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FF___JAB TUNE JHOOT BOLA___Chapter-28 on pg 126 TEASER Pg 137 (Page 21)

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nice update continue soon

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Sorry for not being able to give a daily update Confused
I'll compensate it with a LONG UPDATE tomorrow Thumbs Up
Yippeee Tongue

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Hi Kutties...Smile

I'm back with a long update Big smile

Hope you'll like it Smile

Not proofread

Please ignore spelling/grammar errors Big smile

Enjoy reading Smile




That was the moment of realisation. That was the moment when she beheld the true love that Raman wants to shower on her. She was so blind that she never thought of giving her eye to that reality. She was a fool to ignore him!

She cursed herself for comparing Raman to Subbu. She felt his love will wash away the moment he will get to know about her infertility. She felt he will choose to leave her because she cannot give him a child. She jumped into conclusions that he doesn't love her enough to stay with her forever. Moreover, she was scared of HEART BREAK, AGAIN.

She was thinking about his family. Their wish to get him married and to see his children. That was why she restricted herself from committing herself to him. But, she forgot to lay her sense on a TRUTH. That he has Ruhi. He is having a child already. All that he wants now is HER. ONLY HER!

She is not only angry at herself but also to him. If he asked her out the other day, maybe she would have cleared the air. She would have tried to reason with him. However, she knew it's not that easy. She could never say it out to him. Even after him knowing everything, she still has no guts to explain herself, because, for that, she needs to utter the reality. She has no courage to see sympathy in his eyes. She can never tolerate someone doing pity her on her state, especially him.

When Raman held her wrist and said that, the truth that they have Ruhi, she was stunned. Her thought never take a ride to that place. She was always so preoccupied in thinking about the wishes of his parents; she forgot the fact that he already has a baby, Ruhi! But, what if he wants another child. No, she corrected herself. If he wanted one more child, he would have married already to someone who can...!

She thought he expected more from her. But he only wanted her.

But, what now? She doesn't have the courage to follow her heart. At the same time, she is afraid to follow what her deeds stored ahead for her. Now that she know how much Raman loves her and is willing to go to any extend, how can she be happy with Ashok? How can she choose Ashok? How can she LEAVE RAMAN?

However, she felt it so late. It's too late to undo anything. She is stuck! Hell stuck in her own decision! She wanted Raman. No! she needed him all through her life. She always craved to be RUHI'S ISHIMA FOREVER. She had dreamt of them being a FAMILY. But never in her dreams imagined of getting a chance to fulfil them.

She looked deep into his eyes and found unconditional love in it. She couldn't help but curse herself for her idiocy.

Ishita: In a trempling voice, "Ashok se main vaada kiya hai Raman. Main unhe dhoka nahi de sakta."

(I promised Ashok. I can't cheat him)

Raman got irritated by the mention of Ashok. How can this woman be so concerned about a beast like Ashok? How can she show cold-shoulder only towards his feelings. Albeit, he know that she is mystified at this instant.

Raman: In an angry tone, "Listen Ishita, mujhe baar baar tumhara mooh se us kutthe ka naam sunna bilkul pasand nahi hai...! You're really getting on my nerves. Jab main humare baare main baat kar rahe bas humare baare main bolo...kisi aur ke naam lena band karo..."

(Listen, I don't want to hear that dog's name time and again from your mouth! You're really getting on my nerves. When I'm talking about ourselves, just talk about us. Don't take other's name )

Clutching his head in his hands, "Tum nahi samjhoge...pagal aurat..."

(You won't understand...mad woman)

Tightly gripping her arms, "Promise thodna dhoka nahi hothe Ishita...Dhoka vo hothe hai jo tum ab kar rahe ho...Apne ap se..."

(Breaking promises doesn't mean cheating. Cheating is that what's you're doing now. To yourself )

In a shrieking voice, "PYAR MUJHSE AUR SHAADI USSE? Kal shaadi ke baad tum uske saath itna sincere hoga kya, ki tum mujhe puri tarah se bhool jayegi?"

(You loves me and marrying him? Will you be that sincere with him after marriage, that you'll forget me completely?)

She couldn't control anymore. All that tears she ruled over till then, flowed down. She grasped his shirt and cried aloud. So much that he was baffled to see her like that. He didn't know what he will do to mollify her. He crushed her to him and stayed like that till he felt that her breathing got normal. Both of them were immersed in themselves that they didn't sense the two eyes watching over them.

Mihir: "Maine bola dha na..."

(I told you right...)

Romi: "Haan...ab sab tikh hi hoga..."

(Yes, now everything will be alright)

Mihir: "Ab chal..."

(Now let's go)

Romi: "Yaar age dekhne de..."

(Let me see)

Mihir: "Oye besharam...chal..."

(You shameless...common)


Raman freed her from his embrace and looked in her face which flushed in a split second.

Raman: "Haye meri sharmili madrasan aghir haar hi gaya..."

(Oh my shy madrasan finally lost)

Ishita: "Kya Raman, Kuch bhi..."

(What Raman..anything...)

Raman: "Kya kuch bhi...haan...?"

(What anything?)

Ishita: "Chodo...mujhe jaana hai."

(Leave me. I have to go)

Raman: "Lekin tumhara haath vo nahi chahti hai Ishita..."

(But you're hands doesn't want that)

He pointed to her hands that is clutching on to his shoulder. She tried to take it back, but Raman tightened his grip on her waist, moulding her body to his. She felt her limbs getting weak. So she hung on to him more firmly. She could feel his physique changing to what she never expected at that time, in that place. Though, she couldn't gaze at him, nor could she back away from his squeezing hands. She felt the soft flesh of her cheeks burning and quivering because of his passionate eyes.

Ishita: "Raman..."

Raman: "Hmmm..."

Ishita: "Main...jaana hai...vo...raat...ap...kya...chodo..."

(I...have to

Raman: "Isse acha hai ki tum Tamil main bolo..."

(Better you talk in Tamil)

Ishita: "Please..."

Raman: "Tikhe...vaada karo..."

(OK. Promise me)

Ishita: "Kya?"


Raman: "Ki tum kal Ashok se baat karogi... Shaadi ruk..."

(That you'll talk to Ashok tomorrow...break the marriage)

She cuts him short, "Mujhe dar lag raha hai..."

(I'm scared)

Raman: "Kuch nahi hoga..."

(Nothing will happen)

Ishita: "Sach main...?"


Raman: "Pata nahi...phirphi...try karo..."

(Don't know...just try)

Ishita: "Ashok ko acha nahi lagega na..."

(Ashok will feel bad)

Raman: "Naam mat lelo uski..."

(Don't take his name)

Ishita: "Kuch der pehale ap bhi to bola dha na...!"

(You also took a while ago!)

Raman: "Vo main dha...Tumhe nahi lena get that?"

(That was me. You don't take his get that?)

Ishita: "Ap itna possessive kyun ho?"

(Why are you so possessive?)

Raman: "Kyun ki TUM MERI HO."

(Because YOU'RE MINE)

Ishita: "Acha ji...mujhe jaane do..."

(Ok...let me go)

Raman: "Arey vaa...kya baat hai...madrasan sweetly baatein karne laga...!"

(What...madrasan is talking sweetly!)

Ishita: "Raman...kal milenge..."

(See you tomorrow)

Raman: "Promise?"

Ishita: "Haan...promise."

Raman: "Ek GOODNIGHT KISS dogi?"

(Give me a goodnight kiss?)

Ishita: "Ap ko sirf yehi chahiye...all the time..."

(You want only this...always)

Raman: "Sirf vo nahi...bahut kuch chahiye...dogi kya...?"

(Not only that...I want a lot...will you give me?)

Ishita: "Mera vo matlab nahi dha."

(I didn't mean that)

Raman: "Ab dedo to sahi..."

(Now give me)

Ishita: "Nahi...ab nahi Raman..."

(Not now)

Raman: "Kal?"


Ishita: "Haan..."


Raman: "Bahana acha hai..."

(Nice excuse)

Ishita: "Thanks...nahi...matlab...haan..."

( mean...yes...)

Raman: "Chal tikhe...aaj to jaane deta hoon...kal se nahi...Kabhi bhi nahi."

(Ok...I'll let you go today. From tomorrow onwards, never)

Ishita: "Goodnight"

Raman: "Goodnight"


Ruhi had made the whole house a mess because her papa told her that he cannot take her for shopping. She is being angry at everyone because her papa had broken his promise. The only thing she had spared in the house was her PINK TEDDY. Mr and Mrs Bhalla tried to placate her by saying that they will take her for shopping, but she wanted her papa to be there with her.

Ruhi: "Kal apne hi mujhe park le chale dhe na Daadu...mujhe apse bore hogaya...ab mujhe sirf papa chahiye..."

(You're the one who took me to the park yesterday. I'm bored with you. I want only papa)

Her cute eyes welled up in the mere mention of the word papa' and she began to cry aloud.

Meanwhile, Raman was so confused as to how could he manage his madrasan and Ruhi at the same time. He needed to check on Ishita, who is confronting Ashok in the other house. He needed to be by her side. And he needed to keep his promise to his princes. What will he do now? He cannot give his whole day either for Ruhi or for Ishita. Both are equally important. He needs to manage both at a time. He have to make a plan. He dialled her number...


Ashok came there hurriedly when he got a text from Ishita that she needs to talk to him. Ishita blurt out everything about her affair with Raman to Ashok whilst he stayed quite. Ishita talked in a very calm and persuasive tone that anyone will fall into it. But Ashok Khanna was one of a kind. He smiled and shrugged it away as if he had heard some kind of silly story. He coolly asked her to come for shopping their wedding attires.

Ishita: "Ashok are you out of your mind? Main bol rahi hoon naa...mujhe apse shaadi nahi karna..."

(Are you out of your mind Ashok? I'm telling you that I don't want to marry you)

Ashok: "Oh stop it Ishita. Yeh shaadi hai...kuch khel nahi."

(Stop it Ishita. This is marriage, not some game)

Ishita: "Haan...yeh koyi khel nahi hai...isiliye bata rahi hoon, leave me. Mujhe apse shaadi nahi karna"

(Yes...this is not some game. That's why I'm asking you to leave me. I DON'T WANT TO MARRY YOU)

Ashok: "Tum Ashok Khanna ko reject nahi kar sakta Ishita"

(You can't reject Ashok Khanna)

His voice turned menacing and his face splitting fury. She was witnessing a NEW ASHOK in front of her. She was confused to see him like that. Is he possessed by some ghost? She was petrified.

That's when she felt her mobile vibrating in her hand. She stealthily looked at it and sighed a relief when found it's from Raman. Without breaking her shocked eyes from Ashok's furious ones, she accepted the call.

Raman felt something strange and terrifying from the silence he heard from the other end. So he also stayed silent to know more about the situation.

Ishita: "Ap mujhe force nahi kar sakta hai Ashok."

(You cannot force me Ashok)

Ashok: "Tumhe mujhse shaadi karna padega...aur haan...tum vo karega jo main bolunga. Ab aao mere saath, hume shopping jaana hai."

(You have to marry me. And yes...You will do what I say. Now come with me, we got to go for shopping)

Before Ishita could spite back, Mihika entered the scene with a beaming smile.

Mihika: "So akka and jiju are going for shopping! Main bhi chaloon saath?"

(May I join you?)

Ishita stopped Ashok from saying no and asked Mihika to join them. She has no idea what to do next. She was horrified by Ashok's behaviour. She wanted to escape from his hold ASAP. Now she understood Raman's words. Now she could see, he is not a good person.


"Ruhi..." Raman called his daughter loudly from his room for which she just turned her face away from that direction. He screamed again, "Tayyar jaana hai na...!"

(get ready for shopping!)

Ruhi jumped up in excitement and ran to the room and hugged her papa by his waist. Raman swirled her around and picked her up. After kissing her chubby cheeks he asked her to get ready fast.

Raman to himself: "Ab yeh Ashok ko kaise manage karenge?"

(How will I manage Ashok?)

He was hell worried for Ishita.

"Kahi vo Ishita se koi badtameezi naa kare...jaise vo Shagun se..."

(I hope he won't misbehave with he did with Shagun)

He turned on his heals to go down stairs and halted seeing his little brothers standing in the door way. He looked at them inquisitively for which they confessed their whole encounter. Raman got relieved to find his brothers beside him in this problem.

Raman: "Chalo acha hua...ab hum saath mein shopping karenge."

(It's good that now we can shop together)

Romi: "Aur bhai...sirf shopping hai ya phir kuch aur bhi...?"

(Only shopping or something more?)

Raman: "Abey chup kar..."

(Shut up)

Mihir: "Haan Romi, chup kar...hum dekhenge hai na bhai...?"

(Yes Romi, shut up...we'll see right bhai?)

Raman: "Tum bhi yaar...!"

(You too!)


Ashok was stealing glances at Ishita while Ishita was shivering with fear. Mihika felt something fishy and chirped in to enquire the reason for her akka's uneasiness.

Mihika: "Kya hua akka...? Ap uneasy kyun ho?"

(What happened akka? Why are you so uneasy?)

Before Ishita could reply, Ashok got into the conversation.

Ashok: "Vo kya hai na...use mera haath pakadkar baitna pasand hai...tum hai to nervous ho raha hai...hai na Ishita?"

(It's because she couldn't hold my hand as you're here. Right Ishita?)

Ishita gave him a disgusting stare while Mihika noted in her mind that something is off there. She knows her akka was so uncomfortable with the mere presence of Ashok. Then how can she feel bad for not getting time to cosy-up with him? That thought gave her soreness in her throat. She needs to clear it as fast as possible. Maybe she will get some time in the shopping mall.


When Ishita and Mihika get pass the entrance with Ashok, Raman came there with his brothers and Ruhi in toe. Raman instructed Romi to engage Ruhi and Mihir to manage Mihika while he has to follow Ashok and Ishita. Making an excuse to Ruhi, Raman slipped away to meet Ishita. Mihir called Mihika and informed her about his shopping plan. She was pleasantly surprised to hear that he is in the same mall. She herself asked him to slip away from the group, so that they will get to spend some time together. He was more than happy for getting her in his way without so much effort.

Raman found Ishita in the saree section with Ashok beside her and he messaged, "Madrasan...peeche to dekho..."

(Madrasan, see behind)

She hastily looked back and found him in the same floor.


Ishita: "Ap kaise..?

(How you?)

Raman: "Ruhi keliye"

(For Ruhi)

Ishita: "Sirf Ruhi keliye...?"

(Only for Ruhi?)

Raman: "Mm-mmm..."

Ishita: "Phir...?"


Raman: "Biwi keliye bhi..."

(For Wife also)

Ishita: "Vo dekhlega to?"

(If he sees?)

Raman: "Kaun?"


Ishita: "Vo..."


Raman: "Yeh vo vo kya laga rakha hai yaar?"

(What's this he?)

Ishita: "Apne to kaha ki mujhe unki naam nahi lena chahiye!"

(You're the one who told me not to take his name)

Raman: "Arey va...biwi ho to aisi honi chahiye..."

(Arey va...Wife should be like this)

Ishita couldn't type the next message as Ashok approached her with a blood red saree with green boarder. He insisted her to try that as he liked it very much.

Ashok: "Please Ishita...try this?

Ishita got all the more irritated and yelled at him.

Ishita: "Yeh sab kya hai Ashok? Main yeh sab dikhava nahi kar sakta. Just leave me."

(What's all these Ashok? I can't do all these show off. Just leave me)

Ashok gritted his teeth in anger and hissed at her, "Dikhava nahi hai yeh...jaao jake change karo. I want to see you in this saree. NOW!"

(This is not just show off. Go and change. I want to see you in this saree. Now!)

When she prepared to bite back, she got another message from Raman, "Vo jo kaha vo karo."

(Di like he said)

She got all the more frustrated to see him saying that and made her way towards the trail room. He looked at Ashok with fire spitting eyes when she got inside and slammed it on his face. Ashok smiled at her action as if he saw something funny in her.


"Yeh Ashok bhi na..."

(This Ashok)

Ishita turned in utter shock by hearing a familiar voice to see Raman sitting on a stool there. She comprehended the reason behind Raman asking her to obey Ashok. She knows what is coming in her way.

Ishita: In a surprised and nervous voice, "Yeh ap kar kya rahe ho...Yahan...?"

(What are you doing here?)

Raman: Gets up from the stool and walks up to her, "Kuch to nahi..."


Ishita: In a scared tone, "But...Ashok..."

All these while she walked back to a corner with Raman descending towards her like a lion hunting its prey. He pinned her to the wall and rammed her lips in a longing kiss which he stopped abruptly for not being reciprocated by her. He looked at her quizzically for which she motioned her eyes to the place where they are. He understood her shyness and the fear that Ashok is around. He embraced her in an assuring hug. They stayed in each others' arms for so long forgetting their surrounding, but broke apart by the impatient voice of Ashok.

Ashok: "Ishita...common yaar...mujhe dekhna hai...Kitna time le rahi ho tum...!"

(Ishita, common yaar. I want to see. How much time will you take!)

Ishita: Loudly to Ashok, "Haan...dikhata hoon..."

(Yes, I'll show you)

Then looking at Raman, in a soft voice, "Ap zara ankhen band karo..."

(Please just close your eyes)

Raman: Grins naughtily "Nahi to...mujhe dekhna hai...change in front of me..."

(No, I want to see...change in front of me)

He tightened his hands on her arm, but Ishita slipped away from Raman's hold and asked Ashok without breaking her eyes from Raman's, "Kya iska zaroorat hai Ashok?"

(Is it necessary Ashok?)

Ashok: In a raged and irritated tone, "You're going to be my wife in a week...what's the big deal Ishita?"

Ishita: Looking at the direction from where she is hearing Ashok, "Haan..."

Then darts her eyes to Raman and utters shyly, "Apko mujhe touch nahi karna chahiye...dekho jo dekhna hai...tikhe...?"

(You can see, but should not touch me. OK?)

Raman: Smiling cheekily at her, "I'm not sure! Lekin kya tum mera ek wish puri karogi?"

(I'm not sure! But, will you fulfil a wish of mine?)

He traces the contour of her face and runs his fingers along her neck to her shoulder. She closed her eyes in anticipation while he just taps on her pallu as if asking something. She opened her eyes inquisitively and gets shocked to see him examining HOW TO REMOVE THE PIN?

Ishita: "Raman...ap kya kar rahe ho?

(Raman, what are you doing?)

Raman: "Apne ap wish pura kar raha hoon"

(I'm fulfilling the wish myself)

Ishita: "Pin kholna kaise wish hothe hai Raman?"

(What kind of wish is it Raman, to remove a pin?)

Ishita somehow was an innocent soul who didn't get the meaning of his action.

Raman: "Jab kholne se kuch achi cheez dekh sakta hai to admi ko kholna hi wish karna padega na?"

(A man will wish to open something if he'll get something good from doing so.)

Ishita: With a stunned face, "YAHAN KAISE?"

(How in this place?)

Raman chuckles at his madrasan's reaction.

Raman: "Tujhe to sirf jagah ki padi hai!"

(You're only cared about the place!)

Finally he got succeeded in unpinning her saree pallu and the steer fabric fell down on the floor. The gift is now unwrapped as he looked on satisfied to behold the heaven in front of him and unsatisfied of not being able to reach out yet. Ishita covered her eyes in shock. She was not worried about Raman seeing her like that ,but his wandering eyes are too much to tolerate. She was scared to look into his passionate eyes which will bewitch her the moment she locks it with hers. So she closed the MOST TREACHEROUS PART OF HER BODY!
<font size="4">HER EYES</font>

Ishita: "AYYYOOO...RAMANNN...!!!!"




Would you like to see some cosy romance Wink?

Precisely, Raman dressing-up Ishita in the trail room Embarrassed?

I don't know if someone already tried a hand in that type of romance Confused

It will depend on the response of my PRETTY READERS Big smile

I don't mind editing that part either... Wink

So that's it kutties... Smile

How's it Smile?

Do like and comment Embarrassed



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First thanks for pm kanna,im sorry for late reply.:-(
i first press the like button and res for my comment.bcoz i want to comment first.
Now ishita is clear to know what ashok is?
Never change creep ashok;->;->.what raman just said ,shagun also face terrible situations from ashok,he misbehaved with shagun..;->
whats going on?is shagun is good in your story i dnt think so,bcoz ashok madly love shagun .may be they are in relationship :-/:-/:-/
Ashok get lost from ishra life.sharam nahi hai ashok ko.she is rejecting to marry him he forcing her.i hate this mihika yaar jiju jiju jiju ..;->;->;->
thank god romi and mihir mission is success.thanks to mihir to take mihika with him.
I not read trial room romance in any story .so go on my kanna;-);-);-);-);-);-)
good luck for next part ;-);-);-)continue soon.

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OmgShocked kya socha aur kya nikla Wink hum Sab ki sleep udane ka perfect plan bana hai app ne LOL is chote se dil ko aur  jacks math do plz plz plz jaldi update karo Embarrassed

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Originally posted by 12Singmeenu

OmgShockedkya socha aur kya niklaWinkhum Sab ki sleep udane ka perfect plan bana hai app neLOLis chote se dil ko aur jacks math do plz plz plz jaldi update karoEmbarrassed

I'm happy that you're PLEASANTLY SHOCKED Wink
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Awesome update yaar... Totally loved it... 
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Originally posted by Sri1091

Awesome update yaar... Totally loved it...

Thanks yaar... Smile

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