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FF___JAB TUNE JHOOT BOLA___Chapter-28 on pg 126 TEASER Pg 137 (Page 35)

janani_divan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 May 2015 at 4:22am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sudharminy

Originally posted by janani_divan

First thanks to pm kanna:-):-):-)
i waited for this up to 11:30pm ;-(;-(;-(,u posted at late night.
coming to the point.
Ishita guess is right,ashok is pysco,jerk argghh;->;->;->;->
mihiku ke jiju abh creep hogaya:-P:-P:-P:-P
i missed raman in this update.;-(;-(
ishra moments also.
Romi and mihir darpok bacha:-(:-(:-(.
Ruhi bacha so adorable.she praising ashok infront of raman,pavam raman ko patha nahi ..B-)B-):-O:-Ouske beti ko milgaya prince charm ;-);-);-);-)
ashok tum kabinahi sudherga;->.
Im the one who guess ruhi is related to ashok and may be his daughter.Raman know everything ,he want to hide this secret from society.:-)
Ruhi definately ask ishmaa as a gift from ashok..this will make ashok more possessive towards ishita.;->
"i never wanted such turns of events...i never wanted to be a VILLAIN in this story..but you're the 1 who turned me in to 1".chelo more sure hogaya ashok intentions.
"i thought it's a second chance to LOVE,AND LIVE.BUT NO IT'S A SECOND CHANCE TO REVENGE".
THERE is a game b/w Raman and ashok.b'coz of this game ,ruhi and ishita struggle alot.
Too long comment ,bare karne keliye onwards i dnt post long comment.:-)

First, sorry for making you wait so long Confused
Coming to the review...
I like to read lengthy comments dear... Wink
Don't stop reviewing Tongue
I always gets a good impression of my works from your observations Big smile
Chelo ab Ashok villain bhi bangaya... To Sab kuch easy hoga Wink
It's really wonderful that you've quoted Ashok's dialogues here Clap
Keep on giving such lengthy comments Embarrassed
I don't mind reading negative reviews also Wink

love u kanna,so bare my lengthy comments.
I enjoyed when ruhi praising ashok :-D:-D:-D
raman puttar ka kya patha ..uske beti uska dushman ke praise kar raha hai:-D:-D:-D
May i expect today update early?

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VENBA Goldie

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Posted: 23 May 2015 at 10:17am | IP Logged
Beautiful updates..
Thank u for pm..SmileSmile
Gaya3sb IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 May 2015 at 12:54pm | IP Logged

Hi Kutties... Smile

Here goes the next chapter... (Spl dedication to Janani Divan Wink)

Ignore typos and grammar/spelling errors

Not proofread


Enjoy reading Embarrassed




Raman was in deep thought. Two more days. What will he do to break Ishita's marriage with Ashok? He didn't know. One thing is sure, he won't let her fall in Ashok's trap. He will never let her go. He will make sure that Ishita and Ruhi stays with him forever. He will take them away from the whole world to some hideout where no evil can enter; especially Ashok. Ruhi broke his chain of thought by jumping into the bed, hugging him tightly.

Raman: "Bahut pyar aane laga hai papa se...!"

(Showing so much love to papa!)

Ruhi: Cuddling close to him, "I love you so much papa..."

Raman: Hugging her back, "I know baba...ab bolo kya baat hai?"

(Say what's the matter?)

Ruhi: Looking up at him with teary eyes, "I don't know papa..."

Raman: "Yeh mera cute baby cry baby kab hogaya?"

(How my cute baby became cry baby?)

Ruhi had begun crying vigorously by then which made Raman panic.

Raman: "Bolo na mera bacha..."

(Tell me baby)

Ruhi: "Ishim...ta...aunty"

Raman: "Ap papa se kya kuch chupa rahe hai...papa won't talk to you."

(You're hising something from papa)

Ruhi: "Sorry papa...main unhe Ishima bulathe hai...apko vo pasand nahi dhe main ne nahi bola...kaan pakadke sorry."

(I calls her Ishima. I've hidden it from you because you don't like her)

Raman: "To ap Ishima ko miss kar rahe hai?"

(So you're missing your Ishima?)

Ruhi: "Haan...ab to vo kisi uncle se shaadi bhi karne vaali hai na..."

( she is going to get married to some other uncle)

Raman: In a curious tone, "Ap kya chahte ho?"

(What do you want?)

Ruhi: "Kya?"


Raman: "Ishima ke bare mein..."

(About Ishima)

Ruhi: "Ap gussa mat honge na...?"

(You won't get angry right?)

Raman: "Nahi to...bolo..."

(No...tell me)

Ruhi: "Vo...Ishima...hum...kuch nahi..."


Covering the duvet over her, "mujhe neend aaraha hai. Goodnight."

(I'm sleepy)

"Drama queen!" He mumbles to himself and lays down to sleep. But Ruhi jumps up to ask him something.

Ruhi: "Papa...agar meri koyi wish hai to kisse poochenge? God se ya phir papa se?"

(Papa if I've any wishes whom will I ask? God or papa?)

Raman: Turning to her, "Agar apko ice-cream chahiye to kisse poochoge?"

(If you want ice-cream, whom will you ask?)

Ruhi: "Mihir chachu se..."

Raman: "Khelna hai to...?"


Ruhi: "Ishima and Mihika aunty..."

Raman: "Movies...?"

Ruhi: "Romi chachu..."

Raman: "Sleep and secrets?"

Ruhi: "Papa..."

Raman: "To sare wishes ek poori nahi karti...humare wishes God kisi ko bhejkar poora karte You should pray to God to meet you with the one who can fulfil your wish."

(Our wishes won't be fulfilled by a single person. God sends someone to fulfill them.)

Ruhi: "Haan're right."

Raman: "Then Let's sleep?"

Ruhi: "Cute sleep"

Both sleeps peacefully cuddling to each other.


Raman was lying in the bed thinking of Ishita. He felt a bit lazy so he didn't bother to sleep or wake up. Ruhi had gone to her daadi to continue her second session of sleep. No he can only do one thing. Think of her. He wanted to meet her. What to do...?


What will be she doing now?

Madrasan clinic gayi hogi...emergency...She's impossible! Or she is home? Sleeping???? Mera koyi parva nahi hai usse. She never tells me anything about her...

(She must have gone to clinic...She doesn't care about me)

Call karke dekhun?

(May I call her?)

Chillaoge to...phirphi...try karte hai.

(If she gets angry...though...Will just try)

Raman calls her and she picks up the call in the first ring, much to his shock.


Raman: "Arey vaa meri pyari Jhansi ki Rani...pehale hi ring main call attend kiya!"

(Oh my lovely JKR...attended in the first ring)

Ishita: "Ramannn...kuch bhi huh..."


Raman: "Aur bolo...aaj kya plan hai...?"

(Tell me...what's today's plan?)

Ishita: "Mujhe apse milna hai aaj."

(I want to meet you)

Raman: "Haye...Haye! Meri madrasan aaj bada romantic baatein karne laga!"

(My madrasan became so romantic today)

Ishita: "Ap bhi na...aise kuch nahi..."

(You...nothing like that)

Raman: "To kyaaa...?"

(Then what?)

Ishita: "Miku wants to meet you...maine use sab kuch bata diya..."'

(I told her everything)

Raman: "Chal tikhe...ab vo bhi humare group main hogayi..."

(Good...she too came in our group)

Ishita: "Vo bhi matlab? Aur koyi hai...?"

(She too means? Anyone else is there?)

Raman: "Haan...secret...vo chod...kab milenge?"

(When will we meet?)

Ishita: "Coffee shop?"

Raman: "Haan...kab?"


Ishita: "11 O'clock?"

Raman: "Nahi ho payega...tum na...ek kaam karo.."

(Not do one thing)

Ishita: "Kya?"


Raman: "Use lekar office aaja...vahan milenge."

(Come to my office with her)

Ishita: "Mujhe ap ka office aana pasand nahi hai..."

(I don't like coming to your office)

Raman: "Jaise mujhe teri clinic."

(Like your clinic for me)

Ishita: "Raman..."

Raman: "Aa jaana yaar..."

(Common yaar)

Ishita: "No..."

Raman: "Ok then coffee"

Ishita: "No Raman...ab nahi...bye."

(Not now)

She cuts the call without heeding to his pleas for a kiss.


The Iyer house was a fuss. The whole house was vibrating by the noise of kids to the olds. Mihika and Ishita ran here and there to manage their guests. Mr and Mrs Iyer's absent made it more difficult for them to deal with the to-do. Mihika wanted to talk to her akka about the so called meeting with her God-knows-who-lover they have planned the last night. But Ishita was immersed in gracing the guests with her presence. Mihika cursed her parents for their last minute shopping plan. She felt yesterday's incidents a mere dream chewing over the behaviour of her akka. How can she be so normal? She couldn't understand. After a long pulling and pushing she got her akka to herself. She locked the door from inside after throwing Ishita to the bed and turned ragingly at her, hands on hip.

Mihika: "AKKAAA..."

Ishita: Tensely, "Kya hua Miku? Any problem?"

(What happened Miku?)

Mihika: "Any problem...? Ap yeh mujhse pooch rahe ho?"

(Are you asking me?)

Ishita: "To phir tum kyun itna tensed lag rahe ho?"

(Then why are you so tensed?)

Mihika: " Ap ko zara sa bhi parva nahi hai...! Mera to legs shiver ho raha hai..."

(Do you care a bit! My legs are shivering)

Shaking Ishita by her shoulder, "Akka...apka shaadi us creep ke saath hone vala hai...vo bhi kal...!"

(Your marriage is going to take place tomorrow with that creep)

Ishita: "Be cool Miku..."

Mihika: "What cool akka...Main explode hojayegi...itna tension ho raha hoon mujhe..."

(I'll explode...I'm so tensed)

Taking Ishita's hand in hers, makes her touch her heart, "Feel it...drums jaise beat kar rahi hoon mera chottusa dil...! Kya hoga mujhe...? Oh God...akka...kuch to batao..."

(My small heart is beating like drums! What will happen to me? Akka tell me...)

Ishita: "Arey Miku...relax...yeh shaadi hoga..."

(This marriage will happen)

Mihika: Loudly in shock, "AKKKAAA...!!!!!"

Ishita: "Ayyooo...mera devil se nahi balki mera Ra..."

(I mean not with that devil but with my Ra...)

Her words cut short by their cousin's incessant knock on the door. They opened it for her. Ishita chatted happily while Mihika made faces. Mihika told signing to Ishita that they need to go out to meet her lover. Ishita looked at the watch and made what-will-we-do face while Mihika returned it with an is-there-any-lover face. The cousin noticed their actions and inquired the same. Suddenly Mihika come up with a story that Vandu called them to meet in her room. The poor girl believed them and wanted to accompany to Vandu's. They somehow managed to avoid her and slipped out of the home to their destination.


Ashok: "It's important to meet her ma'am.."

Principal: "But I can't allow you to..."

After a lot of persuasion Ashok won over the principal and permitted to meet Ruhi for five minutes.


Ishita and Mihika sat across a table skipping through various dishes in the menu card. Mihika was a edgy while Ishita stayed cool. She tested Raman to come fast. He replied with a sad emoticon that he is stuck in the office for an important meeting. She told the same to Mihika and she got all the more uneasy.

Mihika: "Chalo...kaha kaam karte hai vo...?Hum vahan chalke milenge unhe."

(Common, where is he working...? We'll meet him there)

Ishita: "He must be busy Miku"

Mihika: "Akka please tell me, are you sure there is someone...?"

Ishita: Getting irritated, "Stop it Miku...come with me...dikhata hoon tujhe."

(I'll show you)

Ishita pulled Mihika with her and both of them drove away to Raman's office. When Ishita's car halted in front of the company building, Mihika assumed her akka's lover to be one of Raman's employers.

Meanwhile Raman skipped the meeting faking a terrible head ache and called Ishita.

Raman: "Hello madrasan..."

Ishita: "Aa rahi hoon main..."

(I'm coming)

Raman: In a jumpy voice, "Yahan...?"


She cuts the call without answering while Mihika keeps up her steps abreast to her akka's. When they were about to reach his cabin Mihir jumps into the scene excitedly seeing Mihika. Ishita signs her to come into the cabin and walks away whilst Mihika tries to behave calmly to Mihir.


Ruhi: Surprised, "Ap kyun aya yahan?"

(Uncle you here?)

Ashok: "Apne mera proposal reject kiya dha na..."

(You rejected my proposal)

Ruhi: "To mera peecha kar rahe ho?"

(So you're following me?)

Ashok: Smiling, " tak karunga jab tak ap mera friendship accept karoge.."

(Until you accept my friendship)

Ruhi: Acts as if thinking seriously and talks, "Ashok uncle...main apki friendship accept karengi...lekin vaapas mujhe kuch chahiye...ap doge kya?"

(I'll accept your friendship. But I want something in return. Will you give me?)

Ashok: "Of course princess. Ap ko kya chahiye...Your wish is my command."

(What you want)

Ruhi thinks of Raman's words, "humare wishes God kisi ko bhejkar poora karte You should pray to God to meet you with the one who can fulfil your wish."

Ruhi: Mera wish yeh hai ki..."


Raman was walking to and fro curiously thinking why in the world Ishita cut his call without hearing him out. He was angry at her to come in his office without his permission. She was the one who had denied coming there in the morning. Then why the hell she changed her decision? He prepared mentally to lash out at her. Then when he thought of Mihika, he asked himself to behave. During his deliberations, she had stridden into the cabin closing the door behind her. He was stunned to see her alone. His romantic mode turned on the moment he saw her in his den. Poor he, didn't know the blow that he will get soon in the form of Mihika.

Ishita: In a stern tone, "Raman..."

Raman walked up to her and took her hands in his while she struggled to complete her sentence in his proximity. He began to caress her hands which made her weak and angry at the same time. This man does not understanding her situation. Her sister thinks that she cannot love someone after what happened with her and Subbu's affair. And the man, whom she is head over heels in love, is suffocating her with his passion.

Ishita: Shrugging his hands off from hers, "Raman please..."

Much to her annoyance, he grabbed her close to him by pulling her waist. She felt all the more angry and playfully slapped his chest saying, "Itna bhi tameez nahi hai ap mein...baat nahi sunoge...?"

(You don't have the least manners to hear me out?)

He pulled her closer and whispered in her ears, "Bolo...sun raha hoon..."

(Say...I'm hearing)

Ishita kept on struggling and shrugging while he tried to capture her luscious lips. She threw her head sideways and backwards making him end up in trailing wet kisses on her throat and neck. She pulled his hair in a mixed emotion; anger and passion. She wanted him to go on as well as stop. He drew outline in her bare back while he relentlessly kissed her. She physically responded to him while he wanted to hear her voice which always makes him satisfied. He sunk his teeth into her collarbone making her let out a small scream. He pushed her along with him to the table and continued his assault. She begged in fumblingly to hear her out.

Ishita: "Raman...please..."

Raman: "Bolo..."


Ishita: "You're...not talk"

Raman: In between his kisses, "Kya...main ek ...despo...lag raha...hai...?

(Do you feels that I'm a despo?)

Ishita: "Haan...hai..."


He bites her lips as a punishment and trailed love bites along the way down to her neckline. She pushed him back with all her might in vain. Pulling his hair to return the pain she screamed out in between the aching caresses, "'ll beat you up..." He smiled near her earlobe for her childish tricks to get out of his hands, which soon turned into shock.

Mihika barged into the cabin to see the CEO Raman Kumar Bhalla sexually harassing her akka. The active feminist in her made her pull him by his back collar and slapped his cheeks making him deaf for some minutes. Ishita looked on horrified at the turn of events.

Mihika: Angrily on top of her voice, "Kab se chod ne ko bol rahe hai vo...Besharam admi...Apka itni himmat ki apne meri akka ka rape karne ki koshish kar rahe dhe?"

(From when she is asking you to let go of her...shameless man...How dare you try to rape my akka?)




"The Great Marriage of IshOk" Wink

So that's it...

How was it Kutties?

Do LIKE and COMMENT Embarrassed



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janani_divan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 May 2015 at 1:09pm | IP Logged
First thanks for pm gayatri..:-)
hamari raman puttar itni dobi huye hai hone wala biwi ke xxx acts se...;-);-);-)patha naye chala puttar ko kab uska beti uske xxx thoughts ko thod diya.:-D:-D:-D
i love the papa beti bond,they are so adorable ,nazar na lage ashok ka
AUR TUM KA;->;-> U want to planning to seperate them...
U r supporting ashok ,is he is your friend.:-D:-D:-D:-Dkidding
i love this papa beti conversation:-*:-*:-*:-*
"sorry papa...main unhe ishima bulatha hai,apko vo pasand nahi dhe main ne nahi bola...kann pakad ke sorry"o so cute:-*:-*:-*
bechari ruhi unke papa already trial mai hai uski ishim..aunty ko ishima bananai ke tuli huye hai.:-*:-*
papa aur beta ko different and individual palns hai ishita ko panai keliye..:-):-)
both are in same boat.

I love this antict by ruhi"covering the duvet over her,mujhe neend aaraha hai,gudn8"
"Drama queen"
"papa agar meri koyi wish hai to kisse poochenge?god se ya phir papa se?
Awwe how cute she is:-*:-*:-*
raman ka questions are heart touching:-):-):-)
u are brilliant kanna by day u are attracting readers more and more;-);-);-)
raman:"sleep and secrets"
ruhi:   "papa"
awwee this conversation touch my heart.:-):-):-)

e ishita dumb hai kya:->
yeha para puttar ko neend chinliya aur kiss be nahi kiya? Mu...

Ruhi and ashok:->:->:->
ashok evil plans work keya tho i will not tolerate..
Starting mai tum kya kaha ashok is guilty and com person,and he want to trying to change his self..abh kya huwa ..vo change kaha kogaye?
Evil not change at all if he try to change.
If ruhi ask ishima as a wish from ashok..tho pakka ashok plan work karega
one shot mai two apples(ruhi,ishita)
its very clear ashok dont want to loose ruhi at a time ishita.if he marry ishita ,automatically and techinically ruhi use milige.

Is ashok really changed and feel guilty he has to proove now by leaving ishita.
Aur e ashok raman ko ye ishita ko blackmail karege
"sirf ruhi keliye"

i hate this mihika,now mihika also not convience with ishra marriage.
Mihika:kab se chod ne ke bol raha hai vo...besharam admi
raman besharam hai tho thumari akka ka kya?aur mihika ko common sense nahi hai kya ..knock kiya bina cabin mai gusgaye..besharam;->;->;->
rapist be kaha?
She slaped raman..;->;->;->
agar next part me mihika ko ek thappad nahi mila tho ..ishita ka maan mai koy be respect nahi hai raman ko lekar...
I want ishita to slap mihika.
E mihika ashok jiju ko slap nahi keya jab ishita ne ashok ke baramai kaha kya hua?kaha gaye?
Continue soon:-)
sorry tumari update se jyadha meri comment,bare me:-D:-D

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Sri1091 IF-Sizzlerz

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Wat ishok marriage??? Plzzz no I hope ruhi's asks him nt to marry ishita... 

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VENBA Goldie

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Posted: 23 May 2015 at 1:42pm | IP Logged
Lovely update...
Raman and Mihika scenes was awesome..
Thanks for pm..

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rufana10 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 May 2015 at 2:19pm | IP Logged
raman got slapped by mihikaLOL...poor ramanLOL update d next part soon
AngelSREE Goldie

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Posted: 23 May 2015 at 2:20pm | IP Logged
Ha ha ha the last was hilarious...
Ishra romanceee aweee...
I think ruhi will ask ashok her ishima...
Hmmm totalyyy it was awesme...
Wnt to saw mihiku's reaction when she realise that Raman is her akkas bf...
Ishok weddinggg Noway...

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