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Completed ! Sadde Drabbles: Drabble a Day for May (Page 11)

SangRegal IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 May 2015 at 10:31am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Anamika2692001

Both the drabbles were fantastic!! Clap

Parth is hypocritical and judgemental. Perfect from outside. But he is human after all and he has been hurt too. Hats off you to for not bashing him in this drabble, given his current behaviour with Vidushi.

As for SanDhir, both of them care about each other. I feel terrible for Randhir. Losing Karan, having to lie to Ragini...and not being able to share his mountain of pain and guilt with Sanyukta. He can't risk her getting hurt. Never. And Sanyukta...she will be shattered getting to know about her mother's brain tumour. Sad. Horribly sad.

Beautifully written! :D

Amul Butter

Yesh, thanks for reading, I'm glad you think my drabbles are good!

Parth. Let's not say anything except I had a very, very, very hard time writing that one. And not bashing him.

Randhir. Ugh. It's a love hate thing you know. Sometimes I wish RD would act like the genuis he is and actually communicate properly. But NO!!! 

Thanks for reading!LOL

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Originally posted by -ParAnJas-

finally mil gayaa...
Ash ke drabbles :D

now will read all in 1 go 

Hehe. I didn't PM anyone as I am unsure if anyone will like them! 
I hope you enjoy them!
SangRegal IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by -ParAnJas-

yeh.sabse pehle padhoo...EmbarrassedWink

wanna see how u wrote sweet Parth ...Embarrassed

sryy fror not helping u..Confused
It's okay, I'm quite used to working Solo!
I hope you enjoyed the drabbles!
SangRegal IF-Rockerz

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May 16
Title: Love Hurts.
Pairing: Randhir/Vidushi, Parth/Vidushi, Sanyukta/Randhir
Rating: T (mentions of blood, bruises and brokenhearted RD)
Part 1 of AU Sandhir and Vidarth
(Yesh. A Randhir/Vidushi one. Calm down, it's a  platonic one for ViDhir .Set after Randhir returns all beaten up from Sanyukta's engagement. Because I'm tired of writing the same Karan/Ragini bullcrap. So here is an alternate universe. In which Vidushi and Randhir get closer and Parth finds a dangerous side of himself.)

The first thing Vidushi notices is the blood. 
She almost screams. Almost.
Holding her palm tight to her lips, she forces herself to exhale.
If there is blood, there must be a wound.
And if there is a wound...
A ragged moan of pain interrupts her train of thought and she stands frozen.
A moan means there is a mouth 
And a mouth means there is someone who owns it.
Vidushi follows the direction she heard the sound from, walking on her tiptoes, careful not to make any noise that might scare the creature in pain away.
The scene that greets her shocks her into speechlessness.
Randhir Singh Shekhawat, and all the blood.
Blood that is coming from Randhir's body.
Forgetting herself, she rushes ahead, her lips in a concerned frown.
He is lying on his stomach, trying to push himself up.
"No don't...You'll hurt yourself!" Vidushi puts a hand on his shoulder and gasps in horror when he winces in pain.
"Bloody hell, it hurts" Randhir growls, his eyes screwed shut in the pain that is wrecking through his entire body.
"I know it does. Can you walk?" Vidushi brushes aside the ripped cloth on his shoulder and winces at the red skin she sees. It is going to bruise she knows.
"No..Legs...I think I..." Randhir sucks in a pained breath. 
"Who did this to you? Please tell me they look worse!" Vidushi can't help the half pathetic words nor the concern that she feels. 
It's seeing Randhir, the unbreakable, beaten and bloody, that finally shatters the facade of poison and indifference she has woven around herself.
"What do you care? You must be happy to see me..." Randhir coughs.
Blood splatters the tiles.
"Randhir..." she removes her handkerchief and wipes his lips and then the blood from his forehead. 
"Ouch! It hurts woman!" Randhir tries to push her hand away, wincing when his arm feels like someone has stepped on it. Which they have. Bloody Ankit Agarwal.
"Stay still!" Vidushi hisses, biting her lip.
How is she going to get Randhir to the sick room?  She knows she can't lift him all by herself.
"Randhir, can you try to walk, atleast to the sick room?" Vidushi asked, frowning.
"Why..would you help me Vidushi?" Randhir turned and looked at her .
Vidushi saw his face completely and held in a gasp.
There was a painful looking bruise on his right cheek.
" are hurt. I'll get you to the sick room and you need to put some medicine. Take some painkillers. Please." Vidushi stammered, avoiding his eyes.
"Why should I trust you? " Randhir's eyes narrow in suspicion.
"Because you have no choice. Come on." She helps him sit up, flinching at the loud growl he lets out when he finally gets to his feet.
"Come on" She pulls his arm over her own shoulder and slowly starts walking. 
Randhir bits his lip. It hurts to move.
He leans on her for support.
"You are heavy." she gasps "Use the wall for support too. Please"
He follows her instruction, grateful to have her with him. Who would have thought Vidushi of all people would help him?
"Thanks." his breath is warm in her face.
Vidushi sniffs loudly and freezes.
"Randhir! You are drunk!" she thanks god her voice doesn't betray any of the fear she feels.
"Ofcourse I'm drunk. I'm  a bloody Devdas. I should be drunk. It is rather fitting. I should be drunk" Randhir chuckles darkly.
"Randhir.." Vidushi has no words. Nothing to say.
"Here. Sit." she leads him to one of the beds and helps him sit down.
"Damn, where is the bloody nurse!" Randhir growls.
"Don't worry. I found the first aid kit. Let's try that first" Vidushi picks up the box and places it on the side table.
"Again, why are you doing this? " Randhir holds her wrist in a tight grip.
"Look. Stop being all philosophical okay, we need to clean your wounds before they become infected. You can thank me later or something. But right now let me do this." she whispers softly.
Randhir nods. What's the harm in letting her do it? He's already hurt enough. The worst she can do is add to the pain. And at this point, Randhir would welcome the physical pain over the emotional pain.
Vidushi dabs some dettol on a swab of cotton and places it on Randhir's forehead.
He winces at the sting and tries to move away.
Vidushi places her free hand under his jaw, holding his face in place.
"Stay still..." she starts cleaning the wounds as gently as she can, her touch feather light.
She does the ones on his face and his hands.
"Randhir...your shirt.." she stammers.
"Do I have..." Randhir groans at the determined look on Vidushi's face.
He unbottons the shirt he is wearing and tosses it to the side.
Vidushi would have ogled his toned torso if he had taken his shirt off in any other situation.
But now, she is focused only and only on the cuts and bruises that litter his skin.
There is one on his right shoulder, a bruise that is beginning to turn an ugly shade of purple.
She looks at the cut below his collarbone and gently dabs the dettol soaked cotton over it.
"Ow...stop!" Randhir slaps her hand away.
"Stay still. It will only hurt for a moment. I promise." Vidushi blew on the cut.
"Do whatever you need to do quickly. Please." Randhir whispered.
Her gentle touch was soothing, her soft voice assuring him it will pain less as she dabbed ointment on his cuts was oddly helpful.
"Done. You'll  need to tend to any wound you have on your legs yourself. I don't think either of us will be comfortable if you remove your.." Vidushi turned away to hide her blush.
"Yeah.. Er...thanks. You can go now." Randhir stammered.
"Wait." Vidushi reached inside the box and pulled out a strip of pills.
"Painkillers?" Randhir could not keep the relief out of his voice.
"Here" Vidushi hands him the glass of water and watches him swallow the pill.
"Call me if you need anything. And I know you would have done the same for me. I won't ask you what happened and I won't tell anyone how I found you. You are a good person Randhir." Vidushi puts the bottle of water on the side table, within Randhir's reach should he be in need of it.
"Vidushi...You are not a bad person either." the half smile on Randhir's face is the best thing she's seen all day.
She shakes her head, smiles back and walks out of the sick room, humming to herself.
Maybe helping others isn't making yourself vulnerable. 
She smiles all the away to her dorm room, the warm feeling of having helped someone making her feel happier than she remembers herself being.
Her room is going to be empty. Sanyukta and Kaustuki have gone for the engagement.
Vidushi pushes open the door and reaches for the switch.
A tight, vice like grip wraps around her wrist.
She opens her mouth to scream, only to find a palm clamped to her lips, her body pushed back against the wall.
"Shh..Stay still." 
Vidushi freezes. She knows that voice well.
She knows it from the bottom of her heart.
The light is switched on and her eyes widen.
Parth Kashyup stands before her, angrier than she has ever seen him.
Suddenly she knows that being in this man's center of attention is a dangerous place to be. 

This may or may not be continued. Depends on the mood I'm in.
But for now, let's just say there is more to Parth than is commonly known. 

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Anamika2692001 IF-Dazzler

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Fantastic!! Exceedingly well written!! Clap

VidHir rocks!! :D

shreyad27 Goldie

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Posted: 17 May 2015 at 10:54am | IP Logged
Nice 1 ash luv it :* n plss continue ash
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Posted: 17 May 2015 at 11:38am | IP Logged
Again moi missed two awsme updates

Yr is there any chance if u can scrap me whenever u updte I really don't want to miss these mind blowing drabbles

Rd god this guy loves sanyu so much
Sumtyms I'm scared of intensity of his love
He can go any limit just to make sure she's happy and save

He's keeping her away from him just bcz he don't want her to get in any trouble
He can bear her hate bt he cnt see her hurt

ViDhir I really adore them a lot more than SaRth bcz they share a very different bond

During engagement I really wanted sum thing like this to hppn vids supporting rd
Bt it never hppn

I wonder why CVS cnt give some screen to them

Nevertheless u penned it beautifully

Wtng for next
Update soon

Love u
Keep smiling
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May 17
Title: If Only
Pairing: Vidushi/Parth
Rating: T (Triggers)

Vidushi's mouth falls open and she takes in the words she has scribbled in the diary she swore she won't use.

You are like this sick bad habit I come rushing to, you know.
The thing is, you probably don't, no one does.
Not really, not completely.
They wouldn't want to hear and they would never see.
They see the blush on my cheeks and the smeared mascara.
They think you are my foundation, my lipstick.
Maybe they think you are just the tattoo on my neck.
But you are like a razor blade I hide in my  drawer.
I take it out now and then, run my fingers over its slim edges.
I marvel over its shiny silver flawlessness.
I Shiver at the sharpness and the anticipation of
Bringing it to my bare arm
Cold metal kisses my skin.
Your words have a strange similarity to steel biting my flesh.
You are that bad habit I come rushing to.
You are the damage inside the hollow cavity of my chest.
You are the thought bouncing around in the cage of my skull.
You are that annoying song that draws tears from the depths of my tired dry eyes at 3 am.
You are the match that fell on the gasoline of whatever naive feelings I had left.
You've destroyed me. Or what was left of me to destroy.
But only because I let you.
Don't be sad.
You are the bad habit I keep running to.
It's not your fault.
You are the bad habit I keep running to.
You are that bad habit I feel incomplete without.
And you know what bad habits are like don't you.
They are incredibly hard to break.
Loving you is the biggest bad habit I've got.

Vidushi sighed and shook her head.
She'd promised herself she won't write in her diary anymore
And yet, she'd spent a couple of pages writing to Parth.
A surge of hatred and pain went through her and she clawed at the paper, ripping the pages she'd scribbled her raw feelings on.

Vidushi huffed, her vision blurring with tears.

She felt a hollow laugh escape her throat.

Ripping them out didn't make the words go away.

She ripped the pages into minute pieces and let the wind carry them away.

If only she could do the same with her feelings.

But how could ripping the paper make the words go away when Parth ripping her heart out didn't make the feelings leave?

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