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Arshi FF: The Love Of My Life...

Kiddo_Star IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 May 2015 at 12:06am | IP Logged

The Love Of My Life...

The story has been stopped here and is continued only ony blog. This story contains no mature content. Click on the link title to go to my blog to read the story.

The Love Of My Life

This story starts from Sheetal's track.


The day of basketball match. Everyone was having fun. Sheetal purposely planned such incidents when Arnav and she were very close to each other making Khushi insecure and jealous. Already Khushi was being ignored by Arnav as he was still angry no not angry but was hurt and upset that Khushi did not believe him and went behind him for the DNA reports of his and Aarav.   He was not in talking terms with Khushi. Though Khushi asked forgiveness umpteenth times but he did not budge. He started ignoring her and spent his time with Aarav. He did not intentionally ignored her but was spending unexpectedly spending more time with Aarav. The family saw this but thought that it was their personal husband-wife problem & they should solve it themselves. If needed they would interfere in it. They too hurt Khushi. They always compared Aarav with Arnav while Arnav would not say anything. And how can we forget the **** Sheetal, she never left a chance to come near Arnav especially infront of Arnav. Today was the heights...

During basket ball match, Arnav and Sheetal were just a few cms apart from each other as if even if one would move it would claim a kiss but Arnav backed-off. Khushi was hurt by Arnav's behavior and family's behavior. Everyone was enjoying the match when Khushi moved away. Payal saw that Khushi was trying to go somewhere so she thought to enquire her.


Payal: Khushi!! Where r u going?

Khushi: oh!! Jiji I'm going home.

Payal: Y? R  u ok?

Khushi(hesitating): Haan jiji...I..I m ok...Just a small headache.

Payal: Ok. I'll also come with u.

Khushi: Nahin jiji...No need to come...I mean u stay here and enjoy the match I'll just have a small nap & I'll be alright again.

Payal: R u sure? If u want I'll come.

"I m ok jij" said Khushi faking a smile.

She then went away. After a few minutes the game got over with boys winning the match. The boys were teasing girls when Arnav noticed that Khushi was not present. He was about to ask but then thought that she would have gone somewhere and will come soon. But from nowhere NK enquired about Khushi making Arnav jealous.


Nk: Hey nani...Where's Khushiji?

Nani(confused on not seeing Khushi): She was here sometimes ago . Where did she go now?

Payal: Dadiji she went home..

Arnav(worried): Y? Is she ok?

Payal(smiling at his care): Yes Arnavji. She is ok. She told she gas a small headache so she went for a small nap.

Arnav: I'll go and see her.

Anjali: Chotte...We all r coming home. Wait for few minutes.

Arnav: Ok Di. I m waiting in the car...come soon.


Looking Arnav's concern, Sheetal was fuming in anger.

What all have I not done to keep Arnav and Khushi away from each other but this Khushi always does something or the other wrong. Did she have to get headache right now? I made such a superb plan so that Arnav stays away from that middle class girl but no she always interferes in my plans...Look now Arnav is concerned for his so called Khushi. It seemed so good to see Arnav completely ignoring Khushi & her sad face.Hmmm I'll again have to do something. I won't let Khushi live in peace after what she has done to my brother. She'll have to pay for it that too in the worst way...' thought Sheetal gritting her teeth.


At the same time in Shantivan,

Khushi was in her room thinking of the following days when Sheetal entered their lives and everything turned upside down. She was lost in thinking of the possibilities of Sheetal's sudden entry.

Is Sheetal here with some motive? Y is Arnav ignoring her? Is it bcoz of DNA reports? But I asked forgiveness from him then Y? Y doesn't he just understand that I m also a human being, I also get hurt with his ignorance...' Khushi's mind was questioning her...

Is it that he is bored of me?Is he feeling shame in introducing me as his wife? Is he regretting his decision of marrying me? If it is so then I won't let him be down. If he is happy without me then I'll leave.'Khushi said to herself.

Ofcourse he is happy without u.Didn't u see how he was happy when he was spending time with family and Aarav?' Khushi mind said.

No don't think like that. He can never live happily without u. He is just ignoring bcoz he is hurt when u did the DNA checking' Her heart retorted.

Oh really! It's nothing like that Khushi. If it would have been like that then he would have talked to u. U asked forgiveness for so many times. It' s not like that don't listen to ur heart' Her mind was ready for a war.

Pls Khushi listen to me. Don't take any drastic step that would lead to ur both sadness' Pleaded her heart.

Oh shut up u idiot. Khushi listen to me. He doesn't need u anymore in his life. He don't want to hurt u so he isn't telling u to leave him. Do u want to be a burden urself on him... No na..then just leave him & let him be in peace' His mind was adamant on proving itself correct.

U r correct.He doesn't need me anymore. I'll leave him. I truly love him & I can do anything I mean it ...anything for his happiness. I'll leave him now & for forever.' Khushi concluded finally listening to her mind for the first time in her life.

She wrote a letter & placed at the side table.(contents will be revealed later in the story.)

She packed her bags and was going when some photos fell down. She huridely collected them and left from there. But what she didn't know was that 7-8 photos have fallen down which she din noticed in hurry & left.

Looking last time at her house, she went away without informing anyone.


On the other side, everyone came and started their drive back to Shantivan. Arnav was feeling restless from his heart.


  Y am I feeling so restless as if something bad is happening or going to happen? A feeling of losing Khushi. A feeling that I faced when Khushi fell down from the cliff. Oh God pls don't let anything of such sort happen. I won't be able to live without her' he silenty asked God to help him.

The drive was of almost half an hour all thanks to Delhi traffic. They soon reached Shantivan and everyone settled on the sofa.

Arnav(shouted): HP!!!!! HP!!!!!!!!

HP: Ji Aranv bhaiya...

Arnav(restless):Where is Khushi?

HP: She must be in ur room bhaiya.

What do u mean by must be in her room'? said Arnav griting his teeth.

HP(Scared):I din see after she came home.

Payal: Kya??? Its almost an hour she came home.

HP: But bhabhi I din see her afterwards.

Nani: May be she is still resting...

Arnav: I'll check in the room.

Saying this he ran towards his room fearing for his restlessness to come true. He entered his room shouting Khushi's room but it was empty. His heart felt empty bcoz he knew Khushi is not here from a long time as her fragrance is missing. He was scared to lose her. Hearing his yelling, the whole Raizada family came to his room.

Anjali: What happened Chotte? Y r u shouting?

Arnav: Di she is not here.

Mami: HHBB... Arnav bitwa did u check in the pool side and terrace?

Arnav: Yes Mami.. I checked there too but she isn't there...

Payal: Where can she go at this time?

Nani: May be she went to buaji's house?

Payal: I'll call and ask.

Arnav: make it fast Payal...

Payal: yeah...

She was turning to when Anjali stopped her.

Anjali: Koi faida nahin wahan phone kar ke...Who wahan nahin hain...(Its of no use...She isn't there)

Arnav: How can u say it di?

Read this Chotte' She spoke handing over the letter to Aranv. He opened the letter and started reading it.


Dear Arnavji,

I am sorry that I left without informing u. But I had no guts to face u after what I did. Pls forgive me. I know I have hurt u a lot but I luv u too. May be more than anyone can imagine.I always wanted ur happiness & so is today. I don't want u to become sad whenever u face me in the day so I m leaving u now and forever. Pls don't try to find me and don't call at Buaji's house. I m not going there. It would only make them restless thinking where I had gone. I m again sorry for the sadness and pain I gave u. Pls try to forgive me and think that I was just a mere dream of urs. Now u can live ur life freely without any problems. I know u were fed up of me. I luv u so much that I wasn't able to take that u ignore me and always be all gloomy when I was around u. I m realyy really very sorry for coming in ur perfect life and spoiling it. Pls take care of everyone there.

Ur...I don't know even I can designate myself that.



Tears rolled down his eyes while everyone gasped seeing the gr8 ASR crying on his knees. He had completely broken down from inside. Everyone was confused on what was going on except Arnav and Anjali. Sheetal was smirking thinking something is wrong.

Nani: Chotte kya hua? Aap ro kyu rahe hain?( What happened Chotte? Y r u crying?)

Payal: Pls kahien na Arnavji kya hua? Or di ne aisa kyu kaha ki koi faida nahin?( Pl steel us Arnavji what happened? & Y did di say that its of no use)

Anjali: Bcoz she has left us..

Nani: Kya?(what?)

Aranv: Yes.. She left us. She left me.. How can she do this to me nani? How can she do that?

Nani: Shant ho jao beta...Zaroor kono galat fami hui hain. Khushi betiya aisan nahin karat sake. ( Pls calm down Chotte...Sure there is some MU. Khushi betiya can't do this.)

Aakash: Par Bhai.. Khushiji aisa kyun karegi?(But Bhai y would khushiji do something like this?)

Arnav: It's all bcoz of me. If I wouldn't have hurt her she would have not left me.

Anjali: What r u saying Chotte?

NK: Leave it di. Nannav mere bhai we must first go and find her. She won't have gone far away.

Arnav: Yeah let's go.

Saying this both were going to step out of the room when mami saw something and stopped them.

Mami: HHBB Whats is this? Lets me sees?( Her typical murder of English)

She picked those photos and was shocked on what she saw.

Nani: Kah hua Manorama? Aaki bolat bandh kyun ho gayi?( What happened manorama? Y ur blabbering stopped?)

Mami: HHBB... Phatti Saree in western clothes...

Arnav: What? (confused)

Payal knew what mami said & now she was scared that she'll have to face the whole family and tell her baby sister's truth...

Anajli: What r u saying mami?

Mami:Arey Anjali betiya I m saying truth..Look at it...

Anajli saw the photographs and gasped. Like her everyone saw and gasped. Arnav was surprised to see his Khushi in modern clothes. He always wanted to see her like that but never in his wild dreams did he think that she would look so gorgeous. But that wasn't the time to think more over he was thinking how these photos were here. Till what he knows Khushi she won't wear such clothes...But what he is seeing let him bewildered. He knew only one person can answer his queries and it was Payal. Looking at her face anyone can say she knows the truth.Everyone was having the same thought of asking Payal and so they did.

Aakash: Payal what's this? Khushiji in modern clothes.

Payal: Yes Aakash.

Nani: I never knew she wears modern dresses too(She said it with hurt)

Pls don't tell like that. Khushi never intended to hurt anyone's feeling. Infact from the time she came here she hasn't worn those modern clothes' said Payal rescuing her baby sis.

NK: What do u mean by from the time she came here'?

Payal knew it was the time she reveal to everyone Khushi's real identity.

Payal: It's a long story pls sit everyone.

Nani: Chotte call the inspector and ask them to find Khushi betiya. And everyone lets go to the hall and then tell us the truth Payal betiya.

Payal: Ji dadi.

Everyone gathered around in the hall. In no time Arnav too came. He wanted to go and find Khushi but don't know y he felt of hearing the truth.Among them was Sheetal who was fuming in anger as now she knew Payal will tell everyone the truth. So she made excused herself and went to her room.

Mami: HHBB Sy it fast Khoon bhari taang...Whats the truth???

Payal: Dadiji who...who...Khushi...

Nani: Payal betiya Ghabhraiyeh mat. App be jhijak kahin hame(Don't be scared. Tell us without fearing)

This is my first try to write a FF on Arshi. Please Comment and let me know whether I should continue this story or not...

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MysticRiver IF-Addictz

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interesting start..Thumbs Up

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rupzloveu IF-Rockerz

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Superbbb start
Loved it
Continueee sooonnn
Thank u sooo much for pm
KtotheM IF-Dazzler

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Nice :)
Interesting start
lechuarshi IF-Dazzler

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Pls make our Khushi a strong woman..
Shit all Angry GTH ( go to hell)
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interesting start..
loved d story..
wud love to get further updates..
if possible do pm me too

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Thumbs Upinteresting pls update fast

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Hey its amazing so khushi has a past its beautiful pls update and do pm me. The track u chose was also beautiful please update

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