Aakash: (Kissed softly on her hair) I won't Ananya..

Ananya: (Still sobbing) I know u are angry with me but please don't leave me alone.. woh log phir se aa jayenge...

Aakash broke the hug and cupped her face "Kuch nehi hoga Ananya.. mai yehi hoon tmhare paas... Look at me Ananya.. I won't leave u Ananya.. trust me.."

Ananya again hugged him.. She calmed down after sometime.. Then she realized that she is hugging  him for a long time but She loved this warm, she was feeling protected in his arms, she didn't want this time to end... She slowly broke the hug and looked towards him... He slowly cared her face and moved her hair behind her ear... She looked into his eyes...  She can easily see the depth of love for her.. The care only for her.. He was still holding her in his embrace by her waist.. Slowly they came closer to each other and sealed their lips with each others.. It was a long soft kiss.. After they broke Ananya rested her head on his shoulder, he also rested his head leaned on her head.. And then she confessed first "I Love you Aakash.. I really Do.."  He also did the same "I love you too Ananya.."  They stood like that for some moment.. Then suddenly they broke the hug with a jerk hearing a voice... "Yeepppieee" They looked towards to sound direction and found Natasha standing there with a Huge smile...

"Nats" Both screamed...

Natasha: Haan mai... Mujhe hi to hona chahiye tha na?? Akhir maine hi to bulaya tha tum dono ko...

Both Aakash Ananya looked towards each other confused..  and both said at the same time..

"Ananya ko tumne bulaya??"

"Aakash ko tumne bulaya??"

Nats: Yesss... And woh goons bhi mere hi the... :D

Akya: Kya????

Aakash: What's this nonsense Natasha??

Natasha laughed happily... "To mai aur kya karti?? Tum dono ne mere paas koi option hi nehi chhora tha"

Ananya: Kya bol rehi ho yeh sab??

Natasha: Ufff... pata nehi kin bewakufo se pala parah hai mera!!  Ananya hua yeh ki... uss din tumse baat kar ke itna to samajh mein aa gaya tha that u guys are madly in love.. par tum dono itni stupid ho ke ek dusre se aise hi nehi kahoge... So maine bohot soch samajh ke yeh plan banaya...

Aakash: Aisa plan?? Tum pagal ho??

Natasha: ajeeb baat hai yaar!!! Ek to tum dono ke liye hi kya upar se tum dono mujhe suna rehe ho!! Bhalai ka to zamana hi nehi raha!! (Made a fake angry face)

Ananya: Natasha...

Natasha: Hahaha.. chalo koi baat nehi... mai bht khush hoon ki finally tum dono ne confess kar liya... (She hugged them tightly) Abhi jaldi jaldi se shadi karlo aur mujhe Bua Maasi bana do..

Ananya: Natasha.. Kya tum bhi?? (Blushed)

Natasha: OMG!!! U r blushing... look at her Aakash...

Ananya: Shut up nats..

Aakash: accha abhi chalo bht raat ho gayi hai... Kuch deir ruke to sach mein goonde aa jayenge...

Natasha: Yeah... Btw Aakash.. unhe itna marne ki kya zarurat thi?? Tumhe pata hai ab mujhe unhe double paise dene parenge???

Aakash: Hahaha.. Ab bhukto tum...

Natasha: No way Aakash... Yeh paise mai tumhi se lene wali hoon...

Three of them laughed and left...

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Awesome update
Love it
Cont soon
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Omg past scenes are really great ...loved akya confession...amazing update...update asap
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Very nice update and at last akya confessed
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Nice update.Akya confessed their love.I just loved it.
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Woweee finally AkYa confessedBig smile
loved nats
dost ho toh aisa
loved the confession sceneEmbarrassed

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