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GHSP Anni Spl~MG~SS The Perfect Match~TRD-3-UPDATED- Epi -Pg135/27may. (Page 99)

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      Hello my dear friends      Updating

   friends for ur visit nd comments   
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                                              The Perfect Match

   Is it possible that we cn find a perfect match in a few mints meeting OR d person our elders select for us wd be d best for us , is it essay to trust a person in one meeting to spent d whole life with him/her,,  if not then how to find a perfect match ?
         let's try this ... 



This a fiction , all incident  , professional terms nd places r imaginary ,, plzz don't relate them  with reality .


         Part - 34

                                 Part - 35 ( Last Part )

 Next day geet was in OH nd d nurse was there for her help ,, servants look after other works ,, All d Khuranas visited Geet in d mrng nd took their mrng tea/coffee with her , then all got busy in their respective works ,, DM nd Renuka have long lists for shopping nd arrangements for marriages , bcoz they have to do all for 2 marriages .

Maan made d day hell for Adi ,, he gave a task to him nd that had to be done in a day , bcoz next day he want d stamp on those papers at Any Cost  ,, Maan wanted to finish all d formalities today ,, at d lunch time Maan was in OH with a file in his hand ,, he saw Geet from window who was  thinking to apply a bindi on her forehead but hesitating ,, a smile crept on his lips ,, Maan silently entered in d room nd stood behind Geet ,, Geet startled seeing him there at that time .

Geet: u hear ,, this time ?

Maan: why , cn't I visit this time ?  r u not happy  if I m here ?

Geet: n n no o ,, it's not like that ?

Maan: means , u r happy .

Geet: aa mm ,, w wo ,, do u want some thing ?

Maan: haan ,, that's why I m here .


He came very close to Geet which made her restless nd blushy .

Geet: what ?

 Maan: u .

Geet: what ??

Maan: wo,, I mean  I want ur sign on some papers .

Geet: Oh ,,  give me , which papers ?

Maan: wait , essi bhi kya jaldi hei ?

He pulled her close to him ,, took that bindi from her finger nd applied on her forehead saying ... soch ku rahi thi Geet ... tumhe haq hei .


M a a n ,,, hummm ,, thanks ,, for what ? giving me this right .

Maan: now it's ur turn to give some rights .

Geet: u have all d rights Maan .

Maan: abhi nahi ,, after signing these papers ,, our rgtd marriages papers  ,, after that u r legally mine sona nd I m urs .( he pecked her cheek softly making her shy)

Geet: M a a n ,, ye pprs marriage ke hein ?

Maan: humm ,, come .

He made her sit in sofa nd gaive him pen to sign ,, he showed d places to sign nd Geet signed there ,, Maan already signed  those .

Maan: kal ye rgtd ho jayenge .

Geet: etni jaldi ku ?

Maan: humm I m doing this porposly ,, TM is very spl day for me nd I want to do this TM only.

There was a smile on Maan's lips nd an excitement in his behaviour ,, he slided his arm in Geet's waist nd pulled her close to him making her blushy ,, she was already feeling ripples in her body  while signing their marriage pprs ... Gosh!!! they wr going to be Husband nd wife legally TM ,, Maan nuzzled near her ear nd whispered.

Maan: TM u'll become Mrs Maan Singh Khurana legally , kya plan hei ?

Geet : M a a n ,,, now a days u r planning everything ? u didn't ask me before planning this marriage ?

Maan felt bad , it was true that he didn't ask her before accepting her their marriage ,, their engagement was all sudden nd now their civil marriage ,, everything happened so fast nd un planned ,, he took all decision solely ,, he parted nd looked at her sadly.


Maan: I m sorry Geet I didn't ask u before deciding this marriage ,, actually I find it batter nd solid reason to keep u here , in front of me ,, Geet I don't want to sent u away from me nd when u looked at me I thought u too want same ,, in those situation I find it perfect for us ,, now u cn  work as u want nd have u close to me forever ,, I m sor...

Geet placed her hand on his lips to shut him nd noded in a  No,, she knew that he did that only for her .

Geet: don't say sorry ,, I trust u nd I know u did this for my happiness ,, I just ask why u planned TM only ,, what is spl TM ? U r looking happy .

Maan held her hand nd kissed her palm with a smile

Maan: haan Geet ,, TM is mom-dad's marriage anniv nd  I find this day perfect for our marriage ,, we'll celebrate our marriage remembering mom nd dad as it was spl day for them too .

Geet beamed : really Maan ,, Oh God !! it's really spl for us ,, we r sharing our marriage with them , Maan its so exciting ,, I love U .


She not only hugged him in excitement , but placed her lips on his cheek nd kissed him ,, her sudden action startled him ,, soon Geet realized what she had done  nd turned red , parted with down eyes ,, a contented smile crept on Maan's lips ,, looked deeply at her with love filled eyes ,, embarrassed Geet chewed her lower lip nd turned her face but Maan stopped her cupping her face .


Maan: aahhnn ,, let me finish d work ,, signing amount to banta hei .


Saying this he took her rosy lips in his for a soul searing kiss ,, she gave in  opening her mouth , nd he explored all d sweetness ,,  it was a long nd satisfactory kiss by them stamping their relation ,, they parted feeling sort of breath ,, seeing her flushed face  Maan cocooned her ,, she hide her face in his crook of neck ,, today Geet reciprocated , showing that she too having d same feeling for him which he was having for her  ... Yes he was falling for her ,, everything related to Geet effected him ,, her happiness , pain nd prob effect him ,, he wanted her near him ,, her closeness soothe him , her smile delighted him nd brought a smile on his face too ... is this  love ? he asked to his heart inwardly nd d reply came  at once with a tingling feel ,, Haan ... this is love  nd he loves her ,, his heart thud fast nd he tightened d grip around her mumbling .. I love u too Geet ,, I  love  u  ... M a a n  ,,,, Haan Sona ,, , but next  sec their lovely moments broke with d ring of his phone .. it was Adi who was waiting in living hall of KM ,, he had to take d papers form Maan after Geet's sign ,, he had to go court same time ,, Maan nd Geet parted nd Maan replied him that he was coming with pprs .


Maan: see u at night ,, bye for now sweetheart .


Maan rushed out at once living a blushy Geet behind ,, their thiking , feelings nd their life had changed ,, she felt shivers nd blushed hard thinking about their cozy moments .

Cont ...   scroll down ...Big smileLOL

Ouch  sorry for mistakes ...  


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        Days wr slipping  ,, Geet started going on site ,, her Co gave her cab to  pick nd drop ,, Maan got very busy ,, he nd Adi wr planning  for  Shimla proj too ,, d work was going to start  from next week after Bhoomi-poojan ,, his team was there was in contact ,, all d arrangements had done ,, Handas invited  few of their close friends , business friends nd d investors who booked their space in that proj .

Ammy was very excited he applied leaves after getting d date from Maan ,, it was only Maan , Geet nd Ammy wr going  ,, elders wr not going  bcoz of marriage preparations .

The night before their departure  all 3 wr busy I packing ,, Geet brought many things for her bros nd for some farmer's kids who lived at her FH ,, they loved Geet ,, she was slowly keeping things in a bag when Ammy entered in her room very excited.

Ammy: hey Geet ,, why r u troubling u ,, see I m here to help u , tell me what to peck ? Where is ur bag ?

Geet smiled: it's OK veerji ,, mai kar lungi ,, plzz ,, did u pack ur bag too?

Ammy: my bag is packed from last 2 days ,, I m free nd at ur service to help u  , bolo...

I m already in her service buddy ,, don't bother urself , keep energy stored for coming days .


Geet smiled nd looked at d source of voice ,, it was Maan at d door with a smirk nd looking at Ammy in a teasing way .


Ammy: very bad Maan , u didn't help Geet  ,, see it is so difficult for her to pack her bag ,, now I m here to help her ,, u go nd do ur work mr MSK ,, u know I have right to help her, she is my Saali(SIL) nd  it's said that Saali is Adhi gharwali  .

Maan: What ?? O hello ,, abhi to wo meri bhi puri gharwali nahi hai tum kahan se aa gaye adhi wale ...? Pahale Gunjan se shaadi to karo tab hogi Geet tumhari Saali ,, bas saali  nd full stop.


Geet was shyly watching them ,, both wr pulling each other leg nd she was becoming a sandwich .

Ammy: OK saali na  sahi legally choti Bhabhi to ho gai  na , I have legal right to help her .. dekho Geet  esse khudh to kerni nahi aur mujhe bhi  help nahi kerne de raha ,, very bad Maan.

Maan : Aag matt lagao aur khisko yahan se ,, how r u free today , looking very excited ?

Ammy :  hehe ,, I m on leave for next 3 days ,, so relaxing nd in full mood to enjoy my family holidays with my bhai nd bhabhi.


Maan mocked: family holidays ... WOW!! Gr8 going mr Majnu,, stop this buttering ,, u go nd chatt , I m sufficient here.

Geet spoke with fake anger: better u both go ,, i'll do myself ,, don't make me sandwich ,, go.


Ammy: see u r disturbing us maan ,, come Geet i'll help u.

Maan smirked: OK, enjoy nd  I m going to talk Gunjan , she is legally my Saali.

Maan really called Gunjan nd she replied ,, he put d phone on speaker with a wide grin looking at Ammy.

Maan: hi Gunjan ,,  everything ready there , did u check s site with bauji .

G: yes , we visited today ,, when r u coming ?

Geet nd Ammy looked at Maan nd smiled listening Gunjan's voice ,, Geet understood that Maan is this to tease Ammy nd Ammy became eager to talk .

Maan with a naughty smile : Oh someone is very desperate , but there was a lil change in prog .


G: change what ,, is Geetu  nd all r fine ?

Maan: relax , all r fine but I m coming alone bcoz...

Ammy ran to Maan : what r u saying  buddy ? raham ker ,, Gunjan mei bhi aa raha  hu ,, don't trust him .

Maan: OK then u nd Geet go ,, fine Geet ?

Geet glared at him mumbling ..Dramebaz  hei dono  ,, Ammy looked at Maan with puppy face .


Ammy: what is this yaar , ku monster ban raha hei  ? Gunjan ka dil too jayega ,, Gunjan baby ,, eski matt suno,, hum sab aa rahe hein ,, bye mei baad mei baat kerta hu.

Ammy snatched Maan's phone nd cut that , then looked at Maan with fake  anger.

Ammy: tu na sach mei monster hei ,, le chala jata hu mei ,, ker lo tum dono jo kerna hei , but don't change d prog ,, Happy.

He placed  d phone on Maan's hand nd went out cribbing him ,, Maan gave a devilish  winning smile .

Maan: better , nd sleep fast , we have to move early mrng. 

Geet: Maan , why u teased him this much ?

Maan smiled : tadapne do majnu ko ,, how dare he ? MSK ki biwi ko adhi gharwali kaha raha tha .

Maan pulled her close to him nd looked at her with puppy face which made Geet chuckled .

Maan: abhi to mai bhi aadhe mei atka hu , ask me  how tough it's to bear ,, living away from own wife under one roof .

He nuzzled in her ear nd d curve of neck  ,, M a a n , Geet sighed  ,, humm ,, maan ,, bolo na .


Geet: I think we have to pack d bags ,, aapko jaldi nahi sona ?

Maan sighed : aahh ,, neend kahan aati hei aaj kal,, tumne chura li , tumhe aati  hei ?

Geet smiled : dramebaaz ,, help kerni hei ya nahi , ya mei badi maa ko bulau.

Maan : nahi ,, badi maa ko nahi,, mai hu  na ,, chalo ,,badi unromantic ho .

Geet: acchaaa .

Both packed Geet's bag nd Maan came back ,, they have to sleep early to get up early in d mrng . in d morning Renu came to help Geet bcoz d nurse was not coming for 2-3 days in Geet's absence ,, all wr ready to leave ,, driver nd  servant was keeping their bags in Maan's car.

Ammy shocked: Maan r we going by car not by plane ,, Nooo,, it took whole day to reach there ,, why didn't u book air tickets ?

Maan lit slapped her head nd noded in a no , then gave an angry glare to Ammy ,,  even all looked at Maan ,, on body talk about it how they wr going ? It was all Maan's arrangement .

Maan: I m afraid how u r treating ur patients now a days ,, I pray for them .


Ammy: what , why for ?

Maan: Dr Armaaan Singh Khurana we r going by plane but u cn't catch plane from KM ,so have to go  airport in car , all laughed nd ammy bite his tongue on his foolishness ,, in his excitement he forgot this common thing .

DM giggled :  , Ammy beta wapas aane ki puri koshish kerna ,  next month fir jana hei shaadi ke liye  aur marriage perp bhi kerni hei.


All laughed nd Ammy made faces at his leg pulling ,, his love for Gunjan was  visible nd all teased him ,, this was d difference Ammy freely expressed his feelings where Maan was composed nd kept privacy .


Taking blessing from elders all settled in car nd went to airport ,, after next 4 hr they wr at Shilma nd going towards Handa Haweli ,, KC's branch manager was at airport to receive them ,, Mahi wanted to come but Maan politely denyed them saying that his manager was there to arrange everything .

They reached at Haweli nd whole family was eagerly waiting for them ,, all showered their love nd atmosphere became festive ,, Ammy took a sigh of relief seeing his wd be  both wr stealing glances nd passing smiles .

After heavy BF  Maan desired to visit his office nd Geet her FH ,, she need to check d work there nd to meet d farmer's families ,, she knowlingly offered to come Ammy nd Gunjan with her ,, Maan said that he cd join them if they wd wait for him for an hr bcoz he had to check all d work for TM ,, his next day was full pack nd Ammy nd Geet agreed ,, Geet took out d things she brought for her bros nd kids ,, her bros liked those nd hugged Geet lovingly , then they all went to KC office where Maan  talked to manager nd checked all d work ,, Ammy talk to Rajji nd informed her about their arrival,, she was also coming to attend d function ,, after more then an hr Maan became free nd they went to FH ,, this time Maan drive nd when they passed that place where he nd Geet stayed at rainy eve  he looked naughtily at her  remembering their closeness ,, Geet too stole a glance nd smiled shyly ,, Ammy nd Gunjan was busy in their murmuring  talks  in back seat  ,, they reached at FH nd all d farmers nd their kids gathered around them they wr worriedly talking to Geet seeing her broken hand ,, Geet gave  gifts to kids nd they jumped with joy nd their parents thanked Geet ,, all went in nd servant asked about d tea/coffee ,, Ammy disered to visit fields nd orchids ,, Maan ordered coffee .

Geet: sorry I cn't go ,Gunju di 'll help u .

Maan: i'll too rest here , I visited all last time ,, so u both go nd enjoy in lap of nature ,, Ammy took d mini tractor nd drive , it's fun ,, I m sure u'll like that .

Ammy: really,, come Gunjan , be my guide .

Geet smiled nd winked at Gunjan who blushed hard showing Geet her big eyes ,, Maan did same with Ammy who threw a cusion at him nd went out dragging Gunjan with him.

Ammy: tum monsters se dur jana hi accha hei .

Servant brought coffee for Maan nd Geet ,, both took their mugs nd both got up go take a stroll of d house ,, lastly they entered in Geet's room ,Maan liked that ,, d green high hills wr visible from d window ,, cool zephyr was playing with Geet's curls ,, a smile was on her lips looking far at hills covered with clouds ,, mesmerized Maan nearer Geet nd slowly hugged her from back ,, rubbed his cheek with her ,, Geet startled at 1st but then reciprocate ,, leaned back ,, both wr enjoying d nature along with their closeness ,, everything was very beautiful nd dreamy .


There in between d fruity orchid Ammy nd Gunjan wr satisfying their hearts in each other closeness ,, love birds didn't realized how time passed ,, after spending 3-4 hrs there they came back in HH ,, Maan desired to stay with Rajji bua for a night ,, Bauji agreed nd Maan nd Ammy went to meet Rajji ,, Geet spent her quality time with her family ,, all wr showering their love on her .

Next day was function nd Bauji did d pooja for founding d stone ,then a lavish lunch for all ,, Khuranas elders congrats Handas on phone ,, all went well happily ,,Maan got busy with his work , Ammy was with Rajji nd bahuji nd other Handas wr introducing them to their guests ,, they creck d news of their daughters engagement  ,, at eve after dinner all wr sitting in living hall nd Maan informed Geet to pack d bag bcoz they have to move in d morning ,, Bauji looked at Pummi, Rano nd Mahi ,, pummi nd rano went in nd came back with 2 beautiful gift bags ,, nd handed to Bauji ,, bauji handed one to Ammy nd blessed him nd then opened other ,, he took out a watch box , opened that nd there was a beautiful rolax watch for Maan .


Bauji : Maan beta ur nd Geet's engagement was unexpected nd we didn't give anything to both of u so this is a small gift for u nd this is for u Geet beta ,,( he took out a car key nd handed her pecking her forehead ) u cn't drive now so I m hand it to Maan .


Geet smiled nd thanked Bauji : bauji aap hi do na Maan ko .

Bauji handed  Maan d key : beta if u r ok then u cn go by car now ,, come see that, hope u all like that ,, all came out in drive way nd Mahi uncovered a car ... it was Geet's fav audi Q7 SUV ... she hugged Bauji nd Mahi ,, all d kids praise that ,, now it was decided that they wd go by car nd Maan cancelled their tickets .


Next mrng they wr returning with heavy hearts ,, their car was full of gifts nd fruits ,, there  wr only 20 days for their marriages nd they knew these days slipped in prep ,, Geet was ordered by Rano nd Taiji to come week before nd for their marriage they had to bear this lil sep .

Pre... Epilogue ...

                Epilogue ...




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Hi Babie
Nice update
So I guessed that right
Maan dicided to marry Geet in court 
and I liked the way Maan and ammy were fighting
amy is so sweet

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teaser ke saath do lines bhi likh deti yaar
maza aa jata 
song is beautiful

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Originally posted by Rashmi...

teaser ke saath do lines bhi likh deti yaar
maza aa jata 
song is beautiful

  LOLLOL song sunaya na... pic dikha di ...Wink

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Originally posted by CrazyEyes

  Party   Hug    Hi Dona , so happy to see u ..
 feeling better ...?

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