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FF___JAB TUNE JHOOT BOLA___Chapter-28 on pg 126 TEASER Pg 137 (Page 75)

-DivyanKaran- Goldie

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Posted: 14 June 2015 at 2:26am | IP Logged
Loved the update. It's interesting.

--HANISA-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 June 2015 at 2:44am | IP Logged
yaar what is that he hide from his parents about her why

he lie to her too

so many lie from raman I just hope he love her

ferl sorry for ishita how she has to face toshi

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sukanksha IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 June 2015 at 9:45am | IP Logged
Gayatri... You have a khazaana of twists or should I say problem.
Ek din aka ek update me characters ko chain se jeene Ni deti.
Ek k baad ek problem
Yaar they are newly married kuch toh enjoy karne do unhe

Toh Shagun waali pic removed??

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Gaya3sb IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 June 2015 at 9:48am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sukanksha

Gayatri... You have a khazaana of twists or should I say problem.
Ek din aka ek update me characters ko chain se jeene Ni deti.
Ek k baad ek problem
Yaar they are newly married kuch toh enjoy karne do unhe

Toh Shagun waali pic removed??

Hahaha ROFL
Shaadi se pehale zyada romance karne ka saza hai LOL
Gaya3sb IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 June 2015 at 1:53pm | IP Logged
Hi Kutties...Smile

NOTE:- I couldn't reply to your COMENTS and PMs owing to my studies. But somehow managed to update this part. Again a sweet APOLOGY by this part. Hope you'll like it Blushing

Ignore typos and other errors
Not proofread

Enjoy reading Hug



"Ishita...baat ko samjhne ki koshish karo..."

(Ishita try to understand the matter)

Ishita was just looking at him sternly with her big black orbs moistened with fresh tears gifted by him. She was numb. The reality that her in-laws except her husband is expecting more from her made her go weak. Raman on the other hand was ran out of words and was in a tyfoon of how to handle the new problem. Her silence did kill him from within for obvious reasons.

He walked up to her and gripped her arms and shook her to get some response in futile.

Raman: In a high but broken tone, "Main...risk nahin lena chahta dha...mujhe darr kahin sab humare rishte ko inkar kare toh...Isiliye chuppaya dhaa...It was because I...I LOVE YOU SO MUCH..."

(I didn't want to take risk. I was scared if everyone rejects our relationship. So I'd hidden it)

He hissed in frustration seeing her still standing there holding her breath. Not even blinking an eye.

"Kuch toh bolo...Ishita sirf...sirf tumhi ho jo mujhe samajhte ho...I know tum ...(Shaking her again) Why are you not talking to me? Just talk to me...Aise mat karo mere saath...I can face anything but not your silence Ishita..."

(Say something... It's only you who understands me Ishita.. I know you...Don't do this to me)

Toshi's roaring brought the entire Bhalla and Iyer clan in the living room where Ishita stood like a culprit. Iyers were shell shocked to see the new horrifying upshots. Mr and Mrs Bhalla not only accused Ishita but also her family. They were yelling at them as if they employed a plan to caught their son for their daughter.

Mrs Bhalla: With a disgusted face, "Ache ghar ke ladkon ko phasane main padi hai pure parrivaar...!"

(Planning to caught rich boys for their daughter)

Mrs Iyer: Closing her mouth with her palm in shock, "Ayyoo...ap kya bol rahe ho...! Raman ko sab pata hai...aur usne bola dha ki voh ap logon se sab kuch keh diya hai..."

(What are you saying! Raman knows everything. And he told us that he had informed you)

Mr Iyer: "Haan Toshiji...isme humara koyi galti nahin hai..."

(Yes. There us no fault of us)

Mrs Bhalla: "Toh mera puttar ko galat sabit karne ka koshish kar rahe ho...?"

(So you're trying to prove my son wrong?)

Mihika: "Sorry to say Toshi aunty...but is me koshish karne ki koyi zaroorat nahin, kyun ki galti jiju ka hi hai..."

(There is nothing to try as fault is Jiju's)

Mr Bhalla: "Oye chup...! Badon ke beech mat aana..."

(Shut up and don't come in between elders)

Mihika: "Sorry uncle ji...but yeh meri akka ki baat hai...unkeliye main kahi bhi kabhi bhi baat karoongi..."

(It's my akka's problem. So I'll talk for her wherever and whenever)

Mrs Iyer: "Bas kar Miku...inse kya matlab...! Raman ko clear karna hai yeh misunderstanding..."

(Silence Miku. it's Raman's job to clear everything)

Mr Bhalla: "Baat chupana yaa nah chupane ki nahin hai...balki yeh hai ki Ishita is ghar ki bahu banne se Raman se humein ek potha yaa pothi nahin mil sakta...,"

(It's not the matter of hiding or not but we won't get a grandchild from Raman and Ishita from this relationship)

Mihika: "Ruhi hai nah Jiju aur akka ke paas..."

(Ruhi's there with them)

Mrs Bhalla: "Voh alag baat hai...Hum Ishita aur Raman ke baat kar rahe dhe...In donon ka shaadi se kya fayda...?"

(That's different. We're talking about Ishita and Raman. What's the use of their marriage)

Mrs Iyer: "Bache paida karna hi fayda hota hai kya?"

(Making kids care the use?)

Mihik: "And FYI meri akka ka pregnant hone ka chances kam hai...not that she can never be a mother!"

(Chances are less)

Mrs Bhalls: "Humein koyi information nahin chahye..."

(We don't want any information)

Mrs Iyer: "Kya chahte ho ap log?"

(What you people want?)

Mrs Bhalla: "Lekar jaao apni beti ko yahan se..."

(Take from here with you)

Raman couldn't hold it anymore as he screamed on top of his voice.
"Ishita mere vajha se hi maa nahin ban sakti...Ishita ki accident mujhse hua dha..."

(Ishita can't conceive because of me. I did her accident)

Now that the tables are turned; how the Iyers will stop biting back. Raman confessed his mistakes in between the family's fights. They were out of control and were lashing at him like hell.

Mihika was the one who seemed to be so much disappointed by her jiju. She mentioned him everything the other night when they talked about the same. But he did hide it and she called him a lier so easily.

Mihika: "Sach ko chupana easy nahin hai Jiju...aur ap...chee...main ne kabi nahin socha dha ki ap..."

(It's not easy to hide the truth. And you...I never thought that you'll...)

Raman: "Mihikka main..."


Mihika: "Ap ko bas sab ke samne acha banne ka shauk haina...Lekin is keliye apne meri akka ko use kiya. .?"

(You want to be good in front of everyone. But you used my akka for it)

Raman: Angrily, "Mind your words Mihika..."

Mihika: "Yes...I'm minding...abi abi sab mind main aa raha hai..."

(Now everything is coming to my mind)

Mrs Iyer: "Maine kya kya socha...proud feel kiya tumhare bare main...lekin tum...ayyo isine toh meri Ishu ki zindagi kharab kar diya dha..."

(What allI thought...I was proud of you. But what have you done...You're the one who spoiled Ishu's life)

Raman: Teary eyed, "Aise mat kaho amma...Main aisa soch bhi nahin sakta...It was out of the situation..."

(Don't say like that Amma. I can't even think of it)

Mr Bhalla: "Tujhe Ishita ko support karne keliye aise jhoot bolne ki koyi zaroorat nahin hai Raman..."

(No need to lie like this to support her)

Raman: "Ap kya bol rahe ho papa...? Main aise jhoot kyun bolunga? Yeh sach hai...I'd done that accident..Aur main bahut sharminda Maine use raste pe choda..."

(What are you saying papa? Why would I lie like this? It's true. And I'm ashamed of leaving her on road)

Mrs Bhalla: "Jo bhi ho Raman...Ab ise main is ghar main ek aur second chel nahin sakta!"

(Whatever Raman...I can't afford her for a second in this house)

Mrs Iyer: "Aur meri beti ko main aise CRIMINAL ke saath kabhi rahne nahin dogi..."

(And I won't let my daughter live with a criminal)

Mrs Bhalla: "Mera puttar ko hazar ladkiya milegi...voh bhi PERFECT."

(My son will get thousand perfect girls)

Mrs Iyer: "Haan...doondo PERFECT ladki ko...aur bolo meri beti ka peecha chodna..."

(See for perfect girls. And ask him not to follow my daughter)

Mrs Bhalla: "Aise aurat ke peeche mara puttar kabi nahin aane vala..."

(My son won't come to such woman)

Raman looked on helplessly at the mothers fighting for their children. Both were right in their place. He didn't know what to do. That was when his eyes darted to Ishita. She was standing there like how she was from the beginning; lifelessly. He wanted to confront her. Talk it out. Apologise. Embrace! But she was not looking at or seeing anything.She was not seeing him. His throat gone dry seeing her immoveably moving out of the house with her amma. Amma was literally pulling Ishita with her while she just clutched her mangalsutra tightly. He didn't falil to notice her panic striken face. Maybe she is also feeling what he feels. A gut feeling of crack in the heart. A feeling that everything is over.


Ishita was on the bed in a sitting position, resting her head on the headrest.Tears were flowing down but her eyes were shut. Mihika came there to console her She was shattered to see her akka like that. She didn't seem this weak and horrible when she came to know that she cannot conceive or when Subbu left her. She could feel the heartbreak her akka is going through now. She coud see how much SHE LOVES HIM. How much she trusted him. How much she depends on him.

Mihika: "Akka...khana idar laaun?"

(May I bring the food?)

Seeing her nonchalantness she sat next to her ony to see her akka moving sideways to ignore the impending talk.

Mihika: "I know ki ap mujhe avoid kar rahe hai...but...ek baar meri baat suniye nah akka..."

(I know you're avoiding me. Hear me once akka)

Ishita: "Mih...Ku..please..."

Her throat was crunchy which made her talk some broken words making Mihika all the more worried.

Mihika: "Akka..jiju ne galat kiya hai...maine bhi use bura kaha...phirphi...I want you to talk to him. Voh garden main wait kar rahe hai..."

(I know jiju did wrong. I too said bad words to him. Even then...He's in the garden)

Ishita: Firmly, "I don't want to meet him..."

Mihika: "Why...?"

Ishita: "Because I can't see him shedding tears in front of me...Haar jaungi main...Bhool jaungi sab kuch...Chali jaungi unke saath..."

(I'll fail...I'll forget everything... I'll go with him)

Mihika: "Utna pyar karte ho usse?"

(You loves him that much?)

Ishita: "Haan...bahut...but this time...I won't forgive him that easily."

(Yes a lot)

Mihika: "Akka please...mereliye...Ruhi keliye...Yeh tum donon ka issue hai...apas main baat karo please. Amma aur Toshi aunty baat ko zyada igadega..."

For me and Ruhi...It's between you both. So you should talk. Amma and aunty will only make the matters worse)

Ishita: "Miku.."

Mihika: "Pretty pleaee..."


Raman was walking back and forth when Ishita reached there. She had put on a straight face but her eyes melted seeing his wet and swollen eyes.He came up rushing and took her in a bone-crushing hug. She was frozen like an iceberg that she showed coldness to his affection. He broke the embrace and looked at her questioningly for not responding. She just looked at him with her quizzical eyes and sat calmly on the bench.Raman knelt in front of her and talked in a throbbing voice. He was rather pleading to her.

Raman: "Ish...shita..please talk to me...aise mat karo...You are realy hurting me..."

Ishita: "Kya bolna hai...?"

(What'd I say?)

Raman: "I'm sorry Ishita...I know ki main ne galti kiya...tujhse jhoot bolke..."

(I know I did wrong by lying to you)

Ishita: Mockingly, "Sach aur galat ka difference pata hai apko?"

(You know the difference between truth and wrong)

Raman: "Please is not like what you're thinking..."

Ishiya: "Main ne kuch nahin socha hai is sab ke baare main...But...ap kyun jhoot bola mujhse? Main toh apse kuch bhi nahin chupaya Raman...I was open to you always..In all sense...!"

(I didn't think of anything regarding this matter. But why did you lie to me? I've never hidden anything from you)

Raman: "I was scared..."

Ishita: "Ki main apko...chodkar chale jayenge...?"

(That I'll leave you?)

Raman: "No...not that..."

Ishita: "Phir?"


Raman: "Kahin...tum mera PYAR ko SYMPATHY ya REPENTANCE samjhe toh...!"

(What if you think my LOVE as SYMPATHY or REPENTANCE!)







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Sri1091 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 June 2015 at 2:15pm | IP Logged
Very emotinal update dear... And please no subbu... I dnt knw why bt I can't bear dat character...

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usaonly IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 June 2015 at 2:22pm | IP Logged
BIG NO FOR SUBBU.What and update full with drama and finally all truth come out. I like the last part.He did not tell her because  (What if you think my LOVE as SYMPATHY or REPENTANCE!) Bravo Raman.ClapClap Please study well update can wait till you free dear.

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12Singmeenu Goldie

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Cry Papam ishu and Raman errr toshi is so Angry plz plz plz mera ek kam karna  ishu ke ghar vapas anae se phele  us ko acha sabk sikana Wink I don't want them to get ishu. Without knowing her value and I think it is a yes for subbu from my side bring it on Wink

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