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FF___JAB TUNE JHOOT BOLA___Chapter-28 on pg 126 TEASER Pg 137 (Page 13)

jiyaa02 Senior Member

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Posted: 14 May 2015 at 12:30am | IP Logged
Wonderful story yaar. add me in ur PM list .

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Gaya3sb IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 May 2015 at 12:32am | IP Logged
Hi kutties... Smile
Last night I couldn't update chapter 7 Cry
Hooked up with some important works Shocked
So...I'll be updating the next chapter until 6:00 PM Big smile
DO YOU WANT A LONG ONE Wink ?????????

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neet135712 Groupbie

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Posted: 14 May 2015 at 12:49am | IP Logged
nice story dear.
update soon please.
i really liked the way you carry the story& twists.
first time ashok is harmless  for me.
thanks for pm.
i am also frm kerala.

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Sri1091 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 May 2015 at 12:51am | IP Logged
Yaa we want a long one ...

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12Singmeenu Goldie

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Posted: 14 May 2015 at 1:07am | IP Logged
Yepeee next chapter...EmbarrassedWink We would not mind if u give us 2or 3 chapters in one go also LOL

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Gaya3sb IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 May 2015 at 7:22am | IP Logged
Hi Kutties... Big smile

Here is the next part Smile

I don't know whether you'll feel convinced to these outcomes Confused

KEEP IN MIND: Unlike YHM, my IshRa are mature adults (in all sense Wink) and are so much in love, though none of them confessed it. So try to read it from such an angle Embarrassed

Kisi ke interruption se bhi ROMANCE kar sakte hai... Embarrassed

Yet, I'm too much of an evil, that's why I've ended this chapter abruptly. I'm sorry for that...


Not proofread Smile

Ignore typos and grammar/spelling errors.

Enjoy reading... Big smile




Ashok: "Mihika...I'm sorry maine is vakt call karliya..."

(Mihika, I'm sorry that I called you this time)

Mihika: "It's ok jiju...ap boliye kya hua?"

(It's ok jiju, tell me what happened?)

Ashok: "Vo...maine Ishita ko abi-abi call kiya dha...usne bola ki use chest pain ho raha hai... If you don't mind, tum zara use dekhke batadoge...? Mera matlab hai ki...I'm feeling restless."

(I just called Ishita. She told me that she is having chest pain. If you don't mind, will you please check on her? I mean, I'm feeling restless.)

He had completed in one go and heard Mihika responded with a soft gurgle.

Mihika: Still gurgling, "Ok...ok jiju...You're so sweet...! Main ap ko five minutes ke baad call karti hoon."

(Ok jiju. You're so sweet! I'll call you after five minutes)

Ashok: Sighed a relief and replied, "Thank you Mihika. Bye"


"Thank God Mihika ne call attend kiya! Varna pata nahi kya hojatha...! Pata nahi kyun main Ishita se doubt kar rahi hoon. I should control myself from becoming the old Ashok Khanna."

(Thank God that Mihika attended the call. Don't know why I doubt Ishita.)

Sighing aloud, "Ishita aise nahi hai... Vo kabhi mujhe cheat nahi kar sakta...But that Raman...I don't believe him."

(Ishita is not like that. She won't ever cheat on me. But I don't believe Raman)

Looking at the mobile screen, "Pata nahi five minutes kab hoga...?"

(How long will take for five minutes?)

Laying on the bed and looking straight at the wall where there is a huge portrait of Shagun. A lone tear escapes his eyes.

"Is chehre ko is devar se to nikal sakta hoon Shagun...lekin seene se kabhi nahi...!"

(I can take away your face from this wall, but not from my heart Shagun!)

He walks up to the wall and caresses it lovingly. And talks to it.

"Pata hai Shagun...Tumhare jaane ki baad pehali baar mujhe kisi se pyar hogaya hai...Ishita Iyer! Vo mujhe teri yaad dilate hai...lekin tumhara vo Raman...vo mere rasthe se nahi nikaltha..."

(You know what Shagun...I've fell in love with someone first time after you left me...Ishita Iyer! She reminds me of you. But your Raman is not leaving my way)

"Dar hai ki kahi...use bhi main kho na de..."

(I'm afraid I'll lose her also)


"Yeh akka kitna lucky hai...! Kaise sweet admi ko mila hai unhe...! Wow...I'm so happy!"

(How lucky is my sister! She's got such a sweet man! I'm so happy!)

She jumped in happiness when she moved to her bedroom door and stopped to think for a while.

"Yeh akka ko ab chest pain kaha se aya? Kahi vo jiju ko avoid to nahi kar rahe hai na..?"

(How come she's having chest pain? Is she trying to avoid jiju?)

She rubs her chin with her right hand and clutches her waist with the left one as if to get a flow to her thought process.

"Dekhna padega...!"

(I should check!)


Raman lay beside Ishita while Ishita stared at the sealing, tears flowing continuously from her beautiful eyes. He couldn't help but embrace her in his arms. She rested her head on his broad chest and gripped on to his shirt. He couldn't say a word. He just kissed her hair and blew his breath in it as if giving life to it. He patted her back so tenderly that she began to breathe in normalcy. Raman tried to talk to her, which is the reason for his late night visit.

Raman: "Madrasan...?"

Ishita: Softly, "Hmmm...?"

Raman: In a miserable voice, "Aise mat karo please..."

(Please don't do like this)

His voice chocking in his throat. That's when what she is doing realised. She stirred to get out of his hold, but found herself dragged more close to him.

Ishita: "Mujhe chod dho Mr. Bhalla...please..."

(Please leave me Mr Bhalla)

She began to cry vigorously by then. He tried to calm her down but she went on with her crying section. Not finding any other option, he closed her mouth with his hand and sealed her to him. She locked her shocked eyes with his angry ones. That's when they heard a knock on the door.


Mihika came to Ishita's bedroom door and stayed silent for a while. She was not sure if she'd call her akka at this late hour. She couldn't turn down her SWEET JIJU's request also. While she was contemplating everything, she heard some kind of noise coming from her akka's bedroom.

"I think akka is tossing and turning because of pain."She thought.

She came to the door and touched it. Then leaned her head on it; two reasons. First, she was sleepy. Secondly, she tried to hear what's happening inside as she got some doubt on her akka. What kind of doubt is yet to realise.

Mihika: "Akka...ap tikh ho...?"

(Akka, are you alright?)

Ishita and Raman looked at each other in utter shock. They knew how Mihika came to check on Ishita. Raman tightened his grip on her as he felt she will go missing if he takes back his hands off from her.

Ishita: Worriedly to Raman, "Please Mr Bhalla...mujhe jaane do...Mujhe Miku se baat karna hai..."

(Please Mr Bhalla, leave me. I should talk to Miku)

Raman: Hissing with irritation, "Jaise mujhse kar rahe ho na...vaise karlo...main tera mooh pe kuch nahi kar rahi hoon na...!"

(Talk to her just like the way you're talking to me. I'm not doing anything to your mouth)

Ishita: "Please...,ap mujhe chodiye..."

(You just please leave me)

Raman: grits in a resolute tone, "KABHI NAHI"


Ishita gazes at the nerve of the man who's squeezing up her body to him and questioned dreamily, "kabhi bhi nahi?"


He leered at her and mumbled as he cupped her face in his palms, then kissed her forehead, "KBHI BHI NAHI!"


She came out of her pensive mood and composed herself to handle Mihika.

Ishita: In a sleepy voice, "Enna Miku? Ennathan un problem?"

(What Miku? What's your problem?)

Mihika: Mentally smacking herself for disturbing her sister, "Akka...ap dikh hona...?"

(Akka, are you alright?)

Raman to Ishita: "Tum madrasiyon to kamal hai! Itna late night neend se uthakar pooch raha hai, ap tikh hona..?'"

(You Madrasies are great! Asks if you're alright by waking up at this late hour!)

He mimicked Mihika which made Ishita giggle and replied, "sab apki vajhase ho raha hai Ravan Kumar!"

(It's all because of you Ravan Kumar!)

Afterwards she wondered how he succeeded in making her feel comfortable.

Ishita: Locking her eyes with his, "Ha...Haan...Miku...I'm fine"

He traced the contour of her milky-cheek with the back of his palm and she closed her eyes nervously. He looked at her trembling lips and moved forward to savour it. And stopped when he heard Mihika's voice, but Ishita was in his spell that she forgot about Mihika being there.

Mihika: Nosily and a bit loudly, "Jiju ne abi-abi call kiya dha...bola ki apka tabiyat kharab hai...enna aachakka...? Main apke saath so jaaon?"

(Jiju just called me a while ago and told me that you're sick. What happened akka? Should I sleep with you?)

Raman stopped just inches away from her lips and intently glared at her. She didn't open her eyes and is in the anticipation that at any second he'll relish her. He whispered near her lips, she could feel his hot breath fanning the little groove between her upper lip and nose, blending his breath with hers.

"NAA BOLO...!"


She quick opened her eyes and gawked at him while he motioned her to say no to Mihika. She got all the more irritated and decided to say yes. She didn't know that he can read through her. As she prepared to say yes she found her lips pursed up by his ferocious one. She couldn't resist his vigour, hence, yielded. Poor Mihika stood outside with heavy-eyes awaiting her akka's response, whereas, her akka was responding to something else Embarrassed

When they parted, Ishita was the one who felt difficulty in breathing. Mihika could hear her akka's rapid breathing. She enquired concerned.

"Akka apko breathing problem kab aya? Darvaza kholo...main ake dekhti hoon..."

(Akka you're having breathing problem? Open the door...let me see)

Mihika began to knock the door tensely and thought to herself, "Ayyo...maine akka par doubt kiya...! Vo jiju ko kyun avoid kaungi...! Kahi use asthma to nahi hai...?

(Ayyo...I doubted akka! Why will she avoid jiju! Is she having asthma?)

She got panicked.

Ishita: Hastily, "No...No...Miku...mera matlab, I'll be alright."

(No Miku, I mean, I'll be alright)

Mihika: "Are you sure akka?"

Ishita: "Yes...I'm sure."

After making sure that Mihika had left for sleeping, Ishita stirred to move away and Raman freed her for her SHOCK.

Ishita: "Ap...ap kya ho...?"

(What are you?)

Raman: Tittering a little, "Kyun madrasan...kuch aur expect kiya dha kya?"

(Why've expected something else?)

He was right. She'd expected something else. But what happened to him all of a sudden? She couldn't figure out his behaviour. As if reading her mind, he came forward and said, "I DID NOT MEAN TO DO THAT."

Her face turned pale and anger rushed into her eyes. He took a step back and gestured with both his hands to "be cool." But he was too late as her eyes welled up and she began to sob. He tried to console her but she kept on hitting him with a pillow.

Ishita: In between her sobs, "You're so cheap...insensitive...rude...ap...apne mera advantage le rahi dhi...?"

(You're taking advantage of me?)

She clutched her head in her hands and cried more, "Ayyo...Murugan...nan enna pannitten...?"

(Ayyo...god...what have I done...?)

After cursing herself, she again turned to him, "muttal...paithyam...unkala maathiri vekkam kettavana paathatheyille..."

(Fool...mad...I've never seen a shameless man like you...)

Then again to herself, "Ennathan sollanom...nan thane kathave thiranthen..."

(I should be blamed...I'm the one who opened the door...)

Again to him, "Enna enge-engeyellam touch pannitten..."

(You touched me here and there...)

Then to herself, "Ayyo...amma..." Starts to cry relentlessly.

Raman finally lost his patience and yelled at her. She froze at mid may when she started her next move to hit him.

Raman: "Arey oh...drama queen...mera matlab vo nahi dha...I mean I didn't mean to do THAT tonight. Sorry ki maine tujhe disappoint karliya."

(Oh drama queen. I didn't mean that...I mean I didn't mean to do THAT tonight. Sorry that I disappointed you)

He crossed his arms across his chest and watched her expression changing from hurt to realization and then, SHYNESS. He approached her with a naughty glint and pulled her to him by her waist.

Raman: Huskily near her cheek, smelling her fragrance, "Vaise...I don't mind."

She blushed at that and tried to free herself but Raman tightened his grip on her.

Raman: "Kaha ja rahi ho? I'm not done with you."

(Where are you going? I'm not done with you)

She looked at him confused while he made her sit on the bed and knelt down on in front of her, He held her hands in his and took a deep breath.


Raman: "We need to talk"

Ashok: "Itna sab kuch hone ke baad bolne se kya fayda?"

(What's in talking after all these?)

Ishita: "Haan...bina fayde ke kuch karne ki kya zaroorat..."

(Yes, there is no use in doing anything now)

Raman: "Abhi bhi late nahi hai..."

(It's not too late)

Ashok: "Right...there is a chance. I should stop Raman. Kuch bhi karke..."

Ishita: "Kuch karne ki koyi zaroorat nahi hai..."

(No use in doing anything)

Raman: "Main tujhe chod nahi sakta..."

(I can't leave you)

Ashok: "Raman ko kuch karna padega"

(I'd handle Raman)

Ishita: "Mere vajha se apki life spoil nahi hona chahiye..."

(Your life should not spoil because of me)

Raman: "Tumhare bina ho sakta hai..."

(Maybe without you)

Ashok: "I'll destroy you Raman!"

Ishita: "I can't see that..."

Raman: "Haar jaao..."

(Fail yourself)

Ashok: "I'll win her"

Ishita: "Dil se chahta hoon...phirphi..."

(I want it with all my heart)

Raman: "Kyun...?"


Ashok: "Ashok Khanna naam hai mera!"

(Ashok Khanna is my name)

Ishita: "I can't"

Raman: "Tikhe...Kal milenge..."

(Well...Meet tomorrow)

Ishita: "Kahan?"


Ishita's mobile beeps. A text from Ashok which makes her all the more stressed. Raman takes her mobile and reads it, "Kal milenge...5:30 at our USUAL MEETING SPOT." Raman's face reddens with rage by reading it which Ishita guesses why. She tries to explain but he walks to the window without saving a glance at her. She follows him and touches his shoulder. He talks without turning back.

Raman: "Kitne baar mila...?"

(How many times you've met?)

Ishita: "Ek"


Raman: "Kyun?"


Ishita: "He's my..." He shushes saying, "DON'T...!"

Ishita: "Try to understand..."

Raman after heaving a sigh turns and holds her hands then looks at her after kissing them.

Raman: "Now...tell me"

Ishita: "Poochiye..."

(Ask me)

Raman: "Agar din...tumse poocha to...tum...HAAN kehti kya...?"

(If I would have asked you the other day, you'd have said YES?)

Ishita: Suppressing her tears and darting her eyes away from his, "Nahin..."


Raman: A bit disappointedly, "Garden main?"

(In the garden?)

Ishita: "Nahin..." her voice came out as a sigh as her creamy cheeks moistened by her tears.


Raman: With a fragile voice, "Is it always a NO...only for me...?"

Ishita: Sternly, "YES"

Raman: Dejectedly, "Kyun...?"

Ishita: "Bec...because...because I LOVE YOU SO MUCH THAT I DON'T REGRET LEAVING YOU...!"




"Kya bakhwas sunaya hai tune Ishita ko mere aur Shagun ke bare mein...? You're so filthy."

"Oh...please don't be so dramatic Raman. Main pehali baar khud keliye jhoot bola hai...! Tum hai vo jo jhoot pe jhoot bolke sabke zindagi complicated karne vala."

" in your limit."

"Yes...I'm. Lekin bas ek baat yaad rakhna...Maine aaj tak tumhara jhoot ko chupathe aya... Agar ayenda tum Ishita aur mere beech mein aye to...bahut bhari padegi tujhpar!"


"Agar main Ishita keliye itna BADA JHOOT bol sakte hai to...ek SIMPLE SACHCH ka kya...?"

So that's it Kutties...

Enjoy reading... Smile

Do like and comment Big smile

Waiting for critical reviews Smile

BUDDY ME FOR PMs Embarrassed


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shravani_2311 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 May 2015 at 7:53am | IP Logged
loving the pace of the story...

its good nd enjying to the core...

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janani_divan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 May 2015 at 9:12am | IP Logged
Cha u stoped in wrong time by sending jagga jasoos mihika.
brilliant and entertaining update kanna,very thoughtful too.lots of qustns,doubts,excitment,eager,etc wanting to know what next?:-O
ashok is a true lover for shagun?then y he is d reason for shagun death?
When u want to release the suspense:-/
Raman questioned ishita is she want to do dat;-);-);-)hilliarious ,pavam ishita she expected more poor baby,as a reader i also expected. may be raman handle it wrong way to accept ishita his love.:-):-D:-D:-Du know what i mean.
I still have a stronge feeling ruhi ashok ke beti hai.
Blast the secret kanna.
Raman is a harder man to handle women like ishita.
Ishita should share medical problem with raman.
Again i must say precap is intresting.loved it.thanks for pm dear:-).hope u continue soon.;-)

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