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FF___JAB TUNE JHOOT BOLA___Chapter-28 on pg 126 TEASER Pg 137 (Page 2)

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Hey!!! I'm a keralite too...feels really good to see you here especially writing here in the forum...great start dear...keep going!!!update soon and pm me if possible

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Looks interesting. Continue soon!

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continue soon
-DivAn- Goldie

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Good Start...
Continue Soon...
Gaya3sb IF-Sizzlerz

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Hi jaans...I'm back!
First, thank you all for the lovely response.
secondly, please be kind enough to let me know if you find the story similar to any other stories. But I swear it's an original work. AFAIR reading the IF writings I believes there won't be anything like this one.
Thirdly, it's the first time that I'm writing in """"HINDLISH"""" So, want you to tell me if it's difficult to follow.
Lemme know if you want me to include ENGLISH SUBTITLES or stop killing our RASHTRA BHASHA or continue writing only in ENGLISH.
I hope you won't ask me to STOP WRITING.
Not proof read and ignore typos.
So the first part is here jaans...
Enjoy reading...



The red nano is fighting with the white monster fearlessly. Only a car can pass through at a time. Both of them are adamant to go first. Let's see what happens.

Raman: "Oye madrasan...Subah subah mera dimag mat khana. Mujhe urgent meeting hai pehale mujhe jaane dho. Vaise...Tujhe kya jaldi...dhaant ukadnemein..."

(Oye Madrasan...stop eating my brain in early morning. Let me go I've some urgent meetings. What hurry to pluck teeth...)

Ishita: "Mind your words Mr Ra...van Kumar. Or mujhe tho apse bath hi nahi karni. Ap meri time waste math karo or pehale ap mujhe jaane dho. Poora mood hi kharab kardiya subah chali ake. Aur mooh to dekho laal laal ho gaya gusse se...Shaitan!"

(Mind your words Mr Ravan Kumar. I really don't want to talk to you. Don't waste my time and let me go first. Made my mood off by coming in the morning. And see his face, reddened with anger...Devil!)

Raman: "Shaitan hogi teri...never mind. Aur mera mooh..., kam se kam laal hai...tere jaisa kaala kaala to nahi. Kaali madrasan!"

(Devil is your...never mind. Well the face..., my face is at least red...not black like yours. Black madrasan.)

When the fight was on full swing, the other junior Bhallas arrived there to rescue their Big Bro. But in reality both Ishita and Raman are dear to them. They looked at the fighting Jodi and smiled looking at each other with a sheepish grin.

Romi: "Kyun be...ghur kyun rahe ho?"

(what...why are you staring?)

Mihir: "kuch bhi tho nahi..."

His words trailed off.

Romi: "vaise, donon kitna compatible hai na?"

(Both are compatible, right?)
The words found its way though his tongue unknowingly and froze for a moment to compose him to face his brother whose gaze is now touching his cheeks. He was planning a convenient reason for his words when he heard Mihir saying "Bath tho sahi kaha tune romi. Donon ke Jodi tho badi achchi hai."

(You said right. They are good together like a couple.)

Romi: "lekin bhai...main tho donon ke fighting compatibility ke bare mein keh rahi dhi..."
(But bhai...I was just saying about their fighting compatibility...)
He said because he cannot believe his brother mean it seriously. He earned a poke on his shoulder saying "Bath ko ulta math karna. Mujhe patha hai tum kya soch raha hai...kyun ki wohi main bhi soch raha hun. Wo bhi kayi din se"

(Don't change the meaning. I know what's going on in your mind, because I'm also thinking the same, for a long time.)

His words gave him the much needed relief and they walked towards the duo with a naughty smile. While approaching them, Mihir and Romi greeted their bhai and Ishita with a warm smile.

Ishita: By now is seething with anger, yells at Mihir. "Kya good morning good morning laga rakha hai. Daily routine hogaya hai tum dono ka mera mazak udana. Pehale bade bhai akar taane marenge or bhir chottoos ka maafi. Kitna akad hai is admi ko. Hadh hai."

(What good morning. It's became a daily routine for you both to make fun of me. First big bhai comes and taunts me, then little one's sorry. How rude is this man. There is a limit.)

She crossed her arms across her chest and looked away. Mihir tried to speak but Raman yelled at both of them.
Raman: Tum donon ka dimag kya Kashi gaya hai? Maafi manga tum donon...! Meri...iss...Raman Kumar Bhalla ke taraf se...! Vo bhi is...iss pakal aurat se?

(Is your brain gone to Kashi? You apologised from the behalf of Raman Kumar Bhalla...! That too from this mad Woman?)

Mihir and Romi were tongue tied as they cannot hold out Raman's anger. But Ishita was not the one to let go of the situation to taunt the great RKB.

Ishita: In a mocking tone. "Yeh hui na bath. Vohi main soch rahi thi ki kabhi is pagal Punjabi ne mujhse kyum sorry bolne keliye bhayiyon ko bheja...! Kher...ab mujhe waste karne keliye time nahi hai."

(That's it. I was thinking, why in this world this mad Punjabi send his brothers to apologise to me on his behalf...! I don't have any more time to waste.)

She looked away from Raman and walked to her car and opened the door but much to the trio's surprise she closed it suddenly and came to them.

Ishita: "Mihir apni bhai ko zara tameez sikhadena or Romi tum..."

(Mihir, teach some good manners to your bhai, and you Romi...)
she pointed a finger at him as if warning him. Suddenly Romi came forward asking her to be cool and he'll drop her in his bike to her clinic stating that she won't be able to reach in time because of traffic. Ishita suddenly agreed and began to walk towards his bike when she heard Raman saying, "In sabka kya zaroorat hai. Main car side mein le lethi hoon aur tum aaram se chali jaana teri nanhi si nano mein."

(What's the need of all these. I'll take my car aside and you can go relaxing in your dear nano.)
He was sarcastic, but inside he so wanted her to obey him as he knows his little brother's playboy nature.

Ishita: "Oh how sweet! But no thanks. Apne hi meri time waste kiya dha aur jo apko pehale karna chahiye tha vo ab karne se kuch nahi ho sakta. You're too late Mr Bhalla."

(Oh how sweet! But no thanks. You've wasted all my time. There is no use by doing what you might have done earlier. You're too late Mr Bhalla.)
She showed off her watch scoffingly at him. But little did she know that her words pricked through his heart.

She sat comfortably behind Romi and waved a good bye with an evil grin as if she feels she conquered the whole world. Raman's face turned red with fury which she interpreted as an reaction out of defeat. He was burning inside when he saw her touching Romi's shoulder. He knows he is jealous, that too with his brothers. Sometimes Mihir also made him jealous of the friendship he shares with Ishita. Ruhi, his little daughter was the one who makes him greener whenever he sees them playing and exchanging huggies and kissies. At the same time he felt a longing which he can never admit. He closed his eyes tight when he saw her moved forward and whispered something in Romi's ear as the bike trailed away from the society compound. All the while Mihir was witnessing the pool of emotions that went through his bhai's handsome face. He was not confused. He too felt it when he saw Romi with Mihika. But he is not sure if his bhai is IN LOVE.


Ishita: "vaise Romi...tujhe kya lagaa...mein teri or Sarika ke bare mein tumhara vo akudu bhai ko batadengi. Kya tujhe mera expressions dumki jaise lagi...?"

(Romi...what you thought... I'll disclose your affair with Sarika to your arrogant brother. You felt I was blackmailing you?)

Romi: Smiled at her innocent question and replied, "Arey Ishita ji...zyada udo math. Mein tho bhai se dar ke mare chali aayi ap ko drop karne. Ab tho Mihir sambhalenge sab. Or mujhe Sarika se bhi tho milna hai."

(Arey Ishita ji...don't fly high. I came to drop you to escape bhai's anger. Now Mihir will manage everything. And I also wanted to meet Sarika.)

She became silent after that discussion. He halted the bike and asked her if she is ok. He knew that she is in deep thought now. As if reading her mind he said, "Mujhe pata hai ap kya soch rahe hai. Ap fikar math keejiye...mein sach mein Sarika se pyar karta hun or usse hi shaadi karegi. Bas...bhai ka shaadi hojaye...!"

(I know what you're thinking. You don't need to worry...I truly loves Sarika and will surely marry her. Just after Bhai's marriage...!)
He exclaimed and left after meeting his lady love.


He is in deep thought from when he entered his cabin. He cannot digest the words that Ishita playfully uttered in the morning. She somehow succeeded in hurting him so badly. "Jo apko pehale karna chahiye tha vo ab karne se kuch nahi ho sakta. You're too late Mr Bhalla." It felt like some heavy weapon is trying to break his head. It was true...he's being late. But he is unable to figure out what he feels is real or not. He is afraid to admit the obvious and needed to calm his nerves.

Raman to himself: "beta...get a grip on you. Vo madrasan kuch bhi kehati firti hai. Badi ayi Jansi ki Rani jung ladne keliye."

(Boy...get a grip on you. That madrasan hurls around saying anything. JKR.)

He tried his level best to be unaffected and terribly failed. "Kya karoon????? Jo bhi man mein hai vo kehna hoga. Nahi to baad mein bolunga 'TIME OUT MR BHALLA'"

(What to do????? I should tell her what's in my mind. Or else later she will say, TIME OUT MR BHALLA')
He mimicked her and smiled naughtily at his decision then resumed working while mentally preparing to confront her.


Ishita was also in the thought of Raman for a different reason. "Bas...bhai ka shaadi hojaye...!" Romi's words rang in her ears as alarm which seemed to be unstoppable for a lifetime. It's not because she feels something for the RKB, but she cannot even think of parting from Ruhi.
Ishita: Ruhi kisi aur ko Maa bulayengi kya?

(Will Ruhi call someone else her maa?)
She felt a churning in the pit of her stomach. In no time she was in tears. "Main Ruhi ko apnese alag nahi kar sakta hi main use juda hone se rokh sakta hoon..."

(I cannot part with Ruhi and cannot stop her from doing so.)
She let the tears flow down her cheeks and stared lovingly at Ruhi's photo in her mobile. "Agar mera bacha khush rahenge tho...Ishima apko jaane dengi...lekin...apko mujhe promise karna hoga ki ap Ishima ko kabhi nahi bhool jayegi."

(I'll let my child go away from me if she will be should promise me that you will not forget your Ishima.)

She forwarded her right had as if Ruhi is there and cried her heart out.

Unknowingly they were the reason for each other's happiness and tears.


Ashok is chatting sweet nothings with his partner Nadya Motwani while drinking. He is chanting about Shagun which obviously irks his girlfriend to the core.

Ashok: "Shagun...Shagun...Shsh...She was the most wonderful woman I've ever seen Nady. She was just alluring. You don't know how much I miss her!"

Nadya: "Oh please Ashok, just stop chanting her name. I'm tired of hearing all these again and again." She posed indifference which made no difference to him and he continued.

Ashok: "You know, the great RKB, usko kuch nahi pata mere aur Shagun ke rishte ke bare mein. He is at fault when it comes to Shagun. He won't admit ever. Lekin sach yehi hai."

(You know the great RKB, he doesn't know anything about our relationship. But that's the truth)

Nadya: "Give me a break Ashok. Next month hamara shaadi hai aur tum ab bhi tumhara purana crush ke bare mein soch kar hum donon ke future kharab karne mein padi hai. Mere feelings ko kabhi to consider karo..."

(Next month is our marriage and you're trying to destroy our future by bringing Shagun. Please try to consider my feelings sometimes.)
by then she was crying which made Ashok angry and he burst out at her.
Ashok: "Yeh kaisa nayi drama hai Nadya? Tujhe saaf pata hai ki main tujhse nahi balki sirf aur sirf Shagun se pyar karta hoon. Chahe kuch bhi ho, yeh baat kabhi change nahi hoga. Mere dil pe sirf aur sirf Shagun dha, hai aur akhiri saans tak aisa hi rahega. Mere aur Raman ke zindagi mein Shagun ka jagah lene waali is duniya mein koi bhi nahi hai. And that's a fact."

(What's this new drama Nadya? You clearly know that I don't love you but Shagun. Whatever may happen, that won't change ever. There was, is and always will be only Shagun in my heart. No one can replace Shagun in my and Raman's life. And that's a fact.)

Nadya broken down by hearing Ashok's rude outburst. She knew everything from the beginning. Ashok's love for Shagun is the sole reason why RKB hates him. From Ashok's words she always felt that Shagun is a characterless woman. But she never bothered much about his past. What she wished was a present and future which will fill with their memories. However, as the time progressed she found it difficult to cope up with the truth that Shagun will never let her live happily with Ashok. Above all his comparison of her with his late crush questioned her self-esteem. Today he walked overboard. So she did what she must. Gave him a tight slap on his left cheek. Throwing her engagement ring on his face she said, " You're impossible Ashok. You don't have an iota of concern for the woman you're going to get married. You are disgusting. I want to make you happy one last time by letting you go. Yes, I'm done with you. You can never make a woman happy. The only woman whom you cares is Shagun. Go dig her grave and LIVE WITH YOUR PAST MR ASHOK KHANNA." Ashok was a bit taken aback but didn't bothered to console and call her back to his life, because she was never in his life. Then he resumed drinking unaffected by the situation and slept inebriated in the sofa.

After 2 hours in Raman's cabin and Khanna mansion


Raman: Touching his heart, "Uski baat mere dil ko itni dard kyun de rahi hai?

(Why her words hurt my heart so much?)

Ashok: Rubbing his left cheek, "kyun ki itna powerful hand hai...oopz...!"

(Because of her powerful hands...oopz...!)

Raman: "Mujhe zaroor yeh madrasan ko dekhna hoga"
(I need to talk to this madrasan)

Ashok: "Dentist ko consult karne se kuch fayda hoga kya?"

(Is it useful to consult a dentist?)

Raman: "Beta yeh dard ka davayi to sirf vo dentist hi de sakte hai."

(Boy, only this dentist can treat your pain)

Ashok: "Agar vo daant ukada to...?"

(If they pluck my tooth)

Raman: "Ho sakta hai ki shayad do-chaar daanton ko sacrifice karna padega...lekin dard to vo zaroor mitadengi...I'm sure."

(May will lose 2-4 teeth...but she will take away your pain...I'm sure.)

Ashok: "Yeah...yehi dikh hoga."

(Yeah...It's a good idea.)

Who'll be the first to meet the GORGEOUS DENTIST Wink ?

Ishita: "You're a coward Mr Bhalla. You're pathetic. You're not even able to say that you want to have se* with me on my face. You're such a..." With that she rammed out of the room after throwing a disgusting "Chee..." at his face. He knew that he did a grave mistake.



So that's it. Hope you liked it Big smile
This is the first time that I'm writing in """"HINDLISH"""" So, want you to tell me if it's difficult to follow.
Lemme know if you want me to include ENGLISH SUBTITLES or stop killing our RASHTRA BHASHA or continue writing only in ENGLISH.
I hope you won't ask me to STOP WRITING Wink
6 foot 2 inch lambu kaisa laga? LOL
I assure you the next chapter will be much more interesting
Some new drama's on it's way.
Please do like and comment Embarrassed



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I like the part.. I like your hindlish writting...
Uff!! All time they r in fighting mood!! I like it ...
Thanks for pm & cont soon..
Albeli26 IF-Dazzler

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good start dear
thanx for pm and I liked the new concept
first they both were smitten on same women and I think this time also history repeates itself
waiting for next part
Sri1091 IF-Sizzlerz

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Great start dear... Raman ishita fight was superb... Continue soon... And thanks for d pm...

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