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Lovely update 

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Originally posted by kritz4ever

Lovely update 
Thank youSmile
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Banner credit goes to ashleshaHug



Asad was standing in front of the huge window of his room. He was so lost in his thoughts that he didn't even notice Dilshad coming. Dilshad smiled gently at her son who was too lost in his thoughts to notice her. She went to him and placed her hands on his shoulder making him startled. Asad calmed don after seeing his mother who was giving him a sheepish smile.

- Ammi why are you still awake? You should sleep, otherwise you will get a headache tomorrow.

- Well I guess I can ask you the same question also. What are you doing? Why are you still not sleeping? You had a long tiring day at work and tomorrow also you have some important works but you are still awake. If you continue like this , you will cause serious damage to your health.

- Ammi I am fine, just wasn't feeling sleepy.

- I knew that you will make some kind of excuse , that's why I have come here to myself make sure that you go to your bed and sleep now.

Asad rolled his eyes at this and said- Ammi I am not a kid.

- But for me you will always be and now shut up a come with me.

Dilshad went to bed and sat there crossed-legged. Asad was going to lay beside her but stopped when he saw her pointing towards her lap. He smiled happily at her and laid down on the bed plcing his head on his mother's lap' his most favorite place in this whole wide world.

- Asad why don't you take small leave. I am sure Prasad can manage a week without you. You seriously need a break beta, you are working non-stop. Dilshad said while caressing his hair.

- I will take a leave ammi but not now. Right now I have many important works to do which only I can manage.

- You always say this but never do this. I miss spending time with my little boy. You don't even remember that you have old, ill, fragile mother at home. Oh! poor me! Dilshad fake sobbed to give a dramatitic effect and rolled his eyes at his over-dramatic mother.

- Ammi you know that we can't put you and poor in one sentence but I will surely agree on the old part.
Asad controlled his laugh seeing her mother's shocked face but yelled in pain when his mother slapped him on his arm.

- Now what was the need of so much violence? Asad said rubbing arm.

- To knock some sense in your head. People still think of me as your elder sister and you are saying that I am old? I can beat anyone of my age anytime in this. Dilshad said smiling proudly.

Asad chuckled seeing her mother's crazy antics and Dilshad also smiled at her victory of finally being able to force those dimples to make an appearance.

- You will always be the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Asad said holding her hands.

- I know but I also know this temporary. I will lose this post after you find your soulmate.

- Ammi you started again. Nothing of that sort will happen.

- Who are you to decide the destiny? I know someone will surely come to your life who will completely change it and will teach you love it again. She will change your life completely for the best. I know there is an angle somewhere only for you and I will be the happiest woman alive on earth to give her my place. I just wish she comes soon and fill life with love.

Asad kept quiet all the while she said all these. This was nothing new to him. His ammi always wished for him fall in love and like always his mind declared that he can never fall in love. The mother-son duo kept quiet for some time while Asad enjoyed his mother's affection. After sometime the silence was broken by Dilshad'

- Asad, you were thinking about her when I came here, right?

- Ammi! How did you know? Asad was surprised see how much her mother could read him.

Dilshad smiled softly at this and said- I am your mother Asad. I know you too well to not be able to see inside you. I know you still blame yourself for whatever happened 14 years ago. But you have to understand that whatever happened wasn't your fault. You didn't left her because it was your choice but because it was destiny's choice. Even if you were present there at that time, also couldn't be able to save her. You have to stop punishing yourself Asad. I can't see you like this. Dilshad's voice broke at the end.

Asad sighed heavily and said- I know ammi, I know. But still I feel responsible for whatever happened with her. If I were there, I could try with my life to save her. She was my responsibility ammi and I feel like I failed her. Alone tear escaped his eyes while his voice became a whisper.

- I know how you feel beta. I have never met her but still I can feel how much good of a soul she was. I really wish I could meet that angel. Her voice was also becoming thick with pain.

Asad just faced the moon out of the window and said in a whisper- Me too ammi, me too.


People say that this is the unpredictable nature of life which makes it worth living, which makes it interesting and stop it from becoming boring. But if life becomes unpredictable like Asad and Zoya's, we can call it nothing less than a roller-coaster ride. The first blow in Asad's life came when his father left him ,his mother and his 3 years old sister Najma for some other woman. The happy family shattered in just one night. They came to road with absolutely nothing at hand. Dilshad was very ill at that time and she could only manage their living with the money she earned doing stiching. She knew this will affect Asad's studies and as much as it hurt her to do, she decided to sent him to some distant relative's house in Dehradoon who were financially quite well-to-do. Asad was reluctant at first but agreed for his mother's sake. He reached there and for one week everything was fine. But it looked like fate had some more cruel games to play with him at that time. One day they threw him out of their house as they weren't ready to burden themselves with his responsibility. That little child felt completely lost in that unknown city and the only thing was in his mind was that he couldn't go back. He knew that his mother was too weak to take care of two children at that time. She was already going through so much that he wasn't wanting to give more stress to her. He knew that his mother would never want to keep him in such misery but he also knew how much inhuman labor his mother was giving to keep her children away from all hurts and she was somehow relieved after sending him there as she thought at least his future will be secure and he will be able to complete his studies. Little did she know was after coming here his future became most uncertain. That day a 10year old boy turned into an adult and Asad took a decision which changed his life forever. He decided that he will stay there and work to support his family. He knew his mother would never ever allow him to take this step, so he requested his uncle and aunt to not tell about this incident to his mother. Keeping his mother in dark was killing him but that child in him was completely lost in the cruelties of the world and grown up man which he was forced to become had only one goal in his life which was to do everything to keep his family happy, even if it costs the sacrifice of his own happiness and future.
                                                         We say that when fate closes one door, God opens another door and fate brought Asad to Zoya's door. Surprisingly he got the job of her care-taker there. He used to send his salary to his home saying that his uncle was sending them. Not wanting to lose this chance of portraying themselves as great, they never told Dilshad the truth and Dilshad was also satisfied thinking that her son was with such good people. On the other hand when Asad was completely broken, Zoya became his strength, his sunshine in the darkness. It as Zoya's continuous efforts, the help of the teachers and Asad's pure talent, that he could continue his studies in private and his studies weren't effected. Unknown to them , their souls formed a lifelong connection at that tender age. Life seemed to finally become alright but destiny again played a cruel card. Because of some disgusting turn of events Asad and Zoya got separated. After Asad came back to his mother in Hydrabad and told her everything, she was completely broken. She cried for days for their bad luck, for the pains her son had to endure, the miseries her little boy had to go through. She was just trying to gather her shattered family when they got to know that Rashid and his second wife had died leaving a 9years old Ayaan behind. Being the gold hearted people they were, they welcomed him in their family with open arms. From that day he became an essential part of their family, lives and hearts. For Ayaan they were his world. After this new edition to the family, Dilshad decided to go back to her family in Bhopal who cut their relation with them after swhe married Rashid. But when they heard all about their sufferings, they instantly forgave her and supported them in every possible way. Asad wanted to go back to meet Zoya badly, but the situation never allowed him to do so.
                                                               On the other hand, Zoya left with her family to London and shifted there permanently. She didn't wanted to leave India as she had hope to meet Asad again but no one payed attention to her pleas. There the three of them met with a accident few months later. Though her parents died but Zoya was saved and was adopted by her distant cousin Zeenat and her husband Anwar Farooui who lived in New York. Her ex-neighbors of India somehow came to know about the accidents and deaths but didn't know that Zoya was saved. Long years of no news of Zoya made their assumption a confirmation to them that Zoya was dead and this was what they told Asad when he came in search of her after his graduation. He was completely broken hearing this news. This news about his Zoya made a huge void in his heart and filled his mind with guilt for not being able to protect her.
                                                    In another part of the world Zoya decided to work in India after she completed her masters in architecture and her api and jeeju gave her the permission. After coming back to India, the first thing she did was to go to the address Asad gave her once. But after going there she came to know that they had left the place many years ago and now they have no idea about his whereabouts. After becoming an adult Asad changed his surname from the paternal one to his mother's maiden surname as he didn't wanted to keep any relation with his father though he forgave him after his death and this changed name also made it impossible for Zoya to find him. Asad being a complete introvert and private person , no one never asked him any personal question. People respected him and his privacy for his work and they thought that he has always lived in Bhopal and Asad also never corrected them as after the news of Zoya's death he lost all his reasons to remember his ast. But at the same time it was her memories only which forced him to love and recall his past every day despite all the darkness it held. On the contrary Zoya was completely disheartened and heart-broken after being failed to find Asad . But little did she knew that God had already started writing a new chapter of their story and it was just the matter of time for their paths to cross again.


       Zoya has reached Bhopal few hours ago and checked-in a hotel. Though Piya wanted to accompany her, she couldn't come as she had her own job there to take care. Zoya was happy coming here but was also a little nervous about her new job and her api's order to find a good family in a month to stay as a paying guest as she couldn't afford to let her princess alone in a strange city and in a hotel. Zoya quickly bathed and changed into a red anarkali suit. She went to the reception area and asked them if there was any mazar nearby as she wanted to seek Allah's blessings before she starts her new job. The receptionist told her that there was a mazar near Moti Masjid which was five minutes from there. Zoya thanked her for the help and after knowing the way from her, she made her way towards the mazar.


Asad was getting ready for office when his phone rang. It was Prasad.

- Hello sir I actually called you to inform the new architect whom our interview panel has chosen, is coming to our office today.

- Ok. Get the contract papers signed and tell her to join from the day after tomorrow. Oh! and also tell her to meet me at my office once before she leaves. By the way what is the name of the architect

Asad felt a little stupid while asking the question but being the head of India's biggest construction company, it wasn't always possible for him to look after every interview candidate, he had to relay on his trusty employees and Prasad understood it very well.

- Her name is Zoya sir.

       Asad's heart skipped a beat hearing the name and started going in the obvious direction. Her name skipped his mouth even before he could control it.

- Zoya...?

- Yes sir. Zoya Farooqui. She is from new York.

Hearing her full name he released his breath which he didn't know he was holding. He scolded his heart for again hoping for the impossible and getting hurt. It wasn't possible for him to know that his Zoya Siddiqui had changed her surname after the adaption.
                     Asad disconnected the call after making sure fix a meeting with her as he couldn't allow anyone in his office without confirming everything himself once. He turned around to find his mother standing there with a cheque in her hands.

- Ammi? Do you want to say something?

- Who Asad actually I wanted to donate this money for the orphanage which is under the supervision of the mazar which is near the Moti Masjid but I have to go to Ayesha khala's house today as I got the news that she is seriously ill. Will you please go to the mazar and give this cheque to the moulavi saab?

- Of course ammi. I will do it. You just go there and give my salam and wishes to nani. Tell her that I will come to meet her very soon.

- Thank you beta. Take this. Dilshad handed him the cheque. Asad took it and after giving her a hug left for the mazar.


     Asad entered the praying area after giving the cheque to the moulavi and sat in a quiet corner. He was about to raise his hands for prayer when suddenly something or rather someone caught his attention. There in front of him was sitting the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. Dressed in a red anarkali and hair covered in a black dupatta, she looked more beautiful than the fairy-princesses from those fairytales. Oblivious to Asad's intense gaze, she was lost in her own world. There was a slight but gorgeous smile on her lips which made Asad smile a small but genuine smile after a long time. Her face had a unique kind of innocence and purity which calmed him and put him at peace though this very girl was making his heart beat wildly in his chest. Her eyes were closed but still it didn't take Asad any efforts to make out that this big, doe-shaped eyes held a lot of emotions. He felt a strange pull towards her which he couldn't understand. She was the first girl to catch his attention like this otherwise it was always the girls who gave him all their attention and this new emotions were creating havoc in him. He felt an urge to protect her. His staring session was broken when he saw her opening her eyes. He realized what he was doing and quickly closed his eyes and started praying bringing his hands in front of his face. That day he made only one wish and that was to grant her every wish and give all the happiness of this world.

                                                                                    Zoya opened her eyes after completing her prayer. She was just going to get up when the man sitting in front of her caught her sight and completely blew her senses away. Zoya sat there gazing at the face of the man who looked like one of god's best creation. Dressed in a black three piece suit with a handkerchief tied around his head, he could put the cover models of GQ magazine to shame. His entire posture screamed perfection and power. But there was a certain calmness on his face that immideately put her nervous heart at ease and unknowingly made her smile. She had a sudden urge to look into his eyes which were closed and find the deep emotions buried deep inside his soul. Zoya's heart felt a strange connection with him,like it knew him from ages while her mind argued saying that it was impossible for her to meet him before. Zoya shook her head to clear her mind and calm her erratically beating heart who were at the verge of getting into a conflict. She closed her eyes made one more wish for this stranger to always give him everything he desired and keep him protected. Zoya glanced at him one last time before she got up to go and meet the moulavi.

Asad was walking to his car which was parked at some distance from the mazar while checking the mails in his phone. He almost reached his car when he bumped to a girl causing his phone to fly in the air. He quickly snaked his arms around her petite waist to prevent the fall. As soon as he saw her face, he couldn't believe his luck. It was the same girl who managed to mesmerize him like no other, the same girl who was in his arms right now while tightly shutting her eyes in fear.
                                                                         Zoya was checking some mails of Piya on her i-pad when she bumped to a rock hard structure. Her i-pad landed on the ground few feet away and she quickly held the jacket of the structure to stop herself from falling. Her kept her eyes closely shut in fear. After some moments , feeing someone's intense eyes on her, she slowly opened her eyes to find herself in the arms of the very same man who created a whirlwind of emotions in her heart some moments ago and those eyes in which she badly wanted to look, looking directly into hers like searching for her soul. Their eyes locked and their souls connected.
                                                                          They both were lost in each other's eyes while Asad felt complete holding Zoya in his arms and Zoya felt secure being held by him. Asad was lost in the depth of those magical black eyes which were filled with many emotions like his guess but he was able to recognize only one, the one he knew very well, the pain of losing someone very close. This made him wonder what must the reason behind this.
                                                                       On the other hand Zoya was totally drowned in those intense eyes. But apart from everything , the thing which attracted her the most was the pain in those eyes, the pain which was too her familiar to her to ignore and at the same time, too deep to guess the incident which caused this.
                                 They both might have lived in this little bubble of theirs for all life if it wasn't burst by the honking of the bike which zoomed past them making them sprang apart. They straightened themselves feeling highly awkward and not knowing how to react. It was then that both of their eyes landed on their respective gadgets and their eyes widened in horror. They rushed to pick up the electronics pieces which were once their phone and i-pad. Before Asad could manage to react, Zoya stormed towards him and screamed pointing a finger at him,

-Allah Miyan! What's wrong with you? Can't you see where are you going?

       Asad, who was finally out of shock and was planning to apologize , got angry hearing her statement.

-     I can't see where am I going? Really? It was you who was walking like a blind not me.

-     How dare you call me blind Mr. all-body-no-eyes? You are the one paying not attention to the road as you were so busy check your stupid phone.

-     Listen Miss , I don't want to create a scene here. I admit that I was checking my phone as I had some important mails to check but I also had a fair share of concentration on the road unlike you who was walking like a zombie, lost in her own world.

Zoya's mouth formed a perfect O hearing his comment and she replied fuming- Allah Miyan! What's wrong with you? You want to say that I am creating a scene here? Listen Mister, first of all, I wasn't walking like Zombie, I had my concentration on the road also and secondly, I don't know what do think but other people can also have important work. I was also checking some important mails BUT this doesn't mean at all that I wasn't focused enough. Do you know what damage have you done? I had collection of all the Salman Khan movies on my i-pad and Now because of you I lost all of them.
                                               Zoya spoke all this in one breath and looked at her i-pad which was completely destroyed being ran over by the bike. This left Asad partially amused and partially annoyed and a little part of him also felt sad seeing her fallen face. He shook his head and said,

-     I can't believe that someone can be sad over such a stupid thing. I would like to make you remember that my phone is also broken

-     You can retrieve all the data of your phone as the memory card is safe but I can't even do that also as the chip is also damaged. Do you have any idea that how much efforts it takes make a collection of all and I mean ALL the salman Khan movies?

-     No, I don't have any and also don't intend to have any. I can't believe that you can argue with me over this nonsense but neither can say sorry for your mistake nor can say thank you for saving you from the fall.

-     Why will I say sorry when it wasn't my fault? And about the thank you part, why will I thank you when you were the reason that I was about to fall. Zoya replied confidently though only her heart knew how much grateful she was to him for that act but she couldn't admit that to him increasing his already big ego and hurting her pride.

-     You are impossible. Asad said exasperatedly.

-     You are impossible too. Zoya replied with equal irritation.

                                  Saying so both of them turned away from each other and started walking in different directions muttering to themselves,

-     Allah Miya! What's wrong with this man? What does he think about himself? That he can say or do anything just because he is immensely handsome, hot, has a body like Greek gods and a face like Adonis...

-     What does that crazy girl think about herself? That she owns this road just because she is simply stunning , beautiful, has a killer appearance and a face prettier than angels...

                    They might have continued their complaining session when they suddenly stopped realizing they were doing and almost screamed to themselves,

                             They again turned around and gave each other murderous glares and finally walked off huffing and concluding in their minds,

-     Who knew there is such a rude and arrogant person behind that handsome exterior. Rude man.

-     None can ever imagine that such a pretty girl can be this silly and stupid in real. Stupid girl.


                           Zoya finally reached the office of DC after a long search to find a auto or taxi. She was about to enter the office when she tripped over a stone and quickly grabbed the gate to prevent the fall. Her mind automatically went back to the incident which took place not so long ago and a small smile appeared on her face.

-     As much as you are arrogant, I still can't deny the fact that it was different meeting you Mr. Catch.

                                                On the other hand Asad was sitting in his office when he knocked down some files off the table by mistake and his mind instantly took him back to the incident which happened at the mazar making him smile a cute smile,

-     As much as you are crazy, I still have to admit it that it was interesting meeting you Ms. Fall.


Zoya went to meet Prasad who made her understood her work. He told her to join her from the day after tomorrow. Zoya was really happy that it gave her some time to settle down there. She also signed the contracts which stated that she couldn't leave the job before 2 months and they also couldn't fire her before that time. Before Zoya could leave, Prasad told her to meet her boss once , to which she happily agreed. As she was coming close to his cabin, her heart started to pick up pace and she started feeling weird which confused her to no ends and before she could think more, she found herself knocking at his office-door. She entered the room as soon as she got the permission from the other side and the moment her eyes landed on the person sitting on that big, luxourious chair behind that glass table with a pure expression of shock, she heard herself saying or rather screaming,

-     YOU!!??


Please show me your love through likes and comments and don't forget to praise this cute banner and its creatorWink Please forgive me if you are having a problem in seeing it as I am not sure if I have uploaded it correctlyEmbarrassed I will try again if there is a problem as I am still learning many things. And this chapter is dedicated to you ashlesha. Thanks for your constant support dearHug


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di its not visible
update i 'll read a little later

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di open igmur.com
upload the pic there
n copy 4m there n paste here

supoer duper di
u know what 
tussi great hoBig smile
newbie hokar bhi u r rocking
di really tell u meri nazar na lag jaye
maasi se kakar black mark kan ke peche laga lena
becoz part
is more than wordsClap
n what ha aap mujhse pure pure 2 din bat nahi ki very bad haAngry

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Thnxx for the pm
Awesome update
Flashback was sad asad suffering
But zoya coming as a sunshine in his life
The mazar scene was beautiful 
Then asya fight
I am excited to see the journey of asya finding each other 
Continue soonSmile

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it's awesome!!

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