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FF___JAB TUNE JHOOT BOLA___Chapter-28 on pg 126 TEASER Pg 137 (Page 17)

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awesome ss yaar read in one go so ashok wanted to marry ishita n raman too

I love the convo. between ishra thx for translate I dont know tamil thx to inform me your ss pm for next

what mihir n romi is doing something look fishing

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Originally posted by pretty_h

awesome ss yaar read in one go so ashok wanted to marry ishita n raman too

I love the convo. between ishra thx for translate I dont know tamil thx to inform me your ss pm for next

what mihir n romi is doing something look fishing

Tanx for reading dear... Big smile
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Waiting for a update

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Originally posted by surabhiasthana9

Waiting for a update

Will come with the next update before 10:00 PM Big smile

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Hi Kutties... Big smile

Here is the next update...

I hope you'll like it... Embarrassed

I don't know whether I reached your expectations or not...Confused

Enjoy reading Embarrassed



Ashok and Raman's heated argument was clearly witnessed by Romi. But he couldn't make out anything. After ten minutes, which seemed as infinity for him, came his partner in crime, the fever-boy, Mihir Bhalla. Both of them stealthily sat near their big brother and prepared their ears ever perfect to capture anything that shell out from their mouth. It was a shock for both of them to see Ishita approaching them with an everlasting smile on her face which seemed to be FAKE.

When Ishita got to the table, Ashok stood up and made her sit near him, not before side hugging her. She felt uncomfortable to Ashok's proximity. She was wondering how come she didn't feel any discomfort with Raman. She couldn't meet his eyes. She couldn't pick out the root of her guilt of being with Ashok in front of Raman. She casted her eyes downwards.

Raman looked on infuriated at the scenes unveiling in front of him. He couldn't put up with the mere thought of Ishita and Ashok together. When Ashok side-hugged her, he could feel his fisted hands paining by his own nails. He got all the more raged by seeing her smiling at him. Though faked, it was smile, HER SMILE! Another blow to him was her down casted eyes. She seldom looks up at him. Why the hell is she dared to ignore him? His anger crossed its confines. Ashok's evil smirk did intensify it beyond anything. Enough is enough! He couldn't endure to any further extend. He stood up to leave but stopped by Ashok.

Ashok: "Arey...Raman...we're not done yet."

Raman: "Mujhe tere saath koyi baat nahi karna."

(I don't want to talk to you anything)

Ashok: "Oh please Raman...Ishita keliye to ruk jaana..."

(Oh please Raman, stay for ishita)

He smirked at him.

Raman couldn't carry on with Ashok's rubbish behaviour. In spite of all these, he decided to stay. One more glance at Ishita, he could sense how her body became rigid with the mere presence of Ashok. He was confused within, whether to feel happy that Ishita is comfortable only with him or he should be worried about the uneasiness she is facing in front of him and he is unable to do anything.

Ashok never left a chance to touch Ishita which irked Raman all the more. Ishita felt like commit suicide for being a mere toy in the hands of Ashok. For the most part, Raman's presence made it even more gruelling.

Anon, he realised that it's all Ashok's plan to make him comprehend the actuality that Ishita is not his anymore. Ishita was the first one to end the meeting drama and leave the place. When Ishita disappeared from the place Ashok began his nonsense.

Ashok: "Pata hai Raman...She is a wonderful woman!"

Raman: "Yeah...I know."

Ashok: "No you don't"

Raman: "Kya matlab?"

(What do you mean?)

Ashok: "Matlab yeh hai ki tujhe uske bare mein kuch nahi pata..."

(I mean that you don't know anything about her)

Raman: "Wohi...main kuch...samjha nahi..."

(That... I don't understand)

Ashok: "Haan...I know...She don't believes you Raman. Agar tujhpar zara sa bhi viswas hothe to vo zaroor apne bare main sab kuch tujhe bata deti."

(Yeah I know. If she has an iota of faith in you she would have told you everything about her)

Raman: "Stop your rubbish Ashok...I know her very well. Mujhe zyada kuch jaanne ki koyi zaroorat nahi hai."

(I don't need to know more)

Without heeding to Ashok he stood up to leave. When Raman was about to turn to go, Mihir and Romi tried to hide their face somewhere. But Raman's steps closed down when he heard Ashok's taunting voice.

Ashok: "Pata hai uska pehala ashiq ka naam Subramanian Reddy dha."

(You know Ishita's first lover is Subramanian Reddy)


Romi: "Unhe ek lover bhi dha...?"

(She had a lover?)

Raman: "To isme badi baat kya hai...? It must be insignificant. Isiliye nahi kaha hoga..."

(What's the big deal in this? It must be insignificant, that's why she didn't tell )

Mihir: "Vo bhai se kyun kahoon?"

(Why would she tell bhai?)

Ashok: "Tikhe...lekin mujhe nahi pata dha ki 12 years ke affair aise INSIGNIFICANT ho sakta hai."

(Ok, but I didn't know that a 12 years of affair would be an insignificant one)

Romi: "12 years???????????????"

Raman: " ab kya hua...yeh sab beech main kyun la rahe ho tum?"

(So what? Why are you bringing all these now?)

Mihir: "Haan...haan...poocho poocho..."

(Yes ask)

Ashok: "Ok let me ask you two more things...Agar tujhe vo bhi nahi pata to...samjho, Ishita tum par itnasa bhi viswas nahi karta...jitna vo mujhse karte hai..."

(If you don't know the two things that I'll ask you now, accept that she believes me more than you)

He smiles at him with an air of I-am-gonna-win.

Romi: "Quiz competition hai kya...Haan bolo bhai...dekhte hai lambu prove karenga ya nahi..."

(Is it a quiz competition. Tell him yes bhai; we will see what this lambu will prove)

Raman: "Haan pooch..."

(Yes ask)

Mihir: "YYYesss...!!!"

Ashok: "Pehali baat, kya tujhe pata hai ki Ishita aur Subbu ke engagement five years pehale toot gaya dha?

(First, do you know that Ishita's engagement with Subbu had broke before five years)

Raman: In utter disbelief, "Vo sab...kaise? I mean...I didn't know it."


Romi: "Bhai to gaya kaam se..."

(Bhai has gone)

Ashok: "So, next one...?"

Mihir: "Arey build-up mat dedo yaar..."

(Don't give build-ups)

Raman: "Haan...mmm"

Ashok: "Kya tujhe pata hai ki ISHITA KABHI MAA NAHI BAN SAKTA?"


Raman jerks up from the chair and grabs Ashok's collars asking, "HOW DARE YOU...? Kuch bhi bolte jaa rahe ho saale...!"

(You're going on talking anything!)

Ashok acted cool and shrugged of his hands. He asked Raman to relax and not to think emotionally. Outraged, he walked out of there without affording a glance back to Ashok while Ashok smiled spitting malice.


Romi: "Ab yeh sab kya hua yaar?"

(Now, what's all these?)

Mihir: "haan yaar...Ishita ji maa nahi...vo chod...bhai...unhe kya lena dena hai isme?"

(Yes, Ishita can't be a mom...leave it...bhai...what he has to do with all these?)

Romi: "Vohi batane keliye main tujhe yahan bula diya dha yaar..."

(I called you here to talk about it)


(What, did you see anything last night?)

Romi: "TUM KAISE?"

(How did you?)

Mihir: "Bhai yeh sab kaise? Gentleman samachkar rakha dha yaar...ab to ye bada besharam nikala...!"

(How can bhai? I thought he's a gentleman but turned out to be so shameless)

Romi: "Aur Ishita ji...vo...darvaza khol diya...?"

(And Ishita...She...opened the door?)

Mihir: "Jab main hospital se laut aya God papaji aur mummiji ne nahi dekha...!"

(When I returned from hospital...By God, papaji and mummiji didn't see anything)

Romi: "Party se late aya to mujhe bhi dekhne ko mila."

(I happened to see because I returned from the party so late)

Mihir: "Bandar jaisa chadrahe dhe yaar..."

(Climbed like a monkey)

Romi: "Yeh sab kya kya dekhna pad raha hai..."

(What all these we need to see)

Mihir: "Main to pillar ke peeche se dekha dha..."

(I watched from behind the pillar)

Romi: "Main to Sharma ke car ke peeche se..."

(I watched from behind Sharma's car)

Mihir: "Poora ka poora ek ghanta..."

(Entire one hour)

Romi: "kya kiya hoga...?"

(What'd have done?)

Mihir: "Ab kya hoga?"

(What'll happen now?)

Romi: "Bhai jo bhi decision lega...hume support karna chahiye..."

(We'd support his decisions)

Mihir: "Haa...tum tikh kaha..."

(Yes, you're right)

Romi: "Par papaji...mummiji...?"

(But papaji and mummiji?)

Mihir: "Vo sab bhai dekhlega..."

(Bhai will handle them)

Romi: "Lekin yaar ab shayad bhai Ishita ji ko chod..."

(But I think now bhai may leave...)

Mihir: "Nahi yaar...bhai aisa nahi karega...I'm sure."

(No...Bhai won't do that. I'm sure)

Romi: "We'll see yaar."


Ishita rushed into her room crying her heart out. It was then that she lost all her control when she got a text from Ashok stating that Raman Bhalla will never bother her from now on as he told him about her infertility. She couldn't stomach the thought that ASHOK HAVE DONE SUCH THING. He clearly knew that it's being concealed from the whole world. But he made it known to Raman.

Furthermore, she was overwrought by the thought of Raman showing cold-shoulder towards her from now on. It killed her within. She was confused of her own desires. Why is she worried? She herself was the one to take the decision to stay away from Raman. So what now? She does want him to be away...but not like this. Somehow, Raman hacked her back to her first heart break.

How selfish was she! She wanted Raman to LOVE HER ALWAYS, while she forgot to be sensitive towards his feelings. She closed her eyes towards the pain Raman would go through; whilst she will be satisfied that someone is there to love her forever. She turned her back on the anguish that he would feel by losing her. Now she could feel the soreness in her heart of losing him, in REAL.

Mihika followed suit her crying akka and was staggered to see her akka in such a traumatized state. She sat next to Ishita and touched her shoulder. Next instant, she found her akka embracing her emotionally. She could feel her top soaked in Ishita's tears. She patted her back to soothe her, but ended up making her more vulnerable. In between her sobs, Mihika heard her akka saying "I can't hold on anymore...I can't..." Mihika jerked her back from the hug and looked at her in shock and confusion.

Mihika: "Akka...enna aach...? Jiju ne apke saath kuch kiya? Bolo akka...!"

(Akka...what happened...? Did jiju do anything to you? Tell me akka!)

She shook her to get a response while Ishita's weeping got all the more vigorous.

Ishita: " didn't do wrong...he...didn't"

Mihika: "Phir ap kyun ro rahi ho?"

(Then why are you crying?)

Ishita: "Main tujhe nahi bata sakta...tum nahi samjhoge...Koyi nahi samjhoge..."

(I can't tell you. You won't understand. No one will understand)

Mihika: Mihika got irritated to hear that from Ishita, "Ap ka kya matlab hai akka? You think I can't understand you?

(What do you mean?)

Ishita: "Maybe yes...and no...!"

Mihika: "Akka...ap ko kya hua?"

(What happened to you akka?)

Ishita: Coming out of her trance, "I don't love Ashok...I'm afraid I can NEVER..."

Mihika: "Akka...I know...what you're thinking...But trust me...Shaadi ke baad sab tikh hoga..."

(Everything will get fine after marriage)

Ishita took a deep breath and said, "You're right Miku...mujhe sirf Ashok pe focus karna chahiye..."

(You're right...I'd focus only on Ashok)

Mihika: "That's my good girl."

Ishita smiles faintly to a retreating Mihika.


Raman was pacing in his bedroom. He is upset is an understatement. He cannot blame Ishita for not telling anything. Because, he never asked her. He never tried to understand her. When he himself is restraining from telling her about him, then how can he expect it from her? He cannot complain her on telling it to Ashok, because there was a promise in their relationship. However, he acknowledged the fact that HIS and ISHITA's relationship is totally unexpected. Finally, he decided to text her.


Raman: "Madrasan...are you there? Mujhe tumse kuch kehna hai..."

(I want to tell you something)

Ishita shuddered when she heard a beep in her mobile. A message from Raman was the last thing in her mind

Ishita: "Kya?"


Raman: "I don't know"

Ishita: "It's ok Raman...I can understand."
Her heart crunched at that.

Raman: "Garden main aaoge kya?"

(Will you come to the garden?)

Ishita: "Ab nahi..."

(Not now)

Raman: "Back pain hai to... main bedroom main nahi aa sakta... :P"

(I'm having a back pain. I won't be able to come into your bedroom)

Ishita: "Stop it Raman..."

Raman: "Please...We really NEED to talk"

Ishita: "I DON'T NEED to talk to you Raman."

Raman: "Bhool jaaunga ki mujhe back pain hai..."

(I'll forget that I've a back pain)

Ishita: "Main sach main aana nahi chahti..."

(I really don't want to come)


Ishita's eyes welled up but controlled her from screaming out loud.

Ishita: "YES...ONE LAST TIME."


Ishita and Raman sat together on a bench for so long. But no one uttered a word.

Ishita: "It's too late Raman. Mujhe jaana hoga..."

(I should get going)

With that she stood up to walk but stopped in her track when Raman pulled her by her wrist.


(We have Ruhi right Ishita?)




"Yeh ap kar kya rahe ho...Yahan...?"

"Kuch to nahi..."


"Ishita...common yaar...mujhe dekhna hai..."

"Haan...dikhata hoon...Ap zara ankhen band karo..."

"Nahi to...mujhe dekhna hai...change in front of me..."

"Kya iska zaroorat hai Ashok?"

"You're going to be my wife in a week...what's the big deal Ishita?"

"Haan...apko mujhe touch nahi karna chahiye...dekho jo dekhna hai...tikhe...?"

"I'm not sure!"

So that's it Big smile

I hope you like it Embarrassed

Do LIKE and COMMENT Big smile



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Very NYC update..
But  precap alwz confused me... Lol
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Originally posted by SuryaIshraholic

Very NYC update..
But precap alwz confused me... Lol

Tomorrow's update is gonna be HOTHOT Embarrassed But'll be IshOk Angry
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Originally posted by sudharminy

Originally posted by SuryaIshraholic

Very NYC update..
But precap alwz confused me... Lol

Tomorrow's update is gonna be HOTHOT Embarrassed But'll be IshOk Angry

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