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FF___JAB TUNE JHOOT BOLA___Chapter-28 on pg 126 TEASER Pg 137 (Page 7)

rufana10 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 May 2015 at 11:39pm | IP Logged
Interesting story Big smile but ashok-ishita marriage Shocked hope raman ll win d challange Wink update d next part soon   Tongue

Gaya3sb IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 May 2015 at 4:31am | IP Logged
Hi Kutties... Big smile
Thank you all for reading my FF Smile
It's the first time that I'm writing an FF, so do have the shortcomings.
This note is to inform you that the next update is going to be short and a fill-in part.
It'll be updated till 8:00 PM
The teasing suspense isn't going to be unfolded so soon.
Now the only focus is on "IshOk marriage" Wink
Oopzzz sorry... IshRa CHALLENGE LOL
So be patient enough to bear the tortures Embarrassed
Do like and comment Smile
BUDDY ME FOR PMs Embarrassed


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Impossible.Girl IF-Dazzler

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Wow...dear this part was good
Kya ashok and ishita are getting married??
aiyoo...good IshRa have challenged
waiting for challenge
waiting for 8pm also...update soon

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Gaya3sb IF-Sizzlerz

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Hi kutties... Smile

Here goes the 4the chapter Smile
Not proofread
Ignore typos and spelling/grammar errors Tongue

Enjoy reading Big smile
Do like and comment Embarrassed
BUDDY ME FOR PMs Embarrassed



Finally, the much awaited day had come. Today Ishita Iyer, the Tamil Brahmin girl, is going to get engaged to Ashok Khanna, a pure Punjabi. What's interesting is, she's not showing any nervousness that usually girls in her place would have felt. The one who's hell nervous is pacing in his bedroom. He couldn't find a better outfit. He'd look the best among all. Even the groom should look inferior to him. He wanted to show that madrasan what a hot piece she's going to miss in her life by marrying some ordinary man. What he doesn't know is that the man whom Ishita is going to get engaged today is abreast to him.

She was sitting in front of her dressing table, clad in a mango yellow saree with parrot green boarder. Mihika is making her wear her accessories and Vandu is doing her hairdo with jasmine flowers.

Mihika: "Enna akka neenka..., konjamavath vekkappedakkoodatha...?"
(What're you akka...can't you just show some shyness?)

Vandu: "Miku...let it be naa...she's excited and happy. Ille Ishu?"
(No Ishu?)

Ishita smiled at them and said, "Ap log zara chup hojao. I'm really shy...dekho mera gaal...kitna laal hogaya."
(Will you people just shut up. I'm really shy...see my cheeks are blushing red.)

She pointed to her cheeks joking at them and earned a smack from her little sister saying, "Vo make up maine hi daala dha."
(I did that make up)

After a while Mrs Iyer came to them and asked to come fast as the groom has come and the pooja will begin soon. Ishita's face lit up which her sisters believed to be her happiness to see Ashok. But hers was something else.


Seven days. Seven days had passed. She still believes that she'll win the challenge. His challenge and behaviour somehow succeeded in making her determinate to marry Ashok. She for the first time wanted to be alive and do something to show off. She wanted to show him that she doesn't want him in her life. She needs to prove that HE CANNOT HAVE HER.

She feels this energy and curiosity whenever he's around. Though she's going to get engaged and then married to Ashok, the sole occupant of her thoughts is Raman. She'll soon become ISHITA ASHOK KHANNA. But the anticipation she feels about is not what'll be her life after becoming ASHOK'S WIFE, but RAMAN'S reactions. She knows she is acting sadist. She knows he meant whatever he said. She somehow wondered why he's acting like this. The Raman who respects everyone's feelings (for her she's an exception) is hell bend on forcing himself on her. Same time, she knows that he knows her INSIDE-OUT. She knows that INSIDE, she has a hope. INSIDE, she badly wants to LOSE THIS CHALLENGE. But how can she let him take his on way to her. She hated his arrogance and also loved it the same time.

However, the courage she felt is not what is INSIDE. She doesn't want to show that he affects her. She wanted to play along. And his rude behaviour made her insensitive. His feelings became unimportant for her. The tingling sensation she feels when Raman fills her thoughts is new to her. She never felt such a cool feeling towards Subbu or Ashok. Her body reacts weirdly whenever he's around. Maybe it's the reason why he's not asking about her feelings. He can see it, feel it, then what in saying?

Even so the only thing she was disturbed of was Ruhi. Whenever she thinks about Ruhi, she wants nothing, but to stop this game. Run to him and ask him to marry her right away. She knew he'll do it with all his heart. But she's concerned about his future. His family's expectations from his marriage...a child!

Furthermore, he doesn't know her medical conditions. He may leave her once he'll get to know it. He may hate her like Subbu did. That gave her the utmost pain. She wanted to cherish some moments with Raman. So the so called challenge gave her some time to be in ease. His fights also gave her the happiness which no one can give her.   

Nevertheless, he didn't propose her the way a gentleman would have done. He'd expressed in an oblique way, rudely. He never asked her. He said "he don't want her to marry HIM (Ashok)" instead of saying "what he'd have said". He always fails to utter the right thing! What he says on the face always makes her offended. If he voiced his heart out when they were at the clinic or in the garden, she'd have thrown herself in his arms. You know why? Isn't that obvious...? She does feel "something-something for him."


He's in hell past these seven days. He didn't do anything to win the challenge. He doesn't know what to do to WIN HER. Only thing he knows is he can't let her go. It was day before yesterday that he heard her talking to Ruhi about her marriage. He didn't want to hear them, but stopped by Ruhi's sobbing voice, "Ap mujhe chodke chale jaaoge Ishima...?"
(Will you leave me Ishima?)

ISHIMA, Ruhi calls her Ishima. He was pleasantly shocked to know that his princes found a mother in Ishita which is news to him. He back-pedalled to the events of the day he kissed her. Her brief talk or advice or suggestion to his parents, "Mujhe lagta hai ki apko ek aisi ladki ko doondna chahiye jaisi ki vo is ghar ki bahu aur Raman ki biwi ke saath-saath Ruhi ki maa bhi ban sake."
(I think that you should find a girl who can be the daughter-in-law of this house, Raman's wife and also Ruhi's maa at the same time).

Damn, she always gave him hints. He was blind. Hell blind that he didn't realised that she's the one. They says, better late than never. He's late, but not so much that he'll lose her. He has hope. That day he felt that someone else also is with him in this war. Ruhi, his daughter, THEIR DAUGHTER, is with him.

Before two days, he'd had thought in different angles. There was nothing that will justify his act. His feelings...It will count only as selfishness. He felt he's trying to force himself on her. Another part of him voiced that she'll never feel like that, because she herself want him to win the challenge INSIDE, which she cannot admit being an egoist. But the day he heard Ruhi call her Ishima, he found a reason to do what he just started. He justified his intentions with the need of a mother for Ruhi. However, he's never going to ask her that he want her to marry him ONLY FOR RUHI.


Ashok came wearing a green and gold sharvani along with his colleagues as he already told them about his problems with his parents. He was shocked to find every man present there is wearing off-white veshti and shirt.

Ashok: To Mr Iyer with an apologetic look, "Vo...Mujhe nahi pata dha ki ap log aise dress pehante hai...aur Ishita ne mujhe green pehanne ko bola dha uncle ji. It's not all my fault...I'm so...sorry..."
(I didn't knew that you people wear such dresses and Ishita told me to wear green. It's not my fault. I'm so sorry.)

Mr Iyer stopped his blabbering by saying, "Arey...bus...bus...aise koyi baat nahi...yeh koi ritual nahi beta...humari traditional dress code hai. Aur green Ishita ki favourite hai. Ab chalo...pooja karte hai. Tikhe?"
(Oh it's ok son. It's not a ritual. It's our traditional dress code. And green is Ishita's favourite. Now come on, let's do the pooja. Ok?)
He nodded and followed his future father-in-law.

The pooja was on full swing. As a Punjabi, Ashok was feeling bored and the rituals felt like never ending for him. After half an hour he asked Mr Iyer to show him the washroom. Once he's inside the washroom, there comes our hero, the Raman Kumar Bhalla.

Raman scanned the whole mandap to find the bridegroom missing. Mr Iyer warmly welcomed the Bhalla family. Though Mrs Iyer was acting cool, Raman knew that she is faking it just for him.

Raman muttering to himself, "Chal beta, ab tera sasuma bhi khatti hogaya tujhse. Yeh Laddoo bhi kya cheez hai!"
(See, now your mother-in-law also turned against you. This Laddoo!)

After what felt like forever, Ashok came out of the washroom and Raman excused them as he got an important call. When he ended the call and turned towards the mandap, he was bowled over by the ethereal beauty of Ishita who was being brought to the mandap by her sisters. He saw the groom till his neck who's sitting there wearing a green sharvani. "Kya karela jaisa dress pehanke aya hai bandha."
(What colour dress is he wearing, fool)

He tried to see the groom but in vain. Sometimes her mother or her father and mainly the chotti madrasan blocked his view. Finally he heard a hustle-bustle that the rituals are over. As the crowed moved away which he felt like in SLOW MOTION, he saw HIM. One whom he disgusts in the world. One whom he cannot stand. One whose presence makes him forget about his social status and manners. One who made his life HELL, ASHOK KHANNA! He can feel his entire family visibly stunned who're standing just behind him. He made them shut by just showing his palm without turning back.

He walked to him in a trance and stood in front of him. How can Ashok ignore that face? He was hell shocked to find Raman in front of him. Ishita by now was shivering with fear, because he knows that "Ravan Kumar" will do anything to stop this marriage. She was scared, if Ashok will believe Raman's words, SHE'LL LOSE. Yes, she's concerned about the challenge, not her marriage.

Ashok: Forwards his hand with a warm smile, "Oh Raman, you here? Mera matlab...I didn't know that you're family...!"
(Raman, you here? I mean, I didn't know that you're family!)

Raman: Fakes a smile and shakes his hands with him while says looking at Ishita, "Yes, I'm family."

Ashok looked at him doubtfully, while Ishita looked on shocked. Raman asked Ashok to spare him some time to talk. Ishita resisted and clutched Ashok's wrist tightly saying, "DON'T LEAVE..." Raman gritted his teeth at that scene. He looked at Ishita who felt his gaze on her, turned and locked her eyes with his, while he glares at her hand which is clutching Ashok's. Without giving a further thought, she jerked her hand from Ashok's wrist. She's horrified. She felt like she'd done some great sin by touching Ashok. How much he affects her! She turned down her fiance for A NO ONE.

All these were clearly observed by Ashok who by now got some clue about what's going on in between them. They said nothing to each other, but they shared some deep bond, emotionally. They acted like lovers who're fighting because of some lame reason. He felt their fight will be over, if they'll get sometime which made his throat go dry. He can't leave Ishita. He can't live without her. He won't leave her for Raman. That realisation made him angry. He will do anything to win her. First he wanted to talk to Ishita. He can't jump into Raman and his sharp tongue without any preparation. He believed Ishita, but he badly needed a reassurance. They looked at each other like nemesis which confused Ishita even more. But what she is oblivious is that, she's the TROPHY of their 20-20 match, that'd begun the moment they saw the same feelings in each other's eyes for her.

Ashok: After some awkward silence, "Sorry Raman, I'll join you later. I just want to spend some moments with my fiance." And put his hand on her shoulder as if to show him that SHE'S HIS. Together they walked out to the garden, leaving a fuming Raman behind.


Ashok stood near Ishita who's sweating in the cool weather. He forwarded his hanky, but she preferred her saree pallu.

Ashok: "Bolo."

Ishita: "He challenged me."

Ashok: "On what?"

Ishita: "That he won't..."

Ashok: "Let you marry me." He completed for her.

Ishita: "yes...!" she replied surprised.

Ashok: "To tujhe kya lagta hai?"
(So, what you think?)

Ishita: "I want to win."

Ashok: "Do you think you can?"

Ishita: Looking at him intently, "If you'll be with me."

Ashok: Taking her hands in his, "I won't ever leave you Ishita. No one can stop me from marrying you." He said sternly which gave Ishita the much needed relief. Her eyes glistened with happy tears.

Ashok: "Wisey Ishu..."
(Well Ishu...)

Ishita: With shocked face, "Kya...kya bulaya apne mujhe?"
(What did you just call me?)

Ashok" Smiling softly, "Vo kya hai na...main apni biwi ko PYAR SE pukarne ka practice kar rahe dhe..."
(It's just that I was practicing to call my wife WITH LOVE)

He looked at her eyes which she darted towards the ground and responded with a sweet voice which complimented her crimson cheeks, "Hone waali biwi hai Ashok."
(Would be wife Ashok)

All these were observed by two people. Mihika and Raman, one with happiness and the other, with disgust. Mihika chirped in and dragged Ishita from there and Ashok looked on smiling at the duo.

While he's immersed in admiring the beauty of Ishita, he turned back by hearing Raman's raging words, "Ghurna bandh karo saale..." (Stop staring)

Ashok: Looks at Raman with a lopsided smile rubbing his chin and motioned his eyes as if asking "What do you mean?"

Raman who by now lost all his patience clutched his collars and roared, "Tujhe yeh hi tikh hoga agar tum khud yahan se chale jaye. Varna..."
(It'll be good for you if you'll vanish yourself from here. Or else...)

Ashok: Jerking his hands asks him in a rude and evil voice, "Varna...varna kya karenge tum haan...? Police ko bulaoge?"
(Else...what'll you do? You'll call the police?)

Throwing his hands to both sides like asking, "What Raman?" And continued, "Oh common Raman! I'm going to get married to her. Agar mujhe yahan nahi hona chahiye, to kaha hona chahiye? I don't understand!"
(Common Raman, I'm going to marry her. If I'd not be here, where'd I be?)

He looked diabolically at Raman who's standing there with a blank expression. But then Ashok's face wore an I-am-cool expression and continued, "Humare beeh na aise personal rivalry nahi chahiye Raman. I admit that I'd done many worst things. I know it all Raman. But you know everyone need a second chance. I too need a second chance. Don't you think that I deserve one? Let me prove it Raman, by marrying Ishita." He sounded genuine but Raman cut him short by his fuming voice, "Naam bhi mat lena uski...maar daalunga saala..."
(I'll kill you if you dare take her name.)

He stopped by that pointing his index finger at him.

Ashok backed off at that with a horrified expression which changed simultaneously to a devilish glint and he began to laugh loudly like a maniac. Raman looked on unaffected.

Ashok: "Yeh to kamal hai yaar...! Main kuch bhi karne ko chaahun, tum chale athe ho beech mein. Professional life mein kuch backy nahi hai to personal life mein interfere kar rahe ho. Tujhe na aaj kal tameez hi nahi hai. I pity you Raman."
(It's great yaar! You come in between whatever I want to do. Now you interfere in my personal life when found nothing in my professional life. Nowadays you became manner-less.)

He mocked at him. However Raman didn't moved at his mention.

Raman smiled at him like he just saw something funny which made Ashok frown.

Raman: "Dekha beta...yeh hai tere aur Raman Kumar Bhalla ke beech ka farak. Tera koi baat se mujhe farak nahi padta. But a casual smile of mine affects you so much that all your confidence drains away."
(See boy, it's the difference between RKB and you. I don't care about your words but a casual smile of mine affects you so much that all your confidence drains away. )

He walked around him as if checking him out. Ashok stood still as if he is at a gun-point.

Raman: "kaise dar gaya lambu...! Abi tak to maine tujhe kuch nahi kiya hai na!"
(How scared are you! I didn't do anything to you yet!)

Ashok, somewhat intimidated by Raman's behaviour, tries to reason with him.
Ashok: "Look Raman, I don't want to fight with you. Mera matlab yeh dha ki hume yeh rivalry bandh karna chahiye..."
(Look Raman, I don't want to fight with you. I meant that we should end our rivalry.)

He couldn't complete his words as Raman began to talk dangerously by gritting his teeth, "Ab tu mujhe sikhadenge ki mujhe kya karna hai? Jo tune abhi-abhi kaha, vo kabhi nahi hoga. Aur agar tum mere gusse se door rahana chahte hai to...You'll have to accept my condition."
(Now you'll teach me what should I do? Whatever you just said will not happen ever. And, if you want to stay away from my'll have to accept my condition.)

Ashok looked at him hopefully and signed him to go on.


In a fit of anger Ashok pulls Raman by his collar and shakes him. Raman gave a damn to his action and seemed cool. Which made Ashok more irritated, thus, he threw him back and he fell on the ground. Raman smiled himself thinking what a fool Ashok is. He is hell confident that Ashok cannot win this war even if he kills him. Ashok kneels down beside him and pats his shoulder as if indicating how weak he is. While Raman sit up and shook out the dust off from his suit. He knew it won't end so easily though, he tried to buoy up the situation.

Raman: "Kya baat hai...! Itna jaldi maan gaya? Mujhe laga aur zyada effort lena padega tujhe convince karne ko. Filhal tera dimag to working condition mein hain."
(What! You agreed so easily? I thought I'll have to take a lot of efforts to convince you. But your brain is in working condition)

Next moment Raman found himself trapped under Ashok. Their eyes spitted fury.

Ashok: Hissing near Raman's ear, "Bahut hogaya tera drama...ab bas...! DOOR RAHO MERI ISHITA SE. Varna jo tum is sari duniya se chupana chahte ho na, vo sab ko pata chalega. Aur jo cheez tere pass hai vo bhi tujhe khona padega! So better stay away from me and my WOULD BE WIFE."
(Too much of your stop it! STAY AWAY FROM MY ISHITA. Or else everyone will come to know that what you want to hide from the whole world. And you'll be forced to lose that thing which you're having! So better stay away from me and my WOULD BE WIFE)

Now the reverse. Raman trapped Ashok under him locking his hands behind his back with his one hand, so that he won't be able to move. His other hand tightened Ashok's neck, looking deeply into his aghast eyes and he roared fiercely, "ISHITA MERI HAI...! SIRF AUR SIRF MERI...! Tum kya, koi bhi use mujhse aur meri beti se cheen nahi sakta. You get that damn it?"
(ISHITA IS MINE...! JUST MINE...! No one can take her away from me and my daughter. You get that damn it? )

(Mr Bhalla, what're you doing with Ashok?)




"Maine kabhi nahi socha dha ki ap itna giri huyi harkat kar sakte hai Mr Bhalla! Mere shaadi thodne keliye ap Ashok ko damka rahe ho! Ap Ashok ko maarne ki koshish kiya hai! Ab bas...ap kaan kholke sunlo...MERA SHAADI SIRF AUR SIRF ASHOK KE SAATH HI HOGA...!"

Whoa... Shocked
That's it kunjuzzz... Tongue
What'll happen next Wink
Do like and comments
Leave your suggestions and reviews Embarrassed


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janani_divan IF-Rockerz

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Kanna!bang on update.1st thanks for pm me.its too natural story by two people who hated alot.RAshok fighting is so realistic and competable.ishita touch ashok hand;->,raman will definately give wonderful treatment to her by touching another male hand that to infront of him.;->
Ishita want to win challange how foolish she is.To win the challange she going to loss ruhi.
I really hope raman will definately plan to stop this marriage by his way.:-)
i loving the story.
Precap is damm intresting.she knocking raman's angry .he will definately do romance with ishita to torture her more:-D:-D;-);-);-)

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SuryaIshraholic IF-Dazzler

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Ohh ways dia happng.. 
Wat d past secret of ashok nd raman

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...Forever... IF-Rockerz

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Geek... Confused... Continue soon...

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kaa1202 IF-Sizzlerz

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oh my god wats dis..i dont likd way d story going

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