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he episode starts with Nimboli telling Kamli that she will bring Gopal as soon as he comes. She says Harki is coming to take her. Kamli says she will do something. Nimboli rushes and collides with Harki. Harki scolds her. Nimboli apologizes for lying.
Badi Haveli

 Anandi remembers   her conversation with Dadisaa


Dadisaa asks her to wait till Jagya comes back from Jaipur then leave to Shiv Niketan . Anandi says no it will become difficult for her to go in his presence because he will try to stop her and she cannot say no to him if she said then he will feel bad and she cannot do that  she has already hurt a lot many people dont want to hurt more . Dadisaa understands

Flashback ends 

Shivam asks from Anandi why they are leaving   Anandi firmly tells him it is not necessary for her to answer this question She has decided and its her final decision Thats it  Anandi is packing her bags Shivam stops her and puts clothes back in wardrobe 

Shivam crying tells her then he too has decided and thats his final decision he won't leave He will talk to Badi nani about it  Shivam runs to Dadisaa . Anandi keeps calling him 

Nimboli serves the snacks to the ladies. A lady asks her to keep the plate and they will eat. Nimboli looks out for Gopal and thinks he will come from back door. She looks at the security and thinks to do something. She goes to the guard and asks him to have food. He says nobody gave him water. Nimboli says you have to get food from the chef. The guard refuses to come as he can't back off from work. Nimboli wonders what to do now.

Badi Haveli

Shivam crying comes to Dadisaa Ganga is with her Shivam cries and tells Dadisaa  mother  is shifting to Shiv Niketan along with him. He says he doesn't want to go leaving everyone. He says he won't fight with Abhi too never complain about him . Ganga is shocked to hear Anandi is leaving   Ganga  consoles Shivam that she will talk to Anandi. Ganga asks Dadisaa what he is saying? Dadisaa says Anandi wanted to go to Shiv Niketan since many years, but now I have agreed. Ganga asks why you gave her permission? Dadisaa is silent. Ganga says she won't let Anandi leave. Dadisaa calls Ganga, but she leaves.


Harki knocks on Kamli's room and asks her to open the door for haldi ceremony. Kamli is crying and is tensed. Harki asks her to open the door else she will have to call Akhiraj Singh. Kamli opens the door and comes out cryingly. She wipes her tears and asks her to come

Ganga comes to Anandi and asks why you didn't tell us about your decision Are you angry with me that i want to do what i wish to for my son and did not agree with you Thats why you are leaving getting angry with on that ? Anandi says no its nothing like that   Anandi says her relation is delicate and strange with this haveli she wanted to leave from a long time . Ganga says you were talking like this before too but why you took  this decision  so suddenly today . You know with your this sudden decision all blame will come on me only  Dr sahab will get angry at me and will never forgive me  Anandi says nothing like that will happen she will explain to Jagya that it is her decision only. She says nothing will change only her place to stay will change  and in this way you can tell Mannu what you wants to and  i will tell shivam what i want to about his sister Ganga is shocked hearing that . Ganga recalls her conversation with Jagya where she is telling him will Anandi herself  tell shivam about his sister if she does so then she will also make Mannu meet with Ratan Anandi says I  understand your problem. I should not stay here Its  for everyone betterment.


Harki brings Kamli for applying mehendi on her hands. Nimboli gets tensed. One lady asks her to forward her hand. Kamli refuses. Harki threatens her taking Akhiraj Singh's name. Kamli gives her hand with much pain. Disa peeps in to see the rituals. Other lady asks Nimboli to get mehendi on her hands. Nimboli refuses. Harki scolds her. Nimboli says she has to do so much work. Other lady applies mehendi on her hands. Kamli recalls about Gopal's words and cries. She recalls Gopal asking her to elope with him. A lady says writes P on her hand. Kamli cries and looks at her hands. She ruins the mehendi designs. Disa gets in Devi Avatar suddenly and stares mehendi utensil. She closes her eyes and gets in Devi's mode. She comes to the hall. Everyone is shocked especially Harki. Jai Mata plays...

Disa applies mehendi on her hand and dances in her room. Chagani looks on shocked. Later when Disa is sleeping, Akhiraj Singh comes near her and touches her with lust. Disa opens her eyes and is shocked. Akhiraj Singh keeps his hand on her mouth. 

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Thanks for update mahi

Why Anandi wants to leave in Jagya's absence .?How is that gonna help him feel better in fact he will receive a shocker what happened  Did something happened behind his back in  BH that Anandi suddenly left ?so why she cannot leave in his presence ?

 Why she thinks he will try to stop her and that she cannot say no to him if she said that will make feel bad Wacko wow look at assumptions of this woman She cooked so much in her thoughts Jagya will try to stop her it will become difficult for her to leave  in his presence she cannot say no to him but will have to and that will hurt him?

Didn't Jagya clear to her  11 years ago when she was asking him to help her convince Dadisaa she wants to move out to outhouse What  Jagya told her  This matter is between you and Dadisaa  i cannot say anything in this Jagya never had any   problem she stays in BH or stays somewhere else Its her wish but   he clearly said he cannot say anything in this because this matter is not related to him Its between her and Dadisaa  Talk to Dadisaa . Even right now she over heard JaGan conversation what was Jagya saying to Ganga We have no right to interfere Anandi's personal matters , what decisions she makes for herself and her children so ? Why Jagya will stop her ? why she thinks he will feel bad if she is moving Shiv Niketan ? when he did not ask her  stay in BH he will never stop her to leave as well  He will never mind its her decision

 but  yes if she beat the drum in front him she thinks she is causing problems between him and Ganga blah blah blah  then he will surely feel bad  That will make him guilty otherwise he will never mind if she wants to move out 

and the fact Anandi ji who is so concerned for Jagya's feelings have beaten the drum in front of  Dadisaa she is leaving because of Ganga Ganga has so much poison in her heart for her DeadGanga is daughter in law of Badi haveli she should take all decisions she is moving out so Ganga can have everything  Dadisaa will surely tell Jagya this  Anandi she will be lying in front of Jagya i left on my own but actually her reason is Ganga and Dadisaa will  tell Jagya this and jagya will definitely feel bad    Wow  just how caring is Anandi to Jagya Dead

 and today she directly told Ganga she is leaving because of her she has heard their conversation and she has taken offence of ganga's words about Anandi telling  shivam about his sister while Ganga was just citing the example just like we cannot interfere in Anandi's personal matters and her decisions what she wants to tell her kid same way even she cannot  Anandi had no right to give promise to ratan without asking Jagya and Ganga 

 but Anandi she twisted and turned everything and blamed  Ganga she hates her  She is leaving because of her  and when has Ganga objected Anandis rights as Badi haveli's daughter and why  she talks about matters relating BH , matters relating Dadisaa so why Anandi has made it Ganga has problems with her stay in Badi haveli that Anandi was telling Dadisaa i should leave so ganga can have all her rights on Badi haveliWacko

Why Anandi cannot learn to stay in limits and learns this  there is some limit   she can interfere in others lives especially her ex husband , his wife and his kids  When Jagya and Ganga stay in limits then why she cannot ?

Anandi and her so called sacrifice is nothing but a joke Must say Anandi is pretty clever Just how cleverly she put blame on Ganga too and became mahaan in front of others tooDeadSuch a sham sacrifice Deadand she will come back to BH thats why Ganga is made a scapegoat but the fact cvs even then failed to give her clean chitDead

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Thanks for update mahi 

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Thanks for the WU

First of all, if  Anandi  wanted to  go to SN  since many years  she  should have done that  esp for  her son while he was still a small boy.. In fact she'd  never have  come  to  live under the same roof with her ex-husband and his family, having her own  house and considering that her own  father is still alive .When she came  to live in  BH, her only concern was if   Jagan  will have problems in  their married life beacuse of her.. Instead of thinking of  Jagan life, she should have thought of her son . Shivam had every right to live in his own house in an environment where  he  absolutely belongs, to make relationship with his real grandfather. She made a refugee of herself and her son , now she's doing it for the  second time.  Her excuse was  all this years  she cannot say no to Dadisa,  now she  cannot  hurt Jagya if  she says no to him , but she  can easily  make a mess of Shivam's life..  I was  disgusted first  with  her confidence that  Jagya will  be   hurt if  she  refuses  to him ,secondly with  her concern for Jagya  feelings  but  not at all  being  moved by Shivam's feelings.  She told him she doesn't need to   answer his  question why they are leaving. Although it is true that adults decide, children deserve the very least some explanation of why something so big is happening in their lives.Anandi had enough time, all these 11 years to prepare  slowly  her  son that one day they will  go from there. If she really wanted to go. But it seems that  she was never really wanted to   go...  nor to stay in her  limits for sake of  a healthy coexistence with another family in the same house.  If  Ganga kept quiet, if  Anandi  fulfilled Ratan's wish , then what? She would stay  in BH ?
 This time she's leaving but before that she did her best to put all the blame on Ganga.  And of course she 's  the victim again. Only she, no one else , not even her son because his mother can't  tolerate that others are entitled to their opinion too..Otherwise, why she's leaving  right now?

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Thanks for the written update
Anandi is moving out and good that she is firm and keeping her emotions under check when she is dealing with her son. Her son is too young to understand as to why they were moving out.

Anandi wanted to move out and it is clear that Dsa was not letting her go away by tying up with emotions.

That the conversation that they both overheard is only a wake up call for Dsa and not a trigger factor for Anandi.

It is clear that Anandi wanted to go only if Dsa lets her go. Finally it hit Dsa as to what Anandi's stay is doing to Ganga and then only she was willing to let her go.

Obviously it is easier to leave if J because for her it is easier to convince Ganga rather than J

After all for Anandi her relationship with BH is because of Dsa and the next person is J. They may not consider themselves as ex couple now but they are friiends and for her that friendship is important too.
Ganga is just a friend's wife and Dsa's DIL.

So it is true that she is leaving the house to protect these two relationships of hers and she doesn't want those to get spoiled because the other important person in their life thinks she is intefering in their lives.

So what Anandi said is true  it is her relationship with Dsa and J that matter to her more and that is the reason she is leaving and why should she be angry with Ganga? After all who is Ganga to Anandi that she should get angry with her or let what she said matter to her?

But she did say the truth - She needs more space for herself and her kid just like Ganga needs more space for herself and her kids and that is truth too

Other side of the story Only the little girl is worth watching.

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Isn't Ganga asked why Ds gave permission now when DS keep quite Ganga said she get her answer...

Plus Ganga said to Anandi already there is bitterness ( khatas ) in her and Jagya now if she leaves it will worst as Jagya blames her and never forgives her ...

why Ganga said Jagya will never forgive her... isn't all bitterness due to Anandi ... even then Ganga said Jagya will be upset ...she even try to convince Anandi to stay back all though Anandi is root cause for bitterness among them...Does this means Anandi has no role in JaGan bitterness ...Ganga never feel Anandi is reason for their bitterness ...its already there now Anandi shifting it will add worsen ...this is she told na...

why would Jagya want Anandi in BH why Ganga took Jagya name why DS too said said wait for Jagya 

BTW thanks for WU 

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thank for wu 
mahi12 IF-Dazzler

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Is that even a question to ask that why Dadisaa asked Anandi to wait for Jagya ? who is Jagya ? Member of that family Two people  leaving his house who would eat breakfast , dinner with him suddenly left  Won't he be confused and question where they are? after all these two people were living under same roof with him for 11 years  Thats why Dadisaa asked her to wait till he comes Inform him too If she suddenly left behind his back it will be leaving him with questions why she and shivam   left ?
and i don't understand Anandi 's theory of running behind Jagyas back How is that gonna help?even if she left he will ask why she left ? Its not interference in her personal life These are basic manners and by now she should be understanding he will never force her to change her decision 11 years ago when she was asking his help to convince Dadisaa and let her move to Out house What did Jagya say Thats between you and Dadisaa i cannot say anything in this and when Dadisaa was bullying her Jagya was quietly standing at back Did not say a word and even just now she heard him saying to Ganga we have no right to interfere in Anandi's personal life whatever decisions she make so Whats wrong in telling him before leaving ? 

and what was that all for Anandi saying to Dadisaa  ''  i cannot leave  in jagay's presence it will become difficult for me to leave in his presence  Jagya will try to stop me i cannot say to no to him and i will have to He will feel hurt at it '' Amazing so many assumptions ?She can say no to Dadisaa and hurt her , she can say no to Shivam and hurt him for Jagya she is so much concern who is most easy to convince for her since he gives her space to make her own decisions and the way she wants to lead her life He is not interfering types so enforce so many decisions or was  it was tell Dadisaa how much concerned she is for Jagya  so she is making assumptions for him she does not want to hurt him while why he will be hurt if she does not beat the drum in front of him she heard his conversation  with Ganga and leaving because of Ganga's issues ?

For Ganga i forgot to write those dialogues she was talking about the btterness in her relationship so ? she said she there already a lot in them pending she does not want more problems She was talking about the problems she herself created She is not unaware of that 

It was natural for her to have fear since Anandi is leaving suddenly after an unpleasant situation with her where Ganga was angry at Anandi then Anandi sudden left  what will Jagya think from it He can misunderstand she said something to her while it is not true Some are gangas misunderstandings too that never forgiving part 

but what should Ganga assume from Dadisaa's silence ? she is assumed right Anandi is leaving because of her thats why she asked Anandi are you leaving because of me but Anandi she is double faced in front of Ganga At one point saying i am not moving out because of you at other taunting her she has heard her conversation she can say whatever to Mannu now she will tell shivam whatever herself So much minded Ganga citing an example of why Anandi does not tell shivam truth then why Anandi ji preaches to ganga?

what wrong Ganga has said to Anandi that she is doing this leaving BH drama Wacko Ganga hates me , this that , i am leaving because of her  Ganga did not bash , blamed her Sanchi has abused her so much directly abused her but did she leave KB just for that No why she should KB was her house , her husband's house , her family but here she herself knows it is inappropriate for her to stay here but she cannot leave with right reasons do fake greatness drama usin Ganga as scapegoat then leave Must say people are right Anandi is indeed very cunning lady she played her cards so cleverly here Moved out too , blamed Ganga too , became great too Wah Sleepywhat an inspiring character is Anandi 

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