A thin line- A Sidyali journey(chapter 4 updated)

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Originally posted by shakthi217

Hello I'm back...within 12 hours and I just want to be quiet frank and tell  that I'm not satisfied with the response so as far as this is concerned I'd need atleast 20 reviews to continue.

So this chapter is clearly a flashback of what happened. Komplikovan zpsob' the place where Siyali lives is a Czech word for the hard way'.

So please don't leave without giving your opinion

I'm gonna take a friends advice and reduce the explicit content.#Starsfireflies

I suggest that you read the prologue of a thin line before you start so that you could understand the ending.


                                                                     Chapter 1

                                                          Holding on and letting go



She walked through the corridor to satisfy her thirst, it was half past eleven and she' not supposed to roam the corridor at this time, but her hiccups grew every minute and considering the fact that Krissane doesn't like people who sabotage her beauty sleep' she had to walk the corridors, even if it meant breaking the rules and she finally had an excuse to roam the corridors at night. She strolled slowly down the stairs, this reminded her of the time when she twisted her leg near the end of the staircase and Siddharth had to carry her.

Strange, the principal office lights were turned on, which means either Urmila or Anvesha Rajput' are there. Anvesha Rajput was pretty old and its' not healthy for her to stay up late, Urmila on the other hand was capable, plotting against her so that she would stay away from her new-found Rajput son, little did she know that she had captured the attention of the other Rajput, but she didn't know. She knew eavesdropping is an un-punishable sin, that doesn't make it right. But how could she avoid the topic if it's about her best friend.

"That silly girl has got Utkarsh wrapped around her fingers" she wondered who it was, as far as she knows there's no other girl in Utkarsh' life except Rose maybe, but she doesn't exist. But why does she care about Utkarsh, as far as she knew Urmila never got along with charity cases, but things didn't go unnoticed ever since her display at the boxing match and how terrified she was during the earthquake about Utkarsh, her curiosity grew day by day, maybe it's just a momentary affection, maybe she doesn't care about Utkarsh at all "Of course I care you idiot, he's my son"

The words triggered something in her brain, Utkarsh was her son, it can't be possible Utkarsh was the sweetest person she ever knew and Urmila was far from it. After all those years, Utkarsh cried because he didn't have a mother, though he had the frog, deep down he knew that it wasn't true and the last memory she had of his mother is when she left him with her.

The image was clear before her eyes when she left Utkarsh with her in the middle of nowhere, that's where mother superior found them, in the middle of the street. She should have known by now all those years when Utkarsh cried his lungs out, but she held on tight because she was supposed to. She should have known, but the Urmila she knew was shy, kind and good, but she was an entirely different person.

She grasped, and she knew that Urmila heard it she didn't made if for the run, because she knew she would never succeed, so she stood her ground, suddenly she felt a hand pulling her back, it was dark and she couldn't put a name on that face, but she was certain it was a he. He trapped her between his arms and his face was so close that he could feel her breath on his cheek.

"Is anybody here" Urmila stepped out of her office and begun to stroll down the halls, the mysterious guy buried his head deep until their bodies were touching in the most inappropriate manner, his head rested on her shoulder and her face was buried deep in the nape of his neck. Urmila returned to her conversation on the phone, as she was more concerned about the person on the other line. The person pulled her further into the darkness until they were out the residence.

"Are you mad?!!" the light from the moon bounced on his face and she was finally able to put a name, Siddharth Rajput. The arrogant son of the school' principal who managed to get everybody on his side except maybe Siyali, he even managed to tag along with Parth and Utkarsh, hell, he managed to convince Niti. But they were pure good intentions, but considering the fact that he has been giving her all those mixed signals, things got awkward and she just knew they can't be friends.

"What are you do-" the theory just struck her and the things which were blue to her once finally made sense. She should have found out earlier but she doubt Siddharth knew it all by know, but knowing that Urmila was a secretive person she doubt it. "Do you know that-th-th"

He looked confused, she won't blame him though and if anything she'd blame Urmila. "Know what"

She decided to break the silence, someone had to stop this game and sadly it had to be her, she and Siddharth never got along and she knew it. No matter how badly she wanted them to be nemesis, circumstances brings them together, or rather fate "That you and Utkarsh are brothers"

She found it hard to breathe and tears began to roll down her face, she can't explain why but they just did "Siyali-"

"I should have known, considering all the-" she panicked, worse, she panicked in front of her nemesis, and she just found out that he is the brother of her best friend.

"Siyali?!!" he held her by her arms and pushed her to the nearest pillar, he knew she was scared but something was better than nothing, she perfectly pulled out the avoiding game unlike him, he just wanted her to know how he felt.

He liked her from the very beginning, when he saved Utkarsh' frog and considering how much time they spend together, he felt like he was the only one who was experiencing these mixed emotions, though he succeeded at the beginning, by putting up so many wall, with his cool attitude, none of them worked when he was with her and most of the time he liked the way he felt.

Though she claims Utkarsh is her friend, it's not practical. Atleast for him, sometimes he wishes that he was Utkarsh so that he'd have Siyali to himself. Even if it meant living in the orphanage and going through what he went.

He can't explain why he feels what he's feeling now. Ever since childhood he was taught to obey, abide by the rules, attain success, live up to his family's name, but with her he feels different, all he wanted to do is please her, become the man she wanted. He liked the fact that she cares like a mother and he had noticed how he behaves around Niti and Utkarsh, sometimes he wishes it was him.

She tempted him each time without doing anything, even right now all he wanted to do is shower her with his kisses, but she wouldn't like it and he respects it. That's it he felt like she should know it and finally he blurted "I know"

He knew from the very beginning, the moment when Siyali let go of his hand, while she held on tight to Utkarsh, that's why he never liked Utkarsh, because he was closer to her than him, you can call this jealousy because that's what it is.

He fed his anger while he punched him in the ring, but still he didn't win, because he knew that it wouldn't get him her, but still he punched, he punched make him realize what he took from him all those years ago and yet he managed to get all the attention in the end.

It wasn't fair, according to him, Utkarsh had to be told to hold on tight while that's all he did, hold on tight. He knew that if he lets go he won't be seeing her for a long time, so he didn't let go, she left him. She returned after all these years, blossomed into a new leaf, but she didn't remember him, how could she forget, he repeated the same question to himself numerous times and was always left unanswered. But for him, she was all he remembered.

"You really don't remember do you" he knew the answer but he asked anyways, she had forgotten by now.

She perfectly remembered the boy she held on tight but she forgot the boy she let go, as far she knew he was shy and he never let go of anybody's hand while walking. He never disobeyed anyone and he was her favorite. And then it suddenly clicked.

"You...Your Siddharth" realization struck her and all these mixed feeling and the attraction finally made sense. In that moment, she forgot the high school bad boy who was her nemesis, and pictured the innocent boy who held on to her. Suddenly she felt guilty, she felt guilty because she let him go, she felt guilty because she didn't hold on tight like he did but mostly...she felt bad that she forgot while that's all he held onto.

He had that look, the kind of look that said he was relieved and frankly he was. He was happy; he finally knew that she knew what he did. There were tears in his eyes he was overwhelmed with happiness.

The hand that gripped her hard softened and bought her in for a hug and the best part is she leaned into his touch, his grip tightened within seconds. She buried her face deep into his chest and cried harder since she had a lot of information to process that night he on the other hand, was more than happy, he caressed her hair until her breathing slowed down and loosened his grip around her and finally they pulled away, unwillingly.

"Good night, Siyali"

She didn't reply but she smiled. She just smiled.


Hope you like it


Peace out.



Chapter 3-

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I must say it's so beautiful update ...Day DreamingI loved every part of it I mean every single thing ..Clapjust fab plz do write more and do continue Thumbs Up

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omg...i m spellbound...Embarrassed
don't know what to say... was an amzing update...
loved each n everybit of it...
plzzz do continue n don't leave in the
middle plzz...Big smile

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ohmygod its lovely! Update more! Smile
I really loved it! Tongue
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I am in awe of ur flawless writing .
Its marvelous  .
Great going girlClapClap
U r excellent in penning a character's emotions
Plzz update the next part!!!

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wonderful... Clap
aww... sidyali was soo cute in tis...Day Dreaming
do continue...
its soo osm...
would love to read more ...Heart
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Originally posted by shakthi217

Vanakam! Finally I uploaded the second chapter and I dedicate this to Lunalovegood(#Lunalovegood).

I just want everyone to know I explain a lot about their emotions since I don't know hindi. Do you know how hard it is to read a sidyali fanfic without knowing Hindi, I have to use the translator every time.

 Anyways hope you enjoy this

                                                      Chapter 2
                                          xxx Letting  go xxx

The following morning, all the girls were ready by seven, though the classes start at three-thirty, the first period for the week would be Hindi, which was taken by Ms.Kamini. But a certain black haired girl, with plush pink lips refused to face the morning. It's not because she was sleepy she wakes up before anyone else, she didn't know how to break the news, that the guy who beat him to death two weeks ago was his brother. But at the same time she was happy and excited she found her long lost friend, who happens to be studying in the same school as her. Little did she know Siddharth was waiting outside the dorm for her.

His excitement grew every minute and he knew he can't stay away from her, the girl he waited for all these years has finally returned to him. He knew that she can't reciprocate his feelings, as that is a lot to ask. He remembered their hug and the smile on his face widened, maybe that's how it's supposed to be. Maybe Utkarsh is his brother, but that doesn't give him the right to get intimate with his girl. His girl, that's how it's going to be. He was wondering what was taking her so long, for a second there he actually considered going into the dorm, but he can't risk getting into trouble.

She finally appeared from the dorm in her white shirt which was hidden underneath her blue coat and her coffee-brown short skirt which was above her knee. God she drives him crazy. She on the other hand acted like last night never happened and everything was perfectly normal. Atleast that's how she thought it was going to be. She thought everything's going to normal, but they weren't. Ever since last night, all she could remember is the boy she let go, the boy she let down. She felt guilty, she promised herself that she was going to act more civilized and not get intimate with him, but this was the exact opposite, he's waiting outside the dorm for her and had this huge grin. He wishes everything's going back to normal, the kind normal he wished for , she'd become the Siyali he knew, they'd walk together holding hands, they'd kiss, graduate, go to the same college, work at the same place, get married and have kids. They mere thought of it overwhelmed her. But the thing is, that's all he wishes for.

"Hey" the most casual word that two fellow-students use when they meet overwhelmed her.

"Hi" she replied, very carefully. She doesn't want to get his hopes high.

He on the other was determined, he just wanted her and he didn't get a hint, she wasn't ready to face him yet. Yet here he was trying his best to please her. She wished that nobody sees them but he didn't care, he was way too excited to see her again and now that she knows all he wants do is corner her and kiss her, but the other part of him remembered her as a mother, Urmila burdened her with the task of looking after Utkarsh and him, when they were young. She was taller than him back then and Utkarsh was dependent on her most of the time, mostly because he wanted her attention, but she was attached to Siddharth more than anyone.

She didn't want things to look awkward so she flashed him a smile, a bright one, a real one, but that smile was mistaken for something more. He was moving really fast and she found it difficult to move along with him, ignoring the signs he moved closer and enclosed her soft left hand with his hard rough ones which he earned from years of boxing.

She started to panic like the previous night, like every time she's with him. Without thinking twice she pulled her hand away, now this gave him the right signal, he just realized that she was coping with him. It was worse than the first time when she was forced to leave him and now she's leaving him by choice, but he wanted her to hold his hand he wanted the Siyali he knew, but life made her face many obstacles which forced her to grow up. She didn't have time for love, like now and she can't run along with him, he was way faster than her.

"I think we're moving too fast" her found it hard to breathe but that's what happens to her every time she opens up to someone and they let her down, so how is this any different.

"Fast" he muttered the word under his breath but it was loud enough for her to hear and he laughed, loud enough for the whole corridor to hear, luckily no one was there "FAST?!!"

History' repeating itself, unlike her he didn't have the guts to voice out his feelings, he was hurt to, he had to suffer a lot, but still Utkarsh was the one who got all the sympathy in the end and he got blamed for everything. But still, he didn't loose his mind, he stayed calm and took the blame, because he knew if he reacts he'll never get her. So he stayed calm for all those years, even when she didn't remember him he didn't react, he gave her some space and she came around and now she complains that they are moving too fast.

"Siddharth" tears welled up in her eyes and she was controlling them, she pitied the boy she once knew, he was innocent and pure but this boy is anything but. Within seconds he had his hands on either side of her head, and caged her between his arms in the adjacent wall. He stared right through her, she could see everything the agony the pain, the suffering, everything in that one look. Her eyes were soft and pleading but his were hard and tough neglecting her any kind of comfort.

She was scared and he was making her. She didn't like that feeling, but then again he just lost it. His entire life he's been scared of whether he'll lose her even after she remembers and that just happened, so what's stopping him.

"Siddharth I'm scared" and honestly he was scared to, he was scared whether he'd hurt her, physically and emotionally. He knew that he had already succeeded emotionally. Physically, he doubts it.

Everything he wants was standing before him but she wanted different things, had a different dream. But if things go unsaid for too long then ultimately, he'll lose her one day, he hopes that day wouldn't come. He didn't want to give her the comfort like the previous night and he didn't 
want to hurt her at the same time he just wants her to feel his pain.

"I've been scared my whole life Siyali" some things had to be said and there was no better time "I was scared I'd never see you again and even if we do, I was scared that you won't remember me, but I never expected this" his left hand groped her right arm, hard. It was strong enough to leave a mark. But none of them mattered to her, she just waited for the next few words to be spoken, as they have an undeniable truth that she'd never accept.

But his eyes fell on her lips and then back to her eyes he leaned in closer but she didn't move, she's never been in a situation like this before so she didn't know what to do he just hopes one day she feels the same way as he feels for her, he leaned a little bit closer until their breathing mixed his hands moved to her waist to keep her in place and her hands flung around his shoulder, he leaned in closer until their foreheads were touching, she closed her eyes, preparing herself for what happens next.

"Siyali" A distinct voice which was less hoarse and manly than Siddharth called out to her, she pushed Siddharth until he hit the nearest pillar. She didn't know why she did that maybe she was scared that she did something wrong, or maybe she was embarrassed. He looked back at her with such innocence for a moment she forgot the teenager.

He on the other hand came prepared, he prepared himself to go with the flow and what led him but she wasn't but a small part of him was happy, but that didn't last long when he looked back and found that the person who interrupted them was none other than Utkarsh, his unworthy brother, his blood boiled by the mere sight of him because he knew if Siyali had to chose between him and Utkarsh she'd choose Utkarsh, and that angered him.

The fact that she always chose him and she knew it, she knew it that she wanted her to put him first but she can't, she just can't. He still held onto her hand though and she didn't push him that's the least she could do, he didn't want to let go, she was supposed to be holding on to him, but here it was the exact opposite.

"Siyali, we have to go" Utkarsh yelled out to her, she wanted to stay she didn't want to let go, but she had to she let his hand fall to his sides and she to walk along side Utkarsh.

Everything was a haze to Utkarsh right then, the person she said that she hated was held her hand like she meant the whole world to him and she didn't even resist, he wanted to know what he did to her, but it wasn't the right time to pop up the question.

Siyali on the other hand, nothing is going to stop her from seeing him, if anything was standing in their way it would be Krissane, she never thought of her until now, he had a girlfriend, then how could he act like this around her, if anything she had to face reality at one point at life because if this continues she could end up getting hurt, considering the fact that Siddharth doesn't like her, let alone love her.She hope that they break up one day.

She turned back to look one last time only to see him staring back at her.
Hope you liked it

Peace out


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Wow ! Beautiful you expressed it very well Thumbs Up plz continue 

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