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Originally posted by shreyad27

Baapre ash ye tune kya bomb foda likhe anyways i luv it dis tym also :)

Yaay! Im glad you enjoyed it

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Originally posted by Anamika2692001

Awesome drabble and perfect title! Clap

And the last two lines stole my heart. Heart

But the VidHir kiss was a 440 volt ka jhatka!! LOL

Chomu toh mention karne ke layak bhi nahi hai. ^_^

I liked the way you used distinctive scents for Vidushi and Sanyukta. :)

Looking forward to part 2!!

Keep it up, sizzler!!


Hopefully the jhatka didn't hit too badly.
Thanks for reading

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Omg yeh kya tha yr

I really adore ViDhir but as friends not as sum thing like this
This shocked me
Bt it was a pleasant surprise for me

I really liked it yr

I really felt bad for rd when he used to get jealous of sanyu and rd
Hiding his feelings

This is his biggest problem
He hides his true feelings

On the other hand vids I like her attitude
She can fight for her right

ViDhir kissing that's sum thing unexpected
Vids love path and rd loves sanyu

No one can change this

Wtng for jxt
Updte soon

Love u
Keep smiling

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May 30

Title: Nightshade

Pairing: ViDhir (platonic) SanDhir, ViDarth 

Rating: T

Parth was trying to control his anger.

Vidushi was late.

10 mins. I told that girl to come to me immediately.

"Sorry..sorry Parth!" she nearly collided into his chest.

Holding her at arms length Parth looked at her face.

Her eyes were shining. Something was up.

Parth didn't want to scream or yell at her. He'd spent a month with her now, as her friend, making himself push away any negative thoughts that popped in his head regarding Vidushi.

He'd stopped blaming, criticising and comparing her to Sanyukta.

And she was blooming, flourishing right before his eyes.

She had become nicer to Sanyukta, much to the other girl's surprise.

She'd been attending all the classes, sneaking smiles at him.

Once he'd smiled back and she'd nearly jumped out of her chair.

She was a Duracell bunny really, with a bit of sass.

"I'm hungry." he grumbled, yanking her to the canteen.

Vidushi was estatic.

They were supposed to meet to discuss how to make Randhir accept his feelings for Sanyukta. 

They were not supposed to have chai and sandwiches in a secluded corner.

Especially not in a secluded corner with Parth's leg brushing hers.

She forced herself to stop, not build up anything. It could be fatal.

Parth had already made it clear he could never love her.

If Friendship and Chai in the canteen was all he had to offer her, she'd take it.

Parth watched her take a bite of her sandwich, noticing a smear of ketchup on her lips.

Her lips, soft and sweet.

He wanted to lick the ketchup off.

But he settled for grabbing a napkin and tossing it in her lap.

"Ketchup. On your lips." he said quickly.

"Oh!" her eyes widened.

Her tongue dratted out and licked at the ketchup.

Parth gulped.

He couldn't deny she was attractive.

He was only human and he had needs.

What he hadn't expected was that one day he'd need her.

Her smile, her presence, the way her eyes sparkled whenever he praised her. Her out of the ordinary jugaads and her taunts.

"Parth? Randhir wants to see me, can I?" Vidushi was biting her lip nervously.

"I'm coming with you." Parth took a last sip of his chai.

It was cold. Just like his heart.

The last time he'd seen Vidushi alone with Randhir his lips were on hers.

Parth resented Randhir that. 

He knew Randhir and kissed her more than once and for that his blood boiled.

The more he got to know Vidushi the more he made sure to keep her away from Randhir.

He knew it was absurd, but he kept doing it.

He told himself he was protecting Sanyukta and Randhir.

"It won't happen again. He loves her and I respect that." Vidushi sighed. "It's just that...he wants my help..." she mummbled quickly.


He could hear the hint of pride in her voice.

She was happy Randhir had asked her for help.

He couldn't deny her that. 

Randhir was her friend, Just like Sanyukta was his.

Lately Vidushi had not lingered around when he was with Sanyukta. She did not seem to resent her either.

"Vidushi?" he caught her hand before she left.

"Uh...Dinner?" he mummbled.

"Huh?" she shook her head.

"I want to...have...uh..I want to have you for dinner" he said loudly.

Vidushi turned beet red.

Parth realised what he was doing and shook his head. "I mean...I want to have dinner with you...there's a nice little place here, I've heard they have amazing Parathas.." he took a breath "Just as friends."

"Oh..okay. What time?' her eyes widened.

"Seven?" Parth hoped she'd say yes.

"Okay.  I'll meet you in the basketball court at 6.45?" Vidushi smiled before turning away.

Parth had a goofy smile on his face till he reached his room.

He  could hardly recognise it.

Shirts and Tshirts and jeans were strewn all over the face. Randhir was dressed in a white tshirt and black jeans.

"If you are going out with my best friend make an effort to dress nicely. And if you hurt her, I'll make you pay." 


Parth stood there in disbelief.

"She likes you, don't you dare give her false hope." Randhir did his hair.

"I'm..." Parth pressed his lips together.

"She's starting to grow on you isn't she? " Randhir walked up to him "Don't take advantage of her. She loves you and she will do just about anything to please you. Treat her right."

Randhir walked out, leaving Parth stunned.

Had he really asked the petite girl out?

Was this really a date?

He hadn't been on a proper date for so long.

Sighing, Parth sat on his bed.

"God Vidushi." he sighed. "What are you doing to me?"


"You are late" Randhir mock glared at the girl in front of him.

"I..I had some work" Vidushi wasn't looking at him.

"Planning what to wear for your date night?" Randhir raised a brow.

"He's just my friend Randhir. We will just have a nice chat, joke a little and come back." Vidushi pointed out.

"Are you girls really that stupid?" Randhir shoook his head.

"Are you calling your Sanyukta stupid as well? 'Vidushi smirked.

"She's the queen of cluless! Can't she see what I feel?" Randhir sat down on Sanyukta's bed, pressing the pillow to his face, inhaling the jasmine scent.

"Did you just sniff at the pillow?" Vidushi started giggling

"Well atleast I don't sniff at your hair like Parth does." Randhir smirked.

"Whaa?" Vidushi's eyes widened.

"Strawberries. I found him muttering something about honey and strawberries last nice. Sounded like your lips." Randhir winked.

Vidushi shook her head "Don't be silly Randhir. Parth will never think of me that way. I'm not his type."

"Whatever. You know who my type is? Sanyukta. Who I am supposed to be a  good boyfriend to. And I know nothing about being a boyfriend." Randhir sighed.

"Well, she won't stop talking about how you kicked that Sameer and went down on your knees. Talks about it every night. I'm sure even Chashmish is bored of it."

"I swear Kaustuki hates me. I can feel her eyes trying to drill holes in my back." Randhir shuddered.

"Ignore. Sanyukta likes you. So just be a good boyfriend. Listen to her, ask her how she feels, take her out, buy her gifts." Vidushi had a dreamy look on her face "Give her things she likes"

"I'll buy a bottle of grease and a bouquet of screwdrivers." Randhir sighed.

"Uh no...Chocolate. Sanyukta loves Chocolate. She'd like a small treasure hunt too.. And maybe a roller coaster ride. And Street food. That girl loves streeet food." Vidushi rolled her eyes "She literally inhaled those pani puris"

"Chocolate,  treasure hunt she can solve, a roller coaster ride and pani puri" Randhir counted off on his fingers.

"Most off all, support her! Her engineering means a lot to her. Never make her choose between you and it alright? You have to help her, be supportive and encourage her. A good boyfriend is the powerhouse in motivating his girl to get her dreams come to. Engineering is hers. She wants to prove herself." Vidushi sighed.

"No taunting her regarding being weak and a woman so she's useless" Vidushi warned.

"And you must control your temper." She poked Randhir's chest.

"But most of all, be yourself" Vidushi sighed.

"But she calls me an MCP!" Randhir groaned.

"She means most cute person" Vidushi teased.

A loud "What?" pierced the room.

An alarmed Sanyukta reached the room and grabbed Vidushi's arm

"You said you won't tell him my secret!" She pouted.

Randhir smirked. "Most Cute person huh? So you admit you think I'm cute?"

Vidushi silently tiptoed out of the room. 

Sanyukta had wide eyes.

"Admit it, you think I'm cute Sanyu. Girls can't resist me." Randhir winked.

"So be it. But you know you can't resist me Mr. Boyfriend" Sanyukta pulled him down to kiss his lips.

Randhir kissed her back, smiling against her lips.

"You are like a Belladona" he finally panted.

"Belladona? Like the deadly poisonous flower?" Sanyukta howled.

"Atropa Belladona. Yes. But it also means Beautiful woman" Randhir cupped her cheek.

" think I'm beautiful?" Sanyukta batted her lashes.

"The most beautiful" Randhir offered.

"Randhir?" She grinned.

"What?" Randhir asked.

"I changed my mind. MCP stands for Most Cheesy Person now!" Sanyukta kissed his nose.

" you always have to make fun of me when I  get romantic?" Randhir frowned.

"Awww..but you look so cute when you get angry." Sanyu pulled her cheeks.

"You are mean you know that?" Randhir pouted, pushed her away.

"I know. But you love me!" Sanyu batted her lashes.

"That I do." Randhir hugged her.

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May 31
Title:  Destiny's Tools
Pairing: DT, SanDhir, ViDarth.
Rating: K
(Song fic with Immortals by Fall Out Boy. That Band is life. )

Here it is, the last drabble for the month. I never thought I'd be able to do this, not really. Now I have something large scale I completed. This was a labour of love and hate and I'm glad I did this!

They say we are what we are

Ever Since Ranawat had set foot in FITE, the Dream Team had found it's name tarnished and parodied. 

Trash Team.

They could hear the giggles and the whispers.

And they could see the sneers and the mocking faces.

Trash Team!

But we don't have to be.

Randhir and Parth were the not ones most upset by the way they had parodied the name. 

Randhir only had to open his mouth and stand up, his body 

Sanyukta hated how they were disrespecting Vardhaan Sir's vision. He'd started the dream team and now they'd sullied that very name.

I'm bad behavior but I do it in the best way.

Vidushi walked with her head held high. She made people stop staring and whispering with a single glare.

Her taunts rendered the haters speechless.

"Good one Vidushi!" Randhir grinned.

Vidushi smiled "I may be bad but I'm PERFECTLY good at it!"

Sanyukta chuckled, winking at her roommate.

Vidushi winked back, handing her the spanner.

I'll be the watcher (watcher) of the eternal flame.

If Vidushi and Randhir were the sword and the spear then Sanyukta and Parth were the shield and the armour.

They were always taking precautions, ensuring the little conflicts didn't damper the enthusiasm or the passion that was the foundation of the dream team.

"Come on guys we can do this! We've handled worse!" Sanyukta smiled, wiping grease off her wrist.

"Great. We just have a few more steps left. And we are the damn dream team!" Parth growled, welding together a few parts.

I'll be the guard dog of all your fever dreams

Sahil and Khuswant Singh aka Yoyo were the glue holding the team together.

Sahil was good at ignoring people who meant nothing and Yoyo laughed it off like the words didn't matter.

They provided the relief and necessary funny moment and kept the nerves from rising.

They had a small role to play, but they played it well.


I am the sand in the bottom half of the hourglass (glass, glass)

Yoyo wasn't as strong as Parth. Or smart as Randhir.

He wasn't as persistant as Sanyukta or as shrewd as Vidushi.

He wasn't as adaptable as Sahi.

But he knew he was a part of the team and he had a duty to it.

So for the many time in years, Yoyo actually read the words in his books and took an interest in the machines.


I try to picture me without you but I can't

Vidushi was trying hard to lift the metal off the floor.

"Here, let me." Parth offered.

"No, I don't want you to do me any favours. Sahil will help me, won't you Sahil?" Vidushi smiled at the other boy sweetly. 

Parth sighed. "Vidushi.."

"If you don't care then act like it." Vidushi managed to lift the piece of metal up.

She stumbled, only to find an arm around her waist.

The metal fell to the floor with a clang.

"Are you ok?" He turned her around to face him.

"I..I..I think so." she buried her face in his chest, shaken up.

" need to let me move on." she whispered before she pulled away.

'Believe me, I'm trying.'

'Cause we could be immortals, immortals

Just not for long, for long.

"Spanner!" Sanyukta commands and Yoyo hands it immediately.

Sparks fly as Parth welds metal.

Randhir is pouring over a book and Vidushi and Sahil are checking the erognomics and the comfigurations.

They are working together like a well oiled machine.

And live with me forever now,

You pull the blackout curtains down

Just not for long, for long.

"Found it!" Randhir grinned.

Sanyukta was by his side in an instant.

"See?" Randhir took her hand and guided her index finger to the line he wanted her to see.

Sanyukta's eyes widened as she took in the printed words.

"Why didn't I think of looking here? You are a genius Randhir!" She pressed a kiss to his cheeks and took the book.

Sometimes the only pay-off for having any faith

Is when it's tested again and again everyday.

"Guys look at this!" she was practically jumping in excitement.

"Kuch mila Sanyukta?" Sahil wiped away a bead of sweat from his forehead.

"Are Smile dekho Sanyukta ji ki.Samajhlo Sab kuch mil gaya!" Yoyo grinned.

The whole team crowded together.

"Hmm..difficult lagta hai" Vidushi frowned.

"Haan difficult hai, par impossible toh nahi. Hum India ke one of the top institutes ke sapse capable students hai." Randhir reminded them all.

"We can do this. We have to trust ourselves. Vardhaan sir choose each one of us for a reason." Parth added.

"We are the Dream Team guys. It's a challenge and we can't afford to even think of losing." Sanyukta asserted.

"Yes. We just need these parts and then these tools. I'll go get the tools. Parth?" Sahil looked at the brawny man.

"I'll handle the parts. No problem!" Parth smirked. It was his forte.

I'm still comparing your past to my future.

It might be your wound but they're my sutures.

"Ouch!" Parth winces in pain and pulls his hand away.


"Parth! You stupid clumsy..." Vidushi immediately takes his hand in her and drags him to the table. She had brought the first aid box as a precaution on the very first day, knowing it would be needed. 

"I'm alright." Parth tried to pull his hand away.

"Shut up and let me fix it up. I don't want it infected. You'd put the whole team at a disadvantage!" Vidushi dabbed cotton soaked in dettol on his wound.

"Ouch." Parth howled.

"Stop being a baby Parth. It's almost done" she dabbed antiseptic and tied up the wound. 

"Go do something that doesn't put strain on your hand. I can handle the cutting" Vidushi took up the cutter.

"You'll get hurt. Be careful" Parth warned.

"I'm used to getting hurt. No big deal." her voice said. Her eyes said otherwise.

'Cause we could be immortals, immortals

Just not for long, for long.

And live with me forever now,

You pull the blackout curtains down

Just not for long, for long.


They were done.

They'd achieved what people said they couldn't

No one had the right to call them the trash team anymore.

The car, the labour of love, hate, blood, sweat and tears, stood in the middle of the lab.

Sleek, shiny, black and a sight for sore eyes.

The dream team had made the dream a solid reality and they were sweaty and greasy, but super happy.

Randhir put his arms around Sanyukta and liffted her off the floor, spinning them in a circle.

"We did it. Dare they call us anything but the dream team or I'll run our car over them all"  Randhir laughed.

"That'd be cruel because the speed won't allow anyone to get out of the way in time! " Sanyukta giggled

Sahil sat down and lies on floor, panting.

"Ho gaya. Finally. Now I can relax. Nightmares aa rahe the about this car!" he smiled.

Yoyo Rushed off to tell Aster.

Vidushi smiled and makes a move to leave, only to find her wrist held in Parth' s hand.

"We did it!" she smiled.

"No we didn't" he doesn't really look happy, just tired.

"Parth?" She puts her hand on his chest, feeling his heartbeat . It's fast. She gasps when he pulls her closer.

"What, no hug for me?" Parth asks.

She blushes, composes herself "But you don't care.."

And then his lips are on hers, he doesn't care that everyone is watching.

"Now we did it" he has a smile on his face.

Vidushi blushes a deep red and hits his shoulder.

Yoyo and Aster walked in with a cake from the canteen.

"Celebration toh Banta hai ji!" Yoyo has a cheeky grin.

"Congrats you guys!" Aster hugs Vidushi and Sanyu.

"Cut the cake, I'm starving!" Sahil rubs his tummy.

It growls and the room erupts into laughter.

"Come on you both cut it, you are the captains" Parth prompts.

"Chalo chalo Jaldi karo!" Vidushi pushes Sanyukta forward.

Randhir puts his hand on Sanyukta's and they cut the cake.

"To the Dream Team" Aster lifts a piece and feeds it to yoyo.

"Oh ji, to you too, for being my support" Yoyo feeds aster.

Sahil cswallows his mouthful and cheers "To finally sleeping peacefully at night!"

Everyone laughs at that, feeling relieved.

"To us Vidushi." Parth holds a piece to her lips.

She grins and opens her mouth, nibbling on his finger and then chewing on her cake.

"What was that for?" he ruffles her hair.

"That..was to remind you I won't forgive you so easily." She winked.

"I think we should stay here tonight. I don't want to take any risks with our hard work" Randhir frowned. "I still don't trust Ranawat."

"I agree. It's safer to take the precaution" Parth nodded.

"Guys...he hasn't.." Sanyukta began but the glare the others gave her made her shut up.

"Come on Sanyu, we'll need pillows and Blankets." Vidushi turned to the girl.

"I'll have Nikhil and the others bring enough for all of us. Don't worry about a thing Ji!" Yoyo smiled.

"Vidushi and Sanyukta can go and change. Sahil you and yoyo can go as well. Me and Randhir will go when you come back. I'm not going to leave this car alone for an instant." Parth let go of Vidushi's hand.

They put blankets on the floor and made their beds.

Vidushi was surprised when Parth put his blanket next to hers. 

She smiled when he spooned her from behind.

"Goodnight my beautiful princess"

Sahil was snoring softly, dreaming.

Soon, Sanyukta and Randhir were the only ones awake.

"Randhir?" she had propped herself up on her elbows.

"Huh?" Randhir stiffled a yawn.

"Goodnight Randhir" Sanyu yawned, setting Randhir off.

"Good night Sanyu" he yawned too.

When morning came, the rest of the dream team found Sanyukta and Randhir on the same blanket, Sanyukta's leg on Randhir's.

"Awww.." Vidushi giggled "How cute"

"Shh..let them sleep" Sahil yawned.

Parth pressed his forehead to Vidushi's "Chai?"

"Yes please." she whispered.

"I'll come too." Sahil scratched his head. "It's breakfast oclock"

"Let's leave the love birds to themselves" Yoyo grinned.

"Love birds? Who?" Randhir woke up with a start.

"Huh? Did something happen to our car?" Sanyu muttered groggily.

The room erupted into laughter.

"Goodmorning!" Vidushi giggled at the baffled look on the couples face.

"Let me sleep" Sanyukta put her head on Randhir's stomach.


Outside, Ranawat shook his head.

And this batch of fools would represent India in the Dream Team competition.

"Shayad mein galat tha. "

This is their cup of tea after all

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Anamika2692001 IF-Dazzler

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Beautiful. <3

Yet another example of your lovely and magical fluff. Day Dreaming

Flawlessly penned! Clap

You made me fall in love with both these couples again...more so with my SanDhir. Embarrassed



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newmoon18 IF-Sizzlerz

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Awww I loved this one
So beautiful

Really I liked that track when parth used to behave nice wiry vids just to repay her

Then gradually fall for her

Rd protective for vids
In really adore ViDhir bond
Its totally different
SaRth on the other hand alwz open n supporting each other ViDhir hides their care

Ending was really cute
Vids advicing rd
Then sandhir moments was the cheery on top

Yr write something on hijack track
Sandhir and vidharth bonding
Fear of losing each other

It will be a treat

Love u
Keep smiling
Anamika2692001 IF-Dazzler

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This was the perfect end to a fantastic series of drabbles! :D

Thanking you making me like VidArth again.

And for writing so beautifully about my favourite couple.

Love you! God bless! Hug

Your talent will take you places, Ashlesha!!


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