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DILEMMA(A NEW STORY) ch-5 on pg 5 (Page 4)

Kaju.acacia Senior Member

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Posted: 10 May 2015 at 12:34am | IP Logged
hello once again guyz.Smile
I had wrote this chapter in my maths classLOL.do read this.


Everyone was enjoying with each other,teasing n feeding each other.

Suddenly manik coughs while eating.
are u ok? Nandini asked while rubbing his back.
Manik-Yes I m ok.actually I am not used to eat spicy things n this is the first time I m eating this.
Nandini-really!I mean seriously.
M-why r u so amused?
N-u know what u r the first one to say this to me?seriously for the first time u r eating this?
M-so what?
Nahi kuch nahi,what about making u all used to things like this?
Will see manik answered smilingly?

Cabir-oh hello ab chale?we r waiting for u.come.

They all leave from there to their home.

Nandini's home

Rahul- aagayi haan?why god why u send her back? I was wishing that u would never come back but see u r here.
N-  mi,this time I m seriously telling u that I will kill him.
R-oh is it so?let's see who will get killed n who will go to jail, come na lets fight.
Mi-shut up u both!Come have dinner.m giving u just 5 sec to reach here.1...2...3...
We r here mi both said together.
Mi-U both r my cutie cartoons.

After having dinner
Nandini goes to her room n started writing her diary.

Dear diary,
Today I had fun,I m blessed with such a nice friends,world'best mi,most irritating bhai.

I have nothing to complaint for.

N Today was the very first day we talked I mean me n manik.he is sweet too.yes he is.

But today i noticed that he was continuously staring at me throughout the time we were together.but why?
N today was the first day i noticed him for the first time.
Isn't it weird that despite of being in same class we haven't talked till now?

Now m feeling tired, going to sleep.

Manik's house



Manik's mum- So how was ur evening?

Manik- it was fun mum.(he hugged her mum saying this)

Mum- haan, haan I can see that it was fun as u r smilingly so much.

Manik-how r u now? feeling better now or not?have u consult doc?

Mum- shhh...relax. m fine M tired at that time  that's all. nothing to worry about ok.

Manik-hmmm... pls do take rest for me atleast.

Mum-ok,I will.but first have dinner ok.



After finishing his dinner, he goes to his room n take out his diary I mean secret one, no one knows about his habit of writing his diary

(but he was wrong thinking this. U cannot hide anything from ur mom.do u? She is the one who knows us much better than us.)






Mmm   so so happy after spending my evening with her n my frnds.

She is sweet, cute, bubbly n  crazy too.

The way she smiles, the way she manages to make all smile around her, the way she talks is awesome.


How strange it is?

Today was the first time we talked.

Though we r in same class.


Whenever she is around me I feel different.


Ok ok I have written so much about her. so just ending it here.


I m excited for my very first class of music in my new class.

I have never thanks god for giving me such a beautiful life, crazy frnds, best mum, my music n nandini.

But today I want to thanks god for all this.




Bye my diary. will see u tomorrow.




{so all this u have read till now is just one of the flashback moment, u will get to see more}


From here on u'll get to read real story.

So enjoy.





"so that was the first time u both talked to each other"said a middle aged woman.

"umm... it was" woman in her twenties replied

"but u urself told me that u were a lively person so what happened now?why so serious look always?u still miss him?"

"no,not now,we both have moved on in our lives"

"waise going through so much in just 26 yrs of ur life n after that becoming a big name in bollywood is something weird,isn't it?

"yes I think it is,I used to think that life is in ur hand only but it is not,life sometimes gives u so much to experience"

"ok I have to leave now,will see u tomorrow n thanks for sharing ur life story to us so that we can make a movie on it."

"welcome,bur u remember that condition of not revealing that its my story"

"yes I remember"


the middle aged lady leaves saying this.


Nandini also goes to her room


Nandini's diary


Dear diary,


10 yrs have already passed.

My life is surrounded by his memories only.



In these 10 yrs everything has changed.

From nandini only m now bollywood's most popular singer NANDINI MURTHY.


Now all I have with me is my bro only.

Our mother left us long ago all alone.



He left me all alone without saying anything.without listening to me,but it was my fault too.

I wish if I had already made my decision earlier then the things I have gone though never happened.


Now this diary is the only one to whom I can share my pains, sorrows.






After that she sleeps waiting for her next day hoping that maybe next day will bring some happiness for her.



Today is mother's day that's why bits of motherly love for their children in this ch.

pls tell me ur views guyz.how is it?

without comments n likes how will I come know wether is is good or bad, stupid or a complete crap.

atleast hit likes.

want to say thanks to those who like this story.

want to get pm then buddy me okTongue

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Luving_Gari IF-Dazzler

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Awsm part!!!
Continue soon!!!
N plzz pm me if u can!!!

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Humzy IF-Rockerz

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nice update
cont soon

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Kaju.acacia Senior Member

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Originally posted by Humzy

nice update
cont soon

genuine thanks humzy for always commenting.
will try to update soon
Kaju.acacia Senior Member

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Posted: 10 May 2015 at 9:15am | IP Logged
Originally posted by KewlaniGarima

Awsm part!!!
Continue soon!!!
N plzz pm me if u can!!!

thanks for commenting
will surely pm uSmile
Kaju.acacia Senior Member

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Posted: 14 May 2015 at 8:51am | IP Logged
hi! guyz.
how r u all?
m here again but not with a new part.

THANKS to all once again for liking it
even if it is a crap.


what if u get to see nandu giving an award to manik in an award show haan(shows which u get to see on t.v.)?
n u will soon get to see fab 5 here too.

sorry can't reveal too much now.

n I will surely update on saturday ok.


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Kaju.acacia Senior Member

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Posted: 16 May 2015 at 1:57am | IP Logged
HI everyone.so more chapter here.
guyz pls read it n tet me know it is good or just a waste of time n if it is so then I will stop writing it so tell me through ur comments ok.


If two people are destined to be together then no matter what they will always be together.

Two people r talking about something serious in a big house.The atmosphere around them is tensed.
Yaar I think u should take this opportunity.
But cabir we r already established as a band which is so popular here.So why all this?
Cabir-I know manik but there is no harm in this?u should debut in bollywood n ya don't worry about fab 5 as they will support u only.
Who is telling u to leave fab 5 n start singing for movies only?
Manik-thanks cabir for being with me always.
Cabir-yaar stop all this nahi to main ro dunga( I will cry).pls.
Manik smiles thinking about cabir how even after all these yrs he is same that joker.
Manik- ok ok no need to cry.what I was thinking is that first I should tell about this to fab 5 n then sign this contract.

Fab 5 in manik's house
Manik explains all the things to them.they all listen to it carefully.Theyl r the only strength pillars of each other 
Manik-so that's the case.
Mukti-I think u should continue.u know na manik we will support u in ur each n every decision.
Alya-what mukti is saying is absolutely correct manik. Why we will disagree.we r not stupid ok.
Dhruv-buddy I think they r right so  i agree with them completely.
Manik-thanks guyz.

At the recording studio.
Cabir- woh... what a performance dude.really I mean u r singing with so much feelings,seems like lyrics are written for u only.
Manik was sad as while singing he was thinking of one person only.lyrics were really representing his situation only.
N seeing manik like this cabir understands the whole thing n to change his mood he asked him something.
Cabir-manik what u r thinking whether u will get best debut award or not? N if u r thinking this na then
U shouldn't be as I m 101 % sure that u will get that.
Manik with a smirk-I know that already.I m 10000% sure.ab chal I want to tell them all this.

Nandini's house

After completing her 2 contracts she was finally at home to take some rest.
Nandini-bhai! M back.
Her bro hugged her.
Rahul-kaisa tha sab? Oh god what m asking?I should be asking how much good it was?
Nandini-bhai! u will never change na?
Bhai(smilingly)-kabhi bhi nahi
Nandini-m going upstairs ,m so tired now need some sleep ok
Bhai-ok,n listen I have to go somewhere so m going ok.
Will come back before dinner time ok n bye.
N-bye bhai.

After three hours of sleep she wakes up n goes downstairs to check id her bhai has come or not?
But she gets to meet a young girl of 20 waiting for her.
Girl-hi! M naina .M assistant of Mrs. Khanna(middle aged lady who was listening to nandu's story).from now onwards m going to listen ur story.
N-hi naina,so sit here with me(pointing towards the sofa).
They both sat down there.

There was silence between them n to break that naina speaks first.
Nanina-mam I know it is uncomfortable to share ur best moments to anyone whom u don't know.but trust me I will be like ur frnd only.I will not judge u for anything.
Nandini-thanks naina to understand me.ya it is uncomfortable for me to share this to just anyone.
Naina-so can we start from being frnds as it will be easier for us to do our work.
N-I like u naina,u r sensible.
(Guyz want to clear something.It is that a famous director n a frnd of nandini has asked her to give permission on making a movie on her with condition of not revealing her name.From that day she shares her story two days in a week for 2 hrs bcoz of her hectic schedule)
Naina-so lets start from intro ok.
Nandini-ok so m nandini murthy.m singer as u know n I live here with my bro.what about u?
Naina-m assistant of mrs. Khanna.
M very talkative person.my nickname is chatterbox given by my out of the world bhaiya,my big bro.
We two r there for each other no matter what.
Nandini-my bhai is very much like urs.
Naina-so miss nandini tell me why can't u smile genuinely why this fake n small one?
Nandini-huh... wo...actually...can we talk tomorrow?
Naina-its totally ok mam.I know u must be feeling tired na so take rest.bye
Naina gets up n started to leave when nandini called her.
Naina-yes mam want to ask something?
Nandini hugged naina.
Nandini-don't call me mam,call me nandini I like that.u r a nice person u reminds me of my joker.Its nice to have a frnd like u.
Naina-ye hui na baat.nandini pls always smile like this a genuine one ok.so bye now will see u tomorrow.

Saying this she leaves n her brother enters the scene.
Rahul-so whats up nandy?I think u still need rest u r looking tired lioness.
Nandini-lioness???? One more name.just tell me how many names i have?
Rahul-ummm... let me think...5678 nahi...its 5768...I don't remember exactly.
Nanidini shouts bhaaaiii!!!!!
Rahul controlling his laughter
R-ok ok I think sherni has gain enough energy to shout so now I will have to be like sweet innocent 7 yrs girl haan?
N-u better should be ok.
R-u really think like that?
N-bhai m hungry pls come inside first.
R-sorry I should know that u must be hungry.
They goes inside n after having their dinner together they go to their respective rooms.

Precap-manik n nandini's diary parts.
Nandini gets to know about manik's debut in bollywood.
Nandini meets cabir.

so that's it.
its again a short one sorry...
but from now on I will try my best to write longer ones but only if u like this.

love u all

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Humzy IF-Rockerz

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nice update
cont soon

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