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FF___JAB TUNE JHOOT BOLA___Chapter-28 on pg 126 TEASER Pg 137 (Page 90)

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Originally posted by usaonly

Gaya you are amazing girl. Double update first part was cute with Ruhi and Ashok date.She behave like big girl and call him by his name made him speechless.I never know you turn Amma to be Big enemy for Ishu cause you mention only Subbu that is big surprise for me. And what on earth she ask her to divorce Raman and fix next marriage immedialty to Subbu disgusting is the word.Second part update out of the world dear they love making with passion and their romance in the bathroomEmbarrassedEmbarrassedwhy Ishu want to of the light cause shr taught she is not beautiful so she wait for Raman to explore more of her bodyBlushingBlushing. Morning we can't get another session cause of Villian Subbu come and disturb them early morning.AngryNow what will happen next scene cause Raman still in the bedroom no way to escape from Amma blast. But I feel happy if they see Raman together with Ishu cause they will know Ishu belong to Raman only but still they have guts to separate them.AngryOk have to wait for red code next update with the fight of them I need time to prepare for my ear plug cause might have war between north and south and that will be loud. Thank you for the amazing update and i give you long review hope you not boring. Have a wonderful star for next week please give my hug to Moozi too.HugHug

Never gets bored Wink
I've told her about you already... Big smile
Raman escaping Iyer house is a big problem you know... Shocked
I also don't know how he'll slip out of there LOL
But a next session of romance...Blushing
I've written that Embarrassed Evil Smile
And I'll try to post it tomorrow along with all other updates... Big smile

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Gaya3sb IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by pretty_h

awesome gaya I love it n double updt wow first how both yearning to be with each ever n amma appa Im.angry so fast divorce too but love ishra love making too

subu ki to what will gona happen now when amma n subu will saw raman come out from ishu room im so excited to know their reaction.

Thank you Hansa for liking it Hug
Subbu and Raman's confronting... Wink
Wait and read Evil Smile
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Superb gaya lovely interesting i love it so subu entry flash back was too good yaar ishra wanted to meet eachever the way ishita respond her amma was too good but why thwy are so worry to divorce ishra

If they will saw raman came out what will they say ayoo ama
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Originally posted by swathin


Gaya3sb IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by hana_y

Superb gaya lovely interesting i love it so subu entry flash back was too good yaar ishra wanted to meet eachever the way ishita respond her amma was too good but why thwy are so worry to divorce ishra

If they will saw raman came out what will they say ayoo ama

Thank you dear...
Ayyo amma...will they see him Shocked wait for the next one LOL

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Great story!continue soon.plz PM me when you update
Gaya3sb IF-Sizzlerz

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Hi Kutties...Big smile

Here goes the next part...

MATURE CONTENT AHEAD Censored so weak buddies READ AT YOUR RISK Evil Smile

Not proofread so please ignore typos and other errors

Enjoy reading Hug



Raman sunk his face in the crook of her neck asking her not to go away while her hands caressed his bare back. Subbu's continuous calls caused Mihika to emerge in all her fury out of her room. She didn't thought for a second before lashing out at him.

"Kya laga rakha hai subah subah? Akka is not well. Tujhe bhi toh pata hoga nah uski condition. Toh use disturb kyun kar rahe ho? Kya chahiye?"

(What are you doing in the morning? You also know her condition right. Then why are you disturbing? What you want?)

Subbu: "Miku...I was just calling Ishu...just because...We can go TOGETHER to the clinic."

Mihika: "Ap akele fact akka aaj clinic nahin jaa rahi hai...And I don't want to give you further explanation. You don't worth it!"

(You go alone. In fact akka is not going clinic today)

Subbu: "I'm sorry if I disturbed..."

Mihika: "You always clear out..."

Mrs Iyer: Angrily, "Miku...eppadi pesren Subbu kitta...?"

(How can you talk to Subbu like that?)

Subbu: "Paravayille atthai..."

(Its OK aunty)

Mrs Iyer: "Summa iru Subbu...enna pesavidu..."

(You shut up and let me talk)

Mihika: Waving her finger in front of them rashly, "Yetha venalum pannikkonge...But I'm telling you...Naan en akka-jiju kuda than...ungalala avara pirikka mudiyath..."

(You can do anything. But I'm always with my akka and jiju. You can't separate them)

Subbu: Mocking, "Athan muthalleye pirinjitenlle!"

(They are already separated)

Mihika: "You...stay in your limits..."


"Lagta hai bahar problem horaha hai...main jakar dekhun?"

(I think there is problems going on outside, may I check?)

Raman: "Mat jaao..."

(Dont go)

Ishita: "Ramannn...subah hogayi...abhi kya!"

(Raman it's morning what now!)

Raman: "Pyar karne keliye madam timetable rakha hai kya?"

(Do you have a time table to love?)

Ishita: "Apko kya hua Raman? ap hi ne toh kuch der pehale mujhe roka dha...ab khud?"

(What happened Raman? Youre the one stopped be some times before. Now you yourself?)

Raman: "Now I have mood to do this..."

Ishita: "Ap insecure hai Raman...You don't even want to let me see or talk to him...! But why Raman...? Itna over possessive kab bangaye ap?"

(Youre insecure Raman. When did you became this over-possessive?)

Raman: "I always was...You won't understand..."

Ishita: "Ap mujhse kuch bhi chupane ki koshish karo Raman...lekin mujhe voh pata chalega... Apke akhen..."

(You can hide anything from me but I'll know it...your eyes)

Raman: "Really?"

Ishita: "Haan...aur main ap jaise insecure nahin hun. Shagun se bhi nahin...! In fact I my grateful to her for giving my Rooh..."

(I'm not insecure like you. Not even about Shagun)

Raman: "It's not like that... I've never been in love with Shagun this way...this much... But you were in...with Subbu..."

Ishita: "What you mean Raman? Suddenly aise kaise? Shagun se pyar nahin karti matlab?"

(What's this in sudden? You don't love Shagun means?)

Raman: "I don't want to talk about it...just leave it...And yes...I'm insecure... Jealous and becomes worse when gets over possessive. You should manage"

Ishita: "Acha ji..."

Raman: "Aur...Amma...voh kuch overreact toh nahin kar rahi hai?"

(Isn't she overreacting?)

Ishita: "Apko pata hai...amma uski brother se kitna blindly pyar karti hai...Un donon ne milkar meri life complicated bana diya hai..."

(You know how blindly amma loves her brother. Both of them made my life complicated)

He came up from the cave of her neck to face her and gave a cute peck on her nose making her gurgle. She put out a hand and cupped his one cheek in it lovingly. He tilted his face taking her hand in his and started to drop small wet kisses there. She giggled feeling ticklish of his soft touches and tried to continue her talk. He found his way upward to her collarbone and continued to play sweetly there making her let out euphonic moans in sync to his touches.

"Subbu en mama payyan..."

He stopped abruptly and looked at her quizzically. She mouthed a sorry and continued.

"Subbu is my mama's son. Amma aur mama meri shaadi uski saath karvana chahte dhe..."

(Amma and mama wanted us to get married)

He was feeling hot with jealousy than passion when she time and again tried to talk about her ex. He wanted to show that he is not that insecure but in vain. His sweet touches on her sensitive body became harsh as she kept on talking. She didn't mind because she thought it is ensued to his passion. But the realization that her husband is not at all liking her talk dawned on her when he bite her hard on her waist when he heard her saying, "Pehale mujhe bilkul pasand nahin dhe...Phir pata nahin kab...pyar hogaya...!"

(I didn't like him at first...then don't know when I fell for him!)

"Ouch...! Kya kar rahe ho Raman? You're hurting me..."

(What are you doing Raman?)

Raman: "Hmmm...I...I'm sorry..."

He said looking up at her. She extended her hands to take him in her arms. He looked at her making a puppy face and threw himself in her in a tight embrace.

Raman: "Phir...?"


Ishita: "Nahin...ap...ko acha nahin lagega..."

( won't feel good)

Raman: "It's OK...bolo..."


Ishita: "Phir...accident hua...he rejected me when I was in my half-conscious state! So I don't remember it clearly..."

(Then, the accident)

Raman: "But I do. Skip it"

Ishita: "Apne suna dha?"

(You heard it?)

Raman: "Haan..."


Ishita: "Phir...uski shaadi Kavya ke saath hua...I was happy when Mahadev was born...because he wanted a child...and he got it...lekin..."

(Then he married Kavya)

Raman: "Lekin?"


Ishita: "Amma and mama never dropped the idea of getting us married..."

Raman: "Are you serious?"

Ishita: "Haan...Appa gusse mein dhe kyunki Subbu ne mujhe chod diya...So amma kept calm..."

Raman: Cutting her short, "Phir Ashok aya...amma wanted to break the marriage and it somehow breaked and fortunately or unfortunately we got married...isn't it?"

Ishita: "Hmmm..."

Raman: Kissing her forehead, "See everything is fine"

Ishita: Worriedly, "No Raman...nothing is fine...he is back...and it is not at all a good sign!"

Raman: "What you mean?"

Ishita: "You know...he always managed to get what he wants..."

Raman: Confused, "He got a baby as well..."

Ishita: "That wasn't enough for him..."

Raman: Angrily, "You mean he wants...Don't tell that"

Ishita: "But it is true..."

Raman: Firmly, "I don't want to hear it"

Ishita: "I'm scared of him..."

Raman: Angrily hisses at her, "Shut up"

Ishita: miserably, "Raman try to...He constantly called me for..."

Before she could complete her words, he took her lips in a hard kiss as if to show her that she cannot talk that what he doesn't like. That passionate punishment give way to an early morning make out session when the commotion was going on outside.

He secured her in his arms and she snuggled closer to him burying her head in the nape of his neck. He combed her hair with his fingers and caressed it softly. The unexpected sob of her broke his stupor.

Raman: "Kya hua?"

(What happened?)

Ishita: "Kuch...nahin...!"


Raman: "Bolo nah kya hua?"

(Tell what happened?)

Ishita: As if in a trance, "Kabhi kabhi mujhe athai...matlab Subbu ki amma ke baat sahi lagte hai Raman..."

(Sometimes I feels Subbu's Amma is right)

Raman: Furrowing, "Unhone kya kaha?"

(What did she say?)

Ishita: "Voh...mere jaise aurat ka sirf yehi..."

(That...Women like me is just for...)

Raman: Closing her mouth with his point finger, "Shush...ekdam chup...aisa kuch nahin hai..."

(Just shut up. Nothing like that)

Ishita: "Main kabhi maa nahin bansakta hai nah..."

(I can't be a mother...)

Raman: Cutely, "Ishita please...meri baby aise nahin rothi."

(My baby don't cry like this)

Ishita: "Ap mujhse aise hi pyar karoge kya?"

(You'll always love me like this?)

Raman: "Nahin...aur zyada karunga. Bas mere saath ghar aao. Please"

(I'll love you more but just come home)

Ishita: "Aise kaise Raman...main amma ko hurt nahin karna chahti."

(How Raman. I can't hurt amma)

Raman: getting frustrated, "Sab kuch amma keliye karte jaa rahe ho...kabhi to apna socho...mere aur Ruhi ke baare mein socho...I want my wife for everything... Not just for making love"

(You does everything for amma's sake. Think about yourself sometimes. About me and Ruhi)

Ishita: To cajole him, "Ap amma ko manane keliye mujhe help karoge..? I want amma to give me back to you"

(Will you help me to console Amma?)

Raman: Smiling softly, "Zaroor"


Ishita: "Aur...bahar kaise jayenge ap?"

(How will you go out?)

Raman: "Kyun...jaise aya vaise"

(Why...I'll go the way I came)

Ishita: "Amma dekhenge toh problem hoga"

(It'll be a problem if amma sees)

Raman: "Arey pati hun main tera..."

(I'm your husband)

Ishita: Worriedly, "Aise mat karo...mujhe darr lagta hai..."

(Don't do this. I'm scared)

Raman: Patting her back, "Koyi kuch nahin kahenge...Agar aisa hoga toh socho main tujhe ek pal aur yahan nahin rehne dunga."

(No one will say anything. If it happen I won't let you stay here for another second)

Ishita: Sighing, "Tikhe...main apka dress laati hun."

(OK I'll give you your dress)

She stirred out of his hold wrapping the duvet around her and walked to the cupboard. She selected a pair of shirt and pants for him and was about to turn but couldn't as two arms wounded around her waist.

Raman: Huskily against her earlobe, "Yeh kab khareeda?"

(When you bought this?)

Ishita: throbbing, "Shaadi ke do din baad...main Rooh...aur Miku ne jaakar..."

(After two days of our marriage. Me Rooh and Miku went for it)

Raman: "Achaa..."

His naughty hands tried to unknot the duvet which was around her chest. She held his hands indicating a no.

Ishita: "It's already late..."

Raman: Pouting, "Mujhe aaj office jaane ka man nahin hun"

(I'm not feeling like going office today)

Ishita: "Lekin mujhe bahar jaane ka man hai..."

(But I'm feeling like going out)

Raman: In a thick voice, "Bekarar mat banao mujhe."

(Don't make me restless)

Ishita: "Ap khud ban rahe hai"

(You yourself is becoming one)

Raman: "Let me see..."

The duvet came down and flowed like a a milky white ocean around them. He took her in a tight embrace but was broken by the continuous beep of Ishita's mobile. She tried to get out of his hold but he tightened the clasp arounfd her waist and pulled her closer moulding her to his aroused body. After five long beeping the call came to an end with a message.

Ishita: "Kuch important hoga Raman...maybe from clininc"

(It might be important)

Raman: "Haan to jaao...dekho"

When Ishita took the mobile after dressing up she found the calls and message is from Mihika.

Sorry to disturb :P Amma market gaya. Appa bahar koyi urgent kaam se gaya. Subbu muttal is aleady left for clinic. Don't be happy...I'm home. Jiju ko nikaalo ghar se...:x Joking lol. Aur problem nahin hona chahiye nah please...ask him to leave silently.:(

(Amma went to market and Appa for something urgent. Ask jiju to go not to make more issues)

Raman: Back hugging her, "Saali ho toh aise hona chahiye"

(Sister-in-law should be like this)



Ishita was busy with her appointments and frustrated over the news that she is asigned to help Subbu for the coming month as part of his research because Dr Batra is going to US. The month is going to be hectic for her with the sudden entry of Subbu in her personal and professional lives. She sunk in her chair clasping her head in her hands in irritation and worry after taking ten minutes off. That was when Raman called her.

Ishita: "Hello Ramannn..."

Raman: "Arey tum itna tired kyun ho...Sirf dant ukdana hai nah..aur kya kaam hai teri?"

(Why are you so tired. What you got to do other than plucking teeth?)

Ishita: "Mazak mat karo Raman..."

(Stop you're joke)

Raman: "Acha bolo kya hua?"

(Tell me what happened?)

Ishita: "Voh..."


Before she could reply Subbu entered the room with an "EXCUSE ME ISHU". She excused Raman saying "I'LL CATCH YOU LATER" and put down the mobile on the table without cutting it. Raman being the most insecure husband decided to eavesdrop, the reason being the way the man called his wife's name didn't go unnoticed by him.

Ishita: "What's the matter Dr Subramanium?"

Subbu: "I want a file Ishu"

Ishita: Sternly, "Dr Ishita Raman Kumar Bhalla. And you can call me Dr Bhalla"

Subbu: "Hmm...yeah...Doc...Dr Bhalla...A 1990 file...I think it might be here."

Ishita: "Oh maybe. Let me check"

Ishita checked the sign boards in futile and decided to check the cupboards. Taking a stool she stood up on it and began to check the cupboard for the files while Subbu began to check her out. She had her pallu pinned on her waist to make the saree fixed on her body. But the movements of her body made it easy for him to see a slight part of her waist were a RED MARK, *scratch it* TEETH MARK was visible!



"Yeh kya tareeka hai Subbu...!"

(What manners is this!)




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Subbu is such a jerk I hate him to d core after reading dos update yar.. Even amma how can she think lyk dat?? For me even she is also a villian in dis story bechara raman I so feel for him and I lyk dis possesive and jealous side of Raman.. And wat is d flash back of Shagun yar wen will u reveal it??

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