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Posted: 07 May 2015 at 6:45pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by BeaBea

Originally posted by akdhaalways

Originally posted by BeaBea

Abhay thanks for the update.

Taking things on a raw surface this are my thoughts on the episodes: This conflict is set on for the beginning of the next track only.

Coming to the episode because of the various comments on the thread I decided to watch it and see for myself what is going on as I have not watched for 2 weeks now.

HB is still acting in pride and ego and still can't bear the thought that Jodha picked Jalal over her decision the first time around and did not budge until the very last minute when what she wanted did not happen anyway and that is no war between the Iranians and Mughals.

Salima is trying to tell HB that whatever situation Jo is in now is because of her indirectly and respectful. Which HB already knows but to her if Jo did it early there would have been no war and she could have handle Jalal her own way in defense of Jo that is her state now.

Jalal comes to the few women who matters the most and declare he is going to set Jo as an example so no other wife disobey his orders.   Jalal is not acting nor wants any truth from HB or Jo or whether he has been brief by anyone of what truly happened. 

If Jalal had a plan and was using the divorce as a bait the moment when Salima started talking he would have given room for all the hidden information he had received in close doors (if any) and he wants it to come out right in front of everyone just the way he wants and also deal with everyone right there and then.  Just as if he wants to truly divorce Jodha  he could have done so there and then.

Jalal is still angry  with Jo and he wants to hit her at where it hurt most and that is what she herself told him and what he himself is aware of ( she will be hurt if Jalal tells he wants  separation from her). He already used her as the example by stating the divorce before everyone but to Jalal it meant something else to him and that is punishment for Jo.

 Jodha did not turn towards anyone in the meeting after Jalal left and point fingers at them especially GB and HB. She just walks away without even saying a word to them all.  She went to Jalal in frustration and anguish her first questions are: Why you want to divorce me (for this decision) Don't you love me (enough to forgive me even if you don't agree with my decision?) based on what follows : She went into anger mood herself here and she went back in time from the very moment she started begging him to make her change her religion, to the time he made Maurd heir and set sore relation between two brothers. (In all this she did not agree with his decision but stood by him that is what she is ranting about) She also went into the mood of not allowing her to take decision and make mistake and learn from it by asking if she is just a puppet then he should take his MUZ (which she is smart enough to know already that when divorced she will no longer be either) All the pent up emotions  and frustrations she has kept was coming out in a disorganized manner (how the death of others could have been prevented, who she was rather in favour of amicable solution right from the being but yet still stood by him.)  She did not make sense because it is all the mixed up emotions she had felt since the start of the war on Religion stared this is Jo at her vulnerable state and she can only be that with Jalal. After venting out that is when she said what she wanted to say from the very beginning "now you are angry with me so you don't understand my reasoning which lead to my decision one day you will do".

Rukaiya today seems as the intelligent one in Agra but to me she missed the mark that Jalal is up to something. What she is right about is Jalal will not divorce Jo come what may.  And it is good she is not happy as she is learning from previous experience that this two can fight or argue around and anyone that comes in between will be shamed at the end.  Her part was brought in purposeful to confuse or mislead the viewers to think Jalal has plan B.

Salim decision was not a shock to me  either as his love for his mother has never changed (all he thought was his mother loves her position more than him and that was his pain' which come out in the form of anger). And in  precap Jalal is still hurting and drinking only drowning his pain (what he is feeling and what he is doing to Jo at the same time).

watch carefullu u will clearly understand jalal is acting. His expressions gave away everything. In precap also he was happy hearing Salim then coveted it up with anger And insider sources have confirmed that Jalal is doing drama

@ akdhaalways @ Sindhu,

The reason why Jalal 'appears' to be acting here is because:

Now he is no more the young man he was when he use to have that anger spells he is now a matured man so there should be clear difference!

More so he is very much in love with Jodha and  all that love can vanish into thin air just because of this situation so Jalal is waging or waving between his love for Jo and his anger at her. (Rajat is a very good actor and he is doing both so well that you have to sit and think through or take a second look) so you all too should take a second.

And lets hope he is acting.  However if he is not acting to me it is ok because he is human and he is allowed to get angry at his love and at the same time love her and punish her in his own way.

Jalal is in the state he was in during the first time Jodha pushed him and he fell down.( that anger plus love mood) only this time the love outweighs the anger yet still the 'man' in him want justice.
To Jalal it is a personal matter between him and Jodha (just like he told Salima).

Well we all know how creative the writers are so let them surprise us or agree with us or bring in twist that will make us boil the more.  At the end of the day because of Pari and Rajat we watch it anyways.


agree with u Embarrassed

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last night episode are great and fine for me , love the precap when salim call jodha maasa, here some point i notice from last night episode.
1. Jalal acting out, jalal jodha are the same when they lie they avoid eye contact and sometimes they give vague statement, yes may be jala just acting want to talaq jodha to teach hamida lesson that its the consequence for jodha to go against jalal order, but the problem is jodha think he is serious want to talaq her, like we all know jodha is black and white nature so she wont think that jala didnt meant to really talaq her, like in atifa track she believe jalal want to talaq her and not love her anymore so jalal who know jodha nature should handle this talaq very carefully, ruq are the same like jalal they like mind games so she know sth cooking in jalal head, jodha is just a pawn for jalal because he know how jodha will react, im just hope jodha not break down and thinking bout suicide like in atifa track because now at least she has salim stand by her side.

2. Jodha argument to why she decide to convert.
- she did that for the sake of awaam, for the sake of her kids, for the sake or soldier that jodha didnt want them to loose their life in battlefield, these argument make sense for me eventhough she didnt disclosed that its hamida emotional blackmail that nail the coffin, she is mother and queen too so why she didnt allow to make the call and make sacrife.
- she said true by said if as muz/meh she cant make her own decision then whats the point of giving her title, as muz/meh her duty and responsible is her people, she must think bout her people first isnt that what jalal always do ?, we know jalal said this war not just bout jodha religion but his people just know its because jodha not convert that this war happened, for jodha it between her husband and her people and she choose her people.
- i like what jodha bout religion  .. i just like it
- and her last word was tru when jalal know the reason why jodha doin all this he will understan why jodha take that decision

3. very dissapointed with hamida, when jalal said will talaq jodha she keep silent, lady its your fault that jodha now in trouble, you are not just emotional blackmail jodha but you send letter to sheh iran behind jodha back, now what mariam makani did by sending those letter isnt it more huge mistake rather than what jodha did ? so how come jalal didnt said a word bout it ? or he didnt get that information ?.

i cant wait for tonight episode, eventhough i still want jalal really give talaq then jodha go from palace and being love by another sexy hot handsome king hahahaha LOLLOL , if jalal have lot woman who falling at his feet why not jodha hahaha LOLLOLLOL

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Some wonders do happen without a forewarning , and it happened in yesterday's precap Shocked
Merely SHOCKED word will not suffice that LOL
Other than that ,
1) Jo opened her mouth finally , but unnecessary dialogues than needed one Sleepy
2) Ruqu n HB reversed their roles it seems Confused Suddenly she has dusted her brain from rags LOL

And JJ flashback scene was good , but does it gives a sanket that Jalal is pretending ?? D'oh
But wat's the use in pretending to hurt the ppl u love , just to get ur facts clear n prove someone of their mistake ?? Btw , how this witch will get into the picture Confused Too many questions n mishaps , that noone knows the solutions now Sleepy

Edited by Suganya.S - 07 May 2015 at 10:41pm

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Posted: 07 May 2015 at 10:41pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by SindhuMenon

Originally posted by -aady-

Originally posted by Tarunika13

@in bold - Jalal said "hum jodha begum se talaq lenge" instead of saying "Hum Jodha Begum ko talaq denge" - I too found this a bit twisted 

That got me thinking too. Maybe he does not want this 'Talaaq' to be counted as one of the three talaaq's. I dont know..but it definitely made my ear stand up, a very vague dialogue indeed.

but later he said talaq denge. I heard it...

Agreed. I too heard that but towards the end of episode Jodha said to herself that "Shehenshah, hum kisi bhi haal mein apko talaq nahi denge"

This means even Jodha will have a say in this matter- maybe because she is still a Hindu???? And Jalal know this very well. Lets see what happens. Very intrigued by this track now

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Originally posted by ayushimehra

Thanks Abhay,

Update saying, Your Mood, about Episode.

But What is cooking in Jalal's Mind, ?Ruk also observing this.

HB wrote some letter to shahi Iran, is Matter connected to this, Or Witch effect is comingLOL

Why jalal Put this matter, front of all begums+HB?

HB not speaked single world divorce point , maybee jalal noted this point? HB U Turn this situation.

Atleast jodha spoked some, or she cleared what is in her mind,  she did all this for Awam, Because, Cause of relgion she can't see, Others people+Her child will face.because Relgion not learn us, Fight,;;;;;;;;;;thinking this point more.

Her these words were Right, if Jalal gave him, MEH post, so she can take decesion, maybee, king will not like her thinking style.

jodha confirmness, about marriage, is clear, or she is Right, cause of  gap in realtions, she will not divorce, to jalal?

But hidden something sure, Salim is standing with Mom, in precap, its, challanging point.

Yeserdays epi left me confused Ayushi. At one point I felt Jalal is acting but at nother point I felt he is really so hurt and he is not acting. What the hell.. what is happening? HB ko to kal thappad maarne ka dil kiya.. Double-dholki hai .. she started  the whole drama  but now shes pointing finger at Jo... Wow.. GB  is brainless ..she just follows HB.. Salima tried her best but  couldnt do much.. Can t creatives go beyond this Talaq drama? How many times has Jalal previously also threatened Jo of Talalq? Is it so simple for him to plAy with his wifes emotions everytime? to hurt her so much? what kind of love is this? Jo should actually leave this pagalkhana and go and rest in Amer... Ruks is best suited for HB and Jalal .. 

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Posted: 07 May 2015 at 11:41pm | IP Logged
hiii I ws busy shifting d house so culdnt actuly cum on forum...jst nw gt d time 2 read ur update...luks lik d cvs hav officially lost it...dey are nt evn fit 2 write a stry at a schl competition levl I feel givn a chnce evn d schl kids wil write or rathr wl hav bettr creativity dn dese ppl...wats wrng wid HB I thnk ye sab ruks ke sangat ka asar hai...luks lik ruks she also hs gone bonkers due 2 afim she actuly tk a U turn and wat ws dat hunger strike fr... Shocked 2 gain imprtnce and bcum center of attraction lik hw ruks did in her fake preggy track wats wrng...?I thnk nw watching akdha scenes also is as usul jodha doesn't opn up and jalal cums up sum teda idea same old ghissa pitta ones...precap is really gd liked salim standing fr his mother...disgusting epi I really miss those old epis...we used 2 b like wow aftr watching it nw its lik how Shocked aftr watching it... nywyz thnx fr d update abhay...

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I thought she did NOT change since the last part wasn't said or something.

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Originally posted by harshu27

really miss those old epis...we used 2 b like wow aftr watching it nw its lik how Shocked aftr watching it

Well said harshu LOL LOL

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