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FF___JAB TUNE JHOOT BOLA___Chapter-28 on pg 126 TEASER Pg 137 (Page 9)

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Arre yaar Kya ho raha hai yeh sab? I don't want to see this dark shade of Raman ...liked the whole Raman fighting for ishu part...but ishok ????please don't let this happen please...

Gaya3sb IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by Iloveishra

Arre yaar Kya ho raha hai yeh sab? I don't want to see this dark shade of Raman ...liked the whole Raman fighting for ishu part...but ishok ????please don't let this happen please...

Thank you for the review Smile
There will be a lot of twists... Wink
Stay cool and keep enjoy reading Smile
Leave your suggestions and reviews Embarrassed

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Originally posted by sudharminy

Originally posted by janani_divan

Kanna!bang on update.1st thanks for pm me.its too natural story by two people who hated alot.RAshok fighting is so realistic and competable.ishita touch ashok hand;->,raman will definately give wonderful treatment to her by touching another male hand that to infront of him.;->
Ishita want to win challange how foolish she is.To win the challange she going to loss ruhi.
I really hope raman will definately plan to stop this marriage by his way.:-)
i loving the story.
Precap is damm intresting.she knocking raman's angry .he will definately do romance with ishita to torture her more:-D:-D;-);-);-)

Thanks for your long review.Smile
I can see you're pissed off by Ishita's behaviour. But for the time being she'll prefer Ashok than Raman as he knows her better.
Ishita doesn't want to lose either Ruhi or Raman, it's her medical condition that makes him act ignorant to their unconditional love.
Let's see if somebody knocks some sense into her pea size brain.
Tomorrow will come up with a long update to end this RaShok dirty fights and the beginning of some light hearted moments. Embarrassed
waiting how u fold this story.

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Gaya3sb IF-Sizzlerz

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Hi Kutties... Big smile
First I thought of updating this part as long one, but then thought of splitting it into two Smile
I don't know whether you'll feel convinced to these outcomes Confused
KEEP IN MIND: Unlike YHM, my IshRa are mature adults (in all sense Wink) and are so much in love, though none of them confessed it. So try to read it from such an angle Embarrassed


Not proofread Smile
Ignore typos and grammar/spelling errors.
Enjoy reading... Big smile



Ashok and Raman turned shocked on hearing Ishita who's seething with anger. They composed themselves and stood up. Raman moved forward to explain the situation to an enraged Ishita, only to be pulled back by Ashok's firm grip. He looked at him stunned and earned a smirk. Ashok came to Ishita with an expression of see-what-he-did'.

Though she saw Ashok, she was astounded to see Raman in such a state. It was a bolt from the blue for her to know that Raman was duelling with Ashok for her. INSIDE, she felt happy that he desired her so much. She was on cloud nine to see a filmy scene in live, that too in her weary life. But that dreamy stupor turned into ashes when she heard Ashok's voice.

Ashok looked at a petrified Ishita whose gaze is fixed on Raman. But at that instant he didn't feel jealous. He didn't feel angry. But exultant, to see resentment in Ishita's eyes, for Raman.

Ashok: Wickedly looking at Raman, "Dekha Raman Bhalla ne kya kiya mere saath?"

(See Ishita, what he just did to me?)

Raman tried to interrupt but Ishita showed her palm to stop him from talking. Raman by now knew what's coming on his way. She turned to Ashok and solicited on the circumstances. Ashok tried to sneak a peep of Raman's jolted face, but Ishita asked him not to look at him and answer her.

Ashok: With a poignant voice, "I don't know Ishita...! Damka rahe dhe vo mujhe..., bola ki agar mein tujhe nahi chodunga to vo mujhe maar daalega! I didn't think that Raman could be this boorish with people!

(He threatened me that he'll kill me if I won't leave you!)

Ishita in a feeble state nodded to whatever Ashok said to her. Raman could see that her eyes are showing some kind of expression which he cannot abide. He looked away and then at Ashok with wrath. He yelled at Ashok for telling lie. Ashok and Raman engaged in a verbal war while ishita stood motionless. She wanted to blurt out the truth, which may stop Raman from acting like this. She firmly believed that Raman's obsessive ardour will evaporate in the tick of a second when he'll know that she cannot bear him a CHILD.

She looked at the men who're clasping each other's collar and yelling with all their might. She felt a kind of delight to see Ashok standing for her, even after knowing everything about her. But Raman...! She was perplexed to see him like that. When their ugly verbal fight kick off to a more than ugly one, she shrieked at them. "WILL YOU PLEASE STOP IT?" Their attention turned to Ishita who is looking at them annoyed. They freed themselves from each other's hold. Raman walked to her saying, "Ishita let me explain..." but she asked him to shut his mouth showing her palm and continues, "Maine kabhi nahi socha dha ki ap itna giri huyi harkat kar sakte hai Mr Bhalla! Mere shaadi thodne keliye ap Ashok ko damka rahe ho! Ap Ashok ko maarne ki koshish kiya hai! Ab bas...ap kaan kholke sunlo...MERA SHAADI SIRF AUR SIRF ASHOK KE SAATH HI HOGA...!"

(I never thought that you could fall so low! You're threatening Ashok to stop this marriage! You tried to kill Ashok! Now, let me clear you one thing, my marriage will happen only to Ashok!)

Raman got more irritated and tries to explain her while Ashok watches what Raman will do to make Ishita stand against him.


(Why can't you just try to understand the situation?)

Ishita looks on terrified at his rage, while Ashok smiles diabolically and Raman continues to yell.

Raman: "Tujhe iske bare mein kuch nahi pata hai. Ye vo hai jo MERI SHAGUN..."

(You don't know anything about him. He's the one who MY SHAGUN...)

Ishita cuts him short and says sternly: "Shagun se pyar karti dhi. Mujhe pata hai Mr Bhalla. Ashok ne mujhe sab kuch bataya hai."

(Shagun loved. I know Mr Bhalla. Ashok told me everything.)

Raman was taken aback, but somehow manages to gain his shuddering voice to ask her, "SAB KUCH...?"


His voice came out as a mere whisper. He darts his attention towards a grinning Ashok who shrugs his shoulder as if indicating that, "everything is out of control."

Ishita: "Ashok ko aise mat dekho Mr Bhalla. Unhone mujhse kaha dha ki ap Shagun par shak karte dhe. Ap apni biwi se vishwas nahi karti dhi, isiliye usne suicide karliya. Apke biwi ka mauth par Ashok ka koyi hath nahi hai Mr Bhalla. Vo purane bathon ko ab beech mein lana bandh karo tho hi acha hoga."

(Don't look at him like that Mr Bhalla. He told me that you doubted Shagun. She had committed suicide because you didn't trust her. Ashok is not involved in your wife's death. It'll be better if you'll not bring those matters now)

She warned him. When she tried to walk away with Ashok in toe heard Raman clapping his hands. They turned to see him smirking. She shook her head in disbelief. She couldn't believe that Raman Bhalla can be such a devil in real!

Raman walked to Ashok all the way clapping his hands.

Raman: "Arey waa Ashok...! Kya changa story sunaya hai isse! Aur yeh to vishwas bhi karega...kyun ki dimag thodi na hai iske beje mein...!"

(Wow Ashok! What a wonderful story that you told her! And she'll believe it as she has no brain)

Ishita looked at him with disgust. She wondered the nerve of this man. Even after being caught in such a situation he is acting cool.

Raman: "Tujhe na writer ban jaana chahiye. Raman Kumar Bhalla, doubting his wife for a jerk like you is impossible Ashok. Aur rahi baat Shagun ki..."

(You should be a writer. It's impossible for RKB to doubt his wife for a jerk like you. )

Then he turned to Ishita and hisses in her ear, "MERI SHAGUN SUICIDE NAHI KIYA DHA."


He stepped back from them watching their shaken expression. Ashok in a daze came forward and asked Raman without heeding to Ishita's presence, "Shagun...Shagun Suicide nahi kiya...?"

(Shagun didn't commit suicide?)

Instead of answering him, Raman motioned his eyes to make him realise the surrounding. He backs off quickly and looks at Ishita who's standing there with a confused face.

Raman: Smiling at Ishita in a flirting manner which irked Ashok while Ishita's expression was a mixture of anger and disgust along with a dark pink spreading her cheeks, speaks softly, "Jo bhi ho...Mein tujhe kisi ko bhi nahi doonga..."

(Whatever may happen, I won't give you to anyone else...)

He swings his eyes from hers to look at Ashok and says, "Iss kutthe ki aulath ko to kabhi nahi..."

(Especially this son of a bi*ch)

With that, he walks off leaving behind a livid Ashok and a flabbergasted Ishita.


Everyone were discussing about Ishita's engagement with Ashok. Mr Bhalla suggests telling them everything regarding Ashok, but Raman stops him.

Mr Bhalla: " practical. Hume Ishita ki life risk nahi karna chahiye. Tumhara sidh ke vajhase us ladki ki life spoil hoga. Hume Iyers ko sab sach-sach batana chahiye. Vaise bhi kab tak aise jhoot bolte jayenge?"

(Raman be practical. We should not risk Ishita's life. Her life will get spoilt because of your stubbornness. We should inform them everything. By the way, how more lies we need to say?)

Raman roars at his dad saying, "Koi jhoot nahi bol raha hai! Bas sach ko chupana aur jhoot bolne mein farak hai papaji."

(No one is telling lies. Hiding the truth doesn't mean that we're telling lie papa.)

He asked everyone not to interfere in other's problems and walked towards his room. Before getting inside his room he stopped at the door he says to them, without turning back, "yeh problem mein khud solve karunga. Ap log tension mat lena. Ishita ki shaadi vo kutthe ke saath kabhi nahi hoga."

(I'll solve this problem myself. You don't take tension. Ishita's marriage will not happen to that dog)


Ishita is pacing restlessly in her room thinking about the day's events. She is worried about the fight took place between Raman and Ashok. She knows there is something more to it which both of them is putting out of sight. She has to find it. Unless, her life will get spoilt. She is having this gut feeling that Ashok is not a good person. She very well knows Raman. He'll never cross his limits (She's an exception Wink). But today if Raman acquitted so dreadfully, it means there must be some grave truth behind it. She sat on the bed and sighed, "Yeh Shagun bhi na...complicated bana diya subke life...!"

(This Shagun made everyone's life so complicated)

Nonetheless, she was feeling guilty for being so rude to him. In a fit of anger, she had hurt him so badly that he may not talk to her hereafter. She felt a twinge in her stomach when she thought about Raman ignoring her. She cannot imagine that! She did a second thought to everything and could conclude only in a question to herself, "Kya main tikh kar rahi hoon?"

(Am I doing right?)


"Yeh madrasan kya samjhkar rakha hai apne ap ko? Kaise baat kar rahi dhi us bandhe se...!"

(What this madrasan thinks of herself? What was she talking with that fool...!)

Raman is laying on his king size bed tossing and turning, thinking about HER. He couldn't sleep. He has to meet her. He needs to talk to her. He needs to vent out all his frustration. He needs an assertion that she feels only for him.

So he took out his mobile and called her. Ishita who was also in the same state got delighted to see him calling her. But attended the call when it was about to get disconnected, just to show him that she was sleeping peacefully, forgetting everything, especially HIM.

Ishita: In a sleepy tone, "Hel...lo...?"

Raman: "Haan...main...Raman. Mujhe tujhse abi baat karna hai. Neeche garden mein aajao...within five."

( I want to talk to you. Come down to the garden...within five)

He disconnected the call without even trying to hear her. Ishita was shocked to see the audacity of this man who is calling her at this late hour.

Raman did spend almost fifteen minutes in the garden. Each passing seconds his anger know no bounds. Twenty minutes! His mobile beeped. He checked it curiously and saw her text, "What do you think of yourself Mr Bhalla? Main nahi aaungi apko milne. Jo bhi ho, kal baat karenge. Goodnight...oops..., Good morning, as it's 1:25 AM."

(What do you think of yourself Mr Bhalla? I won't come. We'll talk tomorrow. Goodnight...oops...Good morning, as it's 1:25 AM)

Raman got more infuriated and messaged back, "I'LL COME IN YOUR BEDROOM...! Agar aisa nahi hona chahiye, to bahar aajao..."

(I'll come inside your room. Come down if you don't want me to do that.)

Ishita texts him a "Yeah whatever..." which peeved him further.


Ishita was lying on the bed looking at the sealing. That's when she heard a knock on her room window. Her eyes widened when the realisation struck her. She hastily jumped off from the bed and reached out to her window. After mustering a lot of courage, she shifted the curtain aside. Her eyes popped out to see him standing at her balcony, fidgeting with his mobile. She opens the window and SHOUTS at him IN A LOW VOICE, "What the hell is this Mr Bhalla...?" to which he just motions her to open the door. She stealthily walks to the balcony door adjacent to her room and clicks it open. Without wasting a second, he got inside and locked it. Ishita's heart beats began to ride rapidly. Her wild thoughts ran to many obvious outcomes of Raman's proximity.

She couldn't voice anything. She knows one thing that he is not doing right by entering her personal space like this, at this time, like a thief. She wanted to kill herself for opening the door for him. She knows that Raman is well aware of one thing; she will never object his advances. She can never disgrace him in front of the society.

She was hell scared thinking of his wrath. She thought of sorting it out the next day. But Raman has his own plans...!

He advanced towards her, but instead of sweating with fear and backing off, she played it cool. She turned on the bed lamb and asked him to leave her room ASAP after putting in the picture of his concerns. He figured out her nervousness and played along. She sat on the chair beside her bed while he took a pew on her bed.

Raman: With a naughty air, "Kya madrasan...dar nahi lagta mujhse?"

(Don't you scare of me madrasan?)

For which she shook her head; her speaking ability was long lost. He yanked her to him along with the chair by grabbing the armrest of it. He leaned closer to her and buzzed in her ear, "I'm NOT a typical hero meri madrasan!" Her heart slithered at that and looked at him inquisitively. He shook his head in disbelief and said, "Mujhe zyada baat karna pasand nahi hai. I LOVE ACTION more THAN WORDS. And I know that you're not that nave not to understand what I meant."

(I don't like talking a lot)

She tried to stand up and escape his clutches. She knows she herself made it all difficult for her. It is too late to regret. So she tried to act the role of the so called "abala-naari" caught in the clutches of a monster.

Ishita: "Ap aise kuch nahi karenge Mr Bhalla. It's true that I'm scared of you. It's true that I'm not strong enough to resist your advances. But let me tell you one thing, I really hate myself for opening the door for a shameless person like you." She blurted out in one go and looked down, fearing that he may catch her lie.

He threw his head back laughing which made Ishita frown in confusion.

Ishita: "What so funny Mr Bhalla?"

Raman: After unwinding himself, "Scared and you...? Tujhe na Ishita..., FEARS aur NERVOUSNESS ke beech ka farak nahi pata hai."

(Scared and you? You know what; you don't know the difference between FEAR and NERVUOSNESS)

He pushes her back along with the chair and stands up. She looks on confused, while he makes her stand up and runs his fingers from her shoulder to her fingers and entangles it with his. Coming closer to her, no little gap is there, "Isse nervousness kehate hai madrasan...fear hothe to tum abi ke abi saare society ko Jaga deti...!"

(This is called nervousness madrasan...If you were scared you'd have awoke the whole society)

He is mocking at her in such proximity. How could he be so rude? Her thought began to divert to a different territory. She was confused of her own need. She couldn't collect herself together as the man in the vicinity of her uneven body continues to tease and enjoy her breathing problem. She was in awe to see her in a situation where the presence of someone is taking away her breath.

He pulled her to him and sat on the bed, now she's on his lap. She didn't defy, but looked deep into his eyes while his hands began to stroke her waist. She could feel a kind of tingling sensation coursing through her body by his ever so delicate touch. She did forget about the situation she is in. She did forget about her soon to be husband. She is being cosy up with someone who is a no one to her. She wanted to scream out loud to let her go, but her heart and body get hold of her mind and took steps on their own fashion.

Unwittingly she locked her hands behind his neck while his head rested on her chest. He breathed in her fragrance whilst her fingers played with his hair. He cuddled her legs and gathered her further securing in his arms. She could feel his breath fanning her bosom when he snuggled more into her. But the heavenly bliss they live through, crushed by the buzzing of Ishita's mobile.

She shoved his head off and looked at the mobile on the bedside table and muttered, "Ashok!"




Ishita: In a throbbing voice, "Hmmm...Ash...shok..."

Ashok: Worriedly, "Is it paining Ishi...shita..."

Ishita: Hastily, "No...No...! You just...just...carry"

Ashok: Fretfully, "Are you sure...hum kisi aur din kar sakte hai...maybe shaadi ke baad..." He faltered to form a meaning to his tactless words.

So that's it guys... Big smile
Don't bash at me (4 the precape) Embarrassed
Do like and leave your comments and reviews if you want the next part to be a long one Wink
Are you sure I should continue Shocked

BUDDY ME FOR PMsEmbarrassed


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RKB LOVES ACTION MORE THEN WORDS...;-);-);-);-).Kanna brilliant update.ishita caught in her own raman never leave her knowing how his proximity effect her badly.
Ishita is still in confusion:-(i think she feel jealous on shagun.awk e ashok never change.where the 2nd part of this story. Today u want to reveal the secret na..:-O
Ishita should tell raman about her medical condition.before telling her medical condition raman kuch karna beta ishita ke sath;-);-);-);-)u know what i mean.
Hmmm lots of ideas dancing in my mind right now.whats next ?
Precap intresting..awk ashok is playing with ishita its clearly visible.
Kabab mai haddi e ashok ,abhi phone karna hai kya?raman watched his name on her mobile ha ha ha.
Another damm update from u.loved it.thanks for pm:-)

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RKB loves action more than words...
Ishu lost in RKB's dreamland...
Again the same question... What was the precap...??
Also in the previous chapter... In chapter 3:-
Ruhi: "Apne kal pray nahi ki dhi. Main apse khatti hoon. Meri legs abi bhi chottoo sa hai."
How cutely Ruhi said this... Sorry for late commenting...
Continue soon...

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Woah...Ashok had to call right then...mmm...loved the way ishita almost melted in his arms...raman's dialogues were kidu!!! And the really doesn't sound good to me...hope you won't disappoint me...keep going dear
rnarayan Goldie

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Lovely and action packed updates

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