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Completed ! Sadde Drabbles: Drabble a Day for May (Page 16)

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Posted: 29 May 2015 at 12:58am | IP Logged
Originally posted by newmoon18

Yipeee we got jealous parth
U know from the time parth is behaving as a complete jerk to vids I was wtng to see table turns
He had so much fun in hurting her
Bt now ball is in her court

Really uska face dkhne layak hota h whenever vids is with namit
Burning like a coal

Yesterday fight when he was stopping her to go away with namit was superb

Poor boy kya kya kia use rokane k lia

Now I'm loving it

No matter how much he's insecure he's not going to admit he's jealous
Boys and their big fat ego

Arrrggghhh ladki haath se jyegi tbhi akaal ayegi

Really lovely drabble
Full on entertaining

Yr write sum thing on dream team I'm missing their spark

Love u
Keep smiling

Yesh, He's getting his just deserts now  and they are anything but sweet.
I've always prefered the AYM version of Parth rather than the sweet one.
Past few days have been a treat!

Glad you enjoyed the drabble!

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Posted: 29 May 2015 at 1:11am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Moony87

Friday fun in office.. Less work.. So commenting before weekend. LOL

My.. My.. Ash.. You are on a roll ..!!.. Awesome drabbles.. Ek se badhkar ek saare. Be it any character of the show.. You wrote on all and beautifully. Fabulous writings and flawless too. Waise to sabhi bahut acchhe hain.. Including Sandhir's.. But there are two drabbles that gave me a pleasant shock. To be honest those drabbles are something I never thought you'll ever write. And I am lucky to read these write ups. Thanks for giving me the link.

1. Title:  Mind over Matter. 

Thoughts of Sahil on each pair. Sahil hardly gets screen space (which is basically good for his role otherwise he would also be butchered by CVs) . So reading his thought process was a blissful experience. His descriptions about every couple is so apt. So perfect Star. Smoooth like his dance moves. Clap Clap Clap Clap

Highlight of this drabble :-

Sahil /OC pairing. Shocked (This one line I read five times making sure if I am reading properly) .. You writing about an OC with Sahil took me back to the days when you had said you don't like people pairing established characters with their own trash original characters.. that it makes you hate those Original Characters. Lucky for Sahil and this OC girl.. Sahil is not paired with anyone in the show LOL. Double Lucky for this OC girl and Ish of your other FF (I forgot the name of that FF) .. for they get to be paired with Sahil. Wink Dancing

2. Title:  Judgement.
Pairing: Parth centric

What a amazing piece of writing this is. Clap Star Simply awesome. Focusing on Parth's morals .. was a treat to read. And you did full justice to it. What words.. What depth. Awesome work. His equations with everyone beautifully penned down. Yep he is a man of honor and commitment and that's a rare rare quality in today's guyz. Sadly people in the forum finds it irritating, annoying and unreal. Unhappy .. You have dived wonderfully into his mind. Clap

Parth's pathos is that he is bashed for being a moralistic person.. What an irony when the whole country cribs about immoral politicians and ministers. The biggest joke being CVs showing that a person with morals and no over hunger for money will end up being a garage mechanic. Sleepy Ermm 

Highlight of this drabble :-

You gasped for not bashing Parth and I was stunned for the same. Have read this drabble 10 times till now. No gaali, no abuse to Parth. Shocked  My goodness.. Must have been a mind paining experience for you to write this drabble.. Like Physically painful. Shocked
Finally, jaise minorities ko reservation mein upliftment milta hai , Parth finally gets a positive drabble on 1% quota. ROFL.  Ganga nahaa aayega Parth.. From not deserving Vidushi ... to using Vidushi ... to he is still not over Arpita yet... to he should die ... to he is a douchebag.. to now THIS.. What journey man.. LOL LOL LOL LOL .. Sau Chammat ke baad.. Pyaar ke meethe bol mile use.. No wonder Ankit headed to Panchmani for a trip.. Jannat mil gayee use.. ROFL

Awesome write ups.. Sandhir, Vidarth, Kabir all shined. Keep up the good work. !!.. Thumbs Up

Sachi bolu? There was a war in my head. Part of me didn't want to give you the link, because somewhere I thought that I'd bore you to death. You've always made me want to write deeper and neutral things. I'm not used to experimenting  and this drabble month was about pushing myself, writing things I've never written. I'm happy I could give you a pleasant shock for once!

Sahil is an unexplored character. More space to make up things, and yet more of a challenge. Would people like my take on Sahil?
 The thing about Pairing.
I meant I don't like Parth/OC when the cannon (accepted and offical version) is Parth/Vidushi.
Then that will make me hate the OC for being all that, especially if I ship the couple.
Some people like OC/established character, some people don't. Apna apna preference hota hai.
Since Sahil has no established partner, there is room to add in an Oc.
I won't do that with say Yoyo or Randhir.
For me while writing that Drabble the OC girl was the one pulling Sahil's leash.

About Parth.
I could write a huge thesis of what  I feel, but I'll just say this.
I don't hate Parth, just hate how he is biased, treating everyone nicely and Vidushi differently.
It doesn;t really fit in with the "Sweet Saint and Acha Bacha" image everyone has of Parth.
A character like him is grey and open to interpretation, especially when what we know is a jumbled mess that makes no sense. 
I'm not calling Parth a villain or something, infact, his moral code interests me a lot, and what I feel and think cannot be put in words down yet. When i try, I go to extremities. Darth or Adorth and I can't win. I've still got a lot to learn about people and I promise I'll try my best to not "Bash" Parth.
But it is hard, his moral code and his behavior doesn't tally for me.  That's the honest truth.

Khair, I'm glad you enjoyed atleast 2/23! 

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May 24
Pairing: Vidushi/Parth

It was becoming harder and harder for him to stay away.
Ofcourse, it never had been easy to turn and feel his heart burn.
But right now his insides were on fire.
Not just any fire.
It was fire from the darkest pits of hell, eating away at anything that resembled control.
To hell with proper. To hell with everything.
How could he hold himself back when she was pulling at him, pressing exactly the right buttons.
She knew how to make him lose his cool, to strip away the things he'd learnt, how to talk, how to smile, how to make himself behave.
She ripped it all off, the things that he thought made him who he was and left behind what he really was.
Untainted and still so tarnished.
And the ruin had started to spread over everything he touched.
He'd held his tongue and swallowed his words for far too long.
Hoped she was smart. He knew she was smart.
But she'd failed him.
She'd been blinded by Namit's charms.
Just like the others who had been there before her.
Parth gritted his teeth.
No.  He won't let it go so far.
He couldn't.
Vidushi was his, not Namit's.
She'd made her self his, by her own hand.
All he had to do was remind her what she'd done.
He'd never asked her to do it.
She'd taken the choice herself, of her own free will.
She couldn't back away now, not when he needed her to know.
Parth threw on a shirt and stomped out, his hair disheveled from running his fingers through it in sheer frustration.
His eyes searched for her all to familiar figure.
Not there in the canteen.
Not there in the basketball court.
Where the hell was she?
Surely not with Namit?
"Argh Sanyukta. Theek hai I'll go get the damn tools from the store room!" her irritated shriek was like a melody to his ears. He grinned at that.
Now he just needed to reach the storeroom before she did.
And then he'd show her.
The Hellfire was taking over him, he was the flame now.
"Argh. Sanyukta. Pehle you got that drunkard back and now I'm your little errand boy. Just because you are the captain..." Vidushi shook her head, catching a breath.
Why the hell was the bloody storeroom such a long way away from the rest of the civilized parts of FITE?
"Thank god." she threw the door open and entered, running to the table and looking at the tools there.
"Nahi..yeh wala..nahi..yehi hoga.." she was about to reach for the screwdriver but then a thud and the sound of metal hitting metal filled the air.
She turned around hastily to find Parth leaning lazily against the door, a smirk on his face.
"Tum?" She accused him, her hand on her hip.
"Haan main." he grimaced "Namit ko expect kar rahi thi kya? Maine Kaha tha na! Door raho usse." Parth's eyes narrowed.
"Ha." Vidushi mocked him "Dekho Parth, tum mere mom ya dad nahi ho. I don't need to listen to your orders!" 
"Oh but you do." his eyes darkened.
"Kyun? Kyun sunu main tumhari koi baat?" Vidushi raised her chin.
Parth walked closer, each footstep echoing in the storeroom that was empty save them both.
She glared at him defiantly, not moving away.
She'd never back down.
And this time neither would he.
His hand brushed back the long hair that covered her neck.
His eyes went to the place he knew he'd find it.
His assurance.
He found nothing.
"It's gone Parth. You broke up with me remember?" Vidushi brought her hair back to cover her neck.
"Then why are you covering it with your hair again?" Parth's nostrils flared.
His blood was boiling.
He knew her well enough to know she was lying
"Well it's my.." she couldn't finish her sentence.
Parth's hand was brushing back her hair.
"Leave me Parth!" she slapped his hand off and made a turn for the door.
Tools be damned. I need to get out before...
She felt herself be turned around.
Something hard against her back.
He'd pinned her to the wall.
His eyes were blazing with rage.
She leaned forward to bite his shoulder. It had worked the last time.
"Don't. Any mark you make on me I  will recreate on you." he warned her.
She gulped.
His hand was touching the spot on her neck where his name was.
Under the concealer.
Parth rubbed at her skin.
"Clever trick." he hissed "But it doesn't change the fact that it's still there"
"I'll get it removed. No one needs to know of it's existence." she offered.
"I know. You know. And soon Namit will too. You are mine. You will not hide it" He rubbed harder.
It didn't come off.
Darn thing.
He lowered his lips to her neck and sucked at that spot
The stuff she'd applied there was bitter but watching his name reappear where it belonged on her skin was worth it.
"No more hiding love. I'm done with this game. You've won." He kissed her neck.
"It's not a game Parth. It's not about winning. I meant it. I...I'm d... done" her voice trembled.
She pushed him off and made a run for the door.
She  wasn't done. Not by a long shot. 
He grimaced.
He knew her too well.
She always stammered and stuttered when she lied.
You are right Vidu, it's not a game, it's not about winning.
He took a deep breath.
He couldn't lie anymore. Not to her.
Not to himself.
"But I don't want to lose you." he yelled, feeling lighter.
I won't lose you.
She was wearing her hair up.
And he couldn't see the tattoo.
She'd never listen.
She'd defy him.
She always did.
He wouldn't take it again.
Not this time.
This time she'd know.
"Mind your own business Parth!" she'd scoffed at him and walked back to the dream team car.
He'd show her he meant business.
Sneaking into her room was easy.
Too easy. Just like what followed after.
He looked at his masterpiece with a smirk.
Her lipstick was the colour of blood against the cold glass
He'd lick it off her lips later.
But right now, he wanted her to see he wouldn't let her get away with her games.
She wanted to play mind games didn't she? 
He'd blow her mind with his one.
His kind of game didn't take prisoners.
Just her.

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May 25
Title: Battle Cry
Pairing: ViDarth

(ending to War Paint)

Calm down Vidushi.
She told herself.
But her hands won't stop trembling, neither would the tears stop.
She wanted to go back to bed and pretended it hadn't happened, that it was all a dream.
But it wasn't.
The evidence was infront of her.
And on her.
She touched her sore skin and whimpered.
How could he have done this?
Why did he?
Why did all the men she decided to trust shatter her?
"Vidu.." she heard his husky voice call out to her from her bed.
Yes, he was lying on her bed, shirtless.
"Come to me." he ordered lazily.
How had it ended like that?
Parth had warned her to stay away from Namit.
Told her she was playing with Danger.
She'd chosen not to listen.
"Now..before I have to destroy more of your precious things." his tone was still lazy, but there was an edge of warning to it.
She nodded, moving closer, careful not to tread on any of the broken glass on the floor
"Sit with me?" it was more of an order really.
She nodded, pulling herself next to him.
He pulled her close and kissed the mark on her neck
It stung.
A whimper of pain escaped her.
"Hush Sexy, you know sometimes bite marks are necessary to mark your territory right?" His husky voice made her inhale sharply.
""she found his lip on her finger.
"You know why Vidushi. You made me." Parth stroked the tattoo on her neck.
The one that spelt his name on her neck.
"If the tattoo wasn't clear enough...then i have to remind you again don't I? And like a good boyfriend I did just that." he chuckled, softly rubbing his palm on her cheek.
"You told me you weren't jealous." Vidushi looked at him, a mixture of anger and confusion on her lips "You told me you didn't care" 
"Uh,uh. I don't lie sweetheart. That's your forte. I am not jealous. I am possessive. Learn the difference." he pulled her closer, so that she was almost on his lap  "I said I don't care,I meant I don't give two shits about my cousin. But I care about you. I can't let anyone harm my girl can I ?" Parth kissed her forehead.
"But...we aren't.." her words were blocked by his index finger.
"You told Namit we broke up, I didn't." Parth reminded her.
His fingers caressed the tattoo again.
"You are always mine. Always will be. Never forget that. Or I'll have to remind you. And when I do, not even a thousand bottles of concealor will hide it." Parth laughed, looking at the smashed makeup on the floor.
"I'm sorry. I warned you. You never listen." Parth kissed her cheek. "Which is why I love you."
"" her eyes widened, her lips Parted.
"Ofcourse  I do, silly goose." Parth kissed her nose. "Otherwise I'll be with that girl...what's her name..the one with the hair dye and the nasally voice"
Vidushi frowned. 
"Aw...are you jealous babe?" Parth smirked.
Vidushi shook her head, her mouth in a careless grimace "I don't give a damn mister"
"Ofcourse you don't you minx. You know I'm yours. Just like you are mine." he interwined his fingers with hers.
Vidushi settled comfortably against his chest. 
Being held like this was bliss.
No fighting, he'd admitted he loved her.
 Parth sighed "I've got to give it to Namit though, as bad as he is, he made me realise what you are worth."
Intrigued, Vidushi raised an eyebrow.
It was such a typical thing to say.
But his humble tone and the genuine smile on his lips, and the sparkle in his eyes told her he meant it.


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May 26
Title: Ever After
Pairing: Vidushi/Parth
Rating: T
(Alternate end to warpaint)
He'd expected her to scream, yell throw things.
Rush to his room and hit him, shove him, order him to pay for the damage he'd done.
He hadn't expected her to sink into her bed and sob like her heart was broken.
Just like her foundation and concealer bottles that lay on the floor.
Like her smashed mirror.
With bold red lipstick letters scrawled on it.
She stopped sobbing, sitting up. "Come out Parth. I know you are here." she called out.
He froze.
"The game is over. You've won. Claim your prize." 
She really didn't think he thought of her as his possession, his toy did she?
He couldn't let her.
Ignoring the rational part of him, he walked into the room, lifting her off her bed.
"You are not a prize, not something to be claimed. I'm sorry if I made you feel like that." he wiped her tears.
"What am I to you Parth? Just another abla nari whose honor you have to defend?" she didn't meet his eyes.
"No..I mean I do want to protect you, I don't want you to get hurt." Parth turned her to face him.
"But you hurt me Parth. With your indifference. Your words." she whimpered.
"And you have hurt me too Vidushi. With your actions. You never listen." he brushed back her hair.
"I...Either you want me or you don't Parth. If you don't then let me take care of myself. You don't have to protect me." Vidushi pushd him away.
"It's not as easy as that Vidushi." Parth sighed.
"With me or without me Parth." Vidushi growled.
"Leave me Parth. Don't talk to me again. Don't interfere in my life. Respect me enough to let me take care of myself even if you can't respect me as a person" her voice was flat.
One moment her feet were on the floor.
The next moment they weren't.
His lips were on her skin, biting.
She'd given him an ultimatum.
"Vidushi, there is no going back you know. We can't go back. Not ever."
Parth could see both fear and desire in her eyes.
The road to hell was paved with good intentions.
"I don't want to go back." she chuckled.
"Good, because I'm not letting you. I'll say this only once. Stay away from Namit. I don't like my girlfriend talking to sleazes like him. I don't like the way he looks at you. Hell yes I'm jealous, you are making me extremely jealous and if I ever see him with you I'll kill him and lock you up. You are my girlfriend, no one else's. There. I said it. Happy?" Parth let out a deep breath.
"I don't need anyone but you Parth" she smiled " But I need to know you won't dump me again."
"Luckily for me, I've got proof" Parth took off his shirt.
He turned around so she could see the 'V' on his lower back.
He felt her fingers touch his raw skin and gasped in pain.
"It's permanent." she couldn't hide her glee.
"Yes. And it will stay with me forever, just like you will" he smiled sheepishly.
"Parth! How original. copycat!" Vidushi grabbed his hair.
"Ow woman...come on..." Parth out his arms around her waist.
"Copy cat! I'm not going to forgive you so easily, Who do you think you are?" Vidushi asked.
"I'm your boyfriend babe." Parth bent down to kiss her nose. "Only yours"
She sighed "That you are. I'll forgive you on one condition!" 
"What?" Parth raised an eyebrow.
"If you break up with me again you will let me date Namit" Vidushi smirked.
"Vidushi!" he smashed his lips to hers.
When he pulled back, her lips were swollen.
"Mine. Only mine." he panted.
"Until you break up with me again" she pointed out bluntly.
"One more word and I'll drag you to the nearest temple" Parth growled.
"Oh...really? But I always wanted to meet your mom first before we got married" Vidushi teased.
"I'm going to call mom and tell her about you." Parth gave in. "And she will be so happy to hear I've moved on that she will start fixing the marriage date the moment she hears your name and love in the same sentence." 
"Eeek! Really?" Vidushi squealed.
"But..what when she finds out I'm a divorcee?" Vidushi's voice lost its cheerfulness.
"My mom will accept you because I love you, because you made me fall in love again. She will love you for that. She won't care even if you were 40 years old and had two kids" Parth assured her.
"Are you really going to tell your mom about us?" Vidushi whispered.
"Yes. And then there is no going back. She will want to meet you as soon as she can and ensure you don't run away from me." Parth chuckled, taking out his phone.
"You are calling her now?" Vidushi gasped.
Parth nodded.
"Hello mom, I want you to meet talk to someone...this is Vidushi and I love her"
Vidushi felt Parth's arm around her waist.
Talking to Parth's mom had been scary.
Parth was right. She didn't care that Vidushi was a divorcee. 
Parth laid Vidushi down on the bed and sat next to her.
"You know what this means right?" Parth kissed her hand.

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Drabble No. 22 had a wonderful happy ending! :D

Drabble No. 23 has a very apt title! LOL
Parth is jealous with a capital J.

Both were exceedingly well written! Clap

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Posted: 29 May 2015 at 6:38am | IP Logged
War Paint was exquisite!! Dark and passionate!

I loved both the endings but personally preferred the second one. :)

Fantastic!! Amazing work! Clap


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May 27
Title: Crushed.
Pairing: Sahil/Vidushi Parth/Vidushi
Rating: K

He watched.
He watched her eyes sparkle, glitter with mischief.
He watched her lips curl into a smirk.
He watched.
He watched her hit the books in the library.
He watched her pour her frustration out on the book fat textbook.
He watched.
He watched a stranger carry her in his arms.
He watched her look at the stranger with interest.
He watched.
He watched her make moony eyes at Parth.
He watched the way she chased him.
He watched.
He watched her rehearse for her Baby Doll performance
He watched the happiness in her eyes when she danced.
He watched.
He watched her hair go from front bangs to side ones, from open to high ponytails.
He watched her clothes go from long skirts to jeans, from drab to modern.
He watched .
He watched her lie, steal, cheat.
He watched her break down and build herself up again.
He watched.
He watched her hold hands with Parth.
He watched the look of bliss on her face.
He watched.
He watched Parth push her away.
He watched her break into pieces. 
Again and again and again.
He watched.
Sahil could never do anything, because he wasn't going to risk the small semblence of friendship he had with the girl he'd been crushing on for almost 3 years.
Crush...what an appropriate word.
Sahil had felt crushed when he'd found Vidushi loved Parth.
But he wasn't going to come in between them
Sahil knew her heart belonged to Parth.
So he did what he did best.
He watched.
(I adore Sahil and I hope he finds a nice sweet girl to love him back!)

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