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~|KYY 200 episode Celebration Thread|~

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For all those times you stood by me
For all the truth that you made me see
For all the joy you brought to my life

You gave me wings and made me fly
You touched my hand I could touch the sky
I lost my faith, you gave it back to me

Rage-Care, Passion-Fight, Friendship and Loveriyan
This is all about the show named Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan
The journey of this show started on 21st July 2014. This show completes it 200th episode successfully on 6th May. Within one year of time span Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan have made a record being the ruling Youth Show of Indian Television. 

The main cast and crew along with  includes Parth Samthaan, Niti Taylor, Utkarsh Gupta, Ayaz Ahmed, Charlie Chauhan, Krissan Baretto, Veebha Anand, Kishwer Merhcant, Zain Imam, Jasmine Avasia and Dishank Arora.

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Manik Malhothra 
Manik symbolizes the epitome of arrogance, self-dom and pride. He is the lead singer of the Band Fab5. Manik falls in love with Nandini and leaves behind his arrogance and monster Manik. He share a special bond with his band members, mother and Nandini. Nandini and his friends are life of Manik and he hates his Mom - Niyonika for some reasons.

Nandini Murthy
A fun loving girl from Manglore reaches the city of dreams to fulfill her dreams in singing. Nandini was a part of NH3. A great friend of Navya and love of Manik. She is a positive thinker and is a shining star of Manik. She changes Manik's life from the darker side to the bright one.

Cabir Dawan
The Drummer in Fab5 band. He lives with his mom after the divorce of his parents. He is a gay. He was in love with the teacher Raghav who left him alone due to fear of this world against their relationship. He shared a different relationship with Manik. he helps him is accepting his love towards Nandini over Druv. His mom is thinking his sexuality as his sickness.

Druv Vedant
The most mysterious character who gets a unknown attacks similar to Rishab - Nandini's Brother. He is one of the guitarist in Fab5 band. He is a silent member and had a crush on Nandini motivated by Aliya. In turn he falls in love with Aliya. Manik is not only his friend but also his brother.  He also shared a special bond within the band.

Aliya Saxena 
Aliya the keyboard player of the band Fab5. She was in a seven years of relationship with Manik which she was used to and it became her duty to be. After the breakup she fell in love with Druv. She shared a good relationship with Mukti another band member. She is the sister of Harshad Saxena.

Mukti Vardhan
Mukti is another guitarist from the band Fab5. She had a relationship with Harshad Saxena.Her breakup made her more strong and a bad thought towards men. She was the one who dint leave any loop hole in making Nandini dance in front of the mean worker. She found love once again when she met a cancer patient Abhimanyu Thakkar. She shares a good relationship with Cabir's mom and Aliya.

Navya Naveli
Navya Naveli is one among them who come to the land of dreams to live their dreams. She messed up with Fab5 and got a tight time in SPACE. Then she became friends with Nandini. She was in a relationship with Harshad, and he used her and moved on. She is now living for her and her unborn child. 

Abhimanyu Thakkar
Abhi was a cancer patient who was aware of his days in this world. He is the one who would take away the credit of bringing the smile again on Mukti's face. He made her understand the meaning of true love. He died due to his illness.

Niyonika Malhothra
Nionika the trustee of SPACE and she keeps SPACE first above all. Mother of Manik whom he hates to the core. She is an example of beauty with brains and she shares a over the table relationship with Manik. She has some past with Harshad. She is a self-centered woman.

Rishab Murthy
Rishab is the brother of Nandini Murthy. Maybe he dosent speak but his actions does. He gets similar attacks like Druv a member of Fab5 band. He was the main element to make Manik and Nandini to come closer.

Harshad Saxena
He is the brother of Aliya. He was in a relationship with Mukti and Navya. He left both the girls leaving Mukti heart broken and with the unhealed scar and Navya with the child. He share a secret with Niyonika and a most bitter relationship with Manik. He left the college and Aliya's life.

Soha Khurrana
She is the daughter of Khuranna and she was a psyco. She was in obsession with Manika and she was about to kill Nandini because of that. She accidently fell into the fire while Mnaik was saving Nandini from the fire.

He is one of the famous student of Ams and a musician of classical note. he was invited to conduct the Fusion Concert in the SPACE where he comes and finds out that Nandini is the grand daughter of his Guru Maa. He and Manik dosent get along with each other and he tries to separate Mnaik and Nandini along with the help of Niyonika. He has a secret and a its grey.

Grand mother of Nandini who brought her up after Nandini's parents left this world. She is a music teacher and a dance teacher too. She lives in Manglore. She trained Tirlok who trains Nandini for the fusion concert.

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Manik and Nandini's relationship started with the note of hate and fight. But no sooner the track was all set in the path of love. They shared a intimacy in the store room scene. The track continued with many hardships. Manik sacrificed Nandini for his buddy even then no one could prove their love wrong. Nandini is Manik's shining Star and Manik Nandini's hope. 

Druv- Aliya
Their relationship started with an accidental kiss. Neither of them was none's second choice but still somehow the thought was there down somewhere. They realized their love and broke up suddenly. Both of their pasts are not ready to leave them live their life. They carry them in their relationship which makes their relationship weak.

According to Mukti it was love and according to Harshad it was fun. He fooled and played not only with her but also with her thoughts, emotions and with her life. The girl not only grew stronger but also in a wrong way and she felt numb sleeping with random guys.

Mukti - Abhimanyu
It was too late to realixe love between them. Abhimanyu a cancer patient who was counting his days made Mukti feel the true love for the first time. But maybe their relationship was not at the right time. It was time for him to go leaving Mukti back. But the days where they spent to gether was unforgettable for both of them.

Their relationship was illegal due to the norms of India. So they had to part their ways. Raghav was afraid to take this relationship further and he left Cabir with no option but to leave him all alone. Cabir somehow fought the trauma and he engaged himself with his friend duties and other works.

Harshad used Navya to be his bait to form the band against Fab5. He named his band NH3. Navya was used by Harshad. Navya was warned many times by Mukti even then Navya believed Harshad. Harshad left Navya after the night were they were together. Navya bears the child of Harshad.

Navya - Cabir

Navya being pregnant was not able to stay in girls hostel. So she was in a need of a shelter when Mukti gave her the keys of Cabir's house. Thus Cabir and Navya ended up living in the same house. Later on Navya's mom mistakes Cabir to be responsible for the baby Navys carrying. 

Druv who has always shown a softer side towards Nandiniw hile the whole Fab5 was bullying her was her first friend among the Fab5 members. Druv mistook Nandini's approach as love and Aliya added fuel to is as she could get back Manik in her life. Nandini refused his proposal and they are back being friends.

Fab5 Group 
A group of 5 members - Manik, Aliya, Mukti, Cabir and Druv. Five different  people with five different mindsets and backgrounds come together and makes a successful band. They are all famous and girls go gaga on Fab5 guys. Manik the lead singerand guitarist, Druv and Mukti guitarist, Aliya - Keyboard and Cabir the drummer boy.

NH3 Group.
A group of 3 members. Nandini, Navya and Harshad. It was made my Harshad to take revenge on Fab5 and Mnaik. But the team was not strong. Harshad and Navya had a relationship while Nandini was mostly used as a bait. They broke up on the Musicana event.

Manik - Cabir
Manik and Cabir's relationship as friends is so real and good. Both stand in each others difficulty. Manik helped Cabir in confessing that he is a Gay and Cabir helped Manik to confess his love towards Nandini. Cabir and his plans have never failed in bringing MaNan together. Cabir stayed at Manik's house when he got out of his house.

Manik and Druv share the best buddy relationship within the band Fab5. They are best buddies. Manik will always be there where Druv needs him. Manik sacrificed his love Nandini for Druv. Manik's music will get back old Druv whenever he suffers from the mysterious attack. Thus they share a deep friendship.

Nandini - Navya
Navya and Nandini are the first friend of each other in SPACE. They both stopped Shahid from commiting Suicide and stole the headlines. Navya was bullied by Fab5 and helped by Nandini leaving Nandini in their trap. Nandini helped Navya to get back to college and Navya helped Nandini in many ways too. Both girls of SPACE were also was a part of NH3 Group.

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There was a beautiful butterfly in the town of Manglore. The plot opens this way were the cute little one was flying with its grace. It was Nandini Murthy. Here opens her story of fireflies and her love for them. She was in a mission of patching up a couple and she succeeded it too. The story of Band of brothers, the story of Ams, The light, the star and what not. There was the first meeting of Nandini and Manik on the roads. An unknown meet. Nandini traveled all the way from Manglore to Mumbai for her studies. Nandini arrived at Mumbai and so Navya on the other hand an ambitious girl with innocence brimming reach the town of dreams. Shahid a student of S.P.A.C.E was misled by a member of Fab5 group Cabir to a party where he was to me made fun. Unknowingly Shahid reaches the spot and gets into trouble. This was just because he has posted a love poem on the timeline of fellow band member Mukti. They posted the pictures and videos in all possible places. Shahid has no other go so he decided to go away from all these shame. He decided to suicide so he climbed up a building. Meanwhile Nandini is describing about the weird college on phone as she saw Shahid on the top of the building she and Navya went for the rescue. And made him change his decision and made the heroes of SPACE academy. And there was our Mukti scaring away a pundit ji. The day in college as usual it's a weird place for Nandini . She and Navya became friends and the introduction of Fab5 members and their families. Navya got to know that Fab5 are practicing and she went there waving the invitation to be made into a fun video. And she broke a string of Manik's guitar and yea there she got the love invitation for the world of hell. She was invited somewhere in the college and she was asked to find a rat in the dustbin. And she was locked there and left alone all night. During mid night with the conversation with Shahid and seeing a video on YouTube Nandini reached the college and with the help of Druv she rescued Navya. Navya was threatened by Fab5 to say out the name of her savior. She refused and soon she was given a egg bath, which was unbearable for Nandini to watch all this she made herself into the trap of Fab5. Now Nandini is their New target. Why it has to be hard for Nandini everytime?? She decided to leave this weird place when she got to know she has got a scholarship which would help for Rishab's treatment and she has to keep her secret with herself. Now she was asked by her Chachi to deliver some products and it was Cabir's mom where all the other were partying there that day. Manik got to know Nandini was there and he was there again to play with her. He got Nandini's fathers pen from Rishab and he made Rishab fall on the pool. Harshad brother of Aliya was the savior here to save Rishab. Now Nandini had no other go. She need to do anything to get that pen back. She did all that was given to her as tasks. To read a story, To kiss, To dance and at last she poured her vent on Dhruv where he gave a letter that her pen will be given to her by Manik and when she reached he threw the pen away and got the memorable punch from Nandini. Later there was a NGO program where Manik took Nandini's name and got her there to sing. They preformed well and while getting back to college Manik took her to a party where Nandini was made to break a sculpture and made a Spot girl for Manik. Spot he meant that name cleaning his house, Following him, Sir, cleaning his shoes and what not he made her do all things possible. And she obeyed him. Harshad was in college and he was Mukti's ex and he is using Navya now. Being Manik's spot Nandini has to face many problems. Harshad was trying to harm Manik where he choose to take the path of Druv. Nandini knowing this reached Dhruv and Manik misunderstood all the plan to be Nandini's. Just then Manik and Nandini shared an accidental kiss and Aliya was feeling jealous and she wanted to things go her way.  He asked her to drink a dirty drink which Dhruv was not agreeing with so he made the drink fall and he fell himself where he saved Nandini from that drink and that was the start of friendship. Just then she found out that Dhruv has a same problem as Rishab and she tried to figure it out. While she was a spot she once had a chance to see Druv suffer and she was mistaken by Manik. When Manik came to know about Nandini and her brother, a soft corner grew inside him. Meanwhile Aliya was insisting Mnaik to leave Nandini and he decided to leave her. The birth of new band of 3 members was formed during the friendship day. They decided to meet at Harshad's place where Fab5 are partying on Aliya's place. Again Manik and Nandini had to meet. Where Mukti and Harhad were stealing a moment here Nandini and Dhruv were setting their track of friendship going which was constantly bothering Manik. And making Aliya insecure more and more. There was a moment where Navya was rescued by Harshad and Nandini by Dhruv. Which again made Manik go uncomfortable. Due to Aliya's insecurity she set goons against Nandini, But unfortunately Dhruv got there and so Manik this has made a drift between both when Dhruv and Nandini thought the goons were set by Manik and Dhruv punched Manik while Aliya was watching all the drama hiding behind a wall. Due to this cause Nandini was expelled by the trustee of the college who is Manik's mother. Meanwhile Mukti attempted a suicide where Harshad and Aliya made Mukti understand and they shared a Fab5 moment. No sooner Harhsad was set in a mission to bring Nandini back into the college against Manik. Outside the college Nandini asks Dhruv to talk with Manik and makes him realize the value of friendship. As Harshad started a mission to bring Nandini back in college, college authority accepted Nandini as student again. Dhruv brings guitar for Manik, fab5 gets ready to play a song but they are shocked seeing Nandini at college. Harshad says to Manik fab5 is newly experiencing the test of defeat. Manik warns Harshad, fab5 will never loose. Fab5 walked out from the room and let NH3 practice. Dhruv and Manik misunderstand solves after knowing that Manik didn't send those goons to Nandini. Nandini bumped with Manik and she got hurt in her ankle, Manik felt bad but din't show his care. Harshad praises Navya and she started dreaming with him. Dhruv sees Alya to give by ClickCaption"> money to those goons and comes to know about the truth. Alya apogises to Dhruv and he says he say nothing to Manik. Dhruv comes o meet Nandini but gets attack seeing a shooting star, Nandini calls Manik and he rushes to caf. He sings for Dhruv and Nandini also joins him. Dhruv feels relax and falls asleep. Manik says to Dhruv, he can be friend with Nandini. Cabir has started keeping secret from his friends about R'. He introduced a girls named Rose to fab5 as his girlfriend. Harshad warns Manik thath he will break fab5 and Manik said he can't. Raghav sir gave notice to all the particpants to perform at 3PM. Harshad makes plans and lock Manik-Nandini in store room. Raghav sir upsets seeing the missing members in both the bands. He asks themto be present tomorrow morning for the performance. Manik helps Nandini to unlock the window but she falls. On this day they come closer to each other and Nandini gets to know a new Manik who is afraid of darkness. According to the plan, Harshad brings Alya and Navya at college and they see Manan together in store room and Alya questions Manik but he doesn't answer. Next morning Raghav sir takes fab5 and NH3 members to jungle and gives task to find musical instruments from the jungle those he hidden there and they will play only those instruments they can find. Manik wants to warn Nandini about Harshad but he fails to say anything. Nandini finds drum sticks but Manik takes them being tall. Harshad tries to talk with Mukti but she doesn't pay heed to him. Mukti finds another musical instrument. Harshad and Manik both spot a guitar and so as Nandini. Nandini runs to get the guitar but she falls from the cliff. Manik goes to save Nandini while Harshad takes the guitar. Manik cathces Nandini's hand but he also rolls down with her. Somehow Manik comes up taking Nandini, tries to console her but can't. Raghav sir informs them that they have 1 hour to practice and after then they will perform. Nandini suggests performing both the bands together. Fab5 denies first but later agrees and perform together that makes Raghav happy. On that night, Manik-Nandini thik about eachother. Next day Manik tells fab4 that Harshad is a next target and make a plan with the help of Rose to trap Harshad to show Navya and Nandini how evil he is. Navya brinks a handmade cake for Harshad which Nandini was hloding in her hand but Manik spoiled the cake. Nandini asks him to apologise he got furious, didn't say sorry and gets close to kiss her but he doesn't kiss and says sorry to her. Harshad is trapped by fab5 and NH3 members see him flirting with Rose. Manik comes and says he had sent those goons to Nandini but Alya says she was the one who sent those goons and Manik gets shock even after knowing Dhruv was also aware of it. Harshad manages to clarify his image to NH3 members and get back together. Manik warns Nandini about Harshad but she tells him not to break friendship just because of his ego. Manik breaks up with Alya but says that they will be friends and their break up should not affect fab5 and they will reveal their break up to fab5 members after Musicana. Nandini and Navya think Harshad is not bad; he was just trapped by fab5. Next day Raghav sir tells NH3 to perform rock and fab5 to perform classical that leave both the bands in shock. Raghav appoints Mukti as a charge of NH3 to teach them rock and Nandini for Fab5 and that too for only one hour. Manik makes Nandini fall, he got hurt in head and it started bleeding. Manik feels bad but doesn't help her. 1 hour passes and Nandini leaves. Manik touches her wound making excuse, mocks her saying "Professor Nandini Murthy, keep teaching us lessons, it's a good fun" Along with the time fab5 members find Cabir's girlfriend Rose behavior little weird. Fab5 comes to Alya's house for practice and on the other side NH3 also comes at Harshad place for practice. On that night Manik comes to know Cabir lied to them about Rose, actually the girl is not his girlfriend and asks him to tell the truth. Cabir says tomorrow after performance, he will tell him the truth. Dhruv started dreaming with Nandini as he gradually understands his feelings for her. The next day in semifinal round NH3 performs well. During fab5 performance Manik goes missing as he takes Rishabh to hospital who got attack while came to college to give that lucky pen to Nandini. Manik can't leave Rishabh in that state so he sings through phone. Nandini comes to know about it, rushes to the spot and sees Manik caressing Rishabh. Manik gets angry at her not receiving his phone. Sir declares both the team are going to final round but Harshad says Manik sang through phone so just because of that Fab5 was the runner up and NH3 celebrates it. In night Nandini comes to Manik house say thanks to him but Manik has already called Cabir to come at his place as they have a pending chat. Manik comes at room and sees Nandini asleep. Nandini wakes up and says thanks and he is the hero and he has good side inside him but Manik says he doesn't wanna be the hero. Cabir comes at that moment he hides in bathroom, after then other fab5 members also come so he asks Nandini to hide in cupboard. Fab5 members spend the night at Manik's place and Nandini passes the night under his bed. Harshad drops Navya at hostel and Navya falls for him. Next morning she lefts the house while Manik was sleeping. Harshad throws party at college to celebrate their victory and to defeat Fab5. Manik mocks Harshad in front of everyone. Nandini comes to Manik and says they can work together on Rishabh-Dhruv case. First Manik hesitates but later agrees and asks her to come at 7PM at his house but Nandini says they will meet at 7AM. They fight and can't reach an agreement. Navya comes to Nandini and says she has fallen in love with Harshad. Fab5 talk about love and so is NH3 in different places. While Manik and Nandini both say love means trust to them. Cabir keeps practicing in a room and Raghav sir comes and says some words. Raghav sir says to Cabir that he cares for him. Manik calls Nandini and asks her to meet him and they shake hands to work on Rishabh -Dhruv case.

MaNan's partnership starts here for Dhruv n Rishab's treatment but as usual they cant be together without fighting n with some conditions that they wont change for anyone n they ends up with a cozy moment n challenges that they will see who changes for whom. Other side Aliya finds anti depressing pills in Mukti's wallet whereas Navya was trying to sort her own doubts about Manik n Dhruv's relationship through Aliya n even tries to tell Nandini about this.Aliya finds that Dhruv likes Nandini. Manik tries to know what is Cabir's secret but he skips saying that he ll definitely tell tomorrow. Later Navya takes Nandini to show that Dhruv n Manik r not straight but Nandini says that she knows that Manik is straight .Here Harshad feels fishy about Cabir n Rose n decides to findout n comes up with a plan to spy on Fab5 where Harshad goes behind Cabir n Nandini goes behind Manik,but unfortunately Nandini gets caught by Manik n she tells the truth that Harshad went behind Cabir.
Manik traces Cabir n saves him from Harshad but finds the truth that Cabir is Gay n confronts him that why he share his secret with his friends n they ll stand for him. Manik gets a shock of his life n couldn't share with anyone so he lands up at Nandini's place n hugs her just to find peace n Nandini gives in but doesn't understand anything what happened.On the other side Cabir informs Raghav that he told about himself to Manik but dint disclose about his boyfriends identity,Raghav gets upset n ask Cabir to leave.Aliya decides to take charege to get back Manik n asks Dhruv to express his feelings to Nandini.Cabir tries to talk to his Mom but he couldn't talk.
Next Morning Nandini decides to ask Manik n she finds that he dint go home last night she asks him to go n take rest. Nandini n Navya asks to cancel the spying plan n Nandini informs that Manik caught her n she told everything.Raghav doesn't talk to Cabir ,where Cabir plans his birthday party to bring to college. Aliya tells Dhruv to go n talk to Nandini n Dhruv asks Nandini to continue the friendship. Manik tries to explain about the last night hug n in shock he landed up at her place n it was a mistake so Nandini feels embarrassed but tells him that we have to accept the changes in life n its part of growing,Manik starts getting attracted to Nandini.Cabir asks Manik that will he stand for him in future also for which Manik agrees .Manik tries to ask Cabir that who is that guys but Cabir doesn't share.Manik talks to Dhruv that things in our life r changing n Dhruv asks him that he knows that he n Aliya r broken up tells him that he is trying to be friends with Nandini...Listening that Manik goes to Nandini n asks her to stay away from Dhruv but why he couldn't tell n leaves Nandini confused.
Everyone gathers in Audi to celebrate Raghav's birthday, Raghav cuts the cake n leaves them to party,Harshad spikes drink for Cabir,Aliya continues to force Dhruv to talk to Nandini,Manik finds ways to spend the time with Nandini n Cabir sneaks out to spend time with Raghav. Nandini ends up drinking that spiked drink which Dhruv offers her after a beautiful dance with Manik.Navya comes in modern avatar but ends with insult when everyone laughs at her,Mukti follows her n tells her that Harshad don't deserve this so stop doing things for him. Manik finds Nandini sitting on the floor n behaving weirdly but he soon figures out that she had a spiked drink.He asks her to come with him so that he drop her home but Nandini runs all over the college n makes Manik run behind her.In drunk state Nandini asks Manik that why he always follows her but then when he disappears Nandini searches him so Manik asks that why she is finding him then.On the other side Aliya teaches Dhruv that how to impress a girl.Here Cabir n Raghav spends some time by sharing their thoughts.Manik takes her n tries to make her drink lime water but she throws on his face n asks him that why he always troubles her n everyone,But Manik explains her that he always covered her.Nandini tries to kiss him when she to coverup her punch but Manik stops her n asks her to have a grip on herself.
On the other side Harshad dressed up like a girl n gate crashes into Navya's hostel to apologize for which she gets impressed.Here Manik n Nandini lie on the Car top n he makes her eat lemon n Manik tells that he likes stars but Nandini tells him that she hates stars n she tells him that fireflies r better then stars n asks him not to go with stars n stay with her bcoz she will shine for him always.Manik gets amazed hearing that.On the other side Mukti struggles to over come Harshad but she fails.Manik drops Nandini home n makes sure that she goes to bed in front of him,before going to bed Nandini prays to God where she includes Manik along with her family where Manik again gets surprised n feels happy.Manik finds Nandini's father's pen n thinks that there is a connection with Rishab n Dhruv's attacks.Next morning Manik calls Nandini n fools her that he is waiting for her from long time as she reaches there he tries to fool her that they crossed limits last nyt when she was drunk n there comes their trust moment when Nandini assures him that she trusts him,for which again Manik gets surprised that she started trusting him.Manik then asks her who gave her that drink which was spiked but she don't remembers.On the other side Aliya givesa makeover to Dhruv.Nandini remembers that Dhruv gave that drink n she gets to know that Cabir gave him that drink,as she parises him for the makeover n leaves.Manik figures out that the drink was spiked for Cabir n asks him to b more cautious bcoz Harshad must have done this.On the other side Nandini follows Cabir where she ends up knowing Cabir n Raghav's relationship.
Nandini comes to Manik to tell him that he knows about Cabir's secret n may b some one spiked drink it for Cabir to know his secret.Hearing that Manik goes violent in anger n hurts Nandini.He asks her howshe came to know abt it she tells him that overheard Cabir's convo but she doesn't tell that Raghav is Cabir's boyfriend but as she assures him that she ll not tell anyone then he realizes that she was hurt He apologizes her n promises her that he ll not hurt her but Nandini asks him to stick to his words other wise she ll not forgive. Manik warns Harshad to stay away but Harshad gets more fishy,Everyone gets Diwali party invitation n Manik calls Nandini to bring Rishab so that they can discuss their attacks.Nandini arrives at the party venue at mentioned time,Manik looks at her n gets mesmerized looking at her beauty.Nandini gifts him a lamp n Manik asks her to hang around n leaves.On the other side Aliya makes Dhruv practice to praise n impress Nandini .Nandini gifts a lamp Manik which reflects stars for which he thinks that she remembers everything.Nandini walks in Manik's room n slips n lands up on Manik...n gets lost in eachother,but when Manik tries to kiss Nandini she makes him remember about Aliya.
Everyone arrives at party n Aliya forces Dhruv to go n wish Nandini, Dhruv comes n wishes Nandini .on the other side Manik feels guilty abt what Nandini said.Manik comes n greets Fab5 but Nandini feels cheated when she sees Aliya kissing Manik.Nyonika welcomes everyone to the party n asks Manik to join her.Everyone starts dancing whereas Nandini searches for Manik,Mukti gets hurt seeing Harshad n Navya dancing.Nyonika warns Raghav that if anything happens this time she will not save him bcoz she knows that he is again in love.Meanwhile Manik pulls Nandini n take her to the poolside Nandini tells him that its not correct that always he cant behave like this with her,but then Manik tells her that he n Aliya r broken up but Nandini feels more cheated n tries to leave from there but he stops her n says not to leave him this time. Aliya asks Dhruv to go n express his feeling to Nandini,but here Manik expresses his feelings to Nandini that he changes whenever he is with her and here Dhruv gets stuck with Rose.Manik n Nandini spends some cute moments together away from others n Navya tries to express her happiness to Harshad but Mukti sees all this n again she goes into imagination n tries to move to next step with some other guy thinking its Harshad but Aliya stops her.Nandini notices Manik's worry for Cabir n she discloses that Raghav is Cabir's boyfriend but on the other side Raghav breaksup with Cabir n leaves.
Manik gets upset n goes to confront Cabir but he comes to know Raghav already brokeup n rest of Fab5 comes there so Manik covers saying that Cabir broke up with Rose.Manik comes back furiously that Y Raghav but Nandini comes calms him down that Love doesn't see any boundaries or somethings but it just happens.Manik feels that how come Nandini always manages to calm him down.On otherside Rishab comes to party n sees Dhruv where they both get attack but Nandini n Manik handles the situation.Aliya tries to talk to Mukti but she denies n here Manik tells to Dhruv that even Nandini's brother has same problem n Dhruv feels gald that Manik is talking to his enemy for him.Cabir breaks down while talking to his twin brother .Next Morning Raghav comes n informs NH3 n FAB5 that they have to perform together for Musicana opening nyt. Manik tries to argue with Raghav but Nandini stops him by distracting .Manik steals some moments to spend with Nandini but she tries to say that no one knows abt them so they should not meet like this.Nh3 n Fab5 gathers to practice together where Manik wins the toss n leads n Manik feels that Nandini is his lucky charm who made him win. Harshad feels something is fishy by seeing Manik n Raghav's odd talk.Cabir tries to calm Manik down n not to go mad about Raghav bcz its finished n Manik tells him that Nandini told him abt Raghav n not to worry abt his secret.Wheres as Dhruv thank Nandini abt what she is doing for him.
Harshad follows Cabir n gets to know about his secret n decides to break Fab5 using this secret.Aliya informs Manik that Mukti is back on her anti depressing pills. Nandini finds Manik alone singing n gets impressed where Manik gets a chance to ask her about her feelings for him but she escapes saying that she ll tell tmrw.Cabir thanks Nandini for deflecting the face off between Raghav n Manik n tells her that she can use his secret against him but she says she wont.Nandini comes back to Manik to ask why did he tell Cabir that she knows but Maniks avoids that by  saying he dint feel like lieing n again asks her to express her feeling about him but she denies.Everyone were strugging with their own feelings,Finally everyone Arrives at the Musicana opening nyt venue whereas Maniks grabs Nandini n asks her but she promises him that after performance she will definitely tell.Nh3 n Fab5 grandly opens the Musicana festival but Harshad was hell bent to catch Cabir red handed.Navya was suspicious abt Mukti n Harshad's past ,Dhruv plans to express his feelings to Nandini,whereas Manik n Nandini expresses their feelings n ends up with a lip lock.On other side Harshad traps Cabir n Raghav n captures their private moments.Aliya tries to confront Mukti but gets hurt by her harsh words.Dhruv gets late to reach to the venue where Manik n Nandini spends time.Manik asks Nandini to express her feelings but she runs away again then Dhruv comes in there n tells Manik that he loves Nandini, Manik breaks listening to that.
Nandini feels happy abt her new relation but Manik breaks down bcoz Dhruv loves Nandini too.Dhruv feels bad that he cudn't express to Nandini whereas hearing that Aliya gets upset that she lost another chance.Mukti fights with her depression n overcomes from her pills but Cabir comes Manik that Nandini has leaked his secret but Manik says she cant.Harshad decides to blackmail Cabir.Manik cudnt take the pain and lands up at Nandini's place just for last time.Next day at Musicana Harshad blackmails Cabir to back off by showing the video and Manik breaks Nandini's heart by saying her that he was just taking revenge from her.Musicana event starts with Superbia's performance whereas Manik tells Nandini that he was just playing around n the kiss was his revenge for punch .On the other side Dhruv informs Aliya that even Manik is supporting them for Nandini.Nandini fails to sing in her performance bcoz of her heartbreak for which Harshad goes mad at her to ruin the performance.Manik spots Nandini crying n sends Dhruv to console her but then he feels bad to see Dhruv n Nandini together.Navya tries to calm down Harshad but he ends up hurting her also with his harsh words.Dhruv comes to calm down Nandini n get her back whereas Manik gets furious seeing them together.Mukti again struggles with her depression bcoz of nervousness but Aliya handles her,wheres as Nandini goes to Manik to confront him that he did just to ruin her performance n to assure him that she ll not break.Manik feels bad when he thinks that she actually believed n on otherside Harshad cuts the Harness to make Manik fall during the performance.
Manik falls before the performance but he manages n they finally wins the competition.Harshad gets furious on their winning n leaks Cabir's video but Nyonika handles the situation.Manik tries all possible ways to make Nandini hate him .Mukti slaps Cabir for hiding his secret then Fab5 reveals their secrets whereas Manik hides his feelings bcz of Dhruv n feels guilty that whatever happened with Cabir was bcz of him.Nyonika warns Raghav to leave whereas Harhads behaves badly with Nandini for ruining their performance.Manik collides with Nandini while searching for Harshad n Nandini gets suspicious abt Harshad leaking the tape after talking to Manik n decides to confront Harshad. College student get into fight with Fab5 along with Harshad where Nandini stops them by saying that press n Cops r there.They all heads towards party where Nandini confronts Harshad about the video n he accepts it,Nandini feels bad n Dhruv comes to console her n asks her for Dance.Manik feels bad seeing Nandini dancing with Dhruv whereas Raghav n Cabir enjoy the moment.Harshad tries to spoil the moment but Cabir leaks his private party video for which Nyonika gets upset n calls of the party.Navya breaks down seeing that video n goes from there leaving Nandini behind.Nandini starts crying but Manik comes there n ask her to go home.On other side Harshad attacks Cabir n Raghav.Manik n Nandini hears the sound n rescues them n takes Cabir to hospital leaving Raghav behind.
Nandini feels cheated when she sees that Manik is still in realtionship with Aliya,Manik infroms Aliya abt Cabir.On otherside Navya feels cheated n lands at Harshad's place to confront but they finally end up consumating which was Harshad's backup plan,Mukti spots them together n breaksdown.Aliya n Dhruv reaches hospital n Dhruv asks Nandini to leave,But Manik doesn't allow Dhruv to drop her n sends the driver.But knowing Nandini Manik says Dhruv to check her because she myt have got down from his car.Manik n Dhruv reaches at Nandini's place where Manik comes to check Nandini with an excuse but Nandini confronts him that whatever he did was intentionally n Manik replies that what he said was not all lie.Cabir shows his Raghav's video to his Mom n his Mom ends up in slapping Manik saying that they encouraged his madness n thinks that being is an abnormality.abnormality. Aliya calls Mukti who was trying to commit suicide n informs abt Cabir n asks her to go n handle Cabir's Mom.Mukti tries to explain his Mom but she fails,Manik n Nandini spends the night with pain.
Next Morning Fab5 reaches Hospital to meet Cabir where they get a news that Q-label wants to launch them n Aliya informs them that Dhruv is gonna propose Nandini n everyone leaves to College.But Cabir stops Manik n confronts him about his feeling for Nandini n he is denying just for Dhruv.On otherside Navya proposes Harshad n Nandini thinks to stop her madness.Fab5 signs album deal with Q-Label.Manik decides to teach Harshad a lesson n Dhruv proposes Nandini but she rejects him saying that we can just be friends.Manik asks Nandini to stay away from Harshad n leave it to him but Nandini feels fishy.Manik wanted Harshad to taste his own medicine so he ties him n leaves in a tanker but Nandini saves Harshad before Manik comes there.But manik understands that Nandini saved him n confronts her to stay away from him n Nandini tries to explain him that he is going in a wrong way.Nyonika throws a stay order to Manik n Harshad to stay away from eachother.Mukti joins a rehab.Fab5 gets upset seeing the stay order but Dhruv comes up along with Nandini with a plan to breakdown Harshad n save Navya n Manik.But Manik disagrees to take help from Nandini n even Mukti doubts Nandini's intention but Nandini tells her that she wants to save Navya from Harshad.
Everyone agrees to her plan but agrees only after he comes to know that Nandini rejected Dhruv's proposal. Harshad falls in their trap seeing Nandini fighting for him with Manik n comes up with a plan to trap Manik.On other side Dhruv n Aliya were falling for eachother. Manik tries to ask n convince Nandini to accept Dhruv's proposal where Manik ends up creating more misunderstandings between them. In confusion Manik lands up at Nandini's place bcoz of which Nandini gets a doubt that why Manik myt have walked away.Next morning they put their plan in action so that they can make Harshad believe that Manik n Nandini r friends in the process of searching Navya in jungle.Harshad was unknown that Dhruv n Aliya r following him n he was actually trapped.And Manik was unknown that he is gonna b weak in front of Nandini in this plan. After seeing Manik  worrying for her, Nandini was hell bent to make Manik confess the truth where she succeeds n declares that there story ends today.But on other side there was a new story started between Dhruv n Aliya where they end up with a  lip lock.Cabir's Mom comes n takes him home but her plans were different too which Cabir was not aware.
Nandini gets hurt with the truth that Manik dint even think ones about her n she tries to avoid Manik.But to act infront of Harshad she behaves as they became friends n seeing that Navya goes to them n acts as she was really lost.Dhruv tries to avoid Aliya as he was guilty with what happened .Manik tries to apologise but Nandini doesn't listen to him n stays with Navya in hostel.Nandini tries to know about the actual plan of Harshad where he says that he wants to break Manik's arms so that he cant play guitar. Navya doubts that Nandini n Manik r really friends or what but Nandini gets annoyed n denies.Manik comes back to hostel just to get a glance of Nandini n shares his feelings with Watchman for which he says that we should not leave hopes,he was worried bcz Nandini was not taking his call n will hate him this time but he feels happy when he gets a glance of her.On other side Cabir's Mom makes him unconscious n shoo's off Mukti from meeting him.Next morning in Canteen Manik greets Nandini n join them just to make Harshad n Navya believe that they r friends.Harshad decides to execute his plan on the same day n Mukti tells Navya that hope atleast she ll change Harshad which she cudn't do.Manik tries to say sorry to Nandini but she doesn't accept it.Navya gets confused with Mukti's words n insists Harshad to tie a thread as Mangalsutra to get the assurance that he ll not leave her.
Nandini discusses Harshad's plans with Fab4 but Manik asks everyone to go n change Harshad's setup. Finally Manik makes Nandini talk to him n was dieing to hear his name from Nandini.Aliya distracts Harshad meanwhile Mukti n Dhruv changes Harshad's setup.Manik gets worried to send Nandini n asks her to b carefull bcz Harshad is dangerous but unfortunately Harshad overhears their convo n understands that Nandini is supporting Fab5 to trap him n sees that his whole setup was changed. Cabir's Mom decides to take away Cabir out of town but on the way to Airport Cabir manages to inform Fab5.Harshad decides to harm Nandini too n changes his plan.Manik sends Fab3 to rescue Cabir.Harshad changes his plan n asks Nandini to come to Drama room but Manik understands that Harshad is aware that u r with us that's y he changed his paln But Nandini disagrees n in frustration she utters that she wants to save him but later she denies saying that she wants to save Navya from Harshad.Nandini goes to Drama room alone n assures Manik that she ll call him if anything danger.Harshad takes out his anger on Nandini n locks her in a room whereas Manik enters the drama room.Harshad starts harming Manik by hitting with a glass ball n bat ,Nandini somehow manages to come out n locks Navya in n msgs Fab5 for help.Fab5 rescues Cabir and rush towards college to save Manik n Nandini.
Manik spots Harshad targeting Nandini n saves her ,As Manik asks Nandini to change her cloths n leave from there but she insists him to let her switch on lights .As Nandini tries to go n switch on the lights Harshad spots her but Manik distracts Harshad.As Harshad starts hitting Manik Nandini switches on the main fuse n Fab4 comes there to rescue.Harshad confesses everything n Manik records his confession n takes him to jail where Harshad warns everyone Seeing that Navya gets shock.Inspector asks Nandini n Manik to sign on witness registor where Nandini finds Manik struggling with his wounded hand n asks him to go to Doc.But Manik puts a condition asking her to accepts his apology,Nandini denies n walks out.Fab5 feels happy on their victory but Navya feels defeated where Mukti tries to help them but Fab5 gets surprised looking at Mukti.Dhruv tries to bring smile on Aliya's face whereas Nandini was worried for Manik's hand n she asks Cabir to take him to Doc.Nandini tries to console Navya whereas on other side Fab5 were in party mood.Cabir tells everyone that Nandini deserves to b in this party bcoz it was her plan n everyone agrees n send Dhruv to pick Nandini.Dhruv comes to pick Nandini where Nandini clears the air to Dhruv by saying that not to keep any hopes where Dhruv gets upset hearing that whereas Manik was restless bcoz Nandini was not accepting his apology n Dhruv went to pick her.
Cabir tries to figure out what is wrong between Manik n Nandini but Manik refuses to tell n as Nandini walks in stops Manik from straining his hand n confronts him.As Cabir handles the sitution n They starts partying whereas Manik spills the champagne on Nandini which shedont like.As she asks for washroom, Manik gets a chance to talk to her alone but she denies to talk.On other side Dhruv breaks down in front of Aliya for which she was unable to take that n was fighting with her own feelings for Dhruv.Where Manik tries another way to make her confess her feelings but Nandini doesn't fall for it n walks away.Manik decides that he cant let her go but he finds Nandini Nandini along with Dhruv n he feels that if he can get to know what Dhruv feels for Nandini which he shares with Cabir.Cabir tries to solve his problem through a game called "Never have I ever" where some secrets come out but Manik gets confused on Dhruv's reactions in the game n decides to ask him.Navya was struggling with her feelings n comes to meet Harshad where he tries to trap her again with crocodile tears n asks her to help him.Whereas Dhruv clears the air by telling Manik that he has moved on from Nandini n Cabir tries to make Nandini understand her true feelings for Manik .On other hand Manik dances in joy that now no one can stop him get back Nandini into his life but seeing that Nandini gets surprised.Mukti n Aliya discusses about Dhruv whereas Manik n Nandini tries to figure out what is cooking in each others mind.
Next morning Manik kidnaps Nandini so that he can make her accept his Sorry n on other side Q-Label's manager asks Fab5 about their progress in their album.Nandini shouts at anik for his stupidity n locks herself instead of talking .Mukti clears Navya's confusion by making her understand that Harshad is using her again bcz he only attacked Cabir n he used u as his backup plan so that she can b his witness.Dhruv n Aliya struggles with their feelings n tries to talk to each other.Manik gets up from sleep he dint realize the reason n goes to console Nandini. Cabir calls Manik n asks him that he is unable to manage bcoz Khurana's manager has asked for songs,but instead Manik him about Nandini for which Cabir suggests him to give some TLC[Tender,Care,Love].Manik denies that its not love n decides to give some tender n care.Navya at police station gives the statement that she was there with Harshad from 12 am but before that where was he ,she is unknown.Because of which Harshad looses him temper n spills out the truth in front of Navya.Manik makes coffe for Nandini but she tries to throw it n while fighting it falls on Manik ,seeing that Nandini gets worried about his hand Manik starts acting more but Nandini understands n walks out from there.
Nandini tries to find way to go out but Manik decides to give some tender n care part 2 n he sings for her n dances with her.Meanwhile Nandini feels that Manik is not well n asks him to go to Doctor for which Manik puts a condition about his apology.Nandini accepts his apology n asks him leave for hospital.Manik asks her that can we be together like before how they were before Dhruv thing happened but she denies.On being asked she says she doesn't trust him anymore n she is no where in his priority list but Manik asks her the same thing that how can she think that n both were at fault.Manik finally asks her that "Is it the end" for which Nandini replies "The thing which never started how can that end"  .Manik gets pissed off n in anger opens the door ,as soon as  Nandini steps out Manik falls on ground unconscious. Nandini gets a call from Chachi that Rishab got attack n he is admitted in hospital.Nandini takes Manik to the hospital n admits him in the same hospital n informs Dhruv about the same.Cabir goes to his Mom to have a final talk with her.Nandini goes to Rishab n feels that she is not at all a good sister.Fab5 reaches hospital n Nandini overhears their convo with Doc that Manik can lose his hand because of septic.Aliya informs Nyonika about Manik's condition.
Nandini goes to Manik n recollects every instance looking at his hand n thinks that she also became stubborn like him n she is the reason because of his condition.She spends time with unconscious Manik n finally decides to walk away from him because they r toxic to each other n always end up hurting each other.Manik feels Nandini's presence n gets up n searches for her but Nandini leaves from there.Fab5 runs in hearing sound from Manik's room where Manik asks for Nandini but Mukti replies she was not here. Manik relaizes that he is in hospital so Dhruv replies that bcoz of his infection he has been admitted, we have to prepare for songs but Mukti replies that it has been postponed.On other hand Nyonika goes to jail n slaps Harshad for harming Manik. Manik again feels that Nandini is around him n tries to call her but she stands outside helplessly.

Nyonika calls the best specialist to cure Manik. Doctor operates Manik and said he is out of danger but he can't play guitar for one month. Harshad asks apology to Aliya in jail and says he is truly sorry for what he has done to Manik. Dhruv wants to take care of Rishabh while Nandini again went to check Manik in hospital but Dhruv and Rishabh got that attack and Nandini handled her brother. At that time Cabir left his mom's house and Aliya shared about Harshad with Dhruv over phone. In hospital Mukti bumped with a strange man who was pleased to see her. Mukti found that man weird but that was the man with whom she is gonna fall in love. Nandini saw that Manik was not in his room and found him in hospital lawn Manik was just about to play the guitar. She stopped him and Manik said he was right she was there with him and it was not his hallucination. Nandini said to Manik they can't be together and wanted to leave but Manik said if she leaves this time he will never come back for her, Nandini turns and running back to him gave kisses and hugs. But finally Nandini said they can't be together and left Manik heart broken. In the next morning Manik and Rishabh both get discharged from the hospital. Manik was ignoring Nandu while the new guy Abhimanyu was trying to be friend of Nandini. Cabir asks Manik about Nandini but he doesn't wanna talk about it. Next morning Fab5 starts rehearsing at beach and got call from Khurana's manager that they need to prepare the album songs soon. Nandini searches fab5 everywhere but she finds them performing in the podium at college. Manik is hurt with Nandini's last night behavior. Manik goes to music library to take guitar but Nandini comes over there and says he can't play guitar with his injured hand but Manik doesn't listen to her. Fab4 suggests Manik to change the song to perform in front of Khurana but Manik suborned to perform the same song and he decided to play the guitar with right hand but Nandini hid that guitar chord so that Manik can't play the guitar. Fab5 started performing but in the middle Manik finds that the chord is missing. Their performance could be spoilt but Soha- daughter of Khurana played the guitar and performed with fab5 which made Khurana upset and he asks fab5 to make ready three songs in two weeks. Cabir was amazed by Soha. Soha is trying to cheesy with Manik that makes Nandini uncomfortable. Fab4 leaves the music room and Nandini wants to talk with Manik but Manik said she stole that guitar chord. Harshad calls Aliya and asks her to talk with Manik to withdraw the case. Dhruv consoles Aliya, he is with her. Manik says to Cabir that Nandini took his left hand guitar chord; Cabir feels that these two understand each other so well. Manik returned to music room and found that chord in Nandu's hand and asked her why she cares about him when she ended everything. Nandini said she doesn't care and hurt his hand. Nyonika observed all this. Mukti again meets with Abhimanyu in rehab and misunderstands him. Nyonika helps Manik to work out on his arm but Manik says she doesn't care if he lives or die, she just cares about her business and all. By this time Aliya and Dhruv are getting along with each other as Dhruv is helping Aliya to approach fab4 about Harshad bail. Cabir talks with Nandini about his and Raghav relationship to make her understand about her feelings and the relationship with Manik. Cabir is staying at Manik's house but he is not feeling good. He needs to find out a home for himself. Manik and Cabir talk with each other about their problems. Another morning Abhi comes at college and sees nandini, They talk and laugh which make Manik jealous. Nyonika calls Khurana to appoint Nandini as the manager to monitor fab5 performance. Fab5 at music room preparing for rehearsal, at that time Soha introduced Nandini as the new manager whom fab5 are not ready to accept but Cabir makes them understand accept Nandini as the manager. Soha says Nandini to make arrangements for her to get along with Manik as she loves him a lot. Nandini is getting jealous with Soha's weakness for Manik. Manik says to Dhruv he is doing all of this for Cabir. Seeing the chance Dhruv talked to him about Harshad bail. Manik agrees to bail out Harshad and to talk with Mukti and Cabir. In music library, Soha tries to seduce Manik and Manik started flirting with her seeing jealous Nandu. Soha says they should do party to spend some time together. Abhi comes to college and asks apology from Mukti for his harsh words last time. Mukti thinks he is also like other guys and asks him to kiss her while Abhi doesn't do it that leaves Mukti in surprise. Abhi says he is not like other guys, he just wants to help her and leaves from there. Dhruv says to Aliya that Manik agreed to talk with Aliya and Cabir, hearing this Aliya hugs Dhruv in joy. At Manik house, fab4 gather and talks about Harshad.  Mukti and Cabir are not ready to bail Harshad. Aliya heard all of this, got hurt and left the place. Fab5 fight at that night. Soha called Manik and make him remind about the party but Manik refused making excuse of illness. Soha goes to Manik's house and Nandini also goes there to find out what Soha is doing with Manik. Soha is trying to get closer to Manik while Nandini hid behind curtain. Manik noticed Nandini there and started flirting with Soha. Manik made excuse and force Soha to leave the house. Aliya is hurt with Mukti and Cabir behavior. Dhruv consoles her. Mukti and Abhi bumped into each other again and fight. Nandini send message to fab4 from Manik's mobile so that they come and spoil the date. Manik was talking to Soha though she was not there just to annoy Nandini. Nandini couldn't hold more and come out from the closet. Nandini was pushing him and they fell on bed. They were about to kiss but fab4 came over there. Cabir asked Nandini to hide. When fab4 entered into Manik's room, Nandini left the house. Fab4 were worried for Manik. Understanding their love for each other, Cabir agreed to bring Harshad out from jail. Fab5 hugged and Cabir said to Manik that he knew Nandini was here. Manik thinks Nandini is the reason that today fab5 are together. In the next morning fab5 goes to jail and Harshad comes out from jail. Manik warns him not to interfere in his life again. Abhi comes to Nandini as there any job opportunity in space? Nandini says only peon post is vacant at that moment. Nandini writes down the schedule for fab5 this week as manager but Manik poured water on the board and says music is art so it can't be make with plan and rules. Aliya gives card and gifts to Dhruv for what he has done. She is thankful to him as he helped her in bailing out Harshad. Manik and Cabir are talking about Nandini, at that time Soha comes there and give him a sunglass as a gift. Manik sees Nandini watching them and starts flirting with her. Soha invites him for the New Year party. First he refused but later agreed to come when he comes to know that Nandini is also coming. Mukti bumped with a peon and shocked to see Abhi in peon dress. Abhi says he did all this only to stay close to her. Navya returns from her village and Nandini is happy seeing Navya at college. Navya sees Harshad and tried to call him but missed. Nandini asks Manik not to go Soha's party as she is planning a surprise date for him. Manik acts being surprised to annoy Nandini. Manik says he will definitely go to the party. Abhi says nandini that you can't let him go and plan with Nandini how can they stop Manik from going to the party. Dhruv is playing guitar and thinking about Aliya. But he breaks the string and makes a flower with that. Harshad asks Aliya to take him to the party but Aliya refuses to take him. At 31st night, all are at party but not Manik. Abhi took him to a quiet place in a disguise of a taxi driver. Abhi gave that house key to Nandini and asks her to check it by herself. Abhi came to the party as Mukti's date and he is happy. Manik thought its secret place of Soha and called Nandini to inform he is at right place so that Nandini comes over there too.
Nandini come at that place and Manik was hiding. Manik showered rose petals on Nandini but he acts as he wanted Soha to be here. Nandini says sorry as she spoiled the plan. Manik calls Cabir that he is with Nandini so that Soha doesn't leave the party. Soha asks about Manik and Cabir says he went to doctor. Manik amazes seeing Nandini there, Nandini sees a gift box, Manik says it's a gift for Soha. Nandini throws that gift and Manik gets angry as it was a jar of fireflies as Manik brought that for her. Dhruv gives that flower made by string to Aliya. Harshad comes to the party. Manik asks Nandini why she walked away. Nandini says she feared that he will choose his friends over her. Manik says he needs to protect them as Nandini protects him because she is his shining star. Nandini runs back and hug Manik. At that moment Nandini's dress caught fire. Manik gave curtain to her to change. Navya informs Harshad that she is pregnant with his child. Manik calls Cabir to bring a dress for Nandini. He messaged the address and Soha eavesdropping it.  Mukti is dancing with Abhi and Dhruv is dancing with Aliya. Cabir is alone. So at that moment those 3 took cabir in the middle and dance together. Nandini comes out wearing that curtain. Manik and Nandini were enjoying the moment but Soha came and threw stone that break the window. Manik and Nandini came out. Cabir reaches with dress. Nandini changed the dress in car and they dropped her at home. Soha messaged Nandini from Manik's phone as he left his phone at farm house. Harshad thinks that it's his child only so he calls Navya and says tomorrow he will take her to doctor for the test and Navya agrees. The next day fab5 at college, Manik goes to meet Nandini and gift her first gift of love, that was a music tie. Abhi wishes nandini happy New Year and Nandini thanks him for last night. Harshad takes Navya to hospital to abort her child but Navya came to know about this and leave the hospital. Soha says fab5 to get ready for photoshoot. Manik is trying the jacket in room and Nandini is waiting for him outside. Manik takes her inside the room and tries to kiss and then Nandini suggests him to be friend first. Manik got angry and asks Nandini to leave. Being angry with Nandini he blast at Soha and says he is not doing it. Fab4 tries to make him understand but he didn't listen to anyone and left the photo shoot. Nandini runs after him and makes him understand. Manik comes back and complete the photo shoot. Navya reaches college and announce at college about her pregnancy. While harshad was trying to hurt her, Nandini comes and saves her. Then Harshad was trying to slap Nandini but Manik stopped him. Soha makes a trap with sharp wire to hurt Nandini but Manik saves her at right time and thinks Harshad planned all of this. He beats Harshad. Abhi is sitting in pain and Mukti comes over there. She feels Abhi is not okay but he lied to Mukti that he is ok so Mukti left. Mukti gets suspicious about Manik and Nandini. She asked Manik about him and Nandini but he lied that they are just trying to be friends now. Nandini sees Soha lying on Piano and talking to someone while Soha imagining Manik in front of her. Mukti gives chocolate to Abhi. Principal expelled Navya from college and Nandini decides to stand by her. Nandini took Navya with her at home. Nandini receives a gift from Manik's name. Manik comes at nandini's house and says he didn't send any gift. He takes that gift outside and it blast. Manik hugs Nandini and thinks Harshad did this again. Mukti is waiting at the Hotel for Abhi as they were supposed to date today. But Abhi is in hospital as he is in the last stage of cancer. Nandini asks not to expel Navya as lots of students have done it before marriage. Principal challenges her if she can prove it then he will take Navya back at college. Nandini stated the secret ballot mission to find out about it while Manik was mad at her after knowing this. Fab4 started helping Nandini in this mission. Later Manik also helped her in this. Students voted and Nadini won. Principal takes Navya back at college. Mukti is angry with Abhi as he didn't come at last night to meet her. Abhi says that he is leaving the college. Cabir get a new job as bar tender and his mom gets furious. She comes and creates mess at college canteen.
Manik tries to concentrate on playing guitar but he couldn't. Nandini came and Manik saw a poem in her diary. With that Manik made a song and played with fab5. Khurana and Soha come and ask if the song is ready or not. Khurana fire her from manager post and says Soha is the new manager. Manik warns Khurana not to talk with her like this. Soha about t throw a duster in Nandini's face but Khurana stopped her, asks them to prepare 3 songs in 3 days and leave from there. Soha suggests fab5 to go to her farm house so that they can make the song in calm environment. Abhi says to nandini, he is leaving the college as he is going to Chicago for a course. Principal informs Nandini that one Pundit is coming at college who will give her lesson on classical music. Fab5 are ready to go Soha's farm house. Nandini get into car dickey as she comes to know Soha's mental state in not well.
At farm house Soha spikes Manik's drink and keep eye at every room through CC cameras. Cabir knows Nandini's presence at farm house and gives his room to Manik and Nandini. Dhruv goes to Aliya's room, they were getting closer but Mukti comes at that moment and Dhruv hides behind curtain. Manik is surprised seeing Nandini at farm house. He is drunk and tries to find out Nandini's lost earring. They spent the night together. Soha saw Manik-Nandini in room and get furious. Her care taker gives her injection and makes her asleep. Manik wants to interrogate Soha in next morning why did she spike her drink but Nandini says she spiked that drink. Dhruv and Aliya argue over their relationship and stop talking with each other. Nandini leaves for college early morning. Manik make her listen the jamming session through phone but Nandini was late for her class with Pundit. Pundit scolds her, she cries in corner and Manik amazes to know that she never gets scolded by her teacher. So to know each other in a better way he arranges a date and asks her to come. On the other hand Khurana hired a man to keep eye on Manan. Khurana comes at date place and asks nandini to leave Manik if she loves him. Nandini realizes that she loves him. Manik comes there and gives surprise to Nandini with fireflies, and playing guitar with left hand. Nandini lives the moment with her heart. Cabir goes to her new job but the manager asks him to leave as his mom created scene at bar. He goes to his mom and his mom asks him not to show his face again. He returns to farm house and sees Soha on Manik's bed. He yells at Soha and Soha breaks her phone. Cabir left the house. Manik drops Nandini at home and her chichi says when she will get her Shahrukh, not to forget to tell her. Mukti comes to know from Abhi's facebook that he is dead. His mom also says her that Abhi is dead one month ago. Mukti shocks after hearing this. In next morning Cabir goes missing. Fab4 search for him everywhere but they can't find him and get tensed. While searching for Cabir, Manik find out the CC TV footage from Soha's room and also get to know about psycho Soha. Cabir went to Raghav house and wanted to commit Manik with his other 3 friends save Cabir and Cabir agreed that he was acting like jerk and came back to his form that they will make the album together. Nandini was watching all this from sideline and decided to leave Manik as she started thinking she is the hindrance coming between him and his album. Manik gives threat to Khurana to treat his daughter in asylum and bring independent judges to judge fab5 performance. Nandini decides to leave Manik after the performance. Navya was banned from staying at college hostel, so Mukti gave her a keys and says she can stay over there. Manik was scared with Soha's behavior that she wanna kill Nandini. Manik keeps protecting Nandini, even he spends the whole night to protect her. Cabir reaches his home and shocked seeing Navya at his house. Navya is not ready to leave the house and not as Cabir. So thye stay in the same apartment. Next morning Manik came at college with Nandini and she was clicking selfie with Manik as she was about to leave him forever. Fab5 start their performance but Manik stops singing in the middle as Nandi got missing. Fab4 shocks seeing Manik's possessiveness for Nandini. Aliya feels cheated seeing Manik's love for Nandini. Soha injected medicine into Nandini's body, she becomes unconscious. Soha takes Nandini into store room and set the room in fire. Manik rushes to the room and saves Nandini. Soha says he loves her only. Manic shouts and say he loves only Nandini. Soha fall on fire and get burnt. Manik takes Nandini to the hospital. His mother Nyonika watches all this and gets shock. Nandini regains conscious and Manik caress her. Mukti notices Abhi at hospital and sees him in weak condition as she is already aware of Abhi's cancer from his father. Nyonika makes a deal with Khurana and asks him to file a case against Manik only for 24 hours as a murderer of Soha. She asks Manik to go underground for 24hours at least. Manik listens to her and hide informing Nandini and fab4. Manik sends gifts to Nandini secretly on Valentine 's Day. Mukti and Aliya behave rudely with Nandini while Cabir and Dhruv support her. Nyonika manipulates Nandini saying that she makes Manik a murderer. In court Nandini remembers monster Manik and says to magistrate that she is not sure if he is involved in Soha's murder or not that hurts Manik a lot. Nyonika goes to Khurana and asks him to take the case back and Khurana does the same. Dhruv and Aliya fight continues and their relation is still unstable as Dhruv thinks Aliya is still not over Manik. Nyonika bails Manik out and asks him is he over of that small town girl or not. Manik knows his mom does nothing without seeing her benefit. Nandini feels bad after her statement and wants to clarify her point to Manik. She reaches at court but Manik leaves from their and Nandini surprised seeing Manik out. Manik yells at Nandini hearing that she could think, he can actually kill Soha. He is shattered as Nandini couldn't believe him. So to show his anger he said he hates Nandini. Nandini cried and tried to stop him but he said to himself he can never forgive Nandini. Manik broke the firflies jar, broke the lamp gifted by Nandini. Nandini also feels that she did mistake and Manik will never forgive her. Abhi and Mukti's story go further on Valentine 's Day. Mukti wanna spend those little time with him that Abhi has left. Dhruv wanted to argue with Aliya going her home but finally they patched up making love on that night. Cabir started thinking to be a RJ. Next morning Nandini comes to meet Nyonika and feel that Nyonika played the game to separate her from Manik. At college all taste angry Manik and Nandini tries to stop him but he doesn't listen to her. Fab4 tries to make him understand and he warns them not to talk about Nandini again. Nandini starts her music practice with Pundit ji. Manik says to Nyonika tries to tell Manik that Nandini is lying but Manik says Nandini is telling the truth and Nyonika won cause he let her win. Nyonika expels Nandini from college and Manik announce it all over the college that for the first time Nyonika has taken a right decision. Cabir influenced Manik to bring Nandini back to the college. Nandini and Manik met on the terrace of the college. After that Manik demanded his "Owe" from Niyonika to bring her back to college. Niyonika brought Nandini back to college. Nandini came into the college and came to thank Manik. While she was thanking me he said that he would make her suffer. "Suffer for the pain that she gave him" Nandini accepted his challenge as she knows that she deserves it. Then gradually everything started changing for them. Pundit has always been on the nerves of Manik and he had to protect Nandini from that Pundit.Manik had to give up all his hatred and save Nandini. During this mission he falls apart from Druv and Fab5 band was about to be dissolved. But later then Mnaik somehow managed to make Nandini realize the true face of Pundit as per their talks before MaNan performed in the fusion concert and followed by the magical words said by Manik.

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It was a random moment on a random day with a random person... But it all meant to be the most special moment on a special day with the most special person... He didn't show his face but he showed his care! He didn't say a word but his action said millions! He just caught and saved it once but it played in her head over thousand times! He didn't make the touch on purpose but he left a connect forever for her life!
There Nandini sees Manik again but not knowing that this is her special person she wanted to see... He was there just like a hero being worshiped by many and added to this list was her friend Navya... who made the actual encounter in Nandini's presence... Nandini didn't seem to follow it through well but was happy for her friend Navya, with her new found admiration! And for him Nandini wasn't existing in his vicinity... There was no sight at all about Nandini's presence until he heard her voicing out and standing up against him... All for her friend and her safety... There Manik saw Nandini, as a naive hero, trying in all her capacity to fight for her friend.. Did he see a glimpse of himself in her? A sight of light glow in him to push her to the extreme to know how far would she go... And then everything became a story by itself bringing them together, leading one after the other, without any turning back!!!
When you read normal love stories they have a sweet and cute beginning but manik and nandini don't do usual... so the beginning of this love story was with a punch nandini moorthy the girl who is calm in a face of apocalypse lost it all,the girl who is the voice of reason lost her reason,the girl who hates violence did something that shocked us all. She punched manik malthora the leader of fab 5 for breaking her appa's pen "the partly titled king of space" got bullied by the most sweetest girl on earth .Nandini said every single thing that everyone wanted to say but couldn't ,she said what fab5 really was not fearing for herself or considering the outcome.She let her heart out her pain her frustration her anger and her love for her father her  love for his last memory and on the other side volcano was about to erupt .Manik malthora who didn't listen to anyone was standing there with a bloody lip listening to a girl at least one and half feet shorter then him giving him lesson on ethical point .He was boiling inside...The tasks given to Nandini by Fab5 were to kiss a man and they even declared whoever she kiss would be fab5's next target. The next task was to do a sexy dance in front of watchman. She was forced to do all these task as they had her appa's last memory. Even though she completed first task successfully by kissing a waiter dada over there,the second task wasn't completed which was given by Mukthi. All those tasks not only showed us how arrogant and rude were fab5 ,but also showed us how strong Nandini is. She is head-strong girl and somewhere this part of her did attract Manik. At the end of the game Manik threw her appa's pen which resulted in most loved PUNCH. This might be first time in tellywood fans loving heroine punching hero for his deeds. It was so effective that it ended with Manik falling for Nandini.
In all the drama of space a new guy came in light...the best solo player in space...the guy who makes all the girl melt and every guy jealous  dispute of being a solo player he wanted to make a band just to defeat manik and fab5 in his band there was navya and himself but as per rule there had to be 4 members.Harshad wanted nandini but nandini refused...after many tries because of alya's mistake nandini decided to join NH3. She brought shahad the previous fab5 torture victim as the drummer.all of then together made NH3. But unlike fab5 this band wasnt made with love and support but with anger and jealousy
The person who said opposites attracted was a true genius,the story of manik and nandini did a 180 after they were locked in a storeroom for 8 hours in those 8 hours there was blood shed,yelling ,tear shedding and what not but there was also the 1st sighs of trust and understanding but maniks soft spot for nandini was there long before that whenhe saved her fireflies he just didnt knew it but there true love was shining as bright as the sun even back then as days passed nandini painted stone heart in the bright colour inch by inch and his soft corner for her was getting bigger and bigger.It was a defeat manik wanted he needed he craved Nandini Moorthy was a big part of manik when nandini came infront of manik forgot everything her touch her smile was a basic need to him.Manik can give up music for her,he can walk on fire if nandini was the prize.He could jump of a cliff if she asked manik's soft spot for nandini is now a welcomed defeat.This soft spot makes monster manik just manik... Nandini's manik...
The kiss...!! The accidental kiss..!! The kiss made such an impact what Nandu's punch could not..He was shocked and was lost by the incident..he even forget to react,but when came to his senses he covered up his feelings by trying to re-torture her..while Nandini found a new way to irritate Manik with the help of Navya. They tried to make Aliya jealous so that she force him to release nandini from SPOT duty.And it actually worked.But Nandu did not know her Manik. He was still planning to teach his SPOT girl a lesson..Since Nandini refused to come to his house at night,next day he ordered her to come college..But she again refused due to which he himself went to her house and accidentally witnessed Rishab's condition..He realized that Nandini was suffering from the same pain as Rishab's sister like he was suffering seeing dhruv got attacked.He found him somehow relate to her and this mellowed him down.For the first time he calmed down and they actually share thoughts with each other.He even offered her a glass of water.A man like him that too a Monster offering her water was actually s big thing and later he shared her glass too.This scene was witnessed by Aliya and Manik was left with no choice to select either Nandini or Fab5..He frees her from spot duty but destiny never separated them as they met again in Harshad's house and Manik felt jealousy seeing Nandini smiling and talking nicely with Dhruv as she never smiled or talked nicely with Manik..this strikes him badly so he again made a new excuse to be with her and actually it was his first step to trust her.He proposed a partnership of working together in the treatment of Dhruv-Rishab..Though she at first refused to believe him but later she agreed in one condition that they will be only partners not friends or anything else..and this was the moment when fireflies glow for them..
Meanwhile Manik's growning obsession for Nandini made Aliya so frustrated and insecure that she send goons after her.Dhruv who had become friends with Nandini tried to stop the goons. During this dhruv and Nandini misunderstood that Manik had send the goons when Manik came to help dhruv and dhruv for the first time raise hands on Manik.This incident made a great impact on their friendship and Manik blamed Nandini for all the mess.While Nandini tried to convince Dhruv that he should not fight with Manik, Manik succeed to expel her with the help of Nayonika which led to another twist in their love story..
        After expulsion Nandini somehow managed to got a job at a cafe nearby her college. Dhruv & Manik patched up and with the help of Nayonika,Harshad brought her back to collehe.That same evening when dhruv came to meet her at her job place,Nandini broke her friendship with dhruv as it creates only problems to their lives.while returning, dhruv again got attacked and this time both Manik and Nandini made him calm down.It was then when Manik got to know that on her request,dhruv patched up with her. This really made a great impact on him as he realized that she is not what he thinks about her and his music of hatred changed to music of admire this time..He thinks again and decided to give her the fair chance she wanted. He told dhruv to continue his friendship with Nandini as he has no problem with it.He even next day told Harshad that he want to give them fair chance looking at Nandini which clearly indicates that how Nandini's words made an impact on him.
         when all was going smooth,then the biggest turnover occurs in their story,the storeroom incident.A set up used by Harshad to trap Manik actually helped Manik-Nandini to know each other in a new level.They got to know each other's caring side and vulnerabilities for the first time. Nandini trying to remove the darkness of storeroom after knowing his darkness fobia impressed him a lot and the story of fireflies and stars begins..she shares her mother's theory of fireflies that inspite of being tiny they have that great capacity to fight and remove darkness.Just like what she did for him at that moment..Similarly him knowing her fobia of rat,trying to make her comfortable and sit her at top of the wreck and putting down comfortably make her trust on him more..the trust that she started to make on him while holding his hand while standing on the stool to open a small ventilator..so after they come out from the storeroom,the journey of trust and knowing each other more started..
The next big move comes in their story when he chooses her life over music in the jungle task by Raghav sir and did the first good thing for her by saving her life in an accident.Yet it could not remove the external bitterness between them. Then the shocking revelation of Aliya's act of sending goons after Nandini occurs which leads to break up of manik aliya's relationship. After knowing that it was actually Aliya not Nandini behind Manruv's fighting made one more piece of his heart to melt for her and the journey of kiss-miss started.
        During practice for intra college competition Nandini was ordered to teach Fab5 Classical and Manik tripped nandini and got hurt at forehead.Manik was so concerned seeing her bleeding but he tried indirect way to touch her wound. He started caring for her.Before the competition they again met accidentally at Harshad's home and started another unique thing in their relationship i.e.taking a break from their fights and share their issues and surprisingly they actually gave exact solutions to each other's problems..
        Then comes the day of competition which actually changes Nandini's point of view for Manik..Manik choses Rishab's treatment over his performance,when Rishab got attacked in the college while coming to give the lucky pen to Nandini. When Nandini came to know all this she was great full,shocked seeing this side of him yet did not get chance to thank him.Manik's sacrifice made him lose the competition to NH3. Nandini went to his home to thank Manik but eventually got stuck in his room as fab4 also went there to meet him.He ordered her to not tell the truth to anyone and she questioned him why he always tries to hide his goodness by his Monstrous side?a question that was not asked by anyone before her..He started to got attracted to her..

    This incident clear all the doubts of Nandini about Manik being good at heart and removes the fearness from her mind for him.She proposed him to work on dhruv rishab's treatment together and after another fight,both agreed.During this process of fake arguments they again came close with each other physically and this time she shyed instead of hesitating and get feared.After that when Navya raised a question about Manruv being not straight after her own experience,interestingly her answer was for Manik instead of dhruv not being gay.she even herself noticed the change in her thought.meanwhile when Harshad told Nandini to follow Manik to know the updates of their musical preparation,she caught red-handed by Manik and they fight again with each-other with mud..During this mud-fight both equally felt the attraction towards each other and out of fear she vent out the truth that harshad is following Cabir to find his secrete.While following both Harshad and Cabir,Manik got to know the secrete of cabir being gay.He was shocked,shivered with the revelation of truth and wanted to share his vulnerability with fab3 but surprisingly he went to meet Nandini at her home and share their first hug..a hug of sharing his vulnerability with none other than Nandini..She was shocked by his sudden hug but later embrace him and he found a new comfort in her..
      The next day,she was confused about their first hug when she went to meet him according to their secrete meeting at 7 in college and found him sleep at the staircase in the same dress.she understood his confused state of mind when he came to meet her and ask him to go and fresh at home.when he came back he cleared the reason behind his hug and she once again calmed him down by her wise words.In the evening before Raghav sir's b'day party he confessed her that he do not like her being friend with dhruv to which she literally got surprised..he was in the state of jealousy.
Raghav sir's birthday party clearly changes their equation with each other..The drink which was spiked for Cabir was accidentally drunk by Nandini.Fortunately in her vulnerable state,she was attended by Manik.Nandini shared and asked him all those queries which she would have never ask him in her sense.She told him how he was rude with all his pranks to whom he answered as how he had made it all covered always,only she needed no help from him instead he needed protection from her.He was amused by her uninhibited nature..They again got to know the connection of stars with them..in her vulnerable state she even told him to not believe in stars rather he should stay with her and then she will shine for him.That one innocent declaration just took his heart away..While dropping her home,he witnessed the most important,beautiful and precious side of her,before sleeping she always prays and this time she also prays for Manik..Manik was awestruck by her selflessness,purity of her heart which he never witnessed in any other person even in Fab4..
          If that drunk night was an opportunity to know their actual self,next day was waiting to build the most important thing in their relationship,TRUST..When Manik tried to trick her with his story that during drunken state something happened between them,she shocked him by her word that she don't believe his words because she trust him..TRUST a very happy word for him..he never thought that someone can trust on a monster like him..Another incident also make their bond stronger,Nandini knowing Cabir's truth and when Manik knew that she know it,he threatened her.In his anger he even made bruises over her shoulder.When he came to his senses,he understood his mistake and told her to do the same with him,she refused saying that she understand his pain..He was shocked again her words and way of thinking. Like nandini manik also began to trust her as he knew that she will never disclose Cabir's identity to anyone.trust was building gradually as well as an unknown comfort level between them.
        Then come the Diwali night where Nandini gifted him a star lamp remembering his fondness of stars. He was surprised again and they accidentally again became intimate with each other and it was then when Nandini asked him about Aliya's role in his life.He later not only shared their break up with each other but also confessed that with only Nandini he becomes simply Manik..an important complement to her..After that night they gradually got attracted to each other,Manik actually made excuses to meet her,to come close to her.Nandini too got attracted by Manik..Ultimately before Musicana performance,they share their feelings to each other that how much he need her,he want her to shine for him,to trust him,always be with him and she promised him to do..they ultimately expressed their feelings openly and sealed their emotions & feelings with a kiss..and yet again fireflies glowed everywhere to make their moment historic..Love Was In The Air...
The rain falls because the cloud can no longer handle the weight; Tear falls as the heart can no longer handle the weight.
Sacrifice is a simple word to tell and spell. Its hard to do. Hard to let your precious thing go away. It takes so much courage to do it. Should I call it stupidity or the age factor. Oh I don't know, But all I feel is the most emotional heart-piercing thing is sacrifice. Manik sacrificed his love for his dear friend. His dear buddy. Just few minutes or seconds he have accepted his love for his girl and they shared an intimate moment and the first kiss happened after many trials and failures. Manik was shattered hearing his Druv's words. Druv was so strong about his feelings and also asked Manik to keep his feelings for his Buddy. Will there be any other word in the whole world which can make a man shed his tears. Manik agreed to keep his feelings away. Feelings for Nandini, Hate is not all he felt he is in deeply love with her but not able to confess. Manik was not strong enough to confess his love in front of his friend instead he had decided to break up with Nandini. Nandini his lady love is not a easy task to fool. Whatever his step is, it must be careful. He decided to do it in the Fab5 style. And he succeeded. He with triumph fake smile got to say that again #MissionNandiniMurthy. Well, it was as hard for him to talk as Nandini was feeling the worst on the other side. She, her feelings, her mother's words, her fireflies everything was just like a black hole for her now. She was petrified and she was broken totally. She had to perform in next few minutes. She was all dressed like a princess with a broken heart. Manik was could just stand there and watch her cry and nothing else. He needed to lend his shoulders for her and he was staying away. Her tears always made him weak and this time its rolling out because of him. She was on the stage still with her barren memories which are like thorns hurting her heart. There it goes it was her time to sing and she went flat voice was not out of her mouth. And later on Harshad accused her for being a black dot in his band and ruining his performance and making him loose. Nandini went to Manik and she wanted him to know that she isn't destroyed yet. It made Manik more weak. Both were right in their own ways still everything happened is wrong.
Manik tried his best to avoid Nandini... Not because he hated her but just that he felt it wasn't right... He couldn't make it work between her and him, when all his mind was thinking about the other important person in his life... Dhruv!
And now fate is playing against them bringing them back together... Amidst the jungle all alone left by themselves... He didn't want to walk away from her but he did, thinking that was for their best! But if she let's him go then so be it... But she didn't! Fate throwing his own game back on his face!
There she was full of purity and innocence, putting the pieces of the puzzle together, asking him to finish it... Yes, he did finish it, only to be crushed by her broken emotions... She was shattered for being played and for not being confided upon! Her punch wasn't to blame him for his doing but a punch on herself for being looked down and unfit for his reliance!
He understood the hurt he inflicted in her.. the pain that she is going through... But he is helpless because he acted on his impulse and if only he could reverse the time... And there was just the slight hint he wanted.. that she is not letting him go but not wanting to take him in too.. This confusion is more than enough for him to stay back and to heal her...
But it's not easy and he wasn't up for any easy challenge too... If she is a warrior then he is a fighter too who doesn't take "No" for an answer... He ran behind her, wrote apologies to her, took a caring break with her... It's not just one thing but everything and her love and care for him that did it... He wanted his apology accepted and yes she did... That's all to it... Not a penny more and not a penny less... Just that!!! But is that enough?! As always these lovebirds had other turn of events to handle... And the journey just continues...
"You can be the moon and still be jealous of the stars."
To get out of depression laughter is the best therapy and to get your loved one back jealousy is the best medicine. The feeling of someone else touching your partner irks you so much that it takes some very interesting yet beautiful turns in the paused love life.
Nandini had always been Manik's star. But when she saw some random girl encircling her arms and talking with her Manik she could not control herself. She came up with weird ideas to stop them getting cozy be it shouting by climbing on a ladder or going to Manik's house at midnight without thinking twice. For Nandini, her man was there alone with some random chick and she could not handle it because only she had the right. Nandini figured out very soon that Soha was very much interested in Manik and with their fights and Manik ignoring her she feared that she might lose Manik forever; something which she cannot afford at any cost.
Manik on the other side was furious being an impulsive lover. He could not even make out that Nandini was just Abhimanyu's friend. Whenever he saw Nandini with him he felt agitated and a rush of emotions took place over him. The feeling of rejection and then jealousy was so prominent in Manik that he nearly beat Abhimanyu. The disapproval and ego clashed so hard that he realized that he cannot see Nandini with any other man except him after seeing Abhimanyu.
So both of them reacted their way. Manik reacted by getting angrier but for the first time we could sense anger in Nandini Moorthy- the calm and composed girl of SPACE. Nandini tried her best to keep Soha away from Manik to the extent she started advancing to Manik herself. She shouted at him making Manik realize that she loved him still and was JEALOUS.
That was the end game for the hunk and he too decided to play along. Although not being interested at Soha for the one woman man he is, yet he started being sweet to her. He was cheesy at times only to provoke Nandini to confess her feelings for him.
He became exceptionally happy when Nandini landed up at his house just when he needed her the most, only to shine for him as she had promised. Well now was the time for Nandini to get into a grilling session by Manik. Manik sent Soha away and acted as if getting cozy with her only to add fuel in the fire. A small confrontation took place where Nandini got speechless and gave into her desires and responded towards Manik's feelings.
Be it Soha or Abhimanyu they could only act as positive catalyst and give the much needed push to the love story of Manik and Nandini. The much awaited proposal and confession took place on New Year's eve after Manik was kidnapped by Nandini and brought to her special private party .Manik who was so sure that Nandini would definitely gate crash Soha's party was surprised when he found that Nandini actually had brought him to her own land. Finally both of them reciprocated to each other's feelings and spoke their hearts which were the byproducts of the jealousy giving rise to their undying love for each other and sparkling chemistry.
Women don't share things easily.
Nandini decided to leave her stubbornness right there when she saw Manik right there down on the floor. She made him reach the hospital somehow. And she called his first family to the hospital as soon as she came to know that Rishab her brother was also admitted at the same hospital. She was right there in the hospital still she saw anyone of the band member there. Druv took care of Manik from here. Nandini couldn't stay away from his so she again made an excuse somehow and came here where she was here to hear the worst news of Manik's amputation. Niyonika made her son out of this mess within few hours. After he was good once again there was a new entry Soha, who was madly in love with Manik. And followed by the jealous track there came the new year. It indeed is a New Year, a start of new relationship. Nandini could not see her love with another girl so she decided to go wild this time. She with the help of Abhimanyu made a secret party and somehow she managed to get Manik right there in her private Party instead to be in Soha's private party. And she made an excuse from the Soha's party and she reached there where Abhimanyu planned a private party only for her and Manik. Manik was awaiting for his princess and there she was. He was happy and as he is acting as he not felling anything for Nandini he as usual played the same game. He made her still believe he was waiting for Soha. And no sooner when he found out that it was Nandini who planned this secret party he was so happy and there was a reunion. He hugged her tight even they didn't figure out Nandini's dress burning. No sooner she changed her dress with the curtain there was a romantic moment between both the love birds. They forgot the whole world and were enjoying some special moments in their own world. Suspicious Soha followed Cabir to the spot and found Nandini together with Manik and she threw a stone to ruin their romantic moment and she succeeded. Cabir as usual did not left a chance to mock at these two. Next day at college Abhimanyu was so eager to know what happened the last day and he got his answer from her blush. And here Nandini gets a message from Manik to come and meet him in the music room. She went there and there he was waiting for her with his signature dialogue What's up?
A Unique turn in a Love Story its nothing but friendship-------"Lets be friends"----Surprised...

Nandini n Manik who are deeply in Love with each other but never confessed...and after so many fights, confrontations...they understood that they can't stay away from each other because of which they were just about to move their relationship to next level but unfortunately they couldn't .
Nandini was feeling that they were going a little fast in their relationship n decides to go slow...Next morning when Manik tries to get cozy with Nandini in changing room Nandhini stops him from kissing for which Manik gets confused ,shocked n questions her ..."What"
Nandini tells him that he only said that he wanted to start it from beginning na then they should start from Start n she says "Lets b friends"...But Manik says that they cant be friends...and as usual Manik doesn't listen to her n ask her to leave from there...He gets angry n takes out all his frustration on photoshoot n leaves from there...Nandini follows him to the Changing room
Nandini questions him that why he is taking his anger on something else then Manik asks her that what is my anger for explain,Nandini says that he is angry because she said "lets be friends"...Manik starts shouting at her that how she gets such brilliant ideas but Nandini stops him saying that before he say something n regret later leta her complete...Manik calms down n sits over there to listen to her.
Nandini explains him that they both behave extremely...either they fight that they might kill each other or they are so close that they might cross the limit ...Manik gets shocked listening to that...
Nandini continues by saying that she wants to be his friend because that was the first thing she noticed in him that he is a good friend...Manik listens to her n comes near her starts tickling n addresses that friends tickle each other...
Manik accepts Nandini's that condition but with confused mind...but he was not leaving any stone to prove Nandini that they cant be just friends...which was leading him to b mischievous with Nandini n find faults in her friendship thing.After saving her Manik was very angry but Nandini knows how to calm him down but then Manik comes into his mischievous mode where he holds hands n leans his head on her shoulder by saying that friends give shoulder to their friends but when he tries to kiss her she stops n says that this doesn't come under friendship.
But He finally understands the whole friendship thing is fine when he was questioned by his best friends after they saw him saving Nandini n hugging her in front  of them because he himself was not sure about is between him n Nandini .
And Manik continues his mission of proving Nandini wrong that they r not just friends n searches her to her tell her that what he said to his friends but as we all know he is The Manik Malhotra ...he finds her in canteen n asks her for Soha to make her jealous n snatches her sandwich saying friends can share food...But Nandini asks him to stay away from Soha n says that her intuitions r not good...but then Manik teases her that its her insecurity but Nandini clears him that she know that he was looking for her n not Soha so she she is not all insecure...but then his mischievous mode comes out n touches Nandini but gets a punch in return...but then later he informs Nandini that he told his friends that they r just friends.
And his mischief continues when he lands up at Nandini's place at dinner time without intimation putting the friends tag when Nandini questions him...He just finds ways to spend time with Nandini n offcourse his only mission to prove Nandini wrong about the friendship thing.Then he starts his acting n make Nandini panic by false hiccups where Nandini takes him to lie down on the bed but Manik was hell bent to remove this friendship tag n asks her to distract him when she finally says that they r more than friends n starts kissing him he forgets to take hiccups when Nandini understands that he is just acting she stops n then Manik accepts that he just slipped or else he almost had her...Then he asks help to Nandini to save him from Chachi's food but Nandini refuses meanwhile he spots a gift which was with his name...He takes that gift out of the house when he feels suspicious n informs Nandini that he dint send any gift...As they reach out Manik asks Nandini to stay away but both were worried for each other equally...Finally the teddy blast brings out Manik's worry for Nandini n he accepts that she is more important to him than anything else n he cant see her in pain n with tears...n he says that he ll not spare Harshad this time...but Nandini manages to calms him down n sends him back.
Next mrng Nandini thinks that Manik is searching for her but feels sad when he disagrees...but when Manik notices her sad face he asks her that last night she said that they r not just friends for which Nandini replies that they can be best friends...but for that also time is there n then Nandini tells we ll get to know each other through being friends which is an advantage.
Manik n Nandini again meet each other with new issue where Nandini was worried for Navya n Manik was worried for Cabir...Where Nandini manages to convince Manik for Cabir's job but Manik disagrees to Nandini's decision for helping Navya through the stupid plan n he asks her to stay away n he ll handle it in his way talking to Nyonika...But Nandini understands n doesn't accept it bcz she don't want him to sacrifice something which he don't like n tells him that u can't take everyone's burden on u bcz he himself has his own life ...but Manik disagrees n sticks to his point n says that she is making a circus out of it...after lot of argument they end up with a tiff again.
Though Manik was not ready to help Nandini in her stupid plan but as we all know nothing can stop them from meeting...so here comes Manik with another issue...n gets stuck together all thanks to Glue...where they go to washroom had a water fight n share some cozy moments...
Finally Manik decides to stand by Nandini bcz he sensed that things myt turn worse n his fear comes true. He loses his control n hits a guy who tries to misbehave with Nandini...n ends up shouting at Nandini...He offers his shoulder to crying Nandini n he explains her that things r not so easy as she thinks n he was protecting her from this kind of situation but somewhere he wanted her to win bcz she was right. Finally Manik takes stand with Nandini further when things were going wrong step by step...N result were expected When MaNan r together nothing can go wrong n finally Nandini won the battle n Navya was taken back in college.
Nandini was sitting behind the music wing ,she was stressed n tired bcz of headache n her wound...Where Manik comes n offers a chocolate but was trying to change Nandini's mood but she was not in mood of jokes,so Manik goes behind her n holds her head just to make her relief from headache by giving her head massage .Manik appreciates her by saying that she has done what was right but Nandini accepts it by saying that it was possible just bcz he was with her.
Somewhere Nandini was thinking abt Manik's past but when Manik asks her whether she wants to know abt his vote ,she replies that she don't want to mess up her beautiful present with their past n Manik wins her heart by assuring her that their best is yet to come that is their future.
Manik calls Nandini when she was writing her diary...he just wanted to tell that he said Cabir to take that job... whereas he just wanted to talk to her with no reason n Nandini understands that n cuts the call .
Next day Nandini gets surprised when she spots Manik in Jam room practicing that too so early,On being asked Manik starts his mischief by saying that he is trying to impress his cranky Band manager n bcz of which he cudn't sleep n tries to go close to Nandini again...But Nandini is Nandini she escapes n asks him to do his work n she ll do her work...Manik spots her black diary which he remembers that its her personal diary which she used to hide n right something,he starts reading his name as Monster Manik n feels its about him n Nandini comes n struggles to take it from his hand n says that he cant read it,but Manik says that we r friends n he can read it ...while fighting they slip n fall on eachother...Where Nandini instead of getting up tells him that he cant read others diary but Manik was enjoying the moment n teases her by saying that she is correct...atleast this time he should not read,Nandini suddenly realizes where she was n gets up.Manik smiles n says that he knew that she ll chicken out n starts reading her diary...He finds some lyrics n ask Nandini to sing...then they both crack the piece of song together. Manik sings it in front of Fab4 but Nandini tells that some friend gave him the lyrics on being asked by Aliya as she does not wanted to disclose her name in front of Fab4.
Meanwhile when Mr.Khurana comes n scolds Nandini on not showing any professionalism towards the album Manik takes stand to save her but when Nandini blames Soha for no progress in songs Mr.Khurana fires her for which Manik tries to warn him that if he fires her then they wont do ----but Nandini interferes before Manik completes n decides to quit...Mr.Khurana asks her to leave from there...
As soon as Nandini leaves Manik follows her n asks her that why she left from there,Because if she would have stood there then he would have taken all the blame that they dint follow her n she was doing her job perfectly.Nandini tries to make him understand that its Soha who was behind this,she has problem with her...But Manik says he don't care n to hell with her bcz he can get better than this for Fab5 but Nandini says that this is the best thing for them n tries to explain him that she is at fault n Khuran is right.But Manik tries to tell her that he don't care what is right or wrong but he wants her to b with him bcz they cracked a song together within an hour n he says he can pull out 3 songs in three days but Nandini tells him that he has done it all his life without her...Manik asks her for the final time that will she come or not when he get any answer in anger he turns n starts to walk out from there but their hands collide n their Tie bracelets connect them n make them face each other again...small eye lock...Nandini tries to explain him but in anger Manik removes the connected ties n walk out from there.
Manik again looks for Nandini to inform her that they r going to Farm house for next three days to prepare songs as he spots Nandini with Principal he thinks that again Nandini has put herself into some trouble.
He reaches Library following her n spots her where she was struggling for sitar...Nandini cums near n starts teasing him saying that looking like Volcano has calmed for which Manik gets annoyed n questions her that she likes to piss him off but when she says no with a puppy face ,He asks Y princi called her but again Nandini pulls his leg by saying that along with anger he is worried also...she feels it so sweet...but then Manik gets really pissed off n says no he is not n tries to leave by saying that if she doesn't want to say then he don't care...Nandini stops him by saying sorry n asks him lets not fight...Manik gets another weapon to pull her leg that she fights n finding ways to stay away from him.
But Nandini tries to explain him that all this is new to her n she don't know how to deal with it,Manik gets surprised n amazed listening that n asks her that dint she had any friend like him before when she says no he tries to get cozy again.He pushes him away n books fall down when he bangs on the books rack with her push,She gets scared n take him to hide...while hiding Nandini hugs Manik tightly closing her eyes...Manik hugs her back n gets another chance to pull her leg he says hiding has their own advantages,suddenly Nandini moves away.
MAnik then caries Veena for Nandini n asks her that why this Veena as soon as Nandini starts giving answer that Pandit trilok chaurasiya is coming for Workshop n she is ordered by principle to attend ut...but Manik was busy checking his height with Nandini n adjust himself sitting on table so that he can come down to her height.Nandini notices that n stands on toes so that she can look taller but Manik teases her to come down n Nandini gives n tells him that she ll b busy with workshop n he ll b busy with songs for three days so then they shud not meet for three days n concentrate on music.But Manik is Manik he catches a point n says that he was right that she is finding ways to stay away n informs her that not to worry even we r going to Soha's farm house for three days to complete the songs .But when Nandini asks him why he teases Nandini that even Soha has brilliant ideas like her...but Nandini starts her worry that Soha is ridiculous n she is always upto something n they shud not go there n orders Manik not to go,Manik feels amazed looking at Nandini's jealousy n teases her that they r not going there for honeymoon they r just going to prepare songs n Nandini lost the chance of going with them by leaving the job.But Nandini tries to explain him that its all her trap but instead of listening to her Manik says if she is trapping us then that doesn't mean I will b trapped n says that he is Manik no one can trap him...Nandini warns him that do whatever he want to do but then anything happens no need to cum running to complain about her,He says K Momma i will not,he starts teasing her n says if she wants she can have faith on him or else think all possible ways that what Soha can do with him these 3 days... Nandini gets annoyed  n Manik leaves from there.
Nandini gets worried when she spots Pyscho Soha behaving weirdly but she couldn't tell Manik bcz she spots Fab5 announcing about the album n if she discloses about Soha to Manik then Manik myt scrap the album then n there itself which has become more important to Cabir.Nandini gets lost in her thoughts that she doesn't notice the things kept in her way n slips ,she falls on a plywood where her top gets torn bcz of a nail,she struggles to pin it up n Manik spots her from behind.Manik comes from behind n puts his hand on her shoulder to cover the torn n takes her to one corner where no one can see her.Manik gets amazed that how she manages to get her clothes toned or burned n remembers the store room scene but Nandini questions that why its bothering n what the big deal,he says its not a big deal for him but it is for her n helps her pin it up.Nandini asks him that she thought they left,Manik says that they were but he wanted to say bye to her so he came...Nandini asks him with a puppy face that they wont b able to see each other for three days listening that Manik smiles at her innocence.Mani says Bye to her then Nandini ask him to take care but Manik tells her that not to worry about him but she should b careful n not to get her clothes torn when is not around n smiles for which Nandini nods in yes.
Manik offers his hand saying "bye friend"...Nandini shakes hand n replies Bye but was worried about him ...when Manik turn backs to leave she calls him but says nothing finally Manik leaves n Nandini thinks that she shud tell Manik about Soha or not.
In that dilemma Nandini sneaks into their car to go along with them to farm house just to protect Manik,On the way Manik feels that he saw Nandini but then he he thinks that it was his imagination,Even after reaching also he crosschecks to make sure that it was his imagination or something else.
Nandini spots Soha spiking Manik's drink n entering into his room,she tries to disturb them n succeeds also but cudn't stop Manik from drinking that drink n finally Nandini ends up staying with Manik with the help of Cabir.
Finally Manik realizes that it was not his imagination n Nandini was actually in the car backside n tells her that he knew that she cant stay away from him,for which Nandini says that not to give himself that much credit.Then Manik asks her that what she is doing there with him in farm house n holding her hand he tries to explain her that she cant stay away from him n she pushes him away when he tries to come close to her.
Nandini tries to move away but Manik pulls her on to the bed n asks her that how long they will b staying like this ...like being "boring friends",But Nandini smells his breathe n gets up n asks him that did he drank that drink which Soha gave,Manik agress that she was forcing so he had to drink n he is just tolerating her just bz of Cabir n says sorry to her .Nandini questions him that she gave n he had it but then Manik starts behaving weirdly n replies that she is right if someone asks him to jump off the cliff he will not but except Nandini,if she asks him to jump from 120th floor also then he ll do that for her...
Nandini gets up n thinks what to do meanwhile Manik stats his naughtiness,As Nandini gets angry he says sorry...Nandini  asks him to sleep so he that she cant make him sleep she says yes I can.
While trying to Make him sleep Manik sleeps on Nandini's lap n says that she run away from him because he makes somany mistakes for which she replies she wont.Manik starts sharing his worries to Nandini ...he says that fab5 was upset n we were always together but Nandini says that she knows about it n no need to explain,Manik tells about his mother n tells her that everyone is mean in this world.Fab5 was fighting against the world n then they met n realized that they can fight with world if they r together.Nandini assures him that se knows how imp FAB5 is for him.Manik continues to tell that why they used bully ppl so that they wont bully us...but then he says that he dint care to win or lose when she came inot his life,Whenever she was with him ,he could b himself Just Manik.Nandini gestures him with a forehead kiss n calms him down.
Suddenly Manik spots that Nandini's ear ring is missing n starts searching...but Nandini tries to stop him by asking him for a hug when she gets a msg from Cabir that Soha is on the prowl n when Manik hugs her Nandini pushes him on to the bed to make him sleep.Nandini confuses Manik by showing him another ear ring but he catches her lie n getsup to search.Manik comes out n searches for the ear ring even after Nandini tries to beg him not to do so,She tries to hide him at corner when she sees themade,somehow they don't get caught n Nandini tells him that they r not precious but Manik doesn't listen to her...N when Soha cums Manik doesn't listen to her n tells her that he is not afraid of her...So Nandini stops him by asking that will he goes to Soha living her behind n gives him a kiss.Manik gets amazed with the kiss n surprised when Nandini asks him to come to Bedroom.He agrees but then he suddenly remembers the ear ring again n says he wont go if he don't get it.Nandini puts a condition that if they don't get it in 15 mins then they ll have to goto bedroom as soon as she remembers that where she lost it, ,Manik agrees .Both of them goes to Garden where Nandini was hiding n she must have lost her ear ring there.
Manik becomes a detective n searches for the ear ring with a clue that it had a flower in it.Nandini says that we ll search tomorrow but he refuses n starts comparing it with Stars,but then suddenly he remembers that his mother never taught him ryhmes n then suddenly looking at flowers Manik says that he found them n asks Nandini to wear them helpless Nandini wears Flowers as ear rings n asks him to go to bedroom.Manik looks at her n praises her that she is beautiful.After going to bedroom Manik asks for his reward for finding the ear ring n bends down for a kiss pouting his lips but Nandini kisses him on cheeks n walks away from him.But Manik stops her n asks her for bigger reward pouting his lips.Nandini pulls the hanged blanket n covers Manik.But Manik being in fun mode puts blanket on her nboth falls on bed n do all fun,they tickle ,pillow fight ,shouts in joy...etc etc...finally Manik grabs Nandini into a hug n tries to sleep n Nandini adjust herself on his chest hugging him tighly n finally they sleeps.
Next day Nandini awakes before Manik n tries to getup but Manik pulls her back n asks her not to leave but Nandini asks him that was he awake already.Manik cups her face n says that even he is thinking that it is his imagination or she is real n have a eyelock.Nandini gets up n asks him to getup n get ready bcz they have to practice,but Manik feels his head is heavy n suddenly remembers that they r in Soha's farm house n asks Nandini that what she is doing there with him n Nandini asks him that don't he remember what happened last nyt n informs him that he was drunk last nyt,but he shouts that he is never get drunk .Nandini asks him again that really don't he remember anything abt last nyt then he slowly remembers that Soha came to him with a drink n Suddenly he remembers that Soha myt have spiked his drink n that's y he is feeling so wasted.Manik says that he don't remember anything what happened last nyt.But when Manik tries to go n confront Soha Nandini stops him n says that she spiked his drink with Cabir's help n diverts the topic by saying to get ready n practice.
Manik comes drop her out Nandini asks him that why early morning he made a Coconut face Manik says that her face is like potato.But Nandini asks him that last nyt u said something else then Manik says that it doesn't make sense bcz he don't remember anything abt it.Manik tries to clarify from Nandini that she spiked the drink then why Soha was making him drink but Nandini avoids the question by saying lets not talk abt Soha n asks him focus on music just for her.But Manik catches that point n asks her that did anything happened last nyt bcz "For Me " doesn't sounds like "Friends".But Nandini skips answering by saying that the cab has n she shud leave.Manik calls Nandini n asks her to stay on call n threatens the cab driver by saying that if at all he drives fast then but Cab driver assures him that he ll drop her in single piece for which Manik says that for this life this single piece is enough for him.Manik holds Nandini's hand  n she says Bye to Manik...
Like this their friendship journey bloomed step by step.
Nandini doesn't like how things are going too fast so she wanted to change the game in her way, she asked Manik to start their relationship from friends and here they are friends once again. Well, Manik was not interested in this game though he had no other go to accept it.  Helping Navya and Soha's evil plans was all the part of their life now. They were meeting behing the music block near the staircase often. Sharing shoulders and giving advice to each others about friendship wee all they were doing all the time. Nandini arranged a secret ballet for the sake of Navya where the whole Fab5 worked with Nandini and Navya where Manik and Nandini had stolen another moment inside the washroom. Few moments with water and gum made their day. There was an almost kiss too. Nandini lended her shoulders when Manik was in need and Mnaik gave his when she was shattered. Friends are working out here. Manik was easing Stressed Nandini by giving her a massage and offering her chocolate. The new journey of friendship was now turning into love. Whatever they say love cannot be hid whatever it takes. Soha led Fab5 away from Nandini and college and took them to her Farm House. Nandini reached there and again the so called friends are in love again. Cabir knowing all the secret meetings of Manik and Nandini helped them out with their relationship.
Manik and Nandini decided to have a date as they need to know about each other more. This actually started when Manik dosent knew about Nandini that she haven't even once got scoldings from her teachers. All started in a funny note still it went serious later. Where Naya was teasing Nandini for having a date Nandini took some tips of Navya ad reached the venu. While Manik was getting ready in a beautiful white suit matching Nandini's dress unknowingly. Khurana asked all the doors to be locked for some time so that Mnaik dosent get out of the farm house. Meanwhile Khurana reached where Nandini was and he warned Nandini to move away from Nandini's life so that his career will not be ruined by him. If not he threatened her that he may pull the plug off on fab5. He also insisted her to leave Manik alone with his band. She was confused and was crying thinking of her situation. Manik reached there and Nandini decided to go along with the date and tell Manik about the deal later. They went on with theire beautiful night. Nandini figured out the mystery man who was saving her jas days before and she realized her love for Manik and he caught her 5 fireflies for her. He asked her th reason she loves fireflies and she lied about the reason. No sooner she was in  a intention to get closer to Manik where he was constantly remembering his promise to behave himself later that evening. Beautiful date was finally over with a beautiful song and a oath of trust where she closed her eyes and fell back knowing he will catch her. By this date his gift for her is his recovery of hand. He once again played guitar for her.
Most awaited three magical words was out finally. Due to Soha's trick Nandini was sedated and was taken to a room. She was surrounded by some film roles which was highly inflammable. Soha being a psycho she was trying to kill Nandini who she is thinking the villain of the story. So she threw kerosin all over and she lit the matchstick and set the room on fire. Manik was fooled by Soha down  the stairs and she heard what she wanted. Manik loves Soha. He said out those words to know where Nandini is. And she fooled him by not revealing the place. Still it took no much time for Manik to reach there and he saw Soha saying that she closed the chapter of Nandini who was the villain of their love story. Manik was is a rage seeing Nandini down on the floor unconscious and fire around her. He went to get Nandini out of the fire. Soha had to now face the reality. She had to get out of her imagination. She kept on saying the Manik loves her. And Mnaik was so angry hearing this and he couldn't take it anymore. He shouted with all his voice. "I love Nandini" the most awaited words are out of his mouth but his Nandini was unconscious in his arms. She couldn't hear any of his words and she could not feel any of his feelings. But this was a sting to Soha and she was not able to believe this. He shouted two times that he loves Nandini. Soha again stopped Manik but he just pushed her away and walked out of the room carrying her in his arms.
Every relationship has ups and downs and goes through a tough time. Right now Manik and Nandini are going through the same stage of a relationship. We can angry at that person whom we love the most. We expect lot from our loved ones and just because of that we get hurt only by them. This is the cruel truth of this universe. Being manipulated by Nyonika and remembering the old monster Manik, Nandini started thinking what if Manik actually killed Soha! At court when Manik asks her to say whatever her heart feels, she says to magistrate that she is not sure if Manik killed Soha or not. This made Manik heartbroken and he left her hand. At that moment Nandini feels that Manik can't kill anyone.  She tried to say magistrate Manik didn't kill Soha but magistrate said she can't change her statement again and again. Manik was taken to jail but Nyonika make his bail with her evil plan engaging Khurana. On valentine's date Manik-Nandini danced. Nandini tried to explain him why did she say to magistrate that she was not sure. Manik got angry hearing Nandini could believe even for a minute that he can actually kill Soha. He said, he would have never believed in any video or anything if someone shows this to him then how she can believe in it! How couldn't she keep faith in him!!! Nandini explained Nyonika told her, his love for Nandini make him to do so. At that moment Manik said to Nandini "who said I love you? I hate you Nandini". 
After the vent out of Manik on Nandini on the valentine day night it was a path of suffering for both of them. Manik made a challenge of making Nandini feel the pain of what he felt when she broke their trust. He was intentionally hurting him also by doing that with her. She was about to be expelled from the college and he brought her back with the influence of Cabir. He broke a glass door hurting his hands. She was stuck in a state to see him suffer and she couldnt do anything. They bet between Manik's hatred and her hope. Meanwhile Mnaik joined the Fusion Concert as Nandini's Partner. The bet was that if they sing together in the fusion concert then they have hope of their relationship if NO then there is no hope left in their life. The path of sufferings turned into a path of hope soon. They were together that they again felt the love inbetween them.

No sooner Manik was taken out of the class, Pundit started behaving weird with Nandini. Manik felt insecure with Pundit's presence around Nandini. Pundit being old student of Nandini's grandmother he took advantage in each situation to be with Nandini. Manik overheard the conversation of Pundit and Nandini in the holi party where he instructed Nandini to come early in the morning for practice without informing Manik. Manik went there and Pundit blamed Manik for diverting her attention. Druv joined Pundit's classes and Manik was sure about Pundit's true face behind the one which he is showing to Nandini and to the world. So Manik decides to make Pundit come out of his coat. He contacts a girl who he thinks knows the true face of Pundit to help him out in his mission to save Nandini from the hands of Pundit.

The final wait came to an end with the Confession where Manik said those magical words in front of Nandini. Both were in a excited state preparing surprises for each other. Setting up the surprise in the place where they first met, Nandini tried to impress Manik in which she was successful. But rain ruined almost of Nandini's plan but Mnaik managed to save a light. No sooner she noticed a huge I love You banner of lights and approached it. Manik called her from back and confessed his love saying those magical words. They shared a kiss and Manik asked Nandini to hit him with an egg and make him drink a dirty drink which are some incidents portrayed Manik as a moster in front of Nandini. he brought her jars of fireflies and they recollected the memories of the first meet and spent some quality time alone before the mishap happened.

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neelakshi.swain Senior Member

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Great dear..
Indeed ur work is commendable Clap

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Wow! That must have taken ages! Hats off! Its extremely good too!

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CONGRATULATIONS KY2 team. good job EDU Thumbs Up

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