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FF___JAB TUNE JHOOT BOLA___Chapter-28 on pg 126 TEASER Pg 137 (Page 62)

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Posted: 09 June 2015 at 7:43am | IP Logged
Originally posted by usaonly

Finally read all the chapter.Ishra marriage happen but qutie a roller coaster. I have bid doubt about Ashok love and affection with Ruhi . Is she Ashok daughter or Raman.? Omg the change room romance is super hot. How can you do that to put them under control from every touch and almost everywhere.EmbarrassedI just thinking most of your story Ishu is BOLD look like she has more wanted of Raman touch.Ok I finish all my update of reading and I catch up with the present one now. Will wait for next update hope the story is not near ending yet wait for Ramanto reveal his part. Thank you dear for the awesome story.Wink

I've already mentioned that my IshRa are normal (Not like YHM robots LOL )
Trail room romance...Blushing
I never thought that it could be this success   Embarrassed
Thanks for being patient enough to complete it Jum...
And it's not gonna end soon. Wink

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Gaya3sb IF-Sizzlerz

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Hi Kutties... Smile

Surprise... Hug

I hadn't thought that I'll come up with the next part this sooner Big smile. Anyways...I hope you won't mind. I'm bedridden (fever Cry) so my Amma asked me not to touch the lappy Unhappy. No problem...Ermm when mobby is there Tongue. I took a lot and lot and lot of time to write this part. So it may not be perfect (I'm a fast perfectionist LOL). I'm a bit tensed whether I reached your expectations or not (Only if Amma acted kind to me Cry). blah-blah is over...!

Ignore typos and grammar/ spelling errors

Not proofread

Enjoy reading... Embarrassed





Finally the moment has came. Raman was all set to get his wifey to himself. The entire family had celebrated the week like a punjabi wedding; of course the bride-groom didn't meet at all. It was Ruhi's continuous chant on her papa and Ishima that updated them about their other half. Raman the spiderman, never even thought of climping to her balcony in the middle of the night because he very well knew that now no one can take her away from him. Albeit, this longing was bitter-sweet that both of them enjoyed.

The Bhallas and Iyers drown into an argument regarding the room to be decorated for the Shanti Muhurtam. They began to boast about their home and the huge bedrooms so that they can celebrate the most special day of their issues in their own home.

Mrs Iyer: "Sab rituals yehi kiya toh isme argument ke kya zaroorat hai Santhoshi...yeh bhi yehi hogi..."

(There is no argument in this matter when every rituals are done here. It will be here)

Mrs Bhalla: "Yehi toh problem hai madrasan...Sab tumhare yahan hua to yeh final rasam humare yahan hi hoga. Shanti Muhurtam in Punjabi bedroom...oye balle...balle..."

(It's the problem madrasan. Everything happened here so this ritual will be at my home)

Mrs Iyer: "Aisa kuch nahin hoga."

(It won't happen)

Mr Iyer: "Leave it Madhu...itni si baat hai..."

(It's just a small thing)

Mrs Iyer: "Itni si baat? Viswa tum bhi...(Taking a deep breath) toh tikhe..."

(Small thing? Viswa you too...OK)


And there it goes. Raman's bedroom is all set in an Iyer ambience. Off-white silk bedsheet and duvet wherein rose petals and jasmine flowers were overspreaded. Raman walked in to the room after getting teased by his chottus (little siblings) expecting her to be there. But to his dismay, she wasn't. Isn't that enough for his frustration? He paced back and forth in the room awaiting his bride. The click of the door made his heart cool at the same time exhilarate in anticipation. Ishita walked in wearing a cream colour saree with gold boarder (Kerala saree) with a brass vessel in her hand. She was looking so ethereal that he didn't noticed himself walking to her in a stupor. She shied away saying, "Darvaza band karo Raman..."

(Close the door Raman)

He needed only a tick of a second to do it and ram to her. She kept the vessel on the side table while he stood closer to her. She stepped back a little making him crinckle in confusion. All of a sudden she bowed her knee in front of him as if he is a God. He hastily made her stand up and she bended her head with a kind of devotion.

Raman: In amazement, "What was all that madrasan?"

Ishita: "It's our custom. Hum apne pati ko parmeshwar manta hai. Sab log first night pe aise karte hai. Amma ne bola."

(We treats our husband like God. Everyone does this on their first night. Amma told me)

Raman: Grinningly, "Interesting..."

Turning back, she took the vessel and forwarded it to him. She motioned him to take it. He looked on bemused. What now?

Raman: "Yeh kya hai?"

(what's this?)

Ishita: "Dood...yeh humare ritual hai...pehale ap ko pina hai...(Flushed) phir backi...mujhe"

('s our ritual. Firstly you should drink it and then me)

Raman: Flirtly moving closer to her, "Mujhe yeh dood nahin chahiye..."

(I don't want this milk)

Ishita: Blushing red, "Raman please...shaitani mat karo..."

(Raman please don't be devilish)

Raman: Licking his lower lip, "Main tujhe shaitan lag rahe ho...?"

(You think I'm a devil?)

Ishita: "Is baat mein..."

(In this matter)

Raman: "Kis baat mein...?"

(Which matter?)

Ishita: "Ramannn...yeh dood pijiye nah..."

(Raman...please drink this milk)

Raman: "Bola nah...nahi chahiye mujhe yeh dood..."

(I told you, I don't want this milk)

Ishita: Biting her lower lip, "Itna...jaldi kya hai...ab yeh pilo nah please..."

(What drink it)

Raman: Taking the vessel from her, "Oh...for's ok...I'll manage. (Looking deeply at her and asks flirtly) "Sweet hai nah...?"

(Is it sweet?)

Ishita: Looking at him with popped up eyes, "K...kya...?"


Raman: Smiling naughtily, "Sugar...sugar daala hai kya?"

( put sugar?)

Ishita: Gulping in a lump, "Haan...sweet hun..."

(Yes it's sweet)

[Note:- Hun meaning Is/Yes use to say about one's self. So use your gutter minds to grasp the pun Evil Smile

Raman: Sheepishily, "Hun...?"


Ishita: Stamnering, "Hun...nahin...hai...hai...sweet hai...dood..."


After sharing the milk, they sat on the bed and talked sweet nothings. They were back to their nok-jhok Mode. Raman didn't leave a single chance to pull her leg. He used the Iyer rituals a powerful weapon to rule over her sword-like tongue.

Raman: "Kya kya...karte ho tum log...? Aise koi pati ko patni se dur rakhte ho kya...voh bhi pura ek hafta...!!!"

(What all you people do? Is someone separates husband and wife...that too for a week?)

Ishita: Pulling his cheek whilst giggling, "Mera Despo Kumar..."

(My Despo Kumar)

Raman: "Haan hun main despo...Tumhare vajha se..."

(I'm desperate because of you)

Ishita: Offended, "Maine kya kiya...?"

(What did I do?)

Raman: Complainingly, "Tujhe voh nahi karna chahiye dha joh tune us din mere cabin mein kiya dha..."

(You shouldn't have done what you did in my cabin)

Ishita: Quivering, " aisa karna sahi laga..."

(I felt it right then)

Raman: Moving closer, "Kya socha...that I'll get enough of you...?"

(What did you think?)

Ishita nodded in affirmative looking everywhere but him.

Raman: Huskily, "But I was thinking otherwise. Soch raha dha ki kab tujhe bahon me le sakunga mein...You made me desperate with your..."

(I was thinking of when I'll get you to hold in my arms)

Ishita: Shyly, "Raman..."

Raman: "LOVE..."

Ishita: Sighing a relief, "Ap bhi na Raman..."

(You too Raman)

Raman: Naughtily, "Aur kya socha?"

(What else you thought?)

Ishita: Smiling with her trempling lips, "Kuch bhi toh nahin..."


Raman: Moving back and sighing, "Tum sab kuch ulta hi karte ho kya?"

(You always does opposite?)

Ishita: Bemused, "Kya ulta kiya maine?"

(What have I done?)

Raman: "Kya kiya...! Dekho...pehale meri beti ki ma bangaya...phir mujhse pyar kiya...and married me after making LOVE!"

(What have you done? Look, firstly you became the mother of my daughter...then loved me...and married me after making love)

Ishita: Looking away smacking his shoulder, "Kuch bhi...matlab..."


Raman: "Aur...tujhe chod...tera family ka rituals dekho...sach kahun toh pehale Shanti Muhurtam ka time fix karna chahiye...phir marriage ka...varna sare mard despo ho jayega."

(Leave yours...look at your rituals. I think we should fix the time for shanti muhurtam first and then marriage. Or else, every man will become despo)

Ishita: Defensive mode, "It's up to our stars."

Raman: Irritated, "Stars my foot. Aur bade mazedar baat yeh hai ki dulha ko dulhan keliye bedroom main wait karna padta hai...Voh bhi ulta..."

(Funniest thing is groom should wait in the bedroom for bride. That too upside down)

Ishita: "Isme kya ulti baat hai Raman?"

(What opposite is in this Raman?)

Raman: "Humare yahan aisa nahin hota. Dulha jab bedroom pe ate hai tab dulhan ready hoga..."

(In our custom bride will be inside the room when groom comes in)

Ishita: Angrily, "Haan...apka toh rituals hai jisme apka experience bhi hai...(Sarcastically) Toh main isme kya keh sakti hun...!"

(Yes, your rituals and you have experience... So what can I say in this matter!)

Raman felt that he went overboard. He might do some damage control. Ishita in her rage, walked to the other end of the bed, her back facing him. He hugged her from behind only to be shrugged off by her. He again did the same she too didn't failed to do it. At last he tightened his grip and pulled her to him. Both of them land in the bed Raman in a sitting position with Ishita on his lap. She tried to move away but he imprisoned her hands in his making her look at his passionate eyes. He softly apologised to her making her melt in his husky voice.

Raman: "Leave all that..."

Ishita: Chewing her lower lip in nervousness, "Hmm..."

Raman: Dreamily, "Finally...hum...humare bedroom main..."

( our bedroom...)

She smiled at his excited face and cupped it in her soft hands. Leaving a cute peck on his cheek, she parted from him. But he pulled her to him by holding the back of her neck in an eternal kiss. They continued to explore each other's mouth letting out passionate moans in between. Their hands caressed each other hastily while the lovesome moment prolonged. As they moved their head side ways in sync to the pace of the kiss, pushing inside and pulling outside their tongue in one another's mouth as if making love, they shivered under the effect of their proximity. Their eyes were half shut by the dint of their fervent kiss. Fortunately or unfortunately, Ishita opened her eyes which she couldn't close after that, making him grouse in annoyance. "Oh Ishita...!" With that he moved downwards kissing her jawline while her hands gripped on to his hair. She tried to talk to him while he engrosed in his foreplay.

Ishita: "Ek..baat kahun..mmm...Raman...?"

(May I say something Raman...?)

Raman: Not at all heeding to her, "Mmm..."

Ishita: Trying her best to word out, "Kya...ap...yeh photo...yahan se nikal...sakte ho...?"

(Could you please remove this photo from here...?)

Raman: Casually while kissing her neckline, "Mmm...kis photo?"

(Which photo?)

Ishita: After letting out a moan, "Vohi...Sh...Shagun..."


He pulled her to the bed showing blind eye to her request. She was annoyed. No, disappointed by him. He didn't gave a damn to her words. This is not her Raman. Her Raman is so understanding and considerate. He cares for her feelings. But now, he is showing indifference to her feelings. He is trying to make love to her in front of a huge marriage photo of him and his ex-wife. He was giving her unfathomable pain in her heart by hurting her female ego. The ego of a wife. He is somehow showing her that she has only a second place in his life. He was showing her that she cannot get him completely,no matter what. Pursing up her lips to kill the pain she spat out on top of her voice, "I want that photo removed from here...NOW!"

Raman parted from her furiously asking, "What you got to do with that photo...?"

Ishita: Enraged, "I can't let you touch me in front front of your and Shagun's photo."

Raman: Feigning ignorance, "You're being silly Ishita"

Ishita: "Biwi hun main apki...yeh humara kamra hai...aur yahan kisi aur ki photo apke sath chipkana mujhse tolerate nahin hoga"

(I'm your wife and this is our bedroom. I can't tolerate seeing a photo of you with someone clinging on the wall)

Raman: Ragely, "Toh sunlo...Tumhare liye ya phir kisi aur ke liye...mein yeh photo hargiz yahan se nahin hatane vala...samjhi tu...?"

(Then hear, I won't remove this photo from here for anyone. You understand?)

Ishita: Choking, "How say that Raman...?"

Their fight was so loud enough for the entire family to wake up to check on them. They were wondering what went wrong between them to act this weird! Raman looked at her gritting his teeth before unlocking the door. He didn't utter a word on the family's interrogation. But stood still like a stone which made Ishita even more angry.

Ishita: "Ab kaha hai apka zuban? Kuch der pehale toh shor macha rahe dhe..."

(Now where is your voice? You were roaring sometimes before)

Raman: "Bus Ishitaa...bahut hogayi teri tamasha..."

(Stop Ishita...Too much of your drama)

Ishita: Sarcastically, "Toh apko yeh sab tamasha lag raha hai...! Wow Raman...!"

(So you think it's all a drama!)

Mr Bhalla: "Ishita puttar...kya problem hai...? Kuch der pehale toh sab kuch tikh dha nah...?"

(Ishita puttar...what's the problem? Everything was fine right?)

Mrs Bhalla: Patting her shoulder, "Haan puttar...achanak kya hua?"

(Yes, what happened all of a sudden?)

Ishita: "I'm sorry mummiji...mujhe yeh tolerate nahin kar sakta...Raman ke yeh nature. He just don't care about my feelings."

(I'm sorry mummiji. I can't tolerate this. This nature of Raman)

Raman: "'re right. I just don't care about you."

Ishita: Pointing at him to Toshi, "Dekhiye rude is he."

(See mummiji)

Mr Bhalla: Caressing her head, "Ab rona-dona band karo...aur batao problem kya hai...?"

(Stop crying and tell me what's vwrong?)

Ishita: "Mujhe yeh photo is room se hatana hai...I can't see my husband with some other lady, especially his ex-wife."

(I want this photo to be removed from this room)

Mrs Bhalla: "Lekin puttar Shagun..."

(But puttar Shagun...)

Raman: Cutting her short, "Bas karo maa...mere taraf se koyi use explanation dene ki zarurat nahin."

(Stop it maa. I don't want anyone to explain from my behalf)

Romi: "Bhai...ap zyada hi bol rahe hai..."

(Bhai you're going overboard)

Mihir: "Haan bhai...Romi is right. Apko bhabhi se aise behave nahi karna chahiye..."

(Yes bhai. You shouldn't behave like this to bhabhi)

Raman: "Abey chup...meri biwi se kaise baat karna hai yeh tum mujhe sikhadogi...!"

(Shut up. Now you'll teach me how to behave with my wife)

Ishita: Loudly, "STOP IT...just...STOP IT...!!"

Everyone looked at an Ishita who was standing there closing her ears tight with her palms shutting her eyes taut. Heaving a sigh she began to talk to them.

Ishita: Angrily, "I don't know ki ap log kya bol rahe ho...ya kya chupana chah rahe ho...! But you should know one thing, (miserably) you people are playing with my feelings."

(I don't know what you people are talking or want to hide from me!)

Mrs Bhalla: "Hum baat ko badana nahi...compromise karna chahte hai puttar..."

(We don't want to make it a big problem but compromise)

Ishita: "Kya compromise mummiji...? Ap agar mere jagah par hote to...tolerate kar paati yeh?"

(What compromise? Will you be able to tolerate if you were in me?)

Mrs Bhalla bend down her head in embarrassment while Raman looked on helplessly. He felt his entire world is crumbling down on his feet. He wanted to do something to make her understand the situation. But it was impossible for him. It meant, starting from day one. He couldn't bear the fact that Ishita would leave him the moment she comes to know everything. She will blame herself for everything and will move away from him forever. However, now he cannot do anything but do her way. He cannot stop her from doing her way. At last, he asked her what she want.

Ishita: Sternly, "Mujhe apni ghar jaana hai"

(I want to go home)

Raman: Firmly, "No you cannot go..."

Ishita: Furiously, "YOU DO NOT OWN ME MR RAMAN BHALLA...!"



"He don't loves me don't know... No one knows how much I love him. I stooped so low for a man like him. Chee...!"

" mean and jiju...?"

"Don't make me remember it Miku...I'll hate myself even more."

PS. I personally wish to see DT wearing a Kerala Saree Blushing. She'll look gooorgeouzzz... Day Dreaming




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Acha huwa.. :-D

I throwly enjoy this update:-D:-D
i love their fighting..:-D

Offcourse in her place she is right..and it is justificable to ask and to know every thing about his past

how ishita is resposible and related to his past?:->:->:->

lots of truth unfold..when u r going to reveal that..:->%-)%-)

Precap is she tell mihika about some that about their ishra relationship before marriage r some thing related to raman?

Actually im enjoying ishita and raman fight,kuch tho drama hona chahiye..;-):-D;-):-D

So ishita went to amma house:-)

Lots of [email protected] week mai kuch na kuch gad baad huwa..:->:->

Waiting for next part...expecting soon pls

p.s:me to want to see DT in kerala saree attire..;-);-);-)

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Yeh sab kya hogaya??? Y can't raman tell d truth to ishita??? Wat is he hiding from her??

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Originally posted by Sri1091

Yeh sab kya hogaya??? Y can't raman tell d truth to ishita??? Wat is he hiding from her??

Bada drama hogaya aaj ke update mein... LOL
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First of all you need a good rest dear drink a lot of water. And get well soon to deal with us crazy reader of you.i give huggy like Ruhi ok so you will feel better.HugHugHug

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Now I got it you mention it not going to end soon. Big huge fight for the first day when they have to stay together for life. What is the secret of Raman and if he love Shagun that much don't want to remove her picture. Both are claim love for Shagun Asok and Raman.whole BHALLA family know all story but nobody tell Ishu . Hope the truth will be slowly come out will wait till you recover.

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Yeh kya tha yar Angry jan boo h kar kiya kya  Cry Ann shagun ki kon se story hai Confused kya yar subha subha confuse kar diya Ouch any ways agar vo ek bath chod do tho super update da Wink lovely teasing mode  update soon I thing ashok will do chance pe dance LOL

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