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FF___JAB TUNE JHOOT BOLA___Chapter-28 on pg 126 TEASER Pg 137 (Page 32)

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Originally posted by hana_y

wow awesome hot romance in trial room too good broke all the three condition too i love ruhi wala scene n romi beat ashok too recap wow pm me

Thank you Hansa... Smile
Be there... Will update soon Big smile

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Originally posted by ananyachaudhary


Everything will be clear soon dear Wink
Stay tuned Smile
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gaya3 awesome romance in hot love love in trial room love it too Day Dreaming 
yaar im getting your pm but i cant sent you pm it said you have been block me try to find what is the problem Big smile 

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Originally posted by pretty_h

gaya3 awesome romance in hot love love in trial room love it tooDay Dreaming
yaar im getting your pm but i cant sent you pm it said you have been block me try to find what is the problemBig smile

Blocked Shocked
I'll check dear
And thanks for liking it Big smile
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hi I try again check your blocked list in mine is empty try in yours
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Originally posted by pretty_h

hi I try again check your blocked list in mine is empty try in yours

Oh my my... Shocked
By God I've blocked youyou Confused
But when and how Shocked
I'm so sorry kunjoosss... Cry

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Hi Kutties...Smile

It's true that I've planned to end the marriage drama in this chapter, but couldn't.

It will feel empty for you people by jumping into that part as there are many things that I need to clear for you.

This part is way too boring.

But couldn't avoid, because it has a vital role in the marriage drama.

So please bear me Embarrassed

Ignore typos and grammar/spelling errors

Not proofread

Enjoy reading Big smile



Ishita came out of the trail room to see Ashok lost in thoughts looking at the doorway, smiling to himself. Is he gone mad? She glared at him inquisitively and walked up to him. Making up her indifference, she showed him her attire. He softly smiled and asked her to buy that only. He walked away without further intriguing her. She was flabbergasted seeing his behaviour. Why the hell is he behaving this way? She couldn't help but ask him. He just smiled in reply and gestured her to follow him. Meanwhile Raman slipped out of there to his company. They left the mall contently as they have got some hope that everything will be alright.


Raman was driving the car smiling to himself like a fool. Romi and Mihir comprehended the reason behind his glowing face and happiness. When they prepared themselves to tease their big bro, Ruhi peek into the scene blabbering her day out.
Ruhi: "Pata hai papa...main aaj ek tall and handsome uncle ko dekha!"

(You know papa...Today I saw a tall and handsome uncle)

She was exclaiming as if she saw her prince charming, but someone go stiffened at that mention; Romi. Raman smiled and enquired about the man who impressed his daughter so easily.

Ruhi: "Main jab gir gaya vo uncle ke eyes teary hogaya papa...he is so cute. I like him."

(When I fell down the uncle's eyes got teary. He's so cute. I like him)

Raman put on a sudden break and leaned to Ruhi, caressing her face and checking her body if she got hurt.

Raman: Lovingly to Ruhi, "My bacha...tum tikh ho na? "

(Are you alright my baby?)

Then looking angrily at Romi, "Chotti bachi ko sambhal nahi sakta tu?"

(Can't you handle a small kid?)

Romi couldn't face his brother, so he just bowed his head in shame. More than that, he was scared. Scared of his brother's violent outbursts once he gets to know about the man whom Ruhi admires from the very first meeting; Ashok Khanna. Mihir smelled something is off, that is why Romi is not fighting back. So he took control over the situation and asked Raman to drive home. Raman somehow calmed down and did as Mihir say.


Ashok seemed like the one who met Ishita in her clinic. The one who put forwarded a marriage proposal to her. The one with whom she got engaged. She couldn't make out who the REAL ASHOK is. Some stolen glances and deep contemplations where her companion until they reached the apartment.


Ashok voluntarily walked with them to the Iyer apartment. He warmly greeted his to-be-in-laws and had spent some time chit chatting. But Ishita walked inside her room followed by Mihika.

Ashok: "Uncle ji...Kaise ho? Subah jab aya dha to ap kahi gaye dhe na...Is everything alright?"

(How're you uncle? You're not here when I came in morning. Is everything alright?)

Mr Iyer: "Aise kuch nahi beta... Shaadi keep kuch saman line gay I dhi."

(Nothing son. I need to buy some things for the marriage)


Ishita dropped herself on the bed being tired after the hectic day accompanied by her little sister beside. Both were in deep thoughts. Mihika was in dilemma on whether to ask her sister about Ashok or not. She was scared if she will feel offended. On the other side Ishita couldn't keep aside the moments she spent with Raman. However, for reasons unknown, her thoughts were centrally preoccupied by Ashok. She couldn't identify the Ashok she had met in the morning and after their shopping. She was burning inside to a crisp deliberating the possible aftermaths of his nature. Is he having some split personality? Is he a psycho? What made him change in the tick of a second? Millions of questions were there. Both of them were immersed in grilling on the day's occurrences forgetting the other. As a final point, Mihika braced herself to interrogate her akka.

Mihika: "Akka mujhe kuch poochna hai..."

(I want to ask you something akka)

Ishita: "Haan...poocho..."

(Yes, ask)

Mihika: "Vo...Jiju..."


Ishita sat up straight hearing his name. Mihika was startled to see Ishita like that.

Mihika: "Akka, kuch gadbad hai kya?"

(Is there any problem akka?)

Ishita: "Kyun...kyun poocha aisa?"

(Why...why did you ask?)

Mihika: "Akka...I don't want to make you feel bad...but...I need to say this...That...I feels something wrong with jiju...vo kuch weirdly behave kar raha hai subah se..."

(He's acting weirdly from morning)

Ishita took her sister's hand in her. Softly patting on the back of her palm she began to talk.

Ishita: "Miku...mujhe bhi nahi pata hai ki vo kyun aise...bas mujhe ek baat ka pata acha nahi hai...bilkul nahi hai...and I want to get out of his clutches ASAP. "

(I also don't know why was he acting like that. I just know one thing that he is not a good guy...not at all... )

Mihika: Jolting back in shock, "What you mean akka?"

Ishita: "Main unse shaadi nahi karna chahti because..."

(I don't want to marry him because)

Mihika: "What? Why? Ap kehna kya chahte ho? Kya reason hai?"

(What do you want to say? What's the reason?)

Ishita: "Main...main kisi aur se pyar..."

(I...I love someone...)

Mihika: "Oh please akka...mujhe ullu banane ki koshish mat karo...ap kisi se pyar...I will not believe you...I'm sorry. Mujhe kuch nahi sunna."

(Don't try to make me loves someone else...I won't believe you. I don't want to hear anything)

Mihika turned her back to Ishita. She came close to Mihika and touched her shoulder.

Ishita: "Miku...listen to me...main kal tujhe unse milvadunga...I promise"

(I will make you meet him tomorrow)

Mihika's eyes popped out by hearing that.

Mihika: "Are you serious akka?"

Ishita: "Mujhse viswas nahi karti?"

(Don't you believe me?)

Mihika: "Lekin Jiju..."

(But jiju...)

Ishita: In a stern voice, "Please Miku...don't call him that. Vo kabhi tera jiju nahi ban sakta..."

(He can never be your jiju)

Mihika: "I...I'm sorry akka...but...I can't stomach it"

Ishita: "I know...kal tak intezar karo."

(Wait till tomorrow)

Mihika: "Mujhe dar lag raha hai akka ki jij...mera matlab Ashok...kaise react karega jab ap unhe reject karogi!"

(I'm will he react to your rejection!)

Ishita: "Oh Miku...he is such a creep! Maine unhe aaj subah shopping keliye nahi balki shaadi thodne ki baat karne ko bulaya dha."

(I didn't call him for shopping today, but to tell him that I don't want to marry him)

Mihika: "To apne unse kyun nahi bathaya akka?"

(Then why didn't you tell him?)

Ishita: "I told him Miku. Lekin vo mujhe dara rahe dhe. He were forcing me that I will have to marry him. He is a psycho!"

(I scared me. )

Mihika: "Ap ki bolne ki baad bhi vo...chee...besharam admi."

(Even after telling him...chee...shameless man)

Ishita: "I was scared Miku...I didn't know how to tell you then"

Mihika: "I can understand akka. Main apke saath hoon"

(I'm with you)

Ishita: "Ab chalo unhe see off karne ko."

(Let's go to see off him)

Mihika: "No akka...hum nahi jayenge!"

(No...We will not go)

Ishita: "Miku...behave. Appa-amma ko nahi pata hai yeh sab. We should solve this problem silently."

(Appa-amma doesn't know it)

Mihika: "'re right akka"

Ishita: "Ab chaloge bhi?"

(Will you come now?)

Mihika: "Yeah sure"

They both hugged each other reassuringly and got out of the bedroom to see off Ashok.


Raman walked past Romi and Mihir with Ruhi in his arms. When Mihir began to walk away Romi pulled him back and told him the events that took place in the mall. Mihir closed his mouth with his palm in shock.

Mihir: "Yeh kya hua yaar...Itne saalon tak bhai ne aise nahi hone diya...aur ab jab vo is baat ko jaan lega to tera to gaya..."

(What's this yaar? Bhai never let this happened for past years...You'll be dead when he'll come to know this )

Romi: In a throbbing voice, "Yaar...darana band kar...batao kya karega main?"

(Stop scaring me and tell me what will I do now?)

Mihir: "Tuna...apna muh band karke hoga so hoga...hum dekhlenge...tikhe?"

(You just shut your mouth. Whatever may happen, we'll see. OK?)

Romi: "Pata nahi yaar..."

(I don't know)

Mihir: "Arey darpok...mujhe bhi darana band karo...chalo..."

(Don't be a coward...and don't make me scared...come)

Romi: "Bhai...bhai...!!!"

Mihir: "Bhagvan ko bulao yaar..."

(Pray to God)

Romi: "Ab mera to sab kuch bhai ke hathon main hai!"

(Now everything is in bhai's hands)


Ruhi clung on to Raman as he walked into his bedroom. She could feel her papa's tensed state regarding her health. So she tried to cool him down.

Ruhi: "Papa..."

Raman: "Hmm...?"

Ruhi: "Ap aise moody kyun ho?"

(Why are you moody?)

Raman: "Nahi to"


Ruhi: kissing his cheek, "Main tikh hoon na papa...I'm a big girl!"

(I'm alright papa. I'm a big girl)

She widened her hands as if showing how much big she is. He couldn't help but smile at her cute and caring nature. He pulled her and made her sit beside him. She cuddled to him sideways resting her head on his midriff whilst he circled his arm around her.

Raman: "Papa is sorry beta."

Ruhi: "Why papa?"

Raman: Taking a deep breath, "Nothing"

Ruhi: "I love you so much papa"

Raman: "I love you more"

Ruhi: "To kya main ab khelna jaaon?"

(May I go for playing?)

Raman: "Permission?"

Ruhi: "Uffo papa...permission nahi pooch rahi dhi..."

(I was not asking for permission)

Raman: "To phir?"


Ruhi: "Bas bata rahi dhi."

(Just informing)

Raman smiles at her tactics to make him normal and let her go for playing. Ruhi ran out of the room in haste to play with her Ishima.


Ashok stood up to leave and found Ishita coming out of the room with Mihika. He never in his dreams expected her to see off him. He sheepishly smiled at her not knowing the little madrasan watching his every move. His mere smile made it easy for her to know her akka is true in every sense. However, her confusion was on the thought of her akka's lover who came to the discussion as an unexpected blow.

Mihika mumbled to Ishita without breaking her eyes from Ashok's face, "Kya isse pata hai unke bare main?" (He knows about him?) for which Ishita hummed faking a smile at Ashok. Mihika couldn't believe her ears. "How this man can force her akka even after knowing that she loves someone else?" that was the only thing going on in her mind.

When Ashok turned to get out of the house Ruhi ran in their calling her Ishima and stopped in his tracks seeing him. Ashok looked at her amused. Ruhi smiled softly and greeted him.

Ruhi: "Hi uncle ap!"

(Uncle you!)

Ashok: "Haan sweetheart...ap yahan?"

(You here?)

Ruhi: "Main next door main rehti hoon. Ishima se milne ko aya."

(I'm living next door. I came to meet Ishima)

Ashok: Puzzled, "ISHIMA?"

Ishita's amma jumped in to clear the confusion.

Mrs Iyer: "Vo Ishu ko aise hi bulathe hai. She is like her daughter."

(She calls Ishu like that.)

Ashok: Letting out a sigh, "Yeah...I understood."

Then turning to Ruhi, "Ap ka naam
Kya hai princess?"

(What's your name princess?)

Ruhi: "Ruhi Bhalla"

Ashok: Nervously in a shaking voice, "Ru..Ruhi Bhalla...!"

Ruhi: "Haan uncle. Ap ka naam?"

(Yes uncle. Your name?)

Ashok: "Ash...Ashok"

Ruhi: "Ok. Nice to meet you Ashok uncle."

Ashok: "Me too sweetheart."

Ruhi: "Sorry uncle..."

Ashok: "Kyun?"


Ruhi: "Vo...aaj chachune mere vajhase apko maara...To..."

(Chachu beat you today because of me)

Mihika: Loudly in shock, "MIHIR NE...?"


Ruhi: Looking at Mihika's horrified face, "Uffo... Vo nahi... Romi chachu!"

(Not him but Romi chachu)

Mihika let out a sigh while Mr and Mrs Iyer inquired Ashok about the matter. He explained it and shifted his focus to Ruhi once again.
He cleared his throat as he couldn't hear his own voice.

Forwarding his hand for a handshake, "Ru...Ruhi...friends?"

Ruhi looked at him astonished and smiled softly. She came to him for taking his hands for a handshake. She touched his fingertip with her tiny hand and looked at his teary eyes.

Ruhi: "Maybe next time uncle."

He smiled at her and left the place turning back millionth time to get a glimpse of her.


Ashok jerked open his eyes from his sleep. The nightmare was killing him. He sat on the bed resting his head on the headboard. Looking intently at the fan he tried to calm his panting heartbeats. He felt his throat getting dry. He wanted to drink some water. But he couldn't move. He was frozen. He felt his body paralysed. He tried to remember the nightmare which made him feel like a dead body. The horrendous dream that made him forget to breathe for a while is a blurring vision now.

He couldn't remember a thing! But still, he can hear his voice echoing in his own ears. He tried hard not to hear it in futile. It ate up his head with in a splash of second. He couldn't understand its meaning. His own voice showing aggression towards him! How could this happen? He closed his ears pushing in his fingers in it to save himself from the harassing noise. His voice!!!!

"Main...yeh shaadi khud thod raha hoon Ishita"

(I'm breaking this marriage myself)

He heard his voice repeatedly in the darkness of the room. He looked everywhere to find the source like a maniac. He couldn't help but scream.

Ashok roared in frustration.

Ashok: "No...yeh nahi ho sakta. Main kabhi Ishita ko chod nahi sakta. Chahe kuch bhi ho...main Ishita se shaadi karke hi rahunga. I want her so badly. I love her so much that I'll never let her go away from me. Raman se uski saari khushiyan cheenne keliye mere paas sirf yeh hi ek rasta hai."

(It won't happen. I can never leave Ishita. I'll marry her. I've only this way to smack everything from Raman)

He stood up and walked up to the mirror. Looking sternly at his reflection he began to talk himself.

Ashok: "Ishita...Ishita...Ishita...You can't mess with Ashok Khanna! Tujhe kya laga...Ashok Khanna, the gentleman, chale jayenge jab tum kahoge? Tumhare paas aane keliye tune mujhe kabhi nahi bulaya tune kaise socha ki tere bolne se main..."

(What did you think, Ashok will leave you when you'll ask? You never asked me to come to you...then how could you think that when you'll say I'll...)

With that, he began to laugh loudly like a monster.

"Jab tune apni pyar...Raman ke baare mein bola dha...oh God Ishita...I felt that I'm the happiest person in the world."

(When you said about your love, Raman, Oh God Ishita... I felt that I'm the happiest person in the world)

"Pehale tum mera pyar banke aya...phir mera chahat bana...aur ab tum mera hathyar ban gaya hai."

(First you came as my love...then became my wish...and now you are my weapon)

"I never wanted such turn of events...I never wanted to be a VILLAIN in this story. But you're the one who turned me into one."

"I thought it's a second chance to LOVE, AND LIVE. But no. It's a second chance to REVENGE!"

"Tujhe apnana matlab vo sab kuch apnana hai jo kuch maine kho diya. Main kabhi tujhe mujhse door nahi hone de sakta Ishita. HELL WITH THAT BLOODY RAMAN KUMAR BHALLA!!!"

(Owning you means owning those things that I'd lost. I can never lose you.)




"Ashok uncle...main apki friendship accept karengi...lekin vaapas mujhe kuch chahiye...ap doge kya?"

"Of course princess. Ap ko kya chahiye...Your wish is my command."

So that's it guys...Smile

How's it?

Do LIKE and COMMENT Big smile



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Sorry dear for the late comment...
Actually read it yesterday only...
But not able to comment...
Kaan pakad k sorry... Disapprove

Coming to the update...
It was Clap and Thumbs Up...
Loved Ruhi in the whole update...
And Mihika ko sach pata chal he gaya...
And thank you so much devil ko devil banane k liye... Wink
Continue soon...

And forgot to mention...
Late he sahi...
Lekin pehla comment toh mera he hai yaar...
Yipeee... Me first...LOLDancing

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