A thin line- A Sidyali journey(chapter 4 updated) (Page 4)

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That was a beautiful chapter
How sid wanted her to stand up for him , to care about him , and how he feared loosing her . and then sidyali kiss Embarrassed
Update soon Smile

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Hello eveyone,
        I just wanted to thank all you guys for your wonderful comment and I'm really happy that I got more than a 1000 views.

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Originally posted by shakthi217

I just wanted you to know that this chapter contains a lot of dialogues and don't hate me in the end.

 I dedicate this chapter to krystal(#krystal)

I really enjoed writing this and I hope you like it




Utkarsh sat on the stone plank near the library and denied to accept reality that he just punched someone, he just lost everything in one punch, while Siddharth got everything for just fooling around and he hated the fact that he got Siyali. He didn't know how he did it but he just did, he won't even hurt a fly. He just found out to what extend he would go to protect his friends, but those friends hate him now, maybe Niti would understand but Siyali's soft spot for Siddharth won't work to his advantage.

"Utkarsh" he hoped it was Siyali, or Niti, or Parth maybe even Ayaz...but he was surprised to see who came to tend his wounds. He doesn't recall talking to her; he didn't know that she even knew his name. She was the last person that came to his mind but here she was, he haven't talked to her before, but she was the only one who acknowledged him and he respected that.

"Krissane, what are you doing here, don't you have classes now" she just stared at him and he just looked, her eyes were mesmerizing, he wondered whether it was ocean or sky blue before reminding himself that she wasn't his to see. She just smiled at him maybe it was the sweetest smile he had ever seen, it was comforting, why didn't Siddharth see what he saw in her.  It was the last period of the day and just like Hindi, English was compulsory. They missed half of the periods just because of their little stunt.

He felt bad that he was going to leave Rose but that was a dream, though it was hot and totally wrong it was a dream. But now, he wished that this wasn't a dream because he's seeing the most beautiful girl in the school and he's learning to feel and he hopes that she could teach him, all he saw is an angel, he forgot the whole school and he and her were the only one who existed.

"We managed to skip classes for the whole day, so why not the last period" she wasn't here to provide him comfort and he knew it he don't know how but he just does "Look Utkarsh I'm really sorry"

"No, you don't have to be sorry" he assured her, he wondered if this is what mother superior said about finding someone special, maybe Krissane was his special person she just doesn't know it yet, maybe she'll come around. She actually felt sorry for him, so she has a soul after all the Krissane that everyone claims to be is wrong deep down she was a good person and he knew it "It wasn't your fault"

One way or another Siddharth was his cupid, he was the reason why he found her, what was she doing here, that's what she's been wondering. She just didn't want Siddharth to get into trouble, just like the last time when Siddharth punched him, she came to make his mistakes right "Well you can either sit here all day or you could just come in with me"

It was a pity that Siddharth had her because she, she was beautiful. He had never seen his mother before and for the first time he wasn't worried about it...because she send an angel to look after him, to guide him, to help him. But again why is this feeling so strange to him. It was like all the hardship he went through finally paid off, he found her. She just asked him to walk with her.

Being a gentleman, he stood up and dusted his pants, she wasn't his, so he maintained a safe space from her and walked down the aisle.

Little did they know that someone was watching them and the mere sight of them together made his eyes turn red, he wasn't angry he was just betrayed by the ones he loved, Utkarsh didn't love him, but he loved Utkarsh and he felt that it wasn't right, it wasn't fair to him. Now that he knows he won't allow any other girl go near his Utkarsh, Krissane was a good girl and she wasn't allowed to go near Utkarsh, especially when she wasn't his.

He'll teach her a proper lesson for talking to his Utkarsh.

"But it's nearly two and we have English" he heard a voice coming from the library and it belongs to a girl, it almost sounded like...

"Siyali, the school's going to get over so what's the use of attending the last period"

He smiled at the couple's argument he knew Siddharth deserved more than Krissane and he thinks Siyali is a good influence on him. He knew that Urmila is plotting against them and he was the only one who knows it and he'll help them get through it just because they deserved each other. But as a senior he was supposed to keep in check he cannot allow students to roam around the hall during class hours, he took a huge gulp and was ready to handle anything the couple puts him through.

He busted through the door only to find the couple sitting in the most inappropriate position, Siddharth was lying there with his left arm around Siyali holding her tight to his chest, Siyali had her head against his chest and her legs thrown over his leg, he had his chin over her head and anyone who sees this won't mistake them for a couple but if they get caught they would be in great danger.

He understood what they were going through, they were scared that the society won't accept them and frankly they won't. But these guys will prove them wrong, they just wanted to get away from those prying eyes and he'd make sure that their secrets safe, he'd do whatever it takes to protect these both, Siddharth has been with him all those years all it is his time to return the favor.

"Siddharth" he called out to him, they both jerked away from each other and he hated the fact that he caused it, they stood up and adjusted their clothes "Hello Siyali" this was the first time he acknowledged her and frankly he was surprised too, he thought the girl was more strict and righteous but instead she was hanging out with his best friend who is the exact opposite "You can't be here now, Karthik sir would be coming for rounds and I suggest you both to escape through the back door"

"Back door" she knew then that both popular guys of the school were about to let her in a little secret.

By the time, Siddharth explained everything to Siyali, Ayaz started to move the giant Radhakrishnan portrait which led to series of staircase, it was a secret passage. Warrior high had more secrets than she expected and frankly he hates adventures "There's no time to waste"

"Do you trust me" Siddharth looked at her and held her hands in his, he looked at her with all his might and hope that she'd trust him. He was waiting for an answer he lend his hand out with such hopes, that she would hold onto him but this was so soon, she even started to think that the kiss was so soon and she just got his hopes up to, right now, they had to escape and this was the only way, she didn't know where it led but she decided to take a chance.

"No, I don't" but still she took his hand and walked through the passage.





"Garden?" he asked her.

 She just wanted a friend then, nothing more. She had been pretty lonely lately and half of her girlfriends hate her, she just thinks this would be a good time to make a change and Utkarsh was kind and smart, she hoped that he would understand her "Yeah, garden. I love flowers"

"I like them to" no, actually he didn't. The only flowers which grew in his orphanage are cacti, they grew cactus because they don't need water for survival and he skips half of the gardening period, he looked at her once again and decided not to lie to his angel "No, actually I don't"

She was surprised, everyone loves flowers and he didn't "Really, why?"

He looked at her once again and fought a battle within himself whether to tell the truth or not but then he can't really lie to her "I find them...depressing"

She started to laugh, he basically hated the one thing she loves and she's laughing about it, he never said this to anyone. She was the first one and she's laughing about it. Frankly he was glad that she found it...humorous "Depressing"

"Yeah all those different colors makes me puke, the only plant I've ever grown is cactus" she gave him a questioning look, why would he plant cactus if he claims that he hates plants "Because they don't need water to grow" he admitted and she started to laugh harder he decided to change the topic because if she laughs any harder she could die "Why do you like flowers"

"For the same reason you hate them" he stared at her harder as he didn't understand a word she says. "They're colorful, and they add a meaning to life...they manage to prove every time that they're better than any living creature on the planet" he could see the excitement in her voice; he just learnt that his angel likes flowers and that was a big deal to him "The only reason why I joined warrior high is because they have orcipes" he had no idea what that at means but if she loves it he loves it too. He didn't understand a word she says but still he found it amusing.

She started to get comfortable around him, she didn't have to act when he's around and she's never felt this comfortable or free with anyone else, but then she waved toward a bunch of purple white flowers, maybe they are orcipes she just grazed her hand over it without plucking them. "Are those Orcipes"

"Yeah" Utkarsh walked towards the flowers and did the same thing as she did, he refused to acknowledge that they were standing really close "You're not that bad as they say"

He's not bad at all, it's what his fellow classmates claims him to be, he's not a horrible person and no one gave him the opportunity to prove them that they were wrong but she did and she just got a nice friend who won't judge her by the way she acts instead sees the real her.

"Do you know where this tunnel leads to" he heard a distinct voice somewhere near the wall opposite to them. Maybe it was a ghost, but the feminine voice seemed familiar to both of them.

"Actually I don't" this was a masculine voice and was hoarse than Utkarsh's.

Krissane jerked really close to him when the wall started to open up, it was a secret passage. Maybe thieves broke into the school, but why would they come to school maybe terrorists ideas spun around Krissane's head while Utkarsh was curious. The door opened and what they saw really surprised all of them.

"Siyali" Utkarsh grasped. What was she doing with him?

"Siddharth" it was Krissane's time to grasp, but she knew this was going to happen.

"Utkarsh" Siyali addressed Utkarsh and he knew what she meant, she was wondering what he was doing with her.

"Krissane" Siddharth was wondering the same.

"Siyali, Utkarsh" they all turned to look at their third friend who was forgotten all this time, she stood on platform with tears in her eyes, but everyone was occupied by their own problems to notice her tears, she hated the fact that she was usually ignored because she was short when she didn't talk for a long time they went back to their own demises.

"What are you both doing" Siyali referred to how close they were standing the guilt over took them and they moved away from each other. Siddharth was supposed to be angry but he wasn't.

"Why are you both together" Siddharth questioned, not because of jealousy but out of curiosity.

"The hell, why are you both together" Krissane yelled because she was jealous and she knew what they were doing but she wasn't ready to give up her banner yet.

"That's none of your business, huh" Siddharth replied, honestly he didn't know what they were doing

"Come on Utkarsh, you can do better than her" Siyali addressed Krissane, and frankly both Siddharth and Utkarsh were surprised.

"You silly bi-

"Enough?!!" Niti's tears were blazing she was hurt and they were fighting about who their friend's hang out with. She hated to be ignored and here she was ignored by the people whom she had been hanging out with for her whole life.

Everyone rushed towards her and helped her but her tears kept falling Siddharth and Krissane locked eyes and they was over "Stop crying Niti"

Siyali commanded but still she wasn't able to stop, so they gave up but Utkarsh won't "What's the matter"

She tried to pull herself together and share the news and her pain which comes along with it to her friends, but Utkarsh would be living mess if this happens, she had to tell them now because when things get complicated in the future they would be able to handle it, she stopped crying and wiped her tears as Siyali rubbed her back comforting her "I know this is all of a sudden but"

"Niti..." now all four of them were staring at her as this was really important than their drama.

"Parth is dying"









Hope you...loved it

Peace out














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Nice update 
Utkarsh and krisaane's bonding was nice ...
Parth is dying ???? ShockedOuch
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Nice Smile i  hope they show uttu - krissane instead of showing rose in his dreams but parth ...??Ouch
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Amazing story
Plss pm me wen u update next part
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Just read last two chapters in one go.
It was  brilliant.
Sidyali kissed Blushing yipeeDancing
Utkarsh and krissane's  bonding was lovely.
Parth is dyingConfused
Waiting for the next part
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osm update!!
loved it !!

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