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Hello people.Am back with an OS.It is different from the story plot.You'll understand as the story goes.I want to dedicate this OS to Sneha[nimarious] as today is her birthday.SO neha A very happy birthday to you.Have an amazing day and even more amazing year .I can't make birthday threads but I can surely dedicate an OS to you.So here goes the OS .Happy reading .Ignore the mistakes.No proof read.

                      MaNan OS : SURPRISE !!!

There are two love birds in our story who are madly in love with each other but didn't confess yet.They met in a social program and became friends and knowingly or unknowingly had fallen in love with eath other. Their morning starts with each other's message and ends with each other's call.They stay in two different states but it doesn't affect their relationship.They understand each other,care for each other and most importantly trust each other.Trust is very important aspect of any relationship. They talk with each other whenever they get time.They surprise each other by sudden visits .They know that they are in love but they didn't confess.

Valentine's day is here and it is giving them a chance to confess their feelings.Will they be able to confess their feelings ? Let's see.Well I forgot to tell you the names of the love birds na .Manik Malhotra and Nandini Murthy are the names of the love birds.Manik Malhotra is a very known and a successful musician and Nandini Murthy is a cardiologist by profession.Nandini stay in New York and Manik stay in Chicago.So let's see how they celebrate their Valentine's Day.

Nandini is sitting on the bed and thinking about tomorrow.Valentine's day is here .Nandini is excited for her first valentine's day with Manik.She called him and he lifted it and talked in a very sleepy voice WHo is this ? Nandini is shocked.He is sleeping like a kumbhkaran and he don't even rememeber that tomorrow is vaentine's day.Ayipppa !!! What should I do with this boy ? Facepalm !! Manik sees the caller ID and he says Nandini !! Everything ok ? You called at this hour !! Nandini says wow !! finally you recognised me.You sleep kumbhkaran bye.SHe hung up the call.Manik is confused by her behaviour .He thought work stress and slept again.

Nandini also slept thinking that he doen't love her.He only consider her as a best friend.Suddenly her phone beeped with messages as an emergency.She quickly changed her clothes and she saw a red note on her bed.She opened it nd she read 

It's 12 sweetheart.

She saw the time and it striked 12.She smiled with tears and suddenly her phone beeped once again  saying emergency.She quickle went outside only to be surprised.The living room is decorated with candles.The ambience is so amazing.She saw a wall with a big heart and in that heart she saw all their pictures.Suddenly her phone rang and she lifted without even seeing who is it because she know who is it.You thought I forgot !! She said yes !! He said SURPRISE !!He says there is no emergency so calm down.She says yeah !!She asks him how did you do all these ? Then it strikes her RISHAB !! Rishab helped you right ? Well kinda !! He says ok now go to sleep.She admired the photos,she admired him.This was te best surprise for her.She happily slept.

She woke up in the morning and she finds a red note on her pote and she opens it and reads.

Ready for bath ..;) ;) ?

She goes to the washroom and she is shocked ,surprised . Romantic ambience is created in the washroom.Candles,rose petals she goes in and haves an amazing shower . She goes outside and finds a tray on her table .She opens the lid and she finds her cute brakfast.Bread and Omletand orange juice.Omlets are in heart shape.SHe is just overwhelmed.She gets  phone from Manik and she receives it and he shouts SURPRISE !!! He kept the phone before she can say anything.She quickly gets dressed and eats breakfast and comes outside.She finds Rishab and he says you have leave till 4 and he gives her a red note.She opens it and reads.

                              Our meeting was planned by fate.
                       Meeting such a beautiful girl is my luck.
                          Maybe destiny planned our meeting,
                              But meeting you today is my plan...

She re read the lines.She got that it is a clue.She thinks for sometime and finally it striked her.Their first meeting place.She quickly went out and got into a taxi and she told the place.She started to cherish her first meeting.They met in a social programme ,In the first meeting only she was in his arms.She blushedd at the thought.She met his friends.They all are so good.She reached the place.She is about to pay but he said already paid.She smiled knowing who paid.She reached the park.Yeah !! She met him in a park .The social programme was of cancer children.Children will like to play in park so it was conducted there.She went to the place and she saw a basket and she opened it.

SHe saw a pug[smurfy].Awww so cute.She took smurfy in arms.She is planning to buy one but Manik gifted her.She saw two envelopes marking as 1 and 2.She put smurfy down in the basket and took two enevelopes.She opened the envelope marked as 1.They are in heart shape.She got another envelope inside .She opened it.She got another.Like that 10 envelopes.She finally got small envelope and she opened it and it popped out SURPRISE !!!She laughed out loud seeing his antics.She opened the second one.She read

                              Our friendship grew stronger...
                          With days shorter and nights longer...
                          Nights longer due to a phone caller..
                     Meet that caller where you had your roller coaster..

She smiled knowing what he meant..
She took smurfy and saw the taxi person and got into it and she went home and kept the smurfy and went to the place where they met again.SHe met him again at FUN  and she went with him to all the rides and she went roller coaster ride with him for the first time.She was so afraid.But she enjoyed alot.She reached the place.She saw a man coming with a gift.He gave the gift to her .She opened it  and she saw a cement slab with their prints.She remebered the day when they both printed their hand prints on cement slab.Manik kept with him as their memory.She got a call and she received it and Manik shouted SURPRISE !!! She laughed and asked where are you ? Am sorry Nandini.Am busy with some concert.You know na I was talking about the concert few days back.Today is the D-DAY.Am sorry for not being with you.Ok now I have to go bye.

She knows how important today is for him.The man gave her a note.She read.

                    Flying with you is like flying with birds...
                    Flying with you is like flying with a fairy...
                    Flying with you is like flying with stars.
                    And you became my SHINING STAR...
                    Fly high today.For me.for US...

She remembered their sky diving.It was a beautiful memory for her.She and he did sky diving together.But today he is not there and she needs to do it alone.She will do it.The man took the gift and she made her way.She boarded the aircraft and she is ready to jump.A sudden fear crept in her.She started ranting Manik's name instead of Ayiyappa.Suddenly someone came from behind hooked up with her and jumped and shouted SURPRISE !!! Nandini got a shock.SHe just loved this surprise.MANIK !!!! AM LOVING IT !!! He said ENJOY !!! They both landed safely.Nandini says am so damn happy.It's almost 2:30 by then.He said time to go.The day is not over yet.He went and she stood like that.She went home taking the gift and she realised that she needs to go for work.SHe went to hospital by 4.

A nurse came and gave rose saying Manik gave.Also gave a note and it read sorry managed to send only one rose for now.She smiles and she goes to children's ward who are affected by cancer .She meets them everyday and spends some quality time with them.She opened the door and she felt rose petals on her face.The children shouted SURPRISE !!! They all have one rose flower with them and gave her saying SURPRISE !! She laughed remembering the recent note.She felt so lovely today.Any girl would feel.But she didn't hear those words yet.She sighed and reached home after 3 hrs which means at 7 'o clock.

She saw Rishab waiting for her with a Note.She smiled and extened her hand shortly telling him to give.He smiled and gave the note.She opened it.It's blank.Rishab smiled seeing her expressions.She sensed his presence and she tunred to find him in black shirt and blue jeans.The first few buttons are open.He is looking hot !! The only word came to her mind after hot is sexy.She flushed seeing him.He said I know am Hot,Sexy.Her mouth turned to perfect O like how he know that she was thinking that.He winked at her and says to get ready.She gets in and finds a gift box and obvio a note on it.

                               Guess the colour ? 
                         My hear skipped a beat seeing you in this colour...
                              Want to skip a beat again...

SHe said white!! Because she remember when he got awe struck seeing her in white gown which she wore for Mukti and Abhi's reception ceremony as it was the code..Correct !! He shouted from outside.He laughed and she opened the box and it was a white dress.A beautiful white dress.I changed my dress.The lustrous,pear beaded fabric just glinted .It fit flawlessly,the dress molded her torso beautifully complimenting her feminine shape.She came out.Manik turned his head by the sound of clicking of door.His breath hitched and his heart skipped a beat.He stood saying beautiful.He dont know whether the dress complimented her or she is complimenting the dress.He extened his hand and she sees him changed .He is wearing a tuxedo.He is looking handsome.He extened her hand and she placed her hand on his hand and he took her with him.

Manik !! Where are we going  ? He says wait and watch.He took her to a ballroom party.Manik !! A ballroom...Awesome !!! I just love ...she is about to say it but she says I just love it.Manik is like raise a brow when she said that.He took her in and they danced so close to each other.The song is so romantic that they were so close to each other and are about to kiss.But the crowd clapped disturbing them.I forgot to say something.Nandini asks what SURPRISE !!!He shouts.Nandini laughs and hits him on the shoulder.He takes her to a restaurant.It is the top most restaurant.You can see whole New York from there.Nandini is shocked to see the view.Manik shouts SURPRISE !!! Nandini just hugs him .They both take selfie with New York night !! They both have dinner while talking and making fun of each other.They completed dinner.Nandini says let's head to home.Manik says nah nah !! The day is not yet over.

He takes her with him and they both reach to top of the building . Nandini asks why did you bring me here ? He says wait and suddenly a chopper lands.Nandini is like what is he planning? He talks with that man for sometime and says Nandini to come.He sits in pilot seat.She sits beside him and buckles up.She asks I dont know that you are a pilot.He shows her his helicopter or pilot license.They take off and soon they are in air.Nandini is like enjoying every bit of it..He is seeing her innocent,cute face.Suddenly they stop,flying in air and she sees sky lanterns flying.They came into a shape I LOVE YOU NANDINI !! SHe is just shocked !!! Shocked would be an understatement.She is just overjoyed.Oh my god !! Manik !!It is just amazing..She tunred towards him and he asked will you marry me ? She is just her tears have no control.She said yes !!Then let's get married.He turned the wheel to LAS VEGAS where his and her family are waiting..He shouted SURPRISE !!! WOAH !!! Nandini HAPPY VALENTINE"S DAY !!! AM SO HAPPY!!! HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY TO YOU TOO MANIK !!!She hugged him.

They reached Las Vegas and Nandini said I Love You Manik and she took the ring out which she ordered a long ago and Manik is surprised to see the ring.He says that's your SURPRISE !!!He too takes his ring out and they are same platinum rings and teir names are imprinted on it.Manik and Nandini.They both exchanged rings.They both are married in their world.



Here is the BDAY thread, wish her : B'DAY THREAD

SO ? HOW is it ? I know it is long.Am also waiting for you lovely long comments.I hope it is not boring.DO SHARE YOUR VIEWS AND LIKE IF YOU LIKE IT.DONT FORGET TO HIT LIKE.

Harika...Keep Smiling..It looks good on you..

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wow dear its just amazing really ur writings r alwys beyond awesome proud of u hars feeling blessed to have such amazing frnds love u

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wow beautiful os
loved it
cont soon

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sooo amzinggg...it was seriusly a suprise 
enchanting...wonderful...awsm vud b an understatment
u r d best
continue ssonnn

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its really a surprise...!!!! wow

fantastic and beautiful...!!!! loved the way he surprised her...!!!! u penned it beautifully...!!!!

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wow beautiful os
loved it
cont soon
thnx 4 d pm..

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it was like a surprise..

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such a beautiful surprise ..
Loved it..

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