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FF___JAB TUNE JHOOT BOLA___Chapter-28 on pg 126 TEASER Pg 137 (Page 15)

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nice updates
thanks for pm

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Hi kutties... Smile

Here's the next chapter... Big smile

Not proofread

Ignore typos and grammar/spelling errors

I hope you'll like it... Smile

Do like and comment Embarrassed



Raman's happiness knows no bounds. Though he was confused. Why in the world is Ishita acting like this; however he was furious also.

Raman: "Lekin main aisa nahi hoon Ishita...! Main tere khushi keliye bhi tujhe chod nahi sakta...I'm DAMN SELFISH!"

(But I'm not like that Ishita! I can't leave you even for your happiness...because I'm damn selfish!)

Ishita: "Mujhe aur kuch nahi kehna hai Mr Bhalla..."

(I don't want to say anything else Mr Bhalla)

Raman: "Jaanta hoon...lekin mujhe kehna hai...kal...dekhenge tum kiske paas aate hai...!"

(I know...But I want to talk...Tomorrow...We'll see to whom you will go)

Raman walks to the balcony door and opens it. He stops for a second hearing Ishita's voice.

Ishita: "I won't come to you Raman..."

Raman: "Thanks..."


Ishita: "Kyun?"


Raman: "Raman bulane keliye...pehali baar...acha laga...!"

(For calling me Raman..for the first time...felt good!)

Ishita: "I...I'm Sorry Mr Bhalla"

Raman: "You should be sorry Mrs Bhalla"

Ishita: "What the hell Mr Bhalla?"

Raman: "kal milenge..."

(We'll meet tomorrow)

Ishita: "In your dreams."

Raman: "Vo to roz dekhte hai hum..."

(That I used to see every night)

Ishita: "Raman...please..."

Raman: "Haye...main mar jaavan...!"

(I'm dead)

Ishita: "you're impossible!"

Raman: "I know"

Ishita: "I'm not talking to you."

Raman: "But still I can hear you"

Ishita: "I'm asleep"

Raman: "May I give you a BEDTIME KISS?"

Ishita: "RAMANNN!!!!!

Raman: "I'M GONE...!"

With that, he left there without turning back. The dim night gave way to a zealous morning. Three lives are going to change drastically.


Ishita woke up extremely late that day. Mihika tried to wake her up by knocking on the door continuously and calling her enormous times. Her futile attempts fizzled out when Ishita said, "Ten more minutes Miku..." from inside the room. That's when Mihika inhaled in normalcy. Finally, she confirmed that her akka is not unconscious of her "so called asthma", but is actually sleeping.

It's been thirty minutes or so, that Ishita had slept for ten minutes. She was so exhausted. Her eyes jolted open when she heard a different ringtone from her mobile. She startled to see Raman's mobile on her bedside table.

Ishita to herself: "Ayyo amma...! Ab yeh kya hua...? Is admi mobile lena bhool gaya...?"

(Oh Amma! Now what happened? This man forgot to take his mobile?)

She checks the mobile and finds the number a familiar one. She was so confused, whether to take the call or not.
Ishita to herself: "Ayyo...yeh to Ashok ka call hai...! Yeh Raman ko kyun call kar rahe hai?"

('s Ashok's call! Why is he calling Raman?)

Mustering all her courage, she attended the call. She prepared herself to apologise to him. But how? How could she say that someone entered her bedroom last night and she didn't object to his advances? How could she say to her would be husband that the man forgot to take his mobile from her room? Her nerves became rigid at the thought of Ashok's reaction. She knows there is something fishy is already going on between them. Now when he will came to know that she actually LOVES Raman, what will be its consequences? But it's too late to undo anything.

Ashok from the other end: "Listen Raman...kuch kehne ki zaroorat nahi...Mujhe tumse milna hai...aaj hi...afternoon...5 O'clock...Nouveau Restaurant mein aa jaana...I'll be waiting."

(Raman no needs to say anything, but listen. I want to meet you. Today afternoon 5 O'clock at Nouveau Restaurant. I'll be waiting)

With that Ashok disconnected the call. Ishita was shell shocked to hear a stern and dangerous voice from Ashok. She was in her deep thought when the realisation struck her, how will she manage to give him the mobile?


Raman had wake up as usual and freshened up to leave for office. He was dejected and poignant of apparent reasons. The only thing in his life which somehow succeeds in making him cheerful was his daughter. He looked at her sleeping form lovingly through the mirror when he fixed his hair. He walked up to her and caressed her cheeks. Leaving a feather-like kiss on her forehead, he walked to the living room. Mrs Bhalla was running behind the kitchen cores with the servant and advising her naughty brat Romi for not coming home last night.

Mrs Bhalla: "Oye Romi...tum bhi na...itna nalayak bante ja raha hai ki tannu ghar ka naam bhi lena pasand nahi hai aaj-kal...!"

(Romi..., you became such useless that you don't even like the word home)

Romi: In a tensed voice, "Ap bhi na mummiji...main to kal raat hi aye dhe...vo Bunty ki ghar main party toda late hogaya...ap itna shor kyun macha rahe ho...?"

(Mummiji I've come home late night after the party. Why are you shouting so much?)

Mrs Bhalla gets all the more irritated and takes away a paratha from his plate. Romi makes a puppy face and Raman supports his little brother. Left with no choice, Mrs Bhalla gives in to her sons' wishes. Romi looks at Raman and smiles naughtily.

Raman comes out of his giggling section and realises that Romi is staring at him. He suddenly maintains his angry face and enquires, "Kyun be...kya tera girlfriend lag raha hoon main?"

( you think I'm your girlfriend?)

For which Romi just shakes his head and resumes eating.
Atypical to his nature, Mihir was still sleeping. Raman got worried and asked his mummiji to which she informed that he is having a fever so that he cannot come to office. Raman ran to Mihir's bedroom and found him sleeping. Raman sat beside him and gently patted his back and caressed his hair. However he finds that he's not having that much fever.

Raman to himself: "Utna fever to nahi hai...! Shayad tired hoga..."

(Not that much fever! Maybe he is tired)

He walks out of the room and Mihir opens one of his eyes to see if his big brother left the room for real. He let out a deep breath and resumes sleeping.

Mrs Bhalla informs Raman that Mihir had to go to hospital at a late hour. She asks him how come he began to sleep like he is dead, as he didn't opened the door last night even after knocking for so long. She says, finally she and Mr Bhalla had to take him to the doctor. And poor Ruhi slept alone in her room. By hearing all this, Raman felt guilty and says sorry for not being able to be there for the need of his family and also for being careless about Ruhi. Mrs Bhalla pats his shoulder softly to assure him that "it's not a big thing though. She came to you early morning...isn't it? She cannot sleep without you."

When Romi and Raman came out of their home to leave, Raman remembered that he forgot to take his mobile. He excuses Romi for which Romi naughtily remarks that it became habitual for him to forget his mobile. Raman angrily stares at him and asks him to wait there. He comes in his room and anxiously checks everywhere in vain. That is when it clicks him. He smacks his head on the wall, literally, for doing such foolishness. He checks the time and finds it's only 8:30.

Raman to himself: "Yeh Kumbakaran madrasan abhi bhi so rahe hongi. Varna kuch na kuch karke mobile de deti mujhe. Ab kya karoon...?"

(This Kumbakaran madrasan would be sleeping till now. Unless, she'd have done something to give me my mobile. What'll I do now? )

He rubs his forehead and continues, "Wait karna padega...!"

(I should have to wait!)

Then his steps halt when the realisation hit him. "Oh teri...yeh Romi ke bache ko kya karegi...? Subah subah kuch ajeebsa behave kar rahe hai...kya kahoon usse...?"

(Oh...How will I manage Romi? He has been acting so weirdly since morning. What to do? )

Raman comes to Romi and says that he is having a head ache and he needs to take rest. But Romi is not budging as he doesn't feel good to be alone in the office. Raman scolds him for his irresponsible behaviour by which Romi agrees to go alone. Raman heaves a sigh touching his chest when he saw Romi leaving for office. He turns back shocked hearing Mihir.

Mihir: "Kya hua bhai?"

(What happened bhai?)

Raman stammers to answer, though manages to say that he needs to take some rest. Mihir feels something fishy and looks on as Raman walks in to his bedroom. He sees Ruhi stirring in sleep and lies beside her. Ruhi turns and hugs him tight and talks to him, still in her drowsiness.
Ruhi: "Papa...ap abi tak nahi gaye...?"

(Papa, you didn't leave yet?)

Raman: Hugging her more close, "Nahi to..."


Ruhi: "To kya hum aaj shopping chalenge?"

(So, can we go for shopping?)

Raman: Softly smiles at his daughter's deal making skill and replies, "Aaj papa ko office jana hai baba...kal jayenge..."

(Today papa has to go office...we'll go tomorrow)

Ruhi jerks open her eyes and climbs on top of Raman. She looks at him with excitement and asks again, "Sacchi papa...?"

(Really papa?)

Raman cups her face and kisses her forehead after saying, "Mucchi beta...!"

(Of course beta!)

Raman played with Ruhi for half an hour and she left him as she felt boring. Then he began to work using his laptop. All this while, the maid or his mom gave him drinks and he made his bedroom a mini office. Mrs Bhalla got agitated to see him immersed in work in his home. She scolded him and he did shut his lappy down. He checked the time for umpteenth time and found it's 10:15.

Raman to himself: "Yeh madrasan bhi kya cheez hai! Main to kal utna bhi kuch nahi kiya...phirphi kitna sothi ja rahi hai yeh...! Chal beta...yeh to baad mein tujhe bada problem ho jayega...!'

(This madrasan! I didn't do anything last night, but she is sleeping till now! It'll be a problem for your future!)
He smiled sheepishly at himself.


Ishita jumped off of her bed and ran out of the room only to bump into Mihika. Rubbing her forehead Mihika asked her akka about her rush. Ishita who was also rubbing her head suddenly remembers about the mobile. She hides it behind her and lies through her teeth that she wants to meet Ruhi.
Mihika: Doubtfully, "Itna urgent kya hai akka...?"

(What's urgent akka?)

Ishita: Getting irritated, "Vazhi vidu Miku...enak urgentaa Ruhiya paakanom..."

(Let me go Miku...I want to see Ruhi urgently)

Mihika: Trying to calm down her akka, "Sari...sari cool...neenka ponka..."

(Ok...Ok go...)

Ishita rushed out of the house without even looking back at Mihika while Mihika tried to study the behaviour of her cute akka.


Mrs Bhalla greeted Ishita and asked about the reason behind her sudden visit. She built up a story that Ruhi had asked her to come here on morning to play with her. With her permission she'd headed towards Raman's bedroom. She slowly opened the door and saw him sleeping on the bed. She approached him and woke him up by patting his arm. He jerked her to him in a quick movement. She fell on top of him and angrily hisses, "Yeh kya badtameezi hai Mr Bhalla?"

He just smiled and cuddled her as if she is his teddy bear. She got all the more worried of his behaviour.

Ishita: "Koyi dekhlega Raman..."

(Anyone will see Raman)

Raman: "Dekhne do..."

(Let them see)

Ishita: "Ruhi aajayegi..."

(Ruhi will come)

Raman: "Aane do..."

(Let her come)

Ishita: "Main fresh nahi hoon Raman..."

(I'm not fresh Raman)

Raman laughs silently teasing her saying, "Yeh huyi na baat...Fresh nahi hoon haan...?"

(That's it...Not fresh...?)

He rubbed her nose with hers playfully while Ruhi entered there and joined the duo. They played jovially for a while which was witnessed by Mrs Bhalla who became happy and confused at the same time.

Mrs Bhalla: "Rab ka lakh lakh shukar hai ki mera beta Ishita ke saath khush hai."

(Thank God that my son is happy with Ishita)


Raman was pacing in his cabin after reading Ishita's message for the nth time.

Raman to himself: "Yeh lambu ab mujhe kyun milna chahte hai?"

(Why this lambu wants to meet me)

He was confused. That's when Romi entered the cabin and asked him about his tension. He scolded him for asking nonsense. Romi apologised for that and asked him for afternoon leave as he wanted to attend a party at his friend's. Raman found it an appropriate time to leave to meet Ashok and Ishita. So he accepted his leave without asking further which surprised Romi.


Romi: "Haan...


"Main free hoon..."

(I'm free)

"Nouveau Restaurant."



It's urgent...ghar main kisiko mat batana..."

(It's urgent...Don't say anybody)

"Mujhse aur nahi ho sakta..."

(I can't anymore)

"5 O'clock aajana..."

(Come on 5 O'clock)

"I'll be waiting."



Raman entered the restaurant to see an already present Ashok. They greeted each other with an I-will-kill-you expression and sits across the table. Same time Romi entered there and turned back shocked to see his "bade bhai" there, that too with his nemesis.

He timidly calls someone and says, "Abey oye...tu kaha hai?"

(Hey...where are you?)

"Nah...Yaar...yeh to bada gadbad hogaya..."

(No...It's became a big problem)

"Haan...bhai yehi pe hai..."

(Yes...bhai is here)

"Kaise...? Agar vo mujhe dekhlega na...mera to gaya..."

(How? If he'll get to see me, I'm dead)

"Hmmm...Tikhe...tu jaldi aa...varna mera jaan aise hi nikalne vala hai..."

(Hmm...ok...You come fast...Else I'm gonna die)


Raman: Feigning disinterest and fiddling with his mobile without looking at Ashok, "Bolo kya baat hai?"

(Tell me what the matter is?)

Ashok: Leaning forward, "Dekho Raman...mujhe pata hai tum mujhse baat nahi karna chahta...lekin mujhe jo keh..."

(See Raman...I know that you don't want to talk to me...but what I wants to say...)

He cuts him short and asks him to go on straight.
Ashok: After taking a deep breath, "Ok...ISHITA SE DOOR RAHO..."

(Stay away from Ishita)

That brought Raman's fiddling to a standstill. His face reddened with rage like a volcano. Ashok realised that he could explode at any moment. Raman acts cool which is uncharacteristic of him. He asks Ashok if he wants to say anything else. Ashok gets angry because of his impolite nature and bawls at him.

Ashok: "Yeh kaisa tameez hai Raman? Vo meri hone vali biwi hai!"

(Is this your manners Raman? She is my would be wife!)

Raman: Not failing to keep up with him, "To tere paas kya tameez hai saale? Aur rahi baat Ishita ki...vo BIWI banne ki baad kehna..."

(Say about Ishita after she becomes your wife and What manners do you have? )

Ashok: "Tum jaise jhoota to nahi..."

(I'm not a liar like you)

Raman: "Main jhoota isiliye ban gaya kyun ki tera buri parchayi mera parivar par naa pade..."

(I became a liar because I wants to keep my family away from your bad shadow)

Ashok: "Past is past Raman. Ab mujhe chod do...I want to be free from your clutches...aur kuch nahi..."

(Past is past Raman. Now just leave me. I want to be away from your clutches. That's it)

Raman: "Arey main kya pakadkar rakha tujhe...? Jaao...jaake kuch bhi karlo..."

(Am I grabbing hold of you? Go and do anything)

Ashok: "Lekin uskeliye tujhe mera peeche chodna padega...Ishita ka bhi..."

(But for that you should stop following me...and Ishita.)

Raman: "Haan...Ishita...abhi yaad aaya...Kya bakhwas sunaya hai tune Ishita ko mere aur Shagun ke bare mein...? You're so filthy."

(Yes, Ishita...Now I remembered...What kind of nonsense did you say to her about me and Shagun? You're so filthy)

Ashok: "Oh...please don't be so dramatic Raman. Main pehali baar khud keliye jhoot bola hai...! Tum hai vo jo jhoot pe jhoot bolke sabke zindagi complicated karne vala."

(Don't be so dramatic Raman. It's the first time that I did lie for me. It's you who made everyone's lives so complicated by your lies.)

Raman: " in your limit."

Ashok: "Yes...I'm. Lekin bas ek baat yaad rakhna...Maine aaj tak tumhara jhoot ko chupathe aya... Agar ayenda tum Ishita aur mere beech mein aye to...bahut bhari padegi tujhpar!"

(Remember one thing...Till date I've kept on hiding your lies...If you comes in between me and'll become so hard for you)

Raman: "Matlab?"


Ashok: "Agar main Ishita keliye itna BADA JHOOT bol sakte hai to...ek SIMPLE SACHCH ka kya...?"

(If I could say a huge lie for Ishita, then what's in a simple truth?)




"Bandar jaisa chadrahe dhe yaar..."

"Yeh sab kya kya dekhna pad raha hai..."

"Main to pillar ke peeche se dekha dha..."

"Main vo Sharma ke car ke peeche se..."

"Poora ka poora ek ghanta..."

"kya kiya hoga...?"

So that's it... Embarrassed

How was it?

Do like and comment Embarrassed

Waiting for criticism Big smile


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kya kiya hoga...?"Wink   Batho na hum bhi jannna hai 
Ps plz plz update soonBig smile

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Originally posted by 12Singmeenu

kya kiya hoga...?"Wink Batho na hum bhi jannna hai
Ps plz plz update soonBig smile

You'll know it so sooon Wink
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Raman and ishita conversation;-).
Haye main mar jaava;-)
First time ishita called raman by his name RAMAN;-);-);-);-);-);-).BEDTIME KISS:-*.
Raman forgot mobile and ishita take the call of ashok it is unexpected twist.
Precap conversation is about romi i think;-)
ishra may be in car 1 hour;-).thanks for pm kanna.continue soon.

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Superb update ya.. Really enjoyed.. And felt pleasant to read the Tamil dialogues. Really nice one. And thank u for the english translation.. Pramadham ponga..
Gaya3sb IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by Ishu27

Superb update ya.. Really enjoyed.. And felt pleasant to read the Tamil dialogues. Really nice one. And thank u for the english translation.. Pramadham ponga..

Are you a Tamilian?
If yes, I'm sorry if there is any mistakes Ouch
And thanks for reading Big smile
Gaya3sb IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by janani_divan

Raman and ishita conversation;-).
Haye main mar jaava;-)
First time ishita called raman by his name RAMAN;-);-);-);-);-);-).BEDTIME KISS:-*.
Raman forgot mobile and ishita take the call of ashok it is unexpected twist.
Precap conversation is about romi i think;-)
ishra may be in car 1 hour;-).thanks for pm kanna.continue soon.

Will update soon kutty Smile
There are a lot of twists yaarrr... Wink

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