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Originally posted by Kabhibloom

When r u updating?
In this week, hopefully before the weekendBig smile

asya7 Senior Member

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Posted: 22 July 2015 at 12:08am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Kabhibloom

Plz update soon.
will surely try to doBig smile
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Superb update..
Love fair moment and song sequence..
Continue soon..

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Originally posted by Kanwal4salman

Superb update..
Love fair moment and song sequence..
Continue soon..
Thanks a lotBig smile
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           Asad and Zoya were standing in front of their car which had broken down in the middle of nowhere. They bagged an important deal last week and their client wanted them to start the work as soon as possible. So Asad and Zoya went to see some suitable locations for the construction and choose one of them. The sites were situated out of Bhopal. So when they finally started to come back , the darkness had already started to descend down. They were very tired from all the roaming in scorching sunlight and all they wanted to do at that time was to return to their home and crash on their comfy bed and fly to their dreamland but it looked like their luck wasn't on their sides as their car broke down in the middle of a completely deserted street. Asad came out of the car to check what was the problem with the car and Zoya also tagged along. Asad was checking the engine and Zoya was standing beside him, impatiently tapping her foot. After some moments, he turned towards her and said-


-          I guess there is some serious problem with this car. We have to call the mechanic.

                                                        At this Zoya nodded and Asad took out his cell-phone from his pocket and dialed the mechanic's number. Zoya couldn't hear what was being said from the other side but from Asad's tensed expression she could guess that the situation was going t get more worse. As soon as he finished the call, she asked-


-          What's the matter?


-          Well the mechanic can't come now as his father has suddenly fallen ill and is admitted to the hospital. He can only come tomorrow morning. Asad replied releasing  a deep breath and massaging his temples .


-          Can't we get any other transport to reach home? Zoya asked again in hope of a positive answer but to her utmost bad luck , Asad nodded in negative.


-          Unfortunately, no. This is a very backward place and buses or other public transports only come in this way during daytime. We won't get anything now. Asad spoke tiredly.


-          Allah Miyan, What's wrong with you? Do you mean that we have to spend this whole by standing on this road? Zoya exclaimed loudly, in her usual dramatic way at which Asad rolled his eyes.


-          Actually , I have a way. When I gave the mechanic a rough idea of our location, he told that it is small place named mangalpur and if we walk straight for some time, we will come across an old haveli. His uncle is the care-taker of that haveli. So he suggested that, we can spend the night there. He will call his uncle and he can make the necessary arrangements for our stay.


-          But, can't we just go home? Zoya tried again , adamantly.


-          As much as I want to but we can't . This is the only way. See, Ms. Farooqui, we both are tired and need rest. So, in stead of just standing here, if we walk for few minutes and can have a place to spend the night and get some sleep, I guess it will be wise to do that. We can go home tomorrow early morning. Hope you are understanding. Asad explained the situation to her patiently and waited for her reply, in which Zoya just nodded her head understandingly earning a small smile from him.


-          Alright then. Let me just call ammi and inform her that we can't return home today. Asad said and called Dilshad, informing her about the situation. After cutting the call , he locked the car and Zoya took her bag and both of them started walking. It was drizzling lightly, making the nature and Zoya both happy. Though Asad didn't like getting drenched but he didn't have any other option as they didn't have any umbrella . It felt like angels were showering  their blessings in form of those tiny, little, magical droplets. Where as  Zoya was wearing a peach colored full-sleeved top and jeans as she didn't wore formals much and her hair was open , Asad was wearing a simple white shirt and black pants, a welcoming change from his three-piece-suits.  Zoya was walking , hugging herself with a beautiful smile and enjoying the weather and Asad was admiring her from the corner of his eyes while a small smile played on his lips.Though they started their journey in silence but the silence couldn't last for long and the credit was Zoya's.


-          Mr. Khan, since when are we walking? She asked tiredly.


-          Well, Ms. Farooqui after 1 minute it will be exactly 1 minute and 15 seconds. Asad spoke plastering a huge smile on his face, sarcasm dripping from his each word. Zoya pouted at his response and said-


-          Haww! It felt like we are walking from hours. See, Mr. Khan this happens when we stay so silent. This journey becomes boring and long. Mr. Khan lets do something while walking, in fact I have a perfect idea. Lets play dum-sharaz! Zoya proposed excitedly at which Asad looked at her as if she has just revealed that she lives in Mars.


-          Ms. Farooqui , have you just taken some drugs or have you left  your brain in the car? You want to play DUM-SHARAZ  now? Asad almost screeched and Zoya just shrugged her shoulders an continued-


-          See Mr. Khan, if we keep ourselves busy in something  entertaining, this journey won't feel as tiring as it is now. We won t even understand when the path will end and we will reach our destination. And besides that, there is no one here to see our craziness. Zoya ended mischievously and winked. When Asad still didn't said anything, Zoya used her last weapon which she knew Asad could never refuse. She made the best puppy face and pleaded battling her eyelashes-


-          Pleeeaaassseee  Mr. Khan. And the work was done. As she thought, Asad rolled his eyes and sighed but nevertheless nodded his head at which Zoya squealed happily-


-          Thank you Mr. Khan. You are the best! Zoya beamed happily and Asad shook his head , smiling at her antics.


-          Ok. So I am starting. See and guess. Zoya spoke excitedly and Asad nodded, indicating her to start. Zoya thought for a little while and then suddenly her face brightened as an idea struck her mind and she indicated Asad that she is going to start. She fisted her hands and started hitting her chest. And before he could stop himself, the first words that came to his mind, left his mouth-


-          Chest pain? As soon as these two words left his mouth, Asad;s eyes widened at his silly guess where as Zoya looked at him incredulously . Asad gave her a sheepish smile and Zoya decided to change her hint. She then started jumping like a monkey making Asad confused than ever. He scratched and started to connect the dots and finally was able to guess the name but seeing Zoya's craziness , he decided to tease  her a little before spilling the name. A small evil smirk formed on his lips but he quickly hid that and said as innocently as possible-


-          Ms. Farooqui, we all know that you are one of them. You don't need to give us more proof. Asad said while Zoya's mouth formed a perfect O. Asad was trying really hard to not burst into laughter but one  deathly  glare from Zoya sobered him up. He cleared his throat and said-


-          Is it Tarzan? Asked Asad and Zoya finally relaxed.


-          Finally!! I can't believe you are so dumb in this. I gave you such a easy one but still you took so much time. By the way now it's your turn.


                                   Asad chose to ignore her comment and concentrated on the task in hand. He got the perfect idea and stretched his wide in the iconic titanic pose. Zoya who was confused at first, soon guessed the movie as it was her one of the favorite movies but she decided to first take her sweet revenge on him for his earlier stunt. She spoke innocently-


-          What are you doing Mr. Khan? Are you having a sprain in your muscle? Zoya did her happy dance mentally seeing him getting angry and stretched his hands more. She decided to annoy him further-

-          Oh! Now I understood. You are doing a stretching exercise . You should have told me that you want to exercise before acting. Zoya giggled in her head seeing his red face and decided to end his misery.

-          Ok ok. Titanic right? By the way I didn't know that a person like you are a fan of titanic. Zoya said teasingly.

-          Woh, actually Najma and Ayaan love this movie and whenever they see it they drag me also with them. So I kinda know about it. Asad spoke embarrassedly while Zoya smiled seeing  him blush. Zoya  said to continue the game-


-          My turn again. Zoya again thought for a while and suddenly froze on her spot. Asad was highly confused with this act of hers. He called her many times but when she still didn't respond, he understood that this was the hint. First of all he wasn't a movie person and then these weird  hints were making him really confuse. He was thinking hard when he remembered something and smiled.


-          Frozen? He asked and Zoya nodded happily agreeing to his answer. She had an amused smile on her face as she didn't expected him to guess the movie. But before she could voice her question, she heard him ask-


-          I didn't know you still watch this animated fairytale movies. Asad spoke amusedly.


-          Well there isn't any particular age to see fairytales and apart from that I am still a child at heart. Zoya spoke  proudly smile making Asad chuckle.


-          By the way Mr. Khan it is at least better than being a senior citizen like you. New born babies are aged as 1 day or 1 week but you were directly born as 60 years old. Zoya continued further making Asad roll his eyes.


-          Ms. Farooqui , some one had to add the excess years which you cut from original age, with their age to keep the balance. Asad retorted back as a matter of fact.


                                            Zoya was about to retort when see suddenly stopped in her tracks seeing the huge and old haveli in front of them. It was in a real bad state and it looked like no one had set foot there since years. The plaster was coming off from all the places, the windows were broken and also a side of the house was almost broken.  It seemed the time has stopped there and had taken them to 1000years before era. The bright light of the full-moon had casted a ghostly glow on it, making it look more creepy.


-          Are  you sure Mr. Khan that we haven't landed in a horror movie set  by mistake? Zoya asked curiously at which Asad glared at her. Asad saw the old caretaker coming towards them with a lantern. They greeted him and told him about Ravi, the mechanic, at which the old man recognized them and welcomed them warmly. He took them to the only room which was in a relatively good state. The informed them that he has kept some dry clothes of his son and daughter-in-law for them in the room as he had guessed that they would be drenched in this rain. He told them that the owner of this haveli hasn't come here since years as he lives in abroad with his family. They couldn't sell it as it is their ancestral house. So he is taking care of this house since many years, though it is in a very bad state. He further informed them that he lives with his family in the outhouse and they can call him if they need anything. He asked them for food which they politely declined. At last he left the lantern on the bedside table and left the room. Zoya took her dress and went to the washroom to change. Asad closed the room-door and changed in the room.


                                                                    Hearing the click of the washroom door, Asad turned around and the sight in front of him took his breath  away. There was Zoya, draped in a pink saree and a black, full-sleeve blouse and with no traces of any jewelry  or make-up except the dark kohl which highlights her big, intense eyes. She looked like a goddess who has just descend on earth from heaven. Her simplicity and her pure soul gave her whole form an angelic touch. While Asad was lost in her beauty, Zoya was also lost in him. In that dark jeans and the simple black shirt, he looked like the perfect prince charming. That small smile on his lips made him look even more handsome and younger than his age.( the same look of AsYa in the bhang night , just Asad don't have the bread ) Their staring session came to an abrupt halt as a thunder  roared in the background. Both gave each other awkward smiles .

-          Don't you get scared of thunder? Asad asked after sometime.

-          I used to. Zoya replied in a daze, her eyes having a far away look, as if remembering something but before Asad could understand anything , Zoya returned to her bubbly self and added-


-          But not now.


                                               They both processed towards the boat as there wasn't any couch and sat on the bed cross-legged, in front of each other. The light coming from the lantern gave the rainy night a romantic touch.

-          Do you know what is the most essential thing related to any rainy night? Zoya asked Asad with a big smile at which he frowned cutely in confusion and nodded in no.

-          Guess na! Zoya urged him and  he guessed, uncertainly-


-          Tea? Zoya nodded in no in response.


-          Then, is it pakode? Zoya again denied.


-          Getting drenched in rain? Asad tried once more but Zoya rejected that also.


-          Mr. Khan , this was really close but still it wasn't the exact one. Zoya replied making him sigh in defeat and said


-          Ms. Farooqui , I give up. Asad gave in tiredly and Zoya finally screamed the answer in utmost excitement.


-          HORROR STORY!!!!


                                            While Zoya was jumping with energy, Asad gave her a are-you-serious type of look.

-          Ms. Farooqui, are you serious? Asad asked her unbelievingly.


-          Yes I am. You know back in New York, I was the only one in my whole class who wasn't scared of horror stories. Zoya informed him proudly.


-          Seriously Ms. Farooqui? Asad asked in a teasing tone as a plan came in his mind.


-          Yes. And I can bet that no horror story can make me scared. Zoya said confidently.


-          Are you sure Ms. Farooqui? Think before declaring  anything because I am quite confident that I can make you scared and I won't even need to tell you a story, I will just need to say a word. Asad challenged her, while a smirk played on his lips.


-          Challenged accepted Mr. Khan. Zoya replied with equal confidence.



                                                                  Asad kept mum for a while after that. He smiled naughtily in his mind as he saw Zoya scrutinizing his face to gauge from his expressions what his plan was. Asad laughed evilly in his mind thinking about her reaction at his next act. Asad suddenly screamed making her startled-

-          COAKROACH !!!!!!

                            As soon as the word entered her ears, she started screaming at the top of her voice and sprang on her feet. She jumped on the floor and started jumping there while screaming in fear. Her screaming session came to a halt as she heard Asad's laughter. She looked in his direction to find him rolling on the bed with laughter. Tears of mirth were coming out of his eyes and he was clutching his stomach which was hurting due to so much laughter but he still couldn't control it. Zoya immediately understood that it was all his prank. Her jaw dropped on the floor as she heard him speak


-          Ms...Farooqui...see I told...you that...I ...can...make you scared with...just...one word. Asad managed to spill between his fits of laughter but before he could say anything more Zoya smacked him hard on his head with the pillow. Asad tried to say something in protest but she didn't gave him the chance and smacked him again with the pillow. Thus a pillow fight son started as Asad also took a pillow to protect himself. They were so engrossed in the fight that they didn't understood when the pillows cracked and the feathers came out. They fell on the bed with the force and the feathers from the pillow started to fall on them like a shower of snow-flakes. They were both laughing like small kids who didn't have the worry of anything. The felt like they had suddenly been transported to their past time. Asad was the first one to recover . He looked beside to find Zoya still laughing. He had never seen her laugh so much and he was glad that he was the reason behind that smile. Zoya also stopped laughing feeling his eyes on her. She turned her face towards him to find him intently staring at her. She gave him a gentle smile and raised her hands to his hair. When saw him giving a confused stare, she chuckled softly and brought out the feather from his hair to in front of him. He took it from her and gently blew on her face to clear the small feather pieces from her face. Zoya closed her eyes and giggled at his sweet gesture but when she opened her eyes , her gaze collided with his intense one. The emotions that were glistening in them were alien to them but still they felt they have known these eyes for years. Their hearts were lost in the moment while their eyes were lost in each other. Their little moment came to an abrupt halt by the sudden ringing of her phone. She took it quickly and hurried out of the bed to avoid the awkwardness. Asad was still there, lost in the moment when he heard the knock at the door. He opened it to find the old man. He asked him the reason of his arrival at which he replied-

-          Woh beta, I actually forgot to tell you to not go in the back veranda.


                               Asad was confused at this strange  restriction but before he could ask him further, they heard a blood-curdling scream which drained all the colors from his face.



Sorry for the delay guys. Hope you enjoy this chapter. Let me know your opinions.

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hey di 
for the i'm first
di firt of all this  part was the best of all
i was enjoying
cant exprss my feelings
i'm speechless
u have crossed all ur limits
i 'll go mad beyond this
this story is progress excellently

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So glad to read your update...cute moments awesome update

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