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FF___JAB TUNE JHOOT BOLA___Chapter-28 on pg 126 TEASER Pg 137 (Page 38)

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Originally posted by sudharminy

Hi Kutties... Smile
It's a bad news Unhappy
(For me Angry) My classes are resuming this week Cry
(For you) I won't be able to give you regular updates Ouch
I'm so sorry for disappointing you...
Will try my best to give you regular shocks for sure LOL
So what you say????? Wink

Its ohk dear...
Studies are very important...
We all will wait for your updates...

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Originally posted by sudharminy

Originally posted by janani_divan

Originally posted by sudharminy

Hi Kutties... Smile
It's a bad news Unhappy
(For me Angry) My classes are resuming this week Cry
(For you) I won't be able to give you regular updates Ouch
I'm so sorry for disappointing you...
Will try my best to give you regular shocks for sure LOL
So what you say????? Wink

its ok kanna,studies is important to us.dont bother about regular updates.but we readers miss u and your twist ka the way your classes are resuming this week ..right ?tab tak give regular updates;-);-);-)
morning and evening we need twist ka tablets till your classes resume..:-D:-D:-D

Vo to pakkaaa Thumbs Up
What a timing my exams r also on from today LOL so can't visit forums frequently Confused never mind as long as we keep getting the shock treatment Wink
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Originally posted by sudharminy

Hi Kutties... Smile
It's a bad news Unhappy
(For me Angry) My classes are resuming this week Cry
(For you) I won't be able to give you regular updates Ouch
I'm so sorry for disappointing you...
Will try my best to give you regular shocks for sure LOL
So what you say????? Wink
It's ok da... studies is important...
will wait for ur regular shocks
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lovely updt gaya ashok ask ruhi her wish wow n I love ishra talk on the mob n raru scene on bed it was so good thx for pm hate ashok precap wed oh no

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it ok dear will wait n studies are important dont worry

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Hi Kutties...

Back with a new part... Big smile

Flashback (FB) in Italics

Ignore typos and grammar/spelling errors

Not proofread Smile

Enjoy reading buddies... Big smile



Ishita was looking shocked at the turn of events. She never in her dreams thought that Mihika would SLAP RAMAN! She tried to intervene to solve the issue only to be interrupted by Mihika. She felt miserable for being a mute spectator of their dirty fights. She so wanted to thrash her little sister but cannot do it as she felt she is right in her stand. In someway, she is the reason for this outcomes. She shouldn't have withset to Raman's advances. Any outsiders would have felt like he was forcing himself on me.

But she really wanted him to hear her out. She wanted him to take in her decision regarding them. It was not Mihika's persistence that bought her here. It was not her trust in Raman that made her calm and cool from the morning when her sister was dying every second thinking about her future. It was not because she was busy that she couldn't talk to Mihika at home, but her determination to avoid talking about what Mihika hell bend to here. It was SOMETHING ELSE that drew her here; TO HIM.

Albeit, she cannot spit out such a sensitive matter in this weird circumstance. She should calm them first. She need to get Raman alone, composed, hear her. And NOW she must do something to handle the situation.

Mihika: "Chup kyun ho Mr Bhalla?"

(Why are you silent?)

Raman: "Pagal hai kya? Main kyun rape karoon teri behan ko jab vo khud..."

(Are you mad? Why'd I rape her when she herself...)

Mihika: Cutting him short, "Khud kya...? Meri akka ko aise aurat samjh rahe ho?"

(Herself what? You think of her like such a woman?)


Mihika: "Ab nonsense main keha raha hoon ya ap...?"

(Who's saying nonsense, me or you?)

Raman: "Haan to suno...main teri akka ko rape karne ki koshish kar rahe dhe...!"

(Then hear, I was trying to rape her)

Mihika: "How dare..."

Raman: In between, "Pura sun..."

(Hear me completely)

Mihika's eyes became a thin line while her eyebrows crinkled to focus on him while he continued, "Pehale dho baar kiya hua hai!"

(I've done this two times before)

Mihika: Loudly, "KYYYAAA?????"


Raman: More loudly, "RAPE!!!!!"

However, Mihika's hand which once again flew to the air targetting Raman's cheek stopped midway. As the source of force tightened on her wrist turning her to face the one who is overpowering her she jolted back in disbelief to see her fire seething akka. She was pulled back to the floor without any consideration and saved by her enemy; the one whom she thought a rapist a while ago.

Ishita: "Teri itni himmat ki tune MERA RAMAN ko mara?"

(How dare you slap my Raman?)

Mihika felt like hundreds of temple bells ringing in her head. She could only capture two words; MERA RAMAN. That is when she realised her folly. She could neither face her akka nor Raman Bhalla. She looked at her akka with her regretting eyes only to receive a how-dare-you look from Ishita.

Mihika: "I'm sorry akka and ji...JIJU...I didn't know it...I wouldn't have done this...if...I..knew it earlier..."

Ishita looked at her sister who became so fat and red with embarassment and shifted her eyes to behold Raman who is rooted to the spot, his left cheek red by Mihika's tight slap. She couldn't hold herself but run to him and kiss his cheek to sooth his pain. Mihika looked on stunned while Raman looked at her sideways blinking his eyes twice as if to say that it is alright and then he motioned her to leave them alone. Mihika smiled and walked out contented after giving him a thumps-up.


Raman locked the cabin door and embraced Ishita tightly. She clung on to him like another part of his body. When he tried to break the embrace, she knitted him more close as if she cannot feel this pleasure if she let go of him. She for the first time after entering his cabin, initiated the first step to a make out session. He was feeling tight by her closeness wanted to release himself in her. Though his principles never let him go overboard.

He decided to go with flow and brought her near the sofa without untying her from his clasp. She gained her sense when her legs touched the sofa and moved away from him. He smiled at her bringing her close to him with his left hand whilst he entangled her left hand in his right one. She drove her free hand from his chest to the back of his head, running her fingers in his silky hair, pulled his face close to hers. Pecking the right side of his lips she asked him seductively, "Dho baar rape kiya mujhe?"

(You raped me two times?)

He naughtily smiled looking at her lips which is brushing his stubbled cheek teasingly and replied in a more tempting tone, "Nahi to...lekin hosakta hai agar aise hi mere paas...ankhon ke samne...khadi rahogi to...main kuch kar baithe..."

(No. But it may happen if you stand this close to me)

By that, he pulled her more into him catching her lips in a longing kiss which he wanted to do from the moment she entered his cabin. However, he didn't expect her to shove him away abruptly, annoying him even more.

Raman: "Lagta hai mujhe sach main vohi karna padega."

(I think I should do that)

Ishita: Turning away from him, "I'm sorry Raman...I need to go."

He pulled her back when she turned to go. He know something is off. He know she is troubled by something. So he calmed his raging hormones and brought her to the sofa.

Raman: "Bolo...kya hua?"

(Tell...what happened?)

Ishita: "Kuch nahi."


Raman: "Dar lag raha hai?"

(You scared?)

Ishita: "Nahi...I'm feeling helpless."

Raman: "Main hoon na..."

(I'm here)

Ishita: "No Raman...You're never in the frame. Meri aur Ashok ke shaadi hai kal and you don't even care about it. Meri andar kya bit rahi hai vo ap kabhi nahi samjhoge."

(Tomorrow is my and Ashok's marriage and you don't care about it. You can't understand what's I'm going through)

Raman: "Ok...relax...Tum kehna kya chahte ho?"

(What you want to say?)

Ishita: "Ap mujhse pooch rahe ho? Raman...ap mujhse kya chahte hai?"

(Are you asking me? What you want from me Raman?)

Raman: "Is it some kind of joke? Main tumse kya...Main tumhe chahta hoon Ishita and it is clear between us."

(I want you Ishita)

Ishita: "Kal meri shaadi hai Raman...use todne keliye ap kya karne vale ho?"

(Tomorrow is my marriage. What'll you do to break it?)

Raman: Getting tensed, "I...I really don't know...Abhi bhi mujhe nahi pata ki main kya me.."

(I still don't know what'll I do...)

Ishita: Cutting him short and standing up raging, "Ap kuch mat karo ab...! I knew it...I knew it ki ap meri advantage le rahe dhe. were perfect in your place! Kabhi mujhe yeh nahi bola ki mujhse pyar karte hai! It was my foolishness that I confessed it making it more difficult for me. You only wanted to stop this marriage nothing else. You gave me false hope bringing Ruhi between us."

(Don't do anything. I knew that you're taking advantage of me. You never told me that you loves me)

Raman watched sternly while she continued her rubbishness. He know something is amiss which made her burst out now. He knew she is insecure about their relationship because of his INDIRECTNESS.

Raman: "Kya matlab hai tumhara?"

(What you mean?)

Ishita: Looking away from him, "Kuch nahi."


Raman: "Yeh kuch nahi kuch nahi kya laga rakha hai tu. Bolo kya chahti ho tum...? Itna bhi viswas nahi hai mujhpe? Tujhe lagta hai ki main yeh sab time pass keliye kar raha hoon? Tujhe bhi pata hai yeh kaise tricky situation hai. Main calm isiliye dha kyun ki mujhe laga tum mere sath ho..pagal aurat! Lekin nahi...tujhe to main ek flirt lag rahi hoon na? Kaise samjhavun tujhe? Kya karoon main?"

(What you mean by nothing. What you want? You don't trust me? You think it just a time pass? You also about this tricky situation. I was calm because I thought you're with me. But no, you think I'm a flirt right? How will I make you understand? Whall will I do?)

Ishita: "Kuch mat karo..."

(Don't' do anything)

Raman: Widening his eyes in shock asks in a throbbing voice, " want me to...le..leave you?"

Ishita: Making a stern face though her face become moist by her tears, "EXACTLY MR BHALLA!"

He clutched her arms tightly pricking his nails in her soft skin, shook her vigorously as if asking her to come out of his dreamy state. She cried more pleading him to stop torturing her.

Raman: Screaming to knock some sense into her head, "Yeh kaisa bakwas hai Ishita? I know you believes me. Aur jo kuch bhi humare beech hua it was not some kind of fing. I do really want you to be in my life...TILL MY LAST BREATH! US...TOGETHER...FOREVER!"

(What nonsense is this Ishita? What is between us is not just a fling)

Ishita: loudly, "There is NO US anymore Raman. I don't want us to be TOGETHER!"

Raman: "Tujhe kya lagta...tera bakhwas sunke main tujhe chod ke jayenge? You are mistaken. Until I'm sure about your feelings for me, I won't leave you. I will NEVER LEAVE YOU!"

(What did you think...I'll leave you hearing your nonsense?)

Ishita: "Please don't make it difficult for me Raman"

Raman: Angrily, "Yes...common...come up with the shi*. Yeh sab drama kyun kiya?"

(Why did you do this drama?)

Ishita: Sinking on the floor, "Appa...amma...It is all about them. They can't face more of it Raman..."

He sat next to her after hearing her taking their name.

Raman: "Appa amma kuch bola?"

(Did they say anything?)

Ishita: "They were talking about my marriage this morning..."



Ishita woke up with a start hearing the noise of utensils. She was wondering why her Amma is washing dishes in this early morning. She slipped off the bed and walked towards the kitchen and stopped in her track realising the noise is from the living room. She stayed there to decide whether to walk in or not while her Amma appa kept on talking random things.

Appa: "Ithuvarekkum Ntha problevum ille..."

(Till now there is no problem)

Ishita smiles and turns to go but again stops to hear.

Amma: "Aama...enakkum appaditan irukku...aanalum konjam tensedaa irukku Viswa..."

(Yes...I too feel so...though I'm tensed Viswa)

Ishita creases her eyebrows quizzically.

Appa: "En Madhu?"

(Why Madhu?)

Amma: "Inthavaatti ethavath drama nadanthittanna Viswa...ennala thanka mudiyathu...Naan satthiduven...kadavulmela sathyam"

(If anything goes wrong this time... I won't be able to bear it...I will die...God promise)

Ishita backs off hearing it and touches her heart in shock.

Appa: "Appadi ethavum nadakkath...Ashok Ishuva vittitt pokamattan...I'm sure"

(Nothing like that will happen. Ashok won't leave Ishu)

Ishita to herself: "Ath thaane rumpa periya problem!"

(That's the big problem)

Amma: "Yaaravath prechana panittenna...?"

(If someone creates any problem?)

Ishita to herself: "RAMAN...!!!"

Appa: "Ethavum nadakkathu...Namma ponnumela nambikkai vai Madhu...Ava ethavum nadakka vidamatten..."

(Nothing will happen...Trust our daughter. She won't let anything happen this time)

Amma: "Aama...namma ponnu...Kadavule...ellam nallapadiya nadakkanam..."

(Yes our daughter...God...everything should be fine)

****FB ENDS****


Raman: "I can understand their situation."

Ishita: "To meri situation bhi samajhne ki koshish to karo Raman?"

(Then try to understand mine too)

Raman: "Tell me Ishita...I'm all ears..."

Ishita: Taking his hands in her, "Raman as far as our relationship is concerned, there is no way that we can get married normally...and I want everything to be normal FOR MY PARENTS. Ek raat se kuch nahi badal sakta Raman"

(Nothing won't change in one night)

Raman: Choking, "Bu...but I can't live...wuthout you...please don't say that what you are going to..."

Ishita: "Mujhe paane keliye ap kya karoge Raman? Aaj raat bhagake jaaoge? Ya phir mandap se lekar jaaoge? But I won't ever agree to that Raman...Main aise nahi kar sakta...I can't break my parent's trust on me."

(What will you do to win me? Make elope with you? Or will take me from the mandap? I can't do that)

Raman: "To main kya karoon?"

(Then what will I do?)

Ishita: "Kuch mat karo Raman. Let it be the way it turns out...Accept's our fate!"

(Don't do anything)

Raman: "How could you say"

Ishita: "It took me so much courage to take this decision let...go of you...and my Rooh..."

Raman takes her into a bone crushing hug letting out his pain by crying on her shoulder. She patted his shoulder to calm him down while he mumbled some words in between his sobs, "I...CAN'T...LIVE...WITHOUT YOU...ISHITA...I'M...NOT...FEELING...LIKE...I CAN...BREATH...YOU'RE...HURTING ME...SO MUCH...!"




She looked at him accusingly while he showed helplessness. She was poking at his faintheartedness whilst he tried his best to ignore her face. But no...he can't bear the blaming arrows she has been throwing at him. How will he face her if this marriage happens? What will happen to their relationship? Those questions were eating him up.


So that's it... Smile

How's it?




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Originally posted by pretty_h

lovely updt gaya ashok ask ruhi her wish wow n I love ishra talk on the mob n raru scene on bed it was so good thx for pm hate ashok precap wed oh no

Thank you Hansa... Smile

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First sorry for late comment..:-(:-(:-(:-(
thanks for pm..:-):-):-)
another amazing update by u..:-):-):-)

In raman cabin
drama,romance...parents wish :-/:-/:-/:-/

i enjoyed alot conversation between Raman and mihika its cracking me,my stomach pained alot when im reading this hilliarious lines

raman:p:ppura sun...meri saali..
Main teri akka ko rape karne ki koshish kar raha dhe...! And your akka enjoying it.she wants my proximity more and more,so she never resisted me ;-);-)
PEHALA DHO BAAR KIYA HUA HAI;-);-);-);-);-);-)
SAALI KE BAND BAJJI ABH:-/:-/:-/:-/:-/:-/

abhi bhi more attitude ke sath saali ne over acting keya

Im happy to see ishita fire mihika..
Teri itni himmat ki tune MERA RAMAN KO MARA?
Saali ko kuch akal agaya and more over shocked:-O:-O:-O:-O
To compansate her mistake ,she give peck of kiss to her jiju cheek:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P

over exicited saali...
Im sorry akka...jiju.. Abh akal agaya saali ko
You r RAPED ME 2 TIMES;-);-);-)

NO...BUT IT MAY HAPPEN IF U STAND THIS CLOSE TO ME... Puttar resist karpaya..B-)B-)B-)B-)
i think i should that..kya yaar etni jaldi kyu ho bai...suhag raat thak bach ke rakna..
V readers waiting for that.
But author saiba nai kuch aur plan keya hai ...hum ko sardhardhi dene ke plan kiya
Amma,appa sentiment,;-(;-(;-(
ishita ko e sab malum ho tho mihika ko milwane ke kya jarurathi ..kya thi
i loved this lines

precap again intresting..i hope ishra marriage will take place...
I dnt want to predict ,bcoz essence of plot may lost..

Precap is mixing of raman and ashok thoughts..:-):-)
continue soon.

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