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FF___JAB TUNE JHOOT BOLA___Chapter-28 on pg 126 TEASER Pg 137 (Page 41)

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Rula diya yaar...
Ishra scene...
Totally crying...
Continue soon Gaya3...
Can't wait...

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Originally posted by Ishra_Sona

Rula diya yaar...
Ishra scene...
Totally crying...
Continue soon Gaya3...
Can't wait...

Yeah Sonu... I'll try to update soon
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awesoma gaya i live this part. a lot first mihika slap raman then ishita slap muhika tio

i love how shd say tumhari himmat kaide huwi mere raman wow

mihika n raman convo too was good how he say do bar rape kiya

loufky rape love it thx for pm
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Hi Kutties...Big smile

Back with the new part

Ignore typos and grammar/spelling errors

Not proofread

Enjoy reading Smile




Raman was all set to go for a business conference in Mumbai. Mr and Mrs Bhalla were shocked to hear his sudden decision. Moreover they were angry at him for being irresponsible. He was the one who stopped them from informing the Iyers about Ashok. He was the one who said that he will stop the marriage. But now he is running away when he found no way to stop this marriage. They knew their son very well. They knew how he responses to different circumstances. He isolates when he feels helpless. But they are bemused on thinking, what made him helpless this time!

Romi and Mihir stood there watching the upshots like a horror movie with their pursed up lips.

Mr Bhalla to Toshi: "Lagta hai humein hi kuch karna padega."

(I think we should do something)

Raman: On top of his voice, "Koyi kuch nahi karenge..."

(No one will do nothing)

Romi: Intervening him, "Lekin bhai..."

(But bhai)

Raman: Cutting him shot, "Chottu...ekdam CHUP!"

(Chottu just shut up)

Mihir pulled back Romi shushing him. Raman stared at them making them leave the space.

Mr Bhalla: "Yeh kya tareeka hai Raman? Lagta hai tune uspar isiliye chilla rahe dhe kyun ki tum mujhse aise bartav nahi kar sakti, hai na?"

(What is this Raman? I think you scolded him just because you can't do that to me, right?)

Raman: "Haan to aise hi samjho"

(Yes, take it that way)

Toshi: To Mr Bhalla, "Ap chup karna Bhalla Ji...main baat karti hun puttar se..."

(You shut up Bhalla ji. I'll talk to him)

To Raman, "Puttar...tum rehane do...aur maa ko bata...kya hua? Aur kya karoon hum?"

(Son, tell me, what happened and what will we do?)

Raman drops himself on the sofa holding his head in his hands while Toshi sat beside him.

Raman: "Mummiji...ab hum kuch nahi kar sakte...kyunki Ish...matlab...vo...vo khud yeh shaadi karna chahte hai...main kuch nahi kar sakta"

( we can't do anything...because Ish...means...she...she herself want this marriage... I can't do anything)

Toshi: "Aise Ishita ne bola?"

(She told that?)

Raman: "Hmm..."

Mr Bhalla: "Phirphi puttar...hum ek baar aur try kar lete hai..."

(Even then...we will try once again)

Raman: "It's never too late papa...! But...I...I respects her decision. I won't interfere in her...her personal life. I'm done"

Mr Bhalla: "To hum..."

(Then we...)

Raman: "Badayiyan deke aana..."

(Come after wishing them)

"Ap nahi aoge Ishima ki shaadi pe?"

(You won't come to Ishima's marriage)

The trio tilted their head to see Ruhi standing there wearing a red lehenga. Raman took her in his hands and kissed on her cheek.

Ruhi: "Uffo papa...ap mera pura make-up kharab kroge..."

(Papa, you'll spoil my make-up)

Raman: Dropping her to the floor, "Sorry princess..."

Ruhi: "Papa...ap abi tak tayyar nahi hua? Ishima ke special day hai...ap jaldi ready hoke ayiye...

(You're not ready yet? It's Ishima's special day, hurry up)

Raman: "Lekin Rooh...papa ko urgent kam hai...Mumbai jaana hai...ap jaake enjoy karo..."

(But Rooh, papa has urgent Mumbai. You go and enjoy)

Ruhi: Making sad puppy face, "No papa...ap ko mere saath aana padega...varna mein apse baat nahi karoongi..."

(You've to come...else I won't talk to you)

Raman: "Baat ko samjho na baba..."

(Try to understand baba)

Ruhi: "But...ap kyun ja rahe ho...?"

(But, why are you going)

Raman: "Vo...sara kuch papa ke haath mein thodi na hai...matlab...conference...jaana to padega na..."

(That, everything is not in papa's hands...means...conference... I need to go)

Ruhi: "Tikhe...ek condition..."

(Under one condition)

Raman: "Kya hai?"


Ruhi: "Ap ko Ishima ki shaadi attend karna padega...mere saath"

(You've to attend the marriage of Ishima, along with me)

Raman: " difficult...Rooh baby...samajhne ki koshish..."

Ruhi: All set to cry, "Ap...mujhe chodke..."


Raman: Cutting her short, "No no no baby...papa...papa apke saath aaonga...zaroor..."

(No baby papa will come with you)

Ruhi: Beaming happily, "Sachi papa?"

(Really papa?)

Raman: "Muchi beta..."

(Yes beta)


Punjabi handsome in south Indian attair was sitting in the mandap awaiting his bride. He was nervous. Not because of the marriage but something else which no one can understand. He looked at the doorway now and then to make sure that the one whom he is expecting is not coming. He wanted to see the person so badly as well as ignore the one, today. Today he cannot manage to face that person who always overpowered him. Today if that person comes here, in front of him, he may not be able to stand the one's eyes. He was feeling bitter to himself. The pandit was making him do some rituals which he did without minding what it actually is. He once again glanced at the door to see the one whom he loves the most walking inside the mandap in a heavy bride's lehenga. She took the seat just oposite to him so that she can scrutinize him. He stiffened at her presence.

She looked at him accusingly while he showed helplessness. She was poking at his faintheartedness whilst he tried his best to ignore her face. But no...he can't bear the blaming arrows she has been throwing at him. How will he face her if this marriage happens? What will happen to their relationship? Those questions were eating him up.


Mihika was boiling with anger to see her sister's nonchalant nature towards whatever is going to happen. She inquired calmly about it hoping that HER JIJU might have assured her akka of breaking the marriage. But what she heard from Ishita made her frozen to the spot. Her akka is acting cool though she is not. Her akka is mentally prepared to marry that CREEP ASHOK. What will she do other than shouting at this woman's folly?

Mihika: "Akka are you mad? Ap aise kaise kar sakte ho? Ap jiju se aise bola? Ap itni insensitive kaise ho sakte ho?"

(How can you do this? You talk like this to jiju? How can you be so insensitive?)

Ishita: "Miku please...mujhe iske baare mein kuch nahi bolna...just leave me alone."

(I don't want to talk about it)

Mihika: "Lekin apko bolna padega did wrong...appa amma se hum baat kar sakte dhe...

(But you've to talk. We could talk to amma-appa)

Ishita: "It won't work Miku...ek drama ke bina kuch nahi ho sakta..and I'm afraid of amma's health. Use ek aur shock seh nahi sakta."

(Nothing will happen without a drama. She can't bear one more shock)

Mihika: "Ashok is so cheap...aur ap Raman jiju se pyar karte hai na...vo bhi apse kitna people are so good together."

(You loves Raman jiju...he too loves you so much..)

Ishita: "Were...we were so good together...past is past Miku...just let me move on..."

Mihika: "Ap ek baar jiju aur Ruhi ke baare mein socha kyun nahi?"

(Why didn't you think about Ruhi and jiju?)

Ishita: "Situations ke saath saath priorities bhi change hota hai Miku...and now my priority is my parents. Samajhne ki koshish karo"

(Priorities changes under situations.)

Mihika: "Kabhi kabhi selfish bhi hona is your life not their's"

(Sometimes it's important to be selfish)

Ishita: "Main apni life aur khushiyan sacrifice kar sakti hun...kisi aur ki nahi..."

(I can only sacrifice my life and happiness not someone else's)

Mihika:"Ashok...he is so rude...psycho..."

Ishita: "I know there is something fishy in his character. But it was Raman...his name...his presence that makes Ashok react in a rude way...I know I...I may not be able to handle him...but I choose this myself"

Mihika: "But situations can't change feelings akka..."

Ishita: "Situations can change decisions and TIME CAN CHANGE EVERYTHING!"

Mihika: Breaking down, " wouldn't have told me akka...about...Raman jiju...I just can't bear this pain...what will be his state...!"

Ishita: Sternly, "Please let me forget him Miku... Let me forget...that I loves him..."

Ishita bites her lower lip to supress the cry that is ready to burst out any time. Mihika sat there motionless without even acknowledging the tears smearing her face. Ishita couldn't face her little sister anymore. To escape from the torturous events, she decided to visit the temple, before the wedding. When she turns to the door she faltered and she felt like a puddle. She mumbled looking at the sombre face of the lifeless being, "Ra...Raman..."



Yeh...yeh main kya karne vala hai..?

(What am I going to do?)

Jo bhi is not selfishness, but stubbornness to defeat Raman Bhalla.

If I acts selfish...I'll not only able to fail him but also win her heart.

However, this allurung woman...Ishita can I let her go...!

Once I loosens the grip, she will be in the arms of that bloody Raman...

I neither want to let go off Ishita nor this angel sitting in front of me...both holds similar place in my heart.

Her sad look is not helping me to go with the decision... I may lose her forever...


Raman raised his hand to stop Ishita from talking. She looked at him pleadingly while he threw angry stares. Mihika stood up and walked to them who are standing like two countries in war; one freezing the troops whilst the other shooting out. She expressed him her agonised state getting no response from him. He looked at Mihika, expressionless making her run away from there crying.

Ishita was dead inside-out and yearning to hear his voice, maybe for a last time. But he never uttered a single word. Drained out of patience she screamed out at him, "Why are you not talking to me Raman? Mujhe aise dekhke maar dalna chahte ho ap...?"

(Do you want to kill me by staring)

Raman: Smiling sarcastically, "Jab khud jaan ke bina jeene vaala kisiko kaise maar sakte hai?"

(How can someone who doesn't have life would kill someone)

Ishita: "Raman...ap...kaise baatein kar rahe ho?

(What are you talking?)

Raman: "Aur kaise baat karungi?"

(Then how should I talk?)

Ishita: "You know I lov..."

Raman: Cutting her short shaking his index finger in front of her, "'t...don't ever say that..."

Ishita: "'s...true..."

Raman: " can't be...Jab tum Ashok ka biwi banne ka faisla se mereliye tumhari vo baat ko koyi matlab nahi hai..."

(There is no meaning for that word from when you decided to marry Ashok)

Ishita: "Ap aise kaise keha sakte ho Raman?"

(How could you say that Raman?)

Raman: "Tum mere dard ko kabhi nahi samjhogi..."

(You won't understand my pain)

Touching his heart and poking it with his finger , "Yahan...yahan dard hota hai...bahut...when we lose something close to this bloody place..."

(It pains here)

Drinking in a lumb, You won't ever understand...because you always had me...I was always yours...And will be forever...just...because...I don't want you to go through this pain...It pricks...a lot"

Ishita: " hurts me too...because I love..."

Raman: Cutting her short, " is unbearable Ish... Ishita...when you repeats that word...Let me believe that you NEVER DID. Let me believe that I was a fool who believed that YOU DID"

Ishita: How could you just say that?"

Raman: "Because I'm brave!"


Vandu and Mihika brought Ishita to the mandap; one with utmost happiness and the other with sorrow and helplessness. Appa and amma stood there watching their daughter in the bridal attair. They were more than happy to see their daughter in that form. The whole Bhalla family were throwing daggers at Ashok while his focus was on only person: RUHI. He was reading her expressions all through the time.

It was a shock for the entire breath in the confines of the mandap to see Ashok to stood up and remove the haar from his neck at the same time Ishita sat next to him. Amma clutched tightly on her chest and leaned back unable to understand the turn of events and appa held her tight not to let her fall. The whole mandap began to buzz which teared apart by hearing Ashok's declaration,"Main...yeh shaadi khud thod raha hoon Ishita"

(I'm breaking this marriage myself).

When the whole mandap froze for a moment, he looked at the jovial face of Ruhi with content. He felt so peaceful.



Ruhi: Surprised, "Ap kyun aya yahan?"

(Uncle you here?)

Ashok: "Apne mera proposal reject kiya dha na..."

(You rejected my proposal)

Ruhi: "To mera peecha kar rahe ho?"

(So you're following me?)

Ashok: Smiling, " tak karunga jab tak ap mera friendship accept karoge.."

(Until you accept my friendship)

Ruhi: Acts as if thinking seriously and talks, "Ashok uncle...main apki friendship accept karengi...lekin vaapas mujhe kuch chahiye...ap doge kya?

(I'll accept your friendship. But I want something in return. Will you give me?)

Ashok: "Of course princess. Ap ko kya chahiye...Your wish is my command."

(What you want)

Ruhi thinks of Raman's words, "humare wishes God kisi ko bhejkar poora karte You should pray to God to meet you with the one who can fulfil your wish."

Ruhi: Mera wish yeh hai ki...ap ko meri Ishima ki shaadi mera papa ke saath karvana padega."

(My wish should make my Ishima get married to my papa)

Ashok: In utter shock, "KYAAA?"


Ruhi: You heard me right uncle...apko yehi karna padega...if means special to you."

(You should do it)

Ashok: "You're always special to me sweetheart...I love you so much"

Ruhi: "But I don't love you. Kyunki ap mujhse aur papa se Ishima ko cheenna chahte hai...I hate you"

(You're trying to take Ishima from me and papa)

Ashok: "Beta...aise nahi karte..tumhari Ishima aur mera shaadi todna impossible hai"

(It's impossible to break the marriage)

Ruhi: In a shaking voice, "Ap ko to possible hai na..."

(It's possible for you)

Ashok: "Main apki Ishima ko khush rakhungi..."

(I'll make her happy)

Ruhi: "Lekin vo sirf mere aur mere papa ke saath hi khush rahenge..."

(She'll be happy only with me and papa)

Ashok: "Ap koyi aur wish poochiye...main kar deti hun"

(You can ask me another wish... I'll fulfill)

Ruhi:"Tikhe...ek aur wish hai. Usme bhi ek condition hai"

(Another wish. It too have a condition)

Ashok: "Ek aur condition?"

(One more?)

Ruhi: "Haan"


Ashok: "Boliye..."


Ruhi: "Aaj ke baad apko mujhse nahi milna chahiye..."

(You should not meet me hereafter)

Ashok: Taken aback, "Is it the wish?"

Ruhi: "Haan...! Ap meri pehla vala wish pura karoge to main apke BEST FRIEND ban jaogi. Nahi to main apse kabi nahi milna chahti..."

(If you fulfill the first wish I'll become your best friend. Unless I don't want to meet you)

Ashok: "Main..."


Ruhi: "Apke saath time hai uncle...sochke batana...bye"

(You've time. Tell me after thinking. Bye)

Ashok: "Bye..."

****END OF FB****


As everyone looked on stunned at the turn of events, Ishita was comfused on whether to be happy for Ashok's decision or to be sad for her parents who are going through yet another drama.

Bala pulled Ashok from the mandap by his collars causing him to fall on the ground. He didn't shake a bit but smiled. Bala yanked him to stand and asked in a menacing voice, "Kyun kiya yeh?"

(Why did you do this?)

He continued to beat him black and blue asking the same question without letting him answer. His forhead, nose and lips began to bleed while he tightly held his stomach after getting a powerful blow from Bala. As he leaned to supress the pain Bala pressed his knee of his hand on his back making him scream in pain. When the cry escaped his mouth he saw a glimpse of Ruhi whose eyes were watery. She was crying for him, which made him happy.

Mr Iyer along with Mihir and Romi tried to calm down Bala. They pulled a raged Bala aside while Mr Iyer interrogated Ashok.

Mr Iyer: "Kyun kiya tune aisa...? Meri beti tumhare saath kya galti kiya?"

(Why did you do this? What wrong did my my daughter do?)

Ashok: "Galti mera uski kehne ke baad bhi main ne usse shaadi karne ka faisla nahi badla"

(It was my fault that I didn't change my decision even after Ishita told me that)

Mrs Iyer: "Enna...kya matlab hai tumhara?"

(What...what you mean?)

Ashok: "Sorry amma..."

Bala: Enraged, "Bakwas band karo aur bolo baat kya hai?"

(Stop nonsense and spill the beans)

Ashok: "Baat yeh hai ki tumhara saali kisi aur se pyar karte hai..."

(Matter is that your sister in law loves someone else)

Mr Iyer: "You are crossing your limits Mr Asho Khanna"

Ashok: " kya karti...apki beti se pooch ki vo mujhse shaadi karna chahti hai ki nahi...Agar haan kehte hai to main isse zaroor shaadi karunga."

(Yes...then what could I do...ask your daughter if she want to marry me or not... If she says yes then I'll marry her for sure)

Mr Iyer turns to his daughter who was standing there bending down her head. He walked to her and asked, "Ishu...appa mela sathyam...unak Ashoka kalyanam pannika viruppam kedayatha?"

(Ishu swear on don't want to marry Ashok?)

She just shaked her head without facing him earing a tight slap.

Mrs Iyer: "Ayyo Ishu...enna aach unak? En intha maathiri behave pannuthu?"

(What happened to you? Why are you behaving like this?)

Ishita: "Mannichidungo amma...I didn't mean to hurt you"

(Forgive me Amma...)

Ashok: "Ab sara drama khadm. Main jaa raha hun."

(Now everything is over. I'm going)

He walked away not caring to listen the blaming voices and accusing eyes following him. He was happy that someone is so happy by his act. He was expecting that person to love him back the way he loves her.


The guests scattered away as Ishita sunk to the floor breaking down. The Bhallas are still there. Ruhi stops Raman by holding his wrist when he was about to exit the place and walked to the mandap with him. Meantime, in the mandap;

Mr Iyer: "Ishu...yeh sab kya hogaya...? Kaun hai voh jis se tum pyar karte hai?"

(what's all these? Who's the one whom you love?)

Ishita looked at Raman who was walking towards her with Ruhi in toe, making everyone turn to that direction. But Ishita was still silent which made Mihika lose her temper.

Mihika: "Chup kyun ho akka? Appa pooch rahe hai bolo ap Raman Bhalla se pyar karte hai..."

(Why are you silent? Appa is asking you..tell him that you loves RKB)

Everyone (Iyers & Bhallas) looked on astound by Mihika's revelation. Mr and Mrs Bhalla came to Raman and shook him to get his response. No one expected such a deviation in the course of events. Mihir and Romi chirped in to reveal further about their escapades of finding out their secret love.

Mr Bhalla: "Kya yeh sach hai puttar?"

(Is it true?)

Raman: In a low voice, "Ji...papa"


Mrs Bhalla: "To ab sochna kya hai...agar ap logonko problem nahi hai to..."

(Now what in thinking... If you don't have any problem...)

Mrs Iyer: "Is situation mein..."

(In this situation)

Mr Iyer: "Humein is shaadi manjoor hai"

(We're ready for this marriage)

Mr Bhalla: "Humein bhi"

(We're also)

Raman: On top of his voice, "LEKIN MUJHE NAHI!!!!

(BUT I'M NOT!!!!)





So that's it Kutties...

How's it?




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Wow superb yaar...Raman sayin But I m nt ready" really cool...cont soon..

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Yepeee!!!!!!!! My guess was true my guess was true LOL I am vvvhappy  Wink  So as I guessed it was ruhi s wish Wink I love u ruhi  Embarrassed And yeh kya  natak hai  Raman ko bhi abhi nakhra dekhana tha kya Angry I know he will make her tell I love u in presence  of every one LOL nautanki Raman ki nautanki Wink heee  ooo  shoot how can I be so stupid twist in tail tho bantha hai varna story ka kya. Hoga Shocked means twist tho is there but before that cute ishra movements after marriage again surf ruhi ke liye Sleepy  But ishu patofying Raman will be very interesting LOL I wonder how will she do that may bhi like they showed in sho that bhuda mil Gaya Wink and may be more u know what I mean but don't worry Raman ki bhi practice ho jaegi after all he has to do the same job after shaguns  truth comes out Ouch par abb aega asli maza when jagga jasos will be on alert mode and ashok will also start blackmailing Raman that he will tell the truth to ishu Tongue because all of us know it is related to ruhi. Wink
Aur ishima apni ruhi ka sach jan kar tho toot hi jaegi Cry abb samaj ne vale tho samaj gaye jo na samje un ke liye stay tuned and keep reading jtjb heee LOL by the way phale Raman ko thappad ab ishu ko hisab Barbara karna tha kya Wink poor ishu well hum ne tho soch Ilya hai  age ke update may kya hoga so I'm expecting a dhamakedar twist common prove my guess wrong vo kya hai na sahi hone mai utna maza kaha jo galat ho ne may hai Wink

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I love ashok now...
I really love him for what he did...
Please update soon..
why doesn't raman want to marry ishu??

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dnt say tht ruhi is ashok's daughter...

loved the twst by raman bt im sure he wil mary ishu...

want to knw death behind shagun nd ashok's real nature...

cmplete this nd continue other updates...

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