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FF___JAB TUNE JHOOT BOLA___Chapter-28 on pg 126 TEASER Pg 137 (Page 120)

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Originally posted by ISHRARULZ

Hell yeah!want an update

I know LOL

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[FONT=Arial][/FONT][SIZE=6][/SIZE][COLOR=red][/COLOR].                            don't make our ishra part away [:^(]

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Hi Kutties...Big smile

Here goes the next part

Not proofread

MATURE CONTENT AHEAD weak buddies read at your risk Evil Smile

Enjoy reading... Hug



Ishita freshened up to go out after tugging her cute husband in bed. The constant knock on the door made him stir in his sleep. Ishita ran to open the door and found Ruhi standing there with Mihika in toe. She inquired about the reason for there interference for which they said that they are going to the park as it is a saturday. Ishita permitted them to go and enjoy then rushed to wake Raman up as he has to go for office.

"Raman utjaao..."

(Wake up)

She called him sitting next to his pillow. He lazily wounded his hands around her waist keeping his head on her lap. She patted his head trying to wake him up sweetly.

"I don't want to go office today. Mujhe honeymoon jaane ka mann kar raha hai..."

(I wish to go honeymoon)

Ishita: "Toh naye ghar jaane ka plan postpone kardo...aur lejaao mujhe honeymoon."

(Then postpone the plan of moving to the new house and take me for a honeymoon)

Raman: "Tum
aoge mere saath?"

(You'll come with me?)

Ishita: "Aise kyun pooch raglhe ho Raman...obviously...I too want that"

(Why are you asking like that)

Raman: "Hmmm...lekin...naye ghar ki baat postpone karne ka bhi mann nahin hai mujhe."

(But I don't want to postpone the idea of new house)

Ishita: Excitedly, "Apko pata hai..., appa has changed. Voh ab mujhe 70% support kar rahe hai ! Amma bhi badalegi...toh toda wait kar sakte hai nah...?"

(Now he supports me 70%. Amma will also change. So...can we wait for some time?)

Raman: Laying on his back facing her, "So my biwi is doonding bahanas for jaaying honeymoon huh...?"

(My wife is finding excuses for a honeymoon?)

"Raman kuch bhi...!!!"

All these were sneaked by Subbu who in his curiosity eavesedropped their conversation. "So he is planning to take Ishita away from me. But I'm sorry Mr Raman Bhalla...I won't.let you succeed."

Ishita walked to the dresser while a shirtless Raman hugged her from behind. Subbu was shell shocked to see it. He could see how comfortable is both of them together. But couldn't accept its reason.

Raman pulled her to him; her back plastered to his front. He moved the wet hair from her back with his one hand and kissed her shoulder. She tilted her head voicing a moan. His left hand began to stroke the spongy flesh of her stomach while she leaned her head on his left shoulder. His hand travelled up tugging away her saree from her front without unpinning it. Kneading her br***t he began to kiss her neck senselessly.

Subbu watched all these shamelessly. He wasn't heeding to what Raman was doing but Ishita's perfect curves and her glowing skin which he could see through the mirror which reflected her bare belly. Mihika's sudden entry into the living room with Ruhi was that distracted him from checking out Ishita. He turned to her nervously and said stammering, "Voh...mujhe...ek equipment chahiye dhe...toh...poochne aya..but...she is busy...I should go"

(I wanted an equipment)

Mihika wondered why he gave her that explanation when she didn't asked him anything. Feeling something fishy she peeped through the door and saw Raman and Ishita in a compromising position. Smacking herself and calling that bast*** Subbu some names she walked out with Ruhi. After sometime Raman went home to get ready for office.

He looked at his clean shaven face and thought of his madrasan's reaction for it. He was curious like a child to see her. He literally ran out of the room to Iyer's leaving behind an astonished family.


Subbu blocked Ishita in the living room asking her for a cup of coffee. She didn't wanted to spend a second alone with him. Therefore she tried to move away. He pulled her to him by her arms and hissed furiously, "Don't you dare ignore me. I won't let you go now."

Ishita: "Who the hell are you to stop me...? Now leave me Subbu...I said leave you..."

When she tried to part from him her mangalsutra ravelled to his shirt button. She worriedly tried to unravel it carefully while he looked at her enticing beauty. She tried her best not to touch him. However, the small chain made it difficult for her to maintain the distance. That was when Raman entered the scene and halted in his track. He could see Ishita's back. From that view anyone would think that she is kissing his chest. Subbu looked diabolically at an awestruck Raman. He ran his hands behind her back without touching her. He drew her perfect contour in a devilish way as if showing Raman that how close she is with him. Raman didn't move from his track but waited for her to turn gritting his teeth.

Ishita after some patient tries, successfully unknotted her mangalsutra and turned towards the door. Raman looked on at her messed up countenance. Her vermilion smeared on her forehead because of touching Subbu's chest. Her facial expressions voiced out that she didn't expect him to see it. She walked up to him but he stopped her making her shudder.

Ishita: "Raman...?"

He walked to his home, to his bedroom. The Raman who chirpily ran from there is no more. Once again he left behind an astounded family. Ishita looked at Subbu in disgust but he smiled at her and walked away. She hadn't had a choice but to run after her husband. She wanted to pacify him and explain him of the situation. She ran to the house from where she was thrown out. She didn't care about anyone but him.
Everyone looked on when Ishita locked the door of Raman's bedroom behind her.

Mr Bhalla: "Yeh Ishita puttar ko kya hua?"

(What happened to Ishita?)

Mrs Bhalla: "Pati patni ke beech ka mamla hai. Hum dakal andhas na karein toh hi acha hoga."

(It's better we don't interfere in hubby-wife issues)

Romi choked while eating and Mihir rolled his eyes listening to their mummiji's mini-bhashan (mini-speech). Mr Bhalla's tongue tied state was a vision worth watching. He couldn't help but ask her of the reason why she isn't stopping them from leaving.

Mrs Bhalla: "Kuch time akele beetne dona Bhallaji...Aur mujhe bhi samjhana hai apne apko...Sab kuch...! Vakt toh lagega..."

(Let them spend some time alone. I also want to make myself understand everything. Will take time)


She stood at the door and looked at her wrangled husband. He was sitting on the bed hugging a pillow. She called him softly for which he threw the pillow on her careful enough not to hurt her. She catched it whilst he asked her to leave him alone in a quivering voice. Without heeding to him she sat on his lap and locked her hands around his neck.He protectively wounded his hands around her waist, still not looking at her. She couldn't hold his ignorance so she hugged him tight and mumbled against his neck, "Hum...naye ghar jayenge Raman..."

(We will go to new home)

Raman: "I'm sorry..."

Ishita: "Kyun?"


Raman: "I'm so bad...! I trust you more than myself...but still I'm insecure...Why this happening to me?"

Ishita: "Don't think too much Raman. I love you even if you don't trust me."

Raman: Rolling his teary eyes, "Really?"

Ishita: Pulling his nose, "Agar aise nahin karte toh main kaise apka godh mein baitkar baat karti...!"

(Else how will I talk to you while sitting on your lap!)

Raman: "Ishita...I Love You...!"

Ishita: Cupping his face, "I know..."

Raman: "I can't tolerate someone else touching you."

Ishita: "I know..."

Raman: "I can't live without you...I'm scared off losing you...I can't..."

Ishita: Cutting him short, "Ayyo Raman...I'm not going anywhere...Why are you saying it again...?"

Raman: "He may snatch you...from me"

Ishita: "Never Raman. No one can snatch me from you."

Raman: Looking deeply in her eyes, "If...something happens... If you gets me...will you leave me Ish...?"

Ishita: "Aise kya...Ramannn...ap kya bol rahe ho...I couldn't understand...!"

(What...are you saying)

Raman: Extending his hand, "Promise won't leave me no matter what happens...Even if you hates me!"

Ishita: Touching his palm with hers, "I promise. And I'm giving you all power to make me your slave... And never let me go"

Raman: Crushing her to him, "I love you so much..."


Ishita was packing her bag to shift to her new house with Raman. Mihika was partly happy and partly sad for her akka's departure. On the otherside Subbu was frustrated and Mrs Iyer was in dilemma. Mr Iyer didn't say a word but kept on watching news.

Mihika: "Akka...why so hurry?"

Ishita: "Tum nahin samjhoge Miku. It is all complicated. Kuch der pehale tak main unhe move karne se mana kar rahi dhi. Ap main khud jaane ki baat ki matlab I can't handle it anymore."

(You won't understand. I was the one who rejected going away but now I myself asked him that means___)

Mihika: "Subbu?"

Ishita: Sitting on the bed near the bag, "Hmm..."

Mihika: "Oh common akka. Jiju will understand you. He knows how creepy that Subbu is!"

Ishita : "But you don't know how insecure your jiju is"

Mihika: "jiju...insecure...kyun?"


Ishita: "I don't know...but he is overpossessive and insecure when it comes to Me and Rooh."

Mihika: "I can understand his situation. Ap Subbu se pyar karte dhe toh unhe Subbu intolerable hai. Lekin Ruhi ko lekar kya insecurity?"

(You loved Subbu because of which he is insecure. But what about Ruhi?)

Ishita: "Yehi to mujhe bhi nahin pata. He never told me about his past. He gets upset. And I never probed him to say anything. It maybe something related to his past.

(I too don't know)

Mihika: "You don't want to know it?"

Ishita: "I do...but I can't see him so vulnerable. I want him to say everything. And I'm sure there will be nothing which will make me hate him like he thinks."

Mihika: "He is scared that you'll hate him...! That means...something is really..."

Ishita: Cutting her short, "What else will happen other than that accident Miku?"

Mihika: In a trance, "Hmmm...yeah"

MIHIKA'S POV a mystery!

He fears that akka will leave him. No...that means there is something which will affect akka..!

She will hate him?'s just a word...! He himself know that she can never hate him. But she can leave him even if she loves him unconditionally.

So it's all about akka!

The accident matter is over. Akka didn't even mentioned that thing. It clearly didn't affect her. She cried because he lied to her. Because he hide her health conditions from his family. When such a great thing didn't impact their relationship in a fatal way, what will be it that is strong enough to shatter my akka?


No...! But yes...Akka is jealous and insecure when it comes to Shagun and Ruhi's relationship. She is insecure about the fact that she is not her biological mother. She is insecure about the fact that she can never give birth to a child. She is insecure in the thought that jiju deserve better...another child...!

Same way...if Jiju is insecure about Ruhi that means...Ayyo kadavule...Jiju is not her father

Am I right in my assumptions?

No Kanna... I don't want this to be true.
If it is...Jiju is right...akka will definitely leave him. She will think that because of her he can never be a father! OMG is that the reason why jiju's family reacted that way...!

"Baat chupana yaa nah chupane ki nahin hai...balki yeh hai ki Ishita is ghar ki bahu banne se Raman se humein ek potha yaa pothi nahin mil sakta...,"

(It's not the matter of hiding or not but we won't get a grandchild from Raman and Ishita from this relationship)

"Hum Ishita aur Raman ke baat kar rahe dhe...In donon ka shaadi se kya fayda...?"

(We're talking about Ishita and Raman. What's the use of their marriage)

That's his first marriage...!
And akka is his first love...!!!
That's why he gets so jealous when it comes to Subbu. The reason being akka was in love with that badhbu. (Used by Janani in a comment LOL)
No one can blame Toshi aunty.
But Romi and Mihir...?
What's all these?

Am I gone mad...???
OK calm down
Breath in...breath out...breath in..continue...
I need to talk to him. Yes! I really need to meet jiju...Sort it out!
Else I'm going to die..
My heart will exolde anytime.
OK...I should stop them...!


Raman came to Ishita's home to take her along with Ruhi to their new home. He looked at Mrs Iyer who darted her eyes from him not being able to stomach the situation. Mr Iyer blessed them and happily bid goodbye. Mihika smiled nervously in her tears because it is for the first time that she is going to part from her akka. Apart from that, she has this gut feeling that everything is going to fall down. Everything is going to be an awe-inspiring event in the coming days. She hugged her tight before letting her walk out. Subbu looked on infuriated while the trio left the place.




"Then who is Shagun?"

"Shagun got nothing to do with it...with me and Ruhi...She is...nothing...and no one...!"

PS. I couldn't hold the suspense anymore LOL
Don't worry...the FF is not going to end soon ROFL
Or anyone want it to end soon Wink
Hmm...well...some of you PMed me how much addicted you are towards this FF.
So is me Evil Smile
So can't help but torture you with regular updates LOL
Is there any objections? Ermm

Do Like and Comment Embarrassed



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Y im feeling..this update is related to my prediction:-D

from day 1 im raising the doubts of raman and ruhi relationship..:->:->:->

i shouted ruhi is not ramans daughter..
he is not her biological father...ishita is his first love and first wife..

Ruhi is ashok's daughter...:-)



He is a shamless donkey...mental dog will be feel disgusted by subbu will also feel ashame to compare with him..thu yuck:-P:-P:-O:-O

what he is seeing..ishra privacy public picture hai kya..thank god mihika agaya...yaar yeh new couple should be careful to close the door...;-);-);-)

story is progressing...u very well discribed about both ishra insecurities..




Now im waiting for truth revelation.but i think ishita insecurities now increase more...after knowing the truth..she will definately go in to shell...

Toshiji changed alot..mihir and romi wonder to see his maa small speech..

Amma also accepting the truth..:-)

Badhbu ko be realise karna baki hai meri maa:-)




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Wow!!! Superb TwistClapClapClap I really liked it. Hope Ishita stays with him even after knowing the truth.
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What a creep dat subbu is I will kill him I jst really hate him more after dis update... I am loving raman and ishita's relationship and mihika kya hein yaar tum to bahut samajdhar ni kali kya analyse kiya hein tumne superb... So precap is between raman and mihika... Raman's past coming out waiting for next one... I know it will be late bt wat to do dil hein ki manta hi nahi

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acrdng to my guess ru is ashok's daughter or what...??
y the hell raman kept shagun's photo in his bed room...

nd tht shagun in hosptal nd raman doing acdnt to ishita...

im confused on evry thng...

dnt want any roller coaster ride fr ishra..

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Originally posted by NAKSH_Abi



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