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FF___JAB TUNE JHOOT BOLA___Chapter-28 on pg 126 TEASER Pg 137 (Page 83)

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Originally posted by Gaya3sb

Originally posted by usaonly

Gaya bring it on waiting.Day DreamingDay Dreaming

What if I'll give you a double treat Wink
Will you give me lengthy review? Evil Smile
not a ploblem I will give you what you ask for if you not boring with my lecture like Raman boring Ishu.LOLLOL

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Originally posted by usaonly

Originally posted by Gaya3sb

Originally posted by usaonly

Gaya bring it on waiting.Day DreamingDay Dreaming

What if I'll give you a double treat Wink
Will you give me lengthy review? Evil Smile
not a ploblem I will give you what you ask for if you not boring with my lecture like Raman boring Ishu.LOLLOL

I never gets bored LOL

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Hi Kutties...Big smile

I've given you enough notes LOL
So here goes a long update

Not proofread

Enjoy reading Hug




She was behaving properly at the dinning while Ashok looked on wondered. She was acting like a matured person when came to dinning formally. He stared at her while she was having her desert.

Ruhi: Without looking at him, "Zyada gurna band karo Ashok aur khalo"

(Stop staring Ashok and eat)

Ashok: In shock, "Kya...kya bulaya mujhe?"

(What did you call me?)

Ruhi: Looking at him, "Apka naam! Kyun apko apka naam pasand nahin hai?"

(Your name! You don't like your name?)

Ashok: Stammering, "No...aise's ok."

(Nothing like that)

Ruhi: "Main apse thanks ya sorry nahin boli hai..."

(I didn't tell you thanks or sorry)

Ashok: "It's just..."

Ruhi: Laughing out loud, "OMG uncle! Ap itna kyun darte ho?"

(Why are you this scared?)

Ashok: Shaking his head, "Hmm-mm waise Ruhi...apke papa aur ISHIMA kaise hai?"

(How's your papa and Ishima?)

Ruhi: Smiling, "They are fine. (Showing indifference) And I don't like someone asking about Ishima. Especially you. It is just irritates me uncle. I'm sorry"

Ashok: Feeling awkward, "Oh yeah...I can's ok"

Ruhi: Finishing her eating, "That's great!"

Ashok: "Toh chalein?"

(Let's go?)

Ruhi: "Haan sure...mujhe aaj bahut saare Homeworks hai..."

(I've a lot of homework today)

Ashok: Extending his hand, "I'll get you home fast."

Ruhi: Taking his hand, "Nahin uncle. Fast driving is not safe...papa told me once!"

Ashok: Faking a smile, "Yeah he's right"


Ishita and Raman's talk was cut short by Ishita's amma who came there smelling something fishy from the way Mihika acted to hide her akka's whereabouts. She walked to Raman and Ishita furiously. Anyone will think that she will chop down his head.

Mrs Iyer: On top of her voice, "Shayad Ishu tujhse maaf kar sakte hai...lekin main nahin. Aur kisi keliye bhi...Ruhi ke liye bhi main apni beti ko vapas tumhare saath nahin bhejne vaali..."

(Maybe Ishu will forgive you...not me. Not for anyone or Ruhi. I won't send my daughter with you)

Ishita: Confused, "Amma...ap kya keha rahe ho?"

(What are you saying?)

Raman: Intervening, "Let her say Ishita"

Amma: To Ishita, "Main keh rahi hun ki tum fatafat ghar chalo..."

(I'm saying you to go home quickly)

Ishita: "Mujhe Ramanse baat karna hai amma"

(I want to talk to Raman)

Amma: Pulling her hand, "Teri manmaani nahin chalegi ab. Chalo mere saath."

(Your wish won't happen now. Come with me)

Raman: Angrily, "Ap meri biwi ko aise nahin le ja sakte amma..."

(You can't take my wife like this)

Amma: "Lekin main apni beti ko le jarahi hun. Aur jahan tak mujhe pata, yeh abi tak puri tarah se tumhari biwi nahin hai."

(But I'm taking my daughter with me. And as far as I know she is not your wife in all means)

Ishita: Loudly, "Ap Raman se aise baat nahin kar sakta amma"

(You can't talk to Raman like this)

Amma: "Chup ho ja Ishu..."

(Shut up Ishu)

Raman: "Amma listen to me. Main kuch jaan bujkar nahin kiya dha...And...(Narrowing his eyes pleadingly) Please don't take her away..."

(I didn't do anything intentionally)

Amma: Showing her hands stopping him, "Mujhe kuch nahin sunna. (To Ishita) Ab chalo Ishu...varna bhool jao mujhe..."

(I don't want to hear anything. Now come with me Ishu or else forget me)

Ishita: Bending her head to hide her tears, "I'm sorry Raman..."

When amma dragged Ishita forcefully from Raman, he stood there frozen just mumbling her name.


Ishita was standing numb in front of his enraged amma and appa and a helpless Mihika.Her parents were talking nonsenses; as per the situation of Raman and Ishita.

Both were clung on to the fact that Shanti Muhurtam is not over, then why not try for a DIVORCE. Ishita felt herself breaking into pieces hearing it. But her parents were talking like they had a visionary of all these happenings and have a plan to mend things.

Mihika slipped to her bedroom when Ishita tried to defense Raman. She locked the door and dialled Niraj's number.


Ishita: "What nonsense amma?"

Niraj: "What a question yaar Miku...obviously hum teenon yahan party kar rahe hai.."

(We trio are partying)

Amma: "Kuch bhi karo Ishu...Main tumhe kahi nahin jaane dungi.
Mujhe tum yehi chahiye."

(Whatever you do Ishu, I won't let you go anywhere. I want you here)

Niraj: "Problem kya hai teri? Hum abi kyun aaun?"

(What's your problem? Why'll we come now?)

Mihika: Biting her nails, "Sab gadbad hai..."

(Everything is wrong)

Ishita: Screaming out, "Mujhe mera Raman ke paas jaana hai amma. Main unke aur Ruhi ke bina nahin reh sakti..."

(I want to go to my Raman. I can't stay without him and Ruhi)

Appa: Pushing her down making her sit on the sofa, "Ruhi ko milne se kaun roka...bas limit rakho. Tum abse Raman se ya uski family se nahin mil sakta. Yeh hum donon ka decision hai."

(Who asked you not to meet Ruhi? But limit it. You can't meet Raman or his family from now onwards.It's our decision)

Niraj: In shock, "Yeh kya bakwas hai? Yeh sab kya...hum abi aa rahe hai..."

(What nonsense? What's all these...We're coming)

Mihika: Sighing, "Haan yehi tikh hoga"

(Yes it'll be fine)

Ishita: Shrugging of her amma's hand from her shoulder, "Kuch tikh nahin hoga...ap mere saath aise nahin kar sakti"

(Nothing is fine. You can't do this to me)

Amma: Angrily, "Chup chap andar chalo."

(Shut up and go inside)

Ishita ran to her room and threw herself on the bed crying vigorously. Mihika tried to coax her in vain. That was when Niraj came in with Romi and Mihir. After earning angry glares from amma and appa, they walked to Ishita's room before caughting up in their sword-like tongue. Ishita was looking so horrible ensuing to her continuous crying. The trio stood at the door way in shock to see her messed up figure.

Niraj: Concerned, "Ishu...what have you done with yourself!"

Mihika explained the scenario to the trio while they patiently heard her. Mihir was standing next to Niraj who was sitting in front of Ishita. Romi being the pet of Ishu already ran to her and side hugged her.

Mihir: Bemusedly, "Toh ap hi voh ladki hai?"

(So you're that girl?)

Mihika: Confused, "Kya matlab?"

(What you mean?)

Romi: Freeing her from the hug, "You know what..., Inki vajhase hi bhai shaadi nahin karna chaha...!"

(Because of her hai didn't want to marry)


"You won't understand my situation...mere vajhase uski life spoil hua..Kitna rudely voh admi use reject kiya dha yeh sirf main ne suna dha"

(Her life spoiled because of me. I only heard how rudely that man rejected her)

Mihir: "Lekin was an accident. Humein voh baat ko chodna hoga..."

(It was accident. We should leave it)

Romi: "Haan should move on...Ab apke paas Ruhi hai...ek maa bhi toh chahiye use..."

(Now you have Ruhi. She needs a mother)

Mihir: Chirping in "Sanusha is a good girl bhai...You'd think about this alliance"

Raman: "OK. Let me clear one thing..."

Mihir: "Yes bhai..."

Raman: Firmly, "Mujhe vohi ladki chahiye joh mere vajha se maa nahin ban sakta. Jiske zandagi nah jaane maine toda hai...!"

(I want the same girl who cannot be a mother because of me.The girl whose life I destroyed unknowingly)

Romi: " is impossible!"

Mihir: "Ap zid karna chod do bhai"

(Don't be so adamant bhai)

Raman: "My decision is final"

******FB ENDS******

"Toh jiju ne akka se isiliye shaadi ki kyun ki yeh voh ladki hai jise voh...?"

(So jiju married her because she is the same girl whom he...?)

Mihika questioned in an unusually low voice tearing apart the silence prevailed the room. Ishita looked at her little sister and shook her head negatively indicating he didn't. Mihir jumped in again with another explanation.


"Kahi vo Ishita se koi badtameezi naa kare...jaise vo Shagun se..."

(I hope he won't misbehave with he did with Shagun)

He turned on his heals to go down stairs and halted seeing his little brothers standing in the door way. He looked at them inquisitively for which they confessed their whole encounter. Raman got relieved to find his brothers beside him in this problem.

Raman: "Voh...main...Ishita se shaadi karna chata hun"

(I want to marry Ishita)

Mihir: "Voh toh humein pehale hi pata chala dha bhai...lekin humara doubt kuch aur hai..."

(We get to know it already.But we have another doubt)

Raman: "Kya doubt?"


Romi: Furrowing his forehead, "Kyun ap Ishita ji ko chuna? Kyun ki voh bhi maa nahin ban sakta hai? Are you compensating your guilt bhai?"

(Why did you choose her? Is it because she cannot be a mother?)

Raman: Irritated, "What the...! Please don't remind me all that. Mujhe voh sochna bhi acha nahin lagta. And I don't want Ishita to know about my past. She is my present and future. I prefer to live like I don't have a past."

(I don't even want to remember it)

Mihir: "Hum kuch...samjha nahin"

(We don't get you)

Raman: "Baat sirf yeh hai ki main Ishita ko dekhne ke baad dobara yeh sab...shaadi-waadi ke baare main seriously socha hai. And I've fallen for her felt...She is mine. Isme aisa kuch nahin hai jaisa tum donon soch rahe hai"

(It is just that I thought about marriage and all again seriously after seeing Ishita. There is nothing like you both are thinking)

Romi: Absentmindedly, "Aur voh...maa"

(And she mother)

Raman: Furiously, "To hell with that. Check up karne ke baad todi pyar kar sakta!"

(Can't fall in love after check up)

Mihir: "One minitue bhai..., kahi Ishita ji hi voh ladki hai..."

(If she is that girl...)

Raman: Loudly, "Stop your nonsense Mihir. Mujhe tum donon ke assumptions nahin sunna. I'm telling you...I Love Her. And she will be my wife for sure!"

(I don't wanna hear your assumptions)

Romi: Smiling, "Hum bhi yehi chahta hun bhai"

(We also want that)

Mihir: " found someone bhai! We're happy for you..."

Romi: "We're with you bhai"

Raman: "Chalo acha hua...ab hum saath mein shopping karenge."

(It's good that now we can shop together)

Romi: "Aur bhai...sirf shopping hai ya phir kuch aur bhi...?"

(Only shopping or something more?)

Raman: "Abey chup kar..."

(Shut up)

Mihir: "Haan Romi, chup kar...hum dekhenge hai na bhai...?"

(Yes Romi, shut up...we'll see right bhai?)

Raman: "Tum bhi yaar...!"

(You too!)

******FB ENDS*****

Ishita in between crying loudly, "I told you...he loves me so much! He really loves me...! He can never cheat on me! Voh kitna toot gaye honge ab...! Mujhe unke paas jaana hai Miku...let me go...Amma se kaho...mujhe unke paas jaana hai...!"

(How broken he will be! I want to go to him Miku..Tell Amma...I want to go to him!)

Mihika: "Akka...calm down. Pehale ap bhi toh jiju se nahin milna chaha dha nah...ab kya hua?"

(You didn't want to meet him before... Why now?)

Ishita: "Ayyo won't understand. Mujhse jhoot bolne keliye main unhe punishment de rahi dhi...kuch pal dur rehkar. Kyun ki voh mujhse zyada der...dur nahin reh sakta. I wanted him to console me. Lekin amma ne sab kuch bigad everything!"

(I wanted to punish him by staying away for some time for lying to me. Because he can't stay away from me for so long. But Amma troubled me)

Niraj: "Ishu...jiju se baat karenge hum...tum bas rona band karo..."

(We'll talk to jiju. You just stop crying)

Romi: "Haan bhabhi...bhai ko hum apke paas aaj hi laaunga...hum teenon apse vaada karte hai!"

(We'll bring bhai to you today itself. We three are promising you)

MiRaj glared at Romi for giving such a promise which is not at all possible at that time. But Romi showed an I-can't-see-my-bhabhi-crying face which melted them. So they nodded in positive. Ishita blinked her teary eyes at them expectantly and asked in a throbbing voice, "Sach mein...?"


Niraj: "OK...pehale tum call karo unhe"

(First you call him)

Ishita: Sobbing, "I tried...He is not picking my calls. Mujhe bahut tension ho raha hai...!"

(I'm so tensed)

Mihir: Holding his head, "Oh shit! Bhai calls pick nahin kar rahe hai matlab voh sharab..."

(Bhai is not picking the calls means he is drinking...)

He stopped midway getting coscious about his surroundings. Ishita was quick to grasp his words and started the next round of crying.

"Sab mere vajha se ho rahe hai...Agar main unke paas hoti toh voh aise kuch nahin karti. Sab milkar mujhe aise torture kyun kar rahe ho? Why can't he think of himself. Mar toh nahin gaya hai nah mein...!"

(It's all because of me... If I would have been with him he wouldn't have done this. Why everyone's torturing me like this? I'm not dead right)

Romi: "Bhabhi...ap toh ro sakte hai...bhai ka kya..."

(You can cry. What about Bhai?)

Niraj: "Yes Ishu. If I were in him I would have took away my wife even if it is her mom. Lekin voh...he is too good...he respects everyone."

Niraj's words didn't help to calm her but exhilerated her sobs. She was crying without breathing.

Vandu opened the door of Ishita's bedroom startling everyone. Ishita's already teary eyes welled up again and Vandu's already tensed countenance covered with more worry.

Niraj and Mihir strode out with Romi to find out Raman. Vandu ran to them asking the reason behind their moody faces and took Ishu in her arms. She clung to her and cried mumbling vaguely.

"Amma want me to DIVORCE him...!"

Vandu: "Miku...what's all tgese?"

Mihika explained everything to her and Vandu sighed out tensely. She called Mihika aside after making Ishita sleep and told her silently, "It has been six months. Divorce bhi hogaya. Mahadev ka custody kal Subbu ko mila. Kavya doesn't want him. Subbu ko yahan Ishu ke hospital mein transfer mila hai..."

(They are divorced and Subbu got the custody of Mahadev. He got transfer to Ishu's clinic)

Mihika: In shock, "Is subbu ko yahan kyun?"

(Why Subbu here?)

Vandu: "Bala ne hi suggest kiya. Ishu ko bhi pata hai. Maine object nahin kiya kyunki Ishu ki shaadi hone vaali dhi...and she WAS over him."

(Bala suggested and Ishu knows it. I didn't object because Ishu's marriage was on rounds)

Mihika: "She IS over him akka! Now what is the problem?"

Vandu: "I asked him to stay with us...lekin amma ne use yahan bulaya. I was thinking why amma itne jaldi Subbu se sweet bangaya? I felt something fishy. Isiliye chali ayi..."

(Amma asked him to stay here. I was thinking why Amma became this sweet towards Subbu? So I came here)

Mihika: "Matlab amma wants Ishu akka and Subbu...! Ayyo Kadavule! Isiliye unhone DIVORCE ke baat kar rahi dhi?"

(That's why she talked about divorce?)

Vandu: "That's it. Ab yeh baat Ishu ko kaise batadenge ye socho..."

(Now think how'll we inform Ishu about it)

Mihika: Tensely, "She is already hell worried hearing the word 'DIVORCE'! Ab jab 'REMARRIAGE' ke barein mein pata chalenge toh voh...I can't see her like that...Hum abhi nahi keh sakta"

(What will be her condition when she'll hear about REMARRIAGE. We can't talk now)

Vandu: "I can understand..."

Mihika: "Aur akka...Yeh amma ki creepy plans Subbu ko pata hai kya?"

(Is Subbu know about amma's creepy plans?)

Vandu: "Yehi bada vala problem hai...Subbu knows everything. You know uski divorce ke reason bhi Ishu hai. He still loves her. Ab shaadi se koyi problem nahin kyun ki uske paas ek bacha hai. Bloody..."

(That's the big problem. You know the reason behind divorce it is also Ishu. Now he doesn't have a problem to marry her cause he has a son)

Mihika: Astonished by the turn of events, "So he wants to marry Ishu akka?"

Vandu: "Obviously..."

Mihika: "Ise toh mein maar daalungi...ab...ab kya hoga...?"

(I'll kill him. What'll happen now?)

Vandu: "Let's see...Kuch karna padega amma ko samjhane keliye. She should accept that Ishu only loves Raman."

(We'd do something to make Amma understand.)

Mihika: "It's difficult. She is acting mad! Kabhi kabhi mujhe aisa lagta hain jaisa unki gala...(Stopping abruptly) Sorry akka...but I feels so...She is irrational!"

(Sometimes I feel like killing her)

Vandu: "I got you! Now I need to go home. I was literally running to inform this...bye see you. Bala will come to pick me from the stop."

Mihir: "Bye akka...see you"


Raman was drinking as if he doesn't have another day to do it. The trio found him on the bar counter and reached out to him before he could fall down. He was acting rude at the same time miserable. They somehow made him agree to leave for home. Niraj and Romi made him sit in the passenger seat and controlled him from gripping his arms from both sides while Mihir drove the car.

Raman: "I'm sorry...I couldn't he...lp but...drink...and...drink...and...drink..."

Mihir: "Relax bhai...we're closing to home"

Raman: Laughing out sarcastically, "Home...? is not. (Looking sideways at the sky as if looking at Ishita) She is my home...I feels...home when...she is with me...! Amma ne mujhse...mera khushi cheen liya. And wife...she is...angry with me...she didn't hugged me back...She didn't hugged me...didn't...Voh vapas nahin ayegi...So...I feel home again..."

(Amma snatched my happiness. She won't come back)

Niraj: "It is not like that jiju...she is helpless... She loves you and wants to see you."

Raman: Shaking his index finger, "Hmm-mm...she is angry..."

Romi: Frustrated, "Kya angry-angry bhai! She is crying a are drinking a lot. We are tensed a lot...!"

Mihir: "Chupkar Romi. Baat ko bigado mat"

(Shut up Romi. Don't trouble more)

Raman: Angrily holding Romi's collar, "She is crying? Who made her cry?Tell me..."

Niraj: Trying to save Romi from his clutch, "Aisa kuch nahin hai jiju..."

(Nothing like that jiju)

Raman: Firmly, "I want to see her...NOW!"


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Thank you for mentioning the Right word TORTURE...
subbu ka naam lets hi Ulti is coming.

Ab suno subbu Lao ya tubbu lol
Romance kamm Ni hona chahiye :P
Show me toh nothing yahi sahi

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Originally posted by sukanksha

Thank you for mentioning the Right word TORTURE...
subbu ka naam lets hi Ulti is coming.

Ab suno subbu Lao ya tubbu lol
Romance kamm Ni hona chahiye :P
Show me toh nothing yahi sahi

Torture... ROFL
See what happens...
You're gonna kill either me or Subbu LOL

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Yepeee double treat Wink abhi tho part shuru hui hai LOL
Super duper se update wala update Wink credit goes to par 23 LOL ur thinking I will say that na Wink but no I loved the flash back LOL aur yar jab bhi Raman is sad y does he drink in every story and even in show Confused abb tho subbu. Gaya. Jkr aur uske ravan ke sath same time pe. Panga LOL I am scared ki kahi ho na jaye danga Wink thanks for pm WinkLOL
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Originally posted by 12Singmeenu

Yepeee double treatWinkabhi tho part shuru hui haiLOL
Super duper se update wala updateWinkcredit goes to par 23LOLur thinking I will say that naWinkbut no I loved the flash backLOLaur yar jab bhi Raman is sad y does he drink in every story and even in showConfusedabb tho subbu. Gaya. Jkr aur uske ravan ke sath same time pe. PangaLOLI am scared ki kahi ho na jaye dangaWinkthanks for pmWinkLOL

Sorry for not replying your comments... Unhappy
Coming back
Abhi toh panga shuru hua hai...Wink
Wait...and read... Evil Smile
I've a lot of mazedar twists ROFL

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