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FF___JAB TUNE JHOOT BOLA___Chapter-28 on pg 126 TEASER Pg 137 (Page 71)

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Hi Kutties... Smile

NOTE:- Sorry for not replying your comments Confused I'll do it tomorrow for sure. Enjoy this part as a sweet apology from my behalf. Sorry again for being unpunctual (I'm sure the one got me Wink )

Ignore typos and grammar/spelling errors

Not proofread

Enjoy reading... Hug



Ishita stirred in her sleep feeling a weight over her. She was surprised and mesmerized to see Raman sleeping snuggling closer to her. When did that happened! She was pleasantly shocked and was in awe at the sight. She tried to pull her arm from under his head slowly not to wake him up. But the movement disturbed his sleep that he tightened his grip around her stomach and nestled his head more in between her armpit and breast making her feel ticklish. He was unaware of her state.

She caressed his hair with her free hand in contentment while he smiled in his deep sleep mumbling in his thick voice, "I love you..."

His mere huskiness send shivers inside her. Moving closer, she tugged his cheek lovingly. He opened his eyes feeling her soft palm over his stubble.

She took away her hand in a jerk seeing him watching her. She was once again went back to the upshots of last night. He clutched her hand and placed it on his cheek were it was a while ago.

Raman: With a sad puppy face, "I'm sorry..."

Ishita: Making a face, "Main ghar nahi aane vaali...!"

(I won't come home)

He loosened his grip on her and stood up from the bed. Ishita looked on puzzled at his sudden action. The next thing she knew was him carrying her in his arms ignoring all the quizzical and teasing eyes of their family to THEIR BEDROOM!

"Raman...kya kar rahe ho ap...utaaro mujhe...chee Raman...sab dekh rahe hai..."

(What are you doing Raman...drop me...che...everyone's watching)

He dropped her on the bed hastily and clutched his back saying how heavy she is. She looked on at the audacity of this man to walk around carrying her in his arms that too staright to their room and posing as if he did it out if helplessness!

"Wait kam karo yaar...! Else it'll be troublesome for my health!"

(Lose your wait yaar)

"Raman...zyada ho rahe hai apka..."

(Raman it's too much of your...)

Before she could complete her words he pinned her to the bed by climbing on top of ger. Her eyes involutarily darted to where Shagun and his photo frame was clung on. She sighed a relief after not find it there.

Raman: Softly tugging her loose strands, "I'm sorry I did hurt you..."

Ishita: Quivering under his touch, "'s OK Raman..."

Raman: After a pause, "Ishita..."

Ishita: Obediently, "Hmmm...?"

Raman: In a serious tone, "Don't ever leave me..."

Ishita: With genuine concern, "No Raman...aur ap...kuch kehna chahte ho?"

(You want to say something?)

Raman: Hesitantly, "Hmm...haan...bolna hai..."

(Yes want to say)

Ishita: Expectantly, "Kya?"


Raman: After thinking, "I LOVE YOU..."

Ishita: Crinkling her forehead, "Aur kuch nahin...?"

(Nothing else?)

Raman: Stammering, "Aur...aur...kya...kya ho sakta hai...?"

(What else could it be?)

Ishita: Apologetically, "Ap...I'm sorry but...ap mujhse kuch chupa toh nahin rahe ho? Shagun ke ya phir kuch aur...?"

(You're not hiding anything from me about Shagun or something else?)

He took her in his embrace and held his breath for a long time thinking of how to tackle the situation. She patted him asking why is he not bteathing. Letting out a huge sigh he breathed in the aroma of her hair and whispered against it, "Will you leave me Ish..."

Ishita: Cutting him short, "Ap aise baatein kyun kar rahe ho Raman...? Main apko kyun chod dogi?"

(Why are you talking like this Raman? Why'll I leave you?)

Raman: "It is just...just that I can't believe that finally we're...we're one...Yeah...that's it...that's...that's all...!"

Ishita: Frowning, "That's all?"

Raman: "Haan..."(Looking intensely into her eyes) "Let me feel're with me..."

She hugged him even more tighter while she kept on saying faintly something caused by his proximity. He parted a little and eyed her as if questioning what were she rambling on.

Ishita: "Voh...main bas yeh soch rahin dhi ki..."

(I was thinking that...)

Raman: "Kya soch rahin dhi?"

(What're you thinking?)

Ishita: "Ulta sirf main hi nahi...ap bhi hai!"

(I'm not the one doing opposite but you also)

Raman:Confused, "Main ne kya kiya?"

(What did I do?)

Ishita: "Apne aaj hi I LOVE YOU kahan hai mujhse..."

(You said ILU to me today only)

Raman: Smiling naughtily, "Nahin toh..., Pehale hi kaha dha...TUJHE PATA NAHIN CHALA...!"

(No. I've told you earlier. YOU DIDN'T KNOW)





Ishita: Pulling his cheek, "KABHI NAHIN...!"


Though it was playful she successfully pricked his heart. He was in hell thinking that she is never going to forgive him for his lies. His mistakes.

Ruhi's constant call was what brought him from his wandering thoughts to find himself buried in her arms. Reluctantly freeing from her arms, he walked out of the room.


Ishita was hurriedly packing Ruhi's lunch while Mr Bhalla fixed her tie. Ishita was a bundle of nerves as it was his first day as a mother, wife and daughter-in-law. Raman was an irritating boy who needed a hand in everything whilst Ruhi was a mature one. She enjoyed doing everything herself except fixing her hairdo and tie. The father-daughter duo were playing a toll over her as she animatedly did everything. She was enjoying the new found relationships but forgot that she is a busy professional dentist.

Iahita: Loudly, "Ruhi...evening Ishima pick karenge apko..."

(Ishima will pick you in the evening)

Ruhi: "It's ok Ishima. Aaj mera date hai kisike saath. Toh voh mujhe ghar chod dega"

(Today I've a date with someone. So he'll drop me home)

The entire house became silent which surrounded by the stunned heartbeatds of the elders.

Ruhi: "Kyun...main date nahin kar sakta...?"

(Why, I can't date?)

Ishita: Shocked, "Lekin...kaun hai voh ladka...?"

(But who's that boy?)

Ruhi: To Raman, "Papa...tell Ishima to give me some freedom. Voh mujhe kayi din se bula rahe hai...I can't reject him always..right? Ap toh uska situation samajh sakte ho na..."

(He's been calling me for a while. You can understand his situation right...)

Though he was shocked, he just played along.

Raman: "Haan Ishita...meri beti ki pehala vala date hai...let her be herself."

(My daughter's first date)

After the departure of the father-daughter duo Ishita immersed herself in household cores as she has a leave for the next one week. She was cursing Raman for taking leave when they were away from each other and going for office when she has got nothing to do alone.

"Voh bhi ulta...Ulta Kumar"

(That too upside down!)

Mr and Mrs Bhalla were so happy to see the chirping family of their son in front them and were discussing about their expectations for the future.

Mrs Bhalla: "Ab toh Raman bhi shaadi karliya...toh backi do chotte... Phir poore ghar mein pothe -pothiyan...oye...oye...hai nah Bhallaji...?"

(Now that Raman got married... And now the youngsters...then the entire house will be full of kids. Right Bhallaji?)

Mr Bhalla: "Voh chodna Toshiji...pehale Ishita puttar ko bolo...jaldi potha ya pothi deneko..."

(Leave that Toshi... Firstly ask Ishita give a grand daughter or son)

Mrs Bhalla: "Haan...yeh toh baat hai...Ishita puttar...idhar aana..."

(Yes...that's right. Ishita puttar come hear...)

Mr Bhalla took a leave for letting them have their girly talk and Mrs Bhalla made Ishita sit next to her. She nicely began to break the matter to Ishita while the poor thing ogled at her mother-in-law as if seeing an alien.


"Oh teri...! Mobile bhool gaya. Jabse is pagal madrasan se mila hai...tabse kuch yaad hi nahi rehta...Ab mujhe sab joru ka gulaam kahega...! Lekin main toh sach mein mobile lena bhool gaya hai nah...! Kya Karun...?"

(Forgot to pick my mobile. I forgets everything from when I met this pagal madrasan. If I return home they will call me wife's slave. But I really forgot my mobile. What to do?)

He walked back home after preparing to face the teasing family.


"Lekin Raman ne bataya dha ki unhone ap logon ko sab kuch bataya hai...!"

(But Raman told me that he informed everything to everyone)

Ishita was shivering with fear and nervousness while she let out the words from her mouth as if assuring herself other than telling her mother-in-law. Toshi was fuming with anger but couldn't respond seeing Raman looking at them with utter shock from the doorway.

Toshi turned to him with her accusing face for hiding such a big thing from the entire clan.

Raman: To control the situation, "Maa...listen to me..."

Ishita: "APNE MUJHSE JHOOT BOLA ki ap sab ko...sab bataya hai...!!!!"

(YOU LIED TO ME that you informed everyone...everything...!!!!)





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Gaya 3 my head spinning now so many twist happen in 2 update. So many thing Raman hiding from Ishu did he really love her or sympathy with her for hi guilty. Poor Ishu i want her to have one blast for Raman now.thanks for the Update dear an PM have a beautiful weekend dear.Hug

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Fir se phas gaya my bechara Kumar LOL

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Omg yeh kya ho raha hai...
Please update soon

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nice update
but ab kaya hoga
continue soon wating early

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yeh kya tha??
Poor Raman
so much truth to be uncovered
continue soon dear

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yar wht is this...??
im expctng raman to clear thye air bt he didnt say  a word...

nd nw this new twst family wala...??

i hop ishra cope up nd atleast raman say evry thng to their parents...

waiting fr next...

u gve unxpctd shocks nd suprses evry tym...

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Oh my god...
What's going to happen now
Plz yaar update soon

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