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FF___JAB TUNE JHOOT BOLA___Chapter-28 on pg 126 TEASER Pg 137 (Page 57)

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Finally. ..Yaay !! I completed this one...and I enjoyed it ...drama, twist sabkuch tha and happy parts Ishra married that to with twist..., Ishu ki tarah mujhe bhi raman se darr lag rha tha ...I loved it...Ru or ashok ka kya relation h yar...Ashok itna forgiving to nhi kuch to chal raha h uske dimag mein par kya...

Teaser ab kaun h yahan? New twist...You write so well gaya...I loved all 16 parts ...right from beginning the ishra equation whole attraction and then raman possessiveness and jealousy ...still no revelation about shaggy mystery? Now waiting for full version of teaser ...

Continue soon. ...

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Originally posted by --abha--

Finally. ..Yaay !! I completed this one...and I enjoyed it ...drama, twist sabkuch tha and happy parts Ishra married that to with twist..., Ishu ki tarah mujhe bhi raman se darr lag rha tha ...I loved it...Ru or ashok ka kya relation h yar...Ashok itna forgiving to nhi kuch to chal raha h uske dimag mein par kya...

Teaser ab kaun h yahan? New twist...You write so well gaya...I loved all 16 parts ...right from beginning the ishra equation whole attraction and then raman possessiveness and jealousy ...still no revelation about shaggy mystery? Now waiting for full version of teaser ...

Continue soon. ...

Thanks for reading dear... Smile
New entry is an old character Tongue
Shagun's mystery will be up soon after some light moments Big smile
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Originally posted by shreepatil.


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Originally posted by ananyachaudhary


Sabr ka phal meetha hai Wink
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gayatri jaldi update please...
raha nahi jaa raha
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Originally posted by sush_avina

gayatri jaldi update please...
raha nahi jaa raha

Haan...sure sush... Smile
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Hi Kutties... Smile


Came with the next part... Hug

No dramas but some stolen romance and cute scenes Embarrassed

I don't know whether I reached your expectations...Ouch

Keep in mind: SHANTI MUHURTAM means the time/muhurta for FIRST NIGHT which is followed by most of the South Indian Hindus. (Crazy ritual Wink )

Ignore typos and grammar/spelling errors

Not proofread

Enjoy reading Big smile



After all the marriage drama was over, both of them cleared their misunderstandings and Raman warmly shook his hand with Niraj. Niraj together with Mihika, Romi and Mihir, teased the newly wed. Happiness was dancing in everyone's face innocently not knowing what awaits them.


Ishita was taken inside the room by her sisters while Mr Bhallas and Mr Iyer along with Niraj and Bala sat in the living room to discuss the further rituals. Raman who got bored of their talk, walked out of the hall in the pretext of an urgent call. The Bhallas were shell shocked to hear Iyer's rituals and they laughed out loud causing the senior ladies to come out of the kitchen.

Mrs Bhalla: "Yeh kya ho raha hai Bhalla ji? Ap aise kabhi laugh nahi karte hai nah...!"

(What happened Bhallaji? You never laughs like this)

Romi: "Badi comedy vali baat hai mummiji"

(It's a comedy mummiji)

And they began the next session of laughing. Mrs Iyer asked Mr Iyer via sign about the reason for which he gestured SHANTI MUHURTAM

Mrs Iyer: To clarify, "Isme hansne vali baat kya hai? Muhurtam ke bina kuch nahi hoga."

(What's to laugh in this? Nothing will happen without muhurtam)

Mrs Bhalla: "Matlab kya hai madrasan?"

(What you mean?)

Mrs Iyer: "Matlab yeh hai ki joh muhurtam pandit ne bolega tab tak Raman ko Ishu se dur rehna hoga."

(It means Raman should stay away from Ishu till then the pandit says)

Mrs Bhalla: Angrily, "Shaadi itni jaldi huyi hai toh tu mera beta aur bahu ko dur karne ki koshish kar rahe ho madrasan...?"

(You're trying to separate my son and daughter in law because the marriage happened in a haste?)

Mrs Iyer: "Ayyooo...aise nahi hai Toshi...humare yahan aise sab kuch muhurtam dekhke karte hai"

('s not like that Toshi... We does everything according to the muhurtha)

Mrs Bhalla: "Oye...kuch bhi madrasan...! Aise baaton ko koyi muhrat dekhta hai...! Mujhe nah...yeh sab kuch zyada hi lag raha hai..."

(Anything! Anyone looks for muhurtha for such matters! I feels it too much)

Mrs Iyer: "Kaise samjhavun?"

(How to make you understand?)

Mrs Bhalla: "Chotti bachi nahi hun main...samajh main aya mujhe...lekin yeh sab drama mujhe tikh nahi lag raha hun..."

(I'm not a kid. I understood. But I don't like all these drama)

Mrs Iyer: In crocodile tears, "Beti ki shaadi nah jaane kaise hogaya! Apke bete ne use mangalsutra bina rituals ke pehna diya! Its bad. Toh age se sab rituals karna padega."

(Don't know how my daughter's marriage happened! He tied the mangalsutra without any rituals. So we should do further rituals at least)

Mrs Bhalla: "Yeh kya bakwas hai! Vo teri...kya naam dha uska? Haan...Niraj...uski vajhase jaldbaazi hui dhi."

(What nonsense! It's your... What's his name? Yed...Niraj...everything happened so fast because of him)

Mrs Iyer: "Joh bhi ho...Ab Shanti Muhurtam dekhna hi hai."

(Whatever... Now we should look for shanti muhurtam)

Mrs Bhalla: "Oye Iyer sahib...yeh apki biwi ko zara sambhalo."

(Iyer sir, take care of your wife)

Mr Iyer: Apologetically, "Maaf kijiye Toshiji...lekin humara yeh ritual hai."

(SorryToshiji, it's our ritual)

Mr Bhalla: "Arey oh... chodna Iyer sahib. Ab jo sab kuch jaldbaazi main hua toh age se sab rituals slowly karlenge. Hume bhi toh bete ke shaadi enjoy karna hai."

(Leave it Iyer sir. When it all happened so fast, we'll take it slowly. Let's relax and enjoy our son's marriage)

Mrs Bhalla: "Haan...yeh sahi hai Bhalla ji"

(It's right Bhallaji)

Romi, Mihir and Niraj looked at each other confused and sat there mum. After a pause Romi whispered to them, "Bhai ka toh gaya!"

(Bhai has gone)


Raman: "Madrasan...kya ho raha hai vahan?"

(what's going on there?)

Ishita: Whispering, "Raman...main bathroom se baat kar rahi hun. Miku aur Vandu akka mujhe tease kar rahe dhe jab apne call kiya dha. Thank God silent mode main dha."

(I'm talking from bathroom. Miku and Vandu akka were teasing me when you called)

Raman: Bemused, "Oye...ab kisse darna, biwi hai tum meri."

(Whom to scare now. Your my wife)

Ishita: Blushingly, "Haan...toh...?"


Raman: Naughtily, "Toh..."


Ishita: Trying to control her quivering lips, "Hmm...?"

Raman: Huskily, "Kuch doge kya?"

(Give me something?)

Ishita: Biting her lower lip, "Kya...?"


Raman: "Paas aao..."

(Come to me)

Ishita: "Mujhe jaana hai"

(I need to go)

Raman: Irritated, "Main todi pakadkar rakha hai."

(I'm not holding you)

Ishita: "Tikhe. Bye"


Raman: "Arey mazak dha madrasan. Mujhe tujhe dekhna hai. Abhi...bahar ajao."

(I was kidding. I need to see you now. Come outside)

Ishita: "Abhi nahin...problem hojayegi"

(Not now. It'll be a problem)

Raman: "Toh main andar aaungi. You know me well na. Shaadi se pehale nahi darta dha, toh ab kya!"

(Then I'll come inside. I didn't scare before marriage, then what now!)

Ishita: To calm him, "Raman, abhi rituals pura nahi hua..."

(The rituals are not over)

Raman: All the more frustrated, "Arey complete karne keliye main ne kuch start hi nahi kiya nah!"

(I never started anything to complete)

Ishita: "I LOVE YOU Raman. Bye."

Raman: "Makhan mat lagana...I know your tricks. Bahar aajana. In ten."

(Don't try to butter me. I know your tricks. Come outside in ten)

Before she could retort back, he disconnected the call. Ishita came out from the bathroom in her thinking mode and found her sisters sitting on the bed with a we-caught-you expression. She spit out what Raman told her with the hope that they will help her out. But other than that, they proposed of meeting him on her behalf which made her all the more dejected. She nodded in affirmative absentmindedly when Mihika stood up to leave to meet Raman.


When Mihika came out of the room, she saw everyone sitting in the living room biting their nail while the pandit was in deep thoughts and calculations. The young trio was sitting restlessly throwing helpless glances at each other. She stood there to grasp what was going on. Finally the pandit opened his mouth whilst rubbing his chin.

Pandit: "Agle hafte raat 10 bajeh se acha muhurtam hai Iyer amma."

(Next week has a good muhurtha from night 10 o'clock)

Everyone sighed a relief in unison. And the pandit continued.

Pandit: "Agar toda aur late karna hai toh, agale mahine ek muhurtam hai...dekhun?"

(If you want to prolong some more, there is a muhurtam on next month...want to see?)

Romi, Mihir and Niraj in unison: "NO..."

Everyone looked at them in horror. They cleared their throat and explained that it is boring to prolong the functions. The seniors somehow got the meaning of their objection. So they let the matters go in concern with the youngsters.

Mihika was shocked at the same time tried hard to suppress her laughter. After composing herself, she peeked inside the room to see her poor akka tensely pacing to and fro in the bedroom while Vandu was lying on the bed watching her as if watching a comedy show. She couldnt help but start her next session of laughter and walked out mumbling, "Desperate people!"


Raman was walking restlessly in the garden contemplating the incidents took place in his life. Mihika looked at him from a distance and giggled seeing him in the same state where her akka is. Mihika coughed to grab his attention. Raman turned to her after mentally cursing his madrasan to send Mihika in her place.

Mihika: "Sorry jiju. Akka ab nahin aa sakta."

(Akka couldn't come now)

Raman: Faking a smile, "Koyi problem nahin. Vaise...kyun...itna busy?"

(No problem. Well...why...this busy?)

Mihika: "Nothing special."

Raman: "Kya matlab? Toh phir voh kyun nahin aya?"

(What you mean? Then why doesn't she come over?)

Mihika: "Ab ek hafte ke baad hi apse mil sakta hai nah...toh...voh..."

(Now she cannot meet you for a week

Raman: Cutting her short, "Wait a minute. Yeh ek hafte ke kya bad-bad kar rahe ho tum?"

(What blah-blah are you talking about one week?)

Mihika: "Vohi...apke aur akka ke Shanti Muhurtam."

(Your and akka's Shanti Muhurtam)

Raman: Confused, "Shaadi hogayi hai nah...toh ab kya muhrat?"

(Shaadi is over. Now what Muhrat?)

Mihika: "First Night ka muhurtam"

(First Night muhurtam)

Raman: Blushing and amazed, "Voh...haan...usko bhi muhrat! Kab hai...?"

(Muhrat for that too! When?)

Mihika: "Bola dha nah jiju...apko ek hafta aur sabar karna padega"

(I told you. You'd wait for one more week)

Raman: Screams in shock, "Ek haftaaa???? Yeh sab kya bakwas hai?"

(One week???? What's this nonsense?)

Mihika: "Chill nah jiju...just one week ki toh baat hai...FIRST NIGHT special hona chahiyena?"

(Chill jiju... It's just one week. First Night should be special right?)

Raman: Smiling thinking about their passionate rendezvous, "Haan...shaadi ke baad FIRST NIGHT special hona chahiye...!"

(Yes...first night after marriage should be special)

Mihika: Smiling and then frowning, "Shaadi ke baad...matlab...ap wrong points pe stress kiya hai...I guess. Hai nah jiju?"

(What you mean by after marriage. You stressed the wrong points right jiju?)

Raman: "Raman Bhalla always stresses on right."

Then he walked off after showing a naughty grin making Mihika STRESS.


Ishita was talking with Vandu and Ruhi while Mihika entered the scene.She was looking like a Medusa with her hair spiked up by her constant thoughts on Raman's words. The trio began to laugh at her as if they had seen the funniest moment of their life. An enraged Mihika spilt the beans.

Mihika: "Akka apki Shanti Muhurtam next week hai"

(Akka your shanti Muhurtam is on next week)

As the words sunk in, Ishita who was ROFLing with her company, slowly sat up with a moody face. Mihika began to laugh enjoying the plight of her sister whilst Vandu joined her. Poor Ruhi doesn't understand anything. So she came and sat in her Ishima's lap after kissing her cheek. She smiled at her when she told her that her papa won't like to see her dull face. They cheered up her and planned that Ruhi will stay with her for the next week. Toshiji accepted it with all her heart saying, "Ek hafte ki toh baat hai Madhavi...Phir tujhe nahin dene vali..."

(Only for one week. Then I won't give you)

Mihika told Ishu about Raman's reaction on hearing their postponedShanti Muhurtam. Ishu turned away blushing thinking about their FIRST TIME. She felt it difficult to face her bold sister who thinks that her akka is an INNOCENT SOUL.

Mihika: In a puppy face, "Jiju aise kyun kaha akka?"

(Why did jiju say that?)

Ishita: Trying to hide her blush, "Because it's our FIRST NIGHT"

Mihika: "Are you sure?"

Ishita: In shock, "What you mean Miku?"

Mihika: "It's just...are you sure?"

Ishita: Stammering, "Of course...I...our first...hmm...sure"

Mihika: Sighing, "Thank God akka. Maine kya kya socha...! Ap pe shak kiya...! Maaf kardo please..."

(What all I thought! I doubted on you. Forgive me please)

Ishita: "It's ok Miku...Jaise Raman bola dha...uska vohi matlab nikal sakte hai nah..."

(The way Raman told it...we can only get that meaning...)

Mihika: "Haan akka.."

(Yes akka...)

Ishita walked away smiling thinking of Raman's antics while Mihika's relief turned into another doubt.

Mihika to herself: "Mujhe aisa kyun lag raha hai jaisa ki donon double meaning mein baat kar rahe hai...? I should find it out."

(Why am I feeing that both are talking in double meaning?)


Raman was hell frustrated on his wedding night.


Everyone's making fun of my life. After all these hurdles, when I got her, I am unable to reach to her. Above all, beti bhi gayi maa ke saath!

(Daughter also went with mother)

"Kisi ko tera fikr hi nahi hai beta..."

(No one cares for you)

How can I sleep alone?
I know I used to sleep alone. But...Now I'm married. Biwi hai meri (I've a wife). I really don't want to sleep tonight...alone...*sigh*

"OMG...I can't believe that we're married. We're one at last. Now she's mine forever..."

Well...what would have happened if Ashok wouldn't broke the marriage! This Jhansi Ki Rani is a fool. She doesn't know Raman Kumar Bhalla. The moment she submitted herself to me...I had decided. She thought I did it to feel her FIRST TIME FOREVER. But I did it to FEEL HER FIRST TIME AS A BEGINNING FOR A LIFETIME. To always keep in mind THAT SHE'S ONLY MINE. And that bas***d Ashok...he did good by running away...or else,

"I would have destroyed him then and there.

I need to see her. OK. She's my wife. I've the right to meet her. To hell with the rituals.



Raman entered to witness an all energetic Iyer home which is an unusual sight for him. Ruhi was there mastying with Niraj. Mr Iyer came forward and made him sit with so much respect which seemed strange for him. After some casual talks, Raman expressed his wish to meet Ishita which he accepted happily. But Mrs Iyer jumped in saying it's not possible, though he can meet her for ten minutes. He smiled at his mother-in-law and walked away murmuring, "Meri biwi se milne keliye appointment inse lena hai...pakal log."

(I should take appointment from them to meet my wife...mad people)

Raman peeped inside her room and saw her lying on her front hearing music by head set. After sneakily getting in he locked the door behind him silently and moved towards her bed. She was wearing a kanjipuram davani in blue and brown combination. Such heavy costume at night made him look at her biwildered.

"Yeh madrasan sach mein pagal hogaya hai kya?"

(Is she really gone mad?)

He stood there wasting his allotted time by staring at her. She was flicking her legs causing the skirt to move upwards. Her gold anklet giving a glow to her desirable ankles and her now bare legs were making his imagination go wild. He sat beside her and slowly touched her legs. She kicked him on his stomach because of getting scared of the sudden intruding. He clutched his stomach and shouted at her.

Raman: Making an ouch face, "Shaadi ke pehali raat pati ko kick marne vali pehali patni duniya main tumhi hogi. Ouch..."

(You'll be the first woman to kick her husband on the first night)

She came to him all the way apologising and made him lay on the bed. He was annoyed, but then her caresses made him dance in his heart. She softly stroked his stomach to relieve his pain while he looked at her mesmerizing beauty. He sat up resting his head on the headboard when she stood up to fetch a glass of water for him. That's when he noticed her waitchain.

"Oh teri...madrasan pataka jaise lag raha hai aaj! Yeh sare madrasi log milke mujhe sach main Ravan banadegi. Main ab kaise is Sita ke bina raat guzarengi!"

(Oh...madrasan is looking like a firecracker! These madrasies will make me a real Ravan. How can I spend the nights without this Sita!)

He held her hand making her freeze on her track. She glanced at him puzzled while he said in a serious tone, "Maine kuch dekha...kya dha voh?"

(I saw something... What's that?)

Ishita: Scared, "Kya Raman...? Kuch insects...toh nahi...?"

(What Raman? Is it some insects?)

Raman: "Pata nahin...Tum aise hi khade raho...main dekhta hun."

(Don' know. You stay like this...I'll check)

She stood in front of him tightly clutching on his shirt sleeve, eyes shut. He grinned at her before moving closer and breathing in her fragrance. Then he travelled his face near her neck and backed off thinking that she may catch his prank if he goes overboard.

"No lips, only hands"

After taking in her form, he traced the outline of her neck making her breathing hitch. "It's not here..." Pushing downwards brushing her bosom he reached her waist. Tracing the slim chain snaked around her spotless waist, he brought his lips near her cheek and said huskily while lightly stroking there, "It's here...It's beautiful..." She tried to control her panting heart while he enjoyed the effect he was having on her. She hugged him tight to escape his firing eyes. He was more than happy to have her in his arms.

It was Ruhi's endless knock on the door which broke their heaven. He looked at her frustrated with the disturbance while she smiled cheekily, though her ears were burning red.

Ruhi: "Open the door papa...apka visiting time is over."

(Your visiting time is over)

She informed him as if she is a warden and Ishita is a hosteler. Raman opened the door and took Ruhi in hulis arms.

Raman: "Ap aaj papa ke saath nahin soyege...? Ap bhi nahin...(looking at Ishita with a puppy face) Ishima bhi nahin...papa will feel lonely baby"

(You won't sleep with papa? You're aren't there... Ishima also isn't there...)

Ruhi: Frowning, "I know you well papa. Paati ne mujhse kaha dha ki ap aise kuch kahoge"

(Paati told me that you will say something like this)

Raman: Under his breath, "Sab well planned hai." (To Ruhi faking sweetness) Paati knows sweet."

(Everything is well planned)

Ruhi: "Ab aur nautangi nahin...Get out papa..."

(No more drama)


Raman Bhalla wouldn't have dreamt of a day when sleep will evade him. Now he is experiencing it. His beloveds are sleeping peacefully in his in-law's while he is barking with the mosquitoes; his only companions. That's when his phone buzzed. He took it irritated and saw a text from his biwi.

"Raman, the door is open. Come in. Please."

What else he needs? His wife is calling him for obvious purpose. How can he reject?


Raman came home all the more pissed off to see his family pacing in the living room. He walked in with his new companion. Everyone looked on baffled. Mrs Bhalla and the little Bhallas began to interrogate him. That was when Mr Bhalla saw an extra person standing beside him.

Mr Bhalla: Furiously, "Yeh tune kya kardiya Raman? Abi ke abi nikal lo ise yahan se..."

(What have you done Raman? Shoo him out now itself)

Raman: "Bending down his head, "I'm sorry mummiji...papaji...Yeh mera dost hai... Main iske saath aise nahi kar sakta...I promised someone"

(He's my friend. I can't do that to him)

Mr Bhalla: Frustratedly, "Toh raho apna dost ke saath... Muh mat dikhana humein."

(Then live with your friend. Don't show your face to us)

Raman: Angrily, "Ap ise aise insult nahi kar sakta papaji. (Calming down) Pehale mujhe bhi pasand nahin dha...apko mera situation tab pata chalega jab mummiji apko chodke chale jayenge...ek aisa package haath main dekar."

(You can't insult him like this. First I too didn't like him. You'll understand my situation when mummij will leave you by giving you an extra package like this)

With that he flew to his room with his friend leaving behind a puzzled family.


Raman texted her after reaching to the doorway of Iyer house. He looked into the darkness to see her face when she opened the door, but see none. Suddenly a torch light surged through his eyes from the floor. He tweaked his eyes to get a clear view and found his princess standing there. He knelt in front of her and inquired the reason for not sleeping yet.

Ruhi: "Main aur Ishima masti kar rahe dhe. Aur jab sone jaa rahi dhi toh voh aagaya. Voh toh sirf Ishima ke saath sothe hai. (Crying badly) Mujhe Ishima ko hug bhi nahi karne diya."

(Me and Ishima were playing and when went to sleep, he came. He sleeps only with Ishima. He didn't even let me hug her)

Raman: Enraged, "Kaun hai voh bandha...bolo use dikhata hun...meri biwi ke saath sona hai use...aur meri beti ko ruladiya...! Maar daalunga use."

(Who's that... Tell me, I'll show him. He wants to sleep with my wife and made my daughter cry...! I'll kill him)

Ruhi: "Ap use kuch nahi karoge papa. He is so sweet. Promise me ki ap one week uski khayal rakhenge...(Making a cute face) Be his friend papa..."

(You won't do anything papa. Promise me that you'll take care of him for one week)

Raman: "Lekin baby...kaun hai voh? Call him..."

(But who's it baby?)

Ruhi: "MTTU SWAMI...aao papa bula rahe hai apko..."

(Papa is calling you)



"Finally...hum...humare bedroom main..."

( our bedroom...)

"Ek..baat kahun..mmm...Raman...?"

(May I say something Raman...?)


"Kya...ap...yeh photo...yahan se nikal...sakte ho...?"

(Could you please remove this photo from here...?)

"Mmm...kis photo?"

(Which photo?)




So that's it Kutties... Smile

How's it?




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Lovely update... Bechara raman atlast atleast he got muttu swamy with him :-P and is it d tym for revelation??? Shagun's photo?? 

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