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FF___JAB TUNE JHOOT BOLA___Chapter-28 on pg 126 TEASER Pg 137 (Page 5)

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I love long updates,waiting

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beautifully written..Clap
i love ishra..
pls continue soon..
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Very well written dear
loved it. Good concept
continue soon
long updates are always welcome

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Hi Rockerzzz Wink
Thanks for the wonderful response. Hug
This part is a bit long as I've told you earlier. So please bear with me Smile
Ignore typos and grammar/spelling errors Confused
Not proofread.





Ashok is agitated to see his parents in the living room when he came down to go to office. His face waved all sort of emotions within a couple of seconds. Shock, disgust, anger, indifference and finally ignorance. He called his PA and asked him to make them leave by giving whatever they want.

Ashok: "Shankar...tujhe pata hai ki mujhe mere ghar mein strangers ka aana bilkul pasand nahi hai...especially those who aren't invited."
( know that I don't like strangers coming to my home...especially the uninvited)

His voice echoed in the whole room and the poor old beings shivered under his scrutinizing eyes.

Ashok's Dad: "Aisa nahi bolta beta..."
(Don't say that son)

His words snapped by Ashok who by now is facing his father with a rage.

Ashok: "Pehali baat..., apne itna himmat ki that you entered Ashok Khanna's home without informing him. Doosari baat, mujhe beta bulane ka jurrat..." (First you dared to enter my home and then calling me your son)
He pointed his index finger on his father's face and yelled, "Dafa ho jaao yahan se apne biwi ko lekar."
(Vanish from here with your wife.)

It took a lot of time for him to cool him down. He was walked in the memory lane for some times. Before seven years, Ashok Khanna was not this cool and casual man. He was not a man who'll be admired by the world. He wasn't the one to be respected. He was the worst man he'd ever seen. He hated the thought of being such a being. His parents' presence always made him remembering his past. What he did to his baby girl by obeying his parents...what he did to his own happiness...! That Ashok was bad but obedient.

At present, no one can tame Ashok from doing what he wants and he now know what he wants is so special that he'd somehow acquire it at any cost. So, he took out his phone and dialled someone, "Hello Dr Iyer?"

Ishita's amma: "Hello...vo aaj clinic nahi aaraha hai...kuch urgent kam hai, to kal call karna..."
(Hello...she won't come to the clinic today because of some important matters...Call her tomorrow...) with that she disconnected the call and Ashok was flabbergasted by the behaviour of that old woman.

Ashok: "Yeh kaise log hai...! Kam se kam mera baat to sunthi...!"
(What kind of people are they... why can't they just listen to me once...!)

He walked out of his home more frustrated.


Mrs Bhalla: "Oye Ruhi...tu aaja puttar...apna breakfast karle..."
(Oye Ruhi, come, have your breakfast.)

Ruhi didn't budge to her pleads and continued to run here and there, chasing nothing in particular. Raman came to the living room and bumped with Ruhi. Before he can do anything, she'd fallen down. He was shocked and felt a terrible ache in his heart to see his princes like that. His eyes welled up and the whole Bhalla house froze for a moment. Ruhi who was lying on the floor crawled to the dining table and sat under it, arms crossed. Raman shook his head and muttered, "Nautangi". Entire Bhallas turned to Raman inquisitively when he bent down and crawled to where Ruhi was sitting. Now both are sitting face-to-face under the table.

Raman: "To ab kya baat huyi?"
(What happened now?)

He chuckled and heard her saying what he already knew.

Ruhi: "Apne kal pray nahi ki dhi. Main apse khatti hoon. Meri legs abi bhi chottoo sa hai."
(You didn't pray yesterday. My legs are still chottoo.)

She turned her face annoyed. Raman couldn't help but laugh at her cuteness and whispered in her ear, "Kyun ki ap bade hokar papa ko chodke vo teri Ishita aunty aur Mihika aunty ke paas jaana chahti dhi. Papa ko bura to lagegana...? Aur papa ko to apna chottoo sa Ruhi zyada pasand hai."
(Because you told me that you'll leave me for Ishita aunty and Mihika aunty when you'll be a big girl. And papa loves this little Ruhi so much.)

She looked at him with beaming face but that didn't last for long. With the disappointed face and trembling voice she asked "To kya jab main badi hojayengi to ap mujhse pyar nahi karogi?"
(Which means you won't love me after I'll become a big girl?)

"Oh not again Raman beta..." he smacked himself. "Jo tujhe kehna hai vo tum clearly kyun nahi bol sakta? Sab gadbad karte hai. Tumhare saare baton ko aise double meaning kyun hothe hai? Yeh to Ruhi hai, to sambhal sakte hai. Tu to gaya agar tum kisi aur se aise double meaning se baatein ki to"
(Why can't you say everything clearly? Why are you talking in double meaning? It's just Ruhi whom you can manage easily. You'll be dead if you talk like this to anyone else.)
He took her in his embrace and whispered in her hair, "I'll always love you baby..."

After about fifteen minutes, both of them came out of there den. Everyone looked at them in surprise. Mihir came to his bhai and wiped his face with a towel while Ruhi jumped out of his hands to her Daadu's. After completing their breakfast and the morning chit-chat, the trio left for work.


Raman came after Mihir and Romi. Raman remembered that he forgot to take his mobile. He excused from them and they walked out after calling him to come down fast. He stood at the door of the Iyer house and decided to knock the door.

It's been two weeks that he hadn't seen Ishita. He feels suffocated. Her ignorance is unbearable for him. He knows that she is not that nave to not understand his feelings. He couldn't stop his tongue that day from uttering the damn mistake, because he had practiced for hours to say that one word. It came out without any effort or second thought. But he never meant it. When he decided to ask for her FRIENDSHIP his feelings was the only thing he knew. So he decided to hide his feelings undercover. But the moment he realised his effect on her, he came to know that whatever they share is mutual. But it's too late. An apology won't work well.

The door opened suddenly when he turned to go. He froze when he heard her voice, "Kya kar rahe ho Mr Bhalla?"
(What're you doing Mr Bhalla?)

He's caught off guard. He has to do some damage control.


Mihir: "Kyun nahi aya abi tak?"
(Why didn't he returned yet?)

Raman: " mobile, mobile lena bhool gaya..."
(I've forgot to take my mobile) he said stammering.

Ishita: "Aise khade rahane se kuch nahi milne vala."
(Nothing is going to happen if you'll stand here like this.)

Romi: "To kya call karke dekhun?"
(So, may I try a call?)

Raman: "I know what to do. Tumhara advice ki koyi zaroorat nahi hai."
(I don't need your advice) said irritated.

Mihir: "Haan tikhe..."
(Yeah OK)

Ishita: "Nahi milega apka mobile."
(You won't get your mobile) said cursing him.

Suddenly Raman's mobile started ringing and his face seemed to be pale without blood. Ishita looked at him quizzically. That's when she realised it. The RKB is finding lame excuses to meet her. He escaped the embarrassment by sneaking from her x-ray eyes while she was busy thinking about his "bachkani harkat" (Childish antics). How much she adores this man as much as she abhors him!

However, hereafter, there won't be a day when her thoughts will be pre-occupied by him. She's making herself strong enough to ignore him. She'd move on. Maybe Raman will sacrifice everything for her, but she very well knows his family, especially Mrs Bhalla! So it's better move on. Move on from him, from his thoughts. She has to forget everything that transpired between them. She has to do it for the well being of both the families. She knows she's not doing justice to Ruhi's feelings. But she doesn't have a Plan-B.


Mr Iyer opened the door to welcome Mr Ashok Khanna. Ashok warmly greeted him and both sat on the sofa. They talked animatedly about nothing but everything. Mrs Iyer came with Mihika and both exchanged pleasantries. After what seemed like forever, Ishita came with a tray of hot tea and served them.

Mr Iyer: "So beta...hume apse kuch zarrori baat karni hai."
(Son, we need to talk about something important.)Ashok looked on curiously but Mr Iyer's words cut off by Ishita.

Ishita: "Appa...let me talk to him...alone." Mr Iyer nodded in positive and asked Ashok if he can spare sometime for his daughter to whom he agreed and together they walked to her balcony. After five good minutes, Ashok checked his watch and decided to tear the silence.

Ashok: "Starting trouble...?" She smiled softly and replied, "haan...thoda sa..." (yes, a little bit...)

Ashok: "To kya pehale mein baat karoon?"
(May I talk first?)

Ishita: "No Mr Khanna...pehale main karoongi...vo...vo..."
(No, I'll do first...that...)

Ashok: "Aaj bolenge yaa fir..."
(Will you say today or...)

He teased her and she replied him in one go, "I can't conceive Mr Khanna."

He backed off shocked and she continued, "I know...I know ki ap ko yeh baat digest nahi hoga. But it's the truth. Mein apse kuch chupana nahi chahti. Yeh baat mere family ke alava kisiko nahi pata hai. Meri Pehali shaadi toot jaane ke reason yehi hai. Main apni sister ki devar, Subramanian Reddy se pyar karti dhi. Twelve years of relationship. Aur jo bhi meri life mein hua...uske baad I don't know ki mein kisi ko accept karti hoon yaa nahi. All I know is I wants to marry someone...just...just for the sake of my family. Ab jo bhi ho ap decide kar sakte hai."

(I know it's not easy for you to digest this truth. I don't want to hide this from you. No one except my family knows this matter and it's the soul reason why my marriage with Subramanian Reddy, twelve years of affair with my sister's brother-in-law, broke up. After whatever happened in my life, I don't know whether I will be able to accept someone or not. All I know is, I want to marry someone for the sake of my family. Now everything is up to your decision.)

She let out a sigh of relief and turned her back to him. He stood still. It's been about ten minutes that she told him everything straight off. She turned towards him hesitantly and saw him looking intently at her.

Ashok: "Kya hum baitke baat kar sakte ho?"
(Can we just sit and talk?)

She nodded and led him to her room. He let out a loud sigh after taking a seat against her. She was so nervous so was he.

Ashok: "I want to tell you a story..." Ishita tried to object him but he continued. "I was married to a wonderful woman once" he said dreamily. Ishita shockingly eyed him as if asking him to go on. After a pause he continued.

Ashok: "Khush dhe hum. Lekin fate, you know... meri beti...vo uski maa ke ghar mein...main...akela...! I lost her because of my stubborn parents. I never talked to them after what they did to me. It's in the last year that I've decided to get married and you know what happened with me! I ended up with you. Bahut kuch batana hai Miss Iyer...jiskeliye mujhe aur zyada time chahiye...shayad is poora zindagi. I don't know how to open up...but I assure main apko sab kuch're ready to accept me..."

(We were happy. But know...My daughter...she is in her mother's! I've a lot to share with you Miss Iyer...for which I need a lifetime...maybe the whole life...But I assure you...that I'll tell you're ready to accept me...)

Ishita: Looked into his anticipating eyes and mouthed, "Your daughter...?" His eyes welled up and he answered in a broken voice, "Samanta Khanna...chotti hai...Cheh saal ka...pyari hai...! Mein use wapas lana chahti hoon...but...I don't know...if...I will to..."

(Samanta Khanna...six years old...she's so lovely...! I want to bring her back...)

She took his hand in hers and squeezed it saying, "Main apke saath hoon Mr Khanna. I think we can complete each other's flaws for the rest of our life...if you'll be this sincere with me."
(I'm with you Mr Khanna.)

He looked at her surprised and wiped his eyes. They stood up and stared each other for some time and he asked with a soft smile,

Ashok: "Kya ap mujhse shaadi karogi Miss Ishita Iyer...For me and my daughter?"
(Will you marry me Miss Ishita Iyer...For me and my daughter?)

Ishita: "To be honest..., apka proposal main consider karti hoon."
(I honestly consider your proposal.)

Ashok: "Coffee peene chalegi?"
(Coming for a coffee?)

Ishita: "Our first date Mr Khanna...?"

They walked out of her room with a beaming smile that made her family to breathe happily after a long time.


Ashok and Ishita sat comfortably opposite to each other and talked everything about nothing. A smile adorning their face which shows how happy they are together.

Ashok: "Miss Iyer...mein..." he was cut short by her words, "Ishita...ap mujhe aise bula sakte hai Ashok."
(You can call me Ishita.)

It made him smile widely and his heart beamed with the realization that she accepted him as HERS. He nodded and continued, "Mujhe tujhse apne baare mein sab kuch batana hai Ishita...but don't know how...Mujhe thoda zyada hi waqt lagega...It's more complex!"
(I want to tell you everything regarding me Ishita. But I don't know how...I'll take a bit more time.)

She looked at him intently while he places his hand over hers which was resting on the table. She looked at his hand smiling nervously, then softly pulled away her hand from his. He mouthed a sorry and looked away embarrassed.

Ishita: "I...I'm sorry's just...that...I need some more time to adapt to this situation. I mean this new found relationship." He smiled reassuringly with a look of I-can-understand.

He wanted her to know that he loves Shagun...err...LOVED Shagun. Everything changed the moment he saw her. He knew it's her that he wants in his life. He cannot risk his future by DIGGING THE PAST. Yes, now he genuinely wishes to move on. With Ishita. Even now he cannot deny that he feels a horrible ache in his heart whenever he reminisce Shagun. Raman reminds him of the hurtful reality that Shagun is no more in this world. He knows he did behave badly to her even though he knew that she was so much in love with him. No...He was worse with her. Raman seems to be right sometimes. Maybe she left this world because of him...he thought painfully. But he cannot waste his entire life to repent his past deeds. Slowly...very slowly...he will be able to make Ishita understand his past. He will do it soon...maybe before their wedding.


Mr and Mrs Bhalla are in a serious discussion.
Mr Bhalla: "Toshiji...mujhe kuch..." Toshi chirped in, "Haan menu pata hai...ap nahi samjhoge...Arey oye Bhalla ji mein Raman aur vo Ishita puttar ke bare mein keharahi dhi..."
(I knew you won't understand. I was talking about Ishita and Raman.)

She winked at him with a naughty glint as if asking him "Don't you understand?" Mr Bhalla closed his hands and laughed out loud and said in between his laughter, "Yeh...main to...pehale...kyun...kyun nahi...socha...! Hum kitna ignorant hai na Toshiji?"
(Why hadn't I thought about it before! How much ignorant are we?)

His tone became serious while asking it, but Toshi smacked his shoulder and said in a scolding tone, "Ap ignorant sab kuch dikhta hoon...!"
(You're the one who's ignorant. I can see everything.)

When she was about to leave the living room, someone rang the calling bell and she went to open it silently muttering, "Lagta hai puttar aa hi gaya..."
(I think he's back.)

But much to her surprise, it was Mr Iyer who was standing there with a plate full of laddoos.

Mrs Bhalla: Surprisingly looks at her and moves sideways to let her in and asks happily, "Kya special hai Madrasan...?"
(What's special Madrasan?)

Mrs. Iyer: serves the laddoos to both of them and places the plate on the table. "Vo ek khush khabari hai."
(There's happy news)
Mr and Mrs Bhalla's faces lit up.

"Meri Ishu ki engagement fix hogaya hai next week."
(Ishita's engagement has fixed on the next week.)

That made their face down with sadness which was clearly noticed by Mrs Iyer. So she continued, "Mujhe pata hai apko bura lagega..."
(I know you're feeling bad...) which made them look at her quizzically and she went on, "Isiliye ki, itna acha neighbours hothe hue bhi main ne apko bolne mein der kardiya."
(Because I told you in this last moment even after being very good neighbours.)

They sighed a relief and says that it doesn't matter but what matters is that she didn't forgot to remember them.
She clutched Mrs Bhalla's hand and said in a broken voice and teary eyes, "Pray karogi na meri Ishu keliye...? Is baar kuch gadbad nahi hona chahiye..."
(Will you pray for my daughter? I don't want anything bad to happen this time...) for which Mrs Bhalla patted her shoulder assuring her that everything will be fine while Mr Bhalla looked on confused.

Raman came home checking mails in his mobile while Mrs Iyer came out of Bhalla house. He bumped into her and the laddoos in her hand fell on the floor. She closed her ears with her palms and screamed, "Ayyo Kadavule..." Raman came to the rescue of the laddoos that are running here and there like Ruhi, while Mr and Mrs Bhalla came out to see the mess.

Raman: "Sorry aunty ji...vo laddoos..." he started softly with a smile which faded and replaced by worry and confusion when he saw Mrs Iyer put out a hand gesturing him to stop. He was shocked to see her enraged face and tried to ask, but stopped when he heard her say, "Mere Ishu ka life ka sab se badi problem tum ho. Pata nahi ab kya kya hoga...kadavul than kaapathanam."
(You're the great trouble in my Ishu's life. Don't know what'll happen next..God should help) with that she took the plate from his hand and went inside her house.

Raman: He walked inside his home after his parents and asked his parents not before locking the door, "Kya...aunty ji ko kya hua...?"
(What happened to aunty?)

Mr Bhalla: Raising his voice, "Kya tujhe Ishita se tameez se pesh karna nahi aata? What makes you behave in this way...only with her...?"
(Why can't you just be gentlemanly with Ishita?)

He was taken aback. He confirmed that she told everything to her family regarding their encounter at the clinic. Now everything is out of his hands. So he decided to confess.

Raman: Bowing down his head with guilt, "Papa Mein Ishita se..." Before he could complete, Mrs Bhalla's voice echoed in the room, "Ab kyun tum Ruhi jaise khade ho? Tune ki ghalti ki haan...? Vo madrasan to kuch zyada hi uski kadavul ko pareshan karte hai. Tu jaa puttar."

(Why are you standing like Ruhi? You did anything wrong? That madrasan always disturbs her God. You go puttar.)

She patted his shoulder while he slipped out of there with thousands of questions in his mind. Toshi turned to her husband, "Aur ji Bhalla ji...ap bhi na...kabhi kabhi hadh karti hai. Mera puttarnu dosh kehne ka ki zaroorat dhi? Laddoo girne se Ishita ka shaadi thodi na toot jayegi..."

(Sometimes you go overboard. What's in blaming my son? Ishita's marriage won't break if Laddoo falls off of her hands...)

There came his steps to a halt. Both of them went on arguing while Raman lifelessly walked inside his room and slammed the door behind him.

He was not sad, but angry. He couldn't believe that she is least bothered by him. He couldn't stand himself that he really messed up everything. He is pissed off by his acts. He is fed up with his fate which time and again wins over him by taking away his beloved ones. He couldn't digest the fact that she will leave him forever once she gets married to her suitor. Her words once again rang in his ears to remind him of his unpunctuality. "Jo apko pehale karna chahiye dha vo ab karne se kuch nahi ho sakta. You're too late Mr Bhalla." He looked around him and saw her standing everywhere and uttering the same thing which he hates to hear...which gives an unbearable pain in his heart, "YOU ARE TOO LATE MR BHALLA...YOU ARE TOO LATE...TOO LATE MR BHALLA..." Shutting his ears with his palms as tight as possible, he screamed out, "NO..."


"I can't let this happen. I can't let go of her. I can't live without her. I just can't think of her being with another man. I...just can't ever think of her parting with me..." He felt his throat getting dry. He felt difficult to breath. The air around him no more is alive. It felt empty. Everything around him seemed lifeless. He felt his heart breaking apart.


He walked to and fro in his bedroom restlessly. He doesn't know what to do. Finally, he decided to take a walk in the garden of the society. When he came to the garden, he saw Ishita sitting on a bench and staring at the sky with a blank expression. He walked to her and stood next to the bench. She looked up at him with a soft smile made space for him to sit. He was astonished. Now he confirmed that she never took him seriously or to be precise, he himself made her think like that.

Ishita: After some silent moments, "So...we are good?" Without wasting a second, came his reply, "No...We are not."

Ishita: "You don't need to apologise for the Clinic Incident' Mr Bhalla..." She looked at him to check whether she is making any sense.

Raman: He chuckled at her statement and answered, "Kya baat hai madrasan..., sweet-sweet baatein karne lagi aaj kal. But never mind...suit nahi karti tujhe."
(What happened madrasan, you're talking sweetly. But never mind...It doesn't suit you.)

She made a face and he continued, "Us baat ko lekar mein guilty nahi hoon...aur na hi kabhi hoga...I'm guilty for a different reason ki maine tujhse galat sawal poocha."
(I'm not guilty about that matter and will never feel so. I'm guilty because I asked you a wrong question) her face turned into a question mark.

Raman: Taking her hands in his, "I never wanted or want us to be friends." He knew he did make sense but wanted to see a response from her. She asked him in a weak voice, "Kya...matlab...?"
(What you mean?)

Raman: "I don't want you to get married to him." What did he just said was not the right one. No it is right, but said in a wrong way. It is ambiguous.

She grasped what he meant. But she's fed up of playing hide and seeks with the Raman Kumar Bhalla. She wanted him to spit it out. But no...From whom she is expecting something like that! She did want to prolong the conversation and clear the air. Suddenly she jerked her hands from his hold by seeing her mobile which is on her lap is vibrating. Raman didn't notice the caller ID as he was staring her with shock and disappointment. She took the call and said silently but softly, "Main Baad mein call karti hoon. Goodnight."
(I'll call you later. Goodnight.)

The man on the other side of the line might have felt goosebumps the way he is feeling now by hearing her alluring voice.

She was standing some fifteen feet away from him. His angry young man mode activated the instant he saw her talking to that man with a smile that he always wanted to see on her face just for him. He took strong strides to reach out to her. In his rage, he pulled her to him with his one hand by her arm with a jerk while his other hand took her mobile which in no time dashed on the ground. She got scared by his sudden change. She thought he'll leave her when she ignores him. But here, this man is taking her into him as close as he could when the only thing she wanted was to be away. Raman looked deep in her eyes and said gritting his teeth, "I said..., I don't want you to get married to him. And I'll do everything in my power to stop this marriage." She struggled to free herself and uttered angrily, her voice came out as a mere whisper, "Who are you to control my life Mr Bhalla...? Ap mera kuch nahi lagta. Ap mere decisions nahi le sakte hai. Aur yeh shaadi kuch sabadasti nahi ho rahe hai. Ab ap chodiye mujhe."

(You're no one to me Mr Bhalla. You can't take decision for me. And I'm not forced into this marriage. Leave me.)
Instead of leaving her, he tightened his grip and muttered huskily in her ear, "That I'll show you soon. But let me challenge you Tumhara shaadi us se nahi hoga..."
(Let me challenge you that your marriage won't happen to him.)

Agitated, she freed herself from his hold and said loudly, "Challenge accepted Mr Bhalla. Meri shaadi to zaroor hoga jise thodne keliye ap kuch bhi karlo...I don't care. I believe him...He won't leave me..."
(My marriage will happen for sure. You do whatever you want, I just don't care. I believe him. He won't leave me.)

When he watched her retreating figure from the garden his lips curved to a small smile and he assured himself while running his hand through his hair, "Raman Kumar Bhalla kitna selfish hai yeh kisiko nahi pata beta...aur haarna...vo to meri bas ki baat nahi hai. Rahi baat is challenge ki...vo hum donon jeetenge. Kyun ki Raman Kumar Bhalla kabhi apnonko hara nahi sakta."

(You don't know how selfish this RKB is. And failure is not my cup of tea. And the challenge...we both will win it. RKB never beats his own people.)


Ashok: Hissing near Raman's ear, "Bahut hogaya tera drama...ab bas...! DOOR RAHO MERI ISHITA SE. Varna jo tum is sari duniya se chupana chahte ho na, vo sab ko pata chalegi. Aur jo cheez tere pass hai vo bhi tujhe khona padega! So better stay away from me and my WOULD BE WIFE."



So that's it Jaan... Smile
How's it??????
BUDDY ME FOR PMs Embarrassed

I hope you'll not make me take so long to update the 4th part Embarrassed


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Ashok aur ishita ki shaadi...?? I dnt want dat to happen... Plzz plzz I want ishita and raman together... 

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Awesome story and 
beautiful updates..
Thanks a lot for pm...SmileSmile

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Lovely update 
Well written 
Continue soon 
Thanks for pm
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Brilliant update dear,i dnt know why my stronge feeling ruhi is ashok and shagun daughter'lots of questions in my mind.shagun raman husband and wife?im confused..where is ashok wife then?lots of secrets...better hope in next chapter.ashok may telling his and shagun ka story to ishita?loved it.
Thanks for pm dear:-).precap is damm intresting.

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