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FF___JAB TUNE JHOOT BOLA___Chapter-28 on pg 126 TEASER Pg 137 (Page 3)

swathin IF-Rockerz

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Hey dear even i m malu
nice story
continue soon
if possible do pm me

janani_divan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 May 2015 at 9:03am | IP Logged
Wow different concept.both ishra fighting..romi,mihir is so ashok and raman fight for ishita..more drama,romance,emotional,twist in coming up.i will be waiting.amazing writting,will u pm me.

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Pravalli Senior Member

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Posted: 08 May 2015 at 9:19am | IP Logged
Awesome update 
Continue soon 

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...Forever... IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 May 2015 at 10:22am | IP Logged
What was the precap...??Wink
Gaya3sb IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 May 2015 at 10:29am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Ishra_Sona

What was the precap...??Wink

It's gonna be a pleasant shock Jaan Wink. But trust me I won't dissapoint you and will try toreach your expectations.

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SuryaIshraholic IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 May 2015 at 1:25pm | IP Logged
i loved d story.. nd 1st part 2 much..
awesome amazing startng plz continue soon nd pm me...

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Gaya3sb IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 May 2015 at 11:18pm | IP Logged
Thanks for your lovelybresponse... Smile

As I told you earlier, bear with my HINDLISH Embarrassed

Tell me if anything in the FF makes you offended...!

I'll try my best to reach your expectations... Wink

So here goes the next chapter...Big smile




Ashok: "May I get an appointment to any available dentist?" He was in terrible pain and his voice was husky as he tightly held his left cheek.

Sarika: "Sir, Dr Iyer is free. You can go meet her." She directed him to Dr Iyer's room.

Ashok: "May I come in Dr Iyer." Ishita looked up and asked him to enter. Ashok was mesmerised by her beauty at the first sight. She asked him to sit down and he obliged.

Ishita: "So Mr...?"

Ashok: "Khanna...err Ashok Khanna" he had completed for her.

Ishita: "Ok Mr Khanna. Tell me, what's your problem?"

Ashok: "Girlfriend ke saath break up hogaya."
(Broke up with my girlfriend)
He said without a second thought which made her widen her eyes. He was quick enough to clear the air. " be frank usne mujhe thapad it's paining. The left cheek. Lagta hai daant pe laga hai."
(To be frank, she bounced on my left cheek. I think it's the teeth that are paining.)

Ishita: With a soft smile, "Ok Mr Khanna, I'll check."

After the check up.

Ishita: "daanton ko koyi problem nahi hai Mr Khanna. Apko zor se laga hai isiliye zyada dard ho raha dha. Yeh jo tablet main ne likhi hai, vo follow karna. Two weeks ke baad mujhe consult kar lena."
(Your teeth are perfectly fine. It's because of the sudden smack on your cheek that paining you. Follow these tablets and consult me after two weeks.)

Ashok was ogling at her all this while and brought out of his dream world when she handed over him his prescription sheet. He bid goodbye and left her room. When he walked out of the room he bumped into the other one who also came running to see the dentist. Ashok tried not to create any seen there and mouthed a sorry while going away. Much to his surprise Raman never turned around. He was happy that finally Raman got some good mannerisms.

Raman entered her consulting room without knocking or asking her permission and sat across the table. Hands crossed, looking intently at her. She knew who it might be and didn't bother to look up at him. Minutes passed. The last stray of his patience has gone by then. He stood up jerking the chair off and walked out of there without looking back. When she felt the storm has gone, she took a deep breath and stood up. Like a thief she walked slowly to the door. She wanted to make sure that he has really gone. When she opened the door and peeped out her eyes widened with shock to see him standing there resting his back to the wall opposite to her room and sheepishly grinning at her. She suddenly tried to close the door only to be pushed inside the room by his hard arms. He was walking towards her table as if he is madly driving a car. Ishita shivered in his hands as he clutched her arms like a steering. He stopped only when her back hit the table. With a swift movement of his hands, she was being seated on the table. She was horrified would be an understatement. She so much wanted to held her tears and slap him hard. However, she was numb and too much scared to react.

Raman was in the same state. He doesn't know why he is acting in this way. Inside, he is ashamed of himself to pour his anger and frustration on her. He was too agitated with Ashok. He always miserably failed to control his rage when it comes to Ashok. Moreover, he is confused. Confused of his overreaction, or precisely, over protectiveness...! It's his fear that Ashok may harm Ishita just the way he did to Shagun once. But what he just did is unjustifiable. She is an innocent soul who doesn't know what Ashok can do to her. He took a deep breath to compose himself and realised that he is holding her waist so tightly that she squeezed her eyes close. Her cheeks were moist with her salty tears. Her hands clutching his shoulders as tightly as she could. His proximity was affecting her very much that he interpreted as her fear. He thought a rude and arrogant man like him can only intimidate her. He had melted in her beautiful eyes and enticing touch that made him oblivious of their relationship status. He came here to apologise...for whatever he had done to her. He came to mend their problems as he cannot bear the reality of their relationship. He was fed up with her indifference. He wanted to tell her how much he wanted them to be in normalcy. He wanted to have a new relationship with her...of FRIENDSHIP.   

All the logical thoughts washed away when he saw her so close to him. The past one year that he controlled his raging hormones by fighting with her and placing himself away from her, so that he may not touch her. He didn't wanted to show his inner feelings. He very well knows that he is bad in poetry and believes in ACTION rather than WORDS. But that will make him a jerk in her eyes. He came after the ride of thoughts and realised that she surrendered to him without her knowledge. He stared at her luscious lips. The slight tremble and a little gap in those petals were inviting him to taste them. Little did she know that she is waking up the lion in him who becomes restless whenever he sees her. She neither shocked nor resisted, but winced silently and let out a soft moan when he deepened the kiss. Her first ever kiss. Her hands travelled to his hair and played with it while his hands were caressing her back. When they broke apart for breath, both knew as a matter of fact that it won't ever happen again. The magical moment that just happened was dear to both of them. Both were embarrassed. They couldn't meet each other's eyes. Ishita arranged the saree plaits and Raman his shirt buttons and hair. She sat on her chair and pretended to be writing something urgently.


Raman: "Vo resist kyun nahi kiya?"
(Why didn't she resist?)

Ishita: "Because I'm weak. So weak...when it comes to him."

Raman: "She hates me. Mooh pe bola dha mera..."
(Told me on my face)

Ishita: "Feelings change bhi to ho sakta hai. Na jaane Raman se mujhe kuch soft corner ...?"
(Feelings can change. May be I've some soft corner towards Raman...?)

Raman: "Maybe she loves me"

Ishita: "Vo mujhse kabhi pyar nahi karenge"
(He will never love me)

Raman: "Vo galat hai."
(That's wrong)

Ishita: "Shagun ke karan..."
(Because of Shagun)

Raman: "Mein kuch nahi kar sakta...aur na hi karunga..."
(I can't do anything...and will not do anything...)

After what felt like eternity, both faced each other. She asked him to spill the beans. He didn't know what to say. With so much hesitation he put forward a hand and asked, "FRIENDS?" That single word undid everything. She was shocked and disappointed for reasons alien to her. After looking at his soft milky-white hand which a while ago played softly and passionately with her creamy skin and looked up at him with a disgusted face and uttered in a dangerous husky voice, "WITH BENIFITS...MR RAMAN KUMAR BALLA?" Her question felt like a thunder and he tried to clear the air. Before he could do anything her hand touched his cheek and her voice echoed in the room.

Ishita: "You're a coward Mr Bhalla. You're pathetic. You're not even able to say that, you want to have se* with me on my face. You're such a..." Shaking her head with utter disbelief she rammed out of the room after throwing a disgusting "Chee..." at his face. He knew that he did a grave mistake. What he just said wasn't that he decided to ask her after what transpired between them. Only if he voiced the RIGHT WORD!


After freshening up from her home, Ishita ran to the Bhalla house to take Ruhi with her and heard Mr and Mrs Bhalla discussing a proposal for Raman. They are confused whether to give it a further thought or not. She wanted to ignore the conversation and take Ruhi in her arm who by now is standing on a chair spreading her hands to invite Ishu in a tight hug. She smiled and did what she should. But her ears are still full on to hear where they are heading to.

Ruhi: "Ishima...ap ko pata hai mein aaj apko kitna missy kiya?"
(Ishima, you know how much I missed you?)

she looked at her with a cute pout. Ishu pulled her nose lovingly and asked, "Kitna sara missy-missy kiya mera Rooh ne mujhe?"
(How much did you miss me my Rooh?)
for which she extended her hands as if showing she missed her a lot.

Ishita badly wanted to take Ruhi away from there, because their discussion was playing a toll on her emotions. When she reached the door to go home along with Ruhi in her arms, Mr Bhalla called her.

Mr Bhalla: "Arey puttar...tu rukhna... mujhe tumse kuch poochna dha..."
(Puttar...please stop there...I want to ask you something...)
He turned to Pammi aunty and said, "Bada samajhdar puttar hai."

Ishita: by now knew what will be coming." uncle ji..."
( me uncle ji...)
she felt her throat dry.

Mrs Bhalla Chirped in and asked to her patidev "Oye Bhalla ji...mein poochthi hoon puttarnu."
(Bhalla ji...I'll ask her.)
And continued her query after earning a positive nod from her husband. "Vo ghal yeh hai ki...puttar Raman ko ek rishta aya hai. ladki hai hi badi khoobsoorat aur pyari, firbhi...pata nahi kya karoon...jab teri amma se poocha tho proceed karne ko bol diya. Mujhe tho kuch samajh mein nahi aaraha...tannu ki lagta hai puttar?"
('s just that Raman's got a proposal and the girl's very lovely and beautiful. But don't know what to do...When I asked your amma, she told me to proceed. I can't understand anything...what you think puttar?)
She looked at ishita with hope in her eyes.

Ishita: "Aunty Ji...yeh tho apka ghar ka mamla hai. Firbhi ap mujhse share karne keliye thank you."
(Aunty ji, it's your family matter, though you shared it with me and I'm thankful.)
She softly smiled and continued, "Mujhe lagta hai ki apko ek aisi ladki ko doondna chahiye jaisi ki vo is ghar ki bahu aur Raman ki biwi ke saath saath Ruhi ki maa bhi ban sake."
(I think that you should find a girl who can be the daughter-in-law of this house, Raman's wife and also Ruhi's maa at the same time)
With that her eyes became moist which only Ruhi noticed.

Mrs Bhalla: "Tune ghal kaha puttar. Aise hi karna chahiye."

(You're right puttar. We should do that.)
She looked at Mr Bhalla as if asking to agree with Ishu's point and asked her to go play with Ruhi. Ishu mouthed a bye and left the place with a heavy heart. The whole conversation was heard by Raman who let out a sigh as if he had rid of a burden and walked into his home.

Mr Bhalla: "ah...aaja puttar...vo...hum... Pammi...haan...Pammi ki birthday celebration ke bare mein baat kar rahi dhi."
(Come...come puttar..That...we...Pammi...yeah...We're discussing about Pammi's birthday celebration.)
He was stammering in front of his son out of fear. The ladies looked at him puzzled while Raman chuckled, "Main ne kuch poocha hi nahi na papaji..."
(I didn't ask you anything papaji...)
with that he left the living room surprising the trio.

Mrs Bhalla: "Oye Bhalla Ji...apko tho koyi aur reason nahi milta...? Roz roz Pammi ke birthday plan..."
(Oye Bhalla didn't get another reason? Daily Pammi's birthday plan...)
Mr Bhalla doesn't know what to say and looked down. Pammi patted Mrs Bhalla's shoulder asking her to stop scolding him. "Patanahi yeh Raman ke chakkar mein Pammi ka birthday kab tak manana padegi..." Mrs Bhalla muttered under breath when she faked a smile and waved goodbye to her.


She was physically present with Ruhi and her mind was in its journey to different parts regarding the great RKB's marriage. No one knows about his first marriage. Who was his first wife? The only thing the whole world knows is he has a cute daughter whom he loves a lot and her late mother's name was Shagun. Maybe they never married. Or maybe there is something hidden from everyone regarding Ruhi and her mysterious mother.


"Mr Bhalla seems to be head over heels in love with that woman. Then why me Murugan? Mujhe baar baar vo kuch ajeebsa ghur kyun raha hai? Aaj clinic mein...ayyo amma...! Aur yeh main kya kya sochne mein padi hai? Mujhe to kuch samach mein nahi aaraha hai. Haan...Ruhi...Ruhi pe focus karna hai. Lekin Ruhi...Raman use mujhse cheen kar kisi aur ko dedengi...! Stop it Ishu...abi tak kuch finalize nahi kiya na. So chill. Ruhi se milne se vo tujhe thodi mana karnevala. Technically, tum Ruhi ka kuch nahi lagta. Vo Ravan jo bhi karein tum kujh nahi kar sakta...kadavule...inneyk athenak nalla terinjuduthu. Aur Ruhi usko bhi maa bulayenge...? Iska matlab, hamare beech mein koi special rishta hi nahi...?"
(Why is he staring at me so strangely? Today at clinic...ayyo amma...! And what's all these I'm thinking about? I can't understand. Yes...Ruhi...I'd focus on Ruhi. But Raman will take her from me and will give her to someone else. Stop it Ishu, everything's yet to be finalised. So chill. He won't stop me from meeting Ruhi. Technically, I'm no one to Ruhi. Whatever the Ravan would do, you cannot resist...God, today I clearly came to know it.
Will Ruhi call her also maa? That means there's nothing special in our relationship...?)

Her eyes welled up and hide it when Ruhi laugh out loudly saying some joke which she was immersed in sharing with her Ishima all this while. Ishita acted to be keenly observing and smiled to make her happy face. Little did she knew that her little princes already knew she is upset with the fact that her Daadi-Daadu is going to bring her a new Maa.


Ruhi came in with her teddy bear and sat across Raman who was busy working on the bed. There were files shattered on the bed. Ruhi took a deep breath and put her teddy on the couch careful enough not to hurt it. Then she slowly with utmost care not to make her papa disturbed by her interventions sat next to him and began to arrange every file neatly. She took the entire file in her hand and tried to get down from the bed to place it on the couch. But her little legs couldn't touch the floor as she planned and ended up scattering all the files on the floor. Her eyes welled up and she began to cry. By then Raman who was enjoying his daughter's cute antics came running to her and took her in his arms.

Raman: Trying to pacify her, "Mera Rooh aise rothi..? Papa tho Ruhi se kabhi gussa nahi hothe hai na? To mera little brave girl aise rothe hai...?"
(Why is my Rooh crying? Papa never gets angry on you na? So my little brave girl cries like this?)

He was trying hard to calm her down. He thought maybe she is scared of getting scolded by him as he always does to Mihir and Romi when it comes to business. She might have heard his out bursts. Unless Ruhi wouldn't have cried like this. He sat on the bed and placed her on his lap.

Raman: "Rooh baby...rona band karo baba. Papa apko kuch nahi kahenge."
(Rooh baby...stop crying. Papa won't scold you.)
She looked at him with a little relief which confirmed Raman that she is actually scared of him. He mentally smacked himself for behaving like that in home.

Ruhi: "Papa ap worried hothe hue cute lagte ho."
(Papa you look cute when you get worried)
Her words made him chuckle and took her to bed and lay next to her. She took his arm and placed her head on it. She was pretending to be asleep when Raman tickled her on her stomach and she woke up to giggle and then laugh out loud. While she was enjoying the moments with her papa, he asked her, "Rooh beta, ap papa se darthe hai kya?"
(Rooh baby, are you scared of papa?)
Suddenly she became silent and hugged him tight saying "No papa...ap mera sweet papa ho...I love you so much."
(No're my sweet papa...I love you so much.)

Raman: "Fir ap kyun ro rahe dhe?"
(Then why did you cry?)

Ruhi: With the mention of her cry baby nature turned on her dull mode and said, "Vo mera sara hard work waste hogaya dha isiliye. Mujhe lambe legs chahiye papa...nahi to main bed se roz girjaoonga. Ap ne Ishita aunty ke legs dekha hai?"
(Because all my hard work spoiled. I want long legs papa, or else I'll always fall from the bed. Did you see Ishita aunt's legs?)

Raman's eyes popped out by her innocent question. For a brief moment, his thoughts travelled to the 'Clinic Incident' and mumbled, "Lambi to hai...lekin madrasan mujhe kabhi dikhaya nahi na...chee Raman...vo sahi hai... You're a jerk."
(It'd be long...but she never showed.. Chee Raman...she's're a jerk.)
He mentally smacked himself for those shameless thoughts and took a bit more time to nod a no to his daughter.

Ruhi: "Unka to lambi lambi legs hai. Aur vo kahi bhi ja sakta hai. Papa...ap God se pray kijiye ki vo mujhe jaldse jald big girl banale. Mujhe na...Ishita aunty aur Mihika aunty ke saath hang out karna hai. Choti hogatho vo mujhe free nahi chodegina...mujhe daudna hai...bhagna hai...aur khoob sari masti karna hai...!"
(She has long legs so she can go anywhere she want. Papa, will you pray to God to make me a big girl soon. I want to hang out with Ishita aunty and Mihika aunty. And wants to enjoy a lot.)
Ruhi completed her blabbering and looked at her papa with expecting eyes and saw her papa looking at her as if he had just seen an alien.

Raman: "So jaao meri Daadima..."
(Sleep my granny...)
He coverd themselves with a duvet and closed his eyes. His lips curved into a smile when she muttered something softly against his chest which seemed to be an "I LOVE YOU PAPA"


"Kya ap mujhse shaadi karogi Miss Ishita Iyer...For me and my daughter?"

"To be honest..., apka proposal main consider karti hoon."

"Coffee peene chalegi?"

"Our first date Mr Khanna...?"      



So that's it my pretty readers...Big smile
Hope you liked it.
Do like and comment Embarrassed


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janani_divan IF-Rockerz

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Wow wonderful update,so ashok want to marry ishita.raman proposed ishita,at the same time ashok proposed ishita,i think ishita reject raman proposal.that make raman more arrogant.again war between ashok and raman.1st date with mr.khanna.ruhi baby definately bring ishra close.loved it .:-)precap is more intresting.:-)

Edited by janani_divan - 09 May 2015 at 12:52am

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