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FF___JAB TUNE JHOOT BOLA___Chapter-28 on pg 126 TEASER Pg 137 (Page 97)

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Originally posted by --abha--

Congratulations 100 pages...Party
btw where is the updates kya...

Thank you Big smile
Pata nahin Ouch

Gaya3sb IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by AngelSREE

Congrazzz yaar for completing 100pages...

Thank you Smile
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Congrats for completing 100 pages yar...
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Originally posted by Sri1091

Congrats for completing 100 pages yar...

Thank you...
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Wer is today's quota of update for JTJB?? Will u update today??
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Originally posted by Sri1091

Wer is today's quota of update for JTJB?? Will u update today??

Coming with it Wink

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Hi kutties Big smile

New one

I need more comments now
Otherwise I'll change my timetable LOL

This part may feel a bit intolerable Confused

Please try not to bash at me Embarrassed

Not proofread

Enjoy reading Hug



"Raman aur iske beech kuch hai kya?"

(Is there anything between Raman and her?)

An unknown anger coursed through Subbu's veins on the thought of someone touching Ishita. He wasn't able to stomach it even if it is her husband. Poor she who was completely immersed in searching the file was astonished when she felt him yanking her down by her arm.

"Yeh kya tareeka hai Subbu?"

(What manners is this Subbu?)

She asked furiously while he tightened his grip around her waist and jammed her to him. She felt disgusted for being close to him but was unable to move away. He drew his fingers from her face to her hand then to her waist with a devilish grin. Coming closer he hissed "Yahan chua dha nah usne?"

(He touched you here right?)

She was ran out of words but was happy that someone especially Subbu got to know that Raman had already made her his. She wriggled to get out of his hold but again failed. His rough hand was stroking her waist, the spot where he saw the teeth mark. Ishita tightened her eyes not because she was nervous but helpless. She wanted to scream aloud but what if he makes her shut by doing the obvious? Above all, she saw her mobile lighting on the table because Raman is still on call. So kept calm and pushed him by his chest. As he fell back he angrily pinched her waist making her yelp loudly in pain.

Taking her mobile, she ran out of the room. She checked it and saw that Raman had already disconnected his call. She was feeling a weird acridity in her mouth thinking about Ramans reaction. What will be his feelings when he sees that mark on her waist? How will he react to the situation when comes to know that her ex tried to touch her in a bad way? What will he do when he will come to know that he is trying to force her from the past three years?

She was crisscrossing the scenarios took place in her life. She cant blame Raman if he gets angry at her. She couldnt just see a photo of Raman with Shagun then what will be his reaction to such a thing. She was tensed over the fact that her husband is such an insecure human being who loves her so much that he sometimes gets jealous of even Ruhi.

On the other side Raman was feeling restless from the moment he heard Subbu's voice. So he didn't waste a second but ran out of his office to her clinic. When he slightly opened the door of her consulting room, she was sitting on her chair and talking on the phone.

"Kya Miku...Subbu se nafrat hai matlab...Mahi se kadva kyun? He is just two years and he is away from his amma"

(What MihkuYou hates Subbu but why bitter with Mahi?)

Mihika: "Yeh bacha bhi us bandha jaisa dikhta hai akka...I can't tolerate. Or uske jaise adamant hai. Jo pasand hai voh chahiye!"

(This kid looks like him and is adamant like him. He want whatever he likes)

Ishita: In a throbbing voice, "Ab...ab kya chahiye use?"

(What he wants now?)

Mihika: "Meri earring...Don't tell me to give it"

Ishita: "No just handle...I'm busy...and I'm already stressed out."

Mihika: Worriedly, "Kya hua akka?"

Ishita: "Voh..."


With that she began to cry and narrate the incident happened in the clinic. She was oblivious of Raman's presence that she cried her heart out. Raman was shocked out of his wits to hear the audacity of that man. He very well knew that something fishy just happened when he could only hear a silence. But what he heard was too much. He closed the slightly opened door and walked to Subbu's to give him a piece of mind.


Raman barged in without asking for permission making Subbu look at him startled. He stood up with a sheepish grin while Raman rammed his collar by his hands.

Subbu: "Be in your limits Mr Bhalla!"

Raman: Coming dangerously close to him, "So you know me. Toh meri biwi ko bhi jaante honge right?"

(So youd have known my wife as well)

Subbu: "More than you do"

Raman: "Galat soch!"


Subbh: Shaking his head, "Hm-mm"

Raman: "Don't touch her again...or think of her...toh mujhse bura aur koyi nahin hoga"

(No one will be there worse than me)

Subbu: "She didn't called out for help...! That means she enjoyed my touch..."

Raman: "Stop you...I know te reason. Tum zyada mat socho."

(Dont think too much)

Pushing him down on the chair furiously he walked out of the room to see to his wife.


Ishita smiled nervously seeing Raman in her clinic. He locked the door behind him and felt her softness plastering from behind. She didn't let him move from there for some time and sobbed silently which he heard loudly. When he turned to hug her she moved away inquiring about his sudden visit. He could feel her fear and nervousness. She time and again covered her left waist with the saree where the bas***d pinched her soft flesh. His anger knew no bounds. He closed in the distance and pinned her to the table. She leaned back and he over her. Tilting her face she asked him to stop doing it because it is her clinic.

"Pehali baar yehin pe kiss kiya dha nahin bola dha ki yeh clinic hai!"

(I kissed you here for the first time. Then you didnt tell me that it's your clinic)

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. But her breathing got deepened when she felt his hand moving to her waist. Sinking in the upper teeth in to the jelly flesh of her lower lip she shrugged off his hand in vain.

Raman: "Mujhe dekhna hai"

(Let me see)

Ishita: "It''s dirty...I'm feeling dirty"

Raman: "'s never"

Ishita: Trying to move away, "Please Raman...I need some space"

Raman: Firmly, "I won't give you"

Ishita: Miserably, "Zid mat karo nah please..."

(Dont be so adamant)

He didn't oblige to her plea but knelt down in front of her. She stood there feeling miserable. She couldn't even think of the situation were her husband seeing the mark of someone else touching her. She was feeling numb again.

After a long pause, she felt him blowing his breath on her waist which made her crinkle her eyebrows in confusion. She slightly opened her eyes to take in her husband's countenance. He was literally crying looking at her reddened skin. Her hands involuntarily found their way to his hair. He ever so softly kissed there as if to sooth her pain. Overwhelmed she hugged him tight while he buried his head in her belly.

Raman: "I'm sorry...I would have let you say it last night"

Ishita: " ok...Raman...Voh apko acha nahin lagta hai it's alright"

(You don't like it...)

Raman: "Not this worst"

Ishita: "I thought you' I didn't...cried"

Raman: "I know...I know...It's fine...everything is fine..."

He rose from the floor to face her. She extended her hands to pick her up like a little kid. He smiled and scooped her up in his arms and walked towards her chair. He sat there making her comfortable in his lap. She cuddled closer to him and he patted her shoulder to relax her. He could feel her tears soaking his shirt collar when she silently sobbed in his shoulder, encircling her hands around his neck.

Ishita: "Voh baar-baar athe dhe"

Raman: "Hmm?"

Ishita: "He tried to force himself on me many times. Only Miku know it."

He gritted his teeth in anger.

"Hum kahin aur jagah jayenge?"
(Well go somewhere else?) He asked while trailing kisses on her collarbone. She moaned and talked to him at the same time.

Ishita: "Kahan?"


He murmured in between the kisses, "Kahin me and our Rooh...koyi bhi nahin honge..."

(Somewhere there is no one other than me you and Rooh)

She parted his face which was in the crook of her neck and looked in to his eyes.

"No Raman. I can't run away. I want our families to be happy. I don't care what my family thinks about me...but I care about what your family think...about me...I sometimes really feels guilty..."

Raman: "Lekin kyun? Tum sirf mere aur Ruhi ke bare mein socha karo...jab pyar kiya toh sirf mujhse kiya dha nah...toh ab mujhe itna avoid kyun kar rahe ho?"

(But why? You just think about me and Ruhi. When you loved it was only me. Then why are you avoiding me now?)

Ishita: In shock, "Main avoid kiya apko?"

(I avoided you?)

He darted hi face away from her. She held it firmly and gently in her hands and made him look at her. His eyes were brimming with tears and his lips were cutely pouted as if complaining. She couldn't help but kiss his forehead and hug him close to her heart.

Raman: "Me and Rooh miss you a lot...Shaadi se pehale bhi itna miss nahin kiya...and now I'm scared"

(We didn't miss you this much even before our marriage)

Ishita: Kissing in his hair, "Kya darr Raman?"

(What fear?)

Raman: Yanking her more closer, "I've never been in love like this...madly...! What if I really lose you!"

Ishita: "You're talking about amma?"

Raman: "Hmm..."

Ishita: "Apne use mila?"

(You met her?)

Raman: "Hmm..."

Ishita: "Kya kaha amma ne?"

(What did she say?)

Raman: "Kuch nahin.."


Ishita: "Bolo Raman varna mein jayengi...door baitengi apse..."

(Say else Ill go and sit away from you)

He didn't say a word but cuddled her more closer. She didn't dared to ask prob him to talk seeing him so vulnerable.


Raman was walking down to the parking lot when Mrs. Iyer came from market. He stopped and held a helping hand to take the bags which she rudely denied. He tried to initiate a talk in futile. Finally, she herself began to talk or precisely lashed out at him.

Mrs Iyer: "Dur raho mujhse aur meri family se. Tumhare vajhase mera anna ka sapna nahin ban paya. He died last year still saying that he couldn't see Ishu and Subbu's marriage."

(Stay away from my family. My brother's dream didn't fulfill because of you)

Raman: "Amma..."

Mrs Iyer: Cutting him short, "Bolne do mujhe. Mujhe pehale se hi pata dha ki tumhare mann mein Ishu ke aur kuch hai...lekin yeh sab hoga yeh mein kabhi nahin socha. Aur yeh baat achi tarah suno...meri beti ki shaadi Subbu ke saath zarur hoga."

(Let me say. I already knew that there is something in your mind towards Ishu. But I never thought that all these will happen. And here one thing clearly that my daughter's marriage will happen with Subbu for sure)

Raman: "Don't be so insensible amma. Main aur Ishita ek doosre ke saath bahut khush hun. Hum kabhi alag nahin hoga"

(Me and Ishita are happy together. Well never get separated)

Mrs Iyer: "Zyada mat udo. Bulakar dekho meri beti ko...voh nahin ayega tere saath. Uske dil mein abhi bhi uska pehala pyar hai...aur hamesha rahega"

(Dont get so high. Call my daughter, she wont come with you. Her first love is still there in her heart and will always be there )

Raman: "Voh sirf mujhse pyar karte hai...and I don't need to prove that to anyone."

(She only loves me)

******FB ENDS******

"Raman...I'm in your lap and you are sleeping?"

He looked up at her and smiled weakly. Ammas words began to ring in her head when he looked at her intently.

Bulakar dekho meri beti ko...voh nahin ayega tere saath

(Call my daughter, she wont come with you)

After struggling between the insecure mind and sensible heart, his insecurity and jealousy proved stronger than everything. He couldn't keep his tongue from asking it which was already instigated by his thoughts on ammas not so good words.

"Ishita...tum mere saath aaoge kya?"

(Will you come with me?)

Ishita: "I told you Raman...I won't come"



"I hate that Mahi...clingu!"

"I hate that Subbu...bast...badtameez"




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Is Amma ka kuda kare wo aide kaisa such sakti hein?? Unhe apni Beti ka parva bhi Nahi hein kya??? After dis update I am hating Amma so much more than dat jerk subbu...
Bechara Raman kitna kuch chal raha hein uske man me I hope he understands Ishita's concern without bashing her for my going wid him
And dat precap?? Whoz dialogues are those??? Mihika and Ishita's convo or Raman is saying dose words???

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