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News Abhiya OS -Innocence of pure love

MohanaLuvAbhiya IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 May 2015 at 8:48am | IP Logged

Hey guys I have written a new OS. Here it is -


Innocence of pure love

Character Sketch-
Abhay Raichand -A rich spoiled brat
Pia Jaiswal -An orphan who lives in an orphanage.
Hasena Raichand -A  politician, Abhay's mother and the owner of the orphanage in which Pia lives.
Sister Superior - looks after the orphanage

Opening Scene
Plot -Raichand Mansion

Hasena - Abhay you remember what I told you to do today?

Abhay - Yes Mom, but is it necessary to go to the orphanage? I mean what's the need of me going over there? I don't believe in showing false sympathy to those orphans.

Hasena - Son, you won't understand its need now as you are too young to understand its importance. Its necessary because I want to improve your image infront of the people.

Abhay - Look Mom, I have told you before only that I have no interest in joining your party - politics. So don't dragg me into all these stuffs.

Hasena - No body is dragging you, if you are not interested then I won't force you to join but I won't let your reckless behaviour affect my political career. So for this you have to do as I say, just act like a good boy if you can't be a good one.

Plot - Pia's orphanage
Sister Superior - Pia, today I am going to give you a big responsibility. Today the son of our orphanage's owner is visiting our orphanage for the first time. I want you to show him the orphanage . Do you have any problem?

Pia - No sister,I don't have any problem, I will show him our orphanage.

Sister Superior - Thankyou Pia, he will arrive soon, you be ready to greet him

Pia - Sure Sister.

Sister Superior - There he comes (Pointing towards a black BMW car that arrived). Now you take care of him, I have to go for an important work.


I went near the car that had arrived and saw a guy coming out of it. He looked very handsome with a tinge of pride & arrogance reflecting from his face. It seems that he was immensely disgusted to be over here. "Hello Sir, welcome to St.Mary Orphanage", I said with a smile.

He looked towards me & said, "Listen, I am not interested in wasting my whole day in this stupid place, so show me this place fast- fast so that I can get away from here fast. I have other important works to do also.

I was taken aback by his rude behaviour & for a moment lost all my words but then I remember the duty Sister Superior gave me and with a firm resolve said, "Sure Sir, I know you have more important works to do than  visiting a  place where petty creatures like me lives. Important works like partying & drinking".

"Don't try to act over smart, I haven't come over here to listen to your nonsense. If you try to act smart then I will say mom & she will throw you out from here", he said angrily.

I decided not to take the fight to a next level & tried put a stop to it, "This way Sir, let me show you the orphanage", I said.

"That's better than wasting my time in fighting", he replied .
I showed him the gardens & rooms of our orphanage & after seeing everything he asked, "Don't you guys have any Air conditioner "?
"No Sir" , I replied .
"How can you live this hot weather without any air conditioner"? He asked.
"We are used to it Sir", I replied.
"You guys also don't have any gadgets like tv or mobile "? He asked.
"No", I replied.
"I don't understand how can anyone live like this "? He said to himself.
"Why Sir? What's the problem in living like this"? I asked.
"Its full of problem, how anyone be happy without the modern gadgets like tv & phone? In fact how can anyone live without them"? He said.

"Sir, you have all those gadgets right? Tell me just one thing do you think you are completely happy? Is your life free from all problems? Is your life absolutely perfect?" I asked.

He stood speechless after my question & got lost in his thoughts as if he is asking the same question to himself.
 "Sir, I don't need those gadgets & that high-class life style that makes people synthetic & rob them of their real feelings. I am happy the way my life is and for me ,my life is perfect as I don't have to depend on any gadget for my happiness. Thankyou for visiting our orphanage", I said.

After a moment he nod his head & said softly ,"It was pleasant to meet you ". I watched him moving inside his car & leaving the orphanage.
"That boy was very rude but there was something in his eyes", I said to myself before going back to my daily works.

Plot-Raichand Mansion

I kept laid on my bed for a long time thinking about the words of that girl whom I met in the orphanage, I dont even know her name but her words have striked me deeply . After deep analysis I realised that whatever she said was absolutely true, my life have become synthetic, everything surrounding me is just but a show off, I am not happy even after having such a luxurious lifestyle with all kind of facilities. She who dont have anything seems to have much more than me. I felt an urge to know more about that girl & decided to visit the orphanage  tomorrow just to meet that girl again.

Plot- Pia Orphanage

I got out of my car, my eyes were searching for her but I could not see her anywhere. After searching for a while I found her in the garden & went near her & said, "Hi".
She got a shock seeing me over there & after a moment asked, "You? What are you doing over here"?

"Why cant I come over here? My mother owns this orphanage after all. I can be over here any time I want",I replied.

"No, I dont mean that, I mean that yesterday you said you dont like to be over here & today you are again over here that's why I asked", she said

"My Mood swings, now I am liking this place, you have any problem with that", I asked.

"No Sir, absolutely not", she replied.

"Okay tell me your name first", I asked.

"Piyali Jaiswal, you can call me Pia", she replied.

"Nice to meet you Pia & my name is A", before I could complete my sentence she said, "Abhay Raichand".

"So you know my name", I said.

"I know many things about you", she replied.

We both sat in the garden & chatted for a long time. To my surprise I realized that I was liking her company very much, I never felt soo relaxed with anyone before.
At six in the evening I got up to go back & she asked , "You will again come tomorrow, right"?
I could see the expectations in her eyes, she wanted me to be over here again & I also wanted myself to be  with her again so I nodded & said,"Ya, I will come tomorrow".

Plot-Pia's Orphanage

One months have passed from the day we first met. Soo many things have changed, now I couldn't think about my life without Abhay but there are some questions which always bother me that is, dose he also have the same feeling which I have for him & will this society except our relationship? He belongs from a high-class family & I dont have any family background at all, so will his family accept me ?
I was lost in all these thoughts when Abhay called me, I quickly picked up the phone, "Come out fast, I have a surprise", he said.
"Okay", I said & left my room.

I saw him standing outside my orphanage leaning on his car & I went near him . "Get in the car", he said & I went inside the car, after driving for sometime he stopped the car in front of an garden which was beautifully decorated. "Abhay all this"? I asked him but he put a finger on my lips & said, "Dont ask anything, Plz".
We both went out of the car & Abhay took my hand & kneeled on the ground. My heart started beating very fast & loudly.
"Pia, I never felt complete before I met you  . After  meeting you my life feels complete. I want to be with you always . I love you Pia, will you be mine?", he asked.
For a moment I couldn't find my voice , "Abhay, you dont have any idea how many times I have imagined this moment & now when its really happening it looks even more beautiful than my dreams. Yes, Abhay I am yours & I will be yours forever. I love you Abhay ", I said  hugging him tightly & we both stood like that for a long time.

Plot - Raichand Mansion

Today is the happiest day of my life, today me and Pia have become one forever, now nobody can separate us ever. I was thinking about Pia when Mom entered my room.
"Abhay what are you doing"? She asked angrily.
"I haven't done anything", I replied.
"Don't try to fool me Abhay, remember one thing, I always have an eye on you . What were you doing with that orphan girl"? She asked.
"Her name is Pia", I answered sternly.
"Whatever her name is, I am least bothered about her, I just don't want you anywhere near her", she replied.
I took a deep breath and said, "Not possible".
"What? What do you mean"? she asked.
"I am not going to stay away from her because I love her & you also have to accept her as my life partner", I said .
"You must be kidding, you want me to accept that orphan as your life partner? Nonsense, don't you know that she doesn't have any class, leave class she doesn't even have a family background, I am sure that she must have been an unwanted illegitimate child who was thrown away in orphanage", she replied.
"Enough, one more word you say against her & I will forget that you are my mother", I said burning with anger.
"So, now you will fight with me for that insignificant creature? Don't forget that you live on my earnings & if I want I can throw you out of this house.  You have to choose one Abhay, me or that girl. Say Abhay who will you choose", she said coldly.
"In that case I will choose Pia", I replied sternly.
"Abhay don't forget that you can't live without this lavish lifestyle, you are used to it. Love can't provide you this lifestyle", she said.
"I didn't need this lifestyle, her love is everything for me. Keep your lifestyle with yourself", I said & walked out of the Raichand Mansion .

Plot - Pia's Orphanage

Sister Superior have called me urgently in her room, I don't know why but my mind is saying that something is very wrong.
"May I come in Sister", I asked standing in front of sister's room.
"Come in Pia", she said & I entered the room.
"Pia, my child, be strong & listen carefully what I am saying. Mrs Raichand wants you out of this orphanage,  she didn't give any reason & neither do I know why she is doing this. Pia, you have to leave this orphanage right now", she said & I felt as if the whole world have collapsed.
"But where will I go? This is my home, how can she throw me out of my home"? I asked with tears in my eyes.
"I know child but I can't do anything , I requested her a lot for not doing this but she stood firm on her decision. Dear, you should pack your bags now", she replied with a shaking voice.  
I went out of Sister's room & straightly went to my room . Tears were flowing out of my eyes , I collapsed on the floor & started crying loudly, right at that moment Abhay entered & took me in his arms.
"What happened Pia? Why are you crying like this?", he asked.
"They are throwing me out of this orphanage, I don't know why. This is my home Abhay, I don't have anywhere to go",I said trying to push back my tears.
"All these is happening because of me, I am soo sorry Pia, I never wanted all these to happen", he said with tears in his eyes.
"No Abhay don't blame yourself for all these", I replied.
"You know Pia, Mom came to know about us & she told me to choose between you & her. I choose you & left Raichand Mansion forever. I am sure she must have a hand in throwing you out of here. But you don't worry, I will never let you suffer. Its true that at this moment  neither I have any house nor any money but trust me, I will work very hard & soon everything will be alright. Pia do you trust me "? he asked.
"Yes Abhay, I trust you more than my life. I will go with you wherever you take me. Abhay, its is a new beginning for us & I am sure that very soon everything will be alright. I love you Abhay ", I said hugging him tightly.
"I love you too Pia", he replied kissing my forehead.

        . . . . . . . . . . . . THE END . . . . . . . . . . .

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Ms.Purplegoth Senior Member

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Posted: 07 May 2015 at 9:35am | IP Logged
Really nice! The bratty Abhay did fall in love with sweetpie Pia ;)
Insaneniyu IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 May 2015 at 9:37am | IP Logged
Wow amazing OS luv abhay n pia alot
Abhay hv left all d luxury for pia luv awesome
Willy_Wonka. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 May 2015 at 9:41am | IP Logged

 Lovely one shot! 
-DZ- IF-Achieverz

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Posted: 07 May 2015 at 9:43am | IP Logged
mind blowing story 
-QueenlyChitra- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 07 May 2015 at 9:55am | IP Logged
beautiful story dear and awesomely written mohana Clap
loved abhiya's innocent true love which was so strong that they were all ready to be together forever and face their life confidently Thumbs Up
-QueenlyChitra- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 07 May 2015 at 9:56am | IP Logged
thanks for pm Smile
..juhi.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 May 2015 at 10:42am | IP Logged
awww...such a sweet one...

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